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    As someone who is from the east region. I can promise you this and this promise is to all Ducks Fans. I will keep eye on him and how well he does as I am doing with Morand and Groulx along with Drew. It's important to know and I will do it for you guys.. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    What you are talking about is hardly "damning." There's a lot more nuance to the discussion than that. And one thing I'll never understand is people on a fan comment board wondering why fans are making comments about things the team does. That's the stated purpose of this website. The Ducks made a trade, which is a relatively rare occurrence, even if it's a minor one. I'd quibble with that, since any move that affects the NHL roster is important, but no, this isn't Matt Duchene and Kyle Turris. However, Matt Duchene-level trades shouldn't be the bar to clear for having a discussion. Why come to this site if we're not going to dissect moves like this? As for the trade itself, from a purely player personnel standpoint, I like the move a lot. It's a low ceiling d-man (which are easy to find and the Ducks already have in spades) for a high ceiling forward (something the Ducks don't have a lot of). However, from a roster fit standpoint, particularly under the current coach, I have some concerns. All of the red flags with Sprong, and the reason he's available in the first place, are potentially going to continue to be issues in Anaheim. First, he's not good in the defensive end, which is something our current coach is not very tolerant of. Which brings us to the second thing, which is that Carlyle tends to drop players to the 4th line who aren't putting in the effort on the defensive end, and Sprong reportedly struggled with a lack of playing time and chances to play with offensively skilled players. Maybe we solve that by dropping Aberg or Kase to the 4th line. Yes, I do consider it wasteful to decrease the minutes and opportunity for offensively skilled and currently producing players on a team that's hurting for offense. Maybe Carlyle has a plan to rotate these guys and get them all some time with the scoring lines, in which case, great. Or maybe there will come a day when Carlyle rolls four scoring lines. But it's hardly out of line or "damning" to raise those questions as potential roadblocks to Sprong reaching his potential. Whether or not you think the deal is a good one, I will say again, where are we supposed to analyze it if not here? If you're not interested in the analysis, then feel free not to read it.
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    Plus, when he finally breaks through, we can all say that "Sprong has sprung." #hearditherefirst
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    Edmonton native. He was probably the closest coach to the arena. Lol.
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    I like "caning" better. MUCH more creative, and has an international flair.
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    Watching Lubo at the Kings game last night. That dude never, not had a smile on his face during the whole thing. And that got me thinking to Schnieder. Who also couldn't stop smiling. I liked those two.
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    Kyle Shohara Retweeted Hockey Canada Max Comtois among the 34 players selected. #NHLDucks second-round pick in 2017 draft. If he makes the team, he'll probably score within the first few minutes of his WJC debut.
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    Is it? Does anyone think this is a good system? Letting our goalies get rubber poisoning every game while scoring two goals (maybe)? If that's a good system, so is my workout plan of lifting a beer to my mouth every two minutes and hoping it will get me in shape.
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    Good waiver pickup. Johnson is competent, and better than a minor league guy.
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    I saw it as "canoeing" like he was going to set Randy out in the middle of the ocean in a flimsy boat.
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    😂 @icemancometh Cam Fowler is asking for the conference call number and pass code.
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    Agreed. Love Sherwood's hustle, but then he doesn't know what to do when his hustle is successful. He's like a 13-year-old-me when the girl who ignored me finally said yes to a dance.
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    I don't think the Ducks need to be too worried about the expansion draft right now. It is 3 years away...a lot can happen in those 3 years. 3 years ago, Rakell was just a young player trying to find his way and earn bottom 9 playing time, and Kesler was a for sure Selke finalist. For all we know, half of the team might not be here. I think the proper time to worry about it will be at the conclusion of next season...when there is still 1 more season to play before the expansion draft, lol. Rather than thinking on that, process the fact that Rakell's full name is Rickard Lars Gunnar Roland Rakell. Imagine fitting that name on the Junior Swedish Hockey Academy Graduation Program.
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    Bruce is in idc if I die mode, just leave me alone.
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    I didn't have a problem with it because (1) the upside was so high, (2) we aren't in cap hell like we were a few years ago, and (3) because of the enormous windfall the Ducks have received from the Vegas entry fee, the Rodgers-NHL TV deal, the post-2012 CBA revenue sharing provisions, the MLB-NHL deal, etc. This team had plenty of money to spend when Eaves was re-signed. Was it money better spent elsewhere? Maybe. Although I'd need to see some names of other players who could have been signed instead of Eaves to make that conclusion. The way I see it, Eaves on LTIR and IR hasn't cost the Ducks any cap flexibility and it has actually given the team opportunities to bring up some younger players to get their feet wet. It was worth the gamble IMO.
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    You're right, but just in case anyone was wondering - if you're league age 20 (you turn 20 before December 31), you will accrue a season of professional hockey if you play 10 or more games at the NHL, AHL, or ECHL level while under contract with an NHL team. So Mahura would be eligible whether he accrues those 10 games with the Ducks or the Gulls.
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    formal complaint idea.... It would take an effort outside the Ducks organization... like a media company or and internet company.... cough.cough.cough . @ZTHER A video that is produced to look, feel and sound exactly like the NHL videos sent out on social media that explain suspensions. "Here we have Peter Forsberg. On this play he's actually holding the stick of Manson, but then dives to the ice as Manson gets two for tripping'" "Here we clearly see Watson interfere with Rakell and lose the puck. Four seconds later, Nashville scores" "Here we see the Ducks player cross checked. No call. A few seconds later that player scores." In EVERY shot of real footage of theses acts, there needs to be some real footage of the exact same infraction and to the same degree from another game where it was called. Even better if you could get multiple videos where it was called from multiple games. Keep the theme on the penalties NOT called to put the Ducks on the PP with the same acts that are called all the time in other games. That's the real problem here. Make a 5 minute long youtube video and then we all share it like crazy on social media.
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    We weren't good early on, but the record was good. And Comtois started off really hot, then tailed off. At the time, with no Ritchie, it made sense to keep him in the lineup. He could get top 9 minutes, he was playing relatively well, and the team wanted its best players on the ice. Comtois would have played more than 10 games if he hadn't gotten hurt. But then he got hurt, Ritchie came back and has played well enough, and now there's nowhere for Comtois to get minutes. The ELC thing is unfortunate, but it's not the end of the world.
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    If you put a Santa beard on Hitchcock then the resemblance is uncanny with old St. Nick. Edmonton beat us to the jolly fat man. If the Ducks want to hire the Grinch then they better start looking for Darryl Sutter.
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    John Ahlers brought this up tonight, calling it a "Travesty," and something that still bothers Cogs. Hayward did not comment, other than to say..."you had to bring that up, didn't you?" John did say to Brian, "and I know you feel the same, after the travesty comment." The reason John brought it up, was tonight is Cogs' 900th Career Game.
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    Yeah. I think this was definitely timing and not dumpster diving. Basically anyone with NHL experience that had a "G" after their name was going to be claimed. He's not great, but he's not terrible, either. And he's definitely better than Coreau.
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    Folks Here is a CMG(Comtois-Morand-Groulx) update first of many. 1.Max Comtois: 3 Goals 2 Assists 5pts after 4 games since his arrival back in Q-League 2.BO Groulx: 17 Goals 17 Assists 34pts after 27 games. 3.Antoine Morand:11 Goals 17 Assists 28pts after 27 games. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    I was just watching the NHL Network and they were talking about this play. One of the commentators said, and I quote, "I feel bad for Mark Giordano. I know the intent wasn't there." I want to strap this guy to a chair and force him to watch the Giordano knee on Fowler repeatedly until 2019. Giordano is a dirty thug.
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    Grumpy Kesler is one of my favorite things about this team. He's orange (team color). He's grumpy. If he hates Mondays and loves lasagna he's Garfield!
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    Gotcha, I don't understand your comment in response to DF4L's comment about Bieksa, Souray and Wisniewski. Souray made $11M for the 50 games he played for the Ducks, and Bieksa's $4M/year with an NMC was a terrible waste of funds and assets (ultimately Theodore). Wisniewski was also a $5M/year player when BM traded for him, and it cost a very inexpensive William Karlsson to get him. These are precisely the types of players that budget teams can't afford to miss on. Budget teams are certainly gonna miss on budget players (like a Mark Fistric, although even his situation is questionable because BM gave him a 3-year extension 27 games into his Ducks career that the team is still paying for). But they should not be missing on the expensive players. Not at the rate that GMBM has.
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    To be honest, I only know that because I was wrong in a different thread and DuckProg called me out. So I looked up the rules.
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    Is it really strange that we're fans of the Ducks and talking about a move that the Ducks made? Hey guys, we're not supposed to talk about Ducks roster activities. Might as well shut the boards down. Edit: Also, how dare you casually dismiss future Hall of Famer Marcus Pettersson.
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    Pronger? This is the best schtick ever on this board. Well done!
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    Well first off just wanna say Thank You to Marcus Petterson and best of luck in Pittsburgh and your Hockey Career. Welcome Daniel Sprong to Anaheim Ducks he is our FIRST Dutch hockey player......Imho this is good trade. I have watch Sprong in the Q and he is abit of two way player and happy Ducks got him. Who knows what future holds But I believe Ducks will give Sprong a chance if they give him that chance to do so. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    I don't think it's premature. Of course, you never know for sure with young players, but prospect rating systems do this all the time. Players are rated both for their potential/ceiling and for the chance they have to reach that potential. This is a trade of a low-ceiling, non-risky player for a medium ceiling, somewhat risky player. If everything goes right, Pettersson might not kill you as a defensively sound second pairing d-man. If nothing goes right, Pettersson will be a 6/7 d-man. There's plenty of value in that, depending on your risk aversion. If everything goes right, Sprong could be a solid producing top 6 winger. If nothing goes right, Sprong gradually fades away in the AHL.
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    What about Pettersson indicated that he's going to be great? He's a poor skater, he's been just okay positionally, and I haven't noticed the hitting lead to anything special. He doesn't seem to have offensive skills to speak of. He's also been taking a bunch of penalties recently. He seems like a classic third pairing d-man with a low ceiling. For the record, I have nothing against Pettersson and thought he did an adequate job as a 5/6 d-man, but I don't see him moving beyond that role.
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    No....but basically it's trading a guy with a low ceiling for a guy with higher potential but could be a bust. Worth the gamble IMO.
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    Those top line minutes with Crosby you speak of were not from this year. They were given last year where he put up 3pts in 8 games. This year, he has been subjected to most likely 3rd and 4th line duties by Mike Sullivan. In addition, he's been healthy scratched more than he's gotten top 6 icetime this year. As someone who follows prospects closely, I've seen a lot of Sprong, both at the AHL and NHL (granted not as much) level. It should be noted, for those who aren't very familiar with him, that Pittsburgh has really mismanaged his development so far in his young career. He actually got his 1st NHL action in 2015-2016, his draft year, as an 18 year old. He made the team to open the season, and then Penguins coach, Mike Johnson, proceeded to play him on the 4th line for 18 games before everyone realized what a stupid move that was and sent him back to the Q. He then put up 105pts in 64 games over 2 years in the Q, followed by 65pts in 65 games for Wilkes-Barre/Scranton in the AHL. He has talent, and every scouting report I have seen of him seems to acknowledge he has an elite level offensive skillset. Only time will tell if he can put it together in the NHL. One thing for sure is that he is a top 6 or bust type of player...so I fully expect to see him on the 4th line next game.
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    I like Eaves and feel for him, but Murray giving him more than a two year extension was just not a wise move.
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    So... No one else saw the last Ducks Live? Can't blame you, I never do. I just happened to catch it with Ilya Bryzgalov. Who may have mentioned he wants an NHL coaching job. Probably not the best candidate but, can you imagine that guys post game comments? It's worth sacking RC for it alone. I'm all in for Ilya.
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    2017 was a weird and different year. Calgary's goaltending helped gift wrap our series sweep and if not for one of the most improbable comebacks in a playoff game in history, the Ducks don't get past an inexperienced Oilers team. We've talked on here about how awful the Pacific Division has been over the last couple of seasons and I think that you can attribute the Ducks making the 2017 WCF in no small part because of it. You can say that injuries were the death knell against Nashville but Nashville was the better team and has gotten better since then. They are one of the elite teams in the NHL and are serious contenders. Also, the Ducks had Vatanen and Theodore in 2017 so our blue line was far more talented. Either way, I agree that there is no way the Ducks should be so atrocious on defense and I think that Carlyle/Murray are mostly responsible for it. Last season, it wasn't just that the Ducks got swept, but the fact that were so outplayed, out-executed and just dominated by the Sharks while have home-ice advantage. It was demoralizing and exposed the Ducks' flaws that still need to be addressed. Unfortunately, that's very hard to do with the contracts that they have and like you said, we have no idea how any of our prospects will turn out. Although, we know that none of them are ready for full-time NHL duty this season. We wasted the best regular season by a Ducks goaltender last year (while not getting a lottery pick), and are going more than likely going to do that again this year. The Ducks don't have the coaching or roster construction to change that right now, which is why I hope that the Ducks get a lottery pick as a way to hopefully bring in the game-breaking player that they need. I agree that a trade or two will be necessary and likely forced due to the looming expansion draft. I think that they once they see how Larsson and Mahura develop this season, they would be more inclined to make a move in the off-season, but not until then. The Ducks have looked a little better recently, but they are still playing pretty bad hockey overall and it's not nearly enough to avoid wasting another season of Gibson. It sucks, but I'd rather go through the pain this year and take a big step forward then have a repeat of last season.
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    Bryan Murray, in my opinion, was the best GM in Ducks history, followed by Brian Burke. Bob Murray....don't know where to place him in rating...but he is still better than Pierre Gauthier, who was an absolute disaster.
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    Or, he was not as big of a factor because he was being given less ice time? We all know that RC's distribution of TOI doesn't always make a ton of sense. But again, we also don't know when his injury actually occurred, and as a 19-year-old rookie it's totally conceivable he was playing hurt and not telling the training staff how badly he was hurt because he wanted to stay in the lineup. (btw, Aberg has been playing at LW some the past several games, so he does factor into the equation) As far as the Carlyle-effect goes, I want RC shipped out as much as anybody, but let's not kid ourselves. Carlyle has a Stanley Cup and two other WCF appearances on his resume. He's an antiquated NHL coach, but an NHL coach nonetheless. Meanwhile, Comtois' coach in Drummondville is Ryan Falkenham, a 24-year-old former winger who has no experience higher than major juniors. Nothing against Coach Falkenham, but I'd rather see Comtois laboring under Carlyle while learning how to be a pro in the same locker room as Cogliano and Kesler than playing with a bunch of teenagers for a coach only four years older than him.
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    Irwin kneeing Kossila, no penalty. The Giordano Special, The Dustin Brown.
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    Do her games missed count into our total man games lost?
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    I just remember laughing at Dustin Brown being exposed despite his NTC and that terrible contract, so it sticks in my mind.
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    Lets not forget that Kesler only wanted to go the 3 teams, Anaheim, Chicago & Pittsburgh. Chicago didn’t have the prospects, Pittsburgh didn’t have the cap space so that left bob with kesler in his lap.
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    I’m fine with where he is in his development. He’s young. He’s learning. He’ll figure it out. My expectations aren’t really that high yet so I’m not concerned. My point is more about the attitude of the organization at this point. Theo, Monty, Manson, Vats, they all were in and out of the lineup early on and spent time in the press box watching and learning, especially after bad games, and their minutes and matchups were carefully managed because this team was competitive and was all about winning and didn’t want to risk losing games due to rookie mistakes. But this season is clearly different for BM and RC. Prior to this season, BM would have been working the phones to find an Eric Brewer or Ben Lovejoy type plug as soon as Fowler went down, not waiving Schenn. And RC certainly wouldn’t have rookies paired together, at least not for this long, when he has capable veterans (Schenn and Sustr) available. But now that they realize this team isn’t competitive, they’re basically saying “screw it, just let the rookies play.” As far as who else was on the ice for those E/S goals, go back and watch them. Most of them are the direct result of #32 getting beaten by his man or #32 taking a bad angle and not taking away a passing lane. Theo and Monty would have been dining on popcorn the next game for those mistakes, back when this team was a contender.
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    The Avs first goal shouldn't have counted as Wielinski was cross-checked by the player who scored.
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    in a league where Cogliano gets suspended...
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    No sympathy here either. However, I'd prefer they just call these as 2 minute unsportsmanlike conduct penalties. It's not really a slash and to call it one creates more of that "what is or is not a penalty?" confusion that plagues the game. But it was still Marchand trying to poke the goalie in the back of the leg with the blade of his stick for no reason other than to just be a rat. If the league wants to get rat-like behavior out of the game, they need to punish it on the ice, not with a dumb fine a day later.
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    Given the rep calls the Ducks have gotten the past decade-plus, I have little sympathy for Marchand. This was a weak call, sold big time, but he's one of those guys who starts Dehydrated Donkey Dung and never steps up. I'd love to see rep calls on the entire Calgary team now that Neal's there. So much rat Dehydrated Donkey Dung.
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    Verified account 44m44 minutes ago .@troyterry1997 has scored points in all nine games to begin his @theahl career, a club record. (6g, 7a, 13 pts) #LetsGoGulls
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    Aberg’s 6th goal tonight just tied Big Sexy’s goal total from December 2009. The stuff legends are made of....
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