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  2. Ducks are a -130 favorite right now...
  3. I'd love Etem as a 4th liner.
  4. Sounds about right. Season ending, mid-season knee surgery. Not sure what his future with the club is though, he's still an RFA and will need a new contract this summer. He's arb eligible, which doesn't matter much, I think, given his free fall. It'll be interesting to see what happens. Does Murray qualify him? Does he let him walk? Seems like Etem could still be a solid 4th liner or AHL vet at worst.
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  6. Someone like Eric Stephens might tweet it out at the morning skate, but the Ducks website usually has a game preview with line combinations up around 1 PM.
  7. He was hurt all year. I think it was a knee injury and he had surgery, but I may not be remembering correctly.
  8. Is Etem hurt? Last I remember he was on the Gulls, but it doesn't look like he's played at all this year. May not be living up to his potential, but it would be weird if he wasn't playing at all.
  9. Anyone know when they publish expected lines?
  10. Gah. And I wanted him to be an assistant on the Ducks should we win the Cup and THE WALRUS decides he's good for a Head role once again.
  11. I'm worried they get out muscled too.. But Montour has really protected the net down low as of late
  12. It does seem weird that many seem to believe the Oilers have the advantage in goal, even if it's a slim margin. Gibson has been better this season pretty much across the board whether you're looking at the basic stats or advanced. Better 5-on-5 save percentage, better save percentage on the PK, better at handling his rebounds. Talbot has played many more minutes to his credit. Doesn't make him the better goalie. It should be noted that the Oilers give up more dangerous scoring chances, so maybe some believe the quality of Talbot's saves are better than Gibson's? I do know he was brutal in Game 4 against San Jose and gets a lot of credit for coming back strong in the series. Gibson was pulled once too -- after the Ducks gave up some power-play goals which you can't really fault a goalie for -- and responded with his best effort in Game 4 against Calgary. But hey, nobody wants to talk about that. The advantage here, if either team has one, is pretty minimal. But while Talbot is just a solid goaltender, if I need someone to steal a game I'd bet my money on Gibson. Hopefully the Ducks won't need him to.
  13. Yep, 5 games. And if he gets them now, I can't imagine it's a good thing for the Ducks.
  14. Sounds like Stoner is really trying to be exempt from the expansion draft by not playing. How long has it been since he has played? What injury exactly? I thought he needed like 5 more games.
  15. Both. Stoner isn't close to returning (article last night in OCR mentioned he's still not 100%) so having Vatanen paired with a guy who isn't going to play is a red flag to me.
  16. Ah - I didn't realize that the buy out was for a reduced price on the contracted price (2/3rds in Despres case). He would have no reason to take the buy out. He'd get less money, and it'd be doled out over twice as many years, so it would be crap both ways from his perspective (and from any injured player's perspective). I'm not sure why I thought that the buy out was just a straight up purchase of the remaining contract price. Looks like the best we can do is try to finagle a LTIR out of it, each year. I wonder if teams get insurance to cover the salary outlay in such cases, or if the insurance premiums are/would be too large, generally? Thanks for the buy-out school!
  17. I'm still queasy.
  18. Fowler had a full, contact practice and said he feels good. Is he 100%? Doubt any player is at this stage. But Cam mentioned he put his knee through all the turns, stops, etc and didn't have any ill effects.
  19. D pairings at today's practice: Fowler/Montour Manson/Lindolm Bieksa/Theodore Vatanen/Stoner
  20. I searched the CBA and couldn't find anything about buying out an injured player. I did find the following, if true, the Ducks can buy-out Despres if he agrees. Can anything keep a team from buying a player out? By all reports, you cannot buy out an injured player without their permission. There is nothing explicitly about this in the buy-out rules in the CBA, but it's something that has been widely reported over the years from multiple, reputable sources, so if there's smoke there is probably fire. It is very likely linked to the waiver requirements.
  21. I doubt he'd be skating as much as he is if it were a concussion. I think Fisix's speculation makes the most sense of anything I've seen.
  22. No. He took that puck to the upper back in the regular season, then sat for a bit, then it was aggravated in the Calgary series by a cross check from behind that wasn't called (it wasn't to the head). Looks like a cracked rib or scapula to me.
  23. Yesterday
  24. Are we assuming Vatanen is a concussion?
  25. The way Carlyle has been line juggling with the forwards it might not be a terrible idea...
  26. Stoner or Vatanen?
  27. Bob McKenzie ✔ @TSNBobMcKenzie VAN close to finalizing contract with Travis Green to be new head coach. Assuming no last-minute hiccups, announcement in next day or two. 7:49 AM - 25 Apr 2017
  28. That's his call. It's the playoffs. If he wants to play, he should play. That said, I don't think this is a risk with Cam's industry.
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