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    I can just see those conversations during offseason planning. GMBM: "Okay, who are we talking about next? Assistant: "Mathieu Perreault" GMBM: "He had a decent season last year, but we just picked up Kesler, we've got Rakell coming up, just let him go." Assistant: "Maybe we should ask the analytics guy what he thinks?" Everyone laughs. GMBM: "Alright, fine, bring in the nerdboy!" The assistant opens a cage in the corner and drags out a haggard looking man in chains. GMBM: "Ok, nerdboy, what do YOU think of Mathieu Perreault?" Analyst: "Actually, sir, he was really good for us. His Corsi and Fenwick numbers were some of the highest on the team which tells you how good his puck possession was, his scoring per minute at even strength was fantastic, and I've compiled some offensive zone entry figures that would..." Someone shoots a spitwad at him. It misses. Everyone laughs anyway. GMBM: "Corsi and Fenwick? I think I tried to trade for those two guys several years ago. Good faceoff numbers. But I don't think they're relevant to this conversation. Perrault would be our third or fourth line center. He's 5'10. How would that work when he's trying to defend the slot?" Analyst: "Well, he's not the best at that, admittedly, but the data show that his neutral zone passing is good and he spends so much time with the puck in the offensive zone that..." Assistant, mockingly: "He's not the best at that, he says! What a joke! Who wants third or fourth line centers for their OFFENSE? Come on." GMBM: "I've heard enough. Take nerdboy back to his cage and put a TV over there somewhere so he can actually WATCH a game once in a while." Analyst: "Actually, I watch every game. That's how I compiled the zone entry statistics since you won't let me have a computer with the internet." GMBM: "Here's a calculator. Have fun. We're cutting Perreault. [to everyone else] Let's talk about some possible free agent pickups. I heard Minnesota isn't going to re-sign Stoner. Did you see the picture of him when he killed that bear? Now THERE'S a guy we want defending the slot. A four-year deal sounds about right." Analyst: [whimpers softly]
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    If you could hypothetically build two 80,000-seat hockey arenas, one in downtown LA and at the other at the corner of Douglass and Katella, you would see the difference. There are just more Kings' fans in So Cal than Ducks' fans. Just a numbers game. They for sure should be doing a better job of cultivating hockey fans in San Diego County, especially northern SDC. Build it around a Duck's Flyer train that is decked out in the colors, has a roving three piece hype band roaming the cars, themed food and beverages, pump in historic radio and TV game calls over the audio of the cars, get Ducks' alum to make the ride up with fans, do a pregame show live remote from the train - get creative, make it a whole experience, having two preseason games at Pechanga Arena. They should be giving away tickets on a nightly basis to Ducks' fans for Gulls' games and vice versa. They should play up the fact that LA claims the Kings, while the Ducks are really So Cal's Hockey Team. My son played plenty of away games for his HS team in Poway and Carlsbad over the last couple of years. There are hockey fans and players in SD. Many.
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    Shouldn't they be getting their development at the AHL level? I mean, that's why we have an AHL affiliate, for player development. Murray's "rebuild" or "re-tool" was to bring in under developed assets because he couldn't make or didn't want to make any off season moves to buy time for the kids. He should have started this after Carlyle's 2nd season back when the Ducks got bounced in the 1st round. So from my point of view, it's been one blunder after another from Bob. He promotes under developed players to play for an AHL coach at the NHL level and wonders why the team is awful. I'll throw blame on Eakins for accepting the Ducks HC job when he clearly wasn't ready for it. But again, it's also on BM for not hiring an experienced NHL coach.
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    With a handle of prison grade pruno and a lobotomy kit.
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    At the trade deadline last year, there was only ONE trade involving players with term (more than one year on their contract). Any team trading for the players you mentioned would have had to protect them in the Entry Draft. Teams had trouble protecting their own players. Trade them this off season maybe, but with Rakell scoring 9 goals and Manson hurt most of the season, their value right now is at its lowest level imo. If the team flounders, and the players you mentioned have a decent season going, I think their trade value will be higher at the deadline.
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    Fisix, you're smarter than that. At venues where alcohol is served, wristbands have to be worn AT THE CONCESSION STANDS where alcohol is being purchased to prove you're 21 years of age. That's what they do at the OC Fair. You're sitting at the Honda Center watching a Ducks game, wearing a wristband that's covered by your jersey or jacket. NOBODY is going to approach you at your seat, and ask you to show them your wristband. Come on.
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    sounds like he got hired as an assistant coach for team USA for the 2022 olympics!! Nice!! congrats Ryan!!
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    Pretty brutal . Is it weird that I don’t even sigh anymore when this stuff happens . All jokes aside, what is this guy doing (not doing) ? It’s past laughable , now it’s just painful.
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    Almost as much as he loves bad asset management and smelling his own farts.
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    I'm not at all concerned by the Dostal write-up. First, others have ranked him in the top 10 in goalie prospects (Wheeler had him 6th or 7th), which is good. Second, goalie evaluation is a crapshoot for these guys who seem to be a lot better at analyzing skaters. Third, to me this reads as "capable starter." I'm of the opinion that all you need to win the Cup is a goalie who is consistent and capable, and one that can preferably get hot, but really just won't lose you games. It's no guarantee that Dostal becomes that, but this doesn't sway me from thinking he can. If the goalie trade market weren't so unpredictable, I'd be banging the "trade Gibson!" drum a lot more fervently. As it is, you never know what you might get. Sometimes you get a 1st and a 3rd for Darcy Kuemper and sometimes you get a 3rd for Alex Nedelkovic. Beats me. But if the Ducks traded Gibson, I think they'd be fine with Dostal. If Dostal fails, you pick up a free agent goalie as a stopgap and develop the next guy. The Ducks have always been very good at finding and developing goalie talent.
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    They're not rebuilding. They're kicking the can. Rebuilding implies that trades are being made, veterans are being let go in order to get prospects or picks in return. None of that is happening. The roster is almost identical to the one which had the 2nd worst record in the league less than 5 months ago. I don't see the Ducks reaching even 75 points this season, and I won't be surprised to see Getzlaf moved by the trade deadline.
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    If the data showed that getting a vaccine or wearing a mask somehow created a danger to others, then yes. Restrictions like that have been in place for decades for schools, military, and even during prior pandemics. It's not a new thing, so whichever way it goes, I'm fine with it. I disagree. One of them is going to be backed by public health departments and one won't. The one that is should keep their freedom to go places. The ones who have made the conscious decision to do otherwise are the ones who have to wade through consequences and inconveniences, just like always. Again, this is not new. Luckily, they are setting up guidelines where neither has to stay home, at least for now. But in the end, my main input is for the safety of the staff. If they involve the staff in having to deteremine if someone is supposed to wear a mask or not, you open them up for confrontation. I think it is in the best interests to require vaccines or test results, but once past the door, simplify the rule to just keep everyone masked. Especially considering that us vaxxed folks can still spread (albeit a mlower risk to do so), might as well be safer than not until we are at a number we can handle and live with.
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    I don't know, adding an offensive black hole to a team that can't score seems like a pretty Murray thing to do.
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    I was kind of hoping for Galchenyuk, Sami or BR getting a PTO but anything at this point is good.
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    Ducks signed Tobias Reider to a PTO, so at least we know that Murray has not completely vanished into the Upside Down
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    It's unfortunately both for the NHL, and we could be in for a really weird season. For example, Frank Seravalli said on the DFO Rundown podcast yesterday that somewhere between 50-100 NHL players (~5-10%) are currently not in compliance with the NHL's vaccine protocols, many because they have eschewed the vaccines due to their own prior infections. Meanwhile, several countries in Europe are starting to recognize prior infection as an exception to their vaccine passports and there is emerging data that prior infection may be as robust, or perhaps even more robust, than vaccine-induced immunity, and so I don't think it would be a surprise if the vaccine requirement got very political once players started losing game checks because they refused a vaccine due to their pre-existing natural immunity. Many professional athletes are pretty intense about controlling what goes into their bodies (remember MacKinnon from earlier in the summer?), so it wouldn't surprise me if there were several dozen players who didn't get the jab despite the restrictions and penalties. I think that issue could get intensely political, and likely legal, if it turns out to be "face of the franchise" types. Masking the team personnel during games too. Are they going to continue the dog and pony show with the coaches masked while they stand quietly behind the bench, and then wearing the mask as a chin strap while they yell at the refs and give instructions to their players on the bench and in the huddle during timeouts? This is not a commentary about the efficacy of masking for you and me btw, but about what a joke it was for the NHL to "require" the coaches to be masked during games for health reasons when the only time the coaches actually wore the masks was when they were standing quietly away from their players. It happened all of last season. Seriously, do a google image search for any coach last season if you need proof. Tortorella, Brind'amour, Ducharme, Trotz, etc., etc. They ALL had their masks around their chins while they're actually coaching. (Eakins probably would have done the same if he actually, you know, coached.) Yet, as far as I know, not a single coach got fined or disciplined for mask violations (unlike the NFL, where they fined coaches and teams hundreds of thousands of dollars). Bettman said at the start of the season that the league would "vigorously enforce" the masking requirement for coaches, but if it was really a health issue for the coaches and players, and not just performative politics, where were the fines? Where was the discipline? There was none. As for masks at Honda Center this season, will paper bags on heads count?
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    The latter half is not factually accurate. Viral load data has evidenced same and sometimes even more than adults since roughly this time last year. Here is just one of many. https://www.massgeneral.org/news/press-release/Massachusetts-general-hospital-researchers-show-children-are-silent-spreaders-of-virus-that-causes-covid-19?ftag=MSF0951a18
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    You know who would be great for Drysdale on that third pairing? Haydn Fleury. He's a big, but mobile left-hander. He's got plenty of games under his belt so he can provide a stabilizing presence. He's...wait, what's that you say? No longer with the team? But surely we wouldn't have given away a young, cheap defenseman with upside? Thanks, Bob. Maybe let's just put Deslauriers back there instead, since he was worth protecting. In seriousness, I could see Drysdale spending some time in the AHL to refine certain parts of his game, but there's no reason to send him back to juniors if the Ducks can avoid it. And Zegras clearly is ready to develop at the NHL level.
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    Ducks stay the course with the youth over the years...I am not pessimist but hopeful the Youth will inherit their roles and Light the Spark in our Ducks Fighting Spirit. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    I am hopeful Zegras and Drysdale can provide some sort of excitement throughout the season. It's just that I've been turned into a total pessimist when it comes to this team. All I can think of when it comes to those two is how they could spend the whole year developing losing habits under an overwhelmed coach who has never finished with a point% over .500 in an organization that doesn't care anymore. The idea of it has got a very pungent pre-McDavid Oilers stink to it.
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    Bunch of Debbie Downers.....
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    Last season, season before last season. I think maybe the last time I was excited about a season was the last season with Boudreau. Then came Carlyle and the end...lol.
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    The info is on the Honda Center website. Proof of vax required (or negative test 72 hrs prior to event) and goes into effect Sept. 20.
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    His stock was higher last season. As was anyone else's. If BM wanted to move anyone he should have done it prior to last season. Not counting Zegras and Drysdale because they were just getting their feet wet and with the exception of Comtois everybody's value took a hit after that dreadful season. BM messed up last off season and is doing even worse now. If the Eichel deal doesn't go through (which I still hope doesn't) I can also see BM announcing a deal for Connor McDavid also fell through at the last moment because edmonton wouldn't bite on our offer of Jacob Larsson, a conditional 7th rounder (the condition being the oilers winning The Cup, Larsson playing in 83 regular season games and picking up the Norris & Conn Smythe along the way), 2 Disneylandtickets, and a coupon for a hotdog at 50% at an Angels game. Because of these unfortunate proceedings BM will make a trade for Carter Rowney and Devin Shore and sign Jason Chimera to a PTO. He'll call it a succesful offseason saying we added speed and experience.
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    Just read on Twitter from SiriusXM host John Hoven that the Murray’s most recent offer included two roster players… one unnamed and the other John Gibson, for Eichel… if I were Gibson, I’d feel so deflated going from the second worst to the worst team in the league!
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    I have not heard anything, although I very much hope they do. I will probably avoid games unless they require proof of vaccination.
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    Kings fans should be tested for rabies before they enter the Ponda.
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    Not only that but what about our owners? Either: - A: they don't give a damn - B: they are the most gullible people and believe everything BM tells them - C : They got caught doing something shady and BM has proof They could at least make BM going public with his bold strategy of doing nothing that we the fans know what the hell is going on.
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    I can't believe there is a single soul that watched last years Ducks team and said to themselves "lets bring that exact same team back!" Bob is a very strange GM.
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    They're pretty common, so if we want players ar certain skill or age levels, we're going to need to use NTC.
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    "Also in Simpson’s report is that the Sabres are still asking for somewhere between 4-6 pieces. They continue to demand mostly futures, including any interested team’s top two prospects which no one has remotely been willing to do." ....uhhhhhhh you mean to tell me they would be asking for BOTH Drysdale and Zegras?? Heeeeeeeeeeeellll no.
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    Apparently there is a handshake deal for $4M per season, I have read elsewhere a 3 year term. Can only be a gentleman's agreement at this point though, as players on 1 year deals can only sign extensions from January 1 from what I understand. I really like this move from Carolina. Basically they have to pay $6M this season to get this player's rights, then after that they only pay him $4M per year? Great stuff.
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    If he can make Murray and Eakins uncomfortable enough to leave the team, i'd say he already made any trade for him worthwhile.
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    I haven't heard he makes teammates uncomfortable. I've actually heard the opposite. As for clashing with a GM that wasn't following up on promises to build around him, okay. Good for him. He got a second and third opinion on a very dicey health decision. I would hope anyone would do that. His agent has been doing some weird things to try to force the situation. I'd have left him, too. He has not been ALLOWED to take care of his neck, contractually, for 5 months. His TEAM has refused to let him take care of it. What you hear about the artificial replacement goes against every single piece of news I've seen on the topic, and is the exact opposite. His method has a fairly short recovery period vs. all season for the team's approach.
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    Yep, I think Adams can and will wait until he gets the deal he wants. And Eichel is better than Duchene (and younger), although you'd think the questionable health would drive the price down to a similar level. I think it's a fool's errand to try to come up with an equivalent value because the situation is so different (there's no third team involved; Ottawa and Nashville were both attempting to contend, which neither of these teams would; Colorado was at a different stage of their rebuild than Buffalo is; etc.), but I'm bored, so what the heck. Let's look for equivalencies. 1. Kyle Turris - he was 27, a good, but not great, player on an expiring contract who could be flipped (and was) for other pieces. The only one who remotely fits that bill for the Ducks is Rickard Rakell. I don't think Rakell is bringing back a prospect like Girard if Buffalo wanted to flip him immediately like Colorado did with Turris, much less additional assets (Kamenev and a 2nd), but he's the best fit for this exercise. 2. Shane Bowers - a low first round pick (a center) from the most recent draft. Interestingly enough, he's the only pick from the 1st round of the 2017 draft who has not played an NHL game. As well as Sakic did in this trade, that was a whiff. The best comparable player for the Ducks would be Olen Zellweger, the early 2nd round pick from this draft, but you could argue Perreault (2020 draft - #27 OA) is probably a better fit here. He's a better prospect than Bowers, but that makes up for some of the difference between Rakell and Turris. 3. Andrew Hammond - a flash-in-the-pan goalie who had a good 25 games for Ottawa and never came close to replicating it. He had a great nickname, though. This was strictly for depth on that Colorado team. I can't imagine they were looking at him as a long-term solution to anything. Maybe this is a guy like Kodie Curran? Roman Durny? Buddy Robinson? This could be any non-prospect in the Ducks' system that Buffalo might want. Heck, throw Josh Manson in here if we need to. 4. A conditional 1st - this would obviously be a must from Buffalo's perspective, with the "conditional" part of it being a must from the Ducks' perspective. 5. 3rd Rounder - No problem here The big difference is obviously between Turris and Rakell. Rakell at his best was probably better than Turris, but their careers through their age 27 season (which is when Turris was traded) were remarkably similar (seriously, it's eerie, check this out): Turris: 533 games, 133 goals, 178 assists, 311 points, 1215 shots, 10.9% shooting Rakell: 499 games, 138 goals, 173 assists, 311 points, 1230 shots, 11.2% shooting However, the biggest difference is that Turris is a center, which is a large point in his favor. The second biggest difference is that Turris was coming off of a very solid season, while Rakell is coming off arguably the worst season of his career since he was a rookie. As I mentioned above, there's no way Buffalo could get the equivalent of Sammy Girard from another team by flipping Rakell. They'd probably want the equivalent of Girard from the Ducks instead. Girard was a second round pick, but he had risen fast through the Predators' system and had value beyond the 2nd round pedigree. If you're looking at an equivalent from the Ducks, you have to look at Drysdale. Yes, he is rated more highly than Girard was, but Eichel's also better than Duchene, and this makes up for the two other assets the Avs got from the Predators. But that's a non-starter from the Ducks, as we know. So if we're leaving Drysdale out entirely and putting Rakell back in the trade, you've probably got to add McTavish to the mix. If Buffalo agreed to that deal it would be: Buffalo gives up: Jack Eichel Anaheim gives up: Rickard Rakell, Jacob Perreault, Kodie Curran, Mason McTavish, 2022 cond 1st, 2022 3rd (you could add the Kesler contract to make the money work for Buffalo) On paper, that's probably a good deal for the Ducks in terms of overall value, but they'd be giving up their two best pure scoring prospects. Maybe they could get Zellweger into the deal in place of Perreault if McTavish is part of the package. I know this was an exercise in fantasy, but like I said, I was bored.
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    I think you're missing one of the possible advantages of having Eichel. Attracting younger talent. Who do the Ducks attract now? Old defensemen and 4th liners? Get a top player in the league on the team and I see more interest from players that we need.
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    I think his comps right now are Saad (5 x $4.5M), Toffoli (4 x $4.25M), and Granlund (4 x $5M). Silfverberg's 5 x $5.25M is probably the outer limit, but that contract looks like quite an overpay in hindsight and it would be surprising to see Rakell get that in UFA with the current flat cap. Keeping him in Anaheim at Toffoli's contract would be fantastic, but I would also absolutely re-sign him for either Saad's contract or Granlund's contract. Four years means he's done at 32, and five years is 33. Unless there's some unknown injury he's dealing with, I think that is an ideal bridge to the next generation of Ducks and still makes him tradeable if one of the youngsters (Perreault?) surprises us within the next 2-3 seasons and makes him expendable.
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    I think you extend Lindholm, and I think he'll take 7 years at about $7.5 mil to stay in ANA, over better offers. But, you gotta find that out now. If he wants 8 years or $8 mil or over, you gotta move on at the deadline, imo. Manson I move ASAP, for almost any return. Unless he wants to go 3 years at $4 mil or something. Especially if you are moving on from Lindholm. You move Lindholm AND Manson and your vets are Fowler and Shattenkirk. Sub-optimal.
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    Rakell would probably not net as big of a haul as he would have 3 years ago when he scored 30 goals but I think he would still have good value. At least, I think he still has good value for this team even if he wouldn't get us a ton in a trade. Last season was his lowest scoring season points wise since his rookie year, but other than that he's been reasonably consistent outside of that one year when he popped off with 69 points. He also has consistently decent possession stats. Personally I would be trying to keep him - the trade return probably wouldn't move the needle that much for this team, Rakell is still relatively young/in his prime years, and seemed to have good chemistry with Zegras. Plus if that helps convince Lindholm to re-sign then that's just gravy. Manson should have been traded 2 years ago. If Bob can get anything decent for him now it will be miracle. Maybe if a contending team has some kind of blueline injury crisis this upcoming season.
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    The Ducks aren't going to contend in the next two years, with or without Rakell and Lindholm. There might be a path to get there in two years, but they're certainly not taking any steps to do so. By year 3, Rakell and Lindholm are both 30 and are into their decline. Certainly the hope is that Perreault is ready to step in by that point and replace Rakell. If he's not, they'll have to go outside the organization anyway. Lindholm is less replaceable, but if he's not going to re-sign, we don't have a choice. And if it's even unsure or if he's looking to ask for more than $7.5 million, I think the assets are worth more to the Ducks. If Thrun or LaCombe or Benoit don't become that guy, then they use the assets to acquire someone outside the organization. That's a long way of saying that while Rakell is fine and Lindholm is still good (as long as he's healthy), neither one is irreplaceable, and neither one is going to push this team into the postseason in the next two years, unless it's a lucky 2014-Avalanche-esque run. To summarize for me: Manson should be traded. Deslauriers should be traded. Rakell should probably be traded. Lindholm can be retained, but if he hasn't signed an extension by the trade deadline, the team cannot risk letting him walk for nothing.
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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Typhoid Mary was arrested based on circumstantial evidence of her infection, but she was not sentenced to quarantine until after she was tested and she was determined to have extremely high levels of the bacteria in her system that caused Typhoid. Seems to me that's a bit different than quarantining people before they are even tested, just based on who they may have been in contact with. There are also important differences in Typhoid and SARS-CoV-2 that I think make the situations non-comparable. Typhoid is caused by bacteria in feces. SARS-CoV-2 is a virus transmitted in the air by droplets and aerosols. There's a giant slippery slope in there if you're relying on the case of Typhoid Mary's extraordinary fecal bacteria levels to justify quarantining anyone who may have come into contact with an aerosolized viral particle.
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    I'd feel the same way if I were Eichel coming to Anaheim lol. Agree with d-law that the trade makes no sense for Buffalo unless they are going to flip Gibson for more futures for their rebuild. Also, this doesn't make sense for the Ducks if the point is to make a push for playoffs sooner rather than later. They are still going to be heavily dependent on goaltending to do that and there is no replacement or stop gap if Gibson is gone. Gibson has a 10 team no-trade list also and I don't think it would be a shock if Buffalo was on it.
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    Imagine they trade Malkin for Philly's first, Philly goes in the tank and falls out of a playoff spot (which the Penguins, who get inexplicably hot, manage to sneak into), and then Philly's first wins the lottery to draft Wright. It's absolutely happening.
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    Hello! Kraken just announced that they will require proof of vax to attend games. Have the Ducks made any kind of announcement like this? I hope they don’t 👎🏽
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    Either GMBM is A) Completely incapable of brokering a trade or enticing a UFA to come to Anaheim or B) He is determined to do nothing to improve this team in the short term. I'm leaning toward option B. I think he has decided to continue to play this crop of disappointing prospects for the next two seasons until Zegras and Drysdale develop into full fledge NHL players. Until then he is going to sit on his hands and drink his beer.
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    I absolutely love it. This has really juiced up the offseason. Plus you get to read great, totally not salty, articles like this: https://montrealgazette.com/sports/hockey/nhl/hockey-inside-out/jack-todd-carolinas-offer-sheet-to-kotkaniemi-was-a-bush-league-move
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    the 1 year thing really is throwing me off. I don't get that. Like, I guess this would be the base for the next contract at minimum....but I dunno...i don't see why any team would want Kotkaniemi for 1 year at $6.1 ohhh i just saw there was a $20 signing bonus...not $2k....not $20k....not $200k....not $2mil...... twenty....dollars....which so happens to be the number of Aho....that can't be a coincidence lol
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    I mean, what little kid doesn't dream at night of one day pulling on something like this? Magical...
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