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  2. The first tie breaker (ROW) eliminates Team C. Next tie breaker is... Goal differential, I think.
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  4. Indeed, good job by the US Womens Hockey!!! Congratulations! But obviuosly, i was talking about men's hockey by default.
  5. Woman's USA won Gold! Suck it Canada! But the woman's was always the more entertaining of the Olympic hockey. Crazy to think the US goalie was 7 months old the last time that team got a Gold medal.
  6. So... I've on that blood orange gose kick. Drinking it as if it's my singular existence. Sorry Guinness, I've been cheating on you, I've been led astray. Any way, my point. Imagine my enthusiasm when I saw a new gose at the local super mercado. Saint Archer Blackberry Gose. The damn thing is a fruity Coors Light. Wildly disappointed.
  7. Obvious Bryz is obvious. This is a garbage hockey tournament. Then again, it would be a garbage hockey tournament with the NHL guys because Canada would 99.5% dominate the frack out of everyone just like the KHL-clad OAR are doing right now. Either way, the dominant league wins. I liked the format where you could only play guys that were something like 22 years or younger - current hockey will have an abundance of such players, and the 22+ stars and established players stay where they are. Sure, some randoms Matthews and McOilKid are let loose this way, but meh, it's better than knowing that Canada will win if NHL lets their players go, or Russia will win if NHL doesn't.
  8. Shenanigans, shenanigans abound! I wonder if Bob can do some shenanigans to fit in a marquee player at half the cost? EK?
  9. He can't be much worse then Wagner or Brown. Sure, we'll all miss the hits, but a chance at another Andre Kassay is so very tempting...
  10. That is my understanding of it as well. If Terry goes to free agency then no team can offer him more than a two-year entry level deal because of the entry slide rules. Anaheim gives him the quickest path to reaching UFA status since that is determined by the amount of seasons played. Anaheim can sign him this season and a burn a year off his contract that counts towards his FA status by playing him in just one game. He'd actually get to UFA status 2 years sooner doing that then he would by going back for his senior year. We should know how it all plays out within the next six weeks, depending on when Denver's season ends. Schultz actually only played 3 years at Wisconsin and then de-registered from the school which allowed him to become a UFA due to a loophole about him playing in the BCHL previously.
  11. You know who the Ducks GM is, right?
  12. He performed well for the Kings last year. Who knows if he is even in playing shape right now. I'd take a chance on him for cheap. Then again.....I'd take a shot with Jagr on the 4th line and as a power play specialist.
  13. I was trying to look up the games lost by Gibson and Miller, but apparently that stat is pretty hard to find, moreso them being goalies and it's not tracked exactly who is sitting on the bench. But my feeling is that Gibson missed more time. Miller was away at the beginning of the season where Gibby carried the load, but then Johnny Goalie started breaking (or getting targeted )
  14. No one is saying he’s bad or saying they are unappreciative of his awesome work in net. Just saying that he he’s injury prone
  15. I've been a long time critic of Gibson. I thought that the Ducks should have kept Andersen over Gibson. I still feel that way. And I voiced my concerns before that choice regarding Gibson's long term durability. Having said that, I am not going to fault the guy for an injury he sustained due to an opposing player who at the very least was careless.(I still maintain it was a calculated takedown.) And you are right to point out that Gibson carried the team for most of the season. Gibson has improved immensely.
  16. pretty sure only the 2 teams.
  17. If there are 3 teams tied in points for the final wildcard spot and 2 of the teams (A,B) have identical ROW at 35. The other team (C) has 34. Since the spot is not settled yet, would all 3 teams go to the next tie-breaker step or only the 2 teams (A,B) tied in ROW thus eliminating team C?
  18. It also temporarily wipes out that games in hand thingy with the Charks.
  19. Empty netter seals it! B2B regulation losses for the Sharks. Ducks can take solo 2nd place in the division with a win tomorrow.
  20. ****, 2-1
  21. Can the ducks get Pittsburgh's GM??? That guy is awesome.
  22. Watching the college game between Univ Of Denver with Troy Terry vs St Cloud State. 1-1 with 3 mins left.
  23. I think the criticism of Gibson being "soft" or "breakable" is a little unfair. He's a goalkeeper with extraordinary courage and skill and has almost single handedly kept the ducks in the playoff race all season. I say cut the guy some slack and go toward what is working rather than what is not, send him some positive thoughts to heal up. He will recover faster. And I daresay, the team needs him. Just saying...
  24. Hahahahahahaha linesman just got hit by the puck right in the nuts.
  25. Hawks make it 2-0 to start the 3rd!
  26. 2-0 Ox
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