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  2. With no news about this season having a hard time picturing any kind of season. With no cross the border regulations having a time figuring out how they can have anything looking normal. Hopefully will have vaccines for most of us by April or May maybe we can return to a semi normal life by next summer. Watching all the cancelations in football and picturing any kind of normal season seems ridiculous and this old goat really misses watching Ducks late night hockey from upstate NY.
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  4. It's not looking good for Jan 1st....it's also not looking good at all, I feel, right? Apparently talks with agreeing over payment or something with the players has not been going well? Or maybe stalled? I haven't read the articles yet, just seeing the headlines.
  5. I'd go even further than that. Duck Mask Logo : Wild Wing Jersey :: Teemu Selanne : Jeff Friesen
  6. Dare I say... the classic, iconic Ducks mask logo is to this piece of cartoonish trash what Francois Beauchemin was to The Wiz.
  7. if hockey supposed to start again in January 1, 2021 we should hear something soon or we should see the boys in town none of it has happened yet. I miss the pond I miss hockey!!!!!
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  9. To each their Own Gorby Ducks Fans either love it hate it...which is true...I know when I came to Anaheim 13 years ago on Ducks Roadtrip visit...The was one of the Unis apparently the Players did not like to wear. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  10. The Duck mask is nostalgic. There are plenty of color and design options left without resorting to this cartoonish piece of garbage. Everyone I've seen who's reviewed these or ranked them and everyone I've talked to personally who's a Duck fan has agreed with me - they're awful.
  11. Nostalgia is a reason why Ducks Fans and Hockey fans want this piece of history. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  12. You got the news Dostal is heading back to the Ducks after monthly Stint with ilves...Good Good very good looks to me we maybe seeing the Gathering of the Ducks(Training Camp). DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  13. Dostal is coming to San Diego which is good news. Hope to see him win the starting job.
  14. We already have an alternate with the duck mask though. Why do 2 webbed D’s and 2 duck masks when they can do something completely different. And they’re going to sell a ton of these, people are all about it. I’ve got friends who are Boston, Chicago, and Detroit fans and they want to get one. Nostalgia sells, that’s what people see.
  15. Ours is awful. The Rangers' one is pretty bad too IMO. Even the guy who's wearing it is bumming hard. The Las Vegas jersey is also pretty atrocious.
  16. I always loved the Wild Wing jersey .
  17. Succeed...oh No more like glow in the dark....IF THERE is power outage Dallas has the edge. DuckPride 4ever MoosseDuck
  18. Hearing that too as well...Hope for they have speedy recovery. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  19. Are the guys in camp now? Sorry been away from the boards, but I’m starting to see clips of players back and some COVID reports
  20. that is EXACTLY what it feels like. It's like his strategy to make the playoffs is "well, lets hope people are better players??" I mean, yeah, same. I hope so, too. But I do think if some young guys don't really step up BM is gonna trade them. And for what it's worth, I think if the season didn't get cancelled, we may have already seen some of those young guys traded (as in we would have already seen that they aren't going to step up).
  21. Yeah that would have been nice....I mean, with their retro...you can like, see the outline where they cut out the logo from another jersey and pasted it on lol I will say I do LOVE their black out jersey!!
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  23. Red Wings Reverse Retro is epic fail...no creativity,no Artistic expression just...Meh and Bland. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  24. Ok Here is the new Nickname...How bout this we drop Elite1C and Grantzlaf.......and call him DG38. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  25. I don't know, it's hard for me to read that statement and think that Murray truly thinks they will be competing with this roster. There's so much to sort out between now and the trade deadline. The Ducks' biggest issue is still goal scoring which hasn't been addressed yet. It sounds more like he's crossing his fingers and squinting really hard with the hopes of seeing the playoffs. To me, his quote implies that he's going to give the young guys more opportunities and impactful minutes (which I agree with) and see if they can rise to the occasion, but it's going to be harder to do that with Getzlaf, Rakell, Silfverberg, Henrique, Milano and Heinen likely taking up most of the top-6 and Grant, Rowney, Deslauriers, Backes crowding the bottom-6. The Ducks having even a fighting chance for the playoffs relies on the same things as last season: noticeable production from the young guys and Gibson being great. Also, there is almost certainly going to be divisional realignment for next season which might see Colorado and Dallas shift to the Ducks' division. If that happens, then I think their path to a playoff spot becomes even more difficult.
  26. Hopefully the pants will help pull it out of the gutter. I was enthusiastic at first about it since I can't stand that pointy toilet seat Dallas calls a logo. The lack of colour on this set really does make it look incomplete though. They could've just flipped the colours on a Modano era jersey and ended up with a keeper.
  27. His words imho that he believes some of the Ducks Youth will step up...It should not surprise considering their M.O has always been strategy I called "Developing Within". DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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