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#360072 New Ducks Fan!

Posted by AustinDuck27 on 25 February 2014 - 10:15 PM

In a nutshell:


-Getzlaf is lazy and losing value as I type this. 

-Perry has three signature moves, and they all involve slashing someone.

-Maroon is the captain.

-Vatanen is our #1 D man and our enforcer. He may be the best to ever play the game.

-Etem would have 50 goals, but he's in the minors because the league isn't ready for him.

-Lindholm has a golden angelic glow around him, if you squint in the right light you can see it. 

-Sbisa was sent by the devil to ruin the team and destroy hockey as we know it.

-Cogliano is... just ask Pierre McGuire, he'll describe him in ways that I can't, and nobody should.

-Hiller is the best goalie with vertigo in the league hands down. OK, maybe top 3.

-Fasth is some Swedish goalie we were rumored to have acquired, but nobody can verify it.

-Fowler is our shin pad sharp shooter.

-Winnik is in the "elite scorer for my first month" club, along with former Ducks great Dan Sexton.

-Perreault was never actually traded here, it's just that nobody noticed he was gone. Bruce brought him along much like that stapler you steal on your last day on the job.

-Penner and Selanne are both great for the first shift of each game, and then it's all spilled maple syrup and no ketchup.

-Silfverberg, I have no clue. I'm afraid to look directly at him... those eyes.

-Saku and Bonino are both our #2 center, yet neither are.


That's our team, I'm drunk, welcome to the bandwagon.

#361340 Getzlaf #3

Posted by gorbachav5 on 03 March 2014 - 05:28 PM

Apparently Getzlaf isn't nearly as lazy at home as he is on the ice.

#338306 Norfolk Depth Chart And Lines

Posted by AdmiralsFan27 on 18 November 2013 - 06:10 PM

With Holland getting moved the other day I have been wondering who in Norfolk will be taking his minutes and potentially replacing his production.  My thoughts are that Koivu is nearing a return so Rakell will be sent back down to play top six center minutes, but I don't get to follow the Ads closely enough to know if that will happen or not. 


I was also curious as to what Murray sees in Blacker.  I figured maybe the Ads needed some help on the backend, but when I checked the Admirals roster it shows they have something like 10 Dmen right now. 


All of this got me realizing that I really don't know who plays with who down there on both forward and defense, and whether Blacker will get a better chance in our system than in Toronto's.  I like to think the Holland-Blacker deal was done to give both players a better opportunity to break through, but I don't know enough about the Admirals to say he will even crack the lineup.


Anyone out there feel like posting a bit about how Norfolk's depth chart/line combos and D-pairings look now with Holland gone, Blacker in the fold, and possibly Rakell and Vatanen staying down there for a while?



I think I might be able to help with this one. I'm an Admirals season ticket holder and I've actually been doing a great deal of scouting this year in hopes of getting a job with the team in the future.  I was shocked, to say the least, to hear about Holland being traded two days ago, especially for a defenseman, and am still trying to rationalize their decision myself.  Anaheim and Norfolk both have a slew of young talented wingers in the system but don't have nearly as much center depth now that Holland is in Toronto. Trading Brad Staubiz didn't surprise me since they have apparently didn't have room for him in Anaheim and Norfolk has a number of other AHL veterans in their regular rotation so he hadn't been playing much.(I think its a max of 6 vets per game but idk for sure) As for the depth chart and line combos, Norfolk had been starting Dave Steckel as their 1st line C while Holland was in Anaheim, with Whitney and McQueen at the wings. Chris Wagner is usually their 2nd line centerman, with the Maxs on the wings (Sauve & Friberg), but rotates alot with Sauve who is listed on the roster as a center. The 3rd and 4th lines have been in flux all season depending on who is in Norfolk and who is in Anaheim that week. When Rackell is on the roster, he plays alot with Sarault and had been playing with his former teammate Noesen before he tore his ACL. Without Rackell, or prior to Steckel being signed, Cramarossa and Laganiere were logging about the same amount of ice time as 3rd and 4th line centers, with some combination of Kurtz, Stortini, and Sarault as the wingers.  Now that Holland is officially gone and Rackell has been returned to Norfolk, I expect Rackell to see significantly more ice time at center, perhaps replacing Wagner on the 2nd line behind Steckel, whos faceoff skills are too good to not have on the top line.

Wagner will either join Rackell and Sauve as a winger, because of his quickness and defensive responsibility, or will be moved to the 3rd line with Sarault and Kurtz.  If Wagner is moved to the 3rd line, that leaves either Laganiere or Cramarossa to center the 4th line with Zack Stortini. Barring injury to any of Anaheim's stars, I expect the forward line combos to look like this for at least the next few months. 


As for the defense, Norfolk usually starts Mat Clark and Kevin Gagne, but the two don't always play on the same line.  Nolan Yonkman always logs alot of ice time and usually partners with Gagne, Skinner, or Parent.  Garnet Exelby and Alex Grant are likely listed as the 2nd line dmen but both also log significant ice time every game.  Skinner seems to be much more reliable and consistent than Parent and has played in more games as a result.  Now that Sami is back in Norfolk (so thankful hes back, I love his game), he will likely be paired on the top line with Yonkman, which makes for a really interesting combination of playing styles.  Exelby and Grant are both very good players and will probably stay put on the 2nd line, leaving the 3rd line d combo completely up for grabs.  Norfolk will likely rotate Gagne, Clark, Parent, Skinner, and even Stefan Warg onto that 3rd line as long as Vatanen is on the roster.  In my opinion, Kevin Gagne is a great young defenseman, who possesses all of the skills it takes to succeed at the next level, except for his natural physical limitations (hes 5'8 170), and should get the most playing time of the group, if only to get him more experience at the pro level.  Mat Clark and Ryan Parent are extremely average players who rarely, if ever in the case of Parent, show flashes of what I would consider NHL caliber defense.  I would not be surprised to see either traded at some point in the season as a part of a package deal (perhaps when ANA trades a goalie?) or released outright at the end of the year.  Parent is already over the hill at 26 and Clark just hasn't show any signs of improving during his time in Norfolk. Brett Skinner on the other hand is worth holding onto in my opinion.  Although he is older than both Clark and Parent (hes 30), his game is much more well-rounded.  Skinner plays a smart offensive game, only jumping into plays when the moment calls for it, and always works hard when the puck is in Norfolk's zone.  He routinely makes good long lead passes out of the zone and will carry the puck into the zone during line changes.  Though he doesn't possess a hard shot, he has been a 0.50 point per game in every league hes played in during his journeyman career.  As for Stefan Warg, he will likely be moved to the ECHL so he can get more acclimated to the North American game rather than playing sparingly for Norfolk. 



ALL THAT BEING SAID, I have no idea where this Blacker kid will fit in to the Admirals rotation.  It seems like Anaheim has the 6 or 7 defenseman that barring injury will be on their roster for the duration of the season, so I assume the defenseman in Norfolk now, with the exception of Sami, will be here all year as well. Yonkman and Exelby have played in a combined 470+ NHL games and are good enough in my opinion to be 3rd line NHL defenseman right now for some teams out there. Alex Grant is an improving offensive defenseman who, once he improves on some of the defensive aspects of his game, should end up in the NHL at some point in the future. Now that they have acquired Blacker to add another young defenseman, perhaps Anaheim will now feel more comfortable moving one of their older defenseman to a team looking to replace an injured vet at the trade deadline or sometime prior. I would be absolutely shocked if Anaheim kept all of these defenseman in their system for the remainder of the season, but then again, I was shocked they made this deal in the first place. 




  you sir are absolutely correct.  Holland has been nearly a point per game guy his entire career and was looking better and skating harder this season than I had seen at any point the past two years. He was not the leader of the Admirals but his presence on the ice was noticeable. He made the guys around him better and the confidence he played with was contagious. I guess Anaheim made up their mind that he was done improving as a player and was not going to become the guy they thought he would when they drafted him in the 1st round just 4 years ago. If anyone else would like to try to make sense of this trade then be my guest, but as far as I'm concerned, this move was a complete head-scratcher. 




Hope this helps answer some of you Ducks fans' questions about the Admirals line combos and defensive pairings. If theres anything else anyone wants to know about any of the Ducks AHL prospects don't hesitate to ask me

#440964 Kesler Article

Posted by norge25 on 06 March 2015 - 11:31 AM

Pretty neat little piece: http://www.theplayer...ear-old-rookie/

#435707 Skill Players For The Playoffs - Not Pat Maroon

Posted by MBeleskey2014 on 25 February 2015 - 12:05 AM

Gimme a break, go do some homework and tell me what we gave up for Pat Maroon and what his career projectory was at that time?....


The guy has more than lived up to his potential and yes, maybe hes not an 'ideal' top line LW but he is in no way hampering the team with his performance, lets talk about Bourque or DSP (who got traded) if you want to point fingers at guys who got drafted high and have never lived up to there potential, just to name a few...


Maroon should not be getting bashed on Anaheim Message boards... enough said

#402204 Teemu And Boudreau

Posted by songfugel on 18 September 2014 - 10:38 AM

I am a frequent reader of these forums, even though I'm not a frequent poster and I'm not used to writing in English... and yes, I am Finnish and a huge fan of Teemu (even bigger fan of Saku) so ofc I am not 100% objective here, but I would still like to point out few things.


As pointed out previously, some of these quotes have been taken slightly out of context to get a more scandalous topics. First of, only few passages of the 320 page book have been taken out and translated to English to get a scoundalous, bitter and money hungry feel to the book... which I might add, has portion of the sales going to charities.


The book has been written by autobiographer, Ari Mennander, not Teemu himself.


Even in these comments, and some of them he already made last season (other than more detail to the argument with BB there shouldn't be anything new for Ducks fans), he isn't as bitter as these headlines make him seem, and the book is supposed to be actually quite positive in mood, but just honest. Even BB he says that he is actually a nice guy, but he just obviously doesn't agree with his playoff coaching style.


Also the biggest bone he obviously had was that BB seemed to have something against him, but would never say it... just make promises, but not actually living up to them or giving Teemu a real change to play competitive hockey. Not only the avg. minutes and lack of PP troubled him, but flat out scratching him from consecutive games... even thought BB had lured Teemu to continue one more year with promises of increased play time. During the season Teemu quite often said:"I am obviously really unhappy with the lack minutes and most importantly responsibility, but since the team is winning he must just grit his teeth and try harder to impress and earn play time" which actually never came no matter what he did.


Even after MVP at Olympics followed by 4 games and 2+2 with Getzlaf he was immediately but back to the role of not wanted player.


In an interview BB even told it himself that he felt burdened to have had to give Koivu and Selanne minutes during the season so as not to embarrass them. So if his attitude towards Selanne was already this, you can only wonder how Teemu felt after he realised he wasn't appreciated or wanted at all anymore no matter what was promised or how he played.


Teemu is still a class act and human. It is because he was still passionate and wanted to not just win, but to play good hockey and score goals (that he was still capable of if you had a real feeder with him in the line) and if you think a big time goal scorer is or can be anything else than greedy for minutes and goals, then you don't really understand the game.


So in short, just calm down, think about it a bit more... wait for the translated book and read it, before jumping in to conclusions and making raging posts about one of the greatest and most generous goal scorers to play the game. Don't forget his last two decades, he has proved time and again his worth as a person and a player.


EDIT: Many of the above more reasonable posts were written while I was writing this (and hadn't posted yet, so hence the overlapping comments)

#439620 Trade Deadline Thread

Posted by AustinDuck27 on 02 March 2015 - 03:19 PM

Yeah he did. He was going to get re-evaluated but don't know what came of it


It's bogus.


Keks: "Hey you, smartass, nice no-trade list, but guess what? We have interest from the Ducks."

Wiz: "You have to be kidding, they want me back? Dammit."

Keks: "Nice try, punk. And I'm sending you for a cheap package to make sure they don't back out."

Wiz: "Well, um, did I mention my foot is injured? Yeah, that's it. Injured."

Keks: "Bullsh... they want you injured or not."

Wiz: "Fine. Screw it, I'll go." 


Murray: "Hey man, no hard feelings, eh? Welcome back. How's the foot?"

Wiz: "My what? Oh yeah, my foot. It's fine. Let's win this big silver thing now that the champ is here. I'm picking out my stall, tell whoever #4 is to move his crap out of it. And where's Scotty? Tell him to get me a towel and some water."

#438430 Ducks Vs Stars 3-1-15

Posted by BlazingEtem on 01 March 2015 - 07:17 PM

"Hi, I'm Rob Lowe, and I have DirecTV."


"And I'm 2nd Period Ducks Rob Lowe, and I have Cable."

#423621 Country Night Last Night?

Posted by dtsdlaw on 05 January 2015 - 02:54 PM

So, does it bug anyone else that now we're theming special nights based the OPPONENT?

Last night was country night, where you were supposed to dress Western.


So, basically, make the Ponda look as much like Bridgestone Arena as possible?  Make the Preds feel at home?  Playing country music during breaks like they do in Nashville?




I didn't realize the Ponda was doing that. So does this mean that the concession stands will be serving prison food the next time the Kings pay us a visit?  :P

#397707 Question About Stoner - Jersey Number?

Posted by gorbachav5 on 02 July 2014 - 12:58 PM


#343332 Beauchemin Return

Posted by gorbachav5 on 09 December 2013 - 10:34 PM

Fasth "not close"? What the heck happened to him? For some reason I have groin pull in my head. But this seems like a long down time for that. I am super sketchy on going with Fasth next season, unless we somehow we inject him with Cogliano blood. 


Cogliano blood is not compatible with humans.  Fasth would wind up exploding into a pile of grit and moxie.  Also, Pierre McGuire has dibs on the first succesfully synthesized vial of Cogliano Blood.

#339400 Norfolk Depth Chart And Lines

Posted by AdmiralsFan27 on 22 November 2013 - 10:44 PM

The line combinations looked like this for the entirety of the game tonight vs. Portland



Line 1 (Starters) -- LW Sauve - C Wagner - RW Whitney

Line 2 --------------- LW Kurtz   - C Rakell  - RW Friberg

Line 3 --------------- Laganiere ---- Steckel  ------ MacQueen

Line 4 --------------- Cramarossa -- Saurault ----- Stortini



D1 (starters) - LD Gagne -- RD Clark

D2 -------------- LD Grant --- RD Exelby

D3 -------------- LD Blacker - RD Yonkman  : combo that played the most tonight



Healthy Scratches : Vatanen, Parent, Warg (Brett Skinner was released just a few hours before puck drop, much to my dismay)





Very few changes throughtout the game as far as the lines are concerned. Gagne and Grant played together for 2 shifts in the 2nd with Grant playing right D when they did. Norfolk had Wagner centering the 1st Powerplay line with Rackell and Sauve on the wings and Grant & Exelby on D. The 2nd PP line consisted of Sarault ©, Friberg, and Laganiere with Gagne and Blacker playing D. As for penalty killing, the Admirals had Wagner & Kurtz as the forwards and Clark & Blacker on D on their primary PK line. The other penalty killers they used were Steckel, Stortini, Friberg, Rakell, Exelby, Yonkman, and Grant in various rotations.




Overall the team played well tonight, with the exception of a somewhat sloppy 2nd period. I thought Rakell looked really good in his return to Norfolk. He skated very well and made a number of great neutral zone plays that led to turnovers and was also notably more passive tonight than he had been prior.  I was disappointed Vatanen wasn't in the lineup but was glad I finally got to see Jesse Blacker up close and personal.  Blacker played an outstanding game IMHO and thats saying something because I was watching him really closely tonight because of how critical I was of the Holland trade.  He routinely skated the puck through the neutral zone with great confidence and played very well in his own zone as well. He fought hard in the corners, behind the net, and took on bigger guys in front of the net all night long.  Needless to say I was impressed by him, and although I still don't think the trade was a good one, I can see now why Anaheim might think this kid has a brighter future than ol Peter Holland (but best of luck to him in Toronto).  I also thought that Chris Wagner had his best game in an Admirals uniform tonight.  He won a vast majority of his faceoffs, had numerous hits in all 3 zones, made 2 or 3 sick passes for scoring chances from behind the net on the PP, and made several high effort plays throughtout the night on the PK and at even strength.  He did not get a point tonight but he was defintely one of the main reasons the team got the win. John Gibson played like a seasoned vet in net as he has all season, stopping nearly every clean shot he's seen so far in the AHL, and picked up his 7th win. The rare goals he gives up are almost always long shots that go in because he was screened or because the puck got deflected. He is a really hard worker, rarely gets out of position, handles the puck very well and continues to look like a future star in the NHL.





Decided to post the lines and a short summary from tonights game after reading the positive feedback from my first post the other day. I'm not really sure what brought me to type up such a long response but was glad to see that the time it took to write up wasn't wasted. As I said in the previous post, if anyone wants to know anything else about the AHL guys and how they're playing on a game to game basis, please don't hesitate to ask.

#446516 Assess The Coaching Staff

Posted by norge25 on 25 March 2015 - 12:19 PM

It's not really a secret. I've seen it plenty of times this year.


A lot of us are just choose to ignore it when they're actually playing well. 

The way they dominated LA in their last two games against them, and really in the first game against them too (terrible goaltending from the Ducks was all that kept the score close in that one); the way they dominated Nashville in the 3rd period of this last game against them and the first half of the previous game against them (and that without Getzlaf!), the periods and portions of games where the forecheck is just KILLING it and they spend three or more straight shifts in the opponents' zone cycling and grinding and generating chance after chance; I haven't seen anyone deny that the gear exists. But it only occasionally lasts longer than a period and it very rarely shows up in back-to-back games, so the question is can they turn it on and keep it on when it counts?


And then my question, as one of the "Bruce-haters" or doubters here of late, is will he allow them to stay in that gear when they have a lead? Or will he bench Ricky Cakes, overplay our puck-possession black hole named Thompson, and generally pull everyone back to play that terrible defensive shell game until the opponent gets a couple goals back through our not-built-for-this-whole-stay-at-home-thing defense and our questionable 'tenders, takes the lead away, and the Ducks have to fight an uphill battle against the other teams' momentum to try to find that gear again? And I think, based on how consistently he changes player usage when the Ducks are defending a lead, and based on how he's (mis)handling the goalies right now, that his game plan when they're trying to hold a lead will be our boys' undoing in the playoffs. He doesn't let the guys go for the throat. For all his talk about "not taking our foot off the gas", he stops rolling four lines, cuts back to 3 with an emphasis on defense, every time the Ducks have a lead, and it's predictable and the results are often unpleasant. 

#421077 96 Goals Against Is Too Much.

Posted by mytduxfan on 20 December 2014 - 12:25 PM

Top 12(standings) : 59 NSH, 64 CHI, 71 PIT, 76 WPG, 78 STL, 82 MTL 82 DET, 85 SJS, 90 TBL, 90 NYI, 91 TOR,

96 ANA


FYI Pittsburgh 71, have had more injuries and illnesses than us.

(they currently have 1 (Letang) top 6 d-man playing in their line-up,rest is either injured or ill). 


Actually, Anaheim is #1 in man games lost due to injury


Pittsburgh are #8. However, that doesn't tell the whole story.


Anaheim have lost 135 man games due to injury, whilst Pittsburgh have lost less than half at 66 games. 


In addition, we've lost the most man games due to injury for GT's (Gibson @ 21 games) and the top 3 Ducks skaters to give up the most man games due to injury where all D men (Lovejoy @ 21 games, Beauchemin @ 16 games, Fistric @ 15 games).


Meanwhile, the most man games lost to any player in Pittsburgh is 15 games and that was Pascal Dupuis (not vital to the D). In fact, Pittsburgh biggest loses on D has been Oli Maata @ 11 games and Beau Bennett @ 8 games. I'd argue that neither of those players are as vital as Beauchemin and Lovejoy respectively. This is confirmed by the CHIP scores, which accounts for the cap hit losses due to injury i.e. an indicator of quality of players that have been missing. Bear in mind, Anaheim is a budget team compared to Pittsburgh.


Anaheim has a CHIP score of $3,541,149, whilst Pittsburgh only lost $1,969,766.


The only team even compares to Anaheim in terms of injuries is NJ. NJ are currently 23rd in the league and have conceded 98 goals.




#402400 Tv Schedule

Posted by norge25 on 20 September 2014 - 11:15 PM

At least Jim Fox can be muted. FSW has yet to acknowledge my petition to have Browns face blirred out.

They're probably torn between that and my petition to have a picture of a trashcan with an extended knee superimposed over his figure.

#402384 Tv Schedule

Posted by poum on 20 September 2014 - 04:32 AM

It's also on Fox Sports West. Looks like it'll be the Kings broadcast. Oh well, at least we get a preseason game on TV.

At least Jim Fox can be muted. FSW has yet to acknowledge my petition to have Browns face blirred out.

#395544 Ryan Kesler

Posted by DireStraits9 on 27 June 2014 - 01:08 PM

Congrats, Ryan Kesler has the heart of a lion. I'm a Canucks fan from the Vancouver area, Kesler has been my favorite player for a lot of years now. I have never seen a player who has the will to win that he has and I hope he can win it all with the Ducks.


Kesler can hit, fight, block shots, win face-offs, agitate and get players off their game, kill penalties, score on the powerplay, shut down elite players, and most importantly, his will to win is unlike anything I have seen from another player.


Don't look into the point totals too much, Kesler had been left on an island by himself on the second line in Van, with a revolving door of plugs. Much like the Sedins have never had a true first-line player to play with, the closest thing Kesler has had as a legit second line winger was Mikael Samuelsson. I'm sure he will excel with the solid players you have on the Ducks.


I think the trade was decent for the Canucks as well. The 10th would have been better, but considering the position Benning was in with Kesler having an NTC i think what Van got was acceptable.. obviously the Ducks won.



Well, I now have another team to cheer for and you can bet I will be getting a new Kesler jersey... Go Ducks!

#390815 Ducks = Choke

Posted by ZTHER on 16 May 2014 - 08:44 PM

I'm fine with being eliminated, it only sucks because it was to the Raiders Kings.


Nobody had this team winning the division, let along the conference, or advancing far in the playoffs to begin the season. They got a MVP performance out of Getzlaf this year, Perry played strong, guys like Bonino and Cogliano took the next step, and we got to see Lindholm and vatanen develop into two decent players... to say nothing of the stellar play we got in net all year with Hiller and Andersen.


Anaheim goes into the off season with a grip of draft choices and NHL ready prospects, a ton of salary cap space and seven home games of playoff revenue. I look at this season like 2005-06. If Murray can add a Kesler or a Spezza or a Stastny, along with another scoring winger, maybe a threat like Byfuglien to the back end... I'd call them the favorites to come out of the West next year.


It was a great season. No choke here.

#376482 Andersen

Posted by gorbachav5 on 16 April 2014 - 03:29 PM

But Hiller ISN'T starting today. Which is the point.


There are several Hiller supporters that have argued for him up until, well, now. They have no choice but back Andersen now, as he's the guy. But they made it known who they wanted in net.


I suppose I would be labeled a "Hiller supporter" based on my comments, but you've got some things wrong here.  First, the point was never that Hiller is elite or even that he absolutely deserved to start this game.  It was that he's a good goalie who's in a slump, and ignoring the rest of his season for one bad stretch is doing the guy a disservice.  And as a veteran goalie with a good track record and at least some success in the postseason, he deserves better than to get tossed aside simply because of that slump.


All that said, I think Andersen is great and I'm happy to root for him in net.  Why would I not?  He's a Duck and he's played really well.  I think Bruce made the right call here. (Gibson being the backup instead of Hiller is another story, but hopefully it won't matter.)  It's not like it's one or the other.  Andersen had a very good season, he's playing pretty well right now, and the only drawback is his lack of experience.  Hiller had a decent season and he has a good track record, but he's playing poorly at the moment, and in a short playoff series, I understand that you can't be giving games away hoping that a guy breaks out of a funk.


I don't pretend to speak for everyone, but I feel like this is most people's position.  We like Andersen and Gibson, but we still like Hiller and we're not going to write him off completely because of a ten game sample size.

#354821 Lindholm>Sbisa

Posted by BestOfTheWest on 29 January 2014 - 04:50 AM

Lindholm > Sbisa?! Other shocking revelations:


Disneyland > the DMV


Chocolate Chip Cookies > AIDS


Root Canals > Justin Bieber

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