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  2. This is actually crazy. Everyone was so pumped when Vats turned out to be great, because we really didn't have anyone but him to be a top-4 right-handed D-man. Now we have several of them and until Beauch was signed, we had only Fowler - Lindholm - Larsson as lefties and if the latter does not come here from Sweden or stays in the AHL, and one of Lindy or Fowl goes down, and Lindholm looks to be out maybe until late October, we basically have nothing on the left side, just rookies (4 of them, Megna included). Our RD is still actually thinner, but has more NHL-ready stuff in Manson - Vatanen - Bieksa - Holzer with two great rookies in Montour and Welinski. So, 7LD, 6RD, but the righties have more people we can actually play. Vatanen out gives Monty legitimate playing time until January-February, and this Beauchemin signing solidifies our left side and gives us another locker room staple. Good job, Bob! I am happy with this. Really, with Lindholm potentially injured and not being rushed to start the season, all we have is Fowler and Larsson.
  3. Considering all the injuries that exists on the blueliners, this is a good depth move imo.
  4. Everyone on Colorado was bad....
  5. Hope so.
  6. Which is pretty crazy when you think about it. Before Vatanen came along, we could go years on end with only one right handed d-man playing regular minutes on the roster. Sheldon Brookbank anyone?
  7. Not necessarily. Prior to today's signing, the Ducks had 6 righties D and only 2 lefties.
  8. Dang, i was merely hoping they would sign Beauch to one of those 1 day contracts if there were no other takes for his services but this is a bonus. As a Duck's fan, I find this to be a great signing. Only 1 year and cheap insurance for a team that has two of it's top D men in doubt for the start of the season. The team also needs someone to patrol the left side of the blue line You also have to consider that yes, Beauch did not look his best last year but you also have to consider the team he played for. To expect improvement is certainly not a stretch by any means.
  9. Beauch is going to surprise you,. Bank on it.
  10. I like this move. The third year was the sticking point for Murray, which the Avs gave him. That turned out to be a good call considering he looked slow and bad overall last year with the Avs. However, I'm sure Murray would have given him 1 million for a 3rd year, and Beauch will be counted on more to begin the season while some guys come back from injuries. After that he'll be good to have around as a #6-7 who can fill in for injured guys or give someone a break. We definitely needed depth on D in the playoffs last year. That might help keep Beauch fresher and playing at a higher level when he does play. I think getting away from that dumpster fire in Colorado and getting back to a comfortable place with a good team going for the Cup could help his game too. No matter what, he's always been talked about as a great lockeroom guy so I have no doubt he'll at least have a positive impact on our young defensemen.
  11. Good. Good. Hopefully it goes better than Odegaard And yeah, screw Barca I hope they miss out on Coutinho and Dembele this window. Real is on another level than them anyways but it's nice to see them like this Hopefully Liverpool takes care of business Wednesday and then avoids a group of death with Real otherwise you're in trouble, norge
  12. Beauchemin and Freddie Olausson are the only players to serve 3 stints with franchise.
  13. I'm glad he's getting a chance to retire as a Duck. Much love, BoomBoom.
  14. Lol. After this transfer window, I've come to hate Barca almost as much as Real Madrid fans. But Coutinho's a Red for at least a few more months. We'll see how things go from there. And I don't care how much cash was offered, selling your top player with only a few weeks left in the summer window is a horrible way to start a season that features CL matches. Glad ownership held firm. This whole drama fest can get bent. Also my Reds finally signed a Norwegian starlet (16 year old kid named Edvard who's already lighting it up for the U-18s) so future-watch wise that's cool for me.
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  16. I'll be dead in 90 years.
  17. Welcome to the Ducks Beauchemin Glad to have you back. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  18. At least this time it didn't cost a Jake Gardiner???
  19. Beauch's thoughts:
  20. Stephens article on Frankie's homecoming.
  21. IT'S OFFICIAL: He's back! #NHLDucks have signed defenseman Francois Beauchemin to a one-year contract.…
  22. Not bad for a 5th to 7th Dman though and only 1mill
  23. I'm guessing this was a signing more due to injuries than anything else. We could have used BOTH Bieksa and Beauch in the playoffs last season 'cause of the injuries. And I'm guessing no one else was offering him a contract and wanted to play. I like the signing. I mean, if Lindholm AND Vats weren't injured i'm guessing this signing doesn't happen.
  24. Got to admit, unless he was standing by the Stanley cup I'd never see him on a golf course and think he was an elite NHL sniper. He does look fit. but that big round face. Kudos to Phil!!
  25. - Didn't wan to sign Beauchemin for 3 years. - Trades for Bieksa with one year left. Gives a two year extension. - Signs Beauchemin on the third year. - LOL?
  26. Love this move! Welcome back, Beauchemin! Now if we can just find a way to send Bieksa to San Jose, we can completely undo Bob's stupidity during the summer of 2015.
  27. You do realise who hired the coach you love, right? The team made the Conference Finals last year so Bob must be doing something right. In saying that I agree with you about Beauch. While I've always really liked the guy his best days are long behind him. He was really bad last season. This also doesn't really make sense if you look at our lineup, are we playing Beauch/Bieksa as a bottom pair? Because that's just destined for trouble.
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