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    Not so fast. Once upon a time, I was also in favor of giving Beleskey a 4 x $4M contract with a partial NTC.... Being a GM is way harder than it looks from the comfort of my couch.
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    What would even be the point of this though? It's not like we have some younger stud we're symbolically handing the future over to the same way it was back when Getzlaf got named captain. It's literally pointless change for the sake of change. He's not Joe Thornton disappearing nearly every spring, being outplayed by his teammates and taking the fall while his stacked team implodes. He's been both the best performer and leader on the team throughout his tenure. He still is. The team clearly goes as he goes and the last 9 seasons have been the most consistently successful stretch this franchise has had. They haven't won a cup during his tenure but I don't see how anyone can point a finger and blame him seeing as how Silfverberg has been the only guy whose playoff performances even come close to Getzlaf's. Stripping him for Fowler too? Just.. why?
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    Congrats, Blues!! ROR was GREAT in the playoffs no question....but....dude....they do NOT win that Cup if Binnington didn't play out of his mind, especially in Game 7, there's no cup in St. Louis....
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    Getzlaf was a good contract, at the time of the contracts, many figured both would get banged up a little, but that Getzlaf's skillset wouldn't suffer as much from it. Getzlaf is the player that the Ducks will have the hardest time replacing when he retires.
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    They could have used Perry's money to sign a top RW in free agency that year. Top RW's that year in UFA were Nathan Horton, David Clarkson, and Jarome Iginla. In hindsight, Anaheim probably dodged a bullet.
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    Yeah, cause taking the C off Getzlaf's sweater and putting it on Kesler or Beauchemin or whoever would've magically resulted in a championship. Not like that man did everything in his power to carry his teams through the playoffs during his tenure. Remember that year he broke his face stepping in front of a Seguin shot in the final minute and came back the very next game looking like a bloody monster finishing with a goal and an assist? Or how he singlehandedly schooled an Edmonton Oilers team featuring the saviour of Canadian hockey? Getzlaf has been one of the best playoff performers in hockey over the last decade. Imagine if he had a Duncan Keith or Drew Doughty to work with over this stretch. The only reason to strip him of his captaincy at this point would be to signify a changing of the guard. As of right now I don't think we have anyone worthy of taking it from him.
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    IMHO, if Ducks can't find a trade partner, they should ride him for at least one more season and they buy him out.
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    That’s his cap number (due to contract structure) not how much he’ll actually be paid in 2020-21. The actual cost will be $2M per capfriendly. I’m also still of the opinion that CP10 may want this too. He still believes he’s the second best player on the team, and I doubt he is happy with the thought of playing 3rd or 4th line minutes. If he really wanted to stay, he wouldn’t have waived the NMC and would have forced the buy out.
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    Would be very weird if that was a shot at Getz...to me this seems to be a continuation of his disappointment in the defense last season. Those are all veterans...Manson, Lindholm, Fowler...also probably Montour, forgetting he traded him lol possibly some shots at Ritchie, too.
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    Eakins preaches a north-south game with defenders moving the puck quickly to the forwards. He does NOT like it when defensemen pull the puck back into their own zone or are too slow to make those stretch passes up ice. He’d rather a D-man make an errant stretch pass that at least allows all five players to get back on defense than to have one skate the puck backwards and let the other team establish pressure in our own half. Hmmm... trying to think if we have any D-men who skate the puck backwards and are slow to pull the trigger on passes... 🤔
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    There's no such thing as a perfect hire, but Eakins is a fine choice. Murray's process admittedly was a little weird, but ultimately he landed on the guy who makes the most sense for this organization right now. Eakins could've been better in Edmonton (it'd be hard to be worse), but there have been more experienced coaches that have fallen into the same rut with that organization. I wouldn't hold it against him too much. Ultimately, who really cares if Eakins was Murray's No. 1 choice or not? Randy Carlyle was likely Murray's No. 1 choice last time around, and look how that turned out. I don't blame the guy for taking his time. Murray's job is on the line with this hire, and it's not as if Scotty Bowman was available. Eakins is a proven coach at the AHL level ... let's have a little patience before casting him aside as another failure.
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    He actually wouldn't be that bad of a poker player! Poker is all about patience and not chasing the river when you have nothing *cough cough* Columbus *cough cough* if anything...BM's biggest issue is not being opportunistic and striking when the opportunity comes up. He doesn't seem to go all in...and honestly...2013 - 2017 was a good time to go all in...not just with Kesler but with another big move.
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    Kyle Shohara‏ @kyleshohara Hampus Lindholm is in the house, here for the Eakins introduction. Says he’s excited to get things going with Eakins behind the bench. Lindholm also says he’s excited about the “new-school” style of hockey Eakins delivers. “We have a lot of young, hungry guys wanting to get better.” (RC Slam?)
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    Just when I thought the choice of Eakins couldn't have been more predictable lol
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    to be honest...I've always felt that Eakins should have been the head coach for Dallas...seems like a perfect fit... (just like Satan should have been on the Devils, Fowler belongs on the Ducks, Dwight King should have stayed with the Kings, and super confused as to why Nylander isn't with the NYIslanders...)
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    Plot twist, Randy is the new gulls coach.... "We needed someone that would hold everyone accountable. He also has told me that he has adapted to the 'new' ahl. I really believe him this time. "
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    Bob also last season called out the defense for no one stepping up to be a leader...so...I'm guessing Fowler isn't exactly the leadership material.
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    Totally disagree. Fowler is a soft, injury-prone, zero-intimidating-non-hitting defenceman, whose past season was simply terrible even before he got injured. In some teams he wouldn't make a second pairing. 2 years ago, when he was a potential trade bait, only Detroit and Buffalo offered some meh prospects for him. When you saying that he "has not reached his prime yet", "he always gives 100 percent", "plays hard every shift", "leads by example", and so on, I wonder if you are his PR agent or somehow related to him. For the time being, let's keep Getzlaf as a captain, at least for the next year.
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    Way to hijack a thread about the new coach in the second post lol. I think it's going to be obvious to Eakins pretty quick what a good leader Getzlaf is.
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    For me it was the most disappointed I have ever felt DURING a Ducks season (but not so much after, since the last few weeks the team gave us some reasons to be excited for the future). This team lived under a dark cloud in 2018-19 like I don't believe we've ever seen before, so I think it's fair to call it the worst season ever. The injuries to our top players were just absurd (Perry's knee, Fowler's broken face, Kase's noggin/shoulder, Kesler hip, Terry's broken leg, Getzlaf's mystery LBI, Gibby's... well... everything) and the losing streaks were almost comical. And even when the team was winning games at the beginning of the season, they still looked downright pathetic in their execution. And the Cogs trade was just sawdust on top of the Terrible-Awful cake. The Ducks have certainly finished with fewer points in many seasons past when they had inferior rosters (mostly before the loser point/shoot-out point bumps were added), but this the worst performance by a talented roster that I think we've ever seen in Anaheim. I'm pretty optimistic for the future though. I think we'll be back in the playoffs next season, and if GMBM can make a few shrewd moves to swap redundant players for solid roster hole-fillers, I think we'll be challenging again within a couple of seasons.
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    Don’t think Bob understands how the hiring process for a coach works any longer and plans on drafting a coach come June 21-22.
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    Pretty much exactly what we anticipated HAPPENED - perhaps a year or two sooner than we hoped but it HAPPENED. Nice that he waived his NMC and I wish him well. He played hard for us and took a lot of beatings . Sorry to see him go BUT he has to go to make our team better. IMHO
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    He had won the Hart, Rocket Richard, a Stanley Cup and an Olympic gold medal while being one of the top 10 scorers in the league though. After 4-5 years of underpaying him for his production, the Ducks had to offer that term, money and NMC in order to keep him, knowing that his production would decline in his early to mid 30's and towards the latter half of his contract. As the cap rises, it becomes less of a financial issue as it takes up a smaller percentage each time that it goes up. Should the Ducks have let him walk or traded him instead? Teams usually do everything that they can to keep their superstar players and I would sign Perry 100/100 times under the circumstances. Even though they didn't win another Cup, I highly doubt that the Ducks win the 4 straight division titles, have 5 straight playoff appearances and 2 WCF appearances during Perry's current 8-year deal without him. It has just unfortunately reached the point that with the current state of the Ducks, it makes sense to move on from him. I have bigger issues with Kesler's and Eaves' extensions as well as Bieksa's than I do with Perry's.
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    Well, at least the PR department won't have to work too hard to prepare a statement... source: https://www.nhl.com/news/ducks-hire-randy-carlyle/c-280964392
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    I didn't see the game but I caught the replay tonight at the bar. The interview with Patty with clips from his son in the crowd.Yah... All the heartstrings. That got me good. Sorry Zther, Bruins are bunk! Go team Patty! (and Perron)
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    Sharks got run over by a semi truck in game 5. Hopefully they get what they deserve and St. Louis finishes them off at home in game 6.
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    We were missing bottom-6 scoring and a better 3C (love me some Rakell, but 1G/0A in 16 playoff games as our 3C... ouch). Chicago beat us because they got clutch goals from Shaw, Vermette, and Kruger. We got basically nothing from our bottom-6. GMBM did try with Fleischmann and Sekac, but the Ducks should have been in on Vermette that season. If the Ducks had gotten Vermette instead of Chicago at the TDL, the Ducks would have been the champs. That was an all-in moment that GMBM missed out on.
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    Based on your posts and information why aren’t you the GM?? Your takes are on the money... color me impressed
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    Zegras is my top choice at #9, but if he's already gone I'd like to see GMBM move down to select Soderstrom. Maybe Montreal (15) or Colorado (16) would want to jump up to grab Broberg if he's still there at #9 and would be willing to give us some assets to swap picks (Montreal has two 2nds and Colorado has two 1sts, so they may be willing to move picks and prospects to move up). I'm also really hoping GMBM packages either the #29 or #39 with a redundant winger (Ritchie, Sprong) to pick up a young(ish) center. We have assets he can play with and IMO it would make sense to trade some assets for organizational needs that could get the Ducks back to contender status quicker. On a side note, I saw a comment from Doug Wilson (on twitter posted by Craig Custance) that there's been more communication between GMs over the past month than he's ever seen since he became a GM. Wouldn't be surprised it this year's draft sees a lot of movement.
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    Henrique or Silvferberg would be the only two I’d consider. If Perry doesn’t get moved, I’d add him to the list.
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    Not surprised he's getting hired...also I have no qualms with Bob waiting and talking to other people. I mean, you never know if someone else is gonna impress you or not, and if you're not in a hurry, might as well talk to some people to see if something sticks out that you haven't thought about. I'm sure Eakins was already involved with our draft picks considering he was gonna be coaching them at some point with the Gulls...until tomorrow of course lol
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    I'd rather just bring back Bieksa and I'm deadass serious
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    Maroon was solid as the top line LW. The best thing he used to do was that little unexpected wraparound pass from the side of the crease on the powerplay back in the darkest days of Brad Lauer. I was way more bummed about that trade than I was about Penner in 2014. Getzlaf was seriously the most dominant player in the league that season so I don't think it made much of a difference who was playing LW. Maroon put up similar numbers as Penner skating alongside Matthieu Perreault (who shouldn't have been let go but that's a different story) for the majority of the year. Penner also only managed to put up 6 points on the year that Getzlaf or Perry didn't figure into at all. Combine that with all the stories about his pancake-first conditioning and the writing was on the wall for Penner. Coincidentally those were pretty much the same reasons why they chose to cut ties from Maroon a few years later so in a weird way he was kind of the perfect Penner replacement. Bobby Ryan was the best third wheel Getzlaf and Perry ever had. Better than Penner in his first stint even. They completely submarined the team's depth by moving him there but the RPG line was unstoppable. I really liked Perron in his short stint there too although IIRC that was around the time when the team first started separating the two. I wish they could've kept him. The prototype was a big guy who can screen the goalie, work the cycle, and win possession along the boards, but IMO it was at its best when they sacrificed the physicality and put a skilled player in the role. Bonus points if he was fearless too. Even though guys like Beleskey and DSP fit the latter, they weren't capable of generating their own offence. Rakell would've been perfect with the twins in their prime but he's a few years too late.
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    Completely agree. Honestly....Perry (and I'd include Kesler) both slowed down quicker than we expected them to. Getz is still a powerhouse if you ask me. And I think if it weren't for whatever happened to Kesler and Perry in the 2017 playoffs...they'd be right up there still and we'd be contending for a Cup this year or last.
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    This is not to argue against the Perry extension because it sure seemed like the right move at the time, but with the benefit of hindsight I disagree that losing him in 2013 would have made this franchise more irrelevant. Bobby was still here (he was traded a few months later due in part to Perry's extension) and we also had Palmieri (drafted 2009) and Rakell (drafted 2011) in the system. Bobby, Palms and Raks aren't borderline HOFers like Pears, but they've all been NHL All-stars and 30-goal scorers, so I don't believe the drop-off in talent would have crushed this team. The RW and LHD depth charts have always been especially deep during the Bob Murray years, and this team would have stayed competitive if Pears had walked. Maybe not 2015 WCF competitive, but you never know what the butterfly effect would have been from a different outcome from those contract negotiations. Getzlaf on the other hand.... if Anaheim had lost him in 2013, this team would have instantly morphed into the west coast Florida Panthers. Losing Baldy would have crushed this franchise.
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    And why would Pears agree to it? Current speculation is that he is worth around $4M per season on the open market, so even if he loses $4M on his total contract via a buyout, he'll make it up in spades if he signs somewhere else this summer as a UFA. I know some people are having a hard time rationalizing this idea of a buyout, but there really is a strong possibility that Pears wants to move on and be bought out. A buyout puts him on the open market and free to sign wherever he thinks its the best situation for him, and also likely adds some money to his pocket with a multi-year deal in the $4M/season range. In contrast, if he stays in Anaheim he's looking at likely being a 3rd/4th liner and possibly even a healthy scratch from time to time, and then eventually hitting the open market as a slow-skating 36-year-old with bad knees. If he stays and then pots 15 or less in 2020-21, how many teams will be lining up to offer him a multi-year, buyout-proof 35+ contract? A buyout now is actually Perry's last chance at a multi-year "retirement contract". Otherwise his best case scenario is a series of one-year deals after the age of 35. So if Pears really does have that fire still in his belly to play for the next 3-4 years at a high level, the Ducks have to cut him loose now. It's truly in Perry's best interest.
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    His buyout cap hit is listed above. A player can not be bought out if he is injured. IR or LTIR. Kesler will probably be out on LTIR the rest of his career. If a player is LTIR his cap hit is not calculated in the teams overall cap IF they are up against the cap. They are allowed to exceed the cap by the contract amount. He will still be paid (but maybe not by the team; I believe teams have insurance policies on players for this type of case). If and when Kesler/doctors find him to be too unfit to play he could waive his No Trade to go to a team with more space like the Pronger to Coyotes deal. Since the ducks do not spend to the cap, they would need to do something like this to get space to spend to whatever is their internal cap at the time.
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    holy cr**! BM also thinking that Pears is not a first or second liner anymore. Wow! I guess being behind the bench actually did give him a clearer picture of what was going on. Hmmm Bob may already have a trade partner or he wouldn’t have asked Perry to waive me thinks AND looks like Perry has agreed to the trade by waiving his No Trade. I just can’t see any good player coming our way without putting in some good pieces to entice a team to taking him. But good on Bob. I’ve been saying for a while that Perry is not a 1st or 2nd liner anymore and his salary is crazy for a 3 or 4th line. But then where will a new team place him?? I love Perry but it’s a business and he’s no where the same player he was and it was a pipe dream to even think he was going to go back to being a 30+ goal scorer. The Ducks are better off without him as he’s taking up roster space for one of the young guns. Just hope that any deal made (buyout or trade) is satisfactory to Pears. Either way I wish him the best.
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    TSN has Corey Perry being traded or bought out. Well, I think eating salary and dumping him is dumb at this point. Let’s see how he is with the knee repaired. Will he score 50 again? Probably not, but 25-30 is not an overreach if he stays healthy.
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    It should have been two penalties, because that was a Pred-level dive. He even kicked up the wrong leg. You either call both or neither. Neither was the correct call, IMO. The tap was light and the dive was monstrous. You don't reward that BS.
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    Per Eric Stephens in the Athletic, Scott Sandelin and Todd Nelson were interviewed by GMBM on Monday (June 3rd), Lane Lambert on Tuesday, and Dallas Eakins on Wednesday morning. Its also still being rumored that Rick Bowness is believed to still be under consideration since he was considered before the RC re-hire. My guess is the Ducks will have a coach by Monday.
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    Vegas is currently screwed cap-wise. Capfriendly has them already over the $83M limit with Karlsson, Gusev, Nosek and Subban all pending RFAs, and they only have 6 D-men under contract for next season too. Their cap number currently includes David Clarkson's $5.25M for one more season, and he will obviously end up on LTIR, but even removing his $5.25M from their cap number doesn't get them anywhere close to signing everyone. So Vegas is going to have to either move some big pieces to make room, or move a few of those RFAs for picks/prospects. With that, Karlsson is 26 (turns 27 in January 2020) and will probably never again sniff the 43G season he had in 2017-18, but he's still a very good 2-way center and will probably be a consistent 20-25G / 55-60 point player for the next several years. He has proven he can play head-to-head with the top centers in the NHL, and he also plays FAST, which is exactly what GMBM says he wants from this team. And honestly, how awesome would a Tre Kronor line of Rakell-Karlsson-Silfverberg look right about now? So if Vegas puts Wild Bill's rights on the trade block, would you bite? And if so, what does it take to get him? I would assume it would be a lot of picks and prospects, with almost no salary going back since Vegas can't really afford to take on salary. So maybe the #9 overall + Lundestrom + 3rd (2020)? I'm totally biting on that. We never should have moved Wild Bill in the first place, and to me that price seems like pittance to bring him back home where he belongs. Personally, I'd like to see one of the teams that got bent over by GMGM (esp. the Ducks) turn around and offer-sheet Karlsson this summer. An offer sheet up to $6.34M/season would cost a 1st + 3rd at the 2020 draft. Anything over $6.34M costs a 1st+2nd+3rd. If there was ever a time for GMBM to throw an offer sheet at someone, now is the time. I say, do it to a division rival that screwed us thanks to some really unfair draft rules. And bring back Wild Bill!
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    Yeah, but if you count it that way then you have to count Kesler and Henrique, since they were also re-signed a full year earlier than they went UFA for the first time. The way I look at it, if you're a UFA when your current contract expires, you have a lot more leverage in contract negotiations than if you are an RFA (when the team has more leverage), so in all three of those cases (Fowler, Kesler, Henrique) you have to consider them pending UFAs with all the leverage on their side. Either way, your point was spot on and completely rebutted argument that GMBM gives bad contracts to our pending RFAs. And I see the goal posts have now moved....
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    According finnish newspaper Hämeen Sanomat, finnish defensman Jani Hakanpaa has signed with Anaheim Ducks 1 year, one way deal. https://www.eliteprospects.com/player/45342/jani-hakanpaa Hakanpaa was selected by the St.Louis Blues in the 4th round (104th overall) of the 2010 Entry Draft. He played in his native Finland for the Espoo Blues of the Finnish Elite League (Liiga) 2011-2012. During his 2012- stint with the Peoria Rivermen of the AHL he registered one goal and three assists in fourteen games. At the completion of his entry-level deal with the Blues, Hakanpaa opted to return to Finland signing a two-year contract with Liiga club, Oulun Kärpät on 2 July 2015. He won two titles in Kärpät. .. That's for general information. Here is what I think: Kärpät is my hometown's team. Jani is very physical player and never step out for battles in corners. Very nasty to play against. He is very good in offensive side of the game too. He shoots hard and products continually something good in offensive zone. If you think reference, he might be good replacement for Sami Vatanen. Kärpät have played last 2 years very offensive, NHL-style hockey if you will, and Hakanpaa has done it very well. Of course we still waiting for final announcement for this, but it is 99% likely that Hakanpaa will join Ducks next season. Could be potentially in top-6 defensemen.
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    Jani Hakanpaa became today World Champion with Finnish National team after beating Canada 3-1 in the gold medal game He played a solid tournament.
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    I agree. The atmosphere at both games was great, but I was very disappointed by the overall level of the Gulls’ play. Given how well they had done up until this weekend, I expected them to be taking the play to Chicago the majority of the time, and win at least one, if not both games. I expected a lot more from players like Steel and Comtois. Now they need to win 2 straight in Chicago to keep the season alive. I guess it’s possible since they have been a better road team (5-2) than home team (4-4) in these playoffs.
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    Sam Steel 6Goal 7Assist 13pts Max Comtois 5Goals 4Assist 9pts Kiefer Shewood 4Goals 4 Assist 8pts. Ducks Prospects are doing VERY GOOD and I eager to see them prove themselves again in Game 3 of AHL WCF. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    I just disagree with this. There could be individuals who are better and worse, but the overall makeup was similar, and they similarly underperformed and improved with a coaching change. They've had some puck luck in the playoffs, but you never know who does and doesn't get that.
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    I hope EK doesn't resign...that he sees the writing on the wall...he sees Jones as a weak goalie...he sees the weak leadership...and goes somewhere else. I mean...he had a groin injury and STILL lead the NHL in assists in the playoffs...geez he is amazing... But also...Sharks haven't had a good goalie in a while...honestly since Nabakov is you ask me. Never really liked Niemi...never really liked Jones.
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