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    I'm starting to believe that Carlyle's coaching has been creating problems for some of our players. Our entire defense other than Holzer looks terrified to jump into the rush most times and I believe that has been telling with Vat's play as well as Theo's. This team has struggled to break out of our zone all year long which is ridiculous if you look at how pretty much all our top D men our puck movers Fowler, Vatanen, Lindholm, Theodore all take pride in the ability to skate or move the puck well and yet we can't break out of our zone and they look scared to jump into the play. I don't know what Carlyle's plan looks like, but it doesn't seem to be natural for them other than Fowler who's just came into his own which I feel is more to say about himself and his dedication to be better after his rough year last year. RC puts Vermette and Kesler out for almost every single face off it feels like and when they win theyll go for a change and sometimes seems like it leaves the team short handed for 5-10 seconds and it creates awkward icings or dump ins. It makes sense to want to win every draw and put out your best guys, but especially with Thompson back we have clearly the best face off team in the league, let Getzlaf's line take more offensive FOs and maybe it'll get Perry going more, I feel that the lack of ability to break the puck out has really hurt a few players offensive ability Perry and Vatanen included. Seems that a lot of times we win a neutral zone or defensive draw and not really be able to get in the zone cleanly and we either dump the puck in or lose it and it's back to defense. Sorry for kind of ranting and if it's unintelligible, just my opinion/observation
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    Side note... Anaheim now has 4 players from that terrific 2003 draft class... 19. Getzlaf 23. Kesler 28. Perry 29. Eaves
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    They were very exciting from about mid-January on. One of the highest scoring teams in the league over the final 40+ games. And I do attribute the difference to RC v BB. BB's attacking, physical, sometimes frantic, get-the-puck-back-at-all-costs system put most teams on their heels against us and let our defenders have a ton of room on the ice to create offense. The only teams that really had our number last season were the ones that could counter with incredible speed like Chicago and Tampa. This season, RC's system has OUR team playing on its heels. It's passive and boring and doesn't let a lot of our most skilled guys play to their strengths. RC has our boys playing like they're the counter-punchers instead of the initiators, but we're too slow to do it effectively so it just looks like boring, chip-it-out and change lines hockey. I'm like Nieder this season. Setting aside time to watch every game suddenly isn't a high priority because of what is currently happening on the ice.
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    No, you try and resign Fowler every day of the week and twice on Tuesdays. He is FAR more valuable to the team than Manson and it's not even close. Fowler looks to be taking the nest step in his development. Fowler is just 25 years old, actually a month younger than Manson, and skill wise... Fowler's current floor is probably better than Manson's projected ceiling...
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    I liked this for three reasons. (1) It's a good post, (2) you didn't create a whole new thread just to rant about something that has been addressed in an existing thread, and (3) your user name / nom de guerre is outstanding and somehow made it past the censors.
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    Wild also came back from four 1-goal deficits before winning in OT. Must be a Boudreau-coached team.
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    Makes you wish we had a coach who knew how to use them
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    As much as I thing firing BB and hiring Carlyle is terrible, I don't know Murray has made too many mistakes when contrasted with all the good things he's actually done...you're kind of cherry picking... Bernier wasn't technically part of the Andersen trade but he might as well have been. The reason he wasn't included was the signing bonus due. Murray's hand was forced in net because he was smart enough to draft both Gibson and Andersen. Recall, Gibson (and Rakell) were had in the Toronto draft day trade that had the Leafs drafting Stuart Percy. That was a coup for Murray and the Ducks. Bieksa was traded and probably cost the team Beauchemin, but again... there is more there than meets the eye. Bieksa's relationship with Kesler and the need to re-sign Kesler. Trading for Kesler cost the Ducks Nick Bonino and Luca Sbisa, as well as the 24th overall pick in this year's draft, which the Canucks used to take center Jared McCann. Bonino was had for Moen and Huskins. Stoner was a bad signing, but name a NHL roster that doesn't have a guy they signed and didn't work out. I'd also not get too worked up about the cap issue... Murray had to extend Kesler, and should have been fired if he wasn't able to keep Perry and Getzlaf when he did... those three along w/ having to resign a grip of good young players like Rakell, Vatanen, Lindholm, and S33 is the crux of the cap trouble... and frankly that's probably a good problem to have vs teams that have been forced to move talent for nothing.
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    KIngs drafted in 2003. This always cracks me up. 13. Dustin Brown 26. Brian Boyle 27. Jeff Tambellini
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    You're aware that this whole thing was started years ago by the Burke family in honour of their dead son and the discrimination he faced as an openly gay man in hockey, right? This has never been about "political correctness gone mad" or whatever nonsense you're trying to pass it off as. This is about changing the culture of the sport to one that everyone can enjoy regardless of what they are. Call it trendy if you must but that's still a ridiculously weak and petty reason to take issue here. And you are 100% fooling yourself if you think hockey has never been exclusive. What kind of Canadian does it make me for not turning a blind eye to that? I don't know, one that has witnessed the prejudicial attitudes plaguing the sport at youth levels? A Caribbean Canadian whose hometown hero had a banana thrown at him for being black? This sport has problems with diversity but at least they're taking the necessary steps at the top to fix that. Exposure is a good thing. A guy like Getzlaf putting rainbow tape on his stick again isn't just a show of support for that isolated kid too scared to play a game he could be great at. It's for all the locker rooms full of kids that look up to him and see someone that's part of a movement of players they idolize saying they aren't gonna stand for those attitudes anymore. They're making hockey about hockey which, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that what you want here?
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    I don't see any problem either with the NHL trying to expand their fanbase and make the game of hockey appear more inclusive. As long as turds like Andrew Shaw feel the need to call opponents and refs a [British cigarettes] during a game, and as long as young non-Caucasian kids are being racially slurred by their opponents' in pee-wee leagues, there's going to be a counter-movement to lessen the appearance of exclusivity in the sport so that more people will give the sport a chance. It's not brainwashing. It's just good business IMO. Especially when they just broke ground on the new $100M Great Park Ice Complex in Irvine yesterday.
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    Most former NHL players will tell you that it is the hands that go first and not the legs. Since CP10 never really had great wheels to begin with...can we assume that he is losing his hands? Hope not. That was one factor that I always considered when sizing up the remaining term of his contract. I just figured....hey, if he loses a step....who cares? BUT, if he loses his hands......well......that could be game over ORRRRRRRRRRRRR he might need to reinvent himself and turn into more of a facilitator. We have already kind of seen a glimpse of that this season. Anyway, gotta run to my neighborhood 7-11 to buy 10 bags of Cheetos. Hoping to find a "Harambe The Gorilla" shaped Cheeto that I can sell on Ebay for $100K. Wish me luck.
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    Can we just dump the pachycephalosaurus we've got behind the bench and bring in Julien already? He's still a downgrade from Boudreau but at least he's been successful in the 2010s which is more than what can be said about any former Ducks coach honestly.
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    My answer is an emphatic no. Perry is not that good of a passer, and we don't have the depth scoring to taker advantage of it even if he was. He just needs to get back to what he does best, and that's scoring goals from the dirty areas. Take the needle or do whatever he needs to do to get his body right and then just get himself back in front of the net where he belongs. Who cares if he can skate between the blue lines. Perry earns his money 5 feet in front of the goal, and that's where he needs to get back to. I frankly don't like seeing him float around the perimeter trying to collect assists. It's not his game and he's just not effective out there.
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    What a goal by Granlund. Straight through Carter and Kopi and right around Quick, with Doughty as his personal escort. Loved seeing that.
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    I'm pretty sure Bob said he wasn't going to move one of our young defensemen for a rental, not that he wasn't going to get any rentals. Big difference. [edit, norge beat me to it. Again.] Good addition and props to AustinDuck27 for calling this back in mid-January. I'm pretty disappointed in the price though. Possibly a 1st rounder for a career 3rd liner? Ouch. I'd have rather packaged that pick with a player after the season was over for a really big fish.
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    I'll be just fine as long as he punches Doughty in the face tomorrow.
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    I think it needs to be clear that Getzlaf and Perry don't run the show. They are two players out of 20 that dress for a game. Important players for sure, but as we've had this debate before, if you are relying on two guys to carry you to a championship in a team sport like hockey you're not going to get very far. The real man that runs the show is Bob Murray, and the necessary admittance here might be that the Ducks will never win anything with him at the helm. He dug himself out of salary cap hell his first few years just to put himself back in it. He's overseen three different coaching stints. Aside from the Kesler trade, he's been reluctant to take the big swing that will really put this team over the top, instead mostly relying on band-aids to cover up issues. I really wonder what it would take for the Samuellis to decide BM needs to go, considering he's built a roster good enough to get to the playoffs and make a little extra money every year. I doubt the Ducks, even as Getzlaf and Perry get a little older, will ever be bad enough to truly rebuild but aren't good enough to win a Cup. This team seems like it's stuck in neutral and that's the worst place to be.
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    Few things I'd like to chime in... 1) No, you cannot blame RC for everything here. The roster is simply not as deep as it was last year or the year before that, and when Getzlaf and Perry struggle it's simply too tough for this group to score goals. That's mostly personnel problem, not a coach problem but RC certainly doesn't make it easy on his forwards with how he wants this team to play. 2) This defense should still be very, very good and it's not. Fowler is probably having his best year, but his scoring pace has dipped over the past month or so. Manson is whatever to me, and it's alarming that Lindholm, Vatanen and Theodore have all taken a step back in one way or another. RC might not have the horses up front but he certainly has them on the back end. You have a group of excellent puck-moving d-men ... stop making it a priority to shoot the puck off the glass every time and let them show some creativity. 3) What makes this worse is that the Wild are so damn good after being stuck in the mud the past few years, and you simply cannot ignore the impact that BB has had. That guy has a proven track record of getting his players to over-achieve and that's not a coach you should want to give away ... thanks BM. The Ducks should still be in a healthy Cup window, but some bad roster moves coupled by a BAD coaching decision has slammed that door shut. Maybe they'll get lucky and win a round if they can catch Edmonton in the first series, but if the goal is still to win a championship with this group, I'm afraid the Ducks will fall very short of that goal.
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    Okay.. Honestly though, how are you gonna call people "snowflakes" when you wrote an entire wall of text whining about rainbow tape? Not seeing how any of this is a bad thing or why anyone would feel so threatened by it. A historically exclusive sport is making an effort to shed that label. How horrible!
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    Message to Vermette from the league. Next time your are frustrated don't tap the back of a linesman's shin pad to prompt him to blow the whistle, risking 10 games the linesman gets maybe a question or two and goes for a beer. Instead look for the closest opposition player and spear him in the face the league is more tolerant of that and you come away with 6 games.As a bonus the opposition player might have to miss a few games due to injury .
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    There are legitimate reasons behind this rule. In 1988 NHL referees refused to referee a playoff game because Jim Schoenfeld shoved Don Koharski and the league refused to suspend him. The NHL needs to stand behind it's officials 100% to maintain integrity in the league. The point is that it's a slippery slope. Where do you draw the line? Vermette clearly made intentional contact with the linesman, and the rules are clear, that starts with a 10 game ban. It sends a message to the rest of the league, and even to kids watching the league, that any contact with officials will be met with harsh punishment. I have no problem with that. I do think it will be appealed and reduced. But there's no way he gets off scott free.
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    I like John Ahlers. His calls are for the most part unbiased and he seems to have a good grasp for the moment. Unlike some announcers who call every goal like it is a game 7 SCF winning goal, Ahlers reserves his emotion for the appropriate times. I also have to give an enormous amount of credit to any announcer who quotes from the movie "Slapshot" every time a shot hits a goalie in the head. "Nailed him right in his mind!"
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    If Bieksa ends up on our protected list then BM needs to be fired on the spot. Anything short of a buy-out or an agreement by B2 to waive his NMC is unacceptable. With that, how much do you think a promise to not steal draft Manson is worth? It'll be interesting to see the prices GMGM demands from other clubs who are desperate to hold onto certain players that they can't protect.
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    By the way, I read this today in Sean McIndoe's piece (as a side note, if you don't read everything McIndoe, aka "Down Goes Brown", puts on the internet, you need to start doing so now). It indicates that trades for promises from Las Vegas not to take certain players in the expansion draft WILL be considered legitimate. We had speculated about that here, but it seems like the Ducks could send a draft pick to the Knights so they won't pick Manson, for example.
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    Going back to RC was like going back to an ex-girlfriend. There is some comfort in the known quantity but the excitement and resolve to build something new and continue to grow is stunted leaving the drive and self worth lackluster. Old issues will always bubble back up to the surface and in the end you realize you can't go backwards in order to move ahead.
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    Gulls shut out the Reign in San Diego, 2-0 off a Laganiere brace, to sweep the weekend home-and-home series.
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    This team has rarely looked dominant. That last game against the Avs, which is a team that has basically given up, is one of the few I can remember where the Ducks clearly controlled and dictated the play for a majority of the game. The thing that made me mad was that one of the other games where the Ducks looked very good was the first two periods against Minnesota on the road. If not for corey Perry being lazy and Sami Vatanen making a bonehead play, we would have been leading 3 - 0 going into the third period. But then the third period happened. And rage took me. And I smote my couch with the remote control, and I drank my whiskey as a musk ox on the Serengeti drinks from a shrinking pool of muddy water. Sorry, thinking about that game gets me riled up. The point being that the team, partially because of personnel decisions, and largely because of coaching style, doesn't ever dominate teams. They're good enough to hang on and win, but they simply don't consistently play a style of game that leads to dominance. It's boring, Carlyle-brand hockey.
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    Sorry. The mere thought of Wiz and Bieksa makes me go from to in a matter of nanoseconds.
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    Emphasized for dramatic effect
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    Dammit. That's Noesen and Crammer gone for nothing on waivers. Logan Shaw and Jared Boll still on the roster. Ugh.
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    He's a great coach... I'll never buy into that Game #7 bologna.
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    My favourite part of this is how they have a combined total of 1 goal scored during the conference finals in this millennium
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    +1 This is pretty much the type of move a lot of us wanted BM to make in 2015 when we were clearly one of the favorites. Instead, it was Chicago who makes the big splash deal for Vermette while BM goes out and gets us a broken James Wisniewski.
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    Dirty? Madonna is dirty. A toilet seat is dirty. A kitchen sponge is dirty. What they did to Budaj is just plain classless and nasty. How many times did that a-hole, Suter, throw Budaj under the bus after a loss where his team didn't do crap for him on offense?
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    Everyone is always so negative nowadays, lol. This is a low risk move. If Patrick Eaves helps get us to at least the 3rd round of the playoffs in a weak draft, then I'm all for it. BM knows the cup window is closing with Getz and Perry and is doing his best to give the team 1 last shot.
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    100 POINTS BABY!!! CONGRATS SAMMY!!! Steel gets 1 assist tonight and gets his WHL and CHL leading 100th point. 39g+61a=100 pts
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    I almost miss Detroit being our biggest 'rival'. Ah, those were the days when we could come into The Joe and they'd shower us with their octopi and completely one-sided ref calls. Then again, they shower everything with octopi, silly Detroit people, though they lost some ref love to CHI and other teams. That Game 5 in '07...quite possibly the best moment this franchise has to this day.
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    Gulls whip the Condors 4-0 in their TV debut! Sörensen scored the first, with Wags, Samuels-Thomas, and Lags notching the other three. I believe that's points in 18 of their last 20 games?
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    I went to see the Pats play the Oil Kings last night specifically to watch Steel play. He didn't stand out on the ice as much as I expected him to do. He didn't have overwhelming speed or anything like that. But he was positionally sound and an effective forechecker, generating multiple scoring chances from turnovers on the forecheck. I was surprised to see that the top scorer in the WHL is a regular part of the team's penalty kill unit, but as I said, he looks like a positionally sound player and was solid at both ends of the ice. Even if his scoring doesn't translate to the NHL he will likely be a pretty good 2-way forward. The one negative I noticed was his size. He plays a pretty gritty game, getting into the corners and going to the front of the net and making life difficult for the goaltender (he actually had a goal waived off for making contact with the goalie). But he didn't look as big as a lot of the other guys on the ice, so he likely isn't going to be as effective at the NHL level against bigger guys. He needs to bulk up and put on more muscle before he has a chance of making the Ducks roster. That said, he's only 19 years old, so plenty of time for him to do that.
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    The lads got right back in the W column last night in Ontario. Kyle MacKinnon and Zac Larraza returned from injury, but two of the Gulls top 6 guys (Tropp and Gortz) were out with "flu-like symptoms" so it certainly didn't look promising before puck drop. 4-1 spanking of the Reign was not the expected result, but it was a very welcome one! Enroth with another win as the backstop, and goals by MacKinnon, Megna, Samuels-Thomas, and an empty netter for Garbutt.
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    In a perfect world we keep them all. 1. Use Theodore/Larsson to bring in a comparable forward. 2. Buy out Bieksa before the ED. 3. Trade a conditional 2nd or 3rd to Vegas with the cond. that they leave Manson alone. 4. Trade Stoner this summer. 5. Try to re-sign Cam asap, and if it becomes clear that he wants more $$$ than we can manage, or wants to leave, then trade him before next year's deadline for the best possible return. Aside from that dream scenario, gun to my head to make a decision right now, I'd say trade Vats for forward help, and gamble on Cam being re-signed (assuming he gives some sort of verbal confirmation that he wants to stay). For me, this isn't about Fowler, he's elevated himself above both Vats and Manson, it's a choice between Sami and Josh. I give the edge to Josh, not only because Vats is more replaceable within the system, whereas Manson is unique, but to anyone saying we can replace Manson with another big lug... Does anyone really trust Murray to find a viable replacement given his track record? We went how many seasons using Ben Lovejoy? Murray brought in a steady string of overpaid 3rd pairing clunkers with the hopes that one could evolve into a top four solution. He finally got lucky when idiot Shero dealt us Despres, then unlucky when he went down to concussions. And even there, Murray went crazy and threw a premature contract extension at Despres, just to make sure he was overpaid like the rest. Consistency. I think Manson is a long term solution, finally, and while less of a skilled player than Vatanen, more important to the makeup of our overall defense. If Despres was healthy I might feel differently. This expansion deal is a weird dynamic though, and we're in an awkward spot, you could cut it many different ways going forward and justify several different moves to our defense.
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    Fowler isn't going anywhere. While Drouins got immense talent you don't find bonafide top defenseman as much as scoring forwards. Fowlers value atleast to this team is much higher than Drouin
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    Starting to wonder if he wants to be traded, Maybe he wasn't as happy about Carlyle's return as the Duck's front office would have us believe. Whatever is going on with him, it is more than a slump. If he is injured then put him on the IR and let the guy heal. It's not like he is contributing points and would be missed. If he is unhappy and playing with minimum effort to make a point, then he needs to man up an honor his contract. Murray needs to address this. The team is running out of race track and they have several teams capable of catching them in the standings and knocking them out of a playoff spot.
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    I didn't read the intent of the post right. Love me some Bones. I had the good fortune to see his first goal live. But yeah, he was largely ineffective for a few seasons. And I hated seeing him go but it was that necessary evil to be free of the Sbisa and land the Kesler. Which was amazing. Then Vancouver hoodwinked us with Bieksa. Well played.
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    Claude Julien was just fired by the Bruins - how about letting RC go and jumping on Julien to make a run for the last part of the season. Julien is a well respected coach that could bring some changes to our team that seems to be struggling with RC's" system. Nothing ventured nothing gained . IMHO
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    Oh look Overtime game winning goal for Carter. Déjà vu x22
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    Not at all. Same amount of sugar. Probably loaded with the same amount of "that can't be good" ingredients too. Gorby may be right on the cult thing. I could probably google it too. But I've just associated it with punch. Basically an unnamed sugar infested fruit drink. Which is the essence of Kool-Aid is as well. Also, you may have seen Kool-Aid man references in a comedy of some sort. Referring to the old commercials when a giant pitcher of Kool-Aid would cause more home destruction than Poum after watching his fourth Game 7 loss on home ice.