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    Good luck getting free agents to come to Anaheim and keeping players after you treat your star player like trash and try to get him to quit because of it. That’s my point, it’s not JUST business. Why do you think Arizona got a bunch of crap for how they handled Doan? That all makes a difference. You can’t just throw away players, it is a business, but that isn’t good for business. Perry hasn’t even been bad this year, he lead our team in points before going down with a gnarly knee injury. This isn’t NHL 18 Be A GM mode, there are ramifications for doing PR moves like that.
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    Except, you don’t get far treating your star players like garbage at the end of a decade long career for you.
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    Excactly this, anything else is highly unlikely. There are the Coglianos and AndyMacDonalds and there are Selannes, Getzlafs and Perrys. How many 50-goal scorers this team had in it's long and storied history? Heck, I'd retire the 10 just for the Semin stick alone.
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    For the love of god can we stop with the Perry trade crap. He’s not some toy that you’re tired of. He’s poured his heart out for this team for 12 years. No one is going to take him and we shouldn’t want to trade him. He’s retiring a Duck, and wouldn’t be surprised in 10 or so years of number 10 is retired.
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