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  2. But had GMBM pulled that trade off at the deadline rather than at the draft after playoffs, as the rumor was, we may have won the cup that year. Or at the very least got to the finals.
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  4. I couldn't stand the other formatting, so here's the data again. You can see we spent a lot starting in 16-17. Season CapHit CapSpace 11-12 55,170,251 9,129,749 12-13 67,064,166 3,135,834 13-14 64,127,746 172,254 14-15 63,051,307 4,798,693 15-16 63,192,523 8,207,477 16-17 73,254,459 -254,459 17-18 74,675,365 324,635 18-19 76,192,046 3,307,954 19-20 72,999,758 8,500,242
  5. Just for fun, here's the listed cap hits and cap space for the ducks by season from 11-12, as reported by: https://www.spotrac.com/nhl/cap/ (i have no idea when they stick the cap stats, my guess is near the end of the season, except for the current season) (adjusted the formatting see below)
  6. It's Positive one for the Ducks and Good Move in getting Kevin back...Welcome Back Kevin Dineen. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  7. Or we could see Ducks give a Journeyman a 2nd chance...remember George Parros. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  8. fixed that for you. when was the last time we entered training camp with $8.5M in cap space (not counting an additional LTIR option of about $13M attributable to Eaves, Kesler, and Kase)?
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  10. So with the Wideman and Kloos signings yesterday, the Ducks are almost to the 50 contract limit with 48 contracts on the books (technically only 47 if Dostal goes back to Europe this coming season). 47/48 contracts is typically where we end up at the start of training camp, so I think its unlikely that GMBM signs anymore players to NHL SPCs at this point, and that the rest of the Gulls roster will be filled out with AHL-only contracts. So barring a trade, looks like our 2019-2020 Ducks roster is set, with just position battles remaining to determine who makes the Ducks lineup and who gets an Amtrak ticket. As much as I'm disappointed with GMBM's lack of moves for the big club (cough#4Dcough), I do have to say that the Gulls could be really good again this season, even with Terry, Steel, and possibly others moving up. Between Comtois, Lundestrom, and Morand graduating to the AHL (possibly more) and bringing in Poturalski and Wideman, the Gulls should be able to maintain what they had going last season talent-wise. I'm excited to get Dineen behind the bench too. Could be a really fun season in San Diego.
  11. Not only that he is longest serving Duck on the team....he has served long then Kariya,Ryan,Lupul and few other Ducks who were drafted and played this long. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  12. i didn't know you could play for 5 different teams (3 different NHL teams) in one season: https://www.capfriendly.com/players/chris-wideman
  13. Agree. Signing a one-way contract guarantees him that salary whether he plays in San Diego or Anaheim.
  14. He wouldn’t be the first 27 year old to sign to play in the AHL.
  15. Chris Wideman signed one-year two-way with the Ducks, 700k... here is your RHD..... a Journeyman... last season 3 teams... never a good sign...
  16. Very cool. I wonder what it will be like once Perry and Getzlaf go against each other. I am REALLY hoping they don't end up in a fight. That sometimes happens with former teammates/great friends. Try to prove they are better than the other. Let's hope things remain civil between them.
  17. He would for $850K. That’s more than double what he was making in Finland.
  18. I was actually watching about how the ducks won just today 😁
  19. meh: https://www.capfriendly.com/players/sami-vatanen i do hope our team gets some major energy this year. there were some bright spots on the roster at the end of last year, stuff that wasn't entirely based on a contract coming up shortly. if Eakins sticks to a "you perform better, you play up" sort of competitive roster, or maybe "you perform better, you choose your line/mates", that might be interesting. one of the things that really created some excellent college football teams was competition for playing spots. there's less opportunity for that kind of competition with cap limited teams, especially lately as teams NEED to roll 4 lines consistently to be competitive, but given our current cap situation, we have the flexibility to pull it off. might be a good thing with a bunch of rooks wanting to play up more and more.
  20. Can you believe Getzlaf is the last player remaining from our 2007 Championship team? Hoping he gets to hoist the Cup at least one more time before retiring. Let's Go Ducks!
  21. He signed a One way Contract I am sure he is eager to give another go in NHL. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  22. It does if he thinks he can play in the NHL. He's just not that good.
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  24. interesting. that means i think that last year's NHL coaching staff is largely staying put. i'm not agin' that.
  25. i'm fine with giving a lot of players what i'll call RC-mulligans, particularly d-liners. i just hope we haven't tainted them with sort of a poor play self-expectation while they're still in anaheim. i guess the best metric would be to see how vatanen's stats did after he left.
  26. This is a great hire by Murray. Provides experience and stability.
  27. During the introduction press conference, Kevin Dineen stated the rest of the Gulls coaching staff will return. #LetsGoGulls
  28. Everyone is really high on Comtois, but he played 10 games. For all we know he could be future ducks legend Dan Sexton 2.0. I like him too but when you take a step back you kind of realise that he's probably going to be in San Diego next year. That is unless he really impresses. He was here because of injuries last year. If, and I really hope, we are healthy to start the year then we probably start the year with all the fourth line grinders that Bob has picked up over guys like Comtois. Personally, I would have liked to see more of the kids play but Bob isn't that kind of gm to just let that happen. He didn't let it happen before and he's not going to do it now. We're scratching our heads at some of his signings like 'where is this guy even going to play?' but Bob will never just let the kids have a spot. He likes guys to earn their spot, and I get that. But sometimes i think it kind of hurts the development. Yeah next year wouldn't be that great with the kids, or maybe it would who knows, but regardless i don't think it will be much better with older grinders anyway. Bob is just too old school and like Randy in some ways thinks that he's adapted but in all honesty the game has passed them in some ways. He's not a bad gm. He's just not one to make these kinds of changes.
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