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  2. I don't know, I don't think our core is very good, certainly not one that you can contend with, and one that has most players on the back-nine of their careers. I think that one of our current top-3 is going to be moved as a result the expansion draft, as well as to make room for Josh Mahura. I agree that you don't dismantle the entire team, but that some mainstays are not going to be on this team within the next two seasons. I think that Gibson and Getzlaf are still untouchable, unless Gibson demands a trade or Getzlaf waives his NMC and that anything that can bring back at least a first round pick should be at least entertained. We can always use those extra picks as trade chips to bring in more immediate scoring help as you stated. As dtsdlaw said, Gibson can't withstand many more seasons of the kind of hockey in front of him and if things don't at least trend in the right direction, then he could find success with another team.
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  4. Yeah, Pastrnak is a better player who has played and still plays with better players. The Bruins getting a star like him where they did is something that the Ducks haven't been able to do under Murray's tenure, but it's also very hard to do. I agree with you and expect the current crop of young players to improve but I don't see any star or core type players amongst them. I mean, how many teams have Cup contending core players consisting of the equivalent to late first round picks, a 2nd round pick and a 5th? Boston and the anomaly that is Vegas? I hope that we don't end up with a bunch of Larssons lol but I am waiting until next season before allowing disappointment to kick in. That's why I think that the Ducks' rebuild is going to be a bit longer than I had hoped and isn't really going to turn the corner until Murray is gone.
  5. So it begins...2nd Half....Let see what happens. From here to April We will no where our Ducks will stand. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  6. Pastrnak was only 20 years old in his 3rd pro season when he put up 70 points in 75 games. In his 2nd season at age 19 he had over a half a point per game. I don’t want a trade for a great player nor do I expect any of the group of Ducks I mentioned to have production as good as Pastrnak did at the same age. But NONE of them are even scoring at a half a point per game, and this is my biggest disappointment this season. If ALL of these guys turn out to be mediocre, we are in for a very loooong rebuild.
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  8. what bombay said. the young players you're referring to aren't in even close apples to apples circumstances. y'all need to chill. we aren't going to trade up to a Matthews or similar because you want it real bad.
  9. But they are young and patience is needed lol. Pettersson was the 5th overall pick in the draft, so him being as good as he is seems to warrant where he was selected. Pastrnak was an absolute grand slam at 26th overall but also has the benefit of playing along one the best centers and wingers in all of hockey, not to mention one of the best teams in general. He also didn't burst onto the scene until his 3rd pro season. We all want the young guys to start producing, but there really shouldn't be any pressure or high expectation for them to at this point. All of these guys were projected to be middle-six players and still have time to be decent NHLers. Also, the team wasn't projected to be good and that has certainly been case so far, which is why rumors of the Ducks potentially tearing down their roster are floating around.
  10. I guess my position on rebuilds is that there’s a sweet spot. You sell of everyone for magic beans and they never sprout you’re the Oilers. You constantly put off rebuilding and flip your roster you’re somewhere in the Wild territory. I really don’t want to see BM absolutely strip this team. Our core isn’t that bad, when I look at Detroit. I understand why they dismantled everything, they didn’t have a stable core of players and had to get one via draft. We have a pretty good Top 4 D, Getzlaf still plays at a high level, Rakell, Silf, Henrique, and Gibson. Our issue is we have too many kids in the line up and that’s effected our ability to score on a consistent basis and defend. I don’t think we should be dismantling the entire team, we have a good amount of prospects that are shaping up to be decent, Zegras, Mahura is NHL ready. If we can add some 23-25 year old scoring talent to our Top 6 and like 2-3 of our kids pan out. I think we can be back in shape.
  11. For the bolded, do you mean "prime" or "peak"? Because 5 of the last 7 Vezina winners have been 27 or under. For the truly elite guys, it seems like they enter their prime around age 24 or 25, and I think Gibby has been in his prime for a few seasons now too. Gibby has a sweet contract considering his talent level, but my big concern with him is that he won't be able to sustain it for the life of his contract if the team goes full rebuild. He already looks worn out and mentally defeated at times to me. If this team goes full tank and starts selling off good players for picks and prospects, it's only going to get worse for him over the remainder of this season and the next 2-3 seasons, because that's what a full rebuild is going to look like... 2-3 seasons (minimum) of really awful Ducks hockey. If this goes full rebuild, I'd have no problem with him being moved too. He'd bring back a king's ransom in futures that the team could build around.
  12. SBNation says we may be trading with Pens🏒 Rakell Kase Silf ???
  13. After seeing the list of NHL points leaders and noting how young some of them are (e.g. Petterson with over a PPG at age 21, Paternak with insane production at age 23) I want to see the Ducks’ young forwards start to produce in the 2nd half. Terry, Steel, Comtois, Ritchie, Kase, and Sprong are all below their scoring pace from last season and Jones is has about the same anemic pace. I don’t want to hear excuses about how young they are and that we need to be patient. There are plenty of other young players producing and it’s supposed to be a young man’s game now.
  14. I was listening to NHL radio on Sirius over the weekend (as well as last week) and I noticed that their coverage never mentioned the ducks. They covered Vancouver and San Jose but no mention at all about the ducks. They never even mentioned the upcoming game tonight against San Jose - they said there were two games tonight - St. Louis vs Vancouver and Dallas vs Tampa - couple this along with the zero presence of Ducks at the all star game - talk about being "shunned"... No wonder the owners don't care much about the team - I'm seeing why. Makes me want the ducks to win more and more. Go Ducks!
  15. Well.....IF Sport of Hockey and NHL wants to move forward...I would not mind if ASG is disbanded done and over with....Just Saying. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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  17. it's super weird there was no Ducks to represent...and I don't know why the league would do that (as the actual point of having every team represented is not a participation trophy, but an attempt to get more viewership and money from the event). you would think with Slif opting out legally they would have asked for another Duck...i mean, it basically meant an entire fanbase wasn't going to watch and had very little chance of watching. not that i did much any way....ever since they've been taken out of the Olympics I have no interest in supporting the ASG in any way
  18. The Ducks’ 4th round draft pick looked very solid for Harvard in last night’s game at Cornell, a 1-1 tie. My alma mater Cornell went into the game ranked #1 in the NCAA, and is one of the higher scoring teams in college hockey. Thrun’s solid defense played a big part in holding Cornell to only one goal that was scored on a 6 on 4 advantage late in the game.
  19. I know you didn’t just say that Gibson’s contract is bad....Gibson is still Gibson, he still keeps us in games, makes amazing stops consistently, and is young. Goalies don’t usually hit their prime until 28 and we have Gibson signed through is prime for 6.4 mill. That’s one of the best goaltender contracts out there. He’s behind an awful defense and a team in transition. We’re also getting our moneys worth out of Fowler this year. Lindholm might be better defensively, by Fowler is by far our most important defensemen on the roster.
  20. I think that would be an easy sell to ownership: Bob: "Henri and Susan, do you want to win another Stanley Cup?" H & S: "Yes, absolutely" Bob: "Great, then this is what needs to be done in order to do that sooner rather than later." *Note: This is not an endorsement of Murray being the right GM to execute the game plan. Eaves is off the books after this season and there is still no reason for me to believe that Kesler is going to be playing in another NHL game at this point. He coaches his son's hockey team so he could be skating just to be involved with that. Taking on a bad contract (i.e. Backes, which the Ducks were rumored to be looking into) for assets is what the Ducks should be doing if the are going into rebuild. The Ducks aren't likely to be contending for a couple of years anyway. Assuming the Garrioch reporting is accurate, then that seems to fall in line with what has been mentioned on these boards recently: anyone besides Getzlaf and Gibson could be on the trading block. Dostal has been great this season and I'd say is the best Ducks prospect overall after Zegras, but he's only 19 years old. I don't see him being NHL ready, let alone supplanting Gibson as the starter for a few more years, assuming he becomes that good. They haven't even brought him over to North America yet.
  21. I just don't get it. BM is "willing to take on bad contracts in exchange for draft picks"? I thought we already have a bunch of bad contracts that we stuck for years to come: Kesler, Eaves, Fowler; Gibson has 7 years left on his deal and he has been on sabbatical since the beginning of last year...while Lucas Dostal is NHL ready ad he is going to be a great goalkeeper. Can someone explain me how BM is going to sell this idea to the ownership? I hear the stories that Kesler started to skate again; what if he proclaims himself ready to go next season, how is the team going to accommodate his $7 mil salary? Perry's buyout next season will be near $6 mil. against the cap. Plus another bad contract on top of it? Wow...
  22. That’s quite a spin on Garrioch’s original story. What’s the source on this?
  23. The Ottawa Sun’s Bruce Garrioch came prepared to handle the transition from All-Star exit to trade mania, reporting on a number of situations in his latest “Insider Trading” column. Garrioch begins with the further shift in the status quo of the Anaheim Ducks. Anaheim began the season hoping to return to being contenders with a talented mix of veterans and youngsters. However, it has not played out that way on the ice, as the Ducks hold the second-worst record in the Western Conference. Recently, a report came out that the team was willing to use their cap space to take on bad contracts if it meant that they could add prospects and picks in return. Garrioch now reports that the team is taking it one step further, perhaps in response to winning just three of their past 15 games. He hears from multiple league sources that the Ducks are preparing for a full rebuild and are at least willing to listen on just about every player. For a team with so few valuable impending free agents – Michael Del Zotto and Derek Grant lead the way – this shift in the status quo could make for a much bigger deadline in Anaheim. Ondrej Kase, who has previously been rumored to have fallen out of favor with the team, could be one possible casualty, as could defenseman Josh Manson, who has recently been linked to a few other teams. What about Rickard Rakell, one of the best value contracts in the league and a player that any contender would like to get their hands on? Or long-term players like Cam Fowler, Adam Henrique, and Jakob Silfverberg? Franchise faces Ryan Getzlaf and John Gibson and top defender Hampus Lindholm are likely off the table, but nearly anyone else in Anaheim over the age of 24 appears to be a candidate to move at the right price.
  24. Arizona has Tocchet coaching the Pacific. I knew about Silfverberg opting out but I just assumed they'd replace him with another Duck. It's just weird to see a team excluded entirely from it when the league has a history of forcing players from the most undeserving teams to attend simply so everyone is represented. It's a pretty on-brand move by the league considering the cards the Ducks are always dealt. I'll take this over that insane penalty discrepancy we've had since the Pronger days every time though.
  25. who cares the ASG? better our injury-proned players stay out of that...
  26. I guess you like some are indifferent to this event...I always feel the need for ASG to have every team represent at the game including our Ducks. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  27. Silfverberg declined to go because he was expecting a child. Arizona also doesn't have anyone I believe. I didn't notice anyone else. But meh. Who really cares?
  28. It's probably been discussed here but I just realized the Ducks have no all-star representative. On the one hand I always thought the league needed to get rid of that participation medal aspect of the ASG and leave the spots to those who've earned it. On the other hand, the Ducks are the only team being left out entirely and that's a little ridiculous when every other crappy team is still sending someone who shouldn't be there. At the end of the day it doesn't matter at all and I'm sure our players couldn't care less but still, I can't help but feel like it's another subtle act in a long list of disrespect towards our team from this league.
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