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    Before I share my response, I will note that this thread should probably be shut down before things get ugly. However, since the whole point of kneeling for the anthem is to communicate dissatisfaction with certain elements of our current society, I think it would be poor form simply to bow out. I, for one, completely support players protesting police brutality against minorities by kneeling for the anthem. It has nothing to do with disrespect for the troops or even the flag itself. The protest is not about that. It's about letting people know that they can't fully support a country that won't deal justly with violence perpetrated against a group of people. It's a peaceful protest that has a powerful message and will hopefully (sooner rather than later) lead to change being enacted that will curb authoritative violence against African Americans. Personally, I have a lot of respect for the police and think they have one of the most difficult jobs in the country. However, there are many officers who have acted in an inappropriately brutal manner, and it has cost lives both directly and indirectly. I am completely on board with the movement to find a way to eliminate this in the future as much as possible. If hockey players want to get involved in that protest, I'm with them 100%. If the league mandates that they CAN'T kneel for the anthem, then it's lost me as a fan.
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    I think a little more patience is due... they're 2-1-1 that's tracking for a 104 point season. Personally I think Anaheim's injury issues is a blessing in disguise. They were a better team than Nashville just too banged up. Kesler playing just 40 games could be huge in the playoffs... and Lindholm and Vatanen sitting now means Montour and Manson both get the ice time they need to take the next step. Rakell gets to play in the pivot and the team will lean on S33 to score more. All good things come the playoffs.
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    In my book, Cogliano is not replaceable. He's that depth heart and soul player every team loves. Sure, you could replace his points but he's the type of player you sign and don't think twice about. Wagner on the other hand, you could find plenty of fourth line energy types but I actually like the guy. Hope he's retained. Kase, Montour and Ritchie are all RFA's. No real rush. Unless one of them goes insane and has an incredible break out season and demands Draisaitl money next summer. But I don't see that happening.
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    Fire fighters.....The truest heros who define what a hero is. Something that every single person can actually agree on with little to no argument.
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    We obviously have completely different views on this so I don't want to push the issue, but the point about their earnings is something I'm not sure is relevant - racists don't really care how much money you earn, and the effects of discrimination that somebody has been subject to their entire life doesn't just go away because you've suddenly got a bit of money. It's a point that really bugs me - like somehow these athletes don't get a say on any issues because they now have money. I don't know the specific's of Brown's life, but if he's been discriminated against by say, the police or other people in positions of power, how does the fact that he is paid a lot to play a game factor into that? Does having money make up for being treated as less of a person because of the way you look? Even if he hasn't been affected personally, I don't see why we would begrudge somebody that finally has some kind of standing in society for standing up for others when they get a chance to do so. You might say it's a bandwagon but I'm guessing they're doing it now because they haven't considered it to be an option in the past - I mean look at Kapernick, he cannot even get a job as a backup now and he was a starting QB. Why would a guy like Brown have done this in the past and risked being ostracized? At least now he has a chance of not negatively affecting his livelihood. Politics have always been a part of sports. Look at Jackie Robinson or Muhammad Ali breaking down barriers and taking a stand for what they believe in. This attitude that 'I don't want politics in my entertainment' so these guys should just be quiet, really cuts to the heart of the issue. There is division in America (and let's be honest, in other first world countries, just not to the same extent) but when it's brought up, a lot of people just want those speaking out to be quiet, or people want to stick their heads in the sand and pretend that there is no issue. The problem of division or minorities feeling oppressed isn't going to be solved by ignoring it.
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    While this is true, in how many other vocations are you forced to stand for the national anthem at the start of each day? Let's be honest, comparing professional athletes to regular employees in most contexts is ridiculous. I do think it's kind of sad to see this as just a guy looking for his '15 minutes of fame'. I mean, all of the consequences you speak of are a possibility for him, especially as a fringe player. Doesn't that tell you how important the issue is to these players? There seems to be more people calling our athletes trying to draw attention to issues than there are people calling out the leaders and politicians that are doing nothing about inequality that already exists, or indeed about the rife homelessness and suicide rates amongst veterans. Shouldn't the focus be on improving the country so that people wouldn't feel the need to protest in this way instead of silencing them?
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    Big difference is that you are not doing your job in front of thousands of fans who came to watch a game and not watch their flag and country get disrespected. They not only disrespect the flag and country but every American who lives in this great country. Its so easy for these millionaires to just take take 2 minutes out of their millionaire lives to just take a knee when they could actually be making a difference doing something more constructive and impactful towards their "cause". Its the venue that they are doing it in and shoving it into the faces of their investors that is superbly annoying. If they really cared you would be seeing them at a rally or at their community giving back and building their community by teaching them know to respect this country. To read and get an education or be focused on a career or family. And most importantly be upstanding citizens who respect others and the law. Yeah we hear about crummy cops who go overboard but there are many more times (even on camera) where the cop is doing the best they can while dealing with people who are confrontational and have no respect for laws My entire family (aunts, uncles, cousins) came from another country and taught us to be lawabiding good citizens. They came with absolutely nothing. And all of them are now successful. It's people like our family who were foreigners (not white) that thank this great country for its opportunities. Bless the United States and the flag which represents these freedoms for the citizens who want to work hard and make a difference.
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    If Ducks players decide to disrespect the flag and national anthem, I'll dump my season tickets and wont look back. It's entertainment, and I don't need to spend thousands of dollars per season in something I find offensive. There are plenty of ways to engage in supporting your community without disrespecting the nation. In the NFL, most of these oppressed millionaires don't do anything to address the issues they are complaining about, during the season, or in the off-season. All talk, no action. After Krapernick's stunt, and the league's non response, it proved that sports league has lost all control. It's the league's failure to make the players (employees) stand which is the key issue. Freedom of speech under the first amendment is not applicable to employment. Go tell your professor or boss he's a $&@! and see what happens regardless of your first amendment speech protections.
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    Pucks n Ducks posted an article saying Cam was walking around without crutches, so that’s goodish news.
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    ^^ "I don't want to bore people on here with stats..." ... said no one ever on a hockey message board prior to just now.
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    If is was that important, WHY NOW? It's a bandwagon, and Brown jumped on, just like the Oakland As rookie catcher I'd never heard of. Like I keep saying, Free speech does not apply to employment. That's why Jamele got suspended. ESPN is a business. The NHL is business. If the actions of its employees hamper that business, I'd get rid of them. Most NHL fans (as are most NFL fans) are opposed to protest during the anthem. Hard to claim you oppressed when getting paid over $1M for playing a game. Sports are entertainment. I don't want politics in my entertainment. There is too much of that stuff already in our daily lives. The sports guys are getting to be as bad as the Hollyweirdos.
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    This could be due more to the fact that Theo is the only defenseman on an ELC than his play, which means he can be sent down/called up at any time. This way the defenseman on the roster do not have to be exposed to waivers and if they play well can be traded for further assets, which Vegas should want.
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    Send Shaw and Holzer to a lab where their bodies are sacrificed to rejuvenate both Selanne and Visnovsky. Pray nobody notices when they both finish with 70+ points. We drink. Problem solved.
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    Yeah Kunitz for Whitney was trash but can we all take a moment to appreciate how Douglas Murray tier awful of a trade Whitney for Visnovsky was for Edmonton? Lubo would've won the Norris that year if today's standards for the trophy were around back in 2011. I wish the real Oilers would come back soon.
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    Barry Melrose has us picked to win the West and possibly get the SC. He was correct in 2007 - lets hope he is right again. !!
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    Just as an aside, I really wish the word 'snowflake' would die. It must be the most overused word in the English language in 2017.
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    I respect your opinion and agree with much of what you say. I feel like this has been a good exchange, so I'll just add one last thing. I absolutely think those who engage in this debate and are meaningfully affected by it should donate time and resources where appropriate in order to effect change. For professional athletes, one of their greatest resources is visibility to the public. And so by them taking this action, they're advertising their position so that others can see it and get involved. These guys aren't taking anything for granted - precisely the opposite. They're using their privilege to communicate something that they think is unjust. And in at least one case (Kaepernick), it's possibly cost him his career. I don't think I'd call these guys heroes or anything like that. But they're peacefully trying to make a point in a way that can stir conversation about an controversial and important issue. I think that's admirable in this day and age when so many of these things devolve into pointless shouting matches or violent outbursts. They're trying to make the country a better place, which is the kind of patriotism I can get behind. I appreciate that we can have differing viewpoints and keep it civil. Thank you for the conversation.
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    This won't end well.
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    That was the Kings "C" team... the "B" team is in China and the "A" team is in 2014
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    RC confirmed both Getz and Lindholm are in the lineup tomorrow.
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    20 yr old overager playing his 1st year in the Q with absolutely no future in the game, takes out a kid whose future was shining brightly. POS! 15 game suspension.....really? How about throwing his useless butt out of the league? In any other setting, that would be assault. The punk should be brought up on charges. At minimum, a lawsuit needs to be filed. Sorry for venting but just furious right now.
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    I just can't agree to the word "extremely". We have very high expectations, so we can overreact at times, which is fine. We need to use reality to pull us back down to earth. A team that is "extremely inconsistent" doesn't make the conference finals. I'm sorry they just don't. Inconsistent? Sure. Any team that doesn't win the Cup is to a degree, but the degree lessens the closer you get to said Cup. The extremes that exist presently are not related. It'd be nice to see the lower centers step up, but they haven't, which is why they're lower centers. Opponents are able to match us up to an extreme degree, and it shows. Occasionally we've had a nice period or so during a game, but that is the exception. It is not the norm that they aren't otherwise living up to.
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    And Vegas was now added to Eaves list of teams he can't be traded to
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    You guys do realize Coach and at least Beauch were part of the evacuation, right? That's a lot to cope with, regardless of professional or not. They should bounce back this evening.
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    That's it, I'm going to Vegas sunday to see Bruins/Knights
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    This is an oversimplification of the issues at hand, which have to do with the legacy of institutional racism and how that legacy still affects the way minorities are treated by those in power, including the police force. Sure, some players may be bringing personal experiences of racism into their decision on whether or not to show some sort of form of protest, but the issue is much larger than that. And it's certainly much larger than whether or not a majority of people in the U.S. are personally overtly racist; electing a black president is great, but it by no means indicates that racism and its effects have been eliminated.
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    This is a good point. Since I've lived in Canada I've been learning about how the indigenous people here have been treated - it really is quite disgusting and a black mark on a country that is supposedly known for their kindness.
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    I want to chime in on the Cogliano sentiment - he is very very important to this franchise. From his affinity for canines influencing teammates to his Ironman status and fitness work ethic, he's much more off the ice than his on-ice stats suggest. Cogs is a golden nugget wrapped into an iron sheet. For years, Anaheim has a "thing" going on where certain players just fit and some people just don't. Selanne is one example, he was Legendary here, average-to-good Finnish forward everyplace else in the NHL. And while Carl Hagelin had ridiculous speed much like Cogliano, something didn't click for him with Anaheim and he was traded away and now I am very very happy that he has a Cup Ring - he deserves it. The thing is, some players work with Anaheim, some don't. This may sound ridiculous and fairy-tale like nonsense, but it's a thing we got going, and I believe even Bob tries once in a while to play along with it. Being a small-market hated-by-everyone team as it is, we have a certain kind of reputation among the league fans, experts, tv and media personalities, and, most importantly, league players. Old mercenaries like Ryan Miller notwithstanding for the obvious reason of their deal being convenient to them, people actually put us on their "never wanna be traded there" lists. So if a player with SPEED TM like Cogliano has and we badly need wants to be a part of this team's core, a silent lead-by-example persona, we should hold on to him even if overpaying a bit. Sure, Fowler may have been a bit overpaid, but he's 100% a homegrown product and he advocates for the team and the franchise in general. This is the best kind of player, and it will affect the performance. Again, the Miller example - if he gets disgruntled any time during this year - he can just bail out and be a veteran backup someplace else. But people like Getz, Perry, Fowler and Cogs, people loyal to the organization and not a complete liability on the ice, are worth their contracts and some extra. You can say Cogliano frequently can't hit the broad side of a Walmart, but his game is not about laser shots and smothering shutdown defense. He's an unstoppable engine, a sparkplug, the original one, to whom we are comparing Kase to now. We need this kind of player because he is versatile, dependable, very durable and is a fixture in the locker room. His hometown is Toronto and I dread the chance we might let him go to that Matthews kingdom on the rise. Cogs is a cog that fits in perfectly, no need to throw such a piece away.
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    Why would it? He plays for a Canadian coach, a Canadian GM, and he has more Russian teammates than American ones. If he really wants to be brave, try kneeling for the Canadian anthem the next time they play at the Air Canada Centre in protest of ongoing racism towards Canada's indigenous peoples.
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    It's a pretty brave move from a guy that isn't an everyday player.
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    Good for JT Brown and shame on the people who are sending him death threats. That is completely ridiculous.
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    Neal gets a 2nd GWG. Predators get shut out. Suck it Preds! You too Neal.
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    Pens 3-peat off to a great start
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    Ugh. So Cogliano - Rakell - Silf is our top line. And then a lot of hope.
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    Game 1 of the season and I still haven’t gotten over my McDavid fatigue. If I never hear his name again it’ll be too soon .
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    Looks like I'll be watching the replay of the last 4 minutes of game 5 vs EDM a few thousand times to keep me smiling until some of these guys get back in the lineup.
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    This is the rub when it comes to how strong a team's prospect pool is. It's harder for a consistent playoff team, let alone one that has made deeper playoff runs to have the best prospects. While we are in fine shape long-term on the blue-line and with Gibson in net, drafting the future forward core has been and is our biggest issue going forward. Murray started to try and address this by drafting all forwards, except for Eriksson Ek (Goalie), in this year's draft. Drafting at center is what I think the biggest priority should be. Without an elite center and depth at that position, you're not a contender let alone winning the Cup. The Ducks are a budget team, in a small market and have been more successful than all but maybe 5 franchises (Pittsburgh, Chicago, LA, Tampa Bay, NY Rangers) in the last 10 years. While we're all disappointed that they have not won another Cup, it's still pretty impressive what they have been able to do.
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    Just for the record, NFL players began protesting over a year ago and there was not an utterance from Mr Trump about it until recently. I am going to stay out of this thread except to say after 10 months of insanity and protests in this country, I/we do not want to have politics mixed with sports. Sports are my getaway. The candy store of the news pages and they should stay that way. I just want to go to a game, grab my beer, my bag of Popcornopolis, turn off my mind and enjoy an evening. Is that really too much to ask? Joel Ward was 100% correct in his assertion that he will be an activist but will do so in a more appropriate manner. Thank you, Joel.....I look forward to following you on social media and supporting you there. I'm oooot
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    They haven't even been to the conference finals, though, whereas we've been twice out of the last three years. And they're in a slightly different market and financial situation than the Ducks. AND they've got one of the top five goal scorers OF ALL TIME in his prime on that team. I understand the comparison, but I still think we as Duck fans have an awful lot to be happy about over the way the team has performed the last half dozen years or so.
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    I still have so many of Gary Thorne's calls in my head from the 90s and early 00s. Can't really say the same of current announcers. This list is awesome: https://syndication.bleacherreport.com/amp/1333824-22-of-the-most-memorable-calls-in-hockey-history.amp.html Though I can't believe the Kariya goal isn't on there.
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    Looks like Cramarossa was released by the Flames. Thought he had good ulility as a fourth liner. Would like to see him back in Anaheim or San Diego.
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    Dreadful. Bring back Thorne and Clement.
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    I was worried when I saw this thread title but kudos to everyone for having a civil discussion. One thing I can't really get my head around is the fact that Americans always seem to talk about how great the freedom is in the US, freedom is the most important thing, the troops overseas are fighting for freedom, etc. But when people inside the country exercise their right to protest, or to kneel or whatever, people say it's disrespectful. Honestly I don't think that exercising your right to protest in a free society should be viewed as disrespectful. It seems like a lot of the people who have a problem with this probably wouldn't have a problem if a bunch of players were kneeling to protest, say, abortion. But if they wanted to do that, that would be cool too. There also seems to be a lot of focus on disrespecting a flag, but I just read a recent article about how many veterans are homeless and the suicide rates among people that have come back from these wars - it just seems like a lot of people get more upset about disrespecting a flag than they do about what is happening to these brave men and women when they come home. In the end a flag is just a piece of fabric and an anthem is just a song. What they represent are the ideals of the country - which include a right to free speech and freedom to protest. Calling for people to be fired or vilifying them or whatever for exercising the rights that are represented by the flag seems a little backwards to me. It's the same reason I could care less what the Penguins or other teams do when it comes to visiting the White House. The great thing about living in a free society is that they are free to choose. This is coming from somebody outside the country looking in so hopefully I haven't offended anybody.
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    That's a very overly simplistic way of looking at things. Every year 29 of 30 teams don't win the Cup (this season it will be 30 of 31). There are also only 5 teams on that list after Anaheim, and they are all big market teams with a much bigger pool of cash to spend. By your logic nobody outside these 5 teams should get credit for anything. I don't know how you can be miserable supporting a team that is a contender almost every year. We are set to be a contender again this year while other teams that were contenders over the last decade take a step back (or have already done so, LOL Kings).
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    A million other ways to protest. Disrespecting flag and national anthem is not one. I for one am NOT watching anymore NFL. Figured we would have some of this disrespect permeate into hockey. Hopefully it doesn't get wide spread or I will turn the NHL off as well. I agree as well this thread should get shut down.
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    If I told my boss she's a jerk, I would expect to get fired because that would put a strain on our relationship that would make it difficult to work effectively together. If I told my boss that I disagree with the way the United States has ignored (at best) or implicitly condoned an issue of focused police brutality, I would expect her to say, "Huh. That's interesting. Do you have your reports done?" In other words, as long as my performance isn't affected and our relationship isn't affected, she would have no reason to let me go for expressing my opinion. I don't disagree with you that first amendment protections have limits - there are consequences to things we communicate - but this particular action shouldn't constitute a fireable offense. And as I stated above, this action is not about "disrespect[ing] the flag and national anthem." The flag and national anthem don't have feelings. One will continue waving away and the other will continue to be a great song that's really hard to sing. The kneeling is about bringing attention to a larger issue that affects a lot of people in this country.
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    Rakell's contract is actually crazy. He'd still be a bargain even if he doesn't score at a 40 goal pace again this year. It's hard to argue with Draisaitl and Pastranak getting paid for both being 70 point players at 21 years old but there's really no reason for guys like Granlund, Niederreiter, Wennberg, & Horvat to be making so much more than Ricky. Also, on what planet is Ryan Johansen worth the same amount of money as Ryan Getzlaf cause it sure as hell isn't Earth. Yikes.
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    That's so hard to watch, yeesh. You can even see that useless goon's own teammate reaching out to try and stop him from pummelling a defenceless player. If you wanna give that clown the benefit of the doubt and say he didn't know the helmet came off, that sort of behaviour still has no place in the sport.
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    I think there's a very large percent of people in the US, and I'd assume the rest of the world too as I suspect this is a human condition vs. a cultural one, whom approach life through the prism of their own agenda. It's not important to these people to logically follow their own personal philosophy in every situation they face; instead, people walk through life with an agenda and they bend reality to fit that agenda. To put it simply - people are hypocrites. The best example of this is the fact that a lot of the people who are offended over the supposed disrespect to the country/military with these protests are the same people who didn't get offended when Trump attacked John McCain's service in Vietnam and other members of the military while he was on the campaign trail. A lot of these people don't care about putting the time/effort into considering what the protests are actually about. They would rather tell these people why their method of protest is wrong and to figure something else out - not because they actually care, but because they would rather the whole thing go away because it personally annoys them. I think it's naive to believe that a lot of these offended people are thinking, "Oh boy, I REALLY want society to listen to what you have to say...but... I can't do that until you protest in a proper matter." It's just another opportunity for some of these people to participate in outrage culture to suit their own agenda. I think the sad thing is I don't think most of these people are consciously connecting all these dots; I don't think the majority of the offended people are bad people or anything. I think it is part of human nature to view the goings on in society through your own agenda even if it ultimately conflicts with what you actually believe in. A lot of people just don't seem to be as interested in fighting against that nature.
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    Bit of a stretch to call Kings players 'people'.
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