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  2. It sounds like another piece heading to Calgary too
  3. TRADE: To #Flames Curtis Lazar To #Sens Jyrki Jokipakka 2nd round pick
  4. It's SB Nation so take it for what you will....interesting to consider. Could help the Ducks in the sense of the ED. Let's be real, the twins are having a horrible year. Could be due to the World Cup, hopefully, or it could be they're just getting older. But the idea of having their NMC's off the books and their cap hits is somewhat enticing.
  5. Lazar to the Flames? Great, just what Calgary needs- another young forward with skills.
  6. Curtis Lazar traded to Calgary. Pending RFA that is struggling to score, needs a change of scenery.
  7. GMBM handing out NMC's like candy makes it quite difficult to trade for Landy or JVR. When the Nylander rumors sort of popped up a few weeks ago that was exciting because it's a guy on ELC playing well past that. Although, there is some article floating out there about the potential of Perry and Getzlaf opting out of their deals because of California law....
  8. NJ trades Parenteau to NSH for 6th round pick, pending trade call.
  9. Don't know if it could have been done given his contract but I made mention this time last year of moving Perry for Drouin.
  10. LMAO same here. I was there about fifty feet from the ice and saw it 1st hand. The play rivaled Cam Fowler's beautiful assist to Toffoli the other night against L.A. .
  11. As do I since it gives them the extra games of selling seats, merch, food, etc. So I think we're in agreement then a missed playoff appearance this year spells the end of RC? Could also rebuild on the fly if they were to trade for Duclair if the price is right and say a Landeskog type. But with 12 minutes left it's totally unlikely at this point. Of course deals do get announced past the deadline. The offseason we'll see some moves but it'll be too little too late. Other GM's will know this and it'll be lowball offers. Drouin for Vats last year would've been a steal, GMBM missed that one bad.
  12. Read: Laviolette told his players to pressure Despres.
  13. The Ducks missing the playoffs is in our not to distant future with our aging core of Getz, Perry and Kesler all of which are under huge contracts. The window, IMO, closes after this season. One of the reasons I didn't renew season seats was because I believe the Samuelli's are not willing to go "all in" at the trade deadline to win a cup. We should have won the cup 2 years ago. One all in pick up could have accomplished that. Their 2 huge pick ups Pronger and Kesler were done off season. There really seems to be a huge reluctance to do anything big at the trade deadline with our ownership. I love the fact Minny went all in to get Hanzall as did the Caps with Shattenkirk. I think, our ownership is just content with making the playoffs. Edit: I don't necessarily believe getting a Duschene or Landeskog type player which I would consider going all in would help us win a cup this year. I just don't think we're good enough this year...2 years ago definitely.
  14. Sure it is.
  15. I had a mini-seizure just flashing back to that play...
  16. Flyers also get a 4th and conditional 7th from Tampa along with Filppula. Pretty good return for the Flyers on an expiring asset.
  17. Vatanen for a young forward? TBL has space for him now.
  18. Good move from Yzerman, gets $5m off his cap for next year.
  19. Filppula for Streit? Weird one
  20. The first goal wasn't a breakdown, it was a bone-head move by Despres catching a puck in mid-air and then dropping it onto the stick of an on-rushing Preds forward. And the second goal was off a deflection of a point shot that was headed high and wide. Not a breakdown either. Although I suppose you could call the second goal an example of a "known weakness", as it was Fowler was trying to defend Gaustad in front of the net. We all know how weak Fowler is in front of the net. But the point is that the team didn't fold its tent and panic as soon as they faced some adversity against Nashville the way they did against LA (and to some extent in the 1st & 2nd periods against Chicago). That's the sign of a well-coached and mentally-tough team IMO. They actually did everything they could to win that game except beat one of the best netminders in the world. To the second point, does blowing a 2-0 lead with games 3 & 4 at home, and being out-scored 12-3 in games 3-5 count as being out-coached? Does BB also get credit for out-coaching Paul Maurice in our sweep of Winnipeg and Bob Hartley (who won the Adams award that year) in our five game romp over Calgary? Or does BB get out-coached whenever his team loses, but gets no credit when they win? IMO, playoff games are rarely won or lost because of coaching. The coaches have spent the whole season putting their systems in place and teaching the players how to execute it. At some point, it has to be on the players to finish. Bob Murray said as much last summer too.
  21. Per @RealKyper Filppula and pick for Streit
  22. Filppula heading back to PHI.
  23. Tampa has to dump more salary surely.
  24. Flyers trade Streit to Tampa. Interesting.
  25. Vanek has the 2nd most PP goals in the league since the lockout. Only Ovechkin has more.
  26. OFFICIAL: #NYR have acquired forward Taylor Beck from the Edmonton Oilers in exchange for Justin Fontaine. He
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