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    Every team is required to a uniform, are they not? What exactly is wrong with discussing or being enthusiastic about how the sport will look when 31 new uniforms are unveiled at the same time? Don't even wanna touch the second part of that comment.
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    Moose I’ve always admired your optimism, but this jersey is a slap in the face ! Not saying I don’t understand your view, but this thing brings us back to when we were a laughable gimmick when we entered the league !
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    Hockey would be a welcome distraction IMO. C’mon, Bob! Sign somebody! I need a break from the chaos and anger of politics.
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    I'd go even further than that. Duck Mask Logo : Wild Wing Jersey :: Teemu Selanne : Jeff Friesen
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    The Duck mask is nostalgic. There are plenty of color and design options left without resorting to this cartoonish piece of garbage. Everyone I've seen who's reviewed these or ranked them and everyone I've talked to personally who's a Duck fan has agreed with me - they're awful.
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    I won't buy a white jersey anyway. Learned my lesson a long time ago, I get it dirty just looking at it.
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    All teams including our Teams have these Alt/3rd to honor their past nothing wrong with that eh. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    "Awful" is right. But on the bright side I just saved about $300 since there is no way I'm buying one.
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    Well, this just fits right in with the rest of 2020. The dingleberry on top of the poop sundae, if you will.
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    Very generous contract for 18 y/o Drystale, almost $2 mil per season for someone who may not even play in the NHL next season. I cross my fingers and hope that he'll be a good version of Scott Niedermayer and not another Fowler type of player.
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    Well if anyone wants to talk about our Ducks they just signed Drysdale and Perreault to 3 year ELC. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    My daughter, UND graduate this past May, 2020, was in Grand Forks visiting (social distancing) when all this came down. She's saying that most there just want to move on from this. I'm thinking they (UND Hockey) did not do their true due diligence in this matter.
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    Yeah, no kidding. The new GM, and the new Director of Amateur Scouting had no say in the 2020 draft. What a dumpster fire of a franchise. I'm not surprised that Armstrong came in and got rid of Miller. From what I know about him he's a big team culture guy. There's just no way he would have drafted this kid. I'm guessing the organization was also getting huge blowback from their season ticket holders and fans. I know that I would have sent my complaint directly to the team had Anaheim drafted him. Apparently he is still at UND but will no longer play hockey for the University. Looks like his hockey career is over unless he decides to skip school and head overseas. I can't see another team giving him an entry level contract. https://www.cbc.ca/sports/hockey/nhl/hockey-north-dakota-cuts-mitchell-miller-1.5784703
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    Well that's interesting. So the interim GM, who was passed over for the top job, is responsible for the pick? I also just read that the Coyotes fired their Director of Amateur Scouting Lindsay Hofford on September 22nd and that the new Director of Amateur Scouting Darryl Plandowski (hired 10/1 away from Tampa's front office) also wasn't allowed to participate in their draft either. So the GM and Director of Amateur Scouting had no say in their draft. Man, that whole situation sounds messy. That said, I still think the new leadership coming in gives them substantial cover on this. Will be interesting now to see if Sullivan or someone else in the scouting department ultimately takes the fall for this embarrassment though.
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    I see this situation differently. New GM Bill Armstrong was prohibited from participating in the draft at all due to agreement between the Coyotes and Blues, so he had nothing to do with this pick at all. Instead, the Yotes were relying only on scouting info gathered entirely without Armstrong’s participation and input - so basically info that was gathered under the Chayka regime. From what I know of Armstrong, he also puts a lot of weight on character and I highly doubt he would have made this pick. So for him to pull the plug on it makes perfect sense and IMO it also doesn’t leave any lingering stench of the pick on him since he had zero to do with it. And although I haven’t seen anything reported to this effect yet, I would be SHOCKED if it turns out Armstrong didn’t contact the victim’s family ahead of this announcement to let them know this was coming, to apologize to the family on behalf of the organization, and to promise them that this never would have happened with him calling the shots. So sure, the Yotes handled it terribly. But there’s also now a new sheriff in town, and this probably gives him even more control over the team’s direction moving forward since the leftovers from the Chayka regime bungled the draft so badly (including the prospect tampering that cost them their earlier picks) Miller is also not on his own. He’s enrolled at UND. In fact, since he’s now committed to a major collegiate program, I think it makes even more sense to let him figure it out with his collegiate program rather than through an NHL organization, which would probably have to keep its distance anyway so as to not jeopardize his NCAA eligibility (the Yotes money doesn’t mean crap if they can’t use it due to NCAA rules). So assuming UND doesn’t kick him out now too, he’ll actually get more personal attention from the college than he would have from the Yotes for the next few years.
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    It's incredibly admirable for the Coyotes to make this stance and so far I think it's a great statement they are making. Things like this are beginnings to ACTUAL change... ...unless it's all talk and they can't back it up. But I do think they have the genuine intention to do this. Look, this kid aint going to last long in this league if he doesn't shape up his perspective of being overtly racist. He'll get destroyed on and off the ice. He's only 18...his brain is very much still developing and there's an opportunity for him to change. Not changing between 14 and 18 doesn't mean much to me. Not changing between 18 and 25 while a professional hockey league puts some effort into it -- that means a lot more. He wont change unless he wants to...and maybe he fakes it at first. But sometimes even faking it can lead to actual change. I don't believe any one is born racists, so I definitely believe anyone can stop being it. And it usually stems from some sort of hatred towards yourself and looking for something to blame for that pain you feel within. If the Yotes can foster an environment where he'll feel comfortable to be honest with them...they can work with him on diminishing that self-hatred and find constructive ways to channel that anger and properly vent it. It's a balance of being accountable for his actions but also understanding what he hates about himself isn't his fault (spoiler alert: it probably has something to do with his parents). Maybe he doesn't "show remorse" right now, but him showing continued anger sounds like he's probably even more upset with himself than he's giving off. He just hasn't gotten through it to the remorse part...yet. Don't force the kid to apologize. That'll never do anything. He needs to come to it himself. And he absolutely can. And I can't think of a better sport than hockey to accompany that!
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    The rumor is that Chayka actually had Miller as DND (Do Not Draft) and either the scouting team or the 'interim GM' Steve Sullivan decided to take this guy off the DND list for whatever reason.
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