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  2. I have a feeling our Ducks will surprise everyone...Just feeling and they will prevail. This team is due for a Bounce Back. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  3. Yeah, the main thing is that they are trending in the right direction. Still sucks that Vegas got Krebs so that Murray couldn't trade up for him. Hopefully, the progression continues and that we add to the talent pool next year. LA has had three great drafts in a row, and the last thing that I want to see is for them to have any more success lol
  4. Didn't want to start a new thread for this random third hand story, so I'm leaving it here. A friend of mine works as a sound engineer, anything from from world tours with notable names to local punk rock bands. The local punk rock band is why I'm posting. A bass player (Ducks fan) from a local So Cal band was a driver for clients. One night he ended up having a few drinks with the Dallas Stars after taking them to their hotel and called out Steve Ott for a fight with the Ducks, what I'm assuming was the Ott-Moen debacle. Long story short, the Stars players didn't defend Ott and tipped their driver in excess.
  5. Last week
  6. Stephens is drinking GMBM's kool-aid that Fowler is capable of playing the right side for a full season. Personally, I think Flower is a mess in the defensive zone when he's on his off-side. Gibby is in for a long season if this left-side depth chart holds true.
  7. Would have to assume the Ducks would have been higher if not for Terry and Jones "graduating" too. Pronman capped the definition of "prospect" at 25 NHL games, meaning that Terry (32 games) and Jones (30 games) weren't considered in our pool of prospects.
  8. I was nicely surprised to see us ranked that high. There is good forward depth for the first time in a long time. Of course, we needed this like five years ago when Getzlaf and Perry were in their primes. What we really need now are legitimate first liners. And now our defensive depth is mediocre with a few decent third pairing options and no one really suited for second pairing duty. This should be an interesting season if the kids get to play. I'd love to see one or two of them become good second line NHLers.
  9. I don't care for college basketball much at all, but March Madness is awesome. The one-and-done tournament format makes for great drama, plus there are a ton of David-beats-Goliath story lines that you can't get in professional sports. Hockey playoffs would not pull more than a handful of eyeballs from March Madness. I'm a huge hockey fan, and if it's the opening Thursday or Friday night of the NCAA tournament as well as the opening night of the hockey playoffs, I'm probably watching college basketball, unless the Ducks are playing. March Madness is captivating.
  10. Here is what I am hoping is Ducks are can surprise everyone and other 30 teams assume our team is weak...What I expect is this team can go on path of redemption. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  11. Corey Pronman of the Athletic just ranked the Ducks with the 14th best prospect pool. A nice jump from where they have been the last couple of years. Only negative is that LA is ranked higher lol
  12. True but there's still a lot less going on in professional sports at that time of the year. Besides, the quality of play during March Madness is significantly lower than an average regular season basketball game and it's a pretty short tournament too. I'm not an expert of course but I think the high ratings it gets has a lot to do with the fact that March really has nothing else going on. A single elimination tournament is going to be a breath of fresh air when your only other options are watching mediocre NHL/NBA teams fight over the final few playoff seeds (which just isn't that interesting to the average fan). If the NHL playoffs ran at that time instead I seriously think they'd have a much easier time grabbing attention. The first round is probably the most exciting hockey the sport has to offer and it's already in a position to be overlooked anyway. I can see the NHL taking over the conversation if the competition becomes a bunch of 20 year olds sloppily tossing up air balls.
  13. Don't shoot me, I'm simply the messenger. Yesterday the Athletic had a new article by Eric Stephens. Title: Ducks by Position: Previewing Anaheim's 2019-20 left side defensemen Opening paragraphs: "We are going to split this into two segments because, well, there are a lot of defensemen and we don't want to give anyone the short shift. Besides, we've still got more than a week left before Labor Day. We don't need to speed through this. This exercise is about looking at what each player is able to do for Anaheim this season, what they need to avoid doing, what we should hope is possible and what we should anticipate that is more realistic. For now, we'll focus on those Ducks who could (or rather, should) be manning the left side of their defense." Players listed (in order): Hampus Lindholm, Brendan Guhle, Jacob Larsson, Michael Del Zorro, Josh Mahura
  14. The expansion draft is in two years though, and the Ducks going that long with such a grand canyon sized hole on their right side defensively would be kind of weird. If Gibson doesn’t get significantly more help in front of him then the expansion draft may be the least of our concerns. As far as the ED goes, I’d like to think that Murray learned from the last one and is going to be better prepared. We are going to lose something of value. If he doesn’t want to give up a good prospect and get Theodore’d again, then he’ll have to move high picks or let someone like Fowler, Henrique, or Silfverberg get selected. A lot can happen in two years so who knows how it will shake out but I think that teams are going to be very active next summer to best position themselves for the ED because I’m betting on Seattle doing what Vegas did and hold the league hostage the summer of the draft. There’s only so much they can do with the holes that they have. Even if they are in the playoff hunt at the deadline, they are still aren’t contending this year. Plus, I don’t want them wasting assets during a rebuild. I think we’ll be sellers which is fine by me in the grand scheme of things.
  15. With the expansion draft coming next summer and the Ducks only allowed to protect three Dmen, I think it would be foolish to acquire a solid top four defenseman and risk that player or one of the currect top three to exposure. I think if the Ducks are in a position to make a legitimate playoff run by the trade deadline that is when Murray will try to make a trade. In the meantime the team needs to prove that they can compete.
  16. I stand by my statement, he did literally nothing lol! As much I hate to admit it, I can’t blame Murray for taking this approach if the price is too high. If the going rate involve first/second round picks or prospects then we’re really not in a position to give those up.
  17. Yeah, makes sense, and I'm totally fine with that. This isn't the off-season to do much with. What FA D should he be going after?? 'Cause right now this team is too much of a wild card for how they'll perform to trade away assets in the off-season for an impact player of any kind. Murray standing pat right now and looking at FAs here and there is fine by me. This isn't like 2014 where we needed to get a guy like Kesler. If we're a lottery team again next season, good to not have traded away assets. If we are performing at some sort of crazy, sustainable level in October...well...then let's see what we can do!
  18. I was going to ask who the leading scorer was you were talking about... that's how long it has been.
  19. March? Gotta contend with March Madness, too. It’s a headache.
  20. I can't remember a longer offseason. Certainly doesn't help that the team hasn't played what felt like a meaningful game since December 2018. Side note but the NHL should begin the season in early/mid September seeing as how they'll never reduce the number of games in a season. The Stanley Cup Final running until the middle of June never really made any sense. That only started happening once they expanded the league in the 90s. Opening in September means they no longer have to compete with the World Series at the start of the season, and the NBA Finals at the end of the playoffs. It also gives the NHL its own unique time slot in the calendar. Imagine how much more attention the always bonkers first round of the playoffs would get if it began in March instead of April alongside MLB opening night and the NBA playoffs.
  21. 3 things that make it a typical Ducks Offseason is like this: 1.Ducks make Minor moves via Free agent signings for Lower Six 2.Ducks Stand Pat 3.Ducks are going with Full on Youth Movement. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  22. What are you even talking about?? His offseason signings of Carter Rowney, Ben Street, Andrej Sustr and Luke Schenn had me thinking it was WCF or bust!
  23. he tried to make a move on D and the guy went elsewhere. murray's interested, just not interested in paying too much.
  24. I think that last summer was worse. Murray literally didn’t do anything after talking about the changes that needed to be made. This year, he at least bought out Perry and the team should be much better to watch just via subtraction of Carlyle. I’m surprised Murray hasn’t made a move to upgrade the defense, given that is his prized position. If he doesn’t do something in the end, then it’s a pretty clear signal that he’s not trying to actively make the playoffs. I’ll take one more lackluster season and another high draft pick to help improve the franchise years down the road.
  25. Boring Offseason?...More like standard Off season where our Ducks stand pat and strengthen Depth on the team. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  26. I don't know if this was an intentional or unintentional dig at the Oilers, but either way, well done.
  27. We haven't exactly done nothing. We hired a Head Coach who has no NHL Head Coaching experience. Re-Signed an aging backup Goalie. And cut ties with one of the leading scorers in club history. Certainly that will result in the 20+ point improvement we'll need to make the playoffs next year.
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