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  3. Watching the Detroit Vancouver game... Detroit fans talked so much smack about attendance... new arena is EMPTY.
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  5. I think he’s required this season on to skate with dual knee braces, instituted per last season It was good to see Kase.
  6. Hartman probably had it coming. He’s not exactly Lady Byng material.
  7. Officiating at its best.
  8. Woof. Glad I bought morning beer in anticipation of this one being ugly. Ugly indeed. Failing to replace Lovren over the summer is wrecking us this season.
  9. Well I hope they have both knees fitted with good braces as he is obviously prone to knee injuries,even though he isn't a physical player.
  10. @icemancometh He has avoided the dreaded ACL injury but there was an MCL sprain to his left knee in 2014 and a right knee sprain in 2016. The right one was affected again last spring when Calgary’s Mark Giordano hit him, knocking him out of the subsequent first-round sweep of the Flames.
  11. Well he's played a game , and he's scored a goal in that one game. He was definitely healthy for that one game. Keywords: ONE GAME
  12. Pucks n Ducks posted an article saying Cam was walking around without crutches, so that’s goodish news.
  13. Blues robbed in Vegas lol
  14. Unless your name is Corey.
  15. When the playoffs start. Not in October.
  16. At what point do you tell players who are 60 or 70% to get their behinds back on the ice? Is a an half effective Getzlaf or Kessler better than the current alternative?
  17. This is Fowler's 4th knee injury. @icemancometh May be a knee injury and may not but just noting Fowler's history. Missed weeks in 2014, 2016 and last spring. Ducks lucky if that holds. RC said Ryan Getzlaf and Hampus Lindholm just need to give the "green light" as far as playing Tuesday. Team practices Monday in Philly.
  18. Last week
  19. Easy solution. Only get them against Montreal.
  20. It was not that long ago our Ducks had a Number 1 Powerplay....But that was during the "Mighty" Era. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  21. Sorry. Love the site. But that was nothing an eye test could have told me.
  22. That's the latest Mark has...
  23. If your right, I will fly out to Canada and kiss you. Sadly, I don't think you are. To all the Twitter savvy kids, any word of a Fowler update from the team?
  24. Let's hope that you are right lol, but last night's injury seemed to look much worse than Giordano's hit. The way his knee buckled and his weight coming down on it. If he doesn't have major structural damage is able to come back at some point this year then he must be part X-Men. Good to see that Getzlaf is back at practice. Hopefully, he, and at least Lindholm, will be back during the upcoming 4-game road trip, which is going to be a pretty tough one.
  25. Honestly at this point.....*sigh* .......Id rather just have best penalty kill in the league than the best power play for this team. Hello even take number one penalty kill if it meant dead last in the power play and here's why. The number of penalties we take compared to power plays we get is freaking huge, and we just can't stop taking penalties. These players will never ever get more disciplined it's a lost cause time to move on. Also we get the crap end of the stick more times than not getting called for things that do and don't happen and that's not gonna change either.
  26. Much as we are surprise with a few teams I believe you will see Toronto fall and VGK fall too. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  27. Eric Stephens reporting Getz is at practice, skating on a line with Rakell and Pears.
  28. We kinda thought Fowler would be out a long time after Giordano kneed him as well, but he seemed to recover quick. Cam's knees don't recover like a normal human's. He'll be back in a month. Lol.
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