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  2. Holtz worries me a bit for the same reasons gorb mentioned - if his elite goal scoring ability doesn’t translate to the NHL it could be a bad pick so high at #6 (unless of course all the guys around him struggle too). If he’s a 30+ goals a year guy without being awful defensively you’ll take that. I wouldn’t hate the pick, I’d just be a bit nervous. The more I’ve looked into Raymond the more I like. He seems to have the least amount of question marks with his game (Rossi seems to have a high floor too), especially given every scouting service but one has him in the top 6, and if his offense doesn’t translate to the NHL (which it is being classified as elite/highly skilled going into the draft) then he at least has other skills to fall back on. For forwards I’d probably go as of now: 1. Raymond 2. Rossi T3. Holtz/Perfetti Really though, I won’t be mad at any of them and I’ll just hope for the best.
  3. My FWD ranking of who I want the most is: Rossi Perfetti Holtz Raymond
  4. I didn’t mean to sound combative, just discussing. Holtz is a nightmare in the D zone, doesn’t do a good job of making his own dangerous opportunities and doesn’t go to dangerous areas. That’s what makes me nervous. He’s got an insane shot, but what good is it going to do if you’re going to shoot it from the blue line every time? Can that be coached? Of course. ive also never heard the “Perfetti has effort problems” criticism. He’s not the greatest defender, but he’s good at making plays, whether that be with his pass or shot, he’s also great at facilitating entries which I value a lot. He has tons of hockey sense, I just value the skills and the smarts.
  5. The flaws I noted in Perfetti are effort and courage/softness. Holtz gets high marks in both of these areas, so I don’t know what you’re talking about here. Perfetti has other strengths that are better, but we clearly just value different things in players. I’m not trying to convince you of something, I’m just offering my opinion of why I prefer one over the other. We’ll just have to see how it plays out.
  6. Dallas just looks so bad. Not moving their feet. Not connecting. Can't clear pucks. Bull shiiit call, but still...you gotta kill that penalty...obviously lol....ugh...Stamkos will be in tomorrow and it's gonna take a lot to force a game 6.... and the Stars look exhausted.
  7. It's just...wow...so Dallas is NOT in sync...so much standing around looking, not sure what to do, passes going to places where players just vacated...passes not connecting at all... You know how like when at work or something...and there's someone who gets promoted or put in a position they aren't at all trained for, even if they think so...and for the most part they kinda survive, do a good enough job, making it...and you're feeling pretty proud of them!...but that's only 'cause it's a fairly easy time, nothing too stressful, not crunch time, or the rush or whatever... And then it does become a tough time or stressful time or crunch time or rush or whatever...and they basically completely fall apart and all their flaws just come out to really hurt them....and you're like "oh yeah, yeah, that makes sense." That's Dallas right now lol
  8. PEERRRRRRY!!!!!!!! Also....his son....wow....not sure why but what a weird phrase to hear "Corey Perry's son" ...like an old friend you've known since junior high having a kid...lol anyway....his son...so cute!!
  9. Man, Dallas is looking so bad. Heiskanen has had a pretty bad series so far. Lots of turn overs, bad decisions. The kid is 20. It's understandable. They're rookie mistakes.
  10. Yeeeeeeeeeep. Same. for a while now. Honestly I feel like any player's scouting report that has some sort of qualifier of "that can be coached" we should just assume WON'T be coached or fixed in our system. If we get Raymond. Assume he'll never go to the front of the net like we want him to, not consistently, or affectively. I haven't looked too much on down sides of players, but if Holtz downside is he's one-dimensional...I understand that concern if his shot doesn't pan out. But if he's a hard working player, I have higher faith in him in our system than a player that needs to learn work ethic (not saying there's a specific player here, just in general). I just don't trust our coaches. Any of them right now. (speaking of which, Toronto just hired Paul MacLean as an assistant...just...what?! He was available??? Ugh....we need new assistants.....)
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  12. Eliteprospects.com aggregates all the draft rankings out there, and Raymond actually has the best consensus. Only one rankings (Button) has him outside the top 6, and most have him at #3-4. All the other forwards we might have a shot at have a much bigger spread in the rankings. https://www.eliteprospects.com/player/350702/lucas-raymond “A very well-rounded and highly skilled winger. Raymond is blessed with exceptional hockey sense. Furthermore, he has terrific hands, great speed and fine work ethic. Plays with plenty of intensity and battles hard for the puck. A nightmare to play against with his forechecking and puck-stealing ability. He also plays a strong two-way game and is a capable penalty killer. Offensively, he has a strong wrist shot and excellent vision. Few weaknesses overall and is a player that doesn't wait for the play to happen, but the one that generates the play and make things happen. (EP 2018)” That sounds pretty good to me. If his worst attribute is he sometimes plays on the outside, then I think that can be coached given his high marks for work ethic. Often those floater types are also lazy, and Raymond sounds like a highly skilled guy who actually works hard. That’s a good quality to have. He also played against men in the SHL. If Ottawa drafts 2 forwards in the top 5, and Detroit goes forward as well, then I expect Raymond to be gone. Could even see Detroit taking him at #4 if they believe in this scouting report.
  13. I think you’re far too high on Holtz. A lot of flaws you find in Perfetti are worse, ten fold in Holtz and Raymond to me is just unspectacular.
  14. I think the biggest bummer is that none of these guys are elite skaters. The Ducks could really use a skilled guy with wheels. These guys are mostly average skaters or slightly above. But I think that's just the reality of this draft.
  15. Drysdale would be Logical Choice since he is RHD...Ducks need some RHD....however IF Drysdale is taken DUCKS our team will take Rossi. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  16. I'm the opposite on Perfetti. The more I read and watch highlights, the less I want him. Undeniably great hands and vision. Good passer and very good shooter too. He looks like a nice asset on the PP. But he's not a very good skater and I've seen criticism that he's not much a player in his own zone. He also frankly looks really soft to me. I'm seeing too many clips of him shying away from contact and circling away from danger rather than driving the net and getting to the high danger areas. And that's in Juniors, not even against grown men. Another knock I've seen on him a few places is that his motor isn't always on and he takes shifts off. IMO, you can't teach a guy courage and you can't teach him effort, and those are two really big red flags for me. If I'm ranking the forwards in that 4-8 range, it's Rossi, Holtz, Raymond, and then Perfetti in that order.
  17. Sanderson is LH correct? Way too log jammed. the more I read on Perfetti, the more I love the kid. He can score, he can shoot, he can protect the puck, he’s smart. Just sounds great.
  18. I just have this bad feeling about Holtz, and it's the one-dimensional thing. If the shot doesn't pan out at the NHL level, he's got nothing. And I have not been enamored with the Ducks' ability to develop skill players. Still, the Ducks certainly need someone who can score. I'd probably go: Drysdale Rossi Perfetti Raymond Holtz Sanderson Quinn But two of those guys will be gone by the time it gets to us, unless Yzerman has another moment of insanity when it's Detroit's turn to pick. I think the Ducks should take Drysdale if he's still there. I'd take any of the next four guys if Drysdale is gone. I feel like Sanderson is the hot new name to move up the boards, but I think he's a slight reach at six, given the Ducks' needs at forward.
  19. Haha if I'm Ottawa I'm looking for a way to trade up into the middle of round 1 to get Askarov...man, they get a F, D, and G in the first round THIS year...4 years from now we'd be seeing an Ottawa team contending for a cup.
  20. No way Ottawa takes Askarov lol. He’ll probably go to Carolina, New Jersey or Montreal. If we keep #27 and #36, I think who we get is going to be impacted by who we take at #6. Taking Quinn at #6 I think is a reach but would be a great candidate to try to trade down for or to use the #27 and #36 picks to trade up for. Though, I doubt he slips farther than than the mid teens. I agree that there isn’t a slam dunk pick, but Rossi to me is the best option if available but he likely won’t be. Sanderson is the only pick I’d really shake my head at. With next year’s draft more defense heavy at the top, I’d just wait until then to draft one so high that’s not Drysdale. I’m in the Holtz camp if it’s between him Raymond or Perfetti, but won’t complain about selecting one of the other two
  21. Cole is talented but I am seeing the Ducks Select Marco Rossi. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  22. I’m very high on Perfetti. Incredibly high.
  23. Oh yeah, reading that great post from Spencer I felt more excited about Holtz than Drysdale, Sanderson, Raymond, or Perfetti or Quinn (the players likely who we will be picking from). But I'm excited for any of them! But man, does Ottawa go after Askarov? That would be crazy... Also who do we go for at 27 and 36? More defense? Offense? I would think maybe another F and a D....I do like Jake Neighbors but I don't know much about the others around that area.
  24. Ottawa is buying out Ryan. Hope he comes back strong, wins a cup and sticks it to melnyk
  25. This is a big reason I’m high on Holtz. I think he gets unfairly criticized for his “shoot from anywhere” mentality, as though he’s just a perimeter player. Dude has courage and gets to the dirty areas to score. And he did it this past season as a 17/18-year-old playing against grown men in the SHL while a lot of these other prospects were in Canadian juniors playing against 16 and 17-year-olds. And of course his game is less well-rounded. He’s a scoring winger, not a center. But he’s an elite shooter who has the courage to go to the dirty areas. We need one of those, badly. I hope he’s our guy.
  26. https://www.tsn.ca/alexis-lafreniere-tops-tsn-hockey-insider-bob-mckenzie-s-final-draft-rankings-1.1488269?tsn-amp That’s Bob McKenzie’s ratings, which is what you should see the players ranked at during the draft telecast. Those rankings are made by pooling the opinion of 10 scouts. The top 10 is: 1. Alexis Lafreniere 2. Tim Stuetzle 3. Quinton Byfield 4. Jamie Drysdale 5. Cole Perfetti ————- 6. Lucas Raymond 7. Marco Rossi 8. Jake Sanderson 9. Alexander Holtz 10. Jack Quinn The most interesting part of the article is 2 scouts had defenseman Jake Sanderson at #3, the highest Dman in the draft. There’s a lot of interesting tidbits in that article. I see the players ranked 1-3 going in those spots. After that it sounds like Detroit goes for a forward, and Ottawa takes Drysdale/Sanderson at 5. Who knows what will happen with Anaheim? What if the Ducks are one of the teams that has Sanderson at #3, or if Ottawa does and the Ducks are higher on Drysdale than Perfetti/Raymond/Perfetti/Rossi/Holtz? Here’s some more comments on those forwards: Perfetti: “He makes plays out of nothing,” a scout said. “He’s not a fast skater but he’s quick when he needs to be, very agile, moves well laterally and creates space for himself to make plays or score.” “Some scouts ranked Perfetti as high as No. 4 but as low as No. 12” Raymond: “He was ranked as high as No. 5 and as low as No. 11 by TSN’s scouts.” “He’s viewed by the scouts as having high-end hockey sense and creativity, which makes him a more effective playmaker than a goal-scorer, but don’t sleep on his ability to put pucks into the net. If there’s a knock on him, some scouts say he plays a bit too much on the perimeter. Nevertheless, he’s viewed by many as an elite offensive skill forward.” Rossi: “Some scouts wonder how much more untapped potential there might be versus some of the younger, less physically developed prospects, that Rossi might be more of a what-you-see-is- what-you-get player. That said, nine of 10 scouts ranked Rossi as high as No. 5 and no lower than No. 10 with the exception of one outlier at No. 18.” Holtz: “Holtz, who plays both the left and right sides, has one of the best shots in the draft and is among the best natural goal-scorers. If Raymond sometimes gets questioned for being on the perimeter, Holtz gets high marks for getting to the inside and playing a harder game. He did, however, drop three slots from mid-season. Scouts seem to think the players ranked ahead of him in the Top 10 have more multi-dimensional games.” I don’t really see a slam dunk pick for the Ducks, so it would be hard to be upset. Even Quinn would be hard to get mad at.
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