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  2. If Gibson wants to be traded, he needs to improve his overall performance. GM's around the league are closely watching his performance; they also aware about his contract numbers. Nobody cares about distant past history, they more concerned on how he performed the last 2-3 years. For Gibson to increase his trade value, he needs to have a great season this year and stop allowing soft goals almost every other game. As far as Fowler, the same issue: it won't be easy to move him contract as well, IMHO.
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  4. Speaking of Ducks Prospects...anyone see how well they did in Ducks Training Camp...I have seen some photos and happy Ducks Fans were able to attend. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  5. Can't blame him All Ducks Fans want this team to win including our team and Myself......What's important is how our team produce the Results WE WANT. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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  7. I couldn’t agree more. Guys fed up. Trade him to Dallas along with Manson for Robinson and Hintz . Money doesn’t add up, but we all know we could retrieve a great package for him . Help the rebuilding process.
  8. Anyway read that Gibson article in the athletic? Saying he wants to win, everyone wants to win...while we are rebuilding....just...obviously everyone wants to win, but you can't do both. If you want to rebuild, you're not gonna win.... if you're winning...you're probably not rebuilding (unless you're just super lucky!) I think we need to trade him. Honestly, he was an untouchable for me or a while...and I'd still hate to lose him...but he can do more good somewhere else and we'd get a good amount back...and we probably are just wasting away some of his best years. I think he'll be great for a while, but right now he needs to be on a competitive team. get him over to Edmonton and then we get Draisitle lol
  9. I'm actually surprised that Murray had the humility to admit that he learned something from Solomon.
  10. SAME! and like also im fine with being patient...hell im still not completely out on Steel...he could become a real solid 3C/penalty killer. But like...Kayliev is already SO far beyond as far as development and also had chemistry with Z...sigh... maybe I'm exaggerating on where he is...but he's already played in the NHL and has a goal...so.... Pastujov is exciting!!
  11. The Tracey pick is just trending towards being a very bad one. Watching him in the rookie face-off and even now in the parts that I saw of the intra-squad scrimmage is leaving me more and more pessimistic about him. I know it's still early but his skating still isn't good, his decision making with the puck is suspect and he can't bury the chances that he does get (which was the whole reason why the Ducks drafted him at #29). I'm not saying that he needs to be vying for a roster spot this year or even next, but was hoping that he would start to close the gap a bit and I don't think that he really has. I've seen more to like from Pastujov already lol.
  12. I don't think burning a year off their ELC's matters that much. The Ducks aren't going anywhere, have no cap issues going forward and it can allow them to re-sign both players to more team friendly deals on their second contracts since they won't have an extra year of NHL production to help drive up their price. The key thing about them playing in the NHL last year is that Murray made sure that they didn't play enough games to count towards an accrued season for free agency. I agree with you about Drysdale though and don't think that he'll stay with the Ducks all season. He's got a lot of work on before he solidifies a permanent roster spot and don't want the Ducks to Fowler him by playing him when he's not ready. The problem is that he is way too good for juniors. Hopefully, he can at least get comfortable in a 3rd pairing role and then move up as he develops and that the CHL/AHL agreement happens which would allow him to play for the Gulls. Yep, it's the most important, imo, but trading for Eichel at this stage doesn't follow the normal rebuild script, especially when you haven't traded any veterans for futures. Given what Gibson has said, I don't think that he is going to be a part of any handoff and he is going to demand a trade by next season.
  13. I'll never understand why Anaheim burned a year off of Drysdale and Zegras contract to play on a team that had absolutely nothing going for them. Zegras could've been inserted in later on in the season without burning a year off his deal as could Drysdale. It's very obvious that the Ducks have not learned much from being inpatient with their prospects. Drysdale needs another year outside of the NHL. Let him go back to the OHL, play for Canada and develop more.
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  15. completely agree! that one still blows my mind.... time will tell....(and it aint looking good so far lol) but I just think of if we passed on Perry 'cause of his "character" or "skating" issues in his report.
  16. Yeah. Someone needs to ask Murray how he defines “rebuild”. I’ll believe it when he actually moves a veteran for future assets, which he should have started doing 2+ years ago. He can continue to talk all he wants until then. This is one area that I will give Murray a good grade on. My only real critique here over the last three years was taking Tracey over Kaliyev but the Ducks have been in the top-third of the league overall in drafting since then.
  17. Regardless of Eichel situation, I am glad that Jeff Solomon convinced BM not to get involved in this drama.
  18. Man, if #3 happens Adams needs to be fired immediately. If they lose Eichel for NOTHING -- which is what I assume #3 means, he'd be a UFA -- thats INSANE. Like at that point, trade him for whatever you can get.
  19. Now the Sabres are admitting surgery is needed. But they want Eichel to get the neck fusion surgery, not the disc replacement surgery that Eichel wants. My limited understanding of the CBA is that Eichel is compelled to go with the team's recommendations for treating all injuries. So I see three scenarios: 1) Eichel gets the neck fusion surgery(not likely), goes through recovery and he get's traded once the team can present him as a healthy player. 2) Eichel refuses to get the fusion and his playability is delayed even further. At this point the Sabre's can suspend him without pay until he does comply. Eichel will lose millions of dollars. 3) Eichel gets the disc replacement surgery against the wishes of the Sabres. Buffalo can declare breach of contract and nullify the remainder of Eichel's contract. Is there any other possibility not including a trade before Eichel's injury is resolved?
  20. I dunno, the article sounds pretty hopeful and sounds like a lot of changes were made internally that are going to have larger impacts on the team as we move forward. New discussion, more realizations. If the almost-Gibson trade to carolina is true, it sounds like BM is in the right mindset. Don't know why it fell through...still believe he had opportunities early this off-season to make some veteran trades that I would guess now have to wait till TDL or till other teams have injuries or see their signings didn't work out. And not giving up Z and/or Drys for Eichel is still great IMO. McTavish... *shrug* probably not who Buffalo would have picked with #3 so I would guess he has less value to them now. But I just haven't formed any emotional attachment to Mason (yet) so I'd be fine including him for Eichel.
  21. We should wait and see...FINALLY STUBBORN BOB admits Anaheim Ducks are in Rebuilding Mode...also I call it Rebuild,Rejuvenate and restoration...About TIME he admits the Truth of our Teams Flaws. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  22. They're not rebuilding. They're kicking the can. Rebuilding implies that trades are being made, veterans are being let go in order to get prospects or picks in return. None of that is happening. The roster is almost identical to the one which had the 2nd worst record in the league less than 5 months ago. I don't see the Ducks reaching even 75 points this season, and I won't be surprised to see Getzlaf moved by the trade deadline.
  23. McTavish has a sprained ankle and won’t be able to practice for a while, per Elliott Teaford. And the 2021 season is off and running!
  24. Eichel met with the Sabre's GM two days ago. I'm speculating he was given an ultimatum to proceed with the spinal fusion surgery. He's sticking to his guns and decisions have consequences. Odds are better than not he's played his ;last game as a Buffalo Sabre.
  25. i would imagine that at least part of this is BM just doing his best to set the stage for the handoff.
  26. Eichel loses the C….failed a physical and they took it away. Either he is not working out at all OR he can’t work out because of his neck, so he failed and they took it away anyway. Salt in an open wound…geez
  27. I can just see those conversations during offseason planning. GMBM: "Okay, who are we talking about next? Assistant: "Mathieu Perreault" GMBM: "He had a decent season last year, but we just picked up Kesler, we've got Rakell coming up, just let him go." Assistant: "Maybe we should ask the analytics guy what he thinks?" Everyone laughs. GMBM: "Alright, fine, bring in the nerdboy!" The assistant opens a cage in the corner and drags out a haggard looking man in chains. GMBM: "Ok, nerdboy, what do YOU think of Mathieu Perreault?" Analyst: "Actually, sir, he was really good for us. His Corsi and Fenwick numbers were some of the highest on the team which tells you how good his puck possession was, his scoring per minute at even strength was fantastic, and I've compiled some offensive zone entry figures that would..." Someone shoots a spitwad at him. It misses. Everyone laughs anyway. GMBM: "Corsi and Fenwick? I think I tried to trade for those two guys several years ago. Good faceoff numbers. But I don't think they're relevant to this conversation. Perrault would be our third or fourth line center. He's 5'10. How would that work when he's trying to defend the slot?" Analyst: "Well, he's not the best at that, admittedly, but the data show that his neutral zone passing is good and he spends so much time with the puck in the offensive zone that..." Assistant, mockingly: "He's not the best at that, he says! What a joke! Who wants third or fourth line centers for their OFFENSE? Come on." GMBM: "I've heard enough. Take nerdboy back to his cage and put a TV over there somewhere so he can actually WATCH a game once in a while." Analyst: "Actually, I watch every game. That's how I compiled the zone entry statistics since you won't let me have a computer with the internet." GMBM: "Here's a calculator. Have fun. We're cutting Perreault. [to everyone else] Let's talk about some possible free agent pickups. I heard Minnesota isn't going to re-sign Stoner. Did you see the picture of him when he killed that bear? Now THERE'S a guy we want defending the slot. A four-year deal sounds about right." Analyst: [whimpers softly]
  28. That interview was infuriating to read. Better late than never, I guess, but it seems like Murray's had his head stuck firmly in the sand (or somewhere else, if you prefer) for the last four seasons as it pertains to the rebuild. And this quote about analytics really got my blood boiling: "We had some people and we had some numbers"?!?!?!? My goodness, Murray. I suppose these new-fangled, computer-thingamajigs are confusing, too. I don't even blame Murray for being bad at analytics - I'm a numbers guy, but I recognize that not everyone is, and that's ok. There are plenty of things that Murray is (was?) good at in the GM role. But part of the job is knowing where your deficiencies are and hiring someone to cover those deficiencies. This confirms what we've speculated about for years - that the Ducks have been laughably behind the rest of the league in using analytics to evaluate players and inform transactions. Murray's been bringing his abacus to work at NASA every day and wondering why other guys are getting promoted before he is. I'm glad that deficiency has finally been identified and, hopefully, resolved, but imagine what could have been.
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