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  2. yep! great move by us. truly an act of Edmonton just trying to get back at us for Pronger...i feel bad for the Oilers fans 😕
  3. Hehe Carolina takes it all... they take benefit from the cap desperate teams...
  4. Has any player changed teams because of an offer sheet? Dustin Penner is the only player whose offer sheet was not matched by his previous team. The forward signed a five-year, $21.5 million offer sheet (average annual value $4.3 million) with the Edmonton Oilers on July 26, 2007. The Anaheim Ducks didn't match and instead received Edmonton's first-, second- and third-round picks in the 2008 NHL Draft based on the compensation scale at the time.
  5. It seems like every defensemen except for Slavin on Carolina has been rumored to being on the trade block. Hamilton has character issues that Murray would likely frown upon. I didn't know that they have more money locked up in their top-4 D than we do. Everyone of their defensemen has great underlying possession stats and Pesce was seemingly a good shot blocker also. Their owner seems like a money-puck guy so I wouldn't be surprised if he wants to cut cost on the back end. He said that he'd never use a first round pick on a defensemen lol. So, you're right that they could seem like good trading partners.
  6. Looks like the Vegas cap dump has begun. Erik Haula got traded to Carolina (who many thought had the best draft) for some AHL guy lol. Looks like good times ahead in Raleigh.
  7. Hahaha Luongo is a goon. He could've gone the Marian Hossa route and invented an injury to ride out the rest of his contract on LTIR but instead chooses to retire outright to stick the cap recapture penalty to Vancouver. That's what you get for benching him in your first outdoor game.
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  9. i think he was hinting that he might stay in college longer, not shorten his stay. here's the quote from some source: huh.
  10. This list seems interesting: https://www.capfriendly.com/browse/free-agents/2020/age/all/defense&limits=caphit-1000000-6000000,gp-30-90,shots-99-399 what the heck is up with Ben Hutton?
  11. I may be confused, but I thought his "I only need one year of college hockey" comment came after this "not set in stone comment." If he's a character guy (and we're all hoping he is), I think he has to honor his commitment to BU for at least one season, regardless of how the development camp goes. And he can always sign in March or April when his season is over and still burn a year from his ELC if he's worried about short-changing his earning potential.
  12. Ritchie had 16G/14A in 38 regular season games and 5G/3A in 9 postseason games under Eakins. His point/game numbers are better than every Gulls single player you mentioned. I also think you're way over-hyping Lundestrom. I didn't think he was all that impressive in San Diego this past season when he came back over from Europe. IMO, he'll need at least one full season in San Diego before he makes the jump, if for no other reason than to get used to the North American ice surface and the physicality of North American hockey. Lastly, Carter Rowney and Derek Grant are still better NHL forwards than Sherwood, and NHL teams need veteran leadership from quality guys like Rowney and Grant to help the youngsters learn how to be NHL pros. Sherwood seems like a real hustler and good kid, but I highly doubt he pushes Rowney and Grant out of the starting lineup. GMBM probably believes that too, or else he wouldn't have just re-signed Grant. Heck, I think its highly possible that even Comtois or Jones might be shipped back to San Diego because they couldn't take a spot from Rowney and Grant.
  13. My top choice would be Ristolainen from Buffalo. They need forwards and we've got plenty, and I think if they want Ritchie it could almost be a 1-for-1 swap (maybe like a 3rd or 4th rounder thrown in for balance), so the Ducks would be able to fill a huge hole without giving away much. However, I've also been reading that Carolina may need to move one of Hamilton, Faulk or Pesce - all RHDs currently making over $4M/season. Pesce might be the most interesting because he's still only 24 and is still improving (7G last season even though he's stuck on a 3rd pairing behind Hamilton and Faulk). He is also cost-controlled because he's locked up for 5 more years at $4.05M/season. From what I saw of Pesce in the playoffs, I think he'd be a solid 2nd pair guy for us. But that said, maybe it's time for GMBM to swing for the fences with either Hamilton or Faulk, both of whom are capable of 15+ goals. I don't know if GMBM has a relationship with GM Waddell such that they could hammer something out, but GMBM may have some connections to their Senior VP of Hockey Ops, Rick Dudley, who was an Assistant GM to GMBM's very close friend (and former defense partner) Marc Bergevin in Montreal, so its conceivable that they've spent some time together at the executive meetings over the years. Regardless, Carolina seems like they'd be a natural trade partner for the Ducks. First, there's zero rivalry there, so its akin to us trading with the Devils or Pens (which we've done a lot of). Second, they need LHDs and forwards and the Ducks have a lot of LHDs and forwards, so it would seem like they'd be interested in shopping our roster as well.
  14. I will briefly respond to each of the previous posts. I know we are likely going to have different opinions on these things. My goal is not to begin an argument with all of you. I do not feel we have been arguing, but just sharing our opinions. I'll share my opinion one more time, and then likely just leave this post for others to share their opinions for a while. Gorbachav5: All I have to go on is based on how Perry has played in the past with faster players. Sometimes a player like Perry needs a faster player on his line to be pushed to skate faster. For instance, in world juniors, Perry played on a line with Crosby many years ago. There were many other players faster than Perry. However, Perry could keep up with the pace of Crosby. And he was there for his skill and grit. This is similar to Maroon being put on a line with McDavid, even as the New NHL had already arrived. Maroon did great on a line with McDavid. Surely, there were faster players than Maroon. However, he "just fit." And he was forced to keep up with McDavid's skating. If a player like Perry, Maroon, etc. can "keep up," then they will do just fine--just need to have the skill, speed, and grit a team is looking for. Perry has that. BombaysTripleDeke: I think the Ducks can make the playoffs next season for a couple of reasons. They have an above average defense. They still have veteran players like Getzlaf, Rakell, Silfverberg, and Henrique, that can lead the team on offense. And they will have a cast of very skilled young players around them. Oh, and they have one of top goaltenders in the league, in John Gibson. And the up-tempo system they will be playing will likely be very effective in the NHL. I personally don't think the Blue roster is necessarily more talented than the Ducks. Plus, rumor is that the Ducks might be in on the Duchene sweepstakes. If we get him, our chances of making the playoffs get even better. dtsdlaw: Ritchie, in my opinion, will need to really impress this camp to have a guaranteed spot. Dallas Eakins wants to play a certain style. How effective was Ritchie when he played for him in the AHL? Not sure. However, the other players that have played for Eakins in the AHL have been very successful--and almost took his team to the "AHL Stanley Cup" this past season. Plus, guys like Steel, Terry, Comtois, and Jones are arguably more skilled than Ritchie. I am a Ritchie fan. I just do not think his spot is necessarily guaranteed. Do I think he will make the team? Yes. And I hope this is his breakout year. I just do not think his spot is as set in stone as the other veteran players. As for Kase, I do feel he will likely make the team as well. However, if Sherwood and Lundestrom outplay him in the preseason, what will we do with Comtois, Terry, Steel, and Jones? I honestly cannot see this team starting next season without Comtois, Terry, Steel, and Jones on the roster. And obviously, Getzlaf, Silfverberg, Rakell, and Henrique will all be here. That leaves 4 spots. Sherwood has a similar grit that Perry had. Would not necessarily say grit is part of Kase's game. And if Lundestrom outplays Kase in the preseason, who knows. I am hoping Kase does awesome this year. And if anybody can benefit from more playing time-with Perry not here anymore-it can be Kase. I just feel that--like Ritchie--his spot is not as guaranteed as the other veteran players mentioned. We have some very talented youngsters on the verge of being NHL mainstays. You do make a good point about Silfverberg. I think he can be a great player for us in the playoffs. He has shown that. Has he had the playoff career at this point that Perry has? No. However, I do think he has the potential to be one of our top playoff performers. My point is we cannot have enough players like that. Can Silfverberg be that? Yes. Perry can too. And if Perry is the healthiest he's been in years, how much of his lack of production the last few seasons was because of that bad knee? Guess we'll all find out real soon. And as for Zegras, I'll have to agree with dukitip-he said nothing is set in stone. That quote from Zegras is something i had in mind also when writing my post. Part of the reason why I am not ruling him out of making our team is because of how talented he is. I had seen some thinking Chicago would pick him with their number 3 overall draft pick. Even the number one overall draft pick, Hughes, called Zegras the best playmaker on his team. With that said, I do think it would be better for his development to go spend at least a year playing college hockey. Thanks all, for your feedback. At the end of the day, we are not enemies but all on the same team! I appreciate your opinions, and I hope you can respect mine. Let's all have a great upcoming season! Looking forward to seeing how rookies do at rookie camp, and then seeing who makes the team out of training camp! LET'S GO DUCKS!
  15. Who do you think that the Ducks should target and what could it take to get them? We have Sprong, Ritchie as obvious trade chips that we can dangle but don’t have any excess draft picks. We have a logjam on the left side with Guhle, Larsson and hopefully, Mahura. I agree with Murray’s black eye on a not getting a scoring winger for the twins and while shipping Ryan and Palms out of town. It seems like only recently he’s realized that having guys who can score more than the other team is a good thing.
  16. He surprise me only if he doesn’t become an elite player 3th or 4th best offense player of this draft. I not counted that he will still be available and I not even watched before the draft videos of him. I believed he will go 4-7. i‘m so sad and so angry we don’t take also Krebs with the 18th... we would be contender again in 3-4 years with this two and Gibson for a long time.
  17. I agree with 99.9% of your post, but the quote I read from Zegras (saying he's going to play college hockey) ended with, "but it's not set in stone." If he blows everybody away come this development camp, things could get real interesting.
  18. sort of just bolded what i wanted to emphasize. i'm not sure if TT or even the team will play better this year, but (1) a team helping CP score more will also help TT score more, and (2) you really should look at $$/G if you're going to compare those two players, if not also $$ lost due to injury. i don't know why you think Perry would have thrived in an up-tempo game. I certainly can't see it, based on how many time over the past 2-3 years i've seen Perry take a VERY long time to recover from the offensive zone just to skate slowly back to the bench and rarely help out on D. Hi knee being healthy gives us a positive outlook, and I expect him to be successful wherever he ends up, because he is what he is - a solid offensive threat that draws penalties and defenders and goalies' attention who can dish as well as receive, once he's set up in the offensive zone. There are plenty of teams that can use him that way, for the reduced price they're going to get him for. We aren't in a position to put him to his best use, nor reap from him what we'd need to in order for him to stay, given a wide array of collateral considerations. Or, at least that's what BM believes. I'm leaning that way too, and if Eakins takes this team by the scruff of the neck and wrings a fast transition team out of it while relying on the endurance and agility of youth... then BM's probably right. I would have preferred CP retired a Duck, and I wanted more time to test the knee, but if important things are going to happen this season, we had only until Friday this week to buy him out, and after that we'd be married to him for the rest of the year. I'm not going to bemoan accelerating the rebuild, if that's what this ends up doing.
  19. Agreed. Timing is absolutely everything. But IMO, the timing is right now. The stars have aligned for the Ducks to pull the trigger on a trade for a solid RHD. Second-pair RHD is hands-down our #1 organizational need now, and how often do you see this many RHDs on the trade block? With so many available, the prices are going to be lower. And we also have a glut of assets we can move because we have too many wingers competing for spots on the roster. If GMBM doesn't figure out a way to get a RHD to play on the 2nd pairing with Fowler, it will be a major black eye on his resume, on par with his inability to find a legit LW to play with the Twins for the better part of a decade.
  20. He is confident and I think our Ducks should be patient with his development...Who knows Zeg might surprise them. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  21. pssst... Eakins also coached Kase and Ritchie in San Diego and both those guys are actual NHL players already, not just prospects. Unless Kase is traded, he is absolutely a guaranteed top-6 starting spot over everyone on your list. Zegras is also committed to at least one year of NCAA hockey, so you'll have to wait until 2020-21 to pencil him in on your top line. I would also argue that Silfverberg has been more effective in the playoffs for us than Perry over the Ducks' past 3-4 playoffs appearances. Silvy is one of the few Ducks that have shown up each and every time the Ducks have made the tournament. At this stage of their careers, give me Silverberg over Perry for a playoff run any day of the week.
  22. I absolutely agree. Murray probably couldn’t have gotten to the podium fast enough to select Zegras and think Krebs would have been his next choice. He was dead set on getting a Center and Krebs would have been the next best on the board. Also, I already like the swag to Zegras saying that he probably only needs one year of college before going pro lol.
  23. On bleacher Report: The Toronto Maple Leafs announcedlast Saturday they traded Patrick Marleau to the Carolina Panthers, shedding Marleau's $6.25 million salary cap hit in the process. I don’t knew that Marleau plays also football... as Newton replace as the QB?
  24. How realistic of a shot do the Ducks have at making the playoffs next year though? With the lack of high-end talent along implementing young and inexperienced players to the team, I think they’ll finish roughly where they did last year barring a major roster upgrade. Which is fine and freeing up Perry’s roster spot has a much better chance at helping the Ducks in the long run than keeping him would. We were going to go through an unpleasant transition at some point, so let’s hope it doesn’t go on any longer than it has to. I wouldn’t use what St. Louis did last season as something that the Ducks could replicate. Mainly, because STL is a better and much more talented team. What was initially shocking about the Blues last year was that they were the worst team in the league at all given the roster that they had. They just needed the coach to make it all click.
  25. Ok, maybe not "most." LOL. However, maybe at least half of our forwards. Steel, Terry, Jones, Comtois, Sherwood, and Lundestrom all have a great chance of making our team--and all will be second year players. All of them played for our team at times last season. And if they do make our team, that will be half of our forwards. At this point, the only "forward" veterans I think have a virtually guaranteed roster spot are Getzlaf, Rakell, Silfverberg, and Henrique. I don't even think Kase and Ritchie have a guaranteed spot at this point-especially considering the fact that our new head coach, Dallas Eakins, has coached all of the second year players named above--in the AHL. Then, there is always the possibility that our first round draft pick, Trevor Zegras, makes the team. Might be slim at this point. However, still a possibility. I know we are likely still going to have some decent veterans on our team. However, none of the veterans--besides Getzlaf--have the playoff resume and experience that Perry has. We can use somebody like Perry in the playoffs. Who is going to take his place, come playoff time? Silfverberg? Henrique? I like these players, but they have not accomplished what Perry has in his playoff career. Perry is the type of player we will miss, especially if we make the playoffs.
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