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    37 Points, Last In Conference, and on pace for 74 total. Good Times! No real complaints. About what I had expected. When your team essentially consists of Getzlaf, Silfverberg, Henrique & Gibson, you're not going to win most games.
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    It feels like the ducks are the Samueli’s write off be honest with yourself. Medioker coach horrible GM, the executives, do not care, and we the fans suffer THEY DO NOT WANT TO WIN.
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    I can't even.... the Ducks finished with 80 points after having winless streaks of 12, 7 & 7 games and playing the worst hockey under Carlyle that I've ever seen. And yet, they're currently on pace to finish with only 74 points. I get the lowered expectations for this season with a lot of rooks in the lineup, but how is this even happening? How can anyone look at this current roster and say, "oh yeah, that team is 6 points worse than the 2018-19 Ducks."???
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    Agreed. I'm honestly not sure what everyone was expecting? We are in a rebuild and after every loss people are calling for BM's head, calling for every player to be traded. You have to look at the bigger picture.
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    I find the team a thousand times more entertaining to watch than the team from last year. I kept my expectations low (what happens when a team is going through a rebuild), so they've not disappointed. Sure, there's games that get frustrating, but that's what happens with a kid laden lineup.
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    Of course there would be more interest in a new franchise vs one over 25 years old. That's a no brainer. And the last time I looked, arena wasn't "empty." They're averaging over 16K per game for a team that's REBUILDING/RETOOLING. Some people just see the glass as half empty. I get it. I am an original SSH, and am still one (full season too, no mini plans for me) to this day. Have loved the team since day one, and still do. I just realize there's going to be down yearS. I'm sure your interest will peak again when they start winning. And the 16K average will go up too with winning. There's a name for such fans, but it's Christmas, so I'll leave it at that. Kids are playing hard. We're only 3 games under .500 and that's with another year of injuries. Personally I like the smaller crowds. Easier to park and shorter concession lines. MERRY CHRISTMAS.
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    After seeing the list of NHL points leaders and noting how young some of them are (e.g. Petterson with over a PPG at age 21, Paternak with insane production at age 23) I want to see the Ducks’ young forwards start to produce in the 2nd half. Terry, Steel, Comtois, Ritchie, Kase, and Sprong are all below their scoring pace from last season and Jones is has about the same anemic pace. I don’t want to hear excuses about how young they are and that we need to be patient. There are plenty of other young players producing and it’s supposed to be a young man’s game now.
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    Good question. I would think we're the home team, and as such normal set up rules. Rosters are up! Team USA Orange County's own Annie Pankowski is rostered along with practice Duck Hilary Knight. 7 Olympians on D, and some solid young talent up front. Hockey Canada Canadians are bringing some beastly talent, including the entire D corps from the 2018 Olympics, and one hell of a tendy trio.
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    Obviously other teams in the league have different views on quality of the product. I read the article about GG's firing and it seems it performance driven - that GM wants success. The ducks, not so much. At all... Rebuilding is fine. It's probably a good thing and is time. The problem is the coaching in my opinion will not create a successful environment for the young kids to thrive and learn the game. Everything is "close enough". Even the AT&T commercial says that Just okay is never just Okay... My only option is to root for the team and have zero expectations of a good product on the ice. That sucks.
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    I think I would much rather have Gallant behind the bench over Eakins but that's not going to happen. His name sounds French so watch Montréal fire Julien for him.
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    I am not sure I understand the strategy or direction of the team. We thought they were overloaded with young defensemen, yet the defense is mediocre at best. We thought they had drafted young forward talent, yet none of them really stand out. I think it’s time for a complete shake-up. Fire Murray and Eakins. Bring in a new GM and hire Laviolette.
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    Nah it's been part of their culture as an organization since Trotz ran the show. Remember Ribeiro, Tootoo, Erat, and a bunch of other guys whose names are escaping me at the moment cause they were literally the most boring hockey team on the planet a decade ago? I bet it manages to get even worse now considering the players they call their leaders.
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    Perds coach canned! I wonder if the Ducks had anything to do with this? https://russianmachineneverbreaks.com/2020/01/06/nashville-predators-fire-peter-laviolette-no-replacement-named/
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    Thanks for the reminder. I actually forgot that they had a podcast, so I'll have to give it a listen. On a side note, I was listening to the Spittin' Chiclets podcast and they had Brian Burke on, who naturally talked about his time as the Ducks GM. He's a great interview and one of the biggest surprises was the reason why he sent Getzlaf and Perry to the AHL in their first pro seasons. It was not because of their play but rather he didn't want them being around Sergei Federov, who he said had checked out on winning hockey games in Anaheim. He felt it would be detrimental for them to learn and develop with a guy like him in the locker room. So, he traded him to Columbus (we got Beauchemin!) and then he brought the Twins back up and the rest is history. I really hope that there are is no Federov in the Ducks locker room now lol
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    What's a goal horn? Ha Ha I thought it was for the other teams... They should start sounding the goal horn every time the ducks make a clean entry out of their zone...
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    I don't know. I'm sure there is a reason Manson is wearing the 'A'. He's obviously a leader and well respected in the locker room. There's a lot more to the team dynamic than what we see in public.
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    One thing you can say about the kids is they’re noticeable. They’re trying pretty hard. Like to see the hard work.
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    What chances did he get? He played only 18 games for the Ducks before being traded, and was buried on the center depth chart behind Getzlaf, Kesler, Rakell and Nate Thompson for that entire stretch. It was also his first season playing on the smaller North American rink since the club had kept him in Sweden until the last 9 games of the Admirals’ season in 2014. As far as not producing, he had 2G/1A in his 18 games. Rakell had 0G/2A in his first 18 NHL games. Ritchie had 0G/1A in his first 18. Terry had 1G/1A in his first 18. Even Corey Perry scored only one goal in his first 18 NHL games. 18 NHL games is not really a chance to show much of anything about what kind of NHL you will be.
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    AND 2 norris-trophy winning defensemen that compliment each other... sigh...that 2007 team...just....man we were spoiled.
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    I guess my position on rebuilds is that there’s a sweet spot. You sell of everyone for magic beans and they never sprout you’re the Oilers. You constantly put off rebuilding and flip your roster you’re somewhere in the Wild territory. I really don’t want to see BM absolutely strip this team. Our core isn’t that bad, when I look at Detroit. I understand why they dismantled everything, they didn’t have a stable core of players and had to get one via draft. We have a pretty good Top 4 D, Getzlaf still plays at a high level, Rakell, Silf, Henrique, and Gibson. Our issue is we have too many kids in the line up and that’s effected our ability to score on a consistent basis and defend. I don’t think we should be dismantling the entire team, we have a good amount of prospects that are shaping up to be decent, Zegras, Mahura is NHL ready. If we can add some 23-25 year old scoring talent to our Top 6 and like 2-3 of our kids pan out. I think we can be back in shape.
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    I know you didn’t just say that Gibson’s contract is bad....Gibson is still Gibson, he still keeps us in games, makes amazing stops consistently, and is young. Goalies don’t usually hit their prime until 28 and we have Gibson signed through is prime for 6.4 mill. That’s one of the best goaltender contracts out there. He’s behind an awful defense and a team in transition. We’re also getting our moneys worth out of Fowler this year. Lindholm might be better defensively, by Fowler is by far our most important defensemen on the roster.
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    who cares the ASG? better our injury-proned players stay out of that...
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    Yes, firmly believed that Perry was going to be gone if he could not or would not improve his mobility and scoring chances. It might have been a retirement, that was my thinking. But his play was abysmal due to the beating that the NHL and refs allowed him to take night after night. Getz is a completely different story. It is difficult to believe that you don't see that.
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    Who knows only one that will decide Getzlaf's Tenure with the Ducks is Getz himself. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    I’m fine with that. Adding Anderson/Wennberg or maybe both could be huge. I’d really like to see a move like this. Wonder of BM has the stones to do what a couple of GMs have done to him. Take a chance on a young under performing kid and turn him into a legitimate player.
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    Some guys I think could make some interesting trade targets. Erik Gustafsson: Had an amazing 2017/2018 year and cooled off a bit, but have heard some rumblings. 27 years old, maybe a bit older than than we want to shoot, but could round out our D core, also if we trade Manson well need another Dman. Sam Bennett: could be had for cheap, only 23, has had a relatively disappointing career. Perhaps a change of scenery could unlock that potential. Don’t know if Calgary trades in division, but interesting name. Josh Anderson: Had 27 glad and 47 pts in 17/18. Big body, Total Murray type kid, but 25 years old and looks to be around a 20-25 goal kind of guy. Shayne Gostisbehere: Im surprised how fast Philly has turned on this guy. He’s been a perennial 30/40pt guy and 60pt potential. Has been having a really rough year, but he’s a great skater and puck mover PP QB.
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    Would not hurt if our Ducks get Both Kapanen and Nylander. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    When I first heard about the canning, all of five minutes ago. I immediately texted my friend (Kings fan), "I call dibs on Gallant!"
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    LOL. now Bieksa is tweeting that Kassian is on their next podcast.
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    Absolutely baffled. They also hired Deboer?????? Jack Adams winner a year and a half a go. I don’t get it. Has to be something behind the scenes?
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    NHL on NBC Sports put this on their facebook (I don't know if I can embed the video), but it shows the NHL teams with the most points through the decade. The Ducks stay fairly consistent in the top 10, while some early decade power houses drop out near the end.
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    Interesting note from the beginning of Episode 6.... Kesler says he's on schedule to start skating soon. Don't know if that means just recreational skating for fun with his kids or actual hockey training. They also had Bernier on as the guest and they talk a little about the Cup run in 2017, which was interesting. Overall not the best episode I've listened to though.
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    Everybody knows what a complete disaster last season was. During the off season, BM wisely chooses to pay off Perry to go away, learns that Ryan Kesler will get paid several Million to do funny online videos, and that another $3,000,000+ will go to his $1,000,000/Game player, Patrick Eaves. Nobody of any significance gets signed during the off season. He hires a good minor league coach.....but a minor league coach with very little NHL head coaching experience. Not that there is much Mr. Eakins can do with what he's been given. And as it stands, there is a decent chance the Ducks will finish with less points than last season(80.) Which of course was a disaster.
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    So CBJ just scored two goals late in the second. The first was a controversial goal that led to the second on a PP. The first should have never happened. Hear me out here. @NHL @NHLNetwork @AnaheimDucks #CBJvsANA The first goal should have been offsides as the refs only saw that lindholm pushed the puck over the line to theoretically make it onsides. What the refs did not see, was that before that, the CBJ player, after going over the blue line, touched the puck, making him offsides and ending the given play offsides. This would have eliminated the goal as well as the PP to come (if the refs knew the rules). #CBJvsANA
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    It's his 3rd suspension i believe. That was the major factor i'm guessing. Moreso than the fact that Ellis was hurt.
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    Agreed. That was one of the worst we've seen since the last few days of Carlyle. Terrible effort IMO. And not from the kids, but from the veterans. Go back and isolate Getzlaf on the Richardson goal. He has fresh legs coming off the bench and he absolutely loafs it back into the D-zone. https://www.nhl.com/video/richardson-nets-set-up-by-fischer/t-311592134/c-4952136 That stuff was going on all night long from the vets, and is actually a carry-over from the poor effort we saw earlier in the week against Vegas and Philly. If this was a one-off in a series of otherwise solid efforts, I would say "flush it and move on to Nashville." But the lack of effort is becoming a growing concern. There's something wrong inside that locker room.
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    I was just thinking about this last night during the game. I love Manson, but IMO he hasn't played all that well for us since Yawney was let go. There's also something really wrong with the Ducks' defensive structure. The forwards and defensemen are clearly not trusting each other right now to be in the right spot and do the right thing. Three of the four goals last night were simply blown assignments (the fourth being Larsson puck-watching again instead of getting a stick on his man). Regardless of the re-tool/re-build/whateveritis, this current stretch of play is not good for the kids' development. The coaching staff needs to figure out a way to get everyone back on the same page in the D-zone. Right now they look terribly unorganized and disinterested back there. Soft goals aside, Gibby has every right to be piddleed with the way they are currently playing in front of him. Also, Silf and Manson were both given an "A" at the start of the season. Silf has totally earned it. I couldn't be happier with Silf's effort this season. He should be the front runner for the next "C" after Getzlaf retires IMO.
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    This is SAD! the GM, BM is enjoying a fat paycheck and has no hockey sense. He did the same job in Chicago once he was fired they got three cups.
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    I watched USA at Juniors world Championsship only because of him. By the way he ends with the same stats as in the U18, 5 games and 9 assists. i like a lot what I saw He definitely must add muscle (normally) and must be better in the defensive zone. He looks lost in the defense. Offense he sometimes try too much. At the moment he isn’t NHL-ready.
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    Effort is there and with great Focus it will pay off for them as they learn what it means to wear the Ducks D and contribute to the Ducks as a whole. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    wasn't into him the first few games... now i feel the same as you posted. actually have been very happy with him.
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    Zegras with 4 assists so far against Germany and while playing on the 4th line. Time to rev up the hype train some more! That’s Turcotte, who’s extremely good and who we’ll have to deal with for the next dozen years
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    Yeah, I like his upside and that he can create and make plays in so many ways. The play he made against Canada yesterday are the ones that get you excited about his future. It’s more likely than not that there’s no one in the current crop of players that’s going to be the next Getzlaf or marquee player. Zegras has the most talent to possibly do it but that is still a couple of seasons out before it hopefully happens. The Ducks drafted in top 10 for first time in 5 years. Getting star players at where they have drafted is very rare. That said, the young guys still can develop into decent/good NHL players, which we do need. Let’s wait a season or two longer to see how things go. if you want to get a star player then you’ll likely need to get more high draft picks and accumulate more picks to hopefully draft one. Trading Rakell or Lindholm would certainly help in that area but I doubt that is one anyone’s radar right now.
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    Zegras is having a pretty good season and is second amongst freshman in pts/per game. BU hasn't been very good and had a real bad streak for about 4-5 games where they couldn't score. He also got suspended for a game for a check to the head. The WJC is going to be a much bigger and better stage for him to showcase his ability, so I hope that he stands out. From what I've been able to follow, he's pretty much as described before the draft in that his playmaking and passing ability that makes him so dangerous. He's a setup guy first and foremost but still has an ok scoring touch. What's interesting is that he leads BU in penalty minutes so it looks like he plays with more of an edge than I thought. If he can keep up his level of play then I think he's a one-and done and will get some games in with the Ducks at the tail end of the season. Unfortunately, you usually get most of your star/key players by being bad and drafting very high. The Ducks started the process of getting a hopeful future core player in Zegras last year and I hope they add an even higher end talent in June. It's going to be a minute before things start turning around.
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    good. they were dumb to bring in karlsson...and they lost pavelski for it. they already had a player like him in Burns...Karlsson wasn't actually going to help much. They needed a defensive defenseman. They needed a Pronger to their Neidermayer...or...their Neidermayer to their Pronger lol... also, while yes they technically made it to the conference finals last playoffs...that was more fluke than anything. They were a first round exit team disguised as a conference finals team by a terrible call combined with the Knights collapsing. And their "2 wins" against the eventual cup champs really should have been only 1 thanks to a terrible non-call on the hand pass. It's unfortunate that Doug Wilson wasn't able to realistically look at his team and understand what was missing. He went after big names like Tavares and Karlsson when they weren't lacking scoring or offensive defensemen...they needed better defense and goaltending. They've needed that for a while. And good leadership.
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    For about a month already I’ve been thinking that tanking is prob what Bobs intention is. He knows there is not just one but a couple of good centers to be had in a very deep draft this season. We NEED to get a stud center prospect now to begin his tutelage as the future Getz replacement as we currently don’t have one right now. Getz prob has a max of 3 more years as a good player, so this dovetails nicely with getting a good center this summer to train in the meantime. This explains why RC is still around, heck RC is prob in on it too since this is his last season of coaching so what does he care. The deal is that RC will be takin care of after this season regardless of how this season ends anyways. Additonally, Bob trading out the hardest worker on the team (Cogs) added insurance that team morale would collapse further. Bob might be realizing that this season is the best season to tank after considering all the injuries the team had while it floundered around a bit. He knows that we have a handful of good young talent coming next year too. This along with a new coach that is doing very well this year in the AHL makes it easier to sell the covert plan to the owners to stick with suffering temporarily while he gets the opportunity to “”Quickly”” retool this team for the long term. If this is indeed the reasons why we have kept RC then I’m all in for it. Now, don’t get me wrong, if we had a dismal future with weak prospects and if most all our players were bad then the prospect of looking forward to next year wouldn’t be such consolation for tanking this year. And so I would be upset. BUT I think we have a solid future starting just next year and getting a hot center prospect this summer only makes things more golden!!
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    Suspended 5 games. Guess we'll look forward to an April Fools Day reunion instead.
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    It's too early for the bolded. They're young. They're learning. The problem is that they are being forced into roles they are not ready for, and that's how you hurt a player's long-term development. Fowler is the perfect example of a player that had an exceptionally high ceiling but was forced to play a bigger role than he was ready for, and as a result he never could meet his full potential. IMO GMBM and Eakins are doing the same thing to several of the kids (Steel and Terry in particular) by expecting them to carry too much of a burden this season. So when the wins don't come and the mood in the room turns sour from too many losses (which it now seems to be), these kids are going to feel more heat and pressure than they should. It's not their fault the Ducks aren't winning, but the coaches and management are putting them in positions where they will feel like it's their fault that the whole team isn't executing the system properly and having success. That's not good for their confidence or their development.
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