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  2. Do we think the injuries were from a poor director of high performance?? I guess it can't hurt (lol...hurt) to try someone new and see if that helps...
  3. This is the 2nd most important thing after switching to a 'modern' coach in Eakins. We've had injuries, injury streaks, freak injuries and then some. It had to stop and I'm really looking forward for the healthier Ducks next season.
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  5. They should just do more.. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  6. Well since no on is doing a Ducks Only Mock Draft...Perhaps I should start here is my Ducks Mock Draft list for I feel are candiates that can fit into our team's system. Rd1.9th: Raphael Lavoie C 29th:Anttoni Honka D Rd2.39th:Graeme Clarke RW Rd3. No selection Rd4.101st:Maxence Guenette D Rd5.132nd:Simon Holmstrom RW Rd6.163rd:Rickard Hugg C 183rd:Brayden Guy LW. Rd7.No Selection DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  7. I think we already have our long-term "New NHL" #1 center in Sam Steel. He ended last season being our most productive center those last few games, even finishing the season centering our first line with Rakell and Silfverberg. No reason why Steel can't be our long-term center. Maybe future captain.
  8. If Dach, Cozens or Zegras are gone by #9 that leaves Krebs or maybe Podkolzin. Will Bob pull the trigger on a Russian? Probably not but should he? If Bob keeps the #29 and Lassi Thomson is there, I hope he picks him. Beyond that, I hope there is center that falls through the cracks or another RHD.
  9. I agree with the Ducks taking the best center available in the draft. If the Ducks are lucky, either Cozens or hopefully, Dach, will fall to #9, Murray may even take Krebs despite his achilles injury. It's not as though he'll will be NHL for a couple of seasons anyway. My hope is that Buffalo and Edmonton will select Broberg and Caufield, respectively to make that possible. Trading for a center with 1st line potential just doesn't seem likely because I'm not aware of a team that could make a player like that expendable.
  10. How high is Paul Fenton in Philly right now?
  11. I'd like a highest ceiling center available the first pick and the best defenseman available with the second pick of the first round. If we can get a trade for prospect with good odds to be a future 1st line center, I'd trade one of the picks for that. Not a generational talent, but someone who another team might not be willing to wait on the development of.
  12. Fisix

    Kings Catch All - 8

    i totally forgot the kings hired Todd. ouch.
  13. This, in my opinion, shows that some of the front office are listening to fans. If not that, then at least they've seen the same things the fans have.
  14. I think that's accurate, but I also think that Manson should be able to play well regardless of whether he's paired with Lindy or not. We need that flexibility, and it's not like Cam is horrible. That was my main problem with the team as a whole under RC, and even partly under BB - a lot of players seemed constipated and inflexible, and they let their games fall off a cliff if things weren't perfect. There really shouldn't be a "wrong" combination between Lindholm, Manson, and Fowler. They've been playing together forever, and they should know by now how to accentuate each other's strengths, or at least cover each other's weaknesses effectively. More to the point, the fragility of their performance seemed more a result of stubbornness on the player's part than just simple clumsy execution. It also seemed like that stubbornness component pretty much evaporated once BM was behind the bench....
  15. MoKings Hire Trent Yawney As Assistant Coach https://www.prohockeyrumors.com/2019/06/kings-hire-trent-yawney-as-assistant-coach.html …
  16. I still have a beef with BM trading the leading goal scorer from the previous playoff run in DSP for a guy who mailed in every one of his playoff games and then had the nerve to trash talk the organization on his way out. Adding Vermette a few years before he became a 4th line neutral zone faceoff circle enforcer would've been nice too. The biggest mistake of the 14/15 season IMO was still letting Perreault walk without even qualifying him. Okay, second biggest mistake cause I'm still trying to forget Anaheim Duck Wisniewski ever existed. The 2016 team was the real missed opportunity. Top defensive team in the league, magical midseason turnaround, smart deadline additions, and great goaltending only to get wrecked by injuries before running into a lanky stack of horseshoes in net who only seems to show up for playoff matchups against Anaheim. I think they could've easily gotten past the Sharks and Blues that year if their domination in that game 7 translated to the scoreboard.
  17. I don't think Manson would have had as dismal a season and Lindholm would have had an even better season if they were paired. RC putting Manson with Fowler was a huge mistake. He should have kept a proven D pairing together instead of putting Manson with Fowler to try to make Fowler better. Stats were posted during the season and Manson's numbers were always better when paired with Lindholm. They play the same style.
  18. A low-grade prospect (now playing in the KHL) and the 31st overall. Yeah, I still make that trade for Vermette every day of the week and twice on Sundays. If for no other reason than he wouldn't have been in Chicago to score the double-OT winner against Anaheim in Game 4. It's also dumb to hang that entire series on Freddy. He struggled in the last few games, but he wasn't responsible for Toews badly outplaying Getzlaf and Kesler in games 5-7, or for Beauchemin being worn out by playing too many minutes in games 2 & 4, or for the donut Rakell put on the board as the 3C over a full seven game series. For the first and third of those issues, sliding Vermette into the 3C spot would have given us another defensive weapon to check their top-9 forwards and also some secondary scoring. That was as much or more of the difference than Freddy's play in the last few games was.
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  20. And until they get a more consistent goalie...I'm not convinced they can do much damage in the playoffs those next 3 seasons. Sure Karlsson wasn't 100% and made incredible damage...but they still don't make it out of the first round if not for the crappy call. SJ thinks they are closer than they really are.
  21. I agree we do, but I'd rather get Caufield than a center or D that's listed to draft later...I think. I think I'd prefer that. Caufield I'm on the fence on anyway...give me some Zegras, Turcotte, Coznes or Dach though!!
  22. No, I meant three games. Andersen played poorly in Game 5 and it rattled him (and probably the rest of the team) the rest of the series. Sure, the Ducks could've ended the series earlier had the third and fourth lines contributed. Or the Blackhawks could've ended the series sooner if Kane and Toews weren't invisible the first three or four games of the series. It stinks the Ducks lost, but I'm not wringing my hands because Murray didn't trade a prospect and a first-round pick for a third-line center like Antoine Vermette.
  23. Pass on Caufield. We need to re-stock the cupboards with centers and D-men, not wingers.
  24. I assume you mean the final two games, since the Ducks won game 5. And it would have been over in five if we'd gotten some decent secondary scoring in either of those lengthy OT games.
  25. Honestly...I'd be happy with any of these guys for our #9: Hughes, Kakko, Byram, Zegras, Turcotte, Cozens, Boldy, Dach, or Caufield.... I think...at least...lol
  26. did you read this yet? https://www.nhl.com/ducks/news/ducks-announce-hockey-operations-transactions/c-307895890 Important part (maybe we'll have less injuries?):
  27. This. I'm not analyzing carefully, but I think it was aimed at our D, both actual d-men and forwards not being willing to play some d. Less Lindholm, definitely Manson. If I was BM, and I had to keep seeing what Theo is doing and thinking about what i gave up to keep Manson.... I'd be grumpy about it. Anyone know if we've solidified Grant yet?
  28. Then you'd laugh at the team that did. SJ is going to struggle in the Pacific within three seasons.
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