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  2. That's a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing. I had no idea. Say about him what you want but Bieksa is a warrior. He's not the most talented, maybe age is catching up with him but he's as tough as they come and always stands up for his teammates. To do it on the ice is one thing, to do it off is something else. He's just a great person. And I really liked what he brought in The Playoffs last year. Couldn't have been easy for him being surrounded by for 4 guys who had a combined Playoffs experience of a whopping 10 games. I think it was in the calgary series.
  3. Thanks for the update. I hate the lack of news regarding injuries.
  4. Don’t feel too sorry for him. He signed $3.8M / 5 years. He’s set for life. He never panned out in Boston. Not sure if it’s the system, or the big money.
  5. Agreed. I really like the black and orange though.
  6. Saw him outside the Honda Center today. He was talking with staff but he still stopped and said hi to us on the way past. Seems like a nice guy.
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  8. Yeah, there was no way it was gonna happen. I thought they were gonna AT MOST make an announcement of like "next year, we'll retire #9!" ...not... "His number is looking pretty lonely..." (2 minutes of crowd applause and cheers) "welp, not making any promises, who knows, lolz"
  9. Imagine if Number 9 just appear right there....Ducks Fans and Ponda Faithful will FREAK out. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  10. I have one of those one of my personal Ducks Favs. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  11. I couldn't agree more....Let's be honest as much as we rip into Bieksa he has and always been a Good Guy with a Good Heart for a good cause to his heart. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  12. I know we all justifiably rip on the guy for his play on the ice, but there's no doubt he's giving everything he has out there. And off the ice, he seems like a genuinely good person. We've heard about his character in the locker room, and we've seen those funny videos where he pranks the team, but I read this piece today and I felt like I had to share it. In this day and age, you never know, of course, if there's a difference between the public persona and what has gone on behind closed doors. It's still a great thing to be able to share a sad, but important story about someone trying to make the world a better place.
  13. I think the protocol for a second concussion-like injury is longer time off. Sucky mixture of getting pot shotted by goons, not protecting himself well enough, and leading with his head. He might need to study Cogs and how he protects himself against head contact.
  14. I am not a doctor, but I have to assume it's a concussion. We heard about him taking shots a day or two after it happened and then nothing. We know concussion symptoms can show up a bit later. I would not be surprised if he felt fine a day or two after and then started feeling the symptoms. It seems the most likely explanation given the hit he took and the way we've heard almost nothing afterward. But that's just speculation. The fact that we haven't heard any real updates is what worries me, even if it's not a concussion.
  15. So our entire D made it through the night healthy. That is a victory in itself. What's the last word on Kase btw? Haven't heard anything regarding his latest injury.
  16. He IS BACK and played very nicely. Great to see him with the puck on his stick and his very good decision making. His presence will make us are dangerous. IMHO
  17. At the 2019 NHL Entry Draft I wish Ducks would/could draft Scotty's son, LW Jackson Niedermayer,currently plays for Anaheim junior ducks u16 16 yrs old,5 foot 10, 198 pounds. Anyone else think we should or that it would be coo if Ducks would draft him?. 15-16 USHS|T1EBHL - all together played in 24 games,scored 30 goals,11 assists, 22pims 16-17 T1EHL u16 - 36-8+14=22, 34 pims, USAS15 Team Forest 3-2+1=3 17-18 T1EHL u16 - 15-10+12=22, 18 pims Has anyone seen him play this,or any other seasons? at least statistic wisely,he is making nice progress. Any chance he might get intrest from the CHL. OHL,WHL,QMJHL teams? what about USDP?,USHL?
  18. Has Bells been injured? He only has 13 games. His point production sits at zero this season, I have to assume he's being scratched again. I honestly had no idea he was playing in the Ducks-Bruins game. He was a -2. Unfortunate. I really liked the guy and wished him the best. Hate to see him struggle so. The Boston Zthers' broke our Matty B. He was always so fun to watch in Anaheim, like Wagner with hands. Or a Maroon with drive. An absolute wrecking ball.
  19. You could also add an absurd amount to that list. Some family friendly, some not. Medieval Times. All the music festivals like FYF and Coachella. The absurd amount of beer and food festivals year round. Vegas being a hop, skip and a jump away. Comi-con, which I know plenty of people who stop going to games to save up for that. There's also romantic weekends in Wine Country. California is spoiled. It's fantastic.
  20. If we have a stretch like Arizona the team folds simple as that. We need to have success. So far so good I guess. Now we just need the icing on the cake. It'd be great if Steel and/or Jones turn(s) out to be that next big talent. I really do believe we need someone like that. To bring this whole thread back on topic. It'd be nice to have Landeskog but he won't attract more fans. Then again who does apart from the obvious ones.
  21. My concern is that NHL is much more reliant on ticket sales for their revenues and don't have the TV contracts or sponsorships that the other major sports leagues do. The Samuelis have done a lot to grow the game and hopefully a new wave of Ducks fans will bring a much-deserved boost in long-term support for the organization. Right now, we rank in the bottom third of attendance which puts at an obvious disadvantage. I think that the NHL's TV rights are up for negotiation within the next three years and I hope that ESPN gets back into the fold. The big problem is that there is an impending lockout in 2019. That would just ruin the fan base and stifle future fan growth.
  22. My own theory on fan base growth has been that most of the kids who went through the early 90’s with mighty duck themed stuff are barely entering their 30’s where typically they begin to generate more money in their respective careers. We should be seeing an uptick between this and all the current youth camps and hockey sponsored events sprouting up in SoCal. The new Irvine park hockey rink will be a new addition with the Ducks partnering with them. The minor league in SD will create more fans too. Winning the cup SOON should be the perfect catalyst to take advantage of all these things and spring an explosion of fans and ticket sales.
  23. Exactly. I didn't mention Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, Universal Studios, Six Flags, Legoland, San Diego Zoo, L.A. Zoo, Wild Animal Park, and Sea World to name the major parks. I would also like to add that before the Kings won the cup they were almost giving away tickets.
  24. Fowler might be back tonight.
  25. Last week
  26. My favorite were the 2007 jerseys . I can't stand the original plum/teal(mallard) colors, and I have never been a fan of the Wildwing logo. But that is because I hated that the Ducks were originally named after a stupid Disney kid movie. I was so happy when the Samuelli's dumped the old color scheme, logo and "Mighty". It just gave opposing fans too many ways to dismiss the Ducks as a serious team.
  27. I know this excuse has been made ad nauseum, but it's true, particularly about Orange County - there are a million things to do here BESIDES attend pro sports games. In Edmonton in the winter you're either watching hockey or...freezing to death? In Orange County in the winter you're doing everything you did in the summer only it's 70 degrees instead of 85 degrees. And with lots of other things to do, there are lots of other things to spend money on. I can take my family to a baseball game for $60. Aside from that, there are three times the number of seats which makes it a lot more likely that we find someone who's giving tickets away at some point. It's at least double the cost for hockey. I'd love to see the fanbase expand and I think the Samuelis are doing a pretty good job of doing it, they just have a tough job of it due to the marketplace.
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