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  2. Max Comtois was named QMJHL Player of the Week today. Max had a 9-7-16 stat line across 4 games last week, including a pair of hat tricks.
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  4. That's exactly why I want to. AND I'm a bit old school in that I'd like for them to have a left shot on the line. None of them seem to want to shoot backhand...and that usually means they have to delay a split second or a second to reposition before shooting or need to make one more extra pass. Which usually has resulted in time for the goalie to get situated, or defenders to get in the way, or someone to come back and back check. But ultimately, I agree with you. You're right. Splitting up the JHT line would be bad. They have looked so good! And the more I think about it, Jones on the top line doesn't really add much. It wasn't about splitting up was about getting Getz/Perry more support. But, yeah I wont complain if JHT stay together I hope Rakell gets hot!
  5. Agreed. They played a great game last night overall. If they play like that the rest of the way then they are going to make the playoffs, no question. I have little confidence in them playing that well down the stretch but I'd be happy to be wrong. No doubt. First time this year I'm excited to watch the next Ducks game. They are actually playing entertaining hockey again.
  6. If the teams plays like last night then we have a shot
  7. Regular season is one thing, postseason is an other. The inability to initiate contact and clear out the crease would have this years team, much like last years team, swept out of the first round. There are many glaring issues that stack against the Ducks to prevail in the postseason not just the D. Yeah, it sucks as a fan wanting this team to finish near the bottom of the league, but its the fastest way to a quick return to dominance. The team did show passion last night for the first time in a long long while, but was it for the sake of wanting to make a playoff push or was it out of respect to win one for Scotty? I think it was for the latter of the two...I still stand by my opinion and believe this team does not belong in the will be ugly.
  8. I don't think that makes sense from the Ducks' perspective. They like Silf the player and want to keep him. But if they can't sign an extension, it makes way more sense to get a future asset than a guy whose contract goes out to age 33. I could see it if Tampa threw in a prospect or high pick for the favor, but otherwise it doesn't make a ton of sense for Anaheim. It's an interesting idea, and it makes a lot of sense for Tampa, but I don't see it for the Ducks. I still hope they trade Silf for a conditional 1st while telling him they want to re-sign him in the offseason.
  9. LOL...really?. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  10. Your not the only one...I am eager for the Ducks to start turning things up...I am guessing with Trade Deadline a week away. Who knows got a wait and see. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  11. One of the things RC did that drove me crazy was stacking 2 lines. Rakell is currently VERY cold, but I'm hoping that since the team as a whole seems to be coming out of their funk, he will as well. I don't know why you would split up Jones/Henrique/Terry when they're such a strong line. If you look at last night's TOI, it was pretty evenly spread. Putting all of your best talent on one line is a big mistake. The JHT line is humming right now and Getz and Perry are starting to gel again. I'd give Rakell another game or 2 to figure it out. If he can't, put Sprong back in to play on the top line and move Rakell with Kesler.
  12. I know the 10th game knocks a year off of the ELC. I believe it's 11 games for the other. I've read some discrepancies (10 or 11 games), but I believe Murray can't be that stupid. I have to believe it's the 11 game threshold because if not Murray should be fired on the spot.
  13. Completely agree! As far as the Monty/Megna pairing...I agree, too. But I've always loved the Monty/Mahura pairing. When we saw that in Mahura's first game I thought it was great. You're gonna get rookie mistakes from them -- and even from Monty as he is still young and figuring out his game. But these pairings have been great.
  14. Lavoie,Dach,Broberg and NewHook. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  15. Disagree. I believe, as last night shows, when the forwards are playing a faster game and getting more than one shot on net each possession, the D does just fine. The dump and chase was killing the D. The forwards were standing around and not giving many options for outlet passes so the puck came right back. The D showed last night that they can play. I also feel the changes to the pairings has helped a great deal. Fowler seems comfortable with DelZotto and Manson and Lindholm should have never been separated. Monty and Megna are the weakest pairing but fared just fine. If you look at last night's ice time, it was pretty well spread out across the lineup which says a lot about this team. It is starting to look more and more that it wasn't the players RC had to work with, it was the way he used them and the system he used. For the first time in a long time, I'm looking forward to the next game.
  16. I believed its the 10th game which counts?!
  17. Maybe this has been brought up somewhere else but I couldnt' find it... What do you guys think of playing Jones on the top line with Getz/Perry? I've REALLY liked what I've seen of him so far...and feel he might a good compliment to them. Has he played with them since being recalled? I haven't been paying close enough attention to see if that happened once or twice in the past few games. Would Bob do that? Does Bob care about mixing up lines for chemistry?
  18. They don't have to suck. We have a very talented D. I think last night they showed signs of getting back to being where they can be. I'm more worried about our center depth. Kesler really isn't that strong anymore. Getz is great. Rico is fine. Grant is ok. Kesler is weak.
  19. Looking at the Playoff Race..Ducks are 5 pts out of the Final Wildcard Spot. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  20. Because our D sucks.
  21. Silver to Tampa for killorn? Pretty similar players, Tampa gets equal production and salary relief for next year. Duck get a guy with term and similar production.
  22. I'm up for a miracle run to the SCF. This upcoming Canada trip will make or break this season - we either win the trip and try to hold on to the playoffs, or we lose it mostly and Bob sells the team.
  23. One word. Bob.
  24. Many teams have sneaked into the playoffs and gone on a tear up why not us?
  25. Great analysis. Like you said, if we make the playoffs, anything can happen. Let's Go Ducks!
  26. Anything IS possible when you make the playoffs...and if the Ducks play the same way they did last night...albeit the Caps looked a bit tired... I dunno...I'm torn. Very high draft pick would be so nice...but...I do enjoy being in the playoffs...and the playoffs are much different than the regular season. Hot goalie, streaky scorers...suddenly you're in the conference finals and then the energy from being so close just keeps you going and playing harder than ever before.
  27. Big 5-2 win against The Capitals last night! We leapfrogged over the Oilers last night too, and are now only 5 points out of the last playoff race. 23 games left to go. Let's Go Ducks!!!!
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