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  2. I was never a Gibson "hater" but I always thought Freddie Andersen was the better pick. My biggest concern with Gibson was his durability. In his first couple of seasons he seemed to have issues moving post to post. Several teams picked up on that issue and repeatedly exploited it.He also was weak on breakaways and I rarely saw him steal a game. Over the last two seasons I've had nothing but respect for his performance. He's done more than his share to try and keep the team in games.He has had neither defensive nor offensive support from the team in front of him.
  3. Fedorov I can see probably throw in Friesen. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  4. Your not the only one....this virus is screwing things up. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  5. I was meant to be in Anaheim today to see the Ducks play the Stars. Instead I'm working from home, with 7 degree weather outside. Screw you, coronavirus.
  6. The 2007 Finals really occurred in the Western Conference Finals. Those two teams were the best two teams in the league (although if Buffalo weren't completely beaten up by the Conference Finals they could have made things more interesting). Pretty much the same as 2015, whoever won the Western Finals was always going to roll through Tampa. It's just too bad the Ducks let that one slip away.
  7. hmm. i don't think mcdavid would be able to take the punishment Mario did and still have the season and career stats. and if you aren't talking about taking punishment, then i think Gretzky sneaks in there. the weird thing is that it seems like many top tier players are getting head and knee hunted more effectively than ever before. like, guys would get hunted before and maybe take a knock that sat them for 2-3 games, but then they'd be back and ready to go. lately, it seems like the damage is more pronounced. i can't tell if it's because guys are more susceptible to injury now (not completely out of the question, given the reliance on certain drugs and the type of training they do now - more focused than ever before), or if it's because they're getting hit harder (also not out of the question), or even if it's because there are fewer really stellar guys on each team, so they attract more damage (i'm dubious on this one, but still sort of have to mention). maybe i'm seeing something that's not there... but it seems like players across the league (not just the ducks) are sitting for extra long stretches after getting taken out during a game. the ducks just seem to have more players getting taken out than other teams. it seems like a hard stat to nail down, but i would say that concomitant with the increase in total injury down time for the ducks (man games lost/season), the league as a whole has seen injured time off/player go up significantly. i say this while at the same time hearing Kess and Bieksa state that teams seem to be hurrying players back from injury too quickly... so, there's definitely some pressure there.
  8. Exactly!....well....except the Sens. They were a breeze. I remember I could only afford going to one finals game so I had tickets ready to buy for Game 2 or Game 5...I went with Game 2 with the honest, genuine fear that the Ducks would sweep. But yeah, it really wasn't a walk in the park. First round we faced the Wild who I believe won the Jennings trophy that year....next we face Luongo in net who was playing out of his mind and at the time was widely looked at as the best goalie in the world....then Detroit with Hasek in net -- who is arguably one of the top 3 goalies to ever play the game. But yeah, definitely a different type of game back then. I agree about Super Mario...but I would say I think McDavid takes it for me now. I think Mario in his peak vs. McDavid in his peak (which to be fair, we haven't even seen yet!!) McDavid would come out on top. But, yeah, hard to judge...different eras.
  9. IMHO I would take 2007 Stanley Cup Champion Ducks of ANY TEAM in NHL,SHL,Liiga,DEL,KHL in the world. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  10. IIRC it was something crazy like 5 total losses against the 4 teams with the highest win% following the All Star break that year. It's not like they were breezing through the 2012 Coyotes and Devils on their way to a title. I always go back and forth whenever these greatest of all time discussions come up in any sport. Take this bracket for example. On one hand, the 1983 Islanders are likely better than the 2007 Ducks if you keep everything relative to the era and the competition they faced. It gets iffy when you imagine an alternate reality where these teams can somehow actually play each other though. I have a hard time picturing any team from before the dead puck era competing with modern teams. It's not a level playing field. I'm saying this as someone who believes wholeheartedly that Mario Lemieux was the GOAT and the 1977 Canadiens were the best to ever lace them up. The game doesn't get to evolve to where it is now without those teams from the past but today's players have the benefit of better equipment, training, nutrition, coaching, etc. to the point where an average player could probably tear up those past eras. Realistically to me this bracket would come down to the 2010 Blackhawks vs. the 2007 Ducks but even just thinking that seems blasphemous.
  11. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/best-teams-ever-bracket-nhl-edition-round-1-052703080.html nice to see the 2007 Ducks get some love! and according to this the '07 Ducks are the best post-lockout team. honestly, i know they aren't getting out of that first round...'casue it's fan voted and most fans don't understand how good that Ducks team was. not even the writer spent any time showcasing all the strengths! Pronger/Niedermayer on the blue-line is arguably one of the best defensive duos to ever skate together....a rejuvenated Teemu Selanne with a quick skating center in McDonald...a young and hungry kid line of Perry, Getz, and Penner...Giguere being a brickwall...and a shutdown line that would beat you into submission one shift and score a goal the next. 5 losses in 21 games...epic.
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  13. Maybe Lupul, BR and Bryz? Federov, Friesen, Sykora?
  14. Let's be Glad it did not happen... DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  15. Im sure some of you have already seen this article.... https://www.nbcsports.com/bayarea/sharks/ex-ducks-gms-joe-thornton-trade-offer-bruins-better-sharks who do you guys think Burke protected? I'm guessing he protected Scotty, Giguere, Selanne, Getz, and Perry? He said "a couple of kids" being available...which sounds like Getz/Perry but that would be too crazy to give up 2 first round picks...and probably giving up Bobby Ryan, too. I dunno, he also said a "memorable" player was available. Thank GOD it didn't go through...no need/desire for Thornton and his choking/lack of leadership ways.
  16. That I Agree we got to wait and see. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  17. Agreed. They'll schedule the draft when they can safely, and they'll probably use the standings as they are now for lottery purposes. They'll plan next season to start on time, but it'll be hopeful more than set in stone. For all sports looking forward - I doubt they'll allow any seasons or contact training to begin before there's a vaccine, it's been administered to everyone in the league, and they've all had the time for the vaccine to trigger their bodies appropriately (I think the minimum for flu shots is 2 weeks, maybe longer). I highly doubt they're going to try to dick around with who had it, then recovered, and then allow those guys to play - it's vaccine or some other significant change in the expected outcome of being exposed, or no start to the season. The unfortunate thing is that we still have so little data about the outlook for eventual immunity and treatment. Not only does there have to be a vaccine to reduce infection rates, but there has to be something that reduces the detrimental effects if you do get infected. The general effectiveness of the flu shot and over the counter countermeasures don't seem up to snuff with respect to how badly this particular flu treats 12% of the population. In other words, we can't be suffering 12% hospitalization rates each flu season. I'm optimistic that we'll beat this thing back into a regular flu-like epidemiology, but right now we only have our past successes on other coronaviruses to base that on, and I don't know if that's an entirely stable platform on which to base optimism. We'll know more, steadily, over the next few months.
  18. I think it's best if League just cancel the season...this was disruption of no fault of their own....Like how on EARTH are you going to fit Reg,Playoffs and Draft along with FA into 2 FRAKIN MONTHS is beyond me. Health of everyone is important NOW. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  19. I don't think we will see playoffs this season. From the outside looking in, the US is about to be worse than both Italy and Spain due to lack of a coordinated approach to attacking this thing, and too many people not taking the threat seriously due to the information coming out of Washington. Good luck to everyone, stay safe, stay home if you can.
  20. 2 to 3 months that's too close to the NHL Draft and FA.....regardless I don't see how the NHL can play in small amount of days to fit in what's left of Regular Season and Playoffs. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  21. I don't think so. Yesterday Governor Newson said "stay in place orders" could last 2-3 more months. Probably the same for New York.
  22. Don't worry, the Resident says that things will start getting back to normal by next week. I'm sure the NHL will be back playing in less than 10 days. 🙂
  23. Bad News up here in Canada...CHL has Cancelled seasons of WHL,QMJHL,OHL and Playoffs along with Memorial Cup. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  24. Darn it I want hockey and I want it now !!!
  25. exactly...it's really bad...
  26. A few folks are not taking this COVID-19 virus seriously. Partying at the beach, partaking in large gatherings. Although older persons are more likely to suffer more serious consequences from health conditions, an unanticipated high number of younger people are catching the virus based on behavior.
  27. Don't be nuts...just spray your butts... With a shower massager.
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