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    Parros has taken too many hits to the HEAD - his decision was biased and inconsiderate ( and just plain STUPID ). George you are SUSPENDED from the Honda Center - FOREVER !!!!
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    Screw him. Won't be buying anymore of his merch and I hope he's no longer welcome at the Honda Center.
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    If Parros still thinks it was a valid suspension after all the fan and leaguewide feedback, it merely proves his incompetence. Guy was a no talent goon, and he wouldn’t understand the unfolding of a hockey play, even with video.
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    With all Due respect to George Parros...Suspension was NOT warranted. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    I do like: "Indeed, after the board of governors meeting wrapped up, Parros had a long conversation in the hallway with Ducks vice-president of hockey operations David McNab that appeared to get fairly animated at points." I hope he realizes that he's no longer a part of the Ducks Community. “As you know for me, it was an incredibly challenging thing,” said Parros. “The Anaheim community was a community I was deeply entrenched in and very proud to be a part of, and Cogs was a former teammate of mine, a friend."
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    Really loved this part of the article, (Parros said the decision to suspend Cogliano was made after a thorough review of comparable incidents that also resulted in suspensions. He said the tardiness of Cogliano's interference hit on Kempe was later than most the department has had to consider.) The hit was tardy because Kempe turned blindly into Cogliano. Cogliano did not target Kempe. That is the problem with Parros' call.
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    Complete BS excuses by Parros. Notice there is no option for readers to comment on this article. https://www.nhl.com/news/george-parros-backs-suspension-of-andrew-cogliano/c-295350004
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    Good luck getting free agents to come to Anaheim and keeping players after you treat your star player like trash and try to get him to quit because of it. That’s my point, it’s not JUST business. Why do you think Arizona got a bunch of crap for how they handled Doan? That all makes a difference. You can’t just throw away players, it is a business, but that isn’t good for business. Perry hasn’t even been bad this year, he lead our team in points before going down with a gnarly knee injury. This isn’t NHL 18 Be A GM mode, there are ramifications for doing PR moves like that.
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    Except, you don’t get far treating your star players like garbage at the end of a decade long career for you.
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    Personally, after the all star break, I would prefer to see them reunite the 7-17-33 line again. RC is turning Kesler into a pure checking center by putting him with JT Brown, and that is not what Kesler is. Brown is doing alright so far, but would probably be better served in a bottom 9 role. Give Kesler some offensive talent to play with.
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    Excactly this, anything else is highly unlikely. There are the Coglianos and AndyMacDonalds and there are Selannes, Getzlafs and Perrys. How many 50-goal scorers this team had in it's long and storied history? Heck, I'd retire the 10 just for the Semin stick alone.
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    For the love of god can we stop with the Perry trade crap. He’s not some toy that you’re tired of. He’s poured his heart out for this team for 12 years. No one is going to take him and we shouldn’t want to trade him. He’s retiring a Duck, and wouldn’t be surprised in 10 or so years of number 10 is retired.
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    Calm down people, Brown plays for Los Angeles, and Cogliano for Anaheim. That's why one got a suspension, and the other a fine. One is a major market team, the other is a wannabee hockey club in a secondary market, based upon a Disney movie from around 25 years ago.
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