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  2. This one went way off topic, so it was moved here. As always, keep the politics out of it, please.
  3. Hopefully the Ducks article is wrong, but according to it, only one is actually on ESPN.
  4. I think that’s a misread. I’m reading that the games will be simulcast on ESPN as well as ESPN+.
  5. I just read something about there being an mRNA based vaccine for RSA. The blurb was about having 6 mRNA vaccines in one shot, spread across each of COVID, RSA, and the flu, and how the efficacy wasn’t diminished by having all three disease vaccines in one inoculation. Let me see if I can find that tab I just closed. here we go: https://mobile.twitter.com/moderna_tx/status/1435978825377136641?s=12
  6. Pasta2.0 looked pretty good out there. Even though it’s just a rookie tournament, that pick looks even more promising after that display.
  7. that's....fortunate and unfortunate at the same time lol Welp, nice to see the Eakins replacement is looking good!
  8. I believe it’s our new gulls HC hire Bouchard. Not a chance It’s Eakins lol.
  9. thats so great to hear!! who has been coaching this? has this been Eakins with the new assistants? or is this the Gulls staff?
  10. David better watch out. Sasha is going to be the new Pasta!
  11. I had to rub my eyes afterwards to make sure I wasn’t just imagining things. Seems like the power play units have really been focusing on opening up opportunities for the one-timer . It’s a sight for sore eyes. Hoping the big club takes the same approach.
  12. Zegras is clearly the best player on the ice, and it's not close. The Ducks have been dominant through two periods. The only thing that I haven't been super impressed with is the defensive positioning without the puck. I feel like there has been a lot of chasing it around, and they've gotten lucky at times that San Jose couldn't find the open man (or that the open man shot the puck wide). But they've had possession for so long that it's really a minor issue, a nitpick really.
  13. I see what you are saying. He's been breaking up plays really well so far.
  14. McTavish just made a nice move to protect the puck with his body, pull it back in, and then get it in front for a dangerous shot.
  15. There's Perreault with a one-timer from the slot on the power play. I think it was Tracey with the nice feed. 5 - 1 Ducks.
  16. Perreault and Zegras with a two-on-one but can't convert. Hinds very nicely breaks up a breakaway opportunity.
  17. Hunter Drew with a little toe-drag snipe
  18. This livestream is like watching an old crt tv through a fishbowl. Hard to make anything out..lol.
  19. This might be the most hopeful I am all season! Pasta, Sweet baby Zegras and the McMan all with goals in the first period. Zellweger skating showed and waiting on Tracey to show me anything,
  20. Perreault has had a couple opportunities and hasn't done much with them.
  21. I don't know much about Tyson Hinds, but he's been all over the place (mostly in a good way). He just stood a guy up at the blueline to force a turnover and get a counterattack.
  22. The Ducks' ability to get a clean breakout of their own zone has been wonderful. They haven't always been able to get clean entries the other way, but I love their patience and vision on the breakouts.
  23. I feel like it's been 5 years since Ducks fans have seen a play like that.
  24. Yup had to log in to talk about that play. Zegras looked off the defender and you can see McT opening up in the slot for the One-t and he drilled it. Beautiful power play move
  25. That pass was NASTY. What a great shot to finish it off as well.
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