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    Even if he didn't have a NMC I would want Getz to make that decision to be honest. He's been the backbone of this team for over a decade. I think he should get to choose if he wants to leave, much the same way we didn't trade Scotty in his final year because he didn't want to go anywhere.
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    The Bieksa contract wasn’t horrible due to the $4M/year, it was horrible because it was a 35+ contract with an NMC before ever playing a single game for the Ducks. As a 35+ contract, you can’t buy it out and get any cap relief, and the NMC prevented the Ducks from doing anything with him when his game went off the rails. And it led directly to GMBM selling Theo at the ED. Bieksa is a good dude, but that was really bad GM’ing by Bob. For Kesler, I assume you mean his hips not his knees. He’d had hip surgeries in the past, so the team obviously knew there was a potential issue there. I still support that contract though. Kesler was a beast and the Ducks don’t make either WCF without him. It was worth the gamble. Most likely that contract is also insured (I think insurance covers ~80%) and his cap hit isn’t blocking GMBM from shaping the current roster since his cap hit can go on LTIR if needed. So IMO any complaining about it now is kind of pointless since it has virtually no impact on the current roster or for the next few years since they’re in a full re-tool and won’t be near the cap ceiling anyway. The only real shame of the Kesler contract (besides the injury obviously) is that GMBM made no contingency plans for when/if Kesler (and Getzlaf) started to break down. He was basically caught flat footed when Kesler broke and had to trade one of our best D-men to compensate for it. The Ducks should have started stockpiling young centers much earlier, not trading them for washed up veteran D-men.
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    Maybe this only reinforces your point, but Kesler wasn't a free agent. We traded Bonino and Sbisa (and picks) for him. But speaking against your point, I think Murray has largely been handcuffed by circumstances here. You mention "Sean" Pronger, who was a marginal NHL forward who played for the Ducks in the 90's. I'm sure you mean CHRIS Pronger, and the Ducks traded for him. That was very similar to the Kesler deal where a player wanted out of his situation and the Ducks took advantage of it. Scott Niedermayer was only signed because his brother played here. Teemu Selanne is a special case since he had deep ties to the organization already. Burke signed a few more free agents, but those were, from memory, pretty bad signings that really wreaked havoc on the cap (Schneider, Bertuzzi). I think there are two things going on here: one is that until very recently, the Ducks have not been a cap team. We can blame the Samuelis for that, but the Ducks have never gone out and been huge players in the free agent market because ownership didn't allot the money to do it. But I also think it's tough to get the top free agents here. Yes, the weather is nice, but it's not a highly visible franchise and it's on the West Coast. California taxes might play a part for some guys, too. If your'e one of the top guys (like a Niedermayer) and you're interested in being a star (not like a Niedermayer), you're going to want to go to more prominent location. I don't think it's a deal-breaker for most guys, but I do think it means the Ducks' offer will need to be 10% greater to get those guys in the door. I think Murray realized that early on and has looked to improve through trade (where he's been fairly successful) and on the margins through depth signings (where it's been a mixed bag except for his love of defensive pylons). To be clear, I don't think Murray has been fantastic - I think he's been mostly good, but his time has run its course. I would not be surprised that if the Ducks don't make the playoffs this season and then continue to struggle next season that he'd be gone sometime in early 2021.
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    That's true. It's amazing how some people on this forum bring themselves below ground zero level in terms of manners. One member directed personal slurs against me, the other suggests to delete and ban my account from this website, and only because I have been critical of some highly-paid players on the Ducks roster who are not playing to their expectations. You are right, maybe they should create their own forum with censored information only. Mao Zedong would be proud of them.
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    I'm pretty sure it was after the ED, during Vegas inaugural season. Which in retrospect makes the ED sting more because we gave up Theo partly to keep vatanen. This isn't entirely true. We got Perron, Eaves, McGinn,etc and most of those players actually played really well with Gezlaf. You could even make the arguement that Getzy helped get them bigger paychecks in the off season.
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    But what we need to remember is the context of that move. We had Getzlaf AND Kesler injured at the same time, one long term and one medium term. Grantzlaf was the #1. Most GM analysis done on this board is done in retrospect and forgets the pressures, needs, and ownership limitations of the moment. It also ignores whether a player wanted to stay here (Perron, for instance) or whether keeping one player means saying goodbye to another (Bonino and Kesler, for instance). There's a reason GMBM has won awards, and why he is in discussion at other times. There's also a reason why we were spoiled with quite a consistent run of playoffs, and aren't that far off from another (and waiting until the right time to pull the trigger on something else). It is more difficult to keep a team competitive with pieces than it is by throwing money at a star. I think that makes him better than most, and the folks who know the job and vote for awards have agreed.
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    Lindholm has missed fewer games over the last 6 years and so far this year so he isn’t anymore injury prone. Fowler - 67 Lindholm - 50 Lindholm and Fowler have both had numerous partners since their NHL debuts. RC splitting Lindholm and Manson last year was a huge mistake. Look at each player’s plus/minus over the same period. Lindholm’s are far better and he and his defensive partner, no matter who it is, are up against the opposing team’s best players. Fowler also gets the majority of the PP time.
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    I really disagree with this. Lindholm has been Lindholm no matter who he's played with. He's a top-shelf defender and doesn't need Manson to play at his best. He was very good with EG immediately after Manson went down. He was very good with Beauchemin when they were together during 2014-15. And he was very good with Vatanen in the 2016 Nashville series when Flopsberg took out Manson. He wasn't great with Montour last season, but everybody sucked badly last season so it's hard to know what exactly that was about. Nonetheless, there will never be an endless search for a partner to play with Lindholm because Lindholm can play great defensive hockey with virtually anybody.
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    Because Kesler is on IR, Perry was bought out, Lindholm is still playing on his last RFA contract (I expect he'll jump Fowler's deal when he's ready for UFA status), Gibson agreed to re-sign for below-market value, and GMBM is running a cost-efficient re-tool using kids on their ELCs rather than big-game hunting on the UFA market. And as hard as we are on #4, he's still our 2nd best defenseman too.
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    Yes. Exactly this. Thanks man. It was more of the latter option I bolded above which would eventually lead to getting another high pick anyway too. listen everyone I love Getz just as much as the next best fan. But if 1). He was ok with leaving and 2). It brought back the next big thing for this team then the question is would you do it. the post was never about me bagging on him but on the contrary saying that he still has the ability to go into beast mode and carry a team but for how long because this team is not going to be contending for a cup anytime soon and we would just be wasting him away. I’m a Ducks team fan first and if the return was for an incredible **young** player to fit in with the rest of the young team with it’s already talented **young** lineup then I would go for it. And given that Getz would make any team who is already a contender that much better then I bet the return would be great because Getz is still great. it would for sure be a bleak low time for the team for the short term reminiscent of the day we traded off Selanne but it could also potentially pay off big time. .... or not LOL But again the point was to get constructive feedback. There were some posts who brought up things I didn’t consider which is good in order to get a well rounded assessment
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    Just a follow up to my previous comments about how Getzlaf should get to choose if he leaves - the last thing I would want to see is for Getz to have to pull a Modano or Alfredsson or Broduer if he wants to keep playing and spend one season with another team. I think he's earned the right to be a one team player if he wants to stay.
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    The problem with the Vats/Rico trade is that we moved our biggest trade chip for a middle-6 center all to try and salvage a season when the Cup window was already closed. Murray thinking that the Ducks could make a Cup run when the #2 center was severely injured, while depleting his blue line and still lacking scoring wings was why I did not like the trade. We subsequently created more holes on the blue line when Montour and Pettersson got shipped out of town. Dtsdlaw had a great rundown on Murray not being able to get or keep talent that came back to bite him and then he had to try to haphazardly fix it. Teams go through rebuilds, especially with the success that the Ducks have had, so I am not going to criticize Murray for that, but I also don't think he's the right GM to guide the Ducks through the rebuild, especially when he was willing to do the Kase/Faulk trade. But Murray is going to be the one shaping the franchise for the foreseeable future.
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    McGinn - UFA Beleskey - AHL Smith-Pelley - KHL Winning a Stanley Cup with a TEAM, doesn't make those players any more valuable.
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    Getz is the face of this franchise. He only leaves if he decides he wants to. Otherwise he retires here. He's putting up decent numbers. Imagine he had wingers who could score. Getzy's not done yet. I sincerely hope he's still around when Zegras comes up. BTW the seattle draft doesn't matter since his conctract is over by then.
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    Teaford tweeting this morning from Ducks practice that Manson is on the ice, Comtois is on the ice, and Max Jones is in San Diego. Edit: Apparently Mahura is also back.
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    I want something different. Holzer has been awful with stretches of mild competence in my opinion. I’d rather see Mahura or Another kid. At least with the idea of improvement Holzer isn’t going to develop.
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    C'mon, man! Haven't those two faced enough pressure with the lofty expectations they have faced since being drafted??? This is just mean.
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    Lindholm missed the start of the 17-18 season due to a torn labrum he had shoulder surgery along with Vatanen both injured during the playoffs.Both missed a big chunk of the start of the season due to the surgeries. Vatanen had more damage to the shoulder returning after Lindholm.
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    well, i guess we can agree on Despres. Eaves - by your logic, you'd be calling it a bad contract if he was killed in an airplane accident. i think it makes more sense to eval a player contract on this basis: would you take that player for the same length of time at the league minimum? if so, then all we're talking about is price. for eaves in particular, he was great with the team and looked to be productive, and we wanted someone to fill his spot for a cup run. bird in the hand, we pay to keep him. maybe you can say you think the price was too high, but you can't say you'd have just walked away from any deal. MORE - because he went on LTIR, except for the extra salary it would have cost, we could have replaced him, dollar for dollar, with anyone else you can think of, and been fine under the cap. so... i mean... was there someone burning a hole in your pocket that you thought we could have picked up? The rest - basically dripping with too generous a helping of pessimism. And, frak-no to the idea of trading Grant or even DelZ... there's absolutely no good reason to do so - they do their jobs and more, and to me, they both look hungrier than many of their higher paid teammates. Murray in general - he's worked within his means and done well if we think of those as hard limits. maybe we need a GM that'll poke the deep pockets into making some bigger moves (though, to be fair, how much bigger can you get from buying out one of your two franchise players in the off season?). we probably do need a Brian Burke-like GM after the ED.
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    Despres - Simon gave us a really good deal on how he agreed to his buyout. I think how excellent that deal actually was for the Ducks is being forgotten by earlier posters in this thread. I'm fairly certain Capfriendly has the burden correctly identified. Despres' contract is only a "bad" contract if you view it entirely in hindsight... almost. there's always going to be a little bit of blame on us for not heeding some hints that he was broken before we acquired him. THAT is indicative of one of BM's cost-cutting measures - he tries to sign UFAs that are rumored to have issues that he believes undeservedly depresses their market value. not sure what BM's vetting process is, or who he relies on... but, anyway, i think part of the reason why we were allowed to sneak out from under a bit of the full brunt of Simon's contract is because there was some slight... indication of withheld info in the original acquisition, and the NHL settled it by letting Simon's contract end the way it did. by contrast, look at Eaves - his predicament was a complete surprise to him AND us, from all reports, AND just horrible luck, and we're taking the full hit (not sure what kind of insurance coverage there is). Locking in UFAs "early" - BM knew about the cap increases, knew about how the players' agents were going to start asking for a step up... so he locked in the prices. The NMCs weren't great, but it's not like they were out of the ordinary in the market. Quite the opposite, and they were bargained for to keep prices down. They were the cost of doing business, then, and many we're talking about here were before the ED rules were put in place. Granularly, they were fine. Bigger picture... sure wish there'd have been other acquisition options that would have cost a little more but could have pushed us through to the Cup (but then, that's the same with every team that didn't win but had a fighting chance). Shrug. We are in a planned rebuild, we have some cap space and some trade bait... we aren't winning, but we are rebuilding. And, we aren't overpaying the players on the ice... really our main issue is having to blow significant cash on injured players that we knew wouldn't be maximum value at the end of their contract, but that we hoped would be healthy enough to be on the ice and helping train up the newbs on their way out (as well as shore up some skill weaknesses a bit). Partially bad luck that we don't have that to the extent we planned for... but even with that, we have cap space to bring on serious skill if we wanted to (LTIR space also), and if the ED wasn't making the trade market more constipated than normal, we'd probably have made a blockbuster trade after buying out Perry. oh, and all the talk about players not wanting to choose to come to the Ducks... I mean, can you blame them? we are in obvious rebuild mode... if you're a UFA, why would you dive into a situation where you're likely not to make the playoffs and certain not to win the cup? AND, on a team that isn't going to make a splash in the UFA market before the ED? i'm guessing, but pretty confident that the choices a few players made NOT to be traded to us was more about expected team performance through the ED, and legitimately so, than it had anything to do with CA taxes, weather, or some other kind of touchy feely dislike of the organization, game times, travel burdens, and even penalty disparities. we clearly have some work to do to be an exciting looking team that draws in players because they want to be part of a winning culture, but it's not an impossible dream that we'll get there in two seasons. and hey, at least we're not toronto (I may eat those words - if they replace Babcock with the right person, they might finally bring their offense to bear and put together a decent cup run).
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    Washington Capitals forward Garnet Hathaway suspended three games for spitting incident: bit.ly/2O4PQyt
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    OK I kinda figured they would split it into 5v5 and then PP and PK. I haven't looked at any of the actual numbers in a while because they were confusing! I need to go back and read up on this. I need a 'Fancy Stats for Dummies' book or something.
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    What Fisix said. Most basic fancy stats focus on 5v5 for comparison among various players. Kase has been getting a higher percentage of offensive zone starts lately, which may impact his numbers a little, but he's been consistently good at driving possession for the last 2+ seasons. It's why fans of every other team want to trade for him.
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    Well in BM's defense I thought he had found a pretty good partner for Fowler in Despres. Too bad he couldn't stay healthy. Thinking about it, injurywise, I don't think there's a team out there over the last 3-4 years who has had more bad luck (if that's what it is) than us.
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    I would say yes, there are several significant surprises. Raise your hand if you expected Getzlaf to have only 5 assists through the first 19 games, and NONE on goals scored by his line mates. That's a huge surprise, no? Getzlaf can sleep-walk his way through a 40 assist season (he nearly did last season) but he's somehow on pace for a measly 21 assists this season. That's pathetic for one of the game's elite passers, and I think its totally fair to be surprised and disappointed by it, especially since Getzy has been playing pretty well individually. I also didn't expect the PP to look this bad. I agree with the above sentiments that it's not fair to call the team a joke, but it is absolutely fair to call the power play a joke (maybe that's what was actually intended by that comment?). In fact, even the Ducks beat writers frequently comment that it should be an option to decline the PP because the team's execution is so bad. When your own beat writers are cracking jokes about the futility of your power play, your power play is officially a joke. And I am surprised it's a joke. I didn't expect to have a top-5 PP, but it's definitely a surprise that the PP is as horrible as it is.... again. I am also surprised that the kids have seemingly regressed from the end of last season. Steel played 22 games at the end of last season and posted 6G/5A, and looked really exciting doing it. I was hoping for more of the same and/or a step forward this season, but so far he has 0G/7A in 15 games and frankly looks overwhelmed quite a bit, even though he's getting more sheltered minutes so far this season. IMO, Terry and Jones looked much more effective last season too. Jones was a madman last season in creating scoring chances. But while he still brings a lot of energy, it looks to me like he and his other rookie mates are drifting more and more to the outside rather than going harder to the net. I was expecting them all to take a step forward this season (like having even more courage to go to the dirty areas) after a full training camp and with their coach from San Diego now behind Anaheim's bench, but so far I'm not seeing much that matches or exceeds what we saw from that group last season. It's obviously still a bit early to be disappointed in them, but I am certainly a bit surprised at some of the regression. Currently I'm chalking up most of the "surprises" to tactical failures by the coaching staff rather than putting it all on the players. Specifically, tactical failures in line groupings/matching, PP schemes, D-pairing deployment, scratch decisions, etc. Injuries and a lack of depth at key positions sucks too, but IMO getting out-coached tactically is what's currently putting losses on the board for this team. I'm starting to get really concerned that Oiler fans had some legitimate gripes about Eakins' coaching abilities.
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    yes, absolutely we have to consider what our D has been these past few games. but our PP was horrible when healthy and the entirety of last season. also our d was horrible last season and they seem to be better now when healthy? i dunno...im just not really convinced Wilford/Morrison are helping much...and they may be hurting us. i was calling for their heads before RC's last season...but i dunno. it could be more on our forwards than the D for why they D is looking bad....like Ahlers said last night when Guhle was behind the net to end the period...don't boo him...boo the forwards who were saying they didn't want the puck.... what forwards say they don't want the puck!?!??! sure, it's the end of the period...but...what??? that is not a confident forward group.
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    What about Fowler? Isn't he paid to be our top defenseman?
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    How can any of you, especially those Gibby fans, not be disappointed during all those past seasons at the trade deadline? As we watch our conference teams get better and BM does nothing to get the Ducks more offense or at least a quarterback Defenseman for our power-less-play. Then us fans think “wow we made the playoffs again” so we hope that BM will surely get on the phone to make the team better for the following season but again disappoint the fans during the off-season. So all we have to look forward to for the following season are new restaurants at the pond.
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    Murray has been around since 2008.....so I think it will be time to look for new direction once 19-20 concludes. I do feel this season is referendum on Bob. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    I was reading the athletic article about Hall. Don't worry, he's not going to even consider coming here lol. He squirted water at then Edmonton HCDE and he wasn't too happy about that. If any devils player has a chance to come here it's vats. I'd definitely want him to come back!
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    Guhle’s flashes have been few and far between lately. He looked particularly bad against LA although he was paired with Holzer. He’s got a ways to go if he’s going to be a top-4 quality defender. Hall is going to want at least Panarin money (in the $11 mil range). There’s no rational reason to trade for him unless you think he’s the missing piece to Ducks cup run. Dtsdlaw is right that the Devil to trade for would be Vatanen but even that doesn’t make sense for the Ducks to do given the Gudbranson trade and his expiring contract. Maybe another Henrique swap lol!
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    Lidholm - Manson Folwer - Gudbranson is a mighty fine top 4, I agree that HCDE needs to stick to that once Josh the Destroyer returns sometime next month. Then just need to decide who will LD as the rookie be it Guhle or Mahura and find a SAH RD for that guy, in order to keep MDZ - Holzer as the substitution pair, they need to stop being regulars. Send Larsson to Europe.
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    No...just saw the Kucherov goal...2 ducks went after same guy...left him open. One Duck was Fowler !
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    Making headway! I’ve run into a new issue. When I type comments into a new message using iOS Safari, there are errors when hitting return for a new line. It doesn’t give it the proper spacing (the difference between shift+return and return when entering using desktop chrome), and it doesn’t trigger the auto capitalization. this is the result (this particular line). if I backspace and hit return again, I get the proper spacing, but no capitalization (this line is an example). The only quick way to get it working right is to hit return, backspace, return, then space (this line is an example), but then there’s an empty space at the beginning of the line. Now I thought it was an issue with safari, or iOS 13.x, and I’m sure that’s part of it, but I’ve entered some text in other platforms and the spacing and capitalization works properly. So, I think there’s an issue with the post entry user interface code for mobile (there aren’t any issues on desktop that I’ve seen).
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    Eaves - the signing was a little expensive but made a lot of sense at the time. Murray isn't going to get stuff we need for DelZ and Grant, not relative to what we'd lose if they went. Plus, the lines need some personnel stability for the time being, and spazzing out on wholesale trades and deals right now, before the ED, is counterproductive to new coach, training rooks, rebuilding. I like what I see in those two players, and I don't see value for the team in switching them out, not at their respective salaries. Could we get trade pics if we shipped them? I doubt it. Shore... not really invested in Shore like the others, and he's swapped out so often I'm not sure it'd hurt team chemistry if we traded him. I'd rather trade Kase for a forward than either of DelZ or Grant. If we'd need to sweeten the pot with a defenseman, Kase and Guhle or Kase and Larsson would be my preferred. In any event, if some magical trade comes along, then fine, but I don't see one when it comes to Grant and DelZ. We really just have to focus on promoting from within and getting over the general performance hump/plateau we've hit, and we need to get the people we have on the ice now to be part of that, so that they can experience, as a team (coach included), what it feels like to overcome a slump and get better in the process. Hockey isn't just chess pieces. Good teams are a process, and one that takes more time than what we've had this season.
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    Really looking forward to this guy's comment: https://www.youtube.com/user/SteveDangle
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    I agree with this and think it is very realistic, therefor fair to the parties. one thing left out: Yes, California’s taxes are a disincentive, but so is West Coast team travel schedules. That will change more over time. California taxes will only get worse.
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    i was perusing hockey reference today, and they seem to split out some of the fancystats by 5v5, PP. PK. see the bottom table on this page: https://www.hockey-reference.com/teams/ANA/2020.html it's still a bear trying to compare teammates to each other in a semi-reliable or intuitive way, based on their different roles, but at least it's all in one table, and you can sort of pick out their roles based on their average TOIs for each segment.
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    Kase is not Perrys replacement (he's been a starter since 2016-2017) imo. Could argue Terry is his replacement, and Perry was bought out to make a permanent roster spot for him. I know Terry has underperformed when compared to last year, but the point is both players have similar stats, while the salary discrepancy is $925,000 vs $8.625M.
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    NHL Player Safety @NHLPlayerSafety St. Louis’ Oskar Sundqvist will have a hearing today for Charging Anaheim’s John Gibson.
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    Put the Vatman signal up in the air.
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    4G/4A in 15 games so far this season, with 1G/2A coming on the PP. His shot clearly wasn’t the same after he tore the labrum in his right shoulder during the 2017 playoffs, but it looks to me like he’s finally got it back. I would love to have him back on our PP.
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    While living with Niedermayer he was working with Carlyle who was basically teaching him that the best defensive option is to put the puck off the glass every time. I don't know that Cam has been 'repressed' but maybe we haven't utilised his skill set correctly. His strengths are really his skating with and without the puck and his breakout pass. We know he's not a physical guy, but I really don't think he has a very good hockey vision either. He's not the guy that should be quarterbacking the PP. I guess he is now because he's the best out of a number of poor options, but that's only because Murray has traded away Montour, Vats and Theodore. I honestly think if we had Theodore running our PP that we would be closer to league average.
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    If he is our "solid #3" defenceman (not sure about "solid") then is he the second highest paid player on the roster?
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    We need to axe Morrison.
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    It seems like Cam needs to find his game a bit. He's more solid than most, a top 4 on any team, but he's been mishandled in the past, maybe even repressed, and he needs to be coached like an AHL player a bit to hone that confidence, that edge. He has the skill and sight he needs. The most frustrating thing about Cam is that he's so damned solid yet he still plays like a rookie a LOT. Lindholm is turning that corner and ramping up even further. Manson... has had flashes in the past, but is turning into a NR on D. Gbud and DelZ are who they are, and they play like middle skilled veterans who are being asked to give more. Holzer plays like a low skilled veteran - he bumps above his plateau here and there, but always seems to come back down and get outplayed. He plays frustrated, and he just hasn't made that step to middle skilled veteran. It feels like a vision or communication problem. Larsson plays like a rook, chaotic and sometimes just lost. I haven't seen progression in the short time he's been with the Ducks. Guhle is just as chaotic, but less lost, and appears to have an offensive heart. Mahura is a stand out so far - I see him going down the Lindholm path, but getting there faster, and with better offensive upside. He also doesn't seem to be bothered by his linemates' foibles as much as Lindholm can be.
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    It's great to see Ducks Hockey again no matter if it's Preseason. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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