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  2. How many Moose? =)
  3. Great take...
  4. This.
  5. All the Ducks need to do is make good draft decisions and good trade decisions with their younger players. When Perry's contract runs out, Kase will have taken his place. Henrique, Rackell and Silfverberg make for a good next core to build around should Getzlaf slow down when his contract runs out. That's the forwards. The defence? Who's worried about that right now? The team has more talent than they can put to use.
  6. No it is not time to retool. Not now, and not in the offseason. The long term outlook of this team is already promising. Manson, Fowler, Lindholm, and Montour are all young and either top 4 Dmen or in Monty's case, potential top 4 Dman. We also still have Jacob Larsson waiting in the wings, who has top 4 potential as well. Then there is Gibson, who is already a Top 10 goalie in the league, IMO, and still not even in his goalie prime. The back line and goaltending is set for the future. What this team now needs is a blue chip C prospect in the system to eventually take over for Getzlaf when he starts to slow down. Center is where this team is going to be most vulnerable down the road as Getzlaf and Kesler age. As long as Getzlaf maintains his high level of play though, its not an immediate necessity. The only piece that this team is missing a legit top 6 LW.
  7. Well, in this case there’s no interaction necessary, gotcha just needs to stand in the direction they are looking at any given point and get the sign up. Depending on the font/colors it’ll be hard to miss.
  8. LA is Falling they have loss SIX...Count them 6 in a Row..Trying to Hide their Angry they can't hide it. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  9. Pretty Cool...Wish they could be approachable when it comes to Ducks Hockey.....Hope to meet them when i Fly down to Orange County This year. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  10. At this Point...No. I do not think our Ducks need to Retool at this moment. They have everyone coming back and ready to Confront what is ahead of them and FACE DOWN OUR ENEMIES. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  11. He is and I think he can be a Great asset to the Ducks in coming Games ahead. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  12. Yesterday
  13. And they have no social media presence, so can't go that route.
  14. The worst hit of the lot was Giordano on Aho. It was as bad as the Cooke hit that ended Savards career and I hope Aho is alright.
  15. Behind 208, I was in the last row of 207 (with the City of Anaheim's box behind me so I was able to get close to the Mayor and his family - great people)... The Samueli's are hard to approach during games. Lots of security and I have never seen them interact with the fans that sit in front of them at all. That said, I would see them regularly at my daughters pre-school two years ago and was able to approach and speak with them twice about the Ducks. Nothing controversial...
  16. Yes, it's center ice, double wide on the 200 level. They are typically not there for warmups. If they are there, it will definitely be pointed right at them.
  17. I like the “Suspend George” signs but I would add to it. “Parros suspended from The Pond for life” ”Parros and VG apparel suspended from The Pond for life”
  18. Z would know, but I think the Samueli’s suite is on the 200s and it could have been near where his old seats were in 207. You could go down there and face the box with your sign.
  19. Hoping to make this sign for tomorrow. SAMUELIS... Be Brave Be Bold Speak Up Speak Out #Cogs832 #makeitright
  20. Brown not even getting 1 game suspension is beyond ridiculous. Complete outrage that a repeat offender gets no suspension for a malicious dangerous hit while Cogs with no history gets 2 for something that wasn’t even a hit but interference and a bit of a bump. Insane.
  21. Susan "hey look we're on the jumbotron" Samueli totally ruined the brief tribute for me last night. Their quote that they are simply "disappointed" was disgustingly generic. No spine. No guts. No heart. I'm more piddleed now than Monday. This protest can't relax. Sunday needs 832 signs and still the Suspend George signs. Screw making the NHL take notice, we apparently need to have our OWN MANAGEMENT take notice that this is not just another DPOS issue that we forget about. This susension needs to be officially retracted and the streak officially reinstated.
  22. Kings are a golden team. Don’t listen to kings “fans” who will say anything different.
  23. I've been impressed with Brown's energy the past two games. He seems to play hard and fights for loose pucks. Good energy guy.
  24. I'm not a fan of that hit. But some of the drivel I've read is pants on head stupid. Equating Perry to Matt Cooke. Parros showing favoritism. Can't suspend the Ducks twice in one week.
  25. I'm stunned. This is mindblowing in a very bad way.
  26. I think Perry did pretty well when our top 6 was injured. Give the guy a break.
  27. The same bizarro world that has Ray Ferraro and Ducks fans in agreement. I'm still baffled.
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