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  2. draft and then trade cam?
  3. I like what I've read about Zegras. But who are we kidding, he's neither Swedish nor a defenseman. So I'm just going to assume that GMBM is all-in on Victor Soderstrom until he shows me otherwise. Especially after I just read this assessment of Soderstrom: So he's the essentially the Swedish Cam Fowler.... GMBM is probably already in love.
  4. Very true. The fact we knew what we had back in January, and all but the biggest Homers understood that we were not going to make the playoffs, meant we didn't have to get our hopes up these past 3 months. If we had 10 points more in the standings, there would have been much more anxiety and tension down the stretch, most likely ending in either disappointment, or a 1st round exit. But I can't imagine if the Ducks had somehow put up 128 Points, won the President's Cup, had Home Ice, and then got swept. This board would have been in complete meltdown mode. Stunned Disbelief is the only term I can think of to describe what the Lightning fans are experiencing. There is no cure, and for all their achievements over the past 7 months, they're now in exactly the same place as the Ducks.....that being on the local golf course.
  5. That's a hat trick for Cole Caufield and #TeamUSA leads, 5-1. #U18Worlds @kyleshohora Cole Caufield with the hat trick in the U18 Worlds vs. Sweden. I like him. I like him a lot. Curious to see who takes him in June.
  6. Nonis is terrible LOL. Agreed he’s best suited taking orders than actually giving them
  7. Speed and Skill are added Elements something Ducks really Need. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  8. I'm thinking the order for the first five might be Hughes, Kakko, Turcotte, Cozens, Podkolzin. Buffalo could go either Dach or Zegras, Edmonton gets Byram and we get the guy that Buffalo didn't get. EDIT: I forgot about Colorado having the 4th pick so: Hughes, Kakko, Turcotte, Podkolzin, Cozens, Byram, I still think Buffalo picks Zegras over Dach and Edmonton picks Thomas Harley. I still think we have a shot at Dach.
  9. Size is still definitely a factor but the things that separates Getzlaf, Thornton, Kopitar apart from 99.99% of players is how skilled and smart they are. They aren’t known being power-forward type players. They are playmakers first and foremost and that’s what will keep them productive in the NHL into their late 30’s *knocks on wood for Getzlaf* I agree that speed isn’t everything. A team full of Coglianos isn’t going to get you far. You need skill which Washington has and the Ducks lack. Vegas has generally owned us since they’ve been in the league though and would have crushed us in a seven game series like SJ did. Same goes with shutting down Colorafo’s top-line. Playing well against them once or twice Falls under the “blind squirrel finding a nut” theory lol.
  10. Except the Ducks defense...they played that "one-amazing-line" Colorado team while they were fighting for a playoff spot and kept them all to zero points. Now 3 lines of players like that is one thing...but one. That can be stopped. I agree with Thom with the sense that speed still isn't the be all and end all of hockey right now. Caps showed that if you ask me. It was super-fast team vs. not-so fast team...and the super-fast team was almost helpless. And while we did have a bad season this past season and a bad playoffs before that...before THAT we had an incredible game in Vegas where we shut them out. It was a sight to behold. And to me showed we could have slowed them down, too and I still stand by the (impossible to prove lol) opinion that if we faced the Knights in round 1 we would have won the series.
  11. 'WHL rivals' lol they aren't even in the same conference. The top 7 are probably going to be the top 5 NA skaters and top 2 international skaters, meaning that Cozens will likely be gone by the time Anaheim picks at 9. Which is unfortunate as he was the guy I was hoping we would target when our pick was looking more like the 5-7 range a few months ago.
  12. I agree, we don't have those kind of players currently. We used to, but time has caught up with them. But last night's game was a good illustration, size still matters and speed can only take you so far. The Thorntons, Getzlafs, and Kopitars may be diminishing, but power forwards are still not only viable, but probably are necessary, in the playoffs.
  13. STL pick must be 20 or higher, if not, we have the SJS pick (22-26th, I believe they will lose against VGK).. STL is at the moment 20th. but if one of the lower seeds comes in CF (DAL, COL, VGK, CBJ), the come to 19th and we lost their pick and have the SJS pick. and CBJ is in second round, VGK and COL almost... and its almost VGK-COL.... so we lost the 20th pick... we now should cheer for all who are behind SJS after the regular season....
  14. poum

    playoff game...

    I've been avoiding Western Conference teams like the plague. I was looking up something for the Avs and I couldn't help but notice Vegas has the top 3 scorers (in the playoff thus far) with Stone, Patches, and Statsny. Are they really murdering the Sharks that bad?
  15. Meh. Nonis' career as GM is spotty at best. Not the guy you want to Captain the boat but a solid Lieutenant.
  16. Thanks for that garden gnome comment. Really can't stand that leprechaun.
  17. the more informed than I seem to think that the Blues can end up in a spot lower than 20. Have you worked out the outcomes such that the Blues must be 20 or higher?
  18. I don't think the jackets will go all the way. I simply meant that their next opponent, be it toronto or boston, might have their work cut out for them. You mentioned it'll be important if they can stay healthy. In sweeping the 1st round they didn't play more than they had to. Meanwhile if toronto and boston beat eachother up a bit more I think it's safe to say the jackets will be more healthy and rested (and more rusty of course). Also their PP was clicking. Meanwhile toronto's pk is pretty bad. Whoever makes it out of the 1st round, it'll be an interesting series against the jackets.
  19. Congrats on the Gulls for taking game 1. Must have been a wild one.
  20. Yeah, there's no excuse for Kadri there. That's garbage that I don't want on the Ducks.
  21. To be fair, almost any defense can be rendered helpless against that line. It’s the best line in hockey. They are so skilled, fast and can beat you so many ways. I think that Gaudreau’s biggest problem is that he hasn’t been able to adapt to a playoff hockey when it’s more physical and team’s don’t give him the space and time to control the puck, especially through the neutral zone. I mean, he’s 150 lbs lol. If he gets caught up against the boards, he’s pretty much toast. The Ducks problem is that they have no one close in the same orbit as MacKinnon, Rantanen and Landeskog, let alone three.
  22. nieder

    playoff game...

    It didn't even look like it was in his wheelhouse. His release is insane.
  23. After watching tonight's Avalanche - Flames game... is the new NHL really about speed? On the Flames' OT power play, they were really only up half a man at best. Gudreau is good on fast breaks, but not so good setting up in the offensive zone. Speed can't make up for size in the playoffs. Giordano, when he isn't targetting knees, is a defender that should be great against a speed team. But, he was helpless when McKinnon, Rantanen and Landeskog were on the ice, all big, physical skaters. Maybe Ducks' hockey isn't extinct afterall. It needs a new coach and new wrinkles, but I don't think the league has changed to a speed game just yet. p.s. That Cogliano is pretty good isn't he Parros. Much better than you ever were Parros, isn't he?
  24. Mikko Rantanen has such an great release. Colorado is going to be so good for years to come.
  25. I promised myself I wouldn't watch a second of that trash series in Dallas before it started but I saw the score towards the end and figured it was a good time to tune in and see some mustard tears. I watched maybe 2 minutes and the first thing I see is Captain Joke-e slash a Star and place a weak fly-by crosscheck into his lower back before skating away from the scrum he started and towards the refs like he did nothing. Meanwhile his stupid little garden gnome of a defence partner came in to grab the Dallas player's stick so he could toss it to the ice like he's some tough guy. I didn't see who the Dallas player was but he was just shaking his head and laughing in their faces. I have no idea how nobody has even tried putting those two morons in check yet. They're such an embarrassment they can make Doughty look like a saint on ice by comparison. I regret everything.
  26. Why you want StL to win?? if they lose and no team behind them goes to CF, we have their pick at 20th... so CBJ, Dal, Col, VGK must all lose
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