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  2. I am a bit surprised. As I said in the other Thread: hwlp them like Carolina helped Toronto, take a big contract (and maybe trade it immediately away, to Sens perhaps) and take Krebs for maybe a 2. rounder. Still cant really understand the Toronto move, especially they give it to a other contender in the same conference. Ok they need some cap space, but you are in all-in mode and give the 4. of last season so a gift???
  3. No. I wanted to say, that I heard many times this: short before a blockbuster... but honestly I can’t say an other situation.
  4. Anyone else miss Cogliano? Not because he'd be much of a difference maker on the scoresheet or in the standings for us at this point, but because of how a player like him could positively impact all the youth we've got coming in. He was hands down one of the hardest workers we've ever had on the ice. His dedication away from the rink was just as impressive. He prided himself on maintaining all the good habits an extremely durable athlete should have and we traded him to save Carlyle's job for a couple of weeks. Booo. The Ducks have two free As to stich onto a couple of sweaters and Cogliano should be here wearing them both.
  5. Maybe the Ducks can get Theo back. *Edit Maybe not. Just looked at his contract.
  6. Not sure I'm understanding. If you're saying we were short of getting Krebs because of trading away picks in the past, remember we got Zegras at 9.
  7. i don't know. in 2 years, he may be perfect to be our required unprotected goalie.
  8. Look. At. Vegas'. Cap. Hit.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Nothing on Welinski or Megna yet. Today, the club announced it extended qualifying offers to centers Chase De Leo and Justin Kloos. The club did not extend qualifying offers to Jake Dotchin, Trevor Murphy or Keaton Thompson.
  11. I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess "too much"
  12. Yes, me too! I hope he finds a home...I wonder if Montreal would take a swing at him...
  13. See I just disagree...we only need to score 1 to 2 goals if we have Gibson/Miller performing lights out. And then once you get to the WCF...the adrenaline of being so close to the finals will just take your players to another level and Gibson/Miller make up for all short comings! They CAN do it. While unlikely...all I'm saying is a hot goalie during the playoffs can be ALL you need (along with competent -- not amazing or great -- players). But anyway, that's just me being hopeful. I am also surprised Miller signed with us, while also surprised he didn't want to be traded last trade deadline....but to me it seems like he just wants to stay in Socal and has decided it's more important to be home with his family when he's not traveling for away games. That's a big decision to make. Giving up his dream of a Stanley Cup to be with his family. I admire that.
  14. Help Vegas to get under the salary cap, take a big contact (Stone?) and Krebs for a 2. rounder...
  15. Playoffs? It depends what the young core are... if Steel, Jones, Terry, Lundestrom, Comtois, Larsson make their steps... but I don’t believe that it will be enough to make a deep run, we are the last team on scoring. Gibson we have for 8 years, and normally a goaltender has his best years about the 30ys. So we have some years time to rebuild with Gibson. Of course not with Miller (I was surprised that he signed again and not with a cup contender)
  16. Correct. I mean, I'm saying that this past season and next season...who knows what could/would happen if we make the playoffs. We have the most important piece that's all you really need to make a surprise deep run: 2 great goalies.
  17. Even if he produces roughly where he did last season then it’s still a good value contract. He out produced Hayes last season, which was Hayes’ career high (55 pts) lol. Really interested to see what Duchene gets.
  18. But on the other hand our goalies are not getting any younger. Miller definitely won't be around in two years.
  19. One thing about these kind of real impact trades are the circumstances around them. Issues like players wanting out of town, friction with management, cap issues can suddenly make these players available at a reasonable price for teams that have the ability to do so. Timing is everything. What if the right trade just isn’t available right now? We all want to see a major shakeup but I don’t want to waste assets to make a trade just for the sake of doing it.
  20. ...a bit sad Vegas didn't take Knight ... for the obvious reason....
  21. It is! Although it also makes sense as he did score 50% of the goals last season...he came back down to Earth. But his assists were still up. It's a good, realistic contract for the player I'd say, too.
  22. wow. look at vegas' cap hit.
  23. We got Kesler too late 😕 But I was thinking the EXACT same thing...unless we're getting some young guy that's gonna be part of our core...I don't see any big trade for some big name or a big signing being useful at all. Having said that...I will say that I feel we are a team that can always be dangerous in the playoffs...while not ALWAYS true in practice, with Gibson/Miller as our goalie....they have the ability to steal series. Imagine if that crazy good run we had in November/December happened in the playoffs? As long as teams have capable, good goalies...they always have the potential for a deep run. We already have the hardest thing to get and is often the missing piece...I just see a ton of a teams that are on the cusp, but just are missing that true, clutch goalie. For example...for St. Louis...replace Binnington with Allen...they probably don't even make the playoffs.
  24. Not a bad idea. I wouldn't be surprised if a few GM's don't pursue that strategy to some degree.
  25. It seems it was some like 29th and 39th vs 18th... but they only asked Dallas or what? Florida would be the right team because they took Knight and he could still be on the board as no 29... unfortunately we don’t have Krebs now. How much we were so short by making so a big move in the past? Now I hope they don’t take an good UFA. I think is too early with this team, better 2-3 seasons top 10 draft picks, trade away some players for 1-2 rounder and take some elite players at the drafts and go for the cup after Seattle, when everybody lost a player and we give them a traded draft pick and Kesler.
  26. hmmm very interesting indeed.... will be keeping a close look at Krebs, Tracey, and Lacombe.... But I do think Bob drafts well...and if they were trying to move up to get Krebs...that really means something. The story goes in 2003 they did the same after they got Getzlaf to move up to take Perry.
  27. Dis' be a darned good list, Fisix! The top of it is loaded with dinosaurs, of which only Pavelski the mini Joe seems reasonable, but it's the middle of the list where it gets fun - I wonder if Bob will bite on an Anders Lee or a Gustav Nyquist, or even a Matt Duchene?! Simmonds was mentioned here is declining and will demand a lot of $$$, there's also a wet dream Panarin and a safer dumpster dive in Marcus Johansson from Boston.
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