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    Why is sending Vatanen out for "anything" a good deal? Vatanen has a lot of value, and it's clear that there weren't many teams that had the ability to take him before the draft. Besides the fact that Vegas basically put the clamps down on any trades from teams with which they'd worked out a deal. And you're begging the question with your first paragraph. Why should we assume that Theo could easily QB the #1 PP? And even if he could, he struggled in other areas of the game. Of course I expect he'll improve, and I'm not happy to lose to him, but I'd certainly rather lose him than give away Vatanen for free (or for a severely discounted price). As for the cap hit, let's play that game. In your scenario, we keep Theodore and Stoner and trade Vatanen (let's pretend we trade him for a 2nd round draft pick) and buy out Bieksa. Because Bieksa is 36, we get no cap savings from that buyout. So we save $4.9 million from trading Vatanen for peanuts, while under the current scenario we save $4.2 million by packaging Stoner with Theodore. Your scenario saves the team all of $700k. When you factor in that Vatanen is significantly better than Theodore and Bieksa and Stoner are about a wash, you're really just left with a 2nd round pick. Which is nice, but probably not worth it to downgrade from Vatanen to Theodore for next season. I don't think BM managed this perfectly by any stretch, but I think he did about as well as could be expected given the existing constraints.
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    He can just claim itchy uniform syndrome and sit out his last year on LTIR.
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    Would have been awesome if Bob had announced the Eaves signing while Dallas was on the clock at #29.
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    1. If we buy out Bieksa we don't get any cap relief. 2. If we buy out Bieksa and trade Vats then we have nobody to expose for the draft so Murray has to bring in yet another defenseman, one that is eligible to be drafted. 3. The market for Vats before the ED was incredibly small, as the number of teams that could (a) take on his salary and (b) had a spare expansion protection spot to use on him was basically non-existent. This is why teams like Minnesota also had to make deals to protect their defensemen instead of making trades. 4. Vats was pretty good on the PP before this season (in which he was reportedly injured pretty bad), he's also a lot better defensively than Theodore. 5. Vats can still be traded, it's not like we are stuck with him. We could still get pretty good value back for him. There is/was no real point in dumping him for anything just to get cap relief.
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    We need to rescue Perron.
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    Losing Theo and having Stoner off the books is about as well as we could have hoped to do. 1. Theo has a lot of potential, but he's at best the #6 guy when we are healthy (Hampus, Cam, Manson, Vats, Montour all ahead of him I'd say). We have other young guys in the pipeline. Loved his power play acumen, but he left a lot to be desired in his own zone. Wish him the best, but we aren't losing an irreplaceable piece here. 2. Getting Stoner off the books is huge if we acquire a scorer. Trading Vatanen takes another 4 mil off the books so that's roughly 8 to work with if my math is correct. You can get some juice with that. So worst case scenario: Vegas took Theo from us in the expansion draft. And we have 4 million more in cap space with Stoner gone. Best case scenario: we have wiggle room to get something good either in FA or in a Vatanen trade. We survived the expansion draft without losing a Top 4 defenseman, any forward, or any draft picks. I'd say that's about all we could ask for.
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    Oh good, another thread about the expansion draft. Hahaha I'm flicking between the Ducks, Rumours and NHL pages for all the different conversations. Lol
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    It's the Toronto Sun. Forget a grain of salt, take everything they say with a shot of hotdog grease.
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    Evidently some kind of monetary exchange going from NHL Bettmancoin to MLB Selligcoin, or something like that. All NHL sponsored message boards were down. Especially good timing for the cup teams fans. Hopefully it is back now. Looks like the other teams are back online now also. id like to say I had something to do with the return, but it was taken care of by someone with a lot higher pay grade than myself. Welcome back everyone.
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    Trying to find out. It said to contact the system administrator, so I asked myself what was happening, but I didn't know. I'll ask around. The main site was down off and on. Could be working on the servers or something. No answers yet.
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    In my experience someone like Hampus should have a COMPLETE RECOVERY within 3 months and perhaps another couple of weeks to get ALL of his strength back - and he will be as good, if not better when done. If it is just the labrum it should be a piece of cake. The problem is that MRI's of the shoulder are difficult to read - you have no real idea of what the collateral damage has been done until you open it up and look around. If it is just a torn labrum I bet he will be playing/practicing by first week in Sept. Anyone know when his surgery is scheduled and where ( hopefully Kerlan- Jobes ). IMHO
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    Anaheim Ducks‏Verified account @AnaheimDucks 2m2 minutes ago Paul Kariya, on the HHOF conference call: "Never in my wildest dreams did I think this was possible. This is an incredible honor." Anaheim Ducks‏Verified account @AnaheimDucks 1m1 minute ago PK said he was surfing and got the news when he returned. @TeemuSel8nne called him right away to congratulate him; knew before PK did Anaheim Ducks‏Verified account @AnaheimDucks 49s49 seconds ago .@TeemuSel8nne: "It's great that you were inducted w/ me, Paul, so we can fly together & you can pick up the tab for the private plane!"
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    Rumor that Eaves signs in Anaheim 3 years
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    With the 153rd overall selection in the 2017 NHL Draft, the Ducks have selected goaltender Olle Eriksson Ek from Farjestad Jr. (Sweden-Jr.). Eriksson Ek, 18, was ranked No. 2 among European goaltenders by NHL Central Scouting in its final rankings, and is the younger brother of Minnesota Wild forward Joel Eriksson Ek. His father, Clas, won three Swedish Hockey League championships over a 13-season career with Farjestad. The 6-foot-2, 178-pound netminder finished the 2016-17 season with a 2.16 goals-against average and .924 save percentage in 30 games with Farjestad Jr. Furthermore, Eriksson Ek represented Sweden at the 2016 Ivan Hlinka Memorial, 5-Nations tournaments in 2016 and 2017 and the 2017 IIHF Under-18 World Championship.
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    RealPatrickEaves‏Verified account @Patrick_Eaves 3h3 hours ago More My family and I are very excited to be back @AnaheimDucks! This is a nice way to wake up in the morning! #MyNeighborsRule #quackattack 35 replies122 retweets617 likes
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    Theo was redundant. Ducks have too many non physical defencemen. As far as I'm concerned, the Ducks pulled a miracle by shedding Stoner, & only losing Theodore in the expansion process.
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    Kesler chiming in on this one. Locker room is definitely pro-Eaves.
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    That's an easy fix. Have Gibson live with one Cogliano for a summer. Let the humblest of ironmen show the youngling how it's done through proper nutrition and training.
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    This thread is going bonkers. Vats is staying. Theo and Stoner to LV is absolutely spectacular, if we lose no-one else or any picks to LV, considering the mountains of d-man meat we have coming up the chain. Keeping Vats and the d-machine intact is worth losing Theo's upside. Stoner didn't participate this season, so he's not part of the machine, in my view. Gotta wonder how long Vats was carrying his injury, because it would certainly cut his scoring. He's a cheap, but excellent, d-man, when on form. I think it's silly to think this year is how his next two years are going to go. Keeping him keeps a lot of options open, options that would not be available if we kept Theo and/or Stoner instead. Perspective, people!
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    Best of luck to Despres. It's a darn shame it all had to come to this. He could have been a real force for us for a long time if not for some really dirty hits by Barrie and Landeskog. And while I still think his terrible play was one of the biggest contributors to our loss to Nashville in 2016, in hindsight he never should have seen the ice that series at all, so all the blame for that goes to BM, Boudreau, Yawney, and the medical staff for letting him play IMO. You always hope first for a guy's health, but assuming he is healthy now, I really hope he gets another chance to continue his NHL dream somewhere else (just not LA!).
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    ... then Anaheim signs him to a one day contract and he announces retirement?
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    Two updates: 1) Saw Lindholm on Sunday and he looks great. He didn't stress his shoulder, but he was shaking hands and putting arms around people for pictures. I think he'll be great by the season opener, unless there's a setback. I am always surprised as how thin his arms are, outside the hockey garb. 2) News on Kesler is surprising and bittersweet. He's had surgery on both hips, which was planned since approximately January (so he's been playing with the injuries at least since then!), but they found bone chips in both sockets (which was a surprise, didn't show up on scans I guess). The chips may not be good news on longevity, but the much better news is that he should be healed by season opener, and even injured he was able to shut down both the Flames and Edmonton. I have a lot of respect for Kesler, but now I sort of think he's a hockey god. Sheesh. I dearly hope there's no chance of more serious issues with his hips going forward (thinking about Emery).
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    You bet. Seems as though the boys got a little stick tap from the organization....
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    Drouin is a great piece but there's no way I'd give up a 23 year old d-man with borderline elite defensive stats that's signed for the next 5 seasons for a winger and a first round gamble. Even with our scouting the chances of ending up with another Hampus are slim. His offence might not put him on the same level as a Karlsson or a Hedman but IMO when it comes to pure defence, he's right up there with the best of them. Something along the lines of Hampus for Draisaitl is where I'd start considering a trade. Don't even care if I'm overrating him here tbh.
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    For Lindholm? Nylander, Brown, and an editor for you.
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    Just a guess here, but I would assume there would be full disclosure that the UFA is signing with Vegas in order to be flipped. I'm also guessing there would be a retained salary transaction involved in the trade. Example: Team A wants Bonino. Bonino's UFA market value is $4M (just for hypothetical purposes). Team A, a contender, doesn't have the cap space to pay more than $3.75M/season and is worried some team will offer him $4.25M, effectively pricing him out of their range. To solve it, Team A and Vegas do the following: Vegas signs Bonino at $4.5M, then trades him to Team A for a decent package of picks and prospects, while retaining $750K in the deal. In the end, Team A gets the UFA they covet at the price they wanted, Vegas gets much-need assets, and Vegas takes on an extra $750K in cap to help them stay above the cap floor. Vegas also gets to count Bonino as their selection from Pittsburgh instead of being forced to draft left-over detritus that they have no use for. And Bonino goes to a contender for more money than he would have gotten on the open market. Win-Win-Win.
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    As an aside, Manson is no longer a secret anymore. He's turned into a solid top 4 defenseman. He's gonna get 3.5-4 mil no problem.
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    Totally different scenarios. The Ducks traded Selanne away.
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    That is incredible. Both going in at the same time. Hopefully this helps to get Paul back into the Duck's organization where he belongs. Congrats to both. Wow, misty here.
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    I don't even think we have a problem on wing right now. Im totally fine rolling with Rakell/ Ritchie/ Cogs on the left, and Perry/Silf/Eaves/Kase on the right . Our biggest issue right now is center. I don't understand the complaints about getting a LW. The talk about trading Vatanen isn't even about getting a top 6 forward. It's about having an oppertunity to turn a surplus of one thing into an asset, namely a young forward on the rise, to supplement our aging core upfront . In other words, it's not about right now. It's a move that could help now, but it's more geared toward the future. This team has hit some homeruns in the draft, and if they play their cards right can reduce a looming rebuild into a hopefully quick retool. There is gonna be a year in the not too far distant future where Anaheim sucks hard. Hopefully, if we play our cards right, a year or two will be all it takes to jump back on our feet and be a contender again. That's what the Vatanen move is about. Not replacing Dustin freaking Pancake Penners production on LW.
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    During that late stretch when Perron was injured for us, I was at a game and stepped out to get some food during the TV timeout of the 2nd period and Perron was walking the concourse in a suit after doing a fan appreciation event. My buddy and I stopped to chat him up and take photos. Dude could not have been nicer. I didn't think we could afford to re-sign him last summer, but now that we have the cap space I'm all in for bringing him back. Perron-Getzlaf-Eaves would be very interesting IMO, and we could then put Ritchie-Raks-Pears on a line and have three legit scoring lines.
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    Heh. Yeah, if I need a little schadenfreude to take the edge off, look no further than Nashville. Trade Neal for Hornqvist, watch Horqvist score the Cup winner against you, then lose Neal for nothing to Vegas afterwards.
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    I remember some guy signing up to this forum to "curse" our franchise shortly after that news broke. We laughed at the time but considering how things have gone since, I think I might be a believer. Glad he's gone Also, holy cap space Vatman!
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    "I was with him last night" -Marcel Dionne, 2017
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    Stop scaring off the newbies Nieder. We talked about this remember.
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    If we assume Bieksa wasn't on the roster, we would still have to expose a defensemen and then bribe Vegas to not take them. Bieksa really has nothing to do with this. I could see us losing a Larsson or Theodore out of this. I'll be annoyed at Bob for not trying to maneuver around the situation, but really the culprit is the NHL and these ridiculous expansion draft requirements. I hope Vegas becomes another failed step child for the league.
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    Pretty much what we expected after Bieksa didn't waive his NMC. A big LOL to all the idiot writers that predicted Anaheim would lose Silfverberg.
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    I'm assuming this...that Despres has been medically cleared BUT does not want to return to the game for health reasons/concerns.
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    I think you make a great point here... a point that I've certainly been guilty of overlooking. Nobody should throw shade at Phanuef, Bieksa, etc for NOT offering up something that they negotiated in goof faith. It doesn't matter if you're making $15MM of $15.00 a hour, a deal is a deal...
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    We wouldn't giving up Theo just to get rid of Stoner though. It would also be in exchange for Vegas not taking Vats. We were always going to lose one of our young defensemen either by trade or draft. I'd rather it be Theo, not because he had a poor season, but because Manson has taken huge steps forward and Vats will likely bounce back after getting healthy. I just think both guys are more valuable than Theo. The only reason I'd take Theo over Vats is money.
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    Absolutely! Hard to be too happy about this despite the cap savings. Concussions really need to be taken more seriously by the league and the head shots need to be taken out of the game PERIOD!
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    Yeah, the potential contract demands from Drouin are a concern. He could be a tough customer, even for an RFA savant like Murray. That said, I don't see Murray trading for him blindly without some sense of what JD is looking for on his coming contract and knowing that it fits in with our future cap situation. Murray was pretty critical of the kid not long ago, tough to see Drouin coming here no matter how much sense it makes on paper.
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    ^^ Regarding the above post with insider information on such topics. What happened to BBQ guy? We haven't had any BBQ info for sometime. I wanna say Bobby was on the team last we heard. Something about his daughter dating a Bobby.
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    Yessir. For the sake of guaging value, Draisaitl is exactly where I'd start. Though, in my NHL17 world I'd say let's just keep Hampus and offersheet Dr. Drai. Go for maximum screwing over of the Oil.
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    Ha, didn't realize the Yotes cut Newell Brown loose as well, which means both Brown and Farrish are real possibilities right now (if Murray moved out Yawney as well). Brown is also the uncle of Matt Duchene, just a fun fact that I forgot about. please trade for Duchene.
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    I can't comprehend this theory without my morning cofeveve.
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    If Doughty and Karlsosn were to become free agents right now they'd get 11/12 mil a year. Comparing contracts to guys who signed years ago is silly.
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