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    Ahhhhhh You wanted the Duck fan version? Round 1 Ducks in 4 Round 2 Ducks in 4 Round 3 Ducks in 4 SCF Ducks in 4 Conn Smythe Nick Ritchie
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    The highlight of the night was while the Preds fans were chant you suck, Winnepeg scored. Instant silence. Priceless.
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    I'm a Murray supporter but if he's keeping RC then I want them both gone.
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    Rakell and Lindholm are world champions, congrats to both!
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    The Oilers would take that deal any day and they'd be laughing at us for years. Lucic has never been anywhere near the player that Perry is, and he's now a joke. He played every game this season and had 10 goals. In the second half of the season he had 9 points and 1 goal. He's slow and offers nothing. Oilers fans hate him more than they hate Perry.
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    Can we finally put to bed this silly notion that a loud crowd makes the difference between winning and losing. Winny won in Nash and Nash won in Winny. It makes for a fun atmosphere but in the end doesn't mean squadoosh.
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    Hahahahahahaha blownout 3 times in their own dumb building This is the best thing that could have happened I'm so happy right npw
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    Suck it Trashville.....
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    I hate the Preds more than I hate the Kings.
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    Im burned out on all the Perry hate personally. I mean if you are mad about his contract thats on the team, not him. Of course his numbers are gonna go down hes a human being. Getting older sucks and hes played a heavy heavy game and taken a freaking ton of punishment. You don't get out of that for free. Hes done so much for this team.
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    The amount of hindsight on this board is mindboggling. Wild Bill didn't perform on his few looks here, and then didn't perform on his new team. He performs several years later on a team filled with 2nd liners and it's suddenly a mistake.
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    I think there’s a few things people miss about the whole Karlsson & Ducks thing. First, Karlsson played two full seasons with CBJ (81 GP each season) and he underperformed even for what is expected of a 3rd line player. Second, if Karlsson put up the same kind of numbers in 2 years with us as he did with CBJ then there’s no way in hell the Ducks would have protected him. I can only fault Murray for the original trade for Wiz. Karlsson (as he was regarded then) and a 2nd + bourque (cap room space) was too much to pay for Wiz + 3rd. That’s a deadline price markup Murray decided to pay and it didn’t work out. CBJ management should be the ones everyone asks, “How the hell did they let a player like this go?” What changed at the end of his CBJ season in 2017 to have him playing as well as he did in October 2017 though 2018? If he ends up being a one year wonder then everyone will largely forget the whole thing, but Anaheim in this whole thing is years ago. The whole “one that got away” thing is far more applicable to CBJ than the Ducks.
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    In what way did Carlyle hold players accountable this year? They were one of the most penalized and undisciplined teams in the league this year which was put on glorious display in Game 3 against San Jose. I'm not sure how Nick Ritchie avoided being benched this year at least be relegated to the 4th line. Perry and Kesler didn't seem to have any reduced ice time when they were making mistakes and taking stupid penalties either. How about Bieksa? I didn't see much accountability on Carlyle's part which is one of the main reasons of why he was brought back. As far as the trusting of young/old players. Carlyle seems to play young players when it gets noticeably bad enough that he's got no other choice. Playing Welinski over Bieksa may have been because Bieksa was a) coming off surgery and b ) he was just so bad throughout the year and in Game 2 that he went back to Welinski who has a bit more of an offensive upside. He still played Jason Chimera over someone like Terry who has a much better offensive skillset. Same thing goes for Vermette. As far as Fowler goes, the Ducks were going through a rebuild on when they drafted him in 2010 and he was the first building block. It also helped that Fowler was undeniably good enough to go straight to the NHL. Even if he played Getzlaf and Perry more during their first seasons, it still seems like it's more of an exception than the rule. I'm not saying that every coach needs to be a players coach like Boudreau, but Carlyle's style is hurting player development then that is a huge problem. Combine that with his coaching philosophy, which was basically "Hey Gibby, Stand on Your Head" and it becomes much worse. You can't be some drill instructor, grinding coach and you have to get players to buy into what you're doing. Aren't those the reasons why he got ran out of Toronto? I'm not seeing enough of a difference now. Shoot, Darryl Sutter won two cups with Kings and got fired because the players turned on hum. So, I'm not sure how optimistic to be about a coach who doesn't play his fourth, to suddenly start playing and relying on it more. He seems pretty set in his ways. Also, the Hagelin thing was so weird because he barely lasted half a season after signing a 4-deal which seems like an awfully short period of time to make that kind of a judgment call. Matt Beleskey at least got two years in Boston haha and if I recall, Hagelin had actually been starting to gel right when he got traded to Pittsburgh. I guess this brings me to Murray, because this is on him more than Carlyle. Murray waited over two months after trading Vatanen before calling up Pettersson because he and Carlyle trusted Bieksa and Beauchemin to log those minutes effectively. He brought in Kelly and Chimera and got rid of Wagner and didn't play JT Brown until it became painfully obvious how ineffective Kelly was. He also hasn't evolved with the game and this season may have finally realize that. I just wish that he would take responsibility for his decisions and the roster construction. You're absolutely right that he's got to put up because he's on notice more than he ever has been.
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    I, too, would like to close my eyes, wish really hard, and have my 12-year-old Corolla turn into a brand new Porsche, but I don't think that's going to happen. It certainly hasn't happened yet...
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    I know some may feel this may belong in some other section. But, news is slow this time of year, so thought it would be fun to put in the main section. Did you all know that Sam Steel's family has a pretty awesome outdoor rink, even with heated dressing rooms? I'm hoping Sam makes the team this upcoming season so, if for nothing else, the Ducks can practice on his family's awesome outdoor rink when they play the Oilers this next season--if they want a nice break to get away from it all. (Rink is in Edmonton.) Speaking of Sam, think he will make the team this upcoming season? Or think Troy Terry or even Max Jones has a better chance? Check out Sam's cool rink:
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    Thing is I don’t really think Vegas has any special stand out players that other teams don’t. In fact they are beating other teams with more talent. To me it’s clear that they are really well coached. The strategies that Gallant deploys and emphasizes embraces the “new NHL” today with the relentless attack and speed. They hardly waste periods away by sitting back. This combined with having players playing with a chip on their shoulders and a goalie that sits on his head; they are going to keep rolling as far as they can take it. But next year they should fall back to earth a bit still being a good team but not as good as this season.
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    Dear Pekka, The Presidents Trophy is not a championship....
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    The first commercial post final whistle "I'm Ryan Johansen of the Nashville Predators, it's on." LOL.
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    Forsberg throws in another dive for good measure.
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    Being able to avoid losing Manson or Silf AND shed that contract should buy BM another GM of the year alone. Can't believe we still criticize that one.
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    At this point it is pretty much an "ABPP situation." Anyone But Penguins or Predators.
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    You know what’s crazy? He’s said that same comment multiple times this entire season. I think even last season too. The Ducks have had one of, if not the biggest discrepancies in PK/PP’s in the league for a long time now. I know the Ducks TV broadcast have brought this up a number of times over the years. The officiating had been especially bad league-wide this year, but for whatever reason the Ducks always seem to get it worse than nearly everyone else.
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    I wouldn't mind this. Anyone but Nashville.
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    This is completely false. 1. Prior to April 2014, when he joined the Admirals after his season in Sweden ended, Karlsson had played his entire hockey career on European ice. He then made the Ducks opening day roster in October 2014 as a 21-year-old with only 9 games of AHL experience and one training camp on North American ice under his belt. He clearly performed well enough to impress Bob Murray into keeping him with the Big Club on opening day, and for another 16 games during October/November. 2. Karlsson then stormed out of the gate by scoring 2 goals (including the GWG) and being named the 1st star of the game in his second NHL game. 3. Karlsson was sent down to Norfolk after 16 games to work on a few things in his game after scoring a total of 2G/1A. Big deal. Know who else was sent down after a brief stint during their rookie year? Literally EVERY SINGLE Ducks forward since the 2004-05 lockout. Perry got 15 NHL games (1G/5A) and Getzlaf got 16 games (4G/3A) before being sent down in 2005. Bobby Ryan got 4 games (1G/0A) and then another 9 games (2G/2A) as he was bounced up and down in 2007-08. Palmieri got 10 games (1G/0A) in 2010 before being sent down. Rakell got 7 games (0G/1A) to start the 2013-14 season, and that was after a 4-game cup of coffee in January 2013 (0G/0A). Ritchie got 11 games (0G/1A) in 2015. To state that Karlsson did not perform based on his stats and being sent down is just a complete misrepresentation of how the Ducks choose to develop their young forwards. 4. Speaking of those 16 games, Karlsson was bounced around quite a bit in the lineup by Boudreau's line blending machine. For those of us that recall his start, he centered Cogs/Silf on a checking line, he played LW on a line with Getz/Perry, he centered Beleskey and DSP, he played LW on a line with Rakell and Silf, and he even centered DSP and Dany Heatley for a brief period. It was a new job and new line mates for him almost every game, but the kid was so versatile that he just took it in stride and kept working hard. That's one thing that struck me about Karlsson right away, was how hard the kid skated every single game, no matter what role he was playing. He was also clearly committed to playing a 200-foot game, even as a fresh-faced rookie learning to play on North American ice for the first time. Bottom line, he performed well enough to keep him with the Big Club for 16 games (a longer opening stint than everyone on that list above except for Getzlaf) before sending him down. It's absurd to suggest he didn't perform well. Regarding the comments about not performing with Columbus, that is also completely false. Torts basically decided to try to morph Karlsson into the next Sami Pahlsson (same size, Swedish, why not, right?), a role which Karlsson embraced and worked hard at. In two full seasons with Columbus playing the Pahlsson role, Karlsson put up 9G/11A and 6G/19A. Numbers that are basically right on par with Pahlsson's best seasons with the Ducks - 2005-06 (11G/10A) and 2006-07 (8G/18A). Sorry, but to say that he didn't perform for Columbus appears to me to be completely ignorant of the role he was asked to play. Finally, even if Karlsson was still a 20-25 point player to this day, that trade for Wisniewski still sucked the moment it happened, and plenty of us on this board expressed hatred for it at the time. Wiz was a turnstile at that point in his NHL career, and even came pre-broken (remember he couldn't even get on the ice in Anaheim right away because his specially-designed knee brace didn't make it on his flight). He also had an unmanageable cap hit. It was a terrible decision by Bob to bring him in at the time, especially at the expense of a rookie 2-way center (who was also a 2nd round pick), and it looks even worse now because of the way Karlsson has developed into a complete NHL center. Its a joke to say that hindsight is required to show that BM absolutely blew it with the Wiz-Karlsson trade. It sucked then. It sucks even more now.
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    Nashville had a 3-0 lead and end up losing 7-4 (2 empty net goals). Ovechkin gets the game winner with just over a minute left in the game. Pretty good day.
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    The locker room voted on it. Getzlaf won.
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    What to do, where to go? Simple. Dr. H. Samueli, please, use the King's 2017 syndrome. Take time from your busy day with your company & UCLA classes and analyze current situation with your hockey club & consider releasing GM BM & coach RC. Problem solved. BM after 10 years & his buddy RC accomplished very little. It's time to go a different direction with different management & coach. Anaheim Ducks have at least 5-7 great talent on the horizon & I'm afraid with this system & practices (someone always in the dog house) some might not survive. It took Babcock 2 years to clean up mess RC left behind. One more thing, with some magic applied, one of the fat cats, (preferably Perry) should be released, buy out , or ??? He is not contributing anymore & probably won't the balance of his term. His complete performance visably declined especially his speed. Some of the ice cleaning girls with a snow shovel are faster. These are the only logical things I can think of to regain system, discipline & integrity.
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    Murray threw some not-so-subtle shade at Perry with that comment. Essentially saying that Perry has become complacent and doesn't care about improving or adjusting his game and that it's been like that prior to this season. Not a real shocking observation given Perry's play over the last 2-3 seasons. So, we'll have our highest paid player/supposed team leader with an anchor contract who doesn't want to put the work in to adapting to a faster game and a coach who's simply incapable of adapting. Really makes me optimistic going into next season seeing that Murray is just going to re-arrange deck chairs.
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    2018 Fairway Faceoff
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    Anaheim Falling would get rid of the entire roster and management staff if they could.
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    Link to Sam Steel and the Regina Pats in the Memorial Cup. Live right now. http://www.hockeydabeast413.xyz/memorialcup2018.html
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    Other than owning a really nice house here (which he also has in London) what roots would prevent him from wanting to play for a different team? Perry is not the SoCal version of Shane Doan. And having friends on your team does not count as “roots.” There are guys all over the league who are friends with each other, even though they beat the crap out of each other on the ice. Heck, one of Perry’s closest friends in the league is Drew Doughty. Know why? Because they live down the street from each other.... IN CANADA. And length of tenure means little. Kariya played here for 9 seasons, maintained a summer home here, and still had no problem playing for other franchises, as have many, many other players around the league later in their careers, including our very own Ryan Kesler, who waived an NTC in order to move his three kids away from a pretty fantastic city (Vancouver) when it became clear the franchise was interested in moving on without him. Getzlaf is in a pretty unique situation with his large family and being completely entrenched in the community and the organization. Heck, I can envision Getzlaf becoming Anaheim’s version of Bobby Clarke someday. But guys like Perry and Kesler live here for 8 months out of the year because their job is here. And when they’re not working, they choose to live somewhere else. They’re not nearly as attached to us fans and the community as we are to them.
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    That is a tad pessimistic. You get a collectible pin too. Oh and you get points which can be redeemed for cool prizes. I used the points I collected over the course of 3 years to get a Duck's bbq glove. It's really cool and it only cost me $14,000.
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    it's really tough to say. what we DO know is that he isn't flourishing in anaheim. that's about all we know. i don't think he'll be able to slot into any other team and just magically become a solid 2nd liner... but other coaches and staff can do wonders, as can the act of being traded. I think if someone kept his on-ice needs simple, and lined him up with people who could feed, or feed off of, that simplicity, he'd find traction in his development and perhaps finally be able to leverage all that physical potential into solid, repeatable play on ice. We keep holding onto him because it's obvious he has that potential... but we can't figure out how to drag it out of him. It's at least partially a failure on our part.
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    Been saying this for a while but his positioning is flat out atrocious. The fact that he's been so successful (especially as he gets older) is frustrating. He's so aggressive that he regularly plays himself into a bad place where he has to rely on his enormous pads and body or his great reflexes to either get a desperation save or force the shooter to shoot it wide. If luck was a tangible thing I guarantee you he'd lead the league in it every season. I love watching him melt down. I wouldn't say it's all his fault (nobody on that overrated defense deserves to be anywhere near the Norris conversation after that series) but that's what they get for chanting that at Hellebuyck despite out-playing Rinne straight into the trash.
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    Tickled here myself...
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    Caps winning it all for a change would nice. I think Ovi has earned it over the years and now only needs a cup to cement himself as one of the best players of his generation.
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    I'm done with RM winning anything anymore. I used to not care, and now I actively want them to lose. There's a lot to like about Liverpool these days, I mean, totally, all across the board. I seriously want to give Klopp a hug. That dude is probably the most charismatic manager in the history of sport.
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    This Man United fan is pulling for the Reds over RM.
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    So let it be written So let it be done. +1
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    Yeah. I didn't notice a change after RC made his comments... at any time throughout the year. We had good times and bad times, and it was mainly about which refs were assigned our games. That last regular season game was rediculous as far as one sided officiating goes. The Perry held on the ice incident, the Cogs gets two handed chop incident... all went uncalled. It was total BS, and that ref team? was on our Sharks series.
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    I’m still so unnecessarily stressed. It’s been so long since my Reds have played in such big games. Soaking nerves in beer in a London pub atm.
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    Nice to see some Perry love. I'm hoping he can adjust his game so him and we can enjoy some more beautiful years. He's a warrior and deserves the praise.
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    Exactly. I guess I don't understand the logic in crippling the team cap wise (especially the next 3 years) to get rid of our #3 scorer. Agree to disagree.
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    Well that was a blast, bad end and all. Milner pen was BS. My voice is shot from singing and I’ve been sprayed with beer multiple times. YNWA
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    Bring in Neidermeir as the replacement and that will calm us down.
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    BM has a chance to put his money where his mouth is. We have 9 forwards signed at the moment. Two of them being Patrick Eaves and Troy Terry. If Eaves remains on LTIR and Terry goes to San Diego that's 7 forwards. I'd love to see Kase resigned. Ritchie not so much unless it's a sign and trade. Point being there's a few roster spots open to insert speedy players into the line-up. With the players currently on the roster our top 6 will remain on the slow side. Getzy is a lock on the top line and he won't become a faster skater at this point of his career. I'm thinking either Perry or Eaves will be on his RW. Both slow. I have no idea what our 2nd line is going to look like. Maybe Kesler and Silfverberg can rekindle the magic. Maybe put Henrique on LW. What I do know is that I love Cogliano's game but if we're looking at him for scoring we're in trouble. He's exactly what we need for our bottom 6. A ferocious fore checker with speed and defensive awareness. Chips in offensively once in a while and kills penalties. Give that man an A. Would love to see him paired with Kase. Give those two a speedy two-way center and than could be a winning combination. There's a lot of combinations to try out and quite a few spots to fill in. BM has a long summer to think things over and make moves. He has the cap space so stop talking and start walking.
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    You are correct...it's weird...which actually more points towards the thing you quoted/bolded is probably not true. Also, I get that Carlyle doesn't give 4th liners many minutes (something Bob said he wants changed)...but I'm starting to get annoyed with this "doesn't like young players" thing...he played fowler an insane amount his rookie year...when he was 18. He gave Getz/Perry plenty of ice time their rookie years. He isn't against young players. He's against bad players. He didn't dress Bieksa for more than 1 game this year in the playoffs. He went Welinski over Bieksa 3 out of 4 times. Doesn't sound like a coach who just blindly trusts veterans over younger players. What people seem to be missunderstanding is why he has a "negative reputation" with most younger players. Probably 'cause he -- as many players referred to him as AND wanted in a coach after BB -- holds players accountable. My guess is he's very tough on the young players and most can't handle it and just want to be spoon fed and protected and be nice to. Well, this is the big leagues, and if you can't handle it with the big club, you're not getting ice time. Maybe he seems "unfriendly" to the younger players...and maybe that does hurt development, but it's not because he just "trusts veterans." If BMGM wants a faster team, we need faster players. And it sounds like Perry is on notice for needing to step up. But if you give Randy faster, more skilled skaters...he's going to use them. He'll use them to their strengths. Don't forget...it wasn't RC that didn't know how to use Hagelin's speed. He just didn't fit into the identity and skillset of the team. And we were a better team the moment we traded him. The issue there was we didn't fully commit to the speed idea -- now Bob has made a public announcement about it. So he better put his money where his mouth is.
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    Realistically, at least another season after this upcoming one. I think that's almost certainly true for Steel, while Jones could potentially make his debut next year, but I think still has a decent amount of development to do. It seems like Jones is Ritchie with speed, even down to the dumb, goonish penalties he takes. I think he's got more upside than that, but that might be what we get if we rush him to the NHL next year.
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