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  2. Manson has been link to Toronto and Ducks need to look at Big Return IF T.O wants to pry him away from our team...imho Ducks should ask for Kapenen..1st rd and Prospect. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  3. We'd only have to stomach Ceci for the remainder of the season...but I can't imagine Toronto says yes to this. They're not getting long-term relief; they're only getting enough relief to add a piece for this season. And while Manson would be a help to them, he's not a big-time difference maker. And they'd be further depleting their forward depth, which is already pretty thin after an admittedly fantastic top two lines. I think if you drop the prospect from Toronto's side of the deal and add one of the Ducks' forward prospects, that might get something done. Or maybe they'd take a guy like Ritchie.
  4. I feel like I've rambled away from my point in this thing, so I want to clarify. I know there will be plenty of people who still disagree, but at least I'd like to consolidate my thoughts here. This Deslauriers contract doesn't matter. It's a million dollars a year, which is more than I'd spend on 13th forward/expansion draft bait, but it's not going to break the bank. It can be stashed in the AHL, which I guess means we don't have to worry about him taking up a roster spot. If you're going to tell me that this contract was SOLELY for the expansion draft, then okay. I'll concede that point, although again, I think there are probably better players to be signed for less money that could accomplish the same thing. If this is Murray spending $2 million to check a box, fine. But here's where my issue lies with our current GM, whom I've previously defended but am now exasperated by. Based on the fact that Deslauriers was traded for in the first place and continues to be in the lineup, and based on roughly 738 other moves our GM has made during his tenure, it's clear he still values the 4th line grinder/enforcer role. Deslauriers can skate a bit, so at least he's an evolved form of that player, but he can't score, he can't defend, and he can't drive play in any meaningful way. He's not going to be selected in the expansion draft, and my guess is he'll play at least a handful of games with the Ducks in a couple years. I'd like some evidence that our GM realizes the team can't score and is looking to find new ways to upgrade the offense. The Ducks are in a somewhat interesting position. They don't have any superstars and realistically don't have the means to acquire one unless they win the draft lottery. But they do have a TON of forward depth in their system, more than they've had in a long time. It remains to be seen who pans out and who doesn't, but I'd love to see the team try rolling four legitimate scoring lines. Let's assume Zegras is ready next year to step in and be the 2nd/3rd line center; a 4th line of Sam Steel - Max Jones - Ondrej Kase is going to be one of the best 4th lines in the league. Keep Ritchie around to be an enforcer-type if you need to, or just rely on bruising defensemen like Manson and Gudbranson, but stick scorers and two-way players out there on every line and see what happens. It's the conventional nature...well, OLD SCHOOL conventional nature of Murray's thinking that bothers me. It's lazy and unproductive. Let Deslauriers go, bring Sherwood up and sign HIM to two years if you need to check the box. Or just sign any one of myriad guys in the offseason who can bring more to the table for less money. Yeah, it's going to take a bit more work, but don't be stuck in the same old way of thinking about how a team should be constructed. This contract is evidence that he is. I know the team is in a down cycle, but I'm worried they're simply going to tread water as long as Murray is at the helm. I don't want this rebuilding period to be wasted.
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  6. I still hope Henrique, Manson and Grant will be traded for picks or so... I see at least two 1st and one 3th rounder with this three… with some other picks or prospects too... there are some rumors with Manson...
  7. And trading NO roster players for picks and prospects before the TDL also doesn’t facilitate a good rebuild. Seeing all the moves that have been made by sellers already, including 2 by the Kings, I’m getting impatient. I believe the Ducks have only 5 picks in the 2020 draft.
  8. Kapanen Ceci Prospect 2nd-3rd for Manson who says no? i know Ceci is totally awful, but you give Toronto some cap relief for a pick/prospect?
  9. I expect the most valuable chips, as far as other teams are concerned, are: Grantzlaf - He's the kind of player that shines in the playoffs, playing on the 3rd or 4th line. He's valuable to the Ducks too though, it's a high ask, but I wouldn't move him for less than a high 2nd round pick. So he's probably not moving. Henrique - For any team making the playoffs trying to stack their roster, he's probably worth a good prospect that won't play in the nhl until next season, and won't be a star for a couple. If Martinez is worth two 2nd round picks, Henrique is worth a 1st and a second at a minimum for teams without the right prospect. 10% chance this happens... again, because it would take another team wanting him more than the Ducks. Cap space... this is the one I hope happens. Because it means getting a good prospect and/or pick(s) with the bad contract. I'd guess 20% chance of happening on Sunday or Monday. There will be interest in Manson and Fowler, but not for what it would take to get them. DelZotto and Holzer will get interest, but not much of a return... 5% chance we get an offer that's worth taking. So, I expect a dull deadline. Oh well.
  10. The thing is, he’s looked totally good when he’s in the line up? I’m baffled by the fact he’s not playing. We were much better when he was in the line up, more dangerous in the offensive zone, And he looked fine in the D zone
  11. We traded Vats because we had Derek Grant playing 1st line Center for an extended period of time. Bad injuries forced BM’s hand
  12. in my dreams we would trade Henrique, Grant, Manson and maybe some like Del Zotto, Miller or Rowney... with Henrique and Manson we would have at least 2 more first rounder (and other prospects or picks), Grant can give us a 2-3 rounder, the rest a mid to late rounder. at the deadline the playoff teams are desperately and overpays the players they wants... look at the trades they made till now.... first rounder here, second rounders there...
  13. I honestly think the ED has hurt us more than we think. In order to keep our defense we let go of a decent prospect (at the time) and he's done well in Vegas. But then BM turns around and trades Vats a little while later. I think that was poor management. We had to spend extra to keep both Manson and Vats. Sure, we would have had to send them someone but it could have been less than what we gave up. Petterson is gone. Now Larsson hasn't panned out too well, so far. Our defense also took a big hit after Yawney (?) left. So it's been a downward spiral and few pieces to show for it. We currently have Holzer as a regular in the lineup. Something that wasn't even considered much during the Bieksa years....
  14. Because the discussion was about Grant and as a center those are the guys that he’d be competing with for a spot, not Ritchie or Kase. I’ve said that I expect Ritchie to be moved and that Kase very well could be also. I guess we’ll just have to disagree on the importance of the 4th line at this juncture.
  15. yeah, i've forgotten why we lost Pettersson. i remember why we shipped Vats, Theo, and Monty (choice of daggers). we spent that depth, just not sure what we got in return. Hank has been fairly good, but not really as impactful as Vats was off and on. It was either Theo or Manson, and choosing Manson made sense at the time. Monty apparently was traded due to an attitude problem, one that's followed him. Failure on both sides, I think.
  16. The bolded is the same question that I feel you can ask about the Ducks moving forward. Henrique just turned 30 and Silf will be 30 in October. Getzlaf is 34. Manson will be 30 next year. Will the Ducks get enough talent in the system and will the rookies progress enough to where the Ducks can contend before those guys decline? I am taking the odds that those guys aren’t going to be playing at the levels we’ll need by the time we could have a good enough younger crop of players. Getzlaf has started slowing down, but because he is HOF, elite level player, he’s still very effective. I just think the timing window for everything to come together is just too short. I’m not sure what LA should be doing differently as far as their rebuild goes. They are not contending anytime soon and are moving on from older players with expiring or soon to be expired contracts that aren’t going to help the team going forward. I also assume that they are going to use their huge excess picks/prospects to bring in players to speed up the rebuild and give Doughty, Kopitar, Brown etc a couple more shots at another Cup. The Kings trading away picks for Gaborik and Regehr worked out because they won Cup. Lombardi missed badly with Lucic and Sekera which I’m sure was a reason why he was eventually fired.
  17. agree, wholeheartedly. it's way, WAY too speculative to say the Kings are ahead of the Ducks in the rebuild, at this time. I wonder who they'll be making available in the ED.
  18. Fisix


    I don't know why you've limited me to Hank, L, and SS. How about Kase and NR? Kase is fragile and skates in a way that makes him more so. NR, as ever, takes too many penalties. I don't think Sherwood can make it on a 4th line - he's just not big enough. I think the foundation we need right now is a 4th line that's kept together for a few seasons. If you want to mess with stuff, mess with the top three lines. They're the ones that are underperforming.
  19. Totally think it is time for a new GM to take the team at its current state and mold into a new direction whatever that may be
  20. Fisix


    So, for Dehydrated Donkey Dungs and giggles, i chose one name in your list, Ryan Reaves, checked on capfriendly, and saw he's getting paid $2.775M. That's not a 1-1 replacement for anyone on our 4th line, and I think you're in a bit of a fantasy land thinking so. I'm guessing your extensive list has similar players listed throughout who are also not 4th liners or paid 4th line $. Our 4th line does it's job, which is be good enough that the other team doesn't want to always throw their 4th line at them in return (which should give us a game advantage). FrenchyD is part of that line, they have good chemistry, and we should keep them together. Why are you spending so much effort trying to upgrade something that's already good? Focus on the top three lines, not the line that's doing it's job well. Doing otherwise makes you MORE like what you complain about with respect to BM.
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  22. Yes. I don't think the kings are a good comparable for this reason. Detroit was a better comparable up until a few years ago. Since probably the year 2000 (too lazy to look it up) we've only missed the playoffs a few times. I remember reading an article a few years back that had Detroit and us near the top in number of playoffs since some year(not sure which one). So to compare us to the kings really isn't fair. Their prospect pool will be better because they've been garbage (lol Edmonton) and ours was always going to be worse because we've been the better team in overall standings.
  23. I just really disagree that they are ahead of the Ducks in the rebuilding process, unless you think that there are still major sell-offs coming for the Ducks 2-3 years down the road and that the Ducks will still be a bottom-5 team by then. I don't. The Kings are razing that team to the ground, and shortly they'll have only Kopitar (now age 32), Brown (35), Carter (35), Doughty (30), and Quick (34) left from their good years. And sure, they have a lot of good looking prospects right now (some who will work out, some who won't), but will any of their existing core players still be any good by the time their current crop of prospects are ready to make a legitimate impact at the NHL level? I'd say definitely no for Carter and Brown and probably Quick. Doughty will probably still be good, but not the Doughty of 2012-2016. Kopi may also still have some left in the tank too, but how much? So the Kings are basically hoping to repeat what Chicago and Pittsburgh did in the early 2000s, although so far without the benefit of any pick higher than the #5. Good luck to them. It's also significant that Wheeler sure doesn't think much of their goaltending prospects. That's big-time trouble considering Quick's age and recent level of play. You can't win in the NHL without goaltending. Meanwhile, the Ducks have a 26-year-old elite netminder who is a top-5 goalie in the NHL, a handful of very good players in their mid-20s (Lindholm, Rakell, Fowler) who will still be good for a long time, and a whole bunch of mid-tier forward prospects that still look pretty promising. With Zegras in the pipeline and our likely top-5 pick coming this draft, I think the Ducks are currently in better shape than the Kings. That may change over the next 2-3 years since it looks like the Kings will be on the bottom for a very long time, but the Kings are also actually starting really far behind because they traded away so many picks for the likes of Gaborik, Lucic, Sekera, Regehr, etc. Missing those picks means they have basically nothing other than Iafallo in that 24-28 year old range that will be key to making the rebuild a shorter process.
  24. You don't expect the ability to do some it without a complete tank, but your example was that of a team that completely tanked afterward. Two thoughts on Chicago: 1. It is easier to attract 4th liners for cheaper when there are top liners indicating an impending Cup. 2. I don't think Chicago's 4th liners made the team, I think the team made them better 4th liners. Skillwise, I think they are similar. Deslauriers scores 10 or 7 goals on that team just like their best 4th liners did. Heck, he'll probably have 6 for us, just one behind two of the three from the 09-10 Hawks roster. And I think he's a better PK than Kopecky and Eager. Maybe not Fraser. And Nic has at least one 10-goal season, of which Colin Fraser never had. His PEAK season was the Cup season at 7.
  25. The Kings were garbage for 85% of their existence prior to their Cup run. Ducks are basically in their second weak stretch, their first being their actual start-up. Other than that, we had a couple stray singular years missing where we bounced right back.
  26. Agree that the Kings have been bad a slightly longer recently than the Ducks but not to point where they should be so far ahead in the rebuild process. Plus, they were coming off of Cup wins and lost several members of those teams which is what usually happens. Yeah, but the Kings didn’t give up any assets to get Kovalchuck other that cap space. They weren’t spending picks/prospects. If he panned out, then they could possibly make another run, if he didn’t then they already had a pretty good prospect pool at that point and could just continue adding to it. The Ducks didn’t. It was a pretty low-risk move other than money, which they have since shipped out more than enough of to cover his cap hit while adding assets for their rebuild. They also won two cups, lost several members of those teams and yet still managed to draft insanely well while making the playoffs mostly during that time. we should have begun tearing it down after the WCF run, which is why I didn’t like trading Vatanen for Henrique and wanted to start the rebuild then by getting future assets for him. Even after getting smoked by San Jose, Murray still didn’t think drastic changes were needed as evidenced by his lack of roster moves and keeping Carlyle. I absolutely agree with you about our defensive pipeline being gutted and nothing to really show for it. Hopefully, Guhle becomes functional and Tracey is better than expected. Outside of re-hiring Carlyle, this is probably Murray’s biggest screw up and now the Ducks are struggling at both ends of the ice that will take more time to fix.
  27. I don't consider adding kovy as committing to a rebuild sooner. They thought they could give it another go when it was pretty obvious they should have torn the team apart sooner. They had one of the oldest teams in the league the past half decade and didn't commit to a rebuild. We're only behind them because we were the better team for far longer. Besides if Kesler didn't go down we're arguably still trying for the cup. We were also one of the most injured teams the past few seasons and still managed to get to the playoffs with elite #1 center general Grant when we had no business being there. We could have torn it down at that point but like the kings thought we could give it a go. This made our prospect pool worse then theirs but we also had a good pool of players none the less. What I think should be the bigger question is what happened to our promising defense and defensive organizational depth? We have no real forward depth and no defensive depth. It's like it just disappeared. This is where BM is at fault. We couldn't just lose it and have nothing to show for it.
  28. I’d be fine moving Henrique and his contract in the near future. Hopefully, via trade but also the expansion draft. Doing that and replacing him with Wenneberg, who can be a stop gap for Getzlaf if he’s injured and as he ages, while also sheltering Zegras would be a pretty savvy move. I don’t think it avoids a rebuild but the Ducks are going to need competent decent players, especially as the current group of vets ages or gets traded away. If the Ducks re-sign Grant after trading him then I’d be more ok with that. It’s not getting an asset for him that I would really upset about, which given Murray’s asset management skills, I’m bracing myself to happen. I agree about Sherwood and want to see him more at the NHL level over Rowney and Deslauriers. I like his pace and his shot but you’re likely right that he will want to go to a new team that will give him more of an opportunity.
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