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  2. I always see ECHL team supporting AHL....it's basically 3 tier system...I call it Triple Alliance back in the Day when Ducks and other NHL and MLB teams have this system. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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  4. Thanks! I've always wondered if the geographical area of affiliated franchises hurts or helps as far as development. Clearly, having the Gulls nearby helps us with Cap swaps and moving players up and down pretty much effortlessly... but the players are also in a non-hockey general climate. I don't think it matters much with NHL/professional players, but stuck in the back of my mind is the idea that maybe the kids don't get there playing and living that far south while they're developing... unless they're Auston Matthews. That's probably a stupid thought on my part... I think I'm just trying to figure out why a lot of our NHL players don't seem to have that really aggressive drive to play hard and overpower other teams. Not brutish, but just more sharpness on the ice. We've imported it, and Getz and Perry had it and kept it, but... I don't think we've every really developed it in any of our drafted players. It's one of the things that separates us, as a team, from the Kings (when they're playing well and not giving people concussions, etc.). I'm not being particularly articulate or conceptually precise here... but I hope you get what I mean. Hampus and Raks are good players, and they've both had flashes of asserting their presence on the ice (Hampus more than Raks, of late), but not in a way where the other team hesitates to engage (like with Getz). Meandering thoughts on a friday.
  5. With the 6th Selection....Ducks imho should take Marco Rossi even though his size is issue. I hear alot of great things about him and watching his Hi-lites he has a noose to the net. Reason I Say this is Ducks need to draft some speed to strengthen the forward position.....IF Ducks decide to go with RHD then Drysdale is the man to take. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  6. I’ll eat my shoe if Boston wins the Cup. With Chara now 42 and Bergeron 35, their last best chance was last season. There’s also a good chance they’ll draw the Leafs in their first series, which would mean all 7 games in Canada against their arch rival which has already played a “warm-up” series. That pick will be low to mid 20s.
  7. Even better then! The Boston pick is going to be a very late first rounder and I don't think there's that much greater value compared to an early 2nd round pick. If Rakell straight up could get us #8 then I'd do it, but Murray doesn't seem to have any intention of moving him at this point and he is in no rush to. I don't think that Rakell + late 1st get you into the top-3 but it's not like the lottery teams are going to trade those picks anyway. Was the last time a team traded a top-5 pick when Brian Burke drafted the Sedin Twins? An ideal situation is one where we land a top-5 pick with someone else's pick via a trade like Colorado and Ottawa have done recently lol. Yeah, but I think he still has a good amount of value given his contract and the cache of being a multiple 30-goal scorer at age 27. I think it will take more than just him to land the #8 pick, and if anything, Murray is hoping he finds his old form and increases his value for a possible future trade.
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  9. You think? With Rakell's recent numbers? I mean, to be fair, the team hasn't been good, but he's not showing much reason to pay much for. I can't imagine the Kings or Ottawa being content in giving up their #2 or 3 pick for Rakell + a 31st
  10. Well Fisix I will answer that, imho Purpose i always know as long as I remember for the Ducks or any Team that has AHL and ECHL team is to ensure that other Ducks Prospects can develop in a winning environment. Look at the history of our team....Our Ducks have always ton of Prospects they keep and usually if you have AHL team and some earn a spot on that top farm team...Where will the others go?...They go to the ECHL which supports the Gulls or Any AHL team...Think of it as 3 layers...1st is NHL which is our Ducks 2nd....San Gulls/AHL and 3rd is ECHL which is Tulsa. Those who do not earn that spot on ECHL are like the Ducks always do be assign back to their Juniors,College or Euro leagues for one year of seasoning. How many NHL teams have ECHL Affliates?....well including our Ducks is 25...hope that helps.
  11. That I agree....I mean I would love our Ducks to get agressive in making Trade...getting in top 3 selection is better then getting 8th selection. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  12. That would be an entertaining offer... for Buffalo fans. No offense, but that's an insane over payment for the #8 overall if you're a Ducks fan. A 1st + Rakell is the kind of offer that should get you in the top-3, not #8. Rakell by himself should get you to #8.
  13. That's Fine with me...Ducks will have to look at choice between Rossi or Drysdale. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  14. That would have to be one HUGE favor to get Kotkaniemi. He's only 20 and I doubt Montreal is even remotely close to Dylan Strome'n him but hey, why not kick the tires? Yeah, in 2016 the rumor was Fowler to Montreal and the 9th overall pick being involved. Looking back at that draft class and who we could have selected had we traded Fowler, the only real stand out as of now is Charlie McCavoy. That's assuming Murray would have picked him, if not then I'm glad the trade didn't go down. I think that Murray should check in on Buffalo and see if they can get the 8th overall. Something involving Rakell and our Boston pick could be an entertaining offer. Heck, see if we can trade for it straight up by taking on Okposo's contract lol. Imagine possibly landing some combination or Rossi/Drysdale/Holtz/Raymond. It's not Lafreniere or Byfield but I'd be stoked on that. Add another very high pick in 2021 and the rebuild looks much more promising. I like this too but reality is a hellscape where LA has the #2 pick! Note: Looks like the draft is tentatively set for October 6th.
  15. Ohh I'd be down with that!! Kotkaniemi! I'm sure this would all come down to if they get the 1st pick. ...with all that's been said and done now...I feel montreal getting the #1 pick would be the greatest thing.
  16. No idea how this would play out in reality since it would require so many moving parts, but Bergevin and GMBM are close friends who have done "favors" for each other in the past. Maybe they'd be willing to go big on a blockbuster deal at some point. In fact, wasn't Montreal the supposed landing pad for Fowler a few seasons ago when he was rumored to be on the cusp of being traded at the 2016 draft? Montreal still seems like a natural trade partner for the Ducks too IMO, what with all of their young center depth and their obvious holes at LHD. I wonder if GMBM would agree to eat Alzner's contract and send them a Guhle or Mahura plus Boston's 1st in exchange for one of their young Cs (Kotkaniemi may be in need of a change in scenery). I would be completely stoked on that.
  17. Ok, I had a dream we made some sort of crazy trade or something with Montreal that involved the 2nd overall pick (no idea how) but when all was said and done we ended up with Drysdale and some other top prospect from a previous year in the trade. anyway...also in the dream I came to the boards to talk about it and we all seemed to be completely stoked on it!
  18. That's thing NHL and NHLPA should be looking at to prevent this stuff...Also it would be wise for them to have these staff be isolated as well. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  19. Yes, you have to quarantine at home for 14 days when entering the country. However the government gave an exemption to the NHL because they are going to be staying in their own bubble away from the general public and the fact that they will be testing themselves. So they don't need to worry about it. But like you say, there are a lot of young guys coming to these hub cities. Let's hope they all stay isolated from the general public and don't venture outside their bubble. I do wonder how it works with servers and hotel staff etc. that will have contact with the players. I am guessing they don't have to quarantine right? So there's possible community transmission right there.
  20. What does it mean for us to have a new ECHL affiliate? Does that help us with recruiting/draft, or is it mostly support for the Gulls? Just wondering, and sort of wondering how many of the other NHL teams do/don't have ECHL affiliates.
  21. For sure. Bunch of young, wealthy athletes in the prime years of their lives - it's reasonable to assume that there are more than a handful that haven't been sheltering in place since March. We'll see what happens when they have to quarantine as a condition of their employment. btw, nieder, do all people entering Canada still have to quarantine for 14 days per the public health order? If so, I wonder how that will impact the players going to the hub cities from out of country. Are they all going to have to sit in their hotel rooms for 14 days before they can start skating again?
  22. we haven't been trying to handle it like a country at all, not at the beginning, not now, not in between. aside from that, i agree with you in that a state should be the liaison for any federal efforts, and the state should probably be managing all the smaller population sinks, but the feds should be handling (supporting with resources, regulatory cover, etc.) the major population sinks - basically the counties where a state of emergency has been (or should be) instituted. and, the feds need to have a presence in this, at least because states by default aren't allowed to do things that degrade interstate or international commerce/travel. we've had the barest of minimum federal efforts on that front. testing rates and death rates - just a reminder that "Europe," in all the websites i've seen, includes Russia, who are at the very least reporting very, very unbelievable death data. if their death data is true, then i'm on board with investigating whether Russia played some hand in this whole covid debacle. point being, remove Russia from the Europe data. if you do that, cumulative deaths are USA at 133k and Europe at 180k, but with the majority of Europe's deaths occurring prior to the peak in US deaths (to date). i haven't been able to find a good graph on daily new deaths for Europe vs. US on the same graph. It's totally out there somewhere, but my websites (ones with constantly updated data) don't seem to plot them together.
  23. Probably because deaths are not the only metric to be concerned about. There have been cases of people battling this for months and having other complications caused by the virus, i.e. blood clots necessitating amputation, etc. Also, even if the deaths aren't skyrocketing due to Covid, the hospitalizations in a number of places are very high, which is going to have a trickle down effect onto other people that need hospitalization for non-Covid reasons. I was just reading that there are a number of ICUs in Florida that are already full, which is bad news. However, the stats fluctuate each day due to different methods of reporting, but I am not seeing anywhere that says the daily death rate in the US is currently half of the EU. Where are you getting this stat? Genuinely curious, not trying to accuse you of anything. For example if you look at the stats on Worldometer for the last 3 days, we have USA with 1,106 deaths over the past 3 days and 1,061 in Europe over the same time frame. So the death rates look pretty similar right now. Considering the EU population is twice as big as the US I would expect their daily death rate to be a lot higher simply because of their larger population as a whole.
  24. Probably because we're trying to handle it like a country, which would be the equivalent of the EU running it for all of their countries. this should be state in most cases, regional in cases of small states that can pool together. That would be more manageable and similar in size and population to most countries that are handling it somewhat better. That being said, our testing rate exceeds the EU and the daily death rate is about half presently. I'm not certain why we're taking the beating in the media comparatively.
  25. Of course we do....That leads to one important thing....we will our Ducks and 6 NHL Teams and other sports leagues can do to help...flatten curve or whatever in lessen the Covid 19 pandemic. Clearly I know that this RTP is hot button issue on where I am from and it's not just Hockey I hear. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  26. Yeah, I would sorta expect there to be a bunch of positives on the way into camps though as there will be a lot of asymptomatic cases out there. Obviously these players will need to quarantine but hopefully they will all be fine. It's possible for young, healthy people to get serious complications but unlikely. If players start testing positive once play actually starts and they are all inside the bubble, then we have a problem.
  27. so, the word "can" is doing a lot of work there. i can get a free test... theoretically, but Kaiser says not through them, and the free ones you can reach online are all booked solid for more than 4 days from when i tried, which makes it sort of useless. so, i can pay out of pocket, or I can wait maybe a week before i can schedule a free test (which might be a week out once i schedule). not great. not in socal, anyway, not right now.
  28. well: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/35-nhl-players-test-positive-nationals-suspend-camp-sports-try-n1232976
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