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  2. Montour wasn't #26 last year was he?
  3. Looks like Megna gets the goal.
  4. Old school Wild Wing style mask, solid. Seems like the players really like the old logo. Bring it back. First @myregularface gif of the Ducks season, and it is good.
  5. Megan just made up for a bad penalty earlier.
  6. I have no idea what's happening with Miller's mask but it's already lightyears ahead of Bernier's. We need to find that thing and burn it by the way. Bad vibes.
  7. Bouch easily taken out of play. Doesn’t look... practiced. Might be crappy knees. Game is tied by the way.
  8. That PP was surgical.
  9. Raks finishing the service from Silf! Miller now in net.
  10. 🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪
  11. Coglianogoal
  12. Kase looks more compentent with the puck. Last year he made opportunities with his speed and didn't know how to finish.
  13. I missed you Coglianlol Way too early to say obviously but I don't think Rakell is gonna be a good fit playing a defensive role on the Selke line. Maybe they should experiment with new combos now that Kesler's broken. I wanna see how Silfverberg looks with Getzlaf.
  14. OMG! I'm so glad hockey is back, even if it's just preseason! So happy to see our guys! Hate that Kesler is out.
  15. Today
  16. So fight count tonight at 2: (Gull) Sabourin vs. (PTO)Prust, (likely Gull) Liambas v. (AHLer) Imama.
  17. Ready for the ducks to be the most penalized and least pp awarded too
  18. Yeah, take a look at the team playing in China. Probably closer to what their roster will be.
  19. I'm liking Sabourin, solid fight and that pass was nice
  20. Makes sense, sucks LA is trash because I wanted to see what they looked like
  21. Probably the most amount of blatantly obvious slashing calls "missed" are slashes on Perrybas well
  22. Because judging on the tone so far, it's going to be the Staples Center scrubs swinging for the fences. No point in getting 'em hurt when they'll play against a speedier team in Vegas.
  23. You can already tell these new slashing rules are gonna be absolute Garbutts.. Let's see how often that gets called on Perry this season. Most whacked wrists in the league and no amount of Gaudreau tears are gonna change that.
  24. I don't understand why they don't dress Jones and Steel. Two of the guys you probably want the longest look at
  25. Yeah, yeah.
  26. Couple of solid hits out there tonight
  27. I'm blaming that goal on you.
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