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    I think we really need to stop calling it Calgary's losing streak in Anaheim, and start calling it Anaheim's winning streak vs Calgary...
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    #Ducks D Manson says Flames F Gaudreau's "assismine." #WeareallJoshManson
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    No, they're already preparing him for a physical series:
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    I see a lot of Oil fans saying that Vlasic-Braun are the greatest shutdown pair in the universe for stifling McJesus, and that we only have Kesler, a center, to try and contain him. Looks like they're in need of a Swede-ucation:
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    No score in the 3rd, Gulls win it 2-1 to tie up the series. Jones got better as the game went on. Set up two great chances that his mates couldn't finish, and drove play for his line. Nice debut.
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    Uses 'girls league' as a derogatory term, gets called out on it, responds by calling someone a PC snowflake. Is this Reddit?
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    Marchand suspended two games for smacking someone in the crotch. Stupid and cowardly play sure but he was able to walk it off. Meanwhile on the west coast, Cam Fowler can't walk because of a mercenary attempt to destroy his knee by a crap team he was likely gonna face in the playoffs. Not even a hearing. F this league.
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    Hate to be that guy, but I think the Ducks have gotten to this point in spite of Carlyle.
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    It seems that way, but I think that's a by-product of being a floater. He's often isolated one-on-one with defenders or getting the puck in open ice because of his floating, so he's able to be more dangerous because he's not fully engaged in the 200 foot game. Perry is/was the same way. The way I see it with Rakell, they've tried so hard to get him to play the 200 foot game that he takes himself out of a lot of dangerous opportunities by trying to develop the defensive side of his game as a pivot rather than just as a pure scoring/play-making winger. If they just cut him loose and let Raks be Raks, I think he'd appear more dangerous each and every shift. It also wouldn't hurt to put him on the top-PP unit. ps did we just hijack this thread and turn "Is Patrick Eaves the New Selanne?" into "Is Rickard Rakell the New Kane?"
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    If the referees had called that knee on Fowler we likely wouldn't have seen all those line brawls. The referees really lost control of that game.
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    Our kitchen reno is finally done, and my rash has gone away. Wait... you weren't talking about that?
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    Still 2-0 end of first period. Some observations: Kempe is a very strong, talented player at this level and the Gulls need to keep a very close eye on him when he's on the ice. Shutting him down will be necessary to have a chance of taking this series. The Roy-Kerdiles-Kaše line looks primed for a goal or three. All over the Reign in their zone, with a few almosts already. Jones doesn't look out of place at all, albeit with limited ice time so far. Had some good dance moves and board battle wins on one shift in particular so far. Ontario's arena has a better beer selection than the Ponda, but far inferior to SD's VVCC.
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    It's on the Duck's homepage so it's hard to see since nobody goes to NHL websites since the mlbam takeover, but please READ THIS: https://www.nhl.com/ducks/news/the-interesting-history-of-four-overtime-games-in-one-night/c-288908918 After reading it myself, I now feel like I am a fan of storied franchise with an epic playoff history. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and outside. Hey, where did GMBM play then? Selanne, Kariya, Giguere, The Niedermayers, Der Prongermayer, Getz, Pears, MacLean, Carlyle, Murray... we done did good! GO DUCKS GO!!!
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    I think it does more psychological damage to Calgary by calling it the " LOSING STREAK " - harder to get off THEIR back and out of THEIR minds and makes them feel as if they MUST do something to BREAK THE CURSE ( i.e. Getz's shot ).
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    Eaves seems like a great guy, and I hope he's fully healthy for this run. But I think someone's going to give him $4 million per year for 3 or more years. That seems dangerous to me for a guy having a career year. If the Ducks could get him around $3 million for 2 years, I'm in.
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    He'll look great along with Getzlaf, Perry, Stamkos, Malkin, and Tavares.
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    Absolutely. This needs to be like Winnipeg 2015, where we kept our composure and just manhandled the "big, bad Jets" between the whistles, not after the whistles. What I really don't want to see is a repeat of last season when the Preds played dirty right from the start and we lost our composure and started whining and taking bad penalties. That put us in an 0-2 hole that we never should have been in. We can't give the Flames any confidence that they can get under our skin and get us off our game.
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    Just needs a transfusion of COGLIANO BLOOD - he will be back in 7 - 10 days
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    Me vs the last 5 Pacific titles 2013: "Wow nobody even gave us a chance to make the playoffs and here we ended up running away with the Pacific! Incredible!" 2014: "What a fun season! We were only a few wins away from the best record overall too! TEEMU!" 2015: "Business as usual. Feel free to challenge us for the division anyone??" 2016: "Uhh how the hell did that happen? LOL KINGS" 2017: "lmao whatever" It's cool that we were able to win it over LA but other than that I don't think anyone in the organization really cares anymore. I'm just proud of them for turning the season around in January.
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    Speaking of women's hockey, did anyone watch the women's WC? Our girl Hilary Knight scored the OT game winner the get US the gold, such a beast. Sorry for going off topic, carry on...
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    I love how so many people try passing off Kesler as a dirty pos. Olczhczyhzck was ragging on him all night long. He's an a-hole on the ice sure, but how many times has he been suspended? Hint: nowhere near as many times as upstanding gentleman Duncan Keith cause the answer is never. These same guys love pushing some nonsense narrative of him being an off-ice loser who only creates tension wherever he goes but tell me again, how many times has he choked a woman at a frat party for ignoring him or punched out a cab driver? Those two things are bad enough, don't even get me started on what happened last season. It's so sad how hard the hockey media tries to push that team over as the moral good guys when they're currently the biggest black eye the league has. Oh yeah, we're the villains for retaliatory slashes right?
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    This is the NHLs way of saying, "Anaheim Ducks, the bastard children of the NHL, the referees will not protect you, the NHLPA will not punish those that blatantly hurt you, and we will NOT allow you to police yourselves." I don't disagree that there should be a suspension but when you look at recent suspensions (see Marchand) and no review (see Giordano), I think 1 game would have been sufficient.
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    I wouldn't expect anything less
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    Vanek 1 goal since deadline. Kudos to GMBM for his choice of Eaves.
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    Nashville, Calgary, and St Louis all picked up two points today, dropping the Kings chances to 0.296% chance of making the playoffs. That's 3/10th's of 1% LOL Kings.
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    They waited all the way until the finals to choke last year so they decided to get a head start on things this year for the sake of balance.
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    Kyle Shohara‏ @kyleshohara 2m2 minutes ago More Practice is underway at Honda Center. Cam Fowler among the defensemen on the ice.
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    Flames fan here. Just wanted to congratulate your side on a great series. No excuses on our end, you guys just have a great team. Good luck in the upcoming rounds and I won't be sad if your side does to everyone else what you just did to us. As an aside, If you guys don't buyout Bieksa, can you trade one of your top 3 great Dmen to us rather than lose them to Vegas in the expansion draft? We're more than happy to help, lol.
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    Here's mine: Good luck fellas!
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    None of them can sniff Laganiere's jock strap.
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    Michael Farber‏Verified account @MichaelFarber3 Hitch in Dallas, Julien in Montreal, Maurice in Carolina, Carlyle in Anaheim, etc. The powerful urge to marry your ex.
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    It brings back memories of Steve Thomas.
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    LOL KINGS /end thread
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    I still hope to see the Ducks win the Pacific, because that will match them up against Calgary. And after Giordano gets pummeled into eventually not being able to lace up by game three or four (or five if the Flames can last that long)... the league will have been given a message. They can do something about dirty plays off ice, or they can have on their conscience what will happen to bad actors left to receive justice on ice. If Giordano is smart, the days between the regular season and the playoff season will not have him saying stupid things like, 'I didn't mean to' but instead have him saying, 'it was a stupid play that I truly regret, I hope Fowler recovers quickly, and I'll be making changes to how I play the game to prevent injuring my fellow athetes on the ice., etc.'
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    The sports media had 3 articles up on the Fowler hit within 1 hour after the game was over. The sports media was all over Patrick Kane and his escapades. So some opposing announcers make hay over Kesler and you act like it is on CNN. First of all 98% of American could give a rats rear end about the NHL. Patrick Kane was skewered for his incident. Everything is a conspiracy against our team. We never do anything that is suspect, never. I sure hope our players do not whine about it like our fans do. This just gives another Duck a chance to show up Ritchie when it matters most. That to me is a good thing. This is hockey after all so I only expect it to be dirty and complicated. Oh and just as in hockey, nothing is fair. The NFL Commissioner - what NFL team agrees with any of his disciplinary decisions??, the NCAA - fair in their investigations of its "programs"?? , the MLBPA ???.................so stop expecting things to be consistent and in harmony all the time.
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    As a stand alone incident, this is completely justified. The initial hit wasn't that bad to begin with and Ritchie annihilated him before he even had a chance to defend himself. He's gonna get suspended for that and rightfully so. In the context of the last few games though, this is garbage. The league doesn't want to protect our players and now apparently we're not allowed to protect them either.
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    At least he's not a Defenseman. The league threw in that 2nd game, because it not so subtly screws the Ducks for the 1st Home Playoff game.
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    Little Johnny hockey didn't step on the ice in the 3rd when it it got rough. After their PP in the middle of the 3rd he was glued to the bench
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    Eric Stephens‏Verified account @icemancometh 2m2 minutes ago More Murray has some strong words for Mark Giordano's hit on Fowler. "He's done this before. I have no respect for people who go after knees."
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    I'm beginning to think about revising my guess that Lindholm hurt his hand, to Lindholm hurt his foot blocking a puck. Or was it stated it was an UBI? Anyway, cycling is low impact, but keeps the blood flowing to the bruise, so it could be that. The league are a bunch of assholes. G has a history of taking out player's knees, and not only that, but also just before the playoffs. Even if he's just particularly reckless at the end of the regular season, he deserves a suspension, if for nothing else just to remind him he has to be more careful. I wish the referees would go back the real reason why they're there - protect the safety of the players, and make the game fair. It seems like they're constantly worried about politics and player stature and whether its regular season or playoffs or late in the season... christ, they just need to do a better job at their primary responsibilities.
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    I'll come out in support of others - Kariya was an incredible player while he was with the Ducks, and he did a lot to help the franchise get off the ground and get some momentum, at least on the ice. But he was never comfortable being the face of the franchise simply because he wasn't that type of person. I don't blame him for that. I do blame him for saying what he said to the fans and then jumping ship. I very rarely side with management on this stuff, but the Ducks were trying to surround him with better talent and he took that opportunity to bolt after telling the fans he'd stick around. My anger has waned somewhat over the years, but I still have no desire to see his jersey retired or for him to be a part of the Ducks organization. I think it works out nicely that he has no desire for that either.
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    I had a Kings fan coworker try to tell me today that he still thinks they have a chance and I just laughed at him. He didn't seem to realize how far behind they are. Guess Jim Fox being a delusional blowhard has its advantages (making Kings fans even more LOL-able).
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    Meanwhile, Corey Perry, when asked whether the ref apologized to him for reversing the high sticking call against San Jose, said the ref just flipped him both middle fingers and walked away.
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    Johnny would hit the ice clutching the wrong leg before Kes got to within three feet of him. Kes would be suspended a game, Perry given goalie interference, then Maroon tossed from Edmonton's game for good measure.
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    "deserved" is a tough thing to ever really define. Different bounces in Games 1, 2, and 3 could have a different story? Maybe. But I'm not one to subscribe to the idea that a good bounce was the only way we could win. I mean, you could look at the post Silfv hit at the end of the 2nd period and call that an "unlucky bounce." And if we lost the game, we could look at that moment as the "defining moment" that could have changed the series. But it doesn't work that way. The fact is the Ducks didn't give up and the Flames kinda did. Okay, so the Game 2 goal doesn't get kicked in...but hey! What if that puck DID get to Slifv...he could one-time it and put it in anyway! A "turning point" in game 2 COULD have been the shorty the Flames scored...but the Ducks didn't let that be it. A "turning point" in game 1 was the 3 on 0 break...and the Flames LET that happen. When you look at the games from a broad stand point...looks like close games decided by lucky bounces and favorable calls to the Ducks. When I would say the true factors have been: Elliot is not playing well, the Ducks continue to work hard and don't let the mistakes completely phase them, and the Flames ARE letting mistakes phase them and are letting the Ducks and other factors effect/affect their play.
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    Certainly, agree to disagree about Raks as a center. I was more responding to your point about our braintrust's ability to identify a skill set for a center. I don't think they have it when it comes to young forwards. BM and RC thought Bobby had the right skill set to be a center. BM brought in Cogs so that RC could use him as our 3rd line center, before Bruce later turned Cogs into one of the best checking wingers in the league. They drafted Peter Holland 15th overall and Logan Macmillan 19th overall (I know Burke was GM, but BM was a part of that). BM failed so miserably in addressing the center position towards the end of RC's last tenure that RC had Max Macenauer, Brandon Macmillan, Rod Pelley, Ben Maxwell, and Ryan O'Marra taking turns holding down a bottom-6 centerman's job because the coach and GM thought those guys had the skill set to be an NHL center. If we're going to rely on BM's and RC's ability to identify which young forwards have the ability to play center at the NHL level, lord help us all. I'd frankly rather put my faith in your eye test, my friend.
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    I see Flames fans on twitter defending the hit and claiming Giordano has never done anything dirty. Is he not the one that kneed Bobby Ryan a few years back right before the playoffs?
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    Kings record is better than it seems... minus 3 on 3 excellence they're right with Vancouver but with more salary cap issues and a worse prospect pipeline...