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    2-2. They must have opened up practice.
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    Here is another free site: http://freestreams-live1.com There is another one called sportsurge.com There are some options on there that are pretty good.
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    Nailed it! That's what I see too. Reputation or not, I would hope/expect that Kane will get the 10 games he deserves for this. Even if that was Connor McJesus doing it, that's a category II suspension for sure.
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    Ugh....bringing up Vermette for SLASHING a ref...you mean his light tap that didn't mean anything???? But anyway, back to topic at hand. Yes he absolutely should be. At first when I watched it it looked he may have thought that was Knights player...but then reading his comments made me just hate him more and he was trying to justify pushing the ref 'cause hte ref "attacked him"....made me realize he did it intentionally and 100% should be suspended. From what I can tell the ref got accidentally slashed, sure (and also much more dangerous of a slash than Vermette's love tap), but the ref didn't take a bunch of strides to tackle Kane. He was keeping him from the other player and then Kane lost his balance and took the ref with him. That's a category II, no question. What upsets me the most is that he will get the category 2 suspension and will think he doesn't deserve it. Classless player.
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    Bold takes 2k20 in order of most to least likely: -Rakell has a career year -Guhle blossoms into a glorious sale rack version of Hampus while the rest of the defence not so miraculously remembers how to hockey again -Getzlaf puts up his most Adam Oates season yet with <10 goals and >65 assists plus a Masterton nomination for all the years of shade from Mark Messier -Ducks over-perform 2011 style and ride an exciting March into a pacific wildcard spot against the division winning Flames who promptly get swept (side note: Flames get swept regardless of who they play) -J.S. Gibson leads them to the conference finals with a GAA under 1.30GAA -Silfverberg channels his inner Silfverberg and carries the team through to the SCFs -GMBM doesn't panic trade for a Mark Boroweicki-tier player during a mid January slump yes I have been drinking tonight why do you ask? (seriously though, I feel like this team will exceed expectations which are already negatively skewed because of how hilariously awful they were in the last year and a half under Carlyle)
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    I agree and take it one further...I really don't care how we do in the preseason for any stretch of the imagination. Good or bad. Doesn't matter. It is the time to experiment, try out people, try out things, let non-NHLers have some ice time, audition for roles. Nothing matters in the preseason except getting your feet wet and body ready and mind in competitive condition. That's all I want out of this preseason...people get used to a system, get ready, and know where to be at the start of the season.
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    At least we had the decency of losing Despres, Vatanen, Theodore and Montour over roughly an 18 month period lol.
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    Bah humbug, scrooge. That logo was awesome and it got me a hockey team to root for. The webbed D is fine, but boring. I will always have affinity for the old logo and colors (although some of those alternate jerseys back in those days took it too far even for me - like the Wild Wing crashing through the front of the jersey).
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    I hope the unreserved wanton loathing, the absolute belligerence and undisguised contempt I have came through as intended despite the simpelton behind an anonymous user name. 😋😋 Jokes aside. I hope it hits stores soon. Ugh, the Emojis are broken and coming out in weird places. Even the editor is being wonky. Probably my dumb phone, smart phone me arse!
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    Apparently he was not chosen. Seniority did not help. The management and players recognized the lack of leadership skills, I guess.
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    Went to Anderson Valley a couple of weeks ago, plenty of good stuff on tap. Had the latest incarnation of their Gose series, a Cherry Gose. Delicious. No Winter Solstice as of yet, but the Chai Summer Solstice was good. Hit up Heretic a few hours later, and man, are they killing the IPAs. Primo Diablo is still my favorite pepper beer, their Evil Cousin IPA with Habanero. And they've got the Hazy New England type IPAs on lock, even running a Double IPA called Juicier than Thou. Looking forward to getting over to Noble and possibly Bottle Logic later in the season when I'm down haunting the Ponda. And for anyone down by Great Park, Left Coast has a tasting room just down the road from the new practice facility. Lot of variety, and food.
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    THAT would be amazing! man we haven't had that in like 4 years...and two of those players aren't on the team this season lol
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    I'm sure it won't happen, but if I were in charge, I would suggest that on Opening Night, both Dawn and Tim are introduced, and Dawn sings the 1st Verse, giving the crowd an opportunity to shout her name one last time. Then she can turn the mic over to Tim, and let him take it from there. Kind of a passing of the torch.
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    So there are rumors circulating that Dustin Byfuglien has taken his personal leave of absence from the Jets due to a falling out he had with his teammates, Blake Wheeler (captain) in particular. Makes you wonder if there is a trade demand there and Byfuglien is just waiting it out until he is traded. If so, why not Anaheim?? He's 34 and is due $14M over this season and next, so that's a bit expensive for an older guy. But if there was ever an old and expensive guy I'd want to take a chance on, it's Byfuglien. He would immediately improve our PP by 150% and he would be pretty much the ideal RHD to slide into the #4 spot next to Fowler. If there's really a trade demand there, and with him not reporting to camp at all, you'd have to think the price tag would not be that expensive either. He's also got three kids under 10 and SoCal could conceivably be high on his list of places he'd like to raise his kids. Lastly, his contract expires before the expansion draft, so he would not need ED protection. Any other takers besides me?
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    FYI since none of them are on LTIR yet it means all their cap hits are still active. So Anaheim has $6.27M in cap space BEFORE Eaves and Kesler get put on LTIR. We have tons of space.
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    Just saw this..Boston signed Petrovic to a one-year, two-way contract and then placed him on waivers Thursday Crazy
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    Well, we returned the favor 2 - 0 but this was not a dominant performance, still dry on offense, but I really like the wheels and shot on that Ghule guy. We need to trade Ritchie for a 4-5 dman and we're all set to begin the season.
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    This concerns me not at all until the Ducks get their regular 1st and 2nd units together. Carrick and Lundestrom were on the top unit last night. No Getzlaf, Henrique, Terry, or Kase.
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    He's also only what 21? Ovi isn't really considered a complete package either. You don't hear the caps complaining too much. If he was to grow into the Finnish Flash 2.0 that would be great. But he's an elite goal scorer, something that we lack. I'd say that OP has a proposal that the jets would consider.
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    Faulk traded to St. Louis for Boekk, Edmundson and a 7th round pick. Signs a 7 year/6.5 mil per year extension. I guess he really didn’t want to come to a rebuilding Anaheim team.
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    According to Eliott Teaford of the OC Register, the Ducks offered Faulk 7 years at just under $7mil per year. I'm so very grateful that Faulk turned that down lol
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    I don't see how this is a fail by BM. He tried to make a trade and maybe had one in place. If for some reason out of his control it doesn't go through (Faulk's NTC) you can't really blame him. Same with Shattenkirk. He tried to sign him. Even offered him more than tampa bay but if the player doesn't want to be here that's the end of it. I'm glad BM sees we're missing something and is trying to address it without overpaying.
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    Paying Zach Bogosian to play, especially after hip surgery, is probably worse than paying Patrick Eaves not to play. No thanks.
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    1G/2A in 6 games so far for Pittsburgh, averaging 18:32/game
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    The 19/20 season is ready to begin! Does anyone wish to predict where the Ducks will be in the standings at the end of this season? I predict 7th in points in the West. Should be good for 1st wild card or possibly 3rd in division. (Note - I can hear all of you shrieking with disbelief...)
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    Taking over on the first line again ?
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    I hate you. I'm so ready to move on from the Rose Gose.
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    I saw these teams play in Edmonton a few years ago and it was great hockey. Highly recommended.
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    He sang fantastically, but I completely agree with this take. He put his own flourish on it and it took the crowd out of it because they couldn't join in.
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    he did fine. embrace change.
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    Honestly, I'm just looking for a team that's playing consistently better hockey. I am okay with some lapses as long as we see potential from the kids and a return to effectiveness from the veterans. If they're possessing the puck more and breaking out from the defensive zone better and not running around on defense like proverbial headless chickens, I'll be happy, even if they're losing more than they're winning. I always hope for the playoffs, and this year's no exception, but my expectations for this team are pretty low. I'll be happy with progress.
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    Kase should do great under Eakins system. 30+ goals
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    You'd make a great GM... Count me in for Byfuglien. But in pro sports, that stuff probably happens more than we would ever know and they just have to suck it up and play.
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    Ducks will be great this season. Your read it here first. Go Ducks. Playoffs are a lock. From there on, who knows.
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    Comtois has apparently made the opening night roster, per Renaud Lavoie.
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    Honestly, GMBM should just trade Rowney for whatever he can get for him (5th?) and just give that 12/13 forward spot to Sherwood for the season. Otherwise we’re looking at possibly losing Sherwood and/or Sprong from waivers at some point this season. I like Rowney, but there’s no reason to keep a 30-year-old Rowney over younger guys whose rights the team can control for several more years.
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    As I mentioned in a different thread, I'd pick up Alex Petrovic.
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    Wow, the Ducks dodged a huge bullet there. Faulk is barely worth that now. No chance he's worth it in three or four years. Thanks for sparing us, Justin.
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    I actually just made a very similar request with a girl i'm dating!
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    pLAYED better in front of the rookie than mILLER. hOPE this isn’t a sign of the future.
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    We actually played fairly well in the second. The third was kind of a toss up. During the first period I had a bad feeling this might be what we get during the regular season and that it was going to be a long one! But I'm glad the boys were able to come back and win. Nothing too spectacular though. Hakanpaa stood out in that he had a couple of penalties and was responsible for one of the goals against. Henrique was noticable. Our defense was falling over quite a bit. It's preseason, kinda hard to tell if this team is any good yet. Just glad hockey is back!
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    3-2 ! Snipe by Henrique from the slot! Deslaurie and Henrique both In great scoring spots when the puck found them
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    We would have been a great trade partner last season before we lost Montour...now, we are in real need of defense lol
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    I don't understand this take. Of course Bob should be upset that private discussions were leaked to the media. It's unethical. I also don't understand how Bob was "played." Carolina is obviously okay with torpedoing a business relationship in order to gain leverage, but this didn't really hurt the Ducks at all. They were still at the mercy of Faulk waiving his NTC and signing an extension.
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    Agreed. I don't know where Jones and Sprong played today, but add in a 4th line of maybe Jones-Rowney-Sprong to those three lines and that's a four-line starting unit that makes me excited for the season to start.
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    Apparently camp opens with Rakell-Steel-Silfverberg and Ritchie-Getzlaf-Terry doing drills together.
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    Nice gimme this now. Laine is gonna be a monster once he grows out of his video games + pizza + mountain dew all night phase. He basically half-assed the entire season and still ended up with 30 goals. That's already better than anything we've got and he's not even close to reaching his full potential. A trade might be the kick in the butt he needs. If history is any indication, we should be rubbing our hands together in anticipation anytime Winnipeg is thinking about giving up a Finnish goal scoring prodigy.
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    I can't remember a longer offseason. Certainly doesn't help that the team hasn't played what felt like a meaningful game since December 2018. Side note but the NHL should begin the season in early/mid September seeing as how they'll never reduce the number of games in a season. The Stanley Cup Final running until the middle of June never really made any sense. That only started happening once they expanded the league in the 90s. Opening in September means they no longer have to compete with the World Series at the start of the season, and the NBA Finals at the end of the playoffs. It also gives the NHL its own unique time slot in the calendar. Imagine how much more attention the always bonkers first round of the playoffs would get if it began in March instead of April alongside MLB opening night and the NBA playoffs.
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    No kidding. Also, as critical as I've been of BM over the last year or so, it's going to be stupid when he gets called out for not beating that. This is a perfect deal for Shattenkirk. He's not hurting for money since he gets paid his buy out. He gets to stay on the East Coast. He gets to play for a team that will likely compete for a Cup. He gets to play in a system that will allow him to rehabilitate his reputation and garner a better long-term contract after this year. Maybe he could have gotten a little higher pay day, but he's essentially betting on himself with this deal in a place that's most likely to make that bet pay off. And in the worst case, he got paid enough in his Rangers contract that he could retire after this season and not hurt for money for the rest of his life.
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