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    I don't know if this was an intentional or unintentional dig at the Oilers, but either way, well done.
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    It doesn't help that this organization is so tight-lipped about player status either. I mean, can we get an update on Ondrej Kase's shoulder rehab? Is Troy Terry fully recovered from the broken leg? How is Patrick Eaves feeling? This summer also feels very unsatisfying because of how little GMBM has done to improve the team, especially the defense. The current Ducks defense is weak, and it seems like most of us are still expecting some kind of a move to improve it. But its hard to sit back and feel good about the team's work this off season when there is still such a glaring hole in the lineup (and still too many wingers). I keep checking the news to see if GMBM has done something to fix it, but the days just march on by with no news. Makes for an even longer summer....
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    I'm not saying it wouldn't have improved the team if he chose us. All I'm getting at is how Fowler and Shattenkirk are extremely similar players. Fowler being the better puck mover/overall defender and Shattenkirk being a better PP quarterback. They both shy away from contact, pass off checks, and get bumped off the puck relatively easily. Visit a Rangers discussion board and you'll see all the frustration our fans direct at Fowler directed at Shattenkirk for the same reasons. Who knows, maybe Shattenkirk would steal Fowler's lunch money without breaking a sweat. All I'm saying is it would've been amusing having two of those players on the same team.
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    Assuming he’d be willing to sign on the west coast, I think that Murray should kick the tires on him if he’s not going to trade for a RHD. The Ducks need to improve that position so badly and Shattenkirk would be an upgrade at a huge discount to what he was getting paid by New York.
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    I cannot recall seeing any player softer than Fowler. So, had Shattenkirk joined Anaheim it would have improved them.
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    More on Carrick... last season he led the Gulls in points (61), goals (32), PP goals (11) and SH goals (3). His 32G tied him for 4th best in the AHL. Carrick also co-led the Gulls with 7G/7A=14pts in 16 playoff games. He has also now played for Eakins for four seasons: one with the Marlies in 2012-13 and three with the Gulls (2016-17, 2017-18, 2018-19), so he knows Eakins well and is probably a guy Eakins knows he can trust. Bob also signed Carrick to a one-way contract in June at $700K, meaning he'll get paid $700K whether he's in Anaheim or San Diego. He's also got a bit of sandpaper to his game, which we all know GMBM likes, especially in his bottom-6. To me, all signs point to Carrick getting a legit shot to earn a roster spot with the Big Club. So Steel definitely has competition for that 3C spot.
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    Having an infant is much different than having school age children.Infants are easy to move. I also agree with DTS that a change of scenery after being eaten up by the New York media would be a nice a change. Anaheim is in rebuild but I still think they can be contenders this year. SC probably not but they will compete. As far as family, he's spent 11 years in the NHL with the last 2 being in New York. Most people want to be around family but when you're a professional athlete, member of the military, etc. being around family isn't always doable. I think if BM offers him decent money and term, he would take the chance knowing it could revitalize his career. I would give him $3 X 2 or $2 X 3. I disagree with splitting Lindholm/Manson so it would be nice to have someone who could possibly pair with Cam.
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    New York might be the sole location with taxes, weather, and craziness, that could make California's taxes livable.
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    Huskins owns coffee Shop in Santa Ana Dipenta is in Cole Harbour and a Regional Director for Atlantic Canada for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    Personally I would jettison both.
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    I don't care for college basketball much at all, but March Madness is awesome. The one-and-done tournament format makes for great drama, plus there are a ton of David-beats-Goliath story lines that you can't get in professional sports. Hockey playoffs would not pull more than a handful of eyeballs from March Madness. I'm a huge hockey fan, and if it's the opening Thursday or Friday night of the NCAA tournament as well as the opening night of the hockey playoffs, I'm probably watching college basketball, unless the Ducks are playing. March Madness is captivating.
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    The expansion draft is in two years though, and the Ducks going that long with such a grand canyon sized hole on their right side defensively would be kind of weird. If Gibson doesn’t get significantly more help in front of him then the expansion draft may be the least of our concerns. As far as the ED goes, I’d like to think that Murray learned from the last one and is going to be better prepared. We are going to lose something of value. If he doesn’t want to give up a good prospect and get Theodore’d again, then he’ll have to move high picks or let someone like Fowler, Henrique, or Silfverberg get selected. A lot can happen in two years so who knows how it will shake out but I think that teams are going to be very active next summer to best position themselves for the ED because I’m betting on Seattle doing what Vegas did and hold the league hostage the summer of the draft. There’s only so much they can do with the holes that they have. Even if they are in the playoff hunt at the deadline, they are still aren’t contending this year. Plus, I don’t want them wasting assets during a rebuild. I think we’ll be sellers which is fine by me in the grand scheme of things.
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    I can't remember a longer offseason. Certainly doesn't help that the team hasn't played what felt like a meaningful game since December 2018. Side note but the NHL should begin the season in early/mid September seeing as how they'll never reduce the number of games in a season. The Stanley Cup Final running until the middle of June never really made any sense. That only started happening once they expanded the league in the 90s. Opening in September means they no longer have to compete with the World Series at the start of the season, and the NBA Finals at the end of the playoffs. It also gives the NHL its own unique time slot in the calendar. Imagine how much more attention the always bonkers first round of the playoffs would get if it began in March instead of April alongside MLB opening night and the NBA playoffs.
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    Yeah, It's the most boring time of the hockey season. I guess the Ducks tried to sign RHD Chase Priskie (this year's prized college FA) but he signed with Carolina. We can speculate more about a RHD trade with them as a result if we want lol. Nothing really left but to wait and see when the big name RFA's start signing.
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    <pokes forum with a stick> You ok? <pokes again> ... ... Forum: Eh? Is it September yet?
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    It's great but I just wish they'd go back to wearing that bright royal blue from the 70s instead of the drab navy blue almost half the league already wears today. Still, it could be a lot worse. Case in point:
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    It definitely is, just slow time for us. Hang in there, it will get busy soon.
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    There have not been any posts lately
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    Good on BM for trying. If they don't want to come you can't make them.
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    Can he carry those numbers at age 34, when he's showing signs of being more injury prone though? His ice time should go down this season and it's insanely unfair and unrealistic to expect him to continue carrying the team offensively. He needs help and has needed it lol. If he puts up more than 55 pts then I'll be extremely impressed. Even with beast mode Getzlaf, Vegas, SJ, Calgary, St. Louis, Nashville, Dallas, Winnipeg, Colorado are all a class or even two above the Ducks. That's not even counting a better Arizona and Vancouver. I just hope that we throttle LA when we play them, develop our prospects and not get Gibson murdered or kill his spirit. I'll consider that a successful season lol
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    I guess that what I'm saying is - I don't care if they're significant contributors or not. Unless there is some glaring flaw in their game that would leave them unable to handle the NHL at all, I'd rather they take their lumps at the NHL level. None of those three (Steel, Jones, Terry) looked obviously overmatched in the NHL. They were inconsistent, but that can only be solved by spending time at the NHL level and learning how to smooth out their games. Again, maybe there's a specific part of their game that the coaching staff thinks needs to be ironed out in San Diego, but barring that, there's no way any of those guys should be in the AHL instead of Carrick.
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    There are thousands of reasons to believe this, namely that it virtually never happens. There's a reason Kunitz was an outlier. I don't see a reason to throw a young player with actual potential into the AHL, when he'll be better off getting development at the NHL level, because of a few weeks of training camp. There has been nothing to tell us at this point that Carrick is a good hockey player, and nothing to tell us he can be. I'd be stoked for Carrick to prove me and decades of NHL history wrong. But he should do it at the expense of players who we know are marginal (Deslauriers, Rowney, Shore, etc.) not at the expense of players who will benefit from getting playing time at the NHL level, even if they struggle.
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    Shatty isn’t a brute, but he has always been willing to take a hit in order to make a play. Flower, not so much.
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    Disagree. If you're a good hockey player, you're a good hockey player. I also side with GMBM in thinking that it's more important right now to build a winning hockey culture that the young guys can work their way into, than it is to rush these young kids into the lineup on a team that struggles for wins (see Edmonton, Buffalo, Florida, Colorado), so I just want to see the best 23 players make the Ducks roster to start the season. Anything less basically says to Getzlaf, Silfvy, Raks, Rico, Cam, Manson, Hamper and especially Gibby that the team is not really that committed to winning, which I think is a really bad message. Steel (21), Jones (21), Terry (21) and Comtois (20) are also YOUNG, and they are not elite prospects in the same way a Zegras is. There's no reason to hand an NHL roster spot to a 20-21 year-old, good-but-not-elite level prospect if he isn't able to out-play the guys he's competing with. If these guys were 22 or 23 then sure, force them to sink or swim at the NHL level. But not at 20-21. I also don't see why Carrick, if he is truly a late-bloomer, can't be a solid piece of this team's core for the next 3-4 years. It's not like he's old. Carrick just turned 27 in February. He's actually younger than Fowler! Kunitz didn't play his first full NHL season until he was 26, so there's no reason to think that Carrick can't blossom at 27. He's got NHL size (6', 205lbs). He's apparently a solid defensive player. And obviously he's learned to put up points in all situations, at least at the AHL level. If Carrick turns out to be just a career-AHLer, fine. But if he earns a spot over Steel by out-playing him, that's not on GMBM, that's on Steel.
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    To be fair, he played six games. Three of those were in November under RC when he was called up while the Ducks were on a 7-game losing streak. The next two were in January under RC, shortly after the Ducks ended their 12-game losing streak and just as they were starting a new 7-game losing streak (that eventually got RC fired). Which Ducks did look good in those games during that stretch? The one other game he got was in the 3rd to last game of the season with GMBM behind the bench, which was a 5-1 win at Edmonton where he registered an assist. I thought he looked fine in that one.
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    If Carrick makes the team over Steel, that will be stupid. I don't care if Carrick actually outplays Steel in camp, the Ducks will be interesting this season because we'll get to see if the kids take steps forward. Sam Carrick will not be part of the next Ducks Cup contender, unless it's as a 4th line guy on a team that actually hopes its 4th line can score. So if Carrick makes the team over Rowney or Shore or Grant, I'm totally fine with that. But if we see Carrick instead of Steel or Jones or Terry or Sprong, I will be watching far less Ducks hockey. I'm not going to judge the decision-making process until I see the opening night roster, but if the Ducks have Deslauriers and Shore and Rowney and Carrick in the lineup while Terry and Jones and Steel are sitting, I'm going to be really mad. Those guys are the reason to watch the team this season, outside of Getzlaf and Gibson (and Kase, if he can stay healthy).
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    I agree. I’m betting on Comtois and Lundestrom being in San Diego for the majority of the year to develop. If Delauriers is there as a deterrent so people aren’t taking unnecessary liberties on Steel and Terry then I get that but trading a pick for an enforcer like him was stupid. Someone is going to be pushed out on RW and if it’s Sprong, then it should be to upgrade the roster elsewhere. If not, then we can all slow clap Murray for trading Pettersson for him. You’re right. Unless Murray makes a trade, there are too many forwards. Though if Jones, Terry, Steel can’t beat out their competition then we should start to worry lol. Carrick didn’t look good to me at all in the games he played for the Ducks last year. His offensive upside at the NHL seems very bleak to where I don’t see him as a threat to Steel, Grant or Rowney. Too much competition for him also. He’s 27 with less than 30 NHL games and seems like a career AHL guy. If nothing else, the Gulls should be really good next year.
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    What I don't appreciate is that scrubs like Devin Shore and Deslauriers are going to get roster spots over potentially good players. Although to be fair to Murray, Terry, Steel, and Jones are the only ones who I think need to be on the NHL team. Comtois and Lundestrom are better than the 4th liners right now, but could probably use some time in the AHL to get consistent playing time. Sherwood is a fun guy to root for, but he's going to be a classic NHL 12/13 forward who can come into the lineup and provide some energy and that's about it. I am not going to be heartbroken if he's not in the lineup over Rowney or Grantzlaf. The guy who's going to get pushed out is probably Sprong. That was whom I thought Murray's statement was directed toward.
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    Yep, I thought Tampa would be too hard against the cap after having to still sign Point and Erne but this makes all the sense in the world for Shattenkirk like you said. Going to the Cup front runner is a pretty sweet deal lol. I still want Murray fired for a host of other reasons but can’t fault him on this.
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    Chris Kunitz announces his retirement from Blackhawks. He was my daughter's favorite Duck. Team needs more like him!
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    Corner of 1st Street and Cabrillo Park Drive.
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    Huskins Coffee Company
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    So nice to hear the positive responses to an undrafted player out of Ferris State! Kunitz was a class act. In 2008, on a trip to Chicago to see Ducks play, I ran into some of his buddies from college. They all has nice things to say about him. He's got the same amount of Cups as Scott Niedermayer!
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    Kunitz was one of those almost indestructible players, which he used to leverage into good lines and a high level of play. He knew how to use his whole body in the game, and I seem to remember him being an efficient skater. I'd be interested to know if he trained really hard all the time, or if he was one of those mutants who could just show up and get there in Spring Training. I wish I knew more, but I viewed him as someone who just always, always showed up. Showed up for training, showed up for practices, showed up for PR, and showed up as a competitor in every game. I've known a few people like that in life. Seems like when they're done, they're out the door done. That's not commentary on anything in particular, just an observance.
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    Randy Carlyle is still around looking for work Also, raise your hand if you thought Shawn Thornton's career would end up lasting longer than Dustin Penner's back in 2007.
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    It's a good question. Off the top of my head: Kunitz - McDonald - Selanne: All retired now that Kunitz is leaving Penner (eating pancakes somewhere) - Getzlaf - Perry Niedermayer - Pahlsson - Moen: I know the first two are done, is Moen still kicking around? I feel like I haven't heard his name in a while. I doubt he's still in the NHL. May - Marchant - Thornton/Shannon: I know I'm forgetting a 4th liner/scrub, but I don't think any of these guys are still around Niedermayer - Beauchemin: Retired Pronger - O'Donnell: Retired Huskins - DiPenta: I'm 99% sure both of these guys have been out of the NHL for a while. They might be kicking around somewhere else, but they're not in the NHL. Ric Jackman is also out of the league. Giguere - Bryzgalov: Retired So unless Moen is still around somewhere (unlikely), I think Getzlaf and Perry are it. Now I need to go check my work. Moen hasn't played since 2016. Yikes. I thought it was more recently than that. Drew Miller played in 2017 and hasn't been in the NHL since then. Other guys who got at least a game in the playoffs: Joe Motzko, Ryan Carter, Mark Hartigan (??), Aaron Rome, and he whom I'd like to forget, George Parros. All those guys have been out of the NHL for quite a while. Carter hung around until 2016. Oh, and Huskins and DiPenta are long, long gone.
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    Until his retirement on Monday Kunitz had the most Stanley Cups (4) of any active player in the NHL. So wish the Ducks could have kept him.
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    I think Grant stays as a utility infielder (what do you call the hockey equivalent?). He's been competant moving up and down the lineup at center when there are injuries. Rowney stays for his PK aptitude. Sprong because he's not afraid to shoot... ok Sprong could be moved at some point as long as you replace him with a young skater eager and willing to put pucks on net. If it were my choice, I'd lose one of Ritchie or Shore. We need one of them, not both.
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    Where did the rank from February 10th to the end of the season? That’s all that really matters.
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    No way Moose. There is zero chance Terry is 4th line and a toss up between him and Sprong.
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    this contract is a joke. I have a feeling it will be Perry-like situation, when ownership will have to buy out the last 2 years.
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    This move actually provides Toronto with enough capspace to sign Marner after the season starts. With horton & clarkson on LTIR they can exceed the cap by 10.5mil. I have nothing against toronto but if they don't win The Cup next season I'm gonna cry from laughing. So far I'm actually impressed by dubas (apart from overpaying for matthews) and if he can pull of the Marner contract in this fashion kudos to him. But what are they going to do when clarkson & horton become UFA's next season? On top of that they have no D man under contract apart from reilly. And Barrie won't sign a 5mil deal. If they win The Cup it's all worth it but if not they're gonna be in cap hell without a Cup.
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    If my math is correct, Ritchie has actually played more E/S minutes than Shore. Shore has just gotten substantially more minutes on the PK (224 v. 63) and PP (395 v. 208) than Ritchie has. But last I checked, you earned special teams minutes by playing well and staying out of the penalty box. Oh, and speaking of the penalty box, Ritchie leads Shore 253-41 in PIMS, and 1-0 in getting thrown out of playoff elimination games for brain-dead penalties. If you couldn't tell, I really don't like Ritchie either.
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    Add Deslauriers. Add Eaves, who it sounds like is going to try for one last comeback. Rowney, Grant, Sprong, Deslauriers, and Eaves are all on one-way contracts, meaning they’re an expensive group of AHLers. And all except for a Sprong meet the criteria for “veteran” in the AHL, which means it’s pretty unlikely they all end up in San Diego together since the Gulls can only dress 6 veterans per game, and I believe Carrick, Wideman, Hakanpaa, Holzer, Sieloff, De Leo, and Martinsen already qualify as “veterans” for the AHL rule. I can actually envision scenarios where only one rookie forward makes the big club out of camp.
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    Rangers are over the cap and still need to re-sign RFAs Buchnevich and DeAngelo. Rumors are starting to pop up that Shattenkirk is on the block, since Trouba now basically makes Shatty superfluous. Shattenkirk has a $6.5M cap hit for two more years and is coming off a tough season for a team that was in full tank mode, but hear me out here.... The Ducks clear cut #1 need is a RHD who can run the power play. Shattenkirk can absolutely do that. And while his cap hit is $6.5M x 2, his total remaining salary is actually $10.6M. So a reasonable trade could be Shattenkirk for Eaves + conditional 3rd + 5th, with the 3rd becoming a 2nd if Shatty hits certain performance markers (like 10G or 40pts), and the Rags retaining $3M ($1.5M/season). For the Ducks, that gives us a legit PP QB for the next two years for only $2.3M/season in salary added to the payroll (with the Eaves $3M offset this coming season). And with the retained salary, we’re looking at $5M in cap hit, which we can certainly afford given that we’re going with a youth movement. Shatty’s contract also expires after the 2020-2021 season, so his NMC will not require ED protection. We could also do Fowler-Shatty as a 2nd pair, which would be similar to the Fowler-Vatanen pair that had Fowler playing the best hockey of his career (even got him to the all-star game!) For the Rags, they would move out $5M in cap hit and can just bury Eaves on LTIR, giving them plenty of cap space to sign their RFAs. They also get more picks for their rebuild. They’d also get to send Shatty out of conference. It’s a win-win. I don’t think GMBM would ever pull something like this off, but I really wish he would.
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    I for one am not excited to see a Duck's team where 50% of the players are Gulls bouncing back and forth between the NHL and AHL. If I'm going to spend hard earned money to go to a game I want to watch an NHL team that is capable of making the playoffs and not full of prospects. One or two rookies on the squad? Fine. Six to ten? NO THANKS.
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    Calgary is definitely a paper tiger when it comes to the actual the playoffs. No one thinks that they are going to win the Cup but that they are likely to get in. The Coyotes gave up Galchenyuk who put up 41 pts for them and got Kessel who is a point per game guy at a minimum. That is a major upgrade to me. The Avs trading Barrie was inevitable when they selected Byram, who could step in right away, but Colorado still has a ton of talent on their blue line and bolstered their 2nd/3rd lines. Nashville moving Subban to get Duchene seems a bit more of a lateral move, but it addressed a major need and Nashville still has a great top-3 and has Dante Fabbro seemingly ready to step up. To me, all of these teams are better than the Ducks and with more potential. I agree that Gibson has been the best goalie in the league for the past two seasons. He has also been taxed to exhaustion during that time, which is what concerns me. As of now, he's going to have to carry this team. Even if they can improve the defensively, which should be the top-priority, if he has a slightly above average season then I can't see the Ducks getting in the playoffs. The other huge issue that we all want addressed is scoring and we need a lot of it. We just don't have enough players that can create offense or finish, which something that I don't think Dallas Eakins, or anyone else, can just coach into existence. I don't think that the Ducks will be a trainwreck like they were last season under Carlyle, but that there are simply too many better teams that also aren't starting to go through a coaching and roster transition along with many glaring holes in their lineup. If we go into this season as is, then it will be a bit disappointing but I won't be mad as long as Gibson's minutes are severely limited. I'm also more focused on seeing the development of the young players than making the playoffs.
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    we aren't pursuing anything expensive before the next expansion draft.
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