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  2. We'd be looking at 4 1st rounders. If there's one team that knows how to suck after 10 years of getting 1st overall picks it's Edmonton so I wouldn't worry about them getting many picks Is one team willing to sacrifice those though? Don't think so.
  3. For the record if I were the GM I would not be interested in any of the veterans above the age of 30 at this point. Thorton, Marleau, Doan, Kunitz, Jagr, ... you get the picture. Sure the Ducks might get one of them cheap but the team needs to keep getting younger and faster. Plenty of prospects on the Gulls who can fill holes. Why waste payroll on reclamation projects? The only UFA I would like to see sign with the Ducks though I know it will never happen is Bonino. Wasn't there a rumor he already turned down an offer from Pittburgh for a huge chunk of money? He has two cups under his belt and a lot of race track left in his career. He is looking to get paid. And who thought ten years ago it would be Chris Kunitz with four cups under his belt? Is there any other active player with that many?
  4. I'm with you. Minus Boyle or Hanzal. Eww. But Rakell needs to stay at wing. He excels at the job. Just like beloved Cogaliano. Got sent to the wing and did awesome things.
  5. Well, well, well, that would be a fine piece of irony. But for what they would offer sheet Draisaitl in terms of numbers, they'd better be willing to cough up some serious compensation. First and second round pick, minimum, and that's for a four million average contract.
  6. Calgary wants to bury this. Thoughts from our law dog who reads fine print?
  7. The fact that Niemi has a ring still boggles my mind. I'm definitely gonna miss that goaltending duo in Dallas. Even though I honestly never liked Ryan Miller (never seen a goalie so eager to throw his teammates under the bus), I seriously hope that rumour is true. 1 million for a goalie who's capable of playing 50+ games and is willing to accept a backup role? Yes please. I mean, I know he didn't graduate from the Nelson Mandela School of Goaltending but surely he can't be any worse than what we were treated to in our last two games of the season.. Especially at that price.
  8. I'm not. Need one more winger who knows how to score. See David Perron. Or Marleau. Or a pivot. Thornton, Bonino. Perron is the most likely. If this $1M Miller comes through the money will be there for another top 6 forward. We need goals.
  9. It's funny how Larsson is the only person noted as injured and he is still invited to go see an Angels game and participate in the cook-off with the team Chef. Bob must be really, really, really high on the guy.
  10. Noooooo! Don't let NiemiWillRise brain wash you!
  11. If anything he stays in the same state. That might be a bonus for family reasons, assuming he has one. But yah, if Doan, Marleau and Thornton go to new teams it's gonna be weeeird. I don't know any rumors among the Sharks, I don't know who they keep but I wouldn't be surprised if they lose one. Or if they stick it out with both. My pipe dream is getting Jumbo to center the Ducks third. That would be fun. Not Getzlaf-Jumbo fight fun, but fun non the less.
  12. I also thought about that. I believe if the oilers take care of draisaitl's contract first I think they might lock him up at 7.5-8 mil. If the rumor is true I don't see that happening. After the playoffs he had (he can thank us for that ) no way the difference between those two should be 5 or 6 mil. Draisaitl would be dumb not to ask for at least 9 or 10 mil.
  13. Rumor has it that the supposed McD contract will open the flood gates for a Draisaitl offer sheet. TSN mentioned that his contract will be 17.5% of the Oilers cap. The same as Crosby after his second season who hit the Pens for 17.5%. Both won the Hart, Ted Lindsey, and Art Ross after their second season. So there is a precedence for this insane contract. Hope Las Vegas offer sheets the hell out of Draisaitl. I'll vicariously get my Penner retribution through that.
  14. I'm not opposed to signing Marleau if it's for the right price. Then again can you imagine Marleau coming to The Ducks after spending his entire career in san jose? I don't think there's a lot of truth to the rumor.
  15. This should be in rumors section. It's being discussed some in the Bonino thread, but could stand in its own. Thread moved....3,2,1.... On that note, I really liked him when he was here, I'm just not sure we can afford to add another 3-4 mil contract. We kinda need to see what happens in the backup goalie position first. That amount will change the complexity of adding another forward quite a bit. If we have enough to sign him, I'd rather spend it on Bonino.
  16. Question: McDavid has a year left on his ELC but Draisaitl's contract is now expired and he needs a new one immediately. Why would Edmonton sign McDavid to an obscene extension before locking in Draisaitl? If they do McDavid first, it's just going to increase Draisaitl's asking price and make him harder to sign. This rumor doesn't make any sense to me.
  17. Also, how do you guys feel about this...Patrick Marleau rumor that we are pursuing him?
  18. Great stuff. Thanks
  19. In a few years they will be getting a # 1 draft pick ( again ) because they will have difficulty winning games - they will start to lose 7 to 6 and 8 to 7. Great games to watch but not so much for playoffs and winning the Cup. IMHO
  20. CapFriendly‏ @CapFriendly 17m17 minutes ago More The Anaheim #Ducks have extended Goalie Kevin Boyle to a 1 year / 2-way contract, and D-man Jaycob Megna to a 2 year / 2-way contract.
  22. How can someone with a name like "Konowalchuk" not be great at something hockey related? That is old-time hockey.
  23. From the standpoint of a budget team, which bless the Samuelis spending of the last couple years, the Ducks still are, it's hard to envision that much. From the standpoint of an established franchise fallen on hard times for a couple of decades, which is raking in the revenue now that they've got their chosen one, I could see 13m for term. Last thing the Oilers need is another superstar demanding a trade out of town and another decade in the doldrums. No better way to keep that arena packed than make McDavid a lock for the next decade.
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  25. I hope Gibbs can stay healthy and be a high caliber goalie.
  26. I have this weird feeling that the $13.25M figure is a smoke screen, and that he'll actually come in around $11.5M AAV. Then everyone will fall all over themselves praising McDavid for taking less than what he's worth and being such a great teammate, as well as praising the Edmonton brass for getting such an incredible bargain on the greatest player in the world, blah blah blah. It's also hard to envision his cap hit being ~$3M more per season than any other player in the NHL.
  27. Konowalchuk, eh? Well that makes a lot of sense to bring in Theodore's WHL coach since Theo struggled so badly under RC last season. Maybe Konowalchuk can get him back on trac.... oh.
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