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  2. I really wanted Murray to go after ROR. The guy is an absolute stallion that can do literally everything. As far as the Ducks moving the needle towards a Cup, I think them actually starting the youth movement is the first step to hopefully get them back there. If things go well with Eakins and the prospects along with a savvy trade or two, then this team could be a lot of fun in two years. Ryan O’ Reilly! Mr. Conn Smythe and Señor Selke.
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  4. Yeah, I'd have to agree. I can't think of a blockbuster trade that turned someone into a cup contender lately. Maybe it happened more before the salary cap...
  5. Carter....hmmmmm yeah....Vermette well....then we're starting to get to 3rd/4th line players which...well...starts to prove the point that Murray should feel fine making those signings/trades I'm more just trying to point out how rarely those "big name trades/signings" really actually pan out and move the needle to a Stanley Cup.
  6. You could argue vermette for Chicago. Maybe Carter for the kings. Yeah it's really hard to point to a single player otherwise.
  7. If only the Kesler trade happened a few months earlier
  8. Something about Hartman besides the sweaters he had to put on always rubbed me the wrong way. This is going to be his 4th team now in not even a year and a half. I'm probably just confirming my own bias here but that's not a good sign for a promising 24 year old capable of giving you 30 points a year. Philadelphia really botched the Simmonds trade.
  9. Here's a list of free agents (reported on capfriendly) that I think fit our bill: https://www.capfriendly.com/browse/free-agents/2020/age/all/forwards/ufa&limits=caphit-1000000-6000000,gp-30-90,goals-10-80,assists-10-80,points-30-130,shots-99-399 I would say that Maroon might be signed... but he may not want to come back here. he didn't have enough goals or points, i don't remember.
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  11. IT'S GAMBLE...sometimes it works sometimes it does not. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  12. How often do those pay off?....I feel like ROR was a big one for St. Louis...but...I mean....Pronger was definitely a big one for us...but...trades or UFA signings...I just don't see much of them truly moving the needle to a STANLEY CUP. Pronger and ROR are the only ones I can think of just off the top of my head... I mean...if we wont 2015, MAYBE I'd put in Kesler there...but also, we didn't win lol
  13. Ducks GM Bob Murray's downside he is passive in making Big time Trades...which I call it "Pronger-type". DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  14. Wonder who it could be....Ducks RW weaken with Departure of Perry. Just curious if they are going to make trade or Sign to ensure development of Ducks Next Generation players. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  15. Interesting you gotta wonder what deals were also in place by the Ducks at the Draft. DuckPride4 ever MooseDuck
  16. Comtois needs a season in the AHL. There really isn't a need for him with the big club yet. It worked wonders for Steel, Jones and Terry to spend a good amount of time there. Shore is just meh. Maybe he improves over the summer but BM can get that type of player for a lot less $$.
  17. Me either. But GMBM has surprised/disappointed in such ways before. Also, my preferred starting lineup does not include Ritchie or Shore, but if both are still here I think GMBM pushes them into the lineup in a lineup similar to what I posted. He seems to be higher on Shore than, well, everyone else who watches this team regularly.
  18. I don’t think that Shore was horrible but he certainly shouldn’t be getting third line minutes over any prospects, unless they are really struggling. Put him on the 4th line with some combo of Sherwood, Grant of Rowney. I agree with you about Comtois. His play was so-so and was noticeably declining, granted it was a short stint. His underlying stats were really bad but things were just bouncing his way. He didn’t look ready for a full-time role and seemed absolutely lost at times (which should be somewhat expected). There’s no reason to rush him up unless, like you said, he is crushing it in San Diego, similar to the way that Terry did when he was sent down.
  19. I would not think Comtois is going to be callup...Don't be surprise if earns a Spot on Ducks Roster for 19-20 season. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  20. @capfriendly TRADE: To Philadelphia #Flyers F Tyler Pitlick To Dallas #Stars F Ryan Hartman (RFA)
  21. I don't want Shore anywhere near the lineup. Okay, fine, he can be an extra who slots in on the 4th line and PK unit when we get tired of Rowney. But Shore is bad and doesn't belong. I like Comtois, but his hot start last season feels a little unearned and fluky to me. Not saying he can't come right back out and show that he's the real deal, but barring injury (which is always a factor), I would love to see him play like a beast in the AHL for a bit before giving him the call up.
  22. I can't imagine we start the season with our current forward group. I think Bob might be done with Ritchie, he will likely be part of the package for a defenseman. Am I the only person that thinks Shore is a nothing player? With Steel still finding his footing in the NHL that third line is going to provide next to no offense. I'm giving Comtois every chance to make the opening night roster. This team needs offense pretty desperately.
  23. Comtois will be a quick callup if there's any troubles scoring goals. He'd be good on a line with Rico and Kase. Forechecking, size and scoring touch.
  24. If no forwards are moved (I still think/hope one goes for a top-4 RHD), I’d start the season with: Rakell-Getz-Silf Ritchie-Rico-Kase Shore-Steel-Terry Jones-Grantzlaf-Rowney extras: Sprong, Sherwood Comtois and Lundestrom start in San Diego.
  25. i wonder if kase gets hit to the head more often on a 3rd or 4th line. sigh.
  26. that would have been a blockbuster trade. And I‘m wonering, who they would trade for that.
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