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  2. We're finally free of Bieksa. Last thing we need now is for the rookies to learn how to knock their opponents into Gibson Seriously though. Even with how annoyingly childish Kesler and Bieksa were getting towards the end of the season and heading into the playoffs, Kesler is precisely the type of all-out effort player you'd want in that role.
  3. Or an RFA that spent 9 years with the club playing 606 games with 300 goals and 369 assists... I liked Grant and wish all the best. He stepped in and stepped up his game when the Ducks were fraught with injuries.
  4. Agreed. Grant was solid for what he was last season, but this situation is NBD in the grand scheme of things. Journeyman UFA 4th liners are a dime a dozen. It’s not like he was a 20-goal scoring RFA who didn’t even get a qualifying offer...
  5. So letting a career 4th liner exercise his free agent rights means poor leadership? Give me a break. BM owed Derek Grant absolutely nothing...and likewise, Derek Grant owed the Ducks absolutely nothing. I thought Grant did a decent job given his skill set last year, but he isn't this irreplaceable piece that damages the club when he is absent. In 152 career games, Grant has 31pts...24 of those came last year, including all of his 12 career goals. Maybe Grant wanted to play in the East Coast, or for a team that he thought was a true contender. Maybe BM thought that Grant's year last year was just an outlier given his track record, or imagined a better suited replacement role. We don't know because we can't read their minds.
  6. Say IF Kesboss Miss the Ducks 25th Anniversay season...Center Depth would look something like this.. 1.Getzlaf 2.Rakell 3.Henrique 4.Gibbons. 5.De Leo. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  7. What is the most disturbing thing in letting Grant go is that he is yet-another-player who has taken extra steps after being called up from minors (and when team has needed that) and still we can't find a way to keep these guys in our roster but rather are pushing them away (waivers / no contract). This type of behavior is just poor leadership and signals that the organization does not see future for you in this team unless you are old work horse with long contract (and NMC/NTC) or some possible future potential (who has not established himself on NHL level yet). Does not sound like a mentality of winning organization with proper competitive environment and players lined up with hunger to push to earn the spot in roster to go for the Cup.
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  9. What part of "I like the Gibbons signing" sounded like a complaint? Maybe we need to actually read a post in its entirety before making snide comments... I'm glad we got Gibbons. I was pointing out that he is not a direct replacement for Grant. They're two completely different players, and Gibbons isn't really even a center. If anything, Gibbons is replacing Jason Chimera, so the speed thing is a wash. Actually, Chimera might even be faster. I was also noting that just because I like the signing doesn't mean it will work. I liked the Hagelin signing too. But even in Boudreau's up-tempo, attacking, possession-oriented system, our slower skilled players couldn't figure out how to play with a speedy guy like Hags (who has twice the skills of Gibbons). The team speed issue lies with our current stars, not our 4th line journeymen. And it doesn't help that we have a coach who preaches an even slower, grinding system than Boudreau had. I do hope Gibbons can be an effective sparkplug on our 4th line LW, but I will remain apprehensive about the over all effect on the team's speed until I actually see some results.
  10. Apparently Bob is as well
  11. So we need to trade the slow people we can't trade, and keep the slower players we can trade? I'm confused as to our "getting faster" strategy.
  12. He did play some C while Boyle was recovering from his cancer battle, but only put up 40is% on the dot, so you could be right with the point being BM signed him to be a LW. He does have extensive history as a C though so nevertheless, he is an option if the injuries pile up again.
  13. Also Grantslaff proved that he had good chemistry within the team. Getting a new player over a known quantity is a risk. There is no guarantee that the new players will step up or play like Grant did
  14. Good! Doing exactly what he said he'd do by shedding some slower players and picking up faster. We need to keep better track of our complaints so we don't contradict ourselves when searching for negatives...
  15. Pretty sure Gibbons played mostly LW for the Devils last season, and at just 5'8" 175lbs I don't really see him as a replacement for Grantzlaf. Two totally different players. I like the Gibbons signing, but IMO this could easily turn into another round peg / square hole situation like we had with Carl Hagelin. Dude is small (7 inches and 40 lbs smaller than Grant!). Bob told us the team would evolve next season to keep up with the league's transition to faster hockey, but if he's relying on 4th liners like Gibbons to change the style that 10/15/17 have been playing their whole lives, color me apprehensive. I think Friedmann started the rumor himself, without naming or even hinting at a source for his speculation. I still think its garbage reporting by Friedman. Probably just a matter of time before Kesler shows up at the rink healthy and Friedman corrects the record by saying he meant to write "he didn't see any reason why it wouldn't not be a situation where he sits out and tries to come back in September 2019". You know, like a double negative.
  16. Ducks already have great center depth. With Kesler, they have Getzlaf, Henrique, Kesler, Gibbons, and De Leo (if necessary) who can all play C. Speaking of Gibbons, he put up identical stats compared to Grant last year so there is your replacement. You don't have to look extremely hard to see the small improvements and tweaks made with the roster. What has BM done to make this team worse is my question?
  17. Having a GM who is unsure on 2nd line center availability for the season and at the same time is unable to re-sign other centers (Grant) as an insurance policy who have successful stepped up to cover the position in the lineup during previous season just makes me think would it be good time to find some other GM? What is it that GMBM has accomplished and done to make this team better?
  18. Or they just buy an echl team and move it to Cali
  19. Ducks Depth at Center looks reallying Good right now...IF Kesler is healthy. Then we may see the Center pecking Order for the Ducks look like this. 1.Getzlaf 2.Kesler 3.Henrique 4.Gibbons 5.De Leo. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  20. This has been posted before but I don’t remember exactly where. Murray did share some comments with Stephens about Kesler’s health. He said there is “concern” for Kesler and how his hip will respond to treatment, but Murray wasn’t happy with Sportsnet’s article by Elliott Friedmanclaiming that Kesler could miss all next season. Nothing has been decided yet on Kesler’s situation according to Murray. He said, Kesler’s “got to do right for him and his family.”
  21. Your not the only One...I hope with Time between our Ducks First Round Fail and Ducks Training Camp he has time to recuperate. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  22. Swamp Rabbits?....I heard a Local OC Kid played there Once. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  23. Thats the strange thing about all of this -- noone knows where the rumor started. I think pretty much everyone here generally dismissed it as having no substance when it first started floating around, however it keeps popping up in reasonably prominent articles. I know ESPNs hockey coverage has generally been a joke, but Wyshinski seemed pretty legit before ESPN brought him over. I too hope its entirely rumor and that he'll be back just fine for the most part. For now, I'll continue to remain optimistic. Go Ducks!!
  24. Where does that rumor originate from? Has there been any official indication that he requires new surgery (or had already)? If not I find it very hard to believe that it's that serious. His play wasn't all that great but he did play. I can understand he needs further rehab during the offseason but to not play an entire season seems a bit much. And if that's indeed the matter wouldn't the team LTIR him and sign a replacement?
  25. Ducks should just give everyone a NMC before the expansion draft. What’s the NHL gonna do when all 23 players can’t be moved?
  26. The Ducks have 6 players with clauses in their contracts which is about average for the league. Tampa has 10 and Trashville doesn't have any players with a clause according to CapFriendly. Keep in mind that some of those clauses expire this year.
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