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    ... then Anaheim signs him to a one day contract and he announces retirement?
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    I like this move. The third year was the sticking point for Murray, which the Avs gave him. That turned out to be a good call considering he looked slow and bad overall last year with the Avs. However, I'm sure Murray would have given him 1 million for a 3rd year, and Beauch will be counted on more to begin the season while some guys come back from injuries. After that he'll be good to have around as a #6-7 who can fill in for injured guys or give someone a break. We definitely needed depth on D in the playoffs last year. That might help keep Beauch fresher and playing at a higher level when he does play. I think getting away from that dumpster fire in Colorado and getting back to a comfortable place with a good team going for the Cup could help his game too. No matter what, he's always been talked about as a great lockeroom guy so I have no doubt he'll at least have a positive impact on our young defensemen.
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    I'm glad he's getting a chance to retire as a Duck. Much love, BoomBoom.
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    I still disagree. With respect to the peonage example, you're still missing the crucial aspect of a bargained-for agreement - i.e. the peon would agree to let a plantation owner pay his debt for him in exchange for the labor. The plantation owner was not permitted to just walk into the local jail and pay the fines for every black man that was locked up for vagrancy and then take them home to abuse them. Peonage still contained a bargained-for agreement - not a fair agreement, but an agreement nonetheless. Slavery (legally synonymous with "chattel slavery") did not involve any element of agreement between the laborer and the owner, so I still disagree that peonage and slavery are legally the same. They can be made to be functionally the same, as they were in the South by other laws and corrupt, racist authorities. But there is still a legal distinction. Which is also why the 13th amendment refers to both "slavery" and "involuntary servitude" as separate terms. Regardless, this still goes back to the analogy that the players are akin to "slaves" because they can't go to the Olympics. It's still a ridiculous analogy IMO. These are highly paid athletes who live in beautiful homes and drive expensive cars. They've bargained away their ability to engage in certain activities in order to live the lifestyle they do. Most professional sports contracts contain a laundry list of activities that the athlete can't do. For example, the NHL's standard player's contract contains the following: An NHL player does not suddenly become a "slave" if he signs a contract that does not allow him to play beach volleyball at a 4th of July barbecue down in Huntington. It's no different with the Olympics IMO. I like seeing NHL players in the international tournaments as much as the next guy, but at the end of the day the league gets to do whatever it thinks is in the best interests of the league, and the players know that when they sign the contract.
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    Lindholm posted a video on Instagram which makes me believe he'll be ready at the start of the season. Straying from the subject, Silfver got married. hampuslindholm47 UnlikeComment 4,290 likes hampuslindholm47Wasent invited but still showed up #weddingcrasher #justkidding#oooaaahhsilfverberg #silfverwedding
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    Getzlaf - Kesler - Jumbo - Vermette That's hard to complain about.
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    - Didn't wan to sign Beauchemin for 3 years. - Trades for Bieksa with one year left. Gives a two year extension. - Signs Beauchemin on the third year. - LOL?
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    Love this move! Welcome back, Beauchemin! Now if we can just find a way to send Bieksa to San Jose, we can completely undo Bob's stupidity during the summer of 2015.
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    And Kessel trolls us all. https://www.instagram.com/p/BXyeu5FHmDz/
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    The smirk on his face when he realises the refs have fallen for another dive drives me insane.
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    I don't particularly hate the Rangers, but it's fun to look at the draft list and just laugh at them. They have been really, really bad at drafting over the years. https://www.hockey-reference.com/draft/NHL_2003_entry.html
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    Sure didn't. I'm here to discuss hockey not slavery. You are digging deep to prove your point that hockey players are slaves. I disagree. End of discussion and back to hockey.
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    This is a ridiculous argument. Can we just get back to hockey?
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    Being legally compelled to fulfill the terms of a contract which the employee freely signed is not slavery. Not even close. NHL players sign multiyear contracts to provide their hockey skills exclusively to the NHL franchise with which they entered an agreement with. The player is compensated for their time and exclusive play. Leaving during the middle of a season to go play in the Olympics is a breach of contract and the player should be penalized financially for it. Playing in the Olympics is not an emergency. Stop being ridiculous. Sure a player can use whatever sick days they have available, but it is the act of playing in the 2018 Olympics in lieu of playing for their NHL team that will be a breach of contract since the NHL is not giving their permission for NHL players to participate.
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    Neither. Go after the other old guy, Jumbo Joe
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    Oh Edmonton, you're getting a wee bit silly. Almost Toronto bat dung insane. I know, we all like our shiny new toys. I get it. But let's dial it down a notch. Let Draisaitl score one 30 goal season before we're calling him a perennial 30 goal scorer. I will concede that he was one goal shy of reaching that mark. Also at the same time, Maroon had 27. Age difference aside and upside and all the blah blah, would any pay Maroon $8M? As much as I'd love to be annoyed with Edmonton and this potentially dangerous over inflation of the market with handing out high end contracts to second year players... Nashville screwed the pooch on this one. Giving Ryan Johanson, who hit the 30 goal plateau once, years ago a $8M deal was stupid. Right when you think the Predators were doing something right in losing the Cup and ditching Neal. They go release their piano key jerseys and inflate the market with unnecessary contracts. If Sam Steel's junior game translates well in the NHL, we're boned. Thankfully the Ducks have a GMBM. Who's shrewd and won't play those games. Then again, how long has he been here? I glad he is but it seems like he's kept his job longer than most of his contemporaries.
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    Doing some math (I suck at numbers so I could be off base) and it looks like Chiarelli and Co are going to enjoy Cap Hell next season. Thirteen players signed through next season for $59.46M. That leaves $16M for 7 more roster players who will play in game. Add a forward or defenseman as a healthy scratch and things get a little more complicated. I'm gonna assume they sign their two "key" RFA's in Nurse and Strome. Color me surprised if that doesn't cost at least $8M. Then there's UFA Maroon. If he keeps his kinda close but not quite just under 30g pace, he'll get paid too. Maybe another $4M. He's replaceable. It's hard NOT to score with a McJesus. While on the other hand, if the chemistry remains, why change what ain't broke. Then Talbot the season after that. They could probably get out of the Nuge's contract. He's not bad. But that six million price tag is hefty. Someone stupid like Vegas could pick that up next summer to keep cap compliant. They are good as stuck with that Neanderthal, stupid contract and a beautiful NMC. Just a few random thoughts but to me it looks like Edmonton will be enjoying the cap system the next few years. And this is where I'd drop the Gtzlaf popcorn gif if I could figure out the darn thing.
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    Could be worse I guess. It's not like they're committing 10 million dollars over each of the next 4 seasons for guys like Kris Russell and Milan Lucic right?
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    Damn this is sad news. IMO he's got to go down as one of the best executives simply because of how he was able to turn around the fortunes of so many franchises. The Capitals were one of the worst teams to ever hit the ice in the 70s but he immediately helped turn them into a perennial playoff team once he became coach. Then he moves onto Detroit where the team is coming out of one of their saddest eras and he did a terrific job laying the foundation for those dominant teams from the late 90s. He even got the expansion Panthers to the Stanley Cup Finals two years into their existence! Meanwhile we're still reaping the benefits of his work in Anaheim. He helped legitimize this team after so many believed it was doomed to fail. It sucks that his name isn't on the Cup but he has certainly left his mark on the sport. RIP.
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    I wouldn't mind a rule like that simply cause I bet it was Calgary who whined it into consideration and I want to watch them end up serving the most time because of it.
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    Hey! He's eligible to play in the Olympics now!
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    If it's a low grade injury, I get why they let him play. However, the bigger question for me is why they ley him play with rubber sticks all season long. Forget his skating, his hands were atrocious!
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    I would disagree. Slavery is not enforced as a contract between the laborer and the employer/owner. There is an involuntary, unbargained-for relationship involved in slavery, which is part of what makes it so abhorrent. If you're talking about a contract between the laborer and the employer/owner, that would be "indentured servitude" or "peonage". Legally different from "slavery" IMO. Unlike indentured servitude and peonage, a slave does not indenture himself/herself into an obligation to perform involuntary labor. A slave is forced into the labor position without any bargain or consideration at all. So if you want to use the term "slave" as hyperbole or a colloquialism for something else, ok. But as a comparable legal term? I don't see it. Agreed on the second bold though. I believe teams have the authority to fine, suspend, etc. based on breach of contract. However, I also believe that the league will provide cover for the teams if it comes to that, and that no team will actually punish a player on their own. In fact, I'd bet dollars to donuts that the owners and GMs are already begging Bettman to levy any and all punishments for players who revolt and go to the Olympics so that the individual team won't have to sour the relationship with their superstar player. Ted Leonsis was probably on the phone with Bettman 30 seconds after Ovi made his statements about going to Pyeongchang begging him to issue a league-wide statement. At the end of the day, Bettman exists only because the owners and GMs need him to be their buffer with the players.
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    Bieksa isn't a #2 anymore? Welp, there goes 75% of my game day thread material
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    Couple of thoughts on the NHL not allowing its players play in the olympics. As a fan, I think most every fan want to see their favorite NHL players play. The players themselves want to play. All the while the owners who pay the players do not like it primary due to the potential injuries incurred to its employee. I can wholeheartedly see the point from the business side. The Ducks in my opinion would have a good number of players representing their country thus having a higher chance that their empoloyee would get hurt which in turn hurts the business. But lost in all this conversation are the countless players who now will able to be considered to play for their country who would otherwise be looked over in exchange for the professionals who already get paid millions. NHL players could still attend but as in most companies (including my own) could face getting fired for leaving on company /team time.
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    Please stop with the slavery analogy. Slaves didn't get paid, they were abused, they didn't have a choice, etc. Being expected to fullfill a contract you willfully signed is far from slavery. The players/union knew the Olympics would held during the current CBA. If it was important for them, they should have included a provision in the CBA. They can't just assume that the NHL/owners are going to let them take off. You cannot make someone play hockey nor provide any service. However, you can terminate said contract if they fail to fulfill the contract requirements.
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    Apparently it also includes bath slippers worn in public at a formal event. Ugh. Get off my lawn!
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    Slavery? Did you just invoke slavery? What a ridiculous analogy. In the real world adults honor their contracts. In any other job a person would be fired if they took time off without their bosses' approval. Especially if their absence jeopardized the success of that business and effected the success of their coworkers. Why should any NHL team have to pay the price if a player decided go to the Olympics and suffered a season ending or career ending injury? Not only would that team still be obligated to pay the salary stipulated in the contract, they would have to find a way to replace a talented player. In the meantime the season goes on while the player is away and the team may suffer loses because of that player's absence. Tell me what the business upside for the NHL team is? No one is putting a gun to these players' heads to sign exclusive contracts. If it is that important to them then they should work it out with the team during negotiations instead of breaching their contract after the fact.
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    If Eaves is signed... it'll be hard if not impossible to not buy a mini plan for next season. I'd prefer Eaves over Joe over Doan if those were the choices.
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    Lol. After this transfer window, I've come to hate Barca almost as much as Real Madrid fans. But Coutinho's a Red for at least a few more months. We'll see how things go from there. And I don't care how much cash was offered, selling your top player with only a few weeks left in the summer window is a horrible way to start a season that features CL matches. Glad ownership held firm. This whole drama fest can get bent. Also my Reds finally signed a Norwegian starlet (16 year old kid named Edvard who's already lighting it up for the U-18s) so future-watch wise that's cool for me.
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    At least this time it didn't cost a Jake Gardiner???
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    I'm guessing this was a signing more due to injuries than anything else. We could have used BOTH Bieksa and Beauch in the playoffs last season 'cause of the injuries. And I'm guessing no one else was offering him a contract and wanted to play. I like the signing. I mean, if Lindholm AND Vats weren't injured i'm guessing this signing doesn't happen.
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    He'll be good for the young guys.
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    I think it would very Beneficial for the Ducks to host ASG or NHL Draft. As I have always stated this team is Ready to be awarded a Event such as this...Reason being is not only our Team's Unique History but the Fact Ducks are Most successful team of the 1990's Expansion era. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    This has got to make the Leafs happy. Matthews, Nylander, Marner. That'll be fun for them.
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    The bolded for me. Especially with our blue line already dinged to start the season. And even after 47 & 45 are healthy, I would be down with: Lindholm-Manson Fowler-Montour/Vatanen Beauchemin-Vatanen/Montour Although, even with Bieksa, Beauchemin would still be an interesting add. Vats will likely miss the start of the season with his shoulder, Montour is in his second NHL season and has never been through a full 82-game grind, and Bieksa is 36 and has an injury history (including a recent knee injury). If Beauchemin is looking for regular top-4 minutes, this probably isn't the place for him, but with the way D-men get beaten up in today's NHL, I have to think there'd be a regular spot for him in our lineup. He also plays both sides of the ice, can still be a solid PKer, and IMO still has the ability to pot 6-8 goals. I'm also not ready to rely on Larsson (still only 20 y/o) and Holzer for depth if one or two of our top guys go down again before/during the playoffs. I wouldn't be surprised if Frankie is looking for a 2-year deal somewhere that he can at least get middle-pair minutes, but if he's willing to take a 1-year deal with reduced expectations about his role in exchange for one last legitimate shot at a Cup with Anaheim, sign him.
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    Have to disagree with bringing Beauch back. His best days are waaayyyy behind him. He is way too slow now. Love what Frankie did for us but some stones need to be left unturned. Sign him to one day and retire a Duck...I'm down with that.
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    It's not something to create a new thread over so I'll derail this one briefly. Just realized Patrick Eaves and Ryan Kesler were both in that insane first round of the 2003 draft. The draft that keeps on giving!
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    From what I've read in the Tennessean, he was contemplating retirement beginning of last season and looking at same as his last season. Preds wanted him back, cap space to do it as well. According to scuttlebutt, his wife played a role as well. As an opponent, I'm glad to see him leave Nashville, they've got less bite and bark now. Tip of the bucket to him though, 1000+ games in this league isn't too shabby.
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    Side note. LA get the Olympics again. I'm getting freaking awesome pants and moving to Oslo and starting my curling career. Having the president come to town locks up the entire city, the Olympics? F-that noise.
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    Best players at their peak? Or just all around best players? If we're going peak. Moen - Sammi P - Rob. There is, and never will be, a better third line. Also. My lines would just read Niedermayer-Niedermayer-Niedermayer. It might be humidity, don't know if you guys are enjoying this in the OC but in LA it's fun! (Kill me. How does the South do this regularly?)
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    You don't buy it? That's quite a conspiracy theory. An MCL injury can usually be played through with limitations while taking the time or having surgery would put him out for months. Given how Perry was skating, it doesn't seem outlandish to me at all. And it certainly seems more likely than the team flat lying.
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    It gives us something to debate during the offseason and squabble about as we tend to do. As long as the boys play well, I don't particularly care what number they wear. With the proviso that certain numbers have special meaning to this team, and this team only. Such as 9, 24, 27, and 35.
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    My guess is that the countries with KHL stars or the other super leagues will be somewhat benefiting from this move as those players may have a slight advantage over non-NHL players. Russia in the past as used plenty of KHL stars to power their teams and have a lot of other players in the KHL to substitute with while in contrast it's been the US, Canada and Sweden (Finland) and others who have heavily stocked their team from the NHL. We may see Russia rise up again a bit here unless the other countries non-pros have a solid roster. This also creates (somewhat again) an opportunity for the other countries who have typically faltered on the Olympic stage due to not having the super star muscle that the NHL provides. Teams such as Germany, Japan, Slovakia, Solvania, S Korea, Norway, and Swiss ETC... basically teams that did not get the bulk of their players from the NHL could see a slight opportunity on a more level playing field aside from those countries now pulling from the worlds 2nd best league in the KHL.
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    I'd guess maybe he wanted his old number back that he wore in Vancouver now that Stoner has finally been shipped off.
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    This subject has kind of been brought up before, regarding L.A. San Jose, or Anaheim players or owners (or any other professional sports team or players for that matter) being able to break a contract based on California law. I think the difference here is the fact that there is a CBA agreement in place, which trumps (sorry) the California laws to some degree; the same way a firefighter or emergency dispatcher is exempt from collecting overtime hours even though the state law says any employee who works more than eight hours must be paid overtime. I don't know what the specifics are inside the CBA, but one would think that this issue of time off has been addressed. Maybe one of our associate attorneys on this board can shed more light. Dtsdlaw? I agree however with Shadow, the Olympics does not constitute any special or emergency occupation that would merit time off. If anything it could be viewed as an opportunity to advance your own career. Taking four months to tour with the Allman Brothers in 1970 might figure into that description of a "once in a lifetime opportunity" to me.
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    The stupid fashion trend these days is shoes with no socks. This includes most footwear, including sneakers. Not short socks, not neck-cut socks, but just plain no socks. Ugh, fashion. Y u so dumb. EDIT: Really happy that Silf got married! Here's hoping to he doesn't slump like Perry after he got married
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    Anaheim Ducks‏Verified account @AnaheimDucks Following Great story from @NBCSports on #NHLDucks prospect @Jones_Max19 preparing to take the next step. http://bit.ly/Jones072217 http://nhl.nbcsports.com/2017/07/22/ducks-prospect-jones-seems-ready-to-make-the-jump-to-the-nhl/
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    Clutch goals during the playoffs. I don't think Parros ever contributed something like these two goals in the playoffs.
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    And forgets their socks!
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