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  2. It's crazy. I congratulate the team and RC for getting results but I'm still skeptical. I can't get rid of the feeling that this team can go downhill faster than a fat guy on a scooter.
  3. For all the grief we have given the team and the coaching staff, they actually find themselves in a very good position with game #35 coming up. 41pts has them tied with 2nd in the Pacific and 9th overall in the league. Problem is everyone keeps winning around them. It's a good time the team is 8-2 in their last 10, because here is what the Pacific has done recently: Calgary: 8-1-1 San Jose: 6-3-1 Vegas: 7-2-1 Edmonton: 7-2-1 If I had to guess, I would say it will probably take at least 97pts to get in the playoffs this year. Calgary looks the strongest so far out of all the Pacific teams. If they ever get a decent goalie, watch out.
  4. it seems like every year at this time the hockey talking heads on radio and tv keep on saying that 4 or maybe 5 teams from the central division will qualify for the playoffs. this only leaves 3 or 4 spots available for the west. this might happen, but what is not factored in is how concentrated the divisional games become in march and april; meaning that all those strong central division teams feast upon each other opening the door for the western teams to qualify. even now, there are 5 teams from the west in qualifying position with 2 or 3 teams from the division likely out of it. this bodes well for the future and hopefully for the ducks to get healthy and make the playoffs.
  5. Probably until the end of the post-season since they are relying on him too much. Either Way Gibson is following in footsteps of Ducks Legendary Goalie J-S Giguere DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  6. I guess So. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  7. On a side note, everyone was loling at Pacific Division. Flames Ducks Sharks and Knights are pretty hot in the last 10..
  8. Scratch that, that team is a dumpster fire. No hopes. Battle with Kings for best #1 pick chances.
  9. I feel dirty, but let's go Hawks...
  10. Yesterday
  11. But Cam, Rico and Kesler have been rotating it, right?
  12. Seems Flyers fired Hekstol and hired Quenneville. Not 100% confirmed yet.
  13. Good to hear!!
  14. He better be taking Gibson out to dinner every night and thanking him profusely (Miller too)
  15. Blues Kings & Hawks should be relegated in AHL.
  16. I think this is about right. They got Sprong specifically for his shot. That's the elite skill he has, so I'm all for him shooting from anywhere and everywhere. Everything else in his game is questionable, which is why he was available in the first place. The stats say he's been pretty good at generating scoring chances while he's on the ice, and that line hasn't been awful at giving them up. From the eye test, it seems like he's invisible most of the game and then will make a couple of plays on a shift or two. A boom or bust type of guy, which is what we thought we were getting. As long as the Getzlaf line is dominating play, which they have been, and Kesler's line can hold its own, it works. It helps when the 4th line can control possession as well. I think that Henrique/Ritchie/Sprong line is going to generally be on the short side of shot generation, but when they do get chances, they'll be dangerous. Ritchie helps with that somewhat, but he's not quite fast enough to provide an elite forecheck, so they're going to spend more than their share of time in the defensive zone. So far, I think it works, especially while Rakell is out. Give Sprong a bunch of neutral zone and offensive zone starts, and he'll get you some goals, even on crazy, low percentage shots.
  17. Cam wore the "A" as a fill in last year so the assumption would be he would also do the same this season. Technically, he did't lose the "A" to Manson but, there must be a reason RC gave it to Manson.
  18. Also, the Blues are already trailing against the Flames.
  19. Despite a nice game, Rags can't win Knights with 2pts in OT.
  20. He only wore the A last year when Kesler was out so how could he lose it? He wasn’t one of the regular captains.
  21. Sorry but as you’re not in the locker room, how can you possibly know this? There must be a reason he’s regularly worn the A.
  22. I think that he’s been fine. The report on him is that he’s looking to shoot the puck first rather than pass. So, I doubt he saw or thought about passing to Manson lol. With the Ducks lacking offensive skill and decent shooters, I think that he fills that need for the team. It was mentioned earlier by Gorbachev about there being the question where he’ll slot in the lineup going forward. Guess they’ll cross that bridge when they come to it. It seems like it has been a good trade for both teams so far.
  23. What do you guys think of Sprong so far? I haven't been able to watch too many of his games so far...just seeing highlights...but he seems to often go for the low percentage shots. I mean, he has 2 goals that are from basically the goal line. His game-tying goal last night looked as if he had Manson going towards the net for the pass, but instead he went for a very unlikely shot. Also, in one game I watched I noticed he tried to do a lot of stick handling through players when passes were an option and he lost possession. It's also possible he was using Manson as the decoy and hoping he could catch the goalie cheating a little bit. So, it could have been a very smart play, too. But i haven't been watching the games really, nor noticing him that much, so I don't see the other things he does that don't make it to the highlights. Are we pretty happy with him so far? I mean I know we were last night haha
  24. He lost his "A" to Manson this offseason
  25. “We have broken sticks and broken hearts in Pittsburgh. “
  26. It's truly just one of the most painful things..I still, as we all are, get soooooo so so upset remembering this and also just seeing how fraking close he'd be. It's still an ironman streak. He still hasn't missed a game for injury. It's still the 3rd longest anyone has ever gone without an injury/lack of contract/being benched... DOPS my ass...more like D-POS
  27. I boo the Samuelis every time they are brought out for a puck drop. And I, too, would boo Parros should he ever be brought back for anything.
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