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  2. No goons and a faster Perry should make for an interesting season.
  3. +1 I'm pretty sure he was only signed because of the expansion draft. He and vermette and bieksa are gone.
  4. Thanks! Do you think Jacob Larsson is is ready to go?
  5. Murray’s comments
  6. ha ha!!!
  7. Guess this means Jared Boll won’t be back.....😄
  8. From your lips to God's ear ......
  9. Integrity? Integrity? (said in the same voice of Jim Mora referring to the playoffs)
  10. touche`!!!
  11. How many saw the refs make up a call against Toronto yesterday? It was on at a friend's kid's birthday party yesterday so I did. The terrible officiating keeps getting worse. For those who missed it, Boston had a two on one rush. The Toronto defender laid out to eliminate the pass. The Boston puck carrier skated into the Toronto defender after waiting too long to take the only option, shoot. The refs didn't even signal what the penalty was as they sent the defender to the penalty box. Down 2-0 at the time, Boston scored immediately on the power play cutting it to 2-1. The game finished 4-3 Toronto, in spite of the referees efforts. I won't hold my breath waiting for the officiating crew to be punished for trying to rig a game, but it would be nice if the integrity of the game meant anything to the NHL and NHLPA.
  12. In what way did Carlyle hold players accountable this year? They were one of the most penalized and undisciplined teams in the league this year which was put on glorious display in Game 3 against San Jose. I'm not sure how Nick Ritchie avoided being benched this year at least be relegated to the 4th line. Perry and Kesler didn't seem to have any reduced ice time when they were making mistakes and taking stupid penalties either. How about Bieksa? I didn't see much accountability on Carlyle's part which is one of the main reasons of why he was brought back. As far as the trusting of young/old players. Carlyle seems to play young players when it gets noticeably bad enough that he's got no other choice. Playing Welinski over Bieksa may have been because Bieksa was a) coming off surgery and b ) he was just so bad throughout the year and in Game 2 that he went back to Welinski who has a bit more of an offensive upside. He still played Jason Chimera over someone like Terry who has a much better offensive skillset. Same thing goes for Vermette. As far as Fowler goes, the Ducks were going through a rebuild on when they drafted him in 2010 and he was the first building block. It also helped that Fowler was undeniably good enough to go straight to the NHL. Even if he played Getzlaf and Perry more during their first seasons, it still seems like it's more of an exception than the rule. I'm not saying that every coach needs to be a players coach like Boudreau, but Carlyle's style is hurting player development then that is a huge problem. Combine that with his coaching philosophy, which was basically "Hey Gibby, Stand on Your Head" and it becomes much worse. You can't be some drill instructor, grinding coach and you have to get players to buy into what you're doing. Aren't those the reasons why he got ran out of Toronto? I'm not seeing enough of a difference now. Shoot, Darryl Sutter won two cups with Kings and got fired because the players turned on hum. So, I'm not sure how optimistic to be about a coach who doesn't play his fourth, to suddenly start playing and relying on it more. He seems pretty set in his ways. Also, the Hagelin thing was so weird because he barely lasted half a season after signing a 4-deal which seems like an awfully short period of time to make that kind of a judgment call. Matt Beleskey at least got two years in Boston haha and if I recall, Hagelin had actually been starting to gel right when he got traded to Pittsburgh. I guess this brings me to Murray, because this is on him more than Carlyle. Murray waited over two months after trading Vatanen before calling up Pettersson because he and Carlyle trusted Bieksa and Beauchemin to log those minutes effectively. He brought in Kelly and Chimera and got rid of Wagner and didn't play JT Brown until it became painfully obvious how ineffective Kelly was. He also hasn't evolved with the game and this season may have finally realize that. I just wish that he would take responsibility for his decisions and the roster construction. You're absolutely right that he's got to put up because he's on notice more than he ever has been.
  13. What I take out of BM's statements is that they're going to change our system/style of play. He said he and Randy would be having a talk. I suspect it's going to be 'we're going to do it like this...' By December, if nothing has actually changed, BM will start finding the next coach. Likewise, I expect draft choices will be made to fit the system BM thinks the Ducks need to implement. Likewise with any trades or free agent signings. Whether it's a big change, whether the change is effective, we shall see.
  14. So what do we do now? I'm completely disinterested in participating in the Stanley Cup Derby at this point - I just don't like any other teams. Hearing the rhetoric from BM and his "we have to be faster..." It's all pillow talk. Nothing will change unless things change. It's just that simple. I hardly think anything will be different - with or without injuries. Every team, including the ones that are still playing have injuries and suspensions and they do just fine. As much as we all hate and despise Nashville, we all have to admit that their GM stops at nothing in order to improve his team. I don't see him signing any aging washed up players and telling his crazy fan base that it is "to upgrade our team". All of his upgrades are true upgrades. He just signed a big time player from the KHL who will probably be a stud in the NHL when his time comes. He has a great coach (who I can't stand) but the scoreboard is always the scoreboard and they just keep on winning. I guess this is my way of saying I don't look forward to next year and more of the same old "same old". RC is going to stick with what he knows and how he coaches. Corey Perry is going to train like he always has, play like he always has and do what he always has. It's just human nature. I hope it doesn't shake out like that. I think it will unfortunately.
  15. Here's what I see will happen...for the Ducks to keep the Window Open they need to not only Retool and As I said Reset. Need is to adapt but also inject Speed by 1. Signing some FA'S and Trade for Players with speed as their asset. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  16. Jones I see take his time...put in in San Diego in First year...Steel as well but call him up if he does well.......But I feel it's if both stay in SD for a year or 2. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  17. Highly Unlikely.....Everything is still early right now....many still lament while others ponder. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  18. So Let me get this straight...RC will be back with the Ducks for 25th Anniversay Season and he seems to be challenging Pears and Getz.....Don't know but I am intrigue to see how our Ducks respond to the Mess that is First Round Loss. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  19. Me too.
  20. Hope Lightning win
  21. Avs surrendered
  22. Wonder if Kesler just said that (in advance of Murray’s public comments). He sure didn’t look 20 pounds lighter to me.
  23. You are's weird...which actually more points towards the thing you quoted/bolded is probably not true. Also, I get that Carlyle doesn't give 4th liners many minutes (something Bob said he wants changed)...but I'm starting to get annoyed with this "doesn't like young players" thing...he played fowler an insane amount his rookie year...when he was 18. He gave Getz/Perry plenty of ice time their rookie years. He isn't against young players. He's against bad players. He didn't dress Bieksa for more than 1 game this year in the playoffs. He went Welinski over Bieksa 3 out of 4 times. Doesn't sound like a coach who just blindly trusts veterans over younger players. What people seem to be missunderstanding is why he has a "negative reputation" with most younger players. Probably 'cause he -- as many players referred to him as AND wanted in a coach after BB -- holds players accountable. My guess is he's very tough on the young players and most can't handle it and just want to be spoon fed and protected and be nice to. Well, this is the big leagues, and if you can't handle it with the big club, you're not getting ice time. Maybe he seems "unfriendly" to the younger players...and maybe that does hurt development, but it's not because he just "trusts veterans." If BMGM wants a faster team, we need faster players. And it sounds like Perry is on notice for needing to step up. But if you give Randy faster, more skilled skaters...he's going to use them. He'll use them to their strengths. Don't wasn't RC that didn't know how to use Hagelin's speed. He just didn't fit into the identity and skillset of the team. And we were a better team the moment we traded him. The issue there was we didn't fully commit to the speed idea -- now Bob has made a public announcement about it. So he better put his money where his mouth is.
  24. I hope Winnepeg roughs Trashville up.
  25. That was a poor decision to challenge by Bednar. That was a pretty obvious no goal due to goaltender interference (well inside the blue paint), and now he has lost his time out.
  26. I hate Trashville
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