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    Right, because no children have been killed or are experiencing potentially long-term health difficulties because they've contracted the disease. I'm glad you're not forcing my children to attend school before we've got this illness under control.
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    I disagree. Vegas didn't just meet up with a hot goalie...their scoring issues stemmed from the last 3 games in their previous series where they scored only 2 goals in 3 games (not including empty netters). Both of which were ONE person (Theo). Their stars disappeared (pun intended). That's not a sign of the better team. We also faced a hot goalie in Luongo and Hasek and Emery...didn't matter to us. We still won the cup. The Devils faced arguably the hottest goalie in playoffs history...didn't matter, they won the cup in 2003. The better team pushes through adversity. The better team comes up clutch when you need to. The better team doesn't over think and pass WAAAY too much instead of shoot (like Vegas did). The better team has depth. The better team wins the battle of attrition (captain: Cogliano). The better team evolves their game if they need to. They BARELY closed out Vancouver after being up 3-1. They didn't close out San Jose last year when up 3-1 and forgot how to penalty kill in game 7. Lehner had 4 shutouts in his past 4 wins. He made remarkable saves. Has a style that I just don't understand but it works somehow. You can't say he also wasn't a hot goalie coming into this series. That didn't matter to Dallas. Vegas wasn't the better team. If they were...they would have won. Perry was a huge factor in that game. So happy to see even if he's not scoring, he can make a positive impact!
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    I guess his worse season would be 30 goals 20 assists in 82 games, which is still better than everyone on this team this last year. I just think if you can get a 22 year old who’s scored 44 goals in a season when you’re starved for goals with a package of a defensemen who’s probably going to get traded regardless and some mid level prospects and possibly without your 6th overall pick you should probably do it.
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    You know that children aren't the only ones in schools, right? Something like 1/3 of teachers are over the age of 50. There's also a teacher shortage nationally, though I'm not sure if that is the case in California. But I know there are schools that are worried because if one of their teachers gets sick and can't come to school, they can't find a sub. So what's the solution? Years of budget cuts at schools have made this situation a lot more complex than just saying 'they should reopen'.
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    Well, i know a few people moving out of this state. The politicians and bureaucrats still collect their checks, but they get to tell everyone else who gets to work, who gets to collect their checks. The back breaker is the closing of the schools, when everyone knows the children aren't in danger. It's just Sacramento bullying working people, and making it harder for them to live their lives.
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    I don't see Murray trading for Nylander, but if he does trade with Toronto, he's going to get taken to the cleaners by Dubas. By the time it's over, Toronto will have Josh Manson, Trevor Zegras, and both our first round picks, we'll have agreed to trade Nylander back to them while retaining some of his salary, and we'll probably end up with Cody Ceci.
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    https://www.tsn.ca/alexis-lafreniere-tops-tsn-hockey-insider-bob-mckenzie-s-final-draft-rankings-1.1488269?tsn-amp That’s Bob McKenzie’s ratings, which is what you should see the players ranked at during the draft telecast. Those rankings are made by pooling the opinion of 10 scouts. The top 10 is: 1. Alexis Lafreniere 2. Tim Stuetzle 3. Quinton Byfield 4. Jamie Drysdale 5. Cole Perfetti ————- 6. Lucas Raymond 7. Marco Rossi 8. Jake Sanderson 9. Alexander Holtz 10. Jack Quinn The most interesting part of the article is 2 scouts had defenseman Jake Sanderson at #3, the highest Dman in the draft. There’s a lot of interesting tidbits in that article. I see the players ranked 1-3 going in those spots. After that it sounds like Detroit goes for a forward, and Ottawa takes Drysdale/Sanderson at 5. Who knows what will happen with Anaheim? What if the Ducks are one of the teams that has Sanderson at #3, or if Ottawa does and the Ducks are higher on Drysdale than Perfetti/Raymond/Perfetti/Rossi/Holtz? Here’s some more comments on those forwards: Perfetti: “He makes plays out of nothing,” a scout said. “He’s not a fast skater but he’s quick when he needs to be, very agile, moves well laterally and creates space for himself to make plays or score.” “Some scouts ranked Perfetti as high as No. 4 but as low as No. 12” Raymond: “He was ranked as high as No. 5 and as low as No. 11 by TSN’s scouts.” “He’s viewed by the scouts as having high-end hockey sense and creativity, which makes him a more effective playmaker than a goal-scorer, but don’t sleep on his ability to put pucks into the net. If there’s a knock on him, some scouts say he plays a bit too much on the perimeter. Nevertheless, he’s viewed by many as an elite offensive skill forward.” Rossi: “Some scouts wonder how much more untapped potential there might be versus some of the younger, less physically developed prospects, that Rossi might be more of a what-you-see-is- what-you-get player. That said, nine of 10 scouts ranked Rossi as high as No. 5 and no lower than No. 10 with the exception of one outlier at No. 18.” Holtz: “Holtz, who plays both the left and right sides, has one of the best shots in the draft and is among the best natural goal-scorers. If Raymond sometimes gets questioned for being on the perimeter, Holtz gets high marks for getting to the inside and playing a harder game. He did, however, drop three slots from mid-season. Scouts seem to think the players ranked ahead of him in the Top 10 have more multi-dimensional games.” I don’t really see a slam dunk pick for the Ducks, so it would be hard to be upset. Even Quinn would be hard to get mad at.
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    Ryan Kesler's main segment is at 7:04. Bobby Ryan's is at 16:00. This whole thing pretty devastating and damning.
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    GMBM has already stocked the RW depth chart with "safe" players who don't have any elite-level tools in their tool box. I think he needs to add someone with that potentially elite tool, and in my mind that's Holtz. Best shooter in the draft. I also think his skating is pretty good. Speaking of RWs, nieder and Jasoaks were on this in March on these boards, but I just now checked out the Bryce Kindopp's highlight reels from the WHL. He's got a pretty decent one-timer (something this team lacks badly) and can really elevate the puck when he's in tight around the crease. I don't know if he has much sandpaper to his game, but the highlights of his offensive game remind me a bit of Kunitz, who was also a late bloomer. If we do end up adding a RW in the draft, it will be interesting to see how the Ducks RW depth chart shakes out leading up to the ED next summer.
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    Battle of the Skies: Lightning vs. Stars
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    I've been watching hockey for 20 years and I feel like all the focus on balance between LHD and RHD has only exploded in the last few years. I don't remember this being a discussion a decade ago. I could be wrong. But I've never thought it was all that important.
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    E.....S....P....N? What is that? Just kidding. Here's the link. https://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/29782402/what-hearing-2020-21-nhl-season
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    Good read. Thanks for the heads up, dukitup! They bring up another interesting hurdle with regard to Canada's current travel restrictions - recalling players from the AHL. For example, how the heck are Edmonton and Calgary going to recall players from Bakersfield and Stockton if they have to quarantine for 14 days after entering Canada? Or if they go to a pod model and use Canadian sites again, will all teams with US-based AHL affiliates be prevented from calling up players? Man, so many details to work through!!! What a headache.
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    For the record, based on what's currently going on with baseball, I also think a 2020-21 NHL regular season has only about a 25% chance of happening. And even if it does, there's a decent chance they also see the fits and starts that MLB is having. So another possibility is that he just skips the S-show of a condensed, on-again off-again season and looks ahead to a return in 2021-22. I still think Getz has some great hockey left in him if he wants to play. The team should also be better by then and they'll have oodles of cash to fill out a roster if they want to get back to contender status quickly.
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    I mean, usually I try to defend Bob 'cause I can see what he was thinking/going for in his decisions...even if I disagree...really the Wild Bill trade I distinctly remember I (and a lot of us) at the moment were just...shocked. And against. I can't defend that. And I usually will defend his drafting choices...like I understand WHY he took Fowler...and WHY he took Ritchie...but...oh man, I can NOT defend taking Tracey at 29 and NOT taking Kaliyev.... I really REALLY think that's going to come back to haunt us... Maybe Tracey will turn out great! Maybe Kaliyev wont...but...the chemistry Zegras and Kaliyev had...it could have been our future Getz/Perry (obviously maybe not, but...ugh...)
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    Was expecting to see a little love on here for his win last night. It's good to see him conquering his demons. Wish it could have been recognized sooner and helped while here, but at least he got help. Good for him. I think that makes at least 4 Mastertons who have at one point worn a Ducks sweater: Blake, Selanne (won in an actual Ducks sweater), Koivu, and Ryan. I'm sure others with better knowledge can correct that as needed.
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    I'm cheering for Dallas as I want to see Perry and Cogs win. But my head says Tampa in 5.
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    Yeeeep. And there are I guess a few teams showing interest in him....and that's a real shame for Vegas I'd say...Fleury was such a face for that team. I wonder if it'll have any impact on them or if it did during the playoffs.
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    Who knows.....I mean I might as well use Jedi Powers to convince him to do this trade...lol. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    Right it's an attempt to do it, it may not be perfect, but I'd be curious to hear other ways to make a best-of-7 series do a better job at having the better-on-paper team win. To an extent, the underdog/upsets are really fun, imo. And I still would say Dallas ALSO had it's fair share of bad luck. Bad calls against, shots against posts, Lehner/Fleury making great saves...probably just didn't happen as much since, you are correct, Dallas didn't shoot as much as Vegas. I wish I could find the article talking about the perimeter shots (was on theSCORE app or the Athletic...) 'cause I'm not great at just looking at advanced stats and being able to fully understand what they are saying...proof in I went to Natural Stat Trick and was like "...cool....nope" lol And yeah, I agree, Vegas outplayed Dallas. But to what end? You can shoot as much as you want, have all the advanced stats predict all the good things for you...it's ultimately all in the results. What's the result? If you don't win the game, none of that matters. I'm very much a results based person. I think advanced stats are super interesting and a great attempt to try and use stats to predict things, but the problem with them is if Vegas uses them as a comfort blanket and just says "well, we should have won but it was just a hot goalie and they got lucky" they'll never actually address their own issues and thus wont actually address their problems and they wont improve. Tampa did the opposite. They looked hard at themselves and their team and made some adjustments. Took responsibility for the loss and made adjustments. Everyone on that team...except maybe Lehner, Fleury, Stone, and Theo need to look at themselves and see what they could have done better and how they can improve. Not saying a huge overhaul. Just need to look honestly at themselves and their game and make the changes that make sense.
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    Actually, they were having issues on the ICE... hee-hee... Well, it kinda is - he was the one in the penalty box! OK, enough humor and sarcasm. Glad to see Perry, Cogliano and Khudobin in the final! Would love to see Cogs lift the Cup after all he went through with that silly suspension.
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    I’m extremely stunned Dallas not only won the series but did so in 5 games while being thoroughly outshot. Perry and Cogs are Western Conference champions. Wild!
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    Vegas And Dallas game is pretty one sided, which is to be expected with Vegas facing elimination. Perry has been noticeable so far. Dallas PP looked DOA until he stepped on the ice . GO STARS!
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    He’s around the same size has Point P. Kane Debrincat Marchand Atkinson Johnny Hockey All those guys have found immense success. No reason Rossi can’t do it. If he’s available. You pick him, that simple.
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    IF that happens I might as well Teleport to Anaheim and Back...lol. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    wow! what an ending to that game!! the Islanders completely just missed a beautiful scoring chance with making one too many passes...and then the Lightning break the tie with 8 seconds left in the 3rd....wow!
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    I feel the exact same way. NONE of the Ducks defensemen on their Cup-winning team were right-handed (unless you want to count Ric Jackman, which I don't). I agree it's not as important when you have two Hall of Famers back there, but I never heard it mentioned as a big deal. Beauch and O'Donnell played the right side just fine. Yes, there are advantages to having some RHD and some LHD, but those advantages don't overcome talent. I've wondered the same thing in the last 8 - 10 years. Where did this focus on handedness come from?
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    Maybe there's a condition in the contract with Ritchie where we'll re-sign him again if he screws up their playoffs lol it's not entirely his fault, no. I also feel bad for Grant...I feel like he would have had a much larger impact if the season never paused...he was on fire with Philly... That's what I think, too. They just looked a lot better and Dallas looked like they were being lazy...very curious to see how Dallas responds...
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    Another goalie feeling John Gibson's pain! Tampa Bay is just clicking on all cylinders right now and no team seems to be able to stop Brayden Point.
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    I think you have to look at it from different aspects. Age: Laine is 22 and produced every season he’s been here, even his worst season. Need: We’ve needed a bonafide goal scorer for as long as I can remember. Cost: So his cost is going to be high, but the question is if you can sell high on someone like Manson and how they value a guy like Steel/Lundestrom/Jones/Comtois/etc. Does Laine make this team amazing? No, but he jumpstarts a pretty middling pipeline of prospects. Suddenly you have Laine, Zegras, and one of Drysdale, Rossi, Holtz, Perfetti in your system. Now your young core is pretty darn good imo. Laine is just that good. Does he have his downsides? Yes, but we have plenty two-way potential guys. I we’ve lacked an explosive player and potentially adding 2 of them to your line up in Laine and Zegras this year or next quickens the rebuild. You could say the same for Nylander. We have way Winnipeg wants/needs in Manson and if you can package him with some redundant pieces without moving your 3 most valuable players in 6th overall, Gibson, and Zegras. That can do a lot for this franchise. Not to mention the marketability of a potential Selanne 2.0, steal a goal scoring Finn from Winnipeg again. Is it the most realistic thing, maybe not, but BM maximizing returns on someone like Manson is going to be a must unless Steel, Comtois, Jones, Lundestrom etc all take massive strides forward.
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    wow....vancouver was terrible in this game...they deserved to lose this...that was a pathetic performance. Finally had urgency in the final minute...imagine if they played that way during the 5-min major power play....*eye roll* they should be embarrassed...i guess maybe they were just too tired....but...still...ugh, that was terrible
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    wow...i mean you can just see the inexperience with the Canucks...that PP was ATROCIOUS...waaaay too many passes...no sense of smelling blood or seeing this as a HUGE moment...
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    I just can't bring myself to root for Dallas, especially with Cogliano sitting out. I was really rooting for Colorado. But they're young. They'll have plenty more opportunities.
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    That was a crazy game 7, but not a very well played one. Colorado played with their hands wrapped around their necks for that entire third period. They got lucky on the one goal they scored, but then they immediately made a terrible play right off the faceoff. How do you give up a 4-on-2 off of a center ice faceoff when you're up by a goal with 3 minutes left in game 7? I'm not all that excited about Dallas moving on, but I do think that Colorado would have struggled with Landeskog and Johnson out. In the other series, Demko has stolen two games in a row for Vancouver. I'm not really sure who I want to win. Ideally, I'd love to see a Tampa - Vegas finals. I think that would be the most entertaining.
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    Oh yeah, that is definitely the Gibson Glare
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    Probably the same face that Gibson gives to the entire Ducks team most games?
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    Now Vancouver is going to force a game 7 on the back of Thatcher Demko despite being outplayed by Vegas throughout the series. A Demko/Hutchinson WCF goalie duel would be so on brand for 2020.
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    haha yeah that I can get behind!
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    With every great play Theodore makes, I hate Bob Murray a little bit more. I'm almost to loathing now.
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    We are...but not with Cassidy...I bet you Ritchie is in the line tomorrow...the Bruins don't seem to be upset by it...shrug...lol Honestly, man...see him tear up for 4 years at max...maybe 2 or 3 in the AHL, really get his confidence and fix his game...he could come back in his prime killing it...I dunno. That's an interesting idea...putting him in that league for a little bit
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    Ritchie...another terrible penalty...tampa didn't score though 😕 is this what it was like to root against us when we had Ritchie??? it's kinda nice haha
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    haha he might be changing his ways! I mean, even with Fowler...they weren't expecting Cam to be available...so it might have been a mistake to try and get him...probably didn't think he'd fit at first either...I dunno. But when he fell, you gotta take him! And then we kept with that brand of hockey that probably hindered the way Fowler developed, honestly.... 😕
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    I'm now questioning this. I think it was Garbutt that took out Robidas. Not that it matters. They were both awful.
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    I think bolded states it very well. It’s weird how’s he going about the rebuild and his decisions on Rakell, Manson, Lindholm should provide more clarity as to the long term vision. He has added an additional first round pick two straight seasons and didn’t move last year’s Buffalo pick. If he is trying to do a quick turn around to get back in the playoffs then I’m nervous of him making boneheaded moves to do that. I also don’t see enough moves to be made to get them back into the playoffs that soon, so he’d be dead man walking. Pull off the band aid so that the bad times don’t last longer than they have to. The irony is that 2022 is the year I’d want to be in the lottery because the top-3 picks are all ridiculous and it’s a very deep draft. If we get a lottery pick in 2022 to pair with Zegras, this year’s pick and another high pick next season, then I think we’ll be good to go to war with LA for years.
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    I think Murray HAS to have sold them on that. If he's sold them a rebuild, then 1) he's going about it strangely and 2) he'll only be getting started by 2022. I don't think it makes much sense to have the guy preside over the tear-down and long-term asset building part of a rebuild and not have any job security after that. I think he's sold them on a quick turn-around that has his job riding on whether they make the playoffs in 2022. I just don't see Murray being able to gather both the long-term and short-term pieces to make that a viable plan. I think if he's shooting for a 2022 playoff return, it means we're getting rid of enough future assets for short-term help that the rebuild will hit a ceiling and the Ducks won't get back to being perennial contenders.
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    Smart move. Kapanen isn’t that good. He’s a bottom six guy.
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    Outside of the Vegas - Vancouver series, which I don't really care about since I don't care for either team, all of the teams I'm rooting for are losing this round. Boston is an abomination, the Islanders are boring (although I'm not a huge fan of Philly, either), and Colorado is the team I'm really rooting for. My hatred for Dallas has waned, and they've got Cogliano and Perry, but I still harbor a latent dislike of Dallas. Colorado is just a really fun team to watch and I'd love to see them advance. I'm already starting to check out after the excitement of the first couple rounds, but if the series continue as they're going, I'll be completely uninterested in the conference finals and the Cup finals.
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    Maybe he is considering retirement after next season and heading back to Regina. If next season doesn't start until December, by the time that season ends he'll be 36 years old. Maybe he's planning on taking a page from Scott Neidemeyer and skipping his last year. After watching the chaos in this country between Covid and the riots I could see him wanting to get out of dodge.
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