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    Samueli's are paying all full/part time staff their salaries through the end of the month. Class act.
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    yeah, this is what BM meant. he wasn't setting Eakins up for failure, he just wanted Eakins to make his own judgements with players and then get to the same conclusion (and, I think BM wanted a second opinion and a second chance for some players with a new coach). on the player i was talking about in practices - it was Sherwood who was lacking some stick skills, visibly, during the drills. there's always a function of who you're drilling with... but that didn't seem to be the issue. the main drill i'm thinking of is two players going head to head at high speed starting from the two defensive zones - first player with the puck passes hard to second player just coming out of the d-zone on the other side of neutral, and the receiving second player is supposed to stop the puck and leave it motionless (stop/drop) for the oncoming rush (original passing first player) so that the first player can enter the d-zone that the second player just exited, but with significant speed AND puck control. Sherwood cycled through that drill 3-4 times while i was watching, and he fraked up the puck stop/drop every time, which tripped up the oncoming rush. i don't understand how this could be true of an AHLr, but then again, I still have no idea how we don't have vets that can 1-time (to the extent that BM harped on it during the discussion session). unfortunately, this was a short practice between 2 games in 3 days, so there could be a chance they weren't practicing "for reals"... so take this all with a grain of salt: until the drills became more like full line v. line scrimmages (players seemed to dig in during the scrimmages, because they're more fun?), there was a LOT of players just 'completing' drills but not really pushing themselves during the drills... which I think is a waste. I don't have a leg to stand on, coaching wise, but I've always enjoyed the Wooden take on sports - start as fundamental as you can, do it exactly right (or keep practicing until you do), and then build on that. i did NOT see a lot of commitment in the non-scrimmage, more basic drills. i wouldn't think much of it, but it goes hand in hand with our very apparent weaknesses on the ice. The rooks tended to put more energy into the more basic drills, but still not enough in my view. i didn't see too many players taking their own development in hand. Gbud did a bit, but I think he's still working on getting healthy, so I'm not sure that counts. The ice isn't huge, so there's not a lot of room for individual skating, and I didn't stay too long after players started to dribble off the ice. I don't know: if Cogs had been there, at least I could have normalized based on his output. FrenchyD did a good job at going around trying to make people have fun during the practice, in a good way. Getz and Gbud seemed to hang off together on the side and stand with sort of a leadership stature, overlooking the lines taking runs. it looked very natural for them to hang together in that way. Eakins and the two assistants were on the ice all the time with the players, Eakins mainly doing the whistle blowing for the drills. There were what looked like PP D and O drills, basically runs at net 3 on 2, then whistle blows and they switch O and D, something like that. not super organized. it might have just been a regular drill. Eakins was in on every drill, so... well, there's that. Again, short session, so maybe not a lot of PP-specific stuff. who knows. That's all i can remember right now.
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    really tired of BM throwing his players under the bus. Take responsibility for the crap assistant coaches.
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    IMHO I would take 2007 Stanley Cup Champion Ducks of ANY TEAM in NHL,SHL,Liiga,DEL,KHL in the world. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    https://www.yahoo.com/sports/best-teams-ever-bracket-nhl-edition-round-1-052703080.html nice to see the 2007 Ducks get some love! and according to this the '07 Ducks are the best post-lockout team. honestly, i know they aren't getting out of that first round...'casue it's fan voted and most fans don't understand how good that Ducks team was. not even the writer spent any time showcasing all the strengths! Pronger/Niedermayer on the blue-line is arguably one of the best defensive duos to ever skate together....a rejuvenated Teemu Selanne with a quick skating center in McDonald...a young and hungry kid line of Perry, Getz, and Penner...Giguere being a brickwall...and a shutdown line that would beat you into submission one shift and score a goal the next. 5 losses in 21 games...epic.
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    Too bad the league allowed the Red Wings to force Hiller's pad across the line in game 7 to score a goal. If the Red Wings are good again in 100 years it will be too soon.
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    Once this thing gets into the homeless population it is going to get really ugly. Those people already have compromised immune systems due to living outside, addiction issues etc. And they are the last people that want to be told what to do so they will run from authorities even if they are trying to help.The most vulnerable are the elderly. Some recent stats. AGE DEATH RATE confirmed cases DEATH RATE all cases 80+ years old 21.9% 14.8% 70-79 years old 8.0% 60-69 years old 3.6% 50-59 years old 1.3% 40-49 years old 0.4% 30-39 years old 0.2% 20-29 years old 0.2% 10-19 years old 0.2% 0-9 years old no fatalities
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    it definitely is. the CDC saying prepare for 2 months of no groups 50 or more is pretty telling.... LA just basically closed all restaurant and bars and venues etc... except for take-out and grocery stores till April (but likely longer)...i like that plan a lot personally.
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    I bought a used nhl game to watch cpu vs cpu simulations. Adapt overcome ha ha.
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    The only good thing to say is that it felt like the Ducks season was over weeks/months ago, so if it really is officially over, it won't feel much different.
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    That would be amazing.
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    so not sure if you guys heard.... but the next Sharks home game is going to be to an entire empty arena! When asked how else they are taking precautions for the coronavirus the Sharks responded with "...? what's the coronavirus??" .....ZING!
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    Regarding the signing of Niedermayer and the trading for Pronger, BM said he would be willing to make similar moves in the future when he felt the Ducks were a Cup contender again. He mentioned Edmonton and Pittsburgh as teams that “went to the bottom” for 5+ years to rebuild, something he doesn’t want to do. He also said that he hopes NR will become a player that works hard on and off the ice consistently. Other than that I have nothing to add that others, and mostly you have already said. Unless you were taking notes or recorded the session, you have an incredible memory! I have a much higher opinion of GMBM after attending the event and feel bad for what I said about him at the TDL. I also got the chance to meet Hazy, which was something I have wanted to do for a long time. I saw him play goalie at Cornell when I was a freshman there (a loooong time ago).
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    D - I think that's what he meant. The question is: what is he happy about? He may be indicating he's happy with the trade bait we have within the D-ranks as they stand now, and not really the overall performance. The funny thing is that I think he's not too put out with the injuries. It keeps us below average on team wins and gives him a chance to see the newbs and youngsters play hard games in the stretch. His multiple-mentioned focus moving forward is shooters. We have too many play makers (BM stated this, with a chuckle, but with some underlying frustration). That said, while BM wouldn't name who we are going for in the draft, he said "there's a really good player going early! He can shoot and play-make and do it all." After that sort-of LOL moment, BM mentioned that there are also a couple draft forwards/prospects who can shoot more than play-make, and that there are a good 7-9 D prospects who seem to be good shooters - offensively minded D. There's a... small chance he's playing coy with a possible trade up to #1 once the lottery happens (just a hint of a feeling on my part). Neids/Pronger comment - this was in the context of looking for free agents, but it was solely a hand-wavy example of what the organization has done in the past, not what he is specifically looking for. Basically, he was saying that the organization has searched out and acquired top end talent before now, in bunches, and they are open to looking for similar opportunities moving forward. I think the comment led directly into BM making the first larger point that ownership is behind purchasing UFA talent. The follow up caveats were brief, but maybe unrealistic? BM doesn't want to give 8 years $10M to a 30 year old (or 7 years to a 29 year old). He noted that when they signed Getz and Perry for the amounts they did, "we were betting on one of them making through the end of the contracts." The second larger point seemed to be that the organization is willing to trade talent we have now to get the sweetheart target. So, yes, assets to get an elite player to accelerate the rebuild, but not announced with the thoughtful logic and vocal/voice-timbre of full commitment I generally expect from a committed BM (purely my interpretation). I'm tentatively chalking this up as another one of those "we're willing if the sweet deal comes along" sort of throw away statements. I mean, come on, though. He can't tell the world he's going to give up the shop for a Mitch Marner and expect to make a good deal. Oh, i should mention - BM talked briefly about that one time "we thought we'd won the lottery, but it turned out not. Sidney's a good player." that comment was part of meandering around the question whether we'd be looking for franchise players in the draft or by UFA/trade. Hazy made a really good point about how few top 5 picks we've had... i think he said the last top 5 pick was in 2003? basically, we all agreed that we'd put together a great team without languishing in the bottom for a long time. Edmonton and another team were mentioned. Sorry, can't remember the other one. I know someone has mentioned this before, but BM explicitly noted that he started the rebuild a year late - this was a fairly early comment in the discussion, so almost all (all?) the above was sort of under that umbrella. Just think about what that means... BM is thinking now that he should have fired RC and brought up Eakins a year earlier, before Cogs was traded, etc. That's... pretty interesting to consider. Not that I want to spend endless time on the board reading about what could have been (please guys, let's not go there in any large way), but right now, I feel like waiting the extra year has helped us shed some players we might not have shed otherwise, which has opened up some new prospects that... might have been for the best for a new coach trying to change the team's direction - it was always going to hurt, regardless. Eakins will never be blamed for losing Cogs, and that's probably a good thing. Also, BM is shouldering whatever burden he can so that Eakins get a solid, fair chance. That's a pretty cool/selfless thing to do (even if it's all BM's fault regardless, but you know what I mean). Someone in the audience thanked BM for doing the talk, especially this year. The audience member said that not all GM's do this sort of thing. I'm not sure how true that is, but man, I really enjoy the access we get at least once a year.
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    I also agree with you except the last sentence. What is Nick Ritchie? He's a big physical force power forward...he had PLENTY of opportunity and freedom to do that. He was our most physical forward. Do we need to bring up Ritchie carving an "R" into the forehead of Victor Arvidsson???? the greatest thing that ever happened. Ritchie being Ritchie cost us penalty minutes. I do think the trade was great for him. He gets a clean slate and I really do hope it comes down to a Boston/Dallas finals...id love to see him and Kase win the cup. Ugh, or Philly. Would love to see Grant raise the cup...actually, I take it back....I want a Philly/Dallas finals lol
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    I was completely kidding. I'm sure Shore was fine. As fine as the worst hockey player in history can be, anyway.
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    Pretty disappointing to hear about the lack of effort at practices. You watch Ducks games versus games with decent teams in the league, and other teams just do the basics so much better. Tape to tape passes etc. This is stuff they should be working on. Sherwood is a hustle player similar to Cogs which I guess is why he's a fan favorite, because he puts the effort in. But he just doesn't have the hands to be anything more than a 4th liner at best or the 13th forward on any given night.
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    Don't think they were referring to Sprong here. He wasn't with the team too much to warrant that IMO. However, in The Athletic article done on him after the statt of the season, they commented that his attitude was pretty bad the first 2-3 weeks of the season in SD. Then he finally got mostly past it, and started to play well. The guy is a head case IMO. Just full of himself and thinks he's too good to commit to paying a two way game. I'm glad they sat him for this. I'm really liking what Djoos is bringing to the team.
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    That's what I thought he meant. (ritchie) For all we know, BM is threatening the players something like "if you don't start playing better, having better results, showing leadership, scoring on the power play and doing what our coaching staff tell you to do - you can forget about being protected in the entry draft and your butt will end up in Seattle"...
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    I heard a show this morning talking about assistant coaches and how important they are to the success and flow of any team. Philly, St. Louis and Boston have great ones. Look at how they are playing. I rest my case...
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    https://sports.yahoo.com/long-term-outlook-ducks-160556520.html Based on this article alone. Check out our scoring levels the past two years and Gibson's numbers overall. We've only outscored Detroit the past two years and..... that's it, only Detroit. 😥 I rest my case there. No one could save us so please stop bashing him.
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    IIRC it was something crazy like 5 total losses against the 4 teams with the highest win% following the All Star break that year. It's not like they were breezing through the 2012 Coyotes and Devils on their way to a title. I always go back and forth whenever these greatest of all time discussions come up in any sport. Take this bracket for example. On one hand, the 1983 Islanders are likely better than the 2007 Ducks if you keep everything relative to the era and the competition they faced. It gets iffy when you imagine an alternate reality where these teams can somehow actually play each other though. I have a hard time picturing any team from before the dead puck era competing with modern teams. It's not a level playing field. I'm saying this as someone who believes wholeheartedly that Mario Lemieux was the GOAT and the 1977 Canadiens were the best to ever lace them up. The game doesn't get to evolve to where it is now without those teams from the past but today's players have the benefit of better equipment, training, nutrition, coaching, etc. to the point where an average player could probably tear up those past eras. Realistically to me this bracket would come down to the 2010 Blackhawks vs. the 2007 Ducks but even just thinking that seems blasphemous.
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    I don't think we will see playoffs this season. From the outside looking in, the US is about to be worse than both Italy and Spain due to lack of a coordinated approach to attacking this thing, and too many people not taking the threat seriously due to the information coming out of Washington. Good luck to everyone, stay safe, stay home if you can.
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    I saw that it makes me sick. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    thats insane, in the whole world they take a lot of toilet paper... sorry, but this isn't the most important thing I would buy....
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    They're testing anyone with risk of exposure. For proper statistics and tracking, you do not create a bias in sampling, or you create a bias in the results. And we have the tests we need.
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    I saw this and it greatly changed my personal opinion of ownership. A real positive move by the Samueli's considering many of their arena employees are dependent on those salaries.
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    He was the #1 ranked European d-man so it shouldn't have been such a big deal to draft him at #6. I just remember the draft broadcast with the announcers losing their minds that he was drafted that high. With that in mind, if we don't get Drysdale and BM wants a RHD then the next highest ranked is Braden Schneider. I watched a small video of him and he reminds me of Manson when Manson was good.
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    NHL super tournament. Boston gets a first round bye. The rest of the teams play a 5 game series. 2 vs last in the conference, 3 vs second last, etc. Then we are down to 16 teams after this series and the normal playoffs begin. Let's do this.
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    Win % or calculate back to 65 or 68 games. I don’t believe the season goes further. I don’t believe that Dehydrated Donkey Dungy Corona will be only for 2-3 weeks. I believe in 3-4 weeks at leadt the half earth will have the virus and I only hope nobody I know dies... its scary thing.
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    And just think of how burned out the teams who make the playoffs would be if they only got a month off before the next season started!
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    yep, official. sigh didn't realize id be going to the last game before suspension last night.... although, man, it felt like it was a weird game...
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    It's important and needed...Things are going crazy and health of the team and fans is important. Much as it disapoints me this season will be suspsended but in long term it's for the good of the sport, Our team and us fans. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    Whoa! Rodney Dangerfield over here folks.
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    Nic Del is number 10 in goal scoring on the team. The only rookie who has more goals is mad max. Ok ok so he had a hat trick.... but seriously our fourth line, if you also included the general himself, is our second best scoring line as a trio. That doesn't bode well for the team, especially going forward. We need our second and third lines to contribute more. It's embarrassing having our fourth line outscore half the team.... hopefully, and I think we've seen some positive views, the new guys can continue to contribute.
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    Traded Ritchie and Kase and with pretty much the entire top-4 and Gibson now hurt. The team is winning just to spite Murray at this point lol.
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    FYI to all...TSN has our Ducks chance at getting No1 overall 8.5. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    I always forget to set it up, then feel too self conscious to record anything... and I don't want to take notes manually and miss stuff. My memory had a lot of help from the others, even the original linked article (triggered some recall). Thanks!
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    Ducks play Kings three times before the end of the season and Ottawa tonight. Preverbal -4 pt games. Must lose.
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    I noticed that and hate to say that I am actually hoping the Ducks start losing more. Finishing 2nd from the bottom guarantees a top 5 pick, something the Ducks haven’t had since picking Bobby Ryan at #2 overall in 2005. It would also give the Ducks a decent shot at getting the #1 pick for the first time ever.
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    Well Ducks made trade with Boston and I like what i see in Heinen. Keeping an eye on Andersson. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    We're around game 68 or 69 here. Players are going to be worn down by the season. lack of effort could simply be tired. If the coach isn't making a big thing about it at that practice, I would not worry about it. The effort I've seen since the trade deadline is much greater than before it. Almost all the games have been really fun to watch and the compete level has been high.
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    Really good post with some hands on insight. Cool. Thanks.
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    Just listened to the Kes and Juice podcast. The exact quotes were: His German song about losing notwithstanding, they sure didn't make it sound like Holzer is a guy who drags down a locker room.
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    Why say the "I foresaw it" thing though? Doesn't this kind of infantilize his head coach? "It's ok, Eakins. You have no significant positive NHL experience and I knew you'd make those mistakes. I foresaw it. [pats him on head]"
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    First bold, what the heck does this mean? Should we be calling him Darth Sidious from now on? Second bold, are you willing to talk about specific players by name, or is that not appropriate for this venue? I have my suspicions about which player your example is referring to, but I'm just curious if you could provide more insight here over all about what you saw from specific players during drills.
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    By this logic, with our goaltending tandem of John Gibson and Ryan Miller, the Ducks are also the 5th worst team in the NHL, so I assume next you'll be telling us the Ducks should trade Gibson to help with the rebuild because Lukas Dostal is looking great in the Czech league and Stolarz can hold down the fort until the team has been rebuilt with high draft picks. Not buying it. The Ducks aren't 5th worst in the NHL because of their top-4 defenders or their goaltending. They're 5th worst because they had a roster full of rookies who weren't as NHL-ready as almost everyone thought they were, including GMBM and the coaching staff who gave them way more than they could handle this season.
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    I think Slifv has the potential, too....ugh, his shot/release can be so deadly. Getz with Rakell/Slifv wouldn't be the worse....that could be a deadly line. Maybe I'm old fashioned but I would rather we had a L shot up there with them....but, still....Getz distributing to those 2 consistently could be deadly.
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    Outside of goaltending, we need everything. The top-2 picks are no brainers and with our top-4 defenders out we could easily fall to the second worst record by the end of the season and guarantee ourselves a top-5 pick.
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    Right now we’re 4th, with an outside chance of finishing #2, or outside of the top 6 if we finish the season strong. We need a Cale Makar (top RHD) or a 1st line C/W. Basically we need high impact skill.
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