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    One player, watching the interview, said he believed Cogliano teared up thinking of all the injuries he did play through, only to see it end this way. The NHL can go F&*K itself.
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    Certain things in life are just and some are unjust. We live our lives bemoaning what "could have been" and rarely do what is needed at the moment that really matters - and that is to go outside the box and take action. I feel that such is the case for Andrew Cogliano. The fact that it is Andrew Cogliano is significant because he has been given an extension by you and your hockey club because of who he is and that his presence truly matters to the fabric of the team that under your direction has been able to thrive in spite of overwhelming odds against - small market and league bias, to name a few. He is a respected player, athlete and based on the level of outrage that is being communicated thus far means that I am not alone in this. This suspension by the league needs to be appealed and I am asking you to get involved as the leader of your organization that we call the Ducks - I would ask that you challenge this ruling and go to bat for Mr. Cogliano - he needs to be rewarded for his tenacity and dedication to health and success as a hockey player and as an ambassador for your team. Whatever the consequences based on what "might happen" if you intervene would be of no consequence - what would matter is that you cared enough to fight for your player and I daresay, it would provide unimaginable "jump in the step" of every Ducks player in your organization and would be a big draw for respect and dedication to doing what is right. I would appreciate anything that could be done to sustain AC's Iron Man streak and let the punishment "fit the crime". Thank you.
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    Screw Parros, seriously. I've been a fan of the VG brand and have a number of their t-shirts, but I can no longer in good conscience continue to support that brand knowing that Parros profits from it. I hope if he ever attends another Ducks game that he gets roundly booed. If he seriously believes what he said here then he should not be making these decisions as what he saw does not seem to be consistent with reality.
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    "...and Kempe tried to avoid the interference, which bridged the gap, so there was no lunging." I'm still taking the position that this should have been the key to determining whether the should have been a suspension. I've looked at a whole bunch of other suspension videos and the closest I can find is Ristolainen's 3-game suspension last season for interference against Jake Guentzel: https://www.nhl.com/video/ristolainen-suspended-three-games/t-277350912/c-50688303 But even in that video, Risto is clearly at fault for the violent contact. Risto's body-position stays constant throughout. He doesn't lunge. His arms stay in. In fact, Guentzel basically runs into his back. But the difference is that Guentzel never altered his course either, so Risto was 100% the initiator of contact. Cogs' hit seems different to me, precisely because Kempe altered his course and closed the gap between the two, and was at least partly at fault for them coming together in the manner they did. If Kempe doesn't change directions at the last moment, they are shoulder to shoulder, not shoulder to noggin. Guentzel never had a chance, but Kempe's movements are at least partly to blame for the nature of the contact. I also look at the changes to the head shot rule that the NHL made in 2013. Rule 48.1 (Illegal Check to the Head) was changed to state that an illegal check to the head is "a hit resulting in contact with an opponent's head where the head was the main point of contact and such contact to the head was avoidable." The term "avoidable" is then qualified the following way: Whether the player attempted to hit squarely through the opponent's body and the head was not "picked" as a result of poor timing, poor angle of approach or unnecessary extension of the body upward or outward. Whether the opponent put himself in a vulnerable position by assuming a posture that made head contact on an otherwise full body check unavoidable. Whether the opponent materially changed the position of his body or head immediately prior to or simultaneously with the hit in a way that significantly contributed to the head contact. The contact between Cogs and Kempe seems to me to meet all three criteria, such that the contact could be termed "unavoidable" and therefore not punishable under the head shot rule. I realize that he is being punished under the interference rule rather than Rule 48.1, but it also seems to me that if the NHL is going to invoke significant head contact as a basis for suspension, they should also have to consider the same criteria as what's listed in the head shot rule, specifically because Rule 48.1 was written to protect players from unnecessary head shots in the first place. It baffles me why interference apparently has a lower standard for suspension. I've been seeing quite a few commentators poo-poo the outrage by saying that the NHL shouldn't consider Cogliano's streak as part of the evaluation process (looking at you AnaheimCalling), but regardless of the other hits in that game or the different ways in which we constantly see the Ducks get screwed by officials or Cogliano's personal circumstances, I think this was a straight-up misapplication of the NHL rules with regard to this hit and this hit alone. And the injustice is exponentially compounded by the man it happened to.
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    Well then I guess I understand your position a little better. If that's what you see, that's what you see. Personally, I see the possibility for more nuance, as well as a lot of different possible meanings to be associated with the raised fist, especially nearly 50 years later in 2018. Which is why I give JT the benefit of the doubt and look only at his actions to better his community and improve relations with police and not just at his fist. But we can agree to disagree. Regardless, I thought JT played a solid game the other night. Hopefully he focuses on bringing that type of game whenever he's in our lineup. I already like him better than Shaw.
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    Long time Ducks fan here - follow boards without comment - until now. This ruling is so distressing. I can only think that Cogs feels betrayed by the NHL - the organization to which he has not only given his blood, sweat, and now tears, but his heart and soul. Wishing him strength to turn the page and move on, which is a very tall order, given the situation.
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    As someone pointed out on Twitter, Parros owns the “Violent Gentlemen” hockey clothing brand. The Ducks should immediately stop selling it in the Team Store.
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    Oh come on, Parros, this is garbage based on the video evidence and you know it. EVERY route taken is unnecessary, so that word is meaningless in that sentence. He took the route he was taking to get body position on Kempe. Yes, he should have altered his route so as not to make so much contact, which is why the interference call was correct. But the point of the route and his body position was not "to deliver a high hit" and the contact with Kempe's head came because he changed position, not Cogliano. What a joke. At least Mark Giordano got justice. We wouldn't want him unfairly punished for delivering high hits and ruining knees.
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    I still have no words. Still very upset about this.
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    I will give him a chance but....there are many other ways to protest. But IMO, flag and anthem are sacred and are off limits. Too many people have died for that flag to make this the greatest country in the world. Flag/Anthem are the line no one should cross who is a legal citizen here.
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    I personally have no opinion on people protesting or making a non-violent, non-verbal statement about something before a sporting event. As long as it doesn't get in the way of the locker room/the game they can do whatever non-violent, legal thing they want! I completely understand why people find it offensive -- but the issue is America truly has a very complicated history and there are still so many double standards and mistreatments that happen in this country daily -- just solely based on stereotypes, fear, and misguided expectations. I mean, I feel like all us Ducks fans can sort of relate...refs thinking we're still the "07 thugs" ...lack of favoring due to NOT being the poster players for the league...we're still getting hurt by a reputation from 10 years ago! Who DOESN'T want to protest the league because of the Cogliano suspension!? I'm already protesting the All-Star break due to the lack of Olympic involvement (I probably wouldn't have watched the all-star game anyway, to be honest). Do you think I'm trying to say that all great things people have done for this sport are worthless? Do you feel that I am disrespecting Rakell by not watching? I mean, they definitely aren't the same level, but I think you get my point. But that's hockey related and I'm protesting in a hockey way, and when all is said and done, it's just a game and isn't life or death. Unlike this country where so many people have literally sacrificed their lives for it. I never found the protest disrespectful 'cause I never saw it as a disrespect to those people -- but rather as a sign of respect and show of being united with people that have been brutally affected by racial inequality in this country. Obviously if you see it as being disrespectful to something you love you're going to be offended -- I mean, that's expected because you're a sane human being and that's how our brains work. I'd be offended too if I took it that way. And maybe sports is just not the place for it, but when you're a highly paid athlete to PLAY A GAME for millions upon millions of dollars...I imagine when something very painful, and hurtful happens that hurts you at your core...you have it eating at you if you don't do anything. And it sounds like JT Brown is past making a statement at a game and instead is working towards community ways to make a difference -- which is great! I can't imagine why someone would have an issue with him being a big part of the community and helping the community/charities.
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    I have an open mind, so we’ll see how he acts, but I’m old enough to understand what the fist in air can symbolize. Lots of available reading on the topic. Some fact, some fiction. I don’t need a political circus when I’m there to enjoy sports.
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    I hope if/when Cogs gets to 900 the team actually celebrates it and promotes it. Have a ****ing spine.
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    I count tomorrow as 831. His team didn't sit him and he was physically able to play. An arbitrary decision does not melt Iron.
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    I must admit I miss Brian Burke right now. A spine, and mouth to go with it.
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    If you're conflating what Brown did with the Nazis, then I don't know that I'm the one who's misconstruing the situation. If Nazis were doing a "Heil Hitler" during the National Anthem, I'd be criticizing them right along with you, because I don't support hate groups. JT Brown is not supporting a hate group. Here's my take on it and then I'll shut up about it, because it's difficult to have a constructive conversation in these types of fora: Brown is peacefully trying to raise awareness about a matter of injustice through his status as a public figure. He's not advocating hate or violence like those groups you cited, and he documented the reasoning behind his actions so no one would misconstrue them. The anthem and flag are symbols. They don't have feelings, so they can't be disrespected. They represent freedom for all people who call the United States their home country, and many have given their lives to ensure that freedom persists. It seems completely appropriate to me then that if those freedoms are being abused for a group of people, that the flag and the anthem are focal points of protest. In short, it's peaceful, it's meaningful, it's in the service of promoting justice, and it's certainly not intended to disrespect any veterans. I have no issues with it.
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    What really sucks is you have to think that Cogs has spent his entire career striving to stay healthy yet play a tough clean game. On paper he is a mediocre player, but anyone who has ever seen him play knows that he is one of those rare players who is not a superstar and despite his smaller stature(for a hockey player) the guy has played a consistent two way game focused on fundamentals. What he was accomplishing with his iron man streak was special. Something Cogs could take pride in and younger players could look to emulate. But now the league has ripped it away from him and crapped all over it. And it was not even close to being justified or consistent with other rulings. This situation is going to bother me for a long time and poison my perspective every time a ruling goes against the Ducks. Honestly this is the sort of thing that might sour me to the entire league. I dumped MLB back in 1995 when they allowed a season to end in a strike when they could have waited 2 months to figure it out. Instead they gave the fans the finger and let a season crash and burn. I am so upset over this.
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    Good take I think. He wants to protest (which I think is a noble cause - as is the protesting of the other athletes) but he realised it could be a distraction so announced will do so in other ways. Honestly there's more important things in life to worry about other than worrying about a guy that once raised his fist during the anthem.
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    You're terribly misinformed about this guy. Read up. You'll be proud to have him in a Ducks sweater. That goes for all protesting athletes.
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    Terribly disappointed in this pickup. I am a military veteran and a season ticket holder. We don’t need anthem protesters on this team.
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    Someone be sure to tell Brown to stand for the National Anthem.
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    The League has never forgiven the Ducks for winning the Cup over a Canadian team.
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    The Ducks try hard to get fans interested in the game, and to support the team. We have been season seat holders since their 1st preseason game. I'm not sure whether I've lost interest in the Ducks, since I'm reasonably sure they will not be able to do anything about this, or if I've just lost interest in the game and league as a whole. I suppose the latter is more significant, as when one can see the wizard behind the curtain, some of the magic vanishes, along with the belief in it. In this case, that magic is the game of hockey itself, and the pursuit of the Stanley Cup. It is hard to say that something like this bothers me to the point that I couldn't care less what happens the rest of this season, but I am essentially at that point. Whether they make the playoffs or not, really has no impact on my life as a whole to begin with, but even less so at the moment. I just have no more interest in how far they go this year, and this one incident is the cause. Streaks come and go, it's part of the game. Cogliano could get hurt and miss a game, and that would be one thing. But for it to be taken from him in this way is reprehensible, and Pathetic. When it comes down to it, I'm just 1 fan, and the Ducks will hardly miss my support or attendance at the games anyways.
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    We are not talking about an all-star. We are talking about about a 4th line scrub. There is absolutely no need for a marginal player that no one even heard of until September, to to do anything other than strap on skates and play the role required of him.
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    That’s unfortunate. He seems to be an excellent guy. If you can’t root for a player that you’ll probably never interact with on a personal level because of what? Politics? There’s no hope for the United States then. He did something he believed in, realized it wasn’t the best avenue for change and actually put his money where his mouth is.
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    Not Standing, putting his fist in the air, protesting, or something to that effect. Either way, hope he doesn't become a disruption. Keep politics off the ice.
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    Bieksa did a SportsNet interview after the game. Asked what he and Tkachuk were talking about on the ice. He said, "It's like talking to my 10 year old." LOL http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/hours-kevin-bieksa/
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    They're 2 points out of a playoff spot after spending most of the season with an AHL roster. I don't know why we need to look at re-tooling right now. The Ducks have played great against both Tampa and Pittsburgh this season - when they play well they don't seem to have an issue with the faster teams. There's also no way that Anaheim can trade Perry. For starters he has to waive his NMC - then you have to find a team willing to take on that salary. Not going to happen.
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    All in regulation as well. Hopefully the Ducks make it 6 tomorrow.
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    My suggestion is that Cogs continue his streak and when he is done put an * asterisk next to it ( a la Roger Maris '61 ) and declare that he played in X number of games that " he was eligible for " - then let the hockey WONKS work it out
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    The DPS is correct in so far as you cannot let a streak or record decide the outcome of a call or suspension. In this case however, the end of such a remarkable streak really illustrates the ineptness and inconsistency of the DPS. This result and magnitude of damage caused by of such a ridiculous decision along with a totally inane explanation from the league, which still is generally excepted by most in the NHL media, is meteoric. Yet the fact that so much was lost by a true professional class of a man and a loyal supportive yet smaller fan base without any real valid analysis outside the Ducks community and a very few other sane hockey professionals is absolutely the epitomy of the NHS DPS insanity, and is totally mind boggling to me. First off, argument and explanation presented by the league of a late hit is like trying a bank robber for child pornography. Yes is was late IF it were a check, but guess what it wasn't a check, it wasn't interference either. Cogs never veered from his path, he maintained a straight course toward the puck and was on a shallow angle collision course with Kempe. Players always fight for space throwing shoulders, hips and bodies into each other while advancing to the puck. Kempe swerves right and then sees Cogs and tries to jump behind Andrew and raises his stick in the process, Cogs braces himself, maintains his course, and Kempe face plants into his shoulder. Cogliano swings his elbow to ward him off after contact. Even a penalty is questionable to me. For the league to make such a ridiculous ruling has completely disillusioned me, as far as I'm concerned tonight is #831. The NHL can continue to believe their Winter Classics are bringing in new fans, while they pull this hypocrisy and one can easily see why hockey continues to lose more and more interest and fan base in new and untapped markets. What a shame, and shame on you Mr. Parros, it's like you never even ran the play in slo-mo or watched it more than once. Kudos to Ty Domi. Sorry for posting so long after these sediments have already been hashed out on this thread, I guess I thought my anger, disbelief and sympathy for Old No. 7 would have waned by now. I'm a real Homer, but I try real hard to step back and be objective. This is a no brainer to me, the league blew it, big time. I guess the NHL is happy, the "NHL" Ironman now resides in the east, and Mr. Parros is satisfied he made a sound Ivy league business decision for his apparel company by side with the larger clothing market. Good job?!
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    Why shouldn't you be? Heck, the suspension isn't even over yet. I am very much all about justice being served, and I honestly believe that despite my positive bias towards Cogliano, if he had been in the wrong to the point of deserving a suspension, then that would be a pill I'd swallow. But aside from the fact Cogs is not the type of player I would expect to do something like he's accused of, many in and out of the hockey world have done a fine job explaining why this clearly did not deserve a suspension, regardless of the streak. Cogs' admittance to the act, and his explanation, mirrored what I and many of us on these boards saw, and guess what.....IT WAS THE TRUTH! For reasons that I guarantee we'll never know, because that's the way things work in the NHL, they decided not to listen to Cogs' logical explanation, perhaps wanting to set an example, or just screw the Ducks over. Always a bonus! Life just plain is Not Fair. No matter how you do everything right for years and years, there's always the chance someone will take what they can away from you, and there will be nothing you can do about it. Charlie Brown wants to kick that football oh so badly. To top it off, the Ducks organization can't even acknowledge what happened, when at the least they should be SCREAMING their heads off at the league, and taking whatever fines or penalties they might face. Cowards. And what about the other so-called leaders of this club like Getzlaf & Kesler? Where is their outrage? Has any other current player besides Beauchamin said a word yet? I think the guys I mentioned can manage to pay any fines, and again, I don't think it matters whether Cogliano told them to let it go. If they feel as many of the fans do, they should speak their minds, and take whatever feeble punishment the league hands out for criticizing their Dictatorship.
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    I like the way Brownov plays. Sue me. He can slide up and down from 4th to 1st lines if needed. He didn't attack and nearly paralyze anyone. He didn't break anyone's back. He didn't intentionally end anyone's career. He didn't get drunk and kill someone by completely disregarding reasonable automotive limits. J. T. Brown is a Duck now. And if you think he did something wrong one time, I guess there's not enough repentance in the world for you. I guess people can't change. I guess people can't learn. I guess people can't realize there are better ways to accomplish what they're trying to do. I guess people aren't allowed indiscretions...unless they're on your side when they make those indiscretions. BTW, if you want to talk about disgracing the national anthem, go to the northeast. Some of those anthem singers are offensive. I was just at Boston Garden last month, and that old dude needs to be retired. The crooner at MSG isn't much better. Dawn! I can't wait for the game tomorrow. I, for one, will be rooting Brown on with all the rest of my Ducks.
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    Hoping that in addition to a standing ovation for Cogs when he returns a Friday, there’s a “Parros You SUCK”.
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    Elliott’s Friedman - Sportsnet 4. If I learned anything in the 48 hours before finishing this blog, it’s that many around the NHL — whether active or retired, coach or executive — had incredible respect for Andrew Cogliano and his streak of 830 consecutive games played. That streak ended 134 games shy of Doug Jarvis’s NHL record, due to his two-game suspension. Cogliano was emotional discussing it with Fox’s Kent French, which was something to watch considering he tried to downplay things whenever previously asked by reporters. One player, watching the interview, said he believed Cogliano teared up thinking of all the injuries he did play through, only to see it end this way. In this job, you get the odd text here and there from people about whatever is going on, but there were many more than normal reaching out to say they were bothered by Cogliano’s punishment. That was newsworthy — I’ve never seen such forceful argument against a suspension for a headshot. (Tie Domi, Dave Gagner and Teemu Selanne were among those who tweeted public support.) Obviously, GM Bob Murray and the Ducks backed him all the way, but, apparently, others who reached out to him included Dan Cleary, Sam Gagner, Shawn Horcoff, Saku Koivu and Jason Spezza. In a game where it is so easy to get injured, even by accident, Cogliano’s supporters felt his streak was impressive, important and something to be celebrated. They believed his lack of a disciplinary history should have meant he got nothing more than a fine, especially since Adrian Kempe remained in the game. Apparently, during his hearing, Cogliano accepted full responsibility, but made two arguments: He was skating parallel to Kempe, not blindsiding him, and Kempe tried to avoid the interference, which bridged the gap, so there was no lunging. Personally I was torn. Hockey has to do the best possible job of protecting the head, so I asked everyone a note about that. The response, to a man, was that based on what they have seen in their careers, Cogliano’s play did not rise to a level of suspension, a fine was enough, and they thought the streak should have factored into the decision.
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    If I may suggest a slight tweak to the signs for his first game back... 831
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    Well, the streak is over, and it's now been 2 days since the league announced the suspension. HEY DUCKS ORGANIZATION, ANY COMMENT????? The first 2 news stories on the main page are about their loss to Colorado, and the signing off waivers of Brown. Clearly more important than the Travesty the league subjected Cogliano and essentially the entire Ducks Hockey Club and it's fans. Wouldn't want to get fined by the league now, after all you know.....MONEY! Far more important than a 10 year streak. Just makes it that much easier for me not to attend games the rest of this month and perhaps the season.. I don't care if Cogliano said to let it go, not thrashing and heavily criticizing, let alone acknowledging this clearly undeserved penalty against one of your club's most treasured members, is PATHETIC. Still hoping perhaps the league will someday show some love to the Ducks for a change?
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    Beauch made a public statement. Maybe that’s why he was scratched today? @ fbeauch 11 years, 830 straight games. I can’t get over it. 2 game suspension for that?Really?? @NHLPlayerSafety
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    I just watched the interview between Cogs and Ken French. I feel sick for Cogs. You can see that he had taken great pride in his streak and he knows he got F'd over by the league. watching him get emotional made me want to give the guy a big man hug. Cog's is handling the situation with his usual class. My respect for him is even greater than it ever was.
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    I'm surprised the admins haven't deleted this thread yet with all the political discussions lol but as someone pointed out, we've all been civil and actually having decent conversations, so that's definitely impressive!
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    Teemu Selanne This is tough one, NHL have being criticized that they don't look after the players enough and especially the hits on the head, cogs "little hit" is late ,but his super clean reputation for the game and Luckily Kempe didn't get hurt,I think this was too big punishment for Him
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    Why do people constantly conflate these issues? The rights I served to protect are in the First Amendment. The right to protest without Congress (I.e., the government) punishing him. He has those rights. That does not mean his protest can’t have consequences. Anyone who is not the government can react to his protest. That means the NHL could do something, the Lightning could have cut him, a team like the Ducks could refuse to claim him off waivers, and I can be disappointed if they do claim him. My service also protected the rights of Nazis and white supremacists to protest. It doesn’t mean I can’t condem them as well. The fist raise during the anthem has a long history, associated with Black Power, going back to the 60s. How would you feel if a member of the Ducks gave the Nazi “Heil Hitler” salute during the anthem? I am guessing you wouldn’t be defending that person I am glad he only did the fist raise once, and seems to be doing something constructive now. But please don’t try and tell me that just because he has the right to do something doesn’t mean I can’t judge him by his actions.
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    I hope all fans remember this the next time they show Parros at the Pond. A rousing boo would in order. Wouldn’t mind a little “Parros you suck.” Let’s not forget that Parros was a King.
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    I appreciate your service. These are the rights you served for - the right to raise awareness and fight against injustice.
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    Hopefully the Ducks never invite Parros to the Honda Center again. This is an absurd decision. No history in 10 years, and they end the streak for this? Disgusting.
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    I hope the Ducks including our owners absolutely raise hell over this and use it to air all of their grievances with officiating over the years. I doubt it though. This is a joke.
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    This is complete BS. Especially when you consider all of the head hits the Ducks have endured over the years with no discipline. Abdelkater's career ending hit on Lydman and Phillipe Forsberg's season ending late head hit on Manson. Both of these occurred during the playoffs with no disciplinary hearing. But god forbid Cogs have a chance to set a new iron man record. Entire situation is ridiculous. Cog's is one of the cleanest players out there.
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    Hands down the best trade of the past ten years was on June 24, 2011. The Ducks traded the #22 overall in the 2011 entry draft to Toronto for the #30 and #39. Toronto selects Tyler Biggs at #22. The Ducks select Rickard Rakell (#30) and John Gibson (#39).
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