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  2. You can't use +/- to evaluate a player. The Devils stink and Vatanen plays a lot. Of course he's going to be a minus player.
  3. This times 100. Well, the bolded part anyway. Not only did we fire a fantastic coach (Boudreau), but we hired the worst coach in the NHL. We had to fire him and hire someone new, and we hired a guy who I really want to like, but, let's be honest, might still be the worst coach in the NHL.
  4. I guess I just see two different things... 1. I don't see Vats as good as some do on here. And we got more than just Henrique, we got other pieces that have and can be used as needed for future maneuvering. We had him for his peak seasons of 2013, 2014, and 2015-16. He had a nice assist run right after he left, then went back down to exactly where he was before in the "meh" range and was -17 last year... his worst by a mile. He was a plus every season we had him until the year we traded him, where he was a -6 for us and then put in -1 for the Devils. He's hanging on to 0 this year, which would be his first on-negative season since his last full season with us. 2. We were 11-10-4 before we got Henrique, and and 35-13-9 after, and were 2nd in the division behind only the team with the fixed draft. That seems pretty darn salvaged to me. We exited the playoffs quickly with some missing players and others battling serious injury, but it wasn't a total loss.
  5. Rehiring Carlyle was kneejerk reaction to our Ducks Losing 4 straight Game 7s in 4 years. Bob knew his job was on the Line and Bruce was scapegoat. Far as I am concern at leave 4 players should be on trade block. In order for the Ducks to be develop their Youth they need to step up or be traded for establish Player. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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  7. Last season the Ducks were terrible, so it was fine to do nothing at the trade deadline. 2018 was a little disappointing when the only TDL move was trading Wags for a 38-year-old Jason Chimera to get "more speed" (lol, Chimera sucked). In 2017, GMBM got Eaves, which was a great move. Eaves potted 11 goals in 20 games for the Ducks to end the regular season and 2 more goals in the playoffs before getting injured. 2016 was also pretty decent, when GMBM got Jamie McGinn and Brandon Pirri at the deadline. McGinn had 8G in 21 games to close the regular season and 2 more goals in the 7-game 1st round loss to Nashville. Losing Maroon at the 2016 TDL hurt though. And then there was 2015. Getting Despres was a stroke of genius in 2015. Wiz, not so much. Fleischmann was also a decent depth add at that TDL, while Sekac was a waste of space. But I recall many fans on this board wanted a bigger fish the most - Antoine Vermette. GMBM didn't want to give up his 1st rounder (#27 overall, ended up being Jacob Larsson) to the Yotes for Vermette and Chicago got him instead for their 1st rounder (ended up being Nick Merkley). And we all know how that turned out, especially in double-OT of Game 4. Yeah, the Kesler trade didn't materialize in 2014 (not his fault) and getting Lombardi in 2013 to be Teemu's center was a gigantic whiff, but I thought the Robidas acquisition in 2014 was a pretty bold move until Garbutt re-broke Robidas' leg in the first round of the playoffs. All in all though, while he's made his share of blunders over the years, GMBM's recent work at the TDL is not really the place to criticize him IMO. I still give GMBM a B/B+ for his TDL work.
  8. I should apologize to FanSince1993 too. My response was really douche like. It's the season to be jolly, so I'm going to spread good cheer (until the New Year).
  9. I dunno...did Babs actually get accused for being physically abusive? or just mentally? like his firing wasn't based off of that, so I'm guessing he would still be hired...I know there are a few retired players really speaking out about how bad he was for the mental side of players...but it's not like every veteran is coming out and saying that. i wonder if he just got worse as he went on his career...if he was like that in Anaheim or not. a team with Veterans might be the better team for him....like....the Stars....or Sharks... also, yes! BB seemed to have been very liked by all ....minus the whole lack of playoff results though lol
  10. On the whole I agree with the idea of replacing Murray. But let's not forget there is another expansion draft coming in June. The Ducks do not have the depth in their roster this time around. Why add valuable pieces to the roster now when it further exposes players that the Ducks intend on keeping. Can anyone here argue that the Ducks could have signed a legitimate first line Dman or another top sniper during the summer?Not with the current roster. Murray tried to get both Shattenkirk and Faulk. Neither had any interest in playing for the Ducks. Better to spend a season evaluating the prospects until after the Seattle draft before trying to rebuild something with outside parts. Does it suck for Getzlaf to squander another season when his retirement is looming on the horizon? Sure it does. But he's already won a Cup. If winning another cup is more important than staying with the Ducks he will ask to be traded or will simply not resign with the team after next season. If he does move to another team I'll be bummed but I would not hold it against him. Biggest recent mistake Murray made was wasting two and a half season rehiring Randy Carlyle as head coach. I'd argue his second was hiring Dallas Eakins last summer when there were several better choices out there.
  11. The bolded is my primary concern with this trade idea. Getzlaf at age 29 gets you this "incredible **young** player". Getzlaf at 34 does not. Even though Getz is still a high quality center, you're probably looking at a return closer to what the Flames got for a 35-year-old Iginla (who was still racking up 30G seasons when he was traded). When The Flames traded Iggy to Pittsburgh, they got the Pens' 1st rounder in 2013 (#28 overall - Morgan Klimchuk) and two college prospects named Kenny Agostino and Ben Hanowski (who?). In other words, they got basically nothing to build the future around. No sane or sober NHL GM is trading anything more than a late 1st rounder for Getzlaf at his age. And speaking of the Flames, how bad does that trade decision look in hindsight? Take a look at that 2014-15 Flames roster (that lost 4-1 to the Ducks in the 2nd round) and tell me they couldn't have used Iginla's 29G/30A on RW that season. I know he wanted a chance at a Cup, but they really should have done everything possible to re-sign him and let him retire as a Flame. He would have done wonders for the development of Johnny Hockey and other young players on that team, just like I expect Getzy to do for our young players.
  12. My statement wasn’t meant to censor your thoughts or opinion. I just felt that it opens the door for more Getz bashing. If Getz agrees to a trade and BM can make a great deal, then we will see Getz when his jersey retired.
  13. I’m not sure what to make of the Crawford situation, but it sounds like Peters was being a terrible human very recently. There are allegations of him kicking and punching players in the head in Carolina, where he was coaching as recently as 2018. Peters also resigned, he wasn’t fired, and my suspicion is that he resigned to put an end to the Flames investigation, which he probably knew would dig up a whole lot of other incidents of misconduct, maybe even in the current locker room. Calgary also got knocked out of the playoffs in the first round in 5 games last season to the #8 seeded Avs, which had to have upset the front office. And the Flames were just treading water for the first two months of this season. I also think it’s interesting that the Flames have won five straight since Peters was replaced behind the bench. So removing Peters seems to be about as punishing to the Flames as removing Carlyle was punishing to the Ducks last season.
  14. The troubling thing here is that the 'bad conduct' that is getting these coaches in trouble, happened years in the past. It's like the treatment the refs give the Ducks: Full scrutiny with an eye toward punishing this year's team for stuff done in 2005. Not fair in either case. You'd think that the fact that there were no recent reports of bad behavior by the coaches would indicate that they've grown up a bit. Dittos for BB. Very nice person, great coach.
  15. How can any of you, especially those Gibby fans, not be disappointed during all those past seasons at the trade deadline? As we watch our conference teams get better and BM does nothing to get the Ducks more offense or at least a quarterback Defenseman for our power-less-play. Then us fans think “wow we made the playoffs again” so we hope that BM will surely get on the phone to make the team better for the following season but again disappoint the fans during the off-season. So all we have to look forward to for the following season are new restaurants at the pond.
  16. That’s going back to my original point. Perron, McGinn did play well with Getz and they contributed offensively but BM didn’t keep them for the following season, especially Perron. I would have liked to seen them together for a entire season. Again BM does absolutely nothing to get this team a real Top Line.
  17. Stupid Capitals. Euro Sasquatch (Zdeno) get slapped around by Wilson. TJ Oshie (American shoot out hero) makes three players look really stupid in a gorgeous sequence for the goal.
  18. So many coaches losing their jobs over questionable behaviour in the last couple of weeks it's almost surprising when one gets canned for actual hockey reasons (lol sharts)
  19. Yes. Exactly this. Thanks man. It was more of the latter option I bolded above which would eventually lead to getting another high pick anyway too. listen everyone I love Getz just as much as the next best fan. But if 1). He was ok with leaving and 2). It brought back the next big thing for this team then the question is would you do it. the post was never about me bagging on him but on the contrary saying that he still has the ability to go into beast mode and carry a team but for how long because this team is not going to be contending for a cup anytime soon and we would just be wasting him away. I’m a Ducks team fan first and if the return was for an incredible **young** player to fit in with the rest of the young team with it’s already talented **young** lineup then I would go for it. And given that Getz would make any team who is already a contender that much better then I bet the return would be great because Getz is still great. it would for sure be a bleak low time for the team for the short term reminiscent of the day we traded off Selanne but it could also potentially pay off big time. .... or not LOL But again the point was to get constructive feedback. There were some posts who brought up things I didn’t consider which is good in order to get a well rounded assessment
  20. True. I thought about that after posting
  21. It’s a’ight man. I know it’s a testy subject.
  22. Rob’s premise wasn’t about a decline in Getzlaf’s game or leadership though. It was whether Getzlaf should be traded to help us get the next great franchise player. I took his post to mean that he’s thinking that either trading Getzlaf would bring back a legit blue chip prospect to build the team’s future around, or that trading Getzlaf would cause the Ducks to tank so bad that they’d get the next great franchise player in the draft. I don’t support either option, but they’re certainly not totally unreasonable positions to take. We don’t have any elite prospects outside of maybe Zegras, so management will need to figure out some way to find more of them. RobD360 has also been a solid contributor on these boards for quite a while. I have no interest in shutting down posters who add to these discussions as much as he has.
  23. My biggest issue with Murray was re-hiring Carlyle. That was just plain stupid. It set the team back a few seasons and Eakins has the pressure to clean up the mess. Not to say I'm a big fan of Eakins but just about any coach coming in to clean up this mess would probably be having the same results. Also, the team leaders not named Getzlaf need to step it up. At this point IMHO, everyone is on the trading block except Getzlaf.
  24. I agree that everyone has a right to their opinion. Getz has been bashed off and on for years so it surprised me that at a time when his leadership is obvious and he is on board (per Eakins) with the changes, that someone would start a topic about trading him. He isn't a Perry (sad to see him go) whose game diminished significantly the last 2 years so I believe (as someone else pointed out) that if Getz WANTS to be traded, fine. If not, he deserves to play and retire a Duck.
  25. I believe Getzy did an interview not to long ago where he was asked about being on one team. He said that it's something he's always wanted and has been fortunate enough to be able to do that up to this point in his career. He doesn't seem interested in going anywhere else. A few problems with trading him would be how players will view our team when they decide to come here. As well as what we would get for him and who would want to take on his contract. Though theoretically, if you want to maximize returns for players then we should trade him and get some really good pieces for the future. But we could also trade for a player and he could end up not being as good as we think. But we should keep him to mentor our young guys. He seems to be one of the few guys in the league who has an old school approach in respecting the game and other players. Maybe that's Neidermayer's leadership which has rubbed off on him. Idk but I'm against trading him.
  26. This is what I was getting at. It was pretty obvious. This was also the season Grant went into the ducks hall of legends. Which is why I didn't understand why we didn't keep him during that off season. But him and Perry were driving the ducks offense. We were trying to replace more than that. We were the most injured team, limping on one leg. Getzy got injured as well. We were without three of our top 4 D at one point I believe. It was bad, really really bad. To a certain degree. As Bombays mentioned above, we were trying to salvage something that was clearly not salvageable. Which is why I felt the return for vatanen seemed low. But then again, maybe it was the best he could do with a guy who came back from a shoulder injury.
  27. I Think it's important to point out one thing about our Ducks...They are always fiscally Frugal in spending on their players....often I call this "Developing within".....Players we see we will get use to them like we did when Paul Kariya,Ryan Getzlaf,Corey Perry,John Gibson,Cam Fowler and few others were paying their dues. Trade is a Chess it's important to get the RIGHT Player to help Develop Ducks Next Gen Players. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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