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    Or they just bump everyone up one spot. Bottom teams get the top picks. How it should be.
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    I'm with this bolded part 100%. Drysdale would be sweet, but I don't think he makes it past Ottawa's second pick at #5 overall. Ottawa needs forwards, but they also have another 1st rounder from the Isles (possibly, unless the Isles win that #1 overall) and four (4!!) second round picks in this draft too. With likely 7 picks in the first two rounds, I think they almost HAVE to use one of their top-5 picks on a high end defensive prospect. Especially since they already have several young, high-end forwards to build around. There doesn't seem to be that many defenders ranked in the top-30, so if they pass on a defender at #5 then they may not get one at all. As for Holtz, I love his shot and especially his shoot-first mentality. Dude wants to score every shift and he is not timid about putting the puck on net. He also seems to be pretty good at picking corners. That's something this team needs badly. I worry that if FG3M (future-GM Martin Madden) goes after a guy like Raymond or Perfetti we're going to end up with just another pass-first guy (like Terry) that frustrates the heck out of the fans. I want a guy who loves to score as much as Teemu loved to score. That's Holtz IMO.
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    Well I’m sure there is a 4th line winger or 3rd pairing right handed shot defenseman at 6 that we can snap up. But hey, at least we’re getting apartments in the parking lot.
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    Ok, I had a dream we made some sort of crazy trade or something with Montreal that involved the 2nd overall pick (no idea how) but when all was said and done we ended up with Drysdale and some other top prospect from a previous year in the trade. anyway...also in the dream I came to the boards to talk about it and we all seemed to be completely stoked on it!
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    Not to make this an America bashing thread but....this is insane. I can go to a testing centre right now and walk in and get a test for no charge. Also our pharmacies are about to start offering free tests in store. I'm glad to be in Canada right now.
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    I found this interesting note about Jack Quinn: For reference, Marco Rossi (who should go in the top ten this year) had 81 assists for the Ottawa 67s this season – so it is important to note that Quinn’s 52 goals was not the direct product of that. Anyways, finally – here’s a look at what Mike Morreale had to say for NHL.com on March 20: So, I don't think the chemistry factor is too big, but that is very impressive for Quinn and could make him a sleeper pick that moves up a bit further than he's currently projected. I would love to know where Murray has Quinn on his draft board. Unfortunately, Byfield isn't falling to the Ducks and we'll have to deal with him as a King. LA could just trade and shift to wing the excess of centers that they have.
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    I think that shortage has more to do with how the healthcare system works in the USA. It is crazy that you can't just get a test if you want one! I don't think the NHL will be getting tests at the expense of the general public, there are a lot of places making the testing kits now. I would assume that the league is going to pay some private lab to run all the tests.
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    Well, looks like it is going to be Canada. Edmonton and Toronto reported to be the hubs. Which makes sense considering what is going on in the US right now. Here in Edmonton we have had a bit of a spike in cases, but we are also testing anyone who wants a test now so there is a lot of asymptomatic testing happening that is increasing the positive numbers. The numbers are likely similar as before, it's just that the people without symptoms weren't getting tested before. From what I understand, the NHL will basically take over Rogers Place downtown, which has an additional practice arena attached to it, as well as a hotel with direct access via pedway. So they can block all that off and make it NHL access only. The hotel won't be big enough so there are a couple of other nearby hotels they will also have to take over - I'm not sure how they limit players interacting with the general public if they have to walk to their hotel that is block away, unless they force the players to take a van or bus or something to the hotel even though it is only a block away. The NHL will also take over our biggest community arena in town which has 4 ice surfaces and is about a 25 minute bus ride from Rogers Place.
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    Maybe Perfetti and try and get Perrault late in the first. I’d be ecstatic with that. Man, I’m super excited for this draft. Get these boring playoffs over with already lol.
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    Lots of good players in this draft. I think ending up with Drysdale/Holtz/Quinn etc is going to be huge
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    its time for the, “I don’t know enough about the Ducks and don’t want to learn” mock drafts. Can’t imagine picking Perfetti over Raymond and Holtz.
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    This has ALWAYS been absurd. Proof it’s rigged. Just a way to boost whatever team they want which will project more money for them
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    Yep. I agree with this. We will get a player with a very good ceiling in the 3-8 range but getting a player with a great ceiling of one of the top-2 picks would make quite a difference.
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    Been waiting on thIs lottery for almost 3 months. All I know is that I’m popping bottles if we are draftIng ahead of LA and drowning my sorrows if they get Lafreniere or Byfield. Also, Uncle Gary owes us one.
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    Just a reminder to anyone still checking these boards that the draft lottery is this Friday, June 26th at 5pm (California time). The Ducks have the 5th best odds at 8.5%. I have a good feeling this is our year to move up with the lottery. The Devils jumped from the #5 slot to the #1 slot in 2017 with our same odds. I think we end up somewhere in the top-3 this time too.
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    Kesler was on Ask31 a couple of days ago. Not a bad interview, he talks about what it was like joining the Ducks and the 2017 series against Nashville. https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/ask31-anaheim-ducks-centre-ryan-kesler/
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    Well Fisix I will answer that, imho Purpose i always know as long as I remember for the Ducks or any Team that has AHL and ECHL team is to ensure that other Ducks Prospects can develop in a winning environment. Look at the history of our team....Our Ducks have always ton of Prospects they keep and usually if you have AHL team and some earn a spot on that top farm team...Where will the others go?...They go to the ECHL which supports the Gulls or Any AHL team...Think of it as 3 layers...1st is NHL which is our Ducks 2nd....San Gulls/AHL and 3rd is ECHL which is Tulsa. Those who do not earn that spot on ECHL are like the Ducks always do be assign back to their Juniors,College or Euro leagues for one year of seasoning. How many NHL teams have ECHL Affliates?....well including our Ducks is 25...hope that helps.
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    Yeah, I would sorta expect there to be a bunch of positives on the way into camps though as there will be a lot of asymptomatic cases out there. Obviously these players will need to quarantine but hopefully they will all be fine. It's possible for young, healthy people to get serious complications but unlikely. If players start testing positive once play actually starts and they are all inside the bubble, then we have a problem.
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    This is it right here. The pandemic is nowhere near over, things could look dramatically different in a year for both countries. Hopefully by then we have a vaccine. There are some promising signs, if everything goes right we could have vaccines later this year (but since nothing in 2020 seems to be going right, I wouldn't hold my breath). I just want everything to get back to normal. At the moment the number of cases in the US is trending up while Canada is trending down, which is why the NHL decided to base their hubs in Canada. But the US is 50 different governments doing things differently, so places that have completely failed like Florida are dragging down the stats for the rest of the country. In Canada everything is managed differently between each province as well, but there are only 10 provinces (and 3 of them are huge land masses with small populations) so it's harder to have crazy outliers that skew the overall stats I guess.
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    I don’t hate the idea of trading down to get Quinn if their board is gone. I haven’t done a lot of research on Quinn, but he put up a lot of points on a very good team away from Rossi.
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    1. Quinn 2. Holtz 3. Rossi 4. Raymond 5. Lundell Ducks desperately need initiated goal scorers, and the top two certainly provide that. Rossi seems like an absolute machine on the ice despite his size, and Ive seen lots of footage of him outworking defenders and making solid passes. Raymond is arguably the most skilled on the list, but i have noticed times where he is muscled off the puck or he avoids a hard play near the boards. Seems to rely too much on swinging around opponents. Lundell for me is the prototypical safe pick, good size centre making clean plays and sometimes Zegras like passes. Honestly, i wouldn't be mad if the ducks dropped down a few spots and tried to grab Quinn (or just outright take him at 6). Dude looks legit, like the kind of goal scorer I see on other teams and get jealous that the Ducks don't have one. He scores in so many different ways, but EVERY one is just blazing quick. Has a lethal one timer and wrist shots that go in from anywhere he shoots. His even strength ice time isn’t played with Rossi, so it lends me to think that he is for real. For me, he is Holtz with another gear to his shot. Hopefully the pick is a goal scorer, but at the least I just want a prospect that is fun to watch. Could use some more of those
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    These are my top 5 that I'd pick for the Ducks if available. (I'm leaving Byfield, Lafreniere, Stutzle off because I don't see any scenarios where either fall to #6. Even Drysdale being available for us is not likely, but here we go: 1. Rossi 2. Drysdale 3. Raymond 4. Holtz 5. Quinn 6. Perfetti Here are my rankings of who I think Murray will take if available: 1. Drysdale 2. Holtz 3. Raymond 4. Rossi 5. Quinn 6. Lundell
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    Drysdale Rossi Perfetti Holtz Quinn In the second or third round. I’d really like to take Jean-Luc Foudy underperformed, but has all the tools, just needs some work.
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    It would but for our Ducks if a RHD is available then Drysdale is the Guy. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    I think this is similar to last year's draft. 2 or 3 top end talents, then 7 -8 guys that are as close to guaranteed good NHL players you can get, then after the top 10 picks it drops off quite a bit. Picking in the top 10 should net us a very good player.
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    I watched the first part of that Perfetti video, and while I am not quite as down on him as dts, I saw many of the same things he did. I think the only place I would disagree is that he's a defensive liability. Perfetti seemed to be in good defensive position and was good at taking pucks away, but the lack of that explosive first step limited his effectiveness in making some plays. But yeah, if you're going to lack the explosiveness in skating, you better have power. He has some, but he's also not a physical beast like Getzlaf, who was being described as a large, physical player when he was drafted, so it's not like Getzlaf grew into it. I appreciate that he didn't just pick Perfetti's greatest hits, but I wasn't blown away. It's odd that none of the forwards this year seem to be speedsters. They're all fine skaters, but none who will blow you away with their skating. As for Holtz, the weapon he has is the one we need most, and his deficiencies probably hurt us the least. As long as the EFFORT is there on defense, I can live with a guy who isn't Marian Hossa in his own zone. I'm fine with smaller guys, particularly if they're fast, but I'll take the size if I can get it, and Holtz is bigger than the other 5 - 10 prospects. It's not cut-and-dried, but I think I'd prefer Holtz as well.
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    I definitely won’t shed a tear with Holtz, just worried about some issues on his game. He has a lot more holes, which is expected of a sniper. I think we’re getting a great player at 6 regardless. I just starting to like Perfetti’s complete game. I think both guys have fixable issues. Perfetti is more complete and Holtz has a disgusting shot. I think scathing might have been the wrong word I was just surprised because he had a lot more negatives than most did on Holtz
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    I watched the Scouch for Holtz and I didn't find it as scathing as you did. The dude basically criticized him for his low danger shot selection, some of his defensive shortcomings, and his Corsi numbers (which seems kinda dumb to criticize a 17-18 y/o kid playing pro hockey for the first time) but he still said he was the best shooter in the entire draft and that he has the ability to pump in goals from anywhere on the PP. And he also went on to say his elite shot isn't even the best part of his game. The guy said the best part of his game is that he's "a really mobile, aggressive winger whose willing to chase down offensive players.. and forechecks aggressively." GMBM has many times over the years said that he's convinced they can teach a guy how to play defense, so if Holtz has some flaws there I'm ok with it. They'll work on it with him. And heck, it's not like Teemu and Pears ever played defense. As far as his shot selection goes, I would expect him to shoot from high danger areas more and more as he gets to play with better passers in the NHL. That seems like an easy one to improve on just by playing with better players. IMO, this team's #1 need is a scoring winger with an elite shot who can hit the back of the net on the PP. Even better if we can get one who forechecks like his hair is on fire. I'm all in on Holtz the same way I was all in on Zegras last year. Hope he's our guy.
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    Honestly, I just don't see it with Perfetti. I watched part of that video with the sound off just to focus on the "highlights" rather than the commentator's glowing praise, and Perfetti doesn't really even look like a top-10 talent to me compared to what I've seen of some of the other top guys. His skating, both effort and ability, don't look good at all. He looks like he's constantly just floating around the ice, with no real effort to accelerate. I don't think that's going to work at the NHL level against elite talent. If you're going to float around the ice like a Getzlaf, you'd better be 6'3", 225lbs with a massive reach and world-class hands, not a 5'10" perimeter player who appears to be somewhat of a defensive liability. Count me out on Perfetti. Especially if GMBM is truly trying to transition this team to a faster, more up tempo game.
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    haha seriously! lol I love that one guy has the Kings NOT taking Byfield...that would be amazing! I think Holtz right now would be my pick...then perfetti....then Rossi...although I don't like how small he is...but I also don't know enough about these players yet. Honestly...sometimes I feel like we need a player who is a bit more developed or can be a self-starter or something...I just don't really trust our developing system right now...
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    Eric Stephens was being sarcastic. There's another draw for the #1 pick. He's just saying that teams like Hawks or Oilers can get #1 pick to show how dumb this lottery was.
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    I 100% think something is up.... either the Hawks or Oil get the 1st?!?!
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    I believe that’s the ruling on that, yes
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    I love Holtz. Could really mesh with Zegras
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    I have list of few Players who Ducks can get and select...it will be up next week. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    Thing is.. Ducks need forwards who can score goals at this point.
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    Tell me this isn't rigged. My money is on Montreal snagging the number one pick now. F this lottery system and F the Kings.
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    Toronto, Chicago, Montreal and New York are all in the mix for 1st overall now. I don't gamble much but I'd feel pretty comfortable placing a bet that one of those teams ends up winning it.
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    I am sure they forgot giving Wild Wing Mjolnir....😉. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    I think Murray moves guys that file for arbitration or hold out when he doesn't think they are a good enough player to do so. I liked Ritchie for what he brought but he was not a good enough player to think he could hold out for a big contract. Murray seems to want to put guys like that in their place. Lindholm on the other hand is a legit top 3 defenseman so I don't know if Murray would jettison him the same way. I tend to agree re: Mahura, I think they are trying to take it really slow with him because they see his potential as being higher than Larsson or Guhle. He's also a year younger than those 2 guys. Hopefully he has a breakout season next season, whenever that may be.
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    If that’s true, that is quite the coincidence, or is it. Perhaps Disney has this in mind when creating the team/mascot.
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    I was enjoy their Podcast...it had alot of potential for any Sports or Hockey fan to listen into. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    What's next Ducks going pillaging in Boats If they decide to change the logo to Ducks on Viking Boat j/k. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    completely random but related to my time being spent in quarantine...so sort of appropriate for this thread (definitely not worth starting a new one...) The Latin word for Duck is ANAS.... and the Norse word for home is HEIM.... So, basically Anaheim means Duck Home! (sort of haha...if you combine Latin and Norse )
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    That’s the question. I think moving Lindholm would create quite a competition for those spots in the lineup. Like you said, they have too many bodies back there and something has to give. Mahura has only 28 NHL games and I thought he deserved more than the 11 he got this season. Especially, after seeing Larsson and Guhle struggle so much. Theodore played 53 games in Anaheim before going to Vegas and don’t want a possible repeat of getting rid of a guy too early at his age. Good point on the waivers exemption and that Murray can’t just put him on the beach liner to SD every other day.
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    Don't forget we've got an expansion draft coming too. Guddy won't need protection since he'll be a UFA. But if GMBM adds anyone else to the blue line then the Ducks may be looking at losing Manson anyway in the ED. btw, how screwed up must the expansion draft plans of most teams be right now?!?! I assume the league is going to have to adjust certain rules and requirements to help teams adjust their plans. I mean, the 40/70 games played requirement HAS to be changed now, right?!?! I'm thinking that Bob's quote about Bill Daly helping him "with some other things we're planning going forward that we need to do as an organization" may be about the ED and how the exposure requirements will apply.
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    I think the sample size in Anaheim is still too small to say that. While I agree that he played well in Anaheim this past season, playing more minutes on average than he has played in the past, his history on other teams would suggest that he's going to start struggling and making more mistakes when playing higher minutes game after game. I feel long term he would be a more effective player when playing around 18 minutes per game instead of 20+ minutes per game. I would like to see more of him before penciling him into a top-4 role. Ideally I would add another guy to fill that top-4 spot (Pietrangelo would be nice but that's a pipe dream, maybe a guy like Shattenkirk) and then have Guddy on the third line - that would be a nice deep defensive unit. I'm not sold on Hakanpaa being a long term solution on that right side either. Fortunately we don't have to make a decision right now, but if Guddy outperforms Manson next season I would not be opposed to moving Manson as he still has good trade value and could bring back a nice haul at the trade deadline to help our rebuild. However he is part of the leadership group on this team and Murray seems to be a big fan so I am not sure if he would pull the trigger.
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    Gudbranson could be a solid third pairing guy on a contender. If we are expecting him to play top-4 minutes then this team is not very good.
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    none of those are reasons to fire BM. not individually, and not in a group. Kesler did exactly what we paid him to do, Eaves was horrible bad luck, and Perry got his knees beaten out from under him. Eaves is the only contract for which we didn't get ANY value for what we paid. Perry's contract is the only one of the three that wasn't at least partially covered by insurance (and mitigated by LTIR). not sure why you keep pointing out the same items, over and over again, that fail to support your position. if you want to say YOU would fire BM for those three items, then fine, but you'd have to find a fairly erratic owner to be willing to do the same. why not talk about how long we held onto BB after the 7th game losses? or rehiring RC, whether it was desired by the players or not? or allowing RC to stay in the driver's seat for an extra season? or letting the players run the show as much as they're rumored to have done, with regard to coaching? or for not figuring out how/creating an undeniable program to reduce injuries, at least on par with other NHL teams? and, we could talk about failed forward development until pigs fly... THOSE are the semi-unjustified decisions where BM's tenure is weak. but to focus on his risking relatively little cash in hopes to get a team into the finals? that's silly, and really, really poor GM quarterbacking. if you want to make an argument to boot BM as GM, at least spend the minimal effort to make a good argument.
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    Unless we get a better assistant coach who actually knows what a good pp looks like. Scoring could go through the roof. "Oh so you're saying we don't have to pass it around on the perimeter and eventually just lose it? Sounds like it might work but our previous coach was pretty adamant that was a good plan..... ok hold on... *goal horn goes off* what was that?" 😂
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