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  2. perry_mvp

    playoff game...

    Calgary 😂😂😂😂
  3. Is there a team with a brighter future than Colorado? Elite core, great prospect pool (that’s only going to get better in June) and tons of cap space
  4. Can we also take a second to acknowledge the travesty that Kesler isn't one of the finalists for the Masterson? Neither being nominated by the team. Why? The guy set a goal and did everything possible to get to 1000 games. Everything you read is hard core training to even play.
  5. nieder

    playoff game...

    Jones is seriously terrible. The Sharks would probably be leading this series if they had a real goaltender.
  6. More likely I think they are passing this over...Want to Rest and Heal. Therefore be ready gor 19-20 season. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  7. If Cole is drafted by the Ducks he would be first Shortest Player. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  8. I watch that game...He stood out very well. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  9. Hmmmm... Well, I guess I have to re-tract my position. Buffalo takes Kaliyev and Edmonton takes Caufield since they are in so desperate need of defensive prospects...and they need someone to match up against Johnny Gaudreau...😆 (yeah I know Caufield is a forward)
  10. Well, they did have Brian Gionta and Tyler Ennis in their lineup for a few years, so sure why not?!
  11. Yesterday
  12. https://thehockeywriters.com/top-10-undersized-nhl-players/
  13. There are Swedish twins in the draft, Max and Joel Wahlgren....Bob must be salivating over that.
  14. True, he could add a couple inches of height but he's not going to turn into the Hulk. The good thing about Caufield is that he's had to adapt his game because everyone is bigger than him. I don't think he would be the right fit for Anaheim but he's going to be good for whoever drafts him. I could see Buffalo drafting him.
  15. He might still grow too. Brayden Point was listed at 5’9” on draft day and is now listed at 5’11”. Some of these kids will still be adding inches, so height shouldn’t necessarily scare teams away if the skill set and hockey mind is there.
  16. Caufield might be short but I guess he has to keep his head up at all times. He didn't get 58 goals from being unaware of his surroundings. He's the best pure goal scorer in the draft.
  17. OH! ha! Well I guess it's not so uncommon. Still pretty short though lol
  18. Rocco Grimaldi (5'6") has two goals for Nashville in their 1st round series
  19. Martin St. Louis was 5'6", I thought. He is actually listed at 5'8". I thought there was another tiny guy who was pretty good. Theo Fleury, maybe? Checks: Ha! Fleury is listed at 5'6".
  20. 5'7"!? Wow! That's crazy. Has there ever been a legitimate player in the league at that height?! And he's probably shorter 'cause you know they always fudge it a bit for the shorter players.
  21. #NHLDucks Hampus Lindholm, Rickard Rakell and Jakob Silfverberg are not on Sweden's world championships roster. They're listed as injured.
  22. Cole Caufield with hat tricks in consecutive games for Team USA at the U18 Worlds. My goodness. Definitely NOT hurting his stock entering the 2019 NHL Draft. 👀
  23. nieder

    playoff game...

    The Sharks actually outplayed Vegas in much of their 5-0 loss but they couldn't beat Fleury and Jones sucks.
  24. After watching the CHL prospects game, I'm leaning towards Peyton Krebs. Great vision, passing and quickness. He's also a fitness freak like Cogliano.
  25. No it isn't. I wish we were watching the Ducks demolish the Failms again just about right now. Let's draft someone who will blossom into a star.
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