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  2. At the game with a friend right now and had this discussion with him. He stated previous centers who were small in stature but were really good players: Datsyuk 5’11” joe sakic 5’11” adam oats 5’11” so I guess that height isn’t the end all be all factor in determining success at the NHL. BTW congrats on Steels 1st NHL goal!! if anyone can name other successful shorter centers that would be great
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  4. I would be concerned with his durability more than anything kinda like the general concern about Vatanen being a smaller d-man was. He has some disadvantages because of his size but I don't think his vision and the ability to make plays is one of them.
  5. He officially retired a couple of days ago. I could've sworn he retired at least 5 years ago but I guess that shows what I know. He was given an ovation at the Oilturds-Predaturds game last night and now mustard town is planning a full night for him. As much as I despised him as a player (and holy crap, he was the original Floorsberg except great at punching faces instead of scoring goals) he's a good person with an incredible story. It makes what Poile had to say about him in the media firestorm after they signed Ribeiro pretty gross. There's a huge difference between one player taking time off to get help with an alcohol problem and another player getting cut from a team for assaulting a babysitter. Using the former to downplay the latter while self-righteously framing your hockey team as a place that fixes behavioural problems instead of one that just needed a centre is some bs.
  6. My concern with Steel is that he is a pretty small player playing center position in the NHL at 5’11” (I’m sure I have even seen some sites listing him at 5’10”). Although as Duckfan4life just noted that he matched a franchise record for a rookie winning all his draws in a recent game I can’t think of any center who has been this small. Most every center I can think of has been 6ft and up. Being a taller center helps him scan the wings and passing lanes better (obviously). Traditionally it seems that centers use their size to create plays for their winged partners up ice. There are centers who also use their size in taking draws (ie Getzlaf). What are everyone’s thoughts on this? Will this be a hindrance for him? Can anyone think of a small center who is or was also successful in the NHL? Does height for the center position matter? discuss....
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  8. Kyle Shohara‏ @kyleshohara Should be noted that last night, rookie Steel tied a franchise record by winning 100% of his faceoffs (10 for 10); tied Kesler (Nov. 4, 2016 vs. ARI, 11 for 11). Last NHL player to do so was BOS' Bergeron (April 4, 2017 vs. TBL, 17 for 17) (min. 10 faceoffs). #NHLDucks
  9. Forgot to make an ademendment to this ^. Apparently, the rumor circulating at the draft, a prospect was (2018 draft) addicted to the vidya games, was a Ducks prospect. I forget who. I saw an embedded tweet by the guy in question being sarcastic about it. He really didn't make the best case for himself.
  10. What the hell? Rootoo has been playing!? For who? For what?
  11. "Rumors, Wishes, and Speculation" thread. If we want to be literal, we're speculating on who the best rookie is. Or it's a thread speculating who stays. Anyway, it's all symantics. This thread could be in a couple other sub forums as well.
  12. Well. Comrade Kovalchuk is arguably their best forward so far. Which is hilarious.
  13. Terry with 2 more points in his 2nd game, giving him 5 total. Kid clearly has talent, just needs the confidence.
  14. Trashville honouring Tootoo would be a nice gesture.. you know, if they didn't make a point to draw parallels between his struggles with addiction and the situation they found themselves in after they gave that noted bag of **** Mike Ribeiro another contract. Such a rotten and two-faced organization from the top down 👎
  15. Maybe hes trying to be the next Phil Kessel lol - Hey if he put up points like Phil I wouldn't care if he weighed 300 lbs
  16. We can hope the weight loss signifies that he is paying attention and is coachable, and also that he gets the penalties downside. what puzzles me generally, is how disconnected the team seems to be from the players during the off-season. These young guys are a major investment. It makes a ton of sense to me that the team would want, insist even, to know what training regimen and all associated, the young guys were following. And that they would have the right to make corrections and additions. A friend was a MLB manager. His stories anout how different the clubhouses are today than in his playing days, are almost stark in differences. The players are pampered; can’t do much with them. Is it that way in hockey?
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  18. LOL Kings! 2 wins in their first 8 games. I love this season so far.
  19. Why is this thread in the rumors section?
  20. Kings doing the comparison after 7 NHL Games between Doughty and Dahlin.. LOL KINGS.
  21. Oh noes wrong thread. LOL KINGS anyway.
  22. The last time the Arizona Coyotes won in Winnipeg, they were Winnipeg.
  23. All this talk about Richie losing weight.... Who cares? I hope he loses the bad decision making and stupid penalty taking before shedding unnecessary weight. He better put out, especially with the injuries. Better.Put.Out.
  24. Nope. That’s just a piece of fried chicken he was trying to sneak into the locker room. He has a 2nd chin that he can hide his paraphernalia in. Getting thinner doesn’t affect how many penalties you take.
  25. I'm looking forward to seeing what Max Jones can do. He caught such a bad break by getting injured right before training camp since he would have had one of the better chances of making the team. Plus, it gives us a chance to potentially see a Jones-Steel-Terry line at some point. That could be a good time.
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