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    Eww I can think of 31 teams that deserve a title more than those fools and yes, the 31st team is the one in Seattle that doesn't even exist yet. I'd rather see the Cup get thrown into a black hole before any of those mustard clowns get to touch it.
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    The Ducks nominated Eaves as their candidate for the Masterton trophy today. I don't have a problem with that considering everything he's been through in his career but I think Kesler easily deserves the award outright. Regardless of how you feel about how he performed, grinding through 60 games and playing those insane Carlyle matchup minutes in his awful condition was an incredible feat for Kesler. If setting a goal of 1000 games and doing everything in his power to reach it in spite of his increasingly broken body doesn't embody "perseverance, sportsmanship & dedication to hockey", nothing else will.
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    Even the message boards wanted to tank
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    Calgary 😂😂😂😂
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    ANYONE, and I mean A.N.Y.O.N.E. but the preds. Colorado, Boston, even L.A. But not the Preds. Preds are the worst of the worst of the worst OF the WORST.
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    Not having the Rangers and Blackhawks in the playoffs is indeed a big loss for the league in terms of TV ratings. Hate to disagree with you but generational players in this year's draft will go a long way towards ensuring at least one of the two gets back in the dance sooner rather than later.
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    Freddie is still the ballsiest goalie in the league. One minute left in a one goal playoff game and this guy is making diving poke checks and trying to shoot on empty nets. I love him haha
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    This exactly. Firing Carlyle was mandatory for the long-term health of this franchise, and the downside of keeping him far outweighed the possibility to getting an 18.5% chance at getting the top pick. The Rangers have been executing a Chicago/Pittsburgh strategy for the past three seasons by holding yard sales at the TDLs to get rid of good players in exchange for draft picks. As a result, they've had two 1st rounders in 2017, three 1st rounders in 2018, and will have two more 1st rounders and three 2nd rounders in 2019. However, this is something that NOBODY here, even the most ardent tankers, seems willing to do. That said, I disagree in the case of the Sabres. The Sabres have been in go-for-it mode since last summer when they traded for Skinner, and they were still in go-for-it mode when they traded a 2019 1st rounder and a good D prospect to the Ducks in exchange for Monty at this year's deadline. Buffalo's issues are that they have created a losing culture throughout their entire organization through past tanking efforts and their refusal to fire a coach that the team has completely tuned out. Buffalo played fine hockey for 4-5 months when the good teams had the volume dialed in at a 7 or 8. But once the playoffs came into view and the good teams turned the volume up to 11, they just couldn't hang and their losing attitudes took over. The players are still trying to win (newsflash: the players don't care where the team picks), but they just have no idea what it takes to win anymore. The Sabres predicament is exactly what GMBM needed to avoid here. RC HAD to be fired when he was (sooner?) and the team (especially the young players) HAD to see that it could play good hockey against other playoff-bound teams who had the volume turned up to 11. They accomplished both. The Ducks have beaten Washington, Minnesota, Colorado (twice), Arizona, Montreal, Nashville, and San Jose (and should have beaten St Louis) during the home stretch, and the kids have played a major role in many of those wins. I'm thrilled with those results, even if we lost a few percentage points in the lottery odds doing so. I'm as hard on GMBM as anyone here, but IMO what he has done in February and March is great for the long-term health of this franchise.
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    I like what I've read about Zegras. But who are we kidding, he's neither Swedish nor a defenseman. So I'm just going to assume that GMBM is all-in on Victor Soderstrom until he shows me otherwise. Especially after I just read this assessment of Soderstrom: So he's the essentially the Swedish Cam Fowler.... GMBM is probably already in love.
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    Congrats on the Gulls for taking game 1. Must have been a wild one.
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    I promised myself I wouldn't watch a second of that trash series in Dallas before it started but I saw the score towards the end and figured it was a good time to tune in and see some mustard tears. I watched maybe 2 minutes and the first thing I see is Captain Joke-e slash a Star and place a weak fly-by crosscheck into his lower back before skating away from the scrum he started and towards the refs like he did nothing. Meanwhile his stupid little garden gnome of a defence partner came in to grab the Dallas player's stick so he could toss it to the ice like he's some tough guy. I didn't see who the Dallas player was but he was just shaking his head and laughing in their faces. I have no idea how nobody has even tried putting those two morons in check yet. They're such an embarrassment they can make Doughty look like a saint on ice by comparison. I regret everything.
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    Yeah, the Duchene empty netter was a bit...unnecessary...but wow, what a feat! And I'm gonna be an ass 'cause I hardly ever make any predictions right...but totally called it!
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    Nick Ritchie doesn't move the needle enough to get the Ducks higher in the draft. It would have to be a more significant player, a prospect with a higher ceiling, BOTH of our 1st rounders, or maybe even a 1st in the 2020 draft.
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    When you say "might be cool", I assume you mean "will be awful."
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    I can't argue with that. But that doesn't prove anything. I still don't think it's rigged. People are dumb. If it was actually rigged it would be leaked by now and there would be some major mistakes made by the people rigging it. The NHL doesn't exactly have super-spy-movie security... Why do you think the NHL cares so much about NJ to give them 2 number 1s in 3 years? 'Cause they care so much about Taylor Hall getting more No. 1 picks??? It's so incredibly obviously not rigged it's ridiculous. There isn't one person in the NHL who wanted the Oilers to have so many #1 picks besides the Oilers. It's actually BAD for hockey. Since Bettman has taken over he's cared about 1 thing above anything else and that is EXPANDING the NHL. And his ACTUAL ACTIONS show him doing this. He has been so incredibly consistent with that. As opposed to hidden actions that people like to make up he is doing. Which are so incredibly inconsistent that his "agenda" changes month by month and also changes depending on which fan base you talk to... But you're right, they clearly had it out for Buffalo...except the whole getting a No. 1 pick right after getting a No. 2 pick...
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    Losing wouldn't guarantee a better pick. See L.A. Kings.
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    This thing was obviously rigged and that’s pretty lame. Seeing the Kings fans in meltdown mode on Twitter is pretty great though.
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    Kesler isn't going to make this decision based on what is best for the organization. They gave him the contract, that's not his problem. It would be the easiest thing for him to just 'retire' (i.e. go on LTIR) and not play another game, but Kesler is one of the most competitive people you'll ever meet, he will try every available option before he's forced into retirement. It's easy for us as fans to say 'just retire' but effectively he's giving up his life long dream and what he's been doing for his entire adult life. That's not an easy call to make.
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    What is good luck and where can we buy some?? Can't believe I might actually end up cheering for Dallas in the first round if they go up against Calgary. I didn't watch all of Friday's game and it was a blocked shot so I doubt it was anything aside from a freak incident but Giordano already has enough blood on his hands. Shame the Ducks Are Not Playoff Bound™ cause the Flames are waste incapable of winning in Anaheim and I'll never get tired of seeing them get eliminated.
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    My only defense of Nick Ritchie is at the time the biggest question mark was who could play LW with Getz/Perry and Bob went out and got the player who at the time was the best option. He was big, he was a LW, and he had a good scouting report. He has not worked out obviously. Not for a #10 pick. And if you don't think Lindholm is a good pick for a first round then I agree that you don't see how any of Bob's drafting is good. But I would disagree. I think Lindholm is definitely a good pick for a first round, a very underrated defenseman, and I think Bob picks very good players. It's easy to look at players now and be all "oh he could have picked this player instead!!"
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    I'm still not understanding the idea that we need to finish strong. The next game the Ducks will play that counts won't be for 6 Full Months. There's zero chance of any carryover effect, not to mention there will be a brand new coach, and several new players, so how well they're playing this coming week is completely meaningless in the big picture. The only thing that makes sense is that each player wants to play well, and not sacrifice their future prospects by showing signs of quitting or playing poorly. That is a constant. But in 180 days, there is nobody, not even those on this board, who are going to remember how the Ducks finished the final week of this disaster of a season. Finishing in the bottom 5 is no guarantee of any success in choosing their pick wisely, but it certainly is a big advantage having more players to choose from.
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    Woof. Talk about rooting for a meteor. Actually, I take that back. I would never wish such a fate on a meteor.
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    True. We won in 07’ because we lucked out better than any team in 03’ draft, which is the best draft class in NHL history. Also because we had one of the best defenseman of all-time’s brother and another HOF defenseman who’s alleged dalliances forced him out out of Edmonton. The Ducks had to have all of that fall in place to win then and I’m not counting on them to be that level of fortunate again. I want the highest pick possible as a hedge against not the lottery. I agree that Murray fired Carlyle way too late. He should have been fired at least two months earlier or kept him through the season. It’s funny because he made it to where fans were angry/demoralized because of how awful the team was and weren’t winning, to a healthy shift of fans being upset that they are winning now and hurting ours draft odds. Good thing that we are saddled with him for 3 more years. I’m putting more of my hopes on getting the St. Louis pick since they are more likely to finish closer to 20th and will also have a very hard first round match up against Winnipeg or Nashville. Plus, even if they win that series, the draft slots don’t change until after the second round. On top of crushing us last year, the Sharks also had the better pick.
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    After watching tonight's Avalanche - Flames game... is the new NHL really about speed? On the Flames' OT power play, they were really only up half a man at best. Gudreau is good on fast breaks, but not so good setting up in the offensive zone. Speed can't make up for size in the playoffs. Giordano, when he isn't targetting knees, is a defender that should be great against a speed team. But, he was helpless when McKinnon, Rantanen and Landeskog were on the ice, all big, physical skaters. Maybe Ducks' hockey isn't extinct afterall. It needs a new coach and new wrinkles, but I don't think the league has changed to a speed game just yet. p.s. That Cogliano is pretty good isn't he Parros. Much better than you ever were Parros, isn't he?
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    Nailed it. You get one “Attaboy!” for that call. 😁 Why? It was clearly the players’ fault. -Randy Carlyle, April 2018
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    Meh, video is a fad. That's going nowhere. Internet, too. That's not really gonna catch on...
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    I get it. The game from up high is a much different game than on the ice. If you can have the up-high perspective in your mind it can greatly help your vision on the ice as well as understanding how plays are developing without you really seeing it on the ice. It's super easy to see how players should be reacting from up high. Down low it isn't so obvious.
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    I don't understand. That's Torres getting a 41-game suspension for taking a run at Silfverberg's head during a preseason game between the Ducks and Sharks. What exactly qualifies as "crazy bad" if not this? The Sharks have also employed other goons over the years. Remember when John Scott got a 4-game suspension for sucker punching the Ducks Tim Jackman several years ago? They've also employed the likes of Michael Haley for a number of seasons. Torres + Haley + Scott is about as goony as you can get, no?
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    Well, according to Forbes list of NHL teams value...New Jersey is actually 19th on the list...right behind Anaheim actually! Rangers were #1...Chicago was #4...Buffalo was like waaaay at the bottom. Montreal was #3. LA was #6. Edmonton is a few spots above Anaheim. And, I really don't think there is any Flames fan that wants the Oilers to win the cup...Toronto fans don't want the Oilers to win...no other team in Canada wants another Canadian team to win the cup. In fact, every non-Ottawa fan Canadian I know (and yes I know more than 1 lol my whole family is Canadian) wanted the Ducks to win the cup in '07 'cause they had more Canadian players than Ottawa. I really don't know who you think cares that Canada wins a cup besides...that Canadian team. They haven't won since 1993...if they truly cared about rigging it so Canadian teams will win...they really haven't been doing a good job...they've been focused more on other things...like...expanding the league...and spreading the wealth so smaller markets can get better value...you can actually look at Bettman's/the leagues actions and see exactly this happening. Right, yeah, so it wasn't THE NEXT year, true. And yeah they've had some bad seasons without getting #1. But you also picked other teams as your favos. And, so actually, technically you were more wrong than right. More than half of the teams you expected to be in the top 3...didn't make the top 3...and actually 2 of them dropped THREE spots. Well, people make lots of mistakes! I'm not saying nobody made a mistake. They aren't trying to hide anything so all the incompetence they have in their day to day (and I'm sure there's a lot lol) doesn't matter 'cause there's nothing to hide. I just don't think there is any actual proof of there being anything rigged. To me, the closest thing they've ever gotten to rigging something was the Vegas expansion draft...and they were just completely upfront about it lol they literally said "we designed this draft so Vegas can be a competitive team quicker." It worked too well lol (well, part in thanks to Florida and Columbus being very dumb...)
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    I expected CHI/NYR in top 3 and COL out.... this is not a lottery, its a wish list from Bettman and company...
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    That sucked but... LOL KONGS!
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    This was pretty much a great outcome for the Ducks. It could have been better if Chicago didn’t get so high, but the top 2 are going East and the Kings fell all the way to 5th. We only dropped one spot and 8-9 is whatever. Pretty good day. LOL KINGS
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    I, too, expect Ritchie to be traded, and I think that's a complete mistake. He's a productive winger who has developed the work ethic the team is looking for at a ridiculously low price. The Ducks aren't going to get anywhere near full value for him in a trade. If the Ducks used him in a package to bring a good top 4 d-man back, I'd be okay with it. But trading him for a 2nd round pick (the best they can hope for) would be a Palmieri-esque waste of an asset.
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    Ritchie hurt himself with his bad decisions, such as the boarding call in the playoffs against Nashville that got him ejected during the 1st period of an elimination game and the sucker punch that ended Roszival's career. Those and other bad decisions have earned him a very bad reputation around the league, especially among the officiating crews, as someone who takes dumb and dangerous penalties. The hold-out this season and then him missing so many games with minor injuries also hurt the team, and you can also look at the decline in his physical play - he had only 123 hits this season after registering 221 and 247 hits the previous two seasons. It's nice that he is getting better at passing the puck and that his assist totals are going up, but this team needs wingers who can find the back of the net, and Ritchie has posted just 10 goals and 9 goals the past two seasons. I just hope we can get value for him in return so that we don't end up with another Palmieri- or Karlsson-esque waste of an asset.
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    Ottawa should have never been in the finals that year...you're right, Buffalo would have actually been a challenge for us. I remember, when I saw Ottawa won game 7 and I went to buy my finals tickets...could only afford 1 game, 2 tickets...and I had Game 2 open...and Game 5...and I went with Game 2 ultimately 'cause I really thought there was a good chance of a sweep and didn't want to miss a finals game. Hindsight is what it is, but I don't regret my decision. Game was a great game! And the other finals game I went to was Game 4 in '03...so apparently when I go to a finals game Giguere gets a shutout and we win 1-0
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    Tampa Bay would probably be the most fun to watch to win it all. Though I do hope NYI make it to the SCF more than anyone. The ensuing riots in Toronto would make Vancouver look like a dress rehearsal.
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    I hope we resign grant. I think he's a good forward and he's always going into the corners. I was hoping Bob would have kept him last time, we'll see. He's cheap and fits into the lineup almost anywhere.
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    I wish I had posted the article when I read it but BM obviously knew Gibby was being overworked. He made the comment that Gibby was losing weight and at the end of the season hadn't gained it back. RC should have never overworked him and BM should have never allowed it to happen. The number of shots per game he was taking was unacceptable and nothing was being done to fix the problem. How many times did a defenseman say they felt like they were constantly chasing the play/player? Poor coaching and BM waiting until it was too late and players were injured to make a change.
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    I've watched his exit interview a couple of times now and I think this (bolded) is really all we can expect from him. He's obviously not going to leave the game at the end of his contract, but he's going to give it everything he's go to see one more year of his contract through. What I can't figure out is why the team didn't give him the Beauchemin treatment this past season to try to keep his hip from breaking down. Boom-boom's last season, the team said from day 1 that he wasn't going to play in both games of a B2B, that they would monitor his minutes, and that he would be getting rest breaks throughout the season to keep him healthy. With Kesler, he played pretty much every B2B, RC piled a 62% D-zone start workload on him (usually against the opponents' top lines), and Kes even finished 3rd on the team in PK TOI (behind only 42 & 47) despite playing in only 60 games. What??? Between Gibby and Kesler, its hard not to get really ticked off at RC for the way he overused and abused them, and at GMBM for the way he allowed it to happen.
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    Speaking of guys like Yake and Corkum, I decided to compile this perfectly pointless list of Ducks' season point leaders year-by-year over the 25 seasons (could be an even 24 if you count the halves of 94-95 and 12-13 as one full season). So, over the 25 years that Ducks actually faced off and then had their exit interviews, a grand total of 3 different persons led the Ducks in points other than the 'infamous 4' of you know who. An interesting observation can be made that the team was largely carried by two sets of 'twin' players, however you can single out four distinct 'eras' of the team, the last one ending just now - we will be stepping into the 5th competitive iteration of Ducks - at the end of the 25th actual season, giving us roughly 6 years per a competitive Ducks generation. 2 Major Decades: 'Kariya - Selanne' 1994 - 2007 'Getzlaf - Perry' 2007 - Current (2019-20?) 4 Major Competitive Team Iterations: 'Late 90s' 1996 - 1999 'The 03' run' 2001 - 2003 'The 07' Run' 2005 - 2008 'Meaningless Pacific Division Champs' 2013-2017 The most recent one appears to be the longest outburst of sustained success, but it didn't bring results bar one memorable WCF against CHI (i still think if we won that we'd go on to win the Cup too). Each of bursts is 2-3 years long, followed by 2-5 years of mediocrity. I'd say we've reached the peak of the current slump and should be on the upswing for the next 5 years - 2 years growing out of it, then 3 years all in as the 5th successful version of the team. But that's pure speculation, of course. As already mentioned above, only Yake, Fedorov and Rakell managed to lead the team for once, in other years it was exclusively: Getzlaf - 8 times, Selanne and Kariya - both 6 times, Perry - 2 times. Personally i'd roll Perry into the Y-F-R team, 2 is too little. I don't know what for I made this list for, it's uh...just what it is. # -> Year -> Point-per-Game by leader -> Actual Points -> Name -> * Note 93-94 - 0.634 - 52 Terry Yake 94-95 - 0.830 - 39 PK9 * half 95-96 - 1.317 - 108 PK9 96-97 - 1.397 - 109 TS8 97-98 - 1.178 - 86 TS8 98-99 - 1.427 - 107 TS8 99-00 - 1.162 - 86 PK9 00-01 - 1.015 - 67 PK9 01-02 - 0.695 - 57 PK9 02-03 - 0.988 - 81 PK9 03-04 - 0.812 - 65 Sergei Fedorov 05-06 - 1.125 - 90 TS8 06-07 - 1.146 - 94 TS8 07-08 - 1.065 - 82 RG15 08-09 - 1.124 - 91 RG15 09-10 - 0.927 - 76 CP10 10-11 - 1.195 - 98 CP10 11-12 - 0.805 - 66 TS8 12-13 - 1.114 - 49 RG15 * half 13-14 - 1.130 - 87 RG15 14-15 - 0.909 - 70 RG15 15-16 - 0.818 - 63 RG15 16-17 - 0.987 - 73 RG15 17-18 - 0.896 - 69 Rickard Rakell 18-19 - 0.716 - 48 RG15 Getz and Pears never surpassed 1.2 Points-per-Game while leading the club, but this is comparing apples to oranges in terms of amount of offence in hockey at the time. Ducks never had a 110-or-more player. In terms of pure points scored - this was indeed the worst season ever in the history of Ducks franchise - totals below 50 were recorded exclusively in halved-by-lockout seasons and, as @PetrSykora said, the inaugural season also included Corkum @ 51 to beat this year's Getz. However, point-per-game wise, Getz with 0.7 this year is slightly better than Yake and Kariya in their weakest team leads in points. Noticeably, when browsing each roster player's full career stats - for the period that began after 2012 - the last time we missed - this was indeed the worst year. Whole team just sucked, thanks Randy. Hope there's nowhere to go but up.
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    Anyone who is below the Ducks in the standings should be embarrassed. It's hard to imagine there were 7 worse teams in the league based off what I saw this year.
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    Top four in Pacific make Calder Cup playoffs. San Diego (75) jumps back above Tucson (74) into third. Colorado (73) sitting just outside in fifth. All three have four games left. Gulls could get the cavalry back (w/out Terry) for final three.
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    Head to head record. They were 1-1 against each other this season so that doesn't help. Last tiebreaker is goal differential. Detroit have the Ducks beat by +14. So yeah if Anaheim lose the last game in regulation and Detroit win their last 2 in regulation or shootout then they would pass Anaheim.
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    Although I've thoroughly enjoyed watching RNH trying to check the Beastlaf in recent years, I would be happy with this trade. RNH is a very skilled player. Too skilled to be buried on the 3rd line on a bad team. There are a handful of potentially available young centers and I am really hoping that GMBM will use one of our first 3 picks + players to get one. RNH, Reinhart and Wennberg would all fit the bill. Montreal also has a wealth of young centers too. We have assets. We should use them. But of course, let's see what happens with the ping pong balls first...
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    Its even more frustrating because the kids already have proven they can hang with the big club moving forward and should have been sent back down to help the Gulls make the push for the postseason and give the kids experience in meaningful games...just my two cents.
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    Getzlaf is only 33, going to be 34 this year and I can see him playing another 4-5 seasons after this contract is up. I mean yeah, finding a #1 C is something the Ducks will have to eventually accomplish but I really don't think it's this draft. I don't necessarily think it has to be a top 5 pick either. Getzlaf was taken #19th in his draft and yeah, the 2003 draft was epic but there were some top 10 duds too.
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    On a related note, Perry sat out the optional morning skate due to a purple nurple.
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    ^^ Bryan Murray drafted 10 & 15. Burke sucked at drafting.
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