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  2. So, with the draft kicking off on Friday, let's get some opinions on who the Ducks should draft, and what we think they'll actually do. The draft should have some solid talent, however, there is no shortage of wildly different projections outside of the Top-5. The Ducks have two 3rd round picks and no 7th round pick. Personally, I'd like to see the Ducks need improve their forward talent, especially at center, but Murray could also begin to start stocking up on defensemen again especially after only drafting one in the last two years while also losing Theodore and Vatanen. Unless Bode Miller drops all the way to the 23rd spot (not likely) then I doubt Murray takes a defensemen in the first round, unless he's floored on someone like K'Andre Miller or Jared McIsaac. 1st round pick, if available, I'd like to see the Ducks select Isac Lundestrom (C), though I think Murray would prefer someone like Ryan McLeod. My dark horse pick that I would also like to see is LW Dominik Bokk. Fire away with the hot takes....
  3. That was my point Moose.
  4. The immediate prior post mentioned both Getzlaf and Perry. Perry's wife is Canadian. It was mentioned years ago that she was deported because her Visa expired. So, the accent you heard is not what you believe to be SoCal.
  5. Accents?.....I have been to Orange County and soCal during my Trips...I find no accents. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  6. Besides Ducks have a Coach waiting in the Wings. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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  8. Domi isn’t old enough for the ducks its 38 and FAST!!! haha
  9. Surely you jest. If Carlyle was going anywhere, he would be gone by now. The draft is a few days away. There's no way the Ducks would pay whatever Trotz is asking. I don't even know what he's asking, I just know there's no way the Ducks would be in the same state let alone the same ballpark.
  10. Barry Trotz has become available as a free agent - ANYONE interested ???? BM ??
  11. I seem to remember some reporting that BM has issues with the main couple of agents that represent the Russian players. I could be off base, but I remember something about that.... basically that he had been burned too many times with those agents, and so he basically refused to go more than a round of negotiations with them. Which means we don't get Russian players. This is complete speculation: I wonder if there's some connection with Russian government or mob influence. Players could want to stay away because of a perceived increase in influence out here, or because they're being influenced to stay out of here. I'm not sure where LA and SF stand on those points, relative to the midwest and the eastern seaboard.
  12. I was asking about Perry's wife. You'd just need to look at the immediately prior post.
  13. In many ways his teams play like Carlyle’s teams without stunting the growth of younger players. I would swap them in a heartbeat.
  14. Sooooo...Trotz is available now? It'll be interesting to see if any coaches get let go within the next few hours lol
  15. I understand your view but always be optimistic too. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  16. Well if you look at the History of the Ducks in NHL Draft...They have not drafted a Russian in first Round since 2001. Besides I have much prefer for the Ducks to Draft,Americans,Canadians along with Finns and some Swedes. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  17. That could be. It just seems odd that the Ducks wouldn’t put little of any resources to scout in a country with considerable hockey talent. Maybe Murray just really likes North Americans....and Swedes. You’re right about the lack of Russians that have played in California in general though. That is weird.
  18. I disagree with the bolded. You are right in in that not every Russian thinks of bolting, but there has been several instances in recent years where Russians have bolted due to disagreement with coaches, money disputes, or just wanting to play home. The last of those 3 applies to Kovie, and you can't fault him for that, but it is a stigma that is well deserved in my opinion. Just right off the top of my head, names that come to mind are: -Nikita Tryamkin (Big Russian Dmen for Vancouver who left because Willie D didn't play him much) -Val Nichuskin (hated Lindy Ruff) -Mikhail Grigorenko (Did not want to play for Colorado and they owned his rights..jokes on him this year though) -Vadim Shipachyov (attitude problem upon arrival) -Anton Slepyshev (most recent example. Got a better offer and more money from CSKA than the Oilers) The KHL factor is not only a risk, but could also be used as leverage at times when it comes to contract negotiations. When Nikita Zadorov and the Avalanche were having a contract standoff last summer, he threatened to sign with CSKA if a deal was not completed in a time frame. I'm not anti-Russian by any means, and I think the Ducks really dropped the ball by not even giving Panarin a look and just letting him waltz into Chicago, but I understand the sentiment.
  19. Last week
  20. Yep! I 100% agree. I do not understand that one bit. It took him forever to fire the coach. The Weber for PK trade is mind boggling. I guess his decision to keep Price over Halak was a good one...(wait, was that even his decision???)...nope! nevermind, that wasn't him. Oh my! Just looking at his trades... Sekac for DSP??? I mean sure that didn't pan out for us but an underwhelming DSP for a high ceiling Sekac?
  21. Time to turn it around and get Murray to trade Richie for Domi.
  22. Two issues that I’ve wondered about with the Ducks’ lack of Russians: 1. Is it possible that Russian players simply don’t want to play on the West coast? Outside of Bryz, Nabokov, and that wife beater in LA, I can’t really think of a consequential Russian player who played on the Left Coast in the last 15 years. I don’t know the reason for it, but I doubt it’s coincidence. So could it be that we don’t pursue them because we already know they don’t want to be here? 2. Is it also possible that the lack of Russian draft picks has to do with the Ducks being a team of limited resources? Russia is a damn big country, and has a lot of security and travel issues, and it may just be that our team has to be more judicious in how resources are allocated to scouting than the big budget Eastern teams have to be. On the other hand, we can scout all of Scandinavia in a week, so it makes sense for a budget team like ours to pour its finite resources into that region rather than a country that spans 13 time zones. IMO, it may not be entirely about the Russian players themselves, but more about the circumstances of scouting and our budget.
  23. I'm just trying to say that a few players shouldn't represent a whole country. The draft is about risk. The Ducks were fortunate in 2010 that Cam dropped otherwise the first pick would have been Etem. A potential star that turned into a big failure. Kase dropped to the 7th round and he's turning out great. I'm not oblivious to the risk that Russians have the KHL to fall back on but I would think that in the interview process a team would get the feeling of where that players state of mind is. If Murray thinks that drafting a Russian is too risky then that's his prerogative as GM. As a fan, I've had that distrust of Russian players as well but at some point, you have to look at the good ones in the league and say that maybe the next one is in the draft and we would be crazy not draft that player.
  24. The Russian player thing goes back to Brian Burke. “One Federov is enough.” speaking of Sergei and Fedor. Bob Murray must share the same view, because you don’t see Russian Ducks or prospects.
  25. You can't throw risk out of the equation, though. That's inherent in the value of any draft pick. Do you go with the safe, low-ceiling player? Or the potential star who has a higher chance of failure? Or someone in between those extremes? Russian players have a bit higher element of risk because of the Russian league. So for a guy like Murray, who is clearly risk averse, the Russian player might drop in value due to that risk. Sure, he could be great. Or he could stay in Russia and be great there and the Ducks wasted a draft pick.
  26. It would not surprise me IF BM stands pat...and keep the pick...Ducks Previous GMS majority of the time cept few have kept their picks. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  27. Domi Gone our Ducks will have to deal with Galchenyuk. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  28. How Bergevin stays employed escapes me. He’s a mighty weak GM.
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