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    This was sent to my customer service contact: Kristen, Just making sure my account is such that I am not automatically renewed in February or whenever that is. I will make the decision on renewal closer to seat selection or whatever sort of later deadline there is. After Murray's statement followed by the trade, it is evident to me that management is not in tune with its customers. After the way the Samuelis didn't stand up for him publicly last year, I hope the Stars value what they have in him. My in-game experience continues to decline in the new year with people wandering all over the place during play and no apparent interest in stopping it via any announcement, video, etc. I guess the need to sell tickets results in a new type of crowd, so those of us "old-timers" (at 41) just become complainers and I guess are just holding on to hockey traditions that aren't important any longer. The decline in play and lack of addressing it also makes us visitors in our own arena, which really isn't fun, and sometimes doesn't feel safe with the apparent inability of vendors and security to recognize inebriation. I'd hate to throw away 12 years of support, but I don't even recognize the organization today, so it feels more like we just folded and the decision wasn't mine to make.
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    He’ll clear then get hurt on the drive down to San Diego
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    The team is playing better because Carlyle sucked the life out of hockey, and once the guys on the roster had that weight off their shoulders, you or I could have gone back there to coach and they would have played better. That doesn't mean you or I should be the next full-time head coach of the Ducks. With as energized as the team has been under Murray, they're still 9-9. And even in games like last night where they won, they were outplayed for long stretches against a mediocre opponent. That's happened a lot less, but it's not like this team has gone on an epic run, dominating every team they've faced. The Ducks need a real hockey coach next season. Bob Murray is not it.
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    He’s basically in a skills competition every game
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    “We need to play a faster game.” trades one of the teams faster players...
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    Shore has 17 points in 42 games, is 24, and costs less. Cogs wasn't very good at all this year. Going to miss him, but I like this trade for the Ducks.
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    This makes a lot of sense in speaking to Fowler's issues. He's never been the most assertive player, but he looks incredibly tentative with the puck this season. He was always rated very highly in successful defensive zone exits. I haven't looked at the numbers, but he looks lost out there half the time. And his tentativeness kills any offensive momentum the Ducks might generate from a break out. It would make complete sense that it's a system thing, since I doubt Fowler forgot how to execute a breakout over the summer. Please fire Carlyle.
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    @icemancometh Word is John Gibson is getting married today. Yes, I've already said he's signing a fat contract and his life away on the same day. #wonkwonk
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    1. This statement is absurd. One of the best GMs in the league, in my opinion, is Steve Yzerman, former player. He has put together an amazing squad in Tampa Bay and has set themselves up to be a powerhouse for years to come. Another former player who has done a phenomenal job in management is Ron Hextall out in Philly. Thanks to him (and a little bit of luck), Philly not only boasts a formidable, playoff contention squad, but one of the best prospect pools in the league. The GM of the Pittsburgh Penguins when they repeated as cup champs was former NHL goaltender, Jim Rutherford. The GM of the Vegas Knights, (you know the team that just made the Finals), and chief architect of the Washington Capitals (you know the Stanley Cup Champs)? Former player, George McPhee. Personally, I couldn't care less if my GM has had playing experience or not, but to make the argument that college graduates with economic majors are more successful than former players is baseless. 2. Since taking over in 2008, the Ducks have missed the playoffs twice (2009-2010, 2011-2012) in a 9 year span. In that 9 year span, the Ducks have won their division 5 times. It is frustrating that we haven't won a cup in over 10 years, but making the playoffs 7 out of 9 years and winning 5 division titles certainly makes your argument that his GM ability is poor, weak. You want to argue that the Ducks need a new voice or direction, fine...that is certainly worthy of a discussion. You want to highlight recent mistakes made by BM, fine, they certainly deserve attention. Poor GMing as a whole? I think that is just a lazy argument when it comes to the whole body of work. 3. I can't wait to hear you defend this statement. Please explain how it is embarrassing to be a Ducks fan. I know Luke Schenn has an ugly mug, but c'mon. You think it is embarrassing to be a Ducks fan? How do you think Edmonton, Arizona, Buffalo, Carolina, Montreal, OTTAWA, Vancouver just to name a few feel after recent seasons? Those situations should bring true embarrassment to certain fan bases. 4. Going to call you out again here. Please cite a source where BM says that rookies need to be HAZED (pretty strong word here btw) in order to make it to the big show. 5. What the heck are you even talking about now? First off, BM doesn't decide lineup cards so strike one. Second, please name the rookies last year who were NHL ready and held back by BM's "old school of thought and hazing." Third, in case you haven't noticed, almost our entire top 4 defensive corp are home grown and came from our system. I saw plenty of times last season RC give Montour a humongous leash when it came to rushing the offensive zone and did not try to limit his speed. Before that, he did the same thing with Vatanen. For all of his faults, and Carlyle has A LOT of them, one thing that he deserves credit and not criticism is how he has developed our young defensemen in the system. Oh, you are probably just focusing on the forwards for your narrow argument. Yeah...Carlyle has REEEALLY held back on Rakell and Kase. Instead of playing on the top line, 1st PP, and 3 on 3, maybe Rakell should be playing 30 minutes a night and also put on some pads and give Gibson a break here and there. For Pete's sake, Kase got PROMOTED several times during the season when Perry went ice cold for stretches and had way more OT time than several veterans on the team. If you are talking about Nick Ritchie, I hate to say it but speed and enthusiasm are two words that probably won't be associated with him much during his career. Kevin Roy? Didn't really prove much except against the St. Louis Blues, but they extended his contract last week so it appears they want to give him another chance? Andy Welinski? Same situation. Seriously, I want to know which rookies or young players have been held back because of our "plow horse" tendencies.
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    The buyout works in Perry’s favor. If I were him, I would have outright refused a trade, and pushed them to either keeping me no or forcing the buyout option. It’s a business on the player side too. I think he makes more salary this way and controls where he wants to sign. I wish Perry nothing but the best.
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    Makes sense to let Eakins finish the year in the AHL with the hopes of winning the AHL cup. Gives him more time to develop the kids and make a smooth transition to the big club next season. Now we need BM to end the season poorly so he gets canned in the off-season and all the stars will align.
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    I'm 100% behind getting an interim coach at this point. Of course you'd prefer to replace your coach with someone you feel comfortable going forward with but I'm not sure they can afford to wait out the year anymore. It's beyond just losing now. There's a certain toxicity around this team that we've never seen before. The losing culture from the top down translates into bad habits for the youngsters, combined with complete lethargy for the rest of the players who have tuned their coaches out. It's setting the team up for future failure. Keeping Carlyle because of some misguided promise to give him a dignified exit after he delivered the two least dignified seasons this franchise has ever experienced sends an awful message to the fans. The Pond looked like a funeral parlour against the Blues and judging by how vocal the fan base has been online about their displeasure, there's no reason to expect that to get any better without ripping off the bandaid. Realistically speaking, the season will be doomed regardless of whoever is behind the bench. Where we pick in the draft will most likely rely on how Gibson closes out the season. This team has too much pride to fully embrace Crappo for Kaapo anyway, I don't think it's worth keeping Carlyle in the hopes of tanking. I admit an interim coach wouldn't be the most ideal solution, especially if there's a long term option to be had. It's still a better option than maintaining the status quo though. It would signal that the organization recognizes what we've witnessed over the last 12 months has been completely unacceptable and something is being done. At the very least it would win back some fans and hopefully work towards eliminating the team-wide allergies to work ethic, puck possession and actually playing defence.
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    Just hope that I don't somehow get traded to a different message board, but with all the trades I wouldn't be surprised...
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    I really don’t think we should move any of our top 4 Defensemen. Lindholm is a Norris caliber defensemen. I refuse to believe he just regressed Along with Fowler Manson and Montour. If we trade our top 4 because our coach sucks I’m done. I will not watch this team become the oilers
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    And I'm glad we picked up another guy who gets the snot kicked out of him in possession. Let's have the puck even less! I'm sure that's the answer.
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    I beg to differ. Ritchie is a 52 burger eater champion, a Kobayashi award finalist, a 2-time flap jack winner and a 2-time competitive food bingeing ALL-STAR. So yes, he also has high qualifications.
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    They got Brian Burke on Sportsnet talking about how you always draft the best player available and all I can think of is Logan MacMillan
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    Not so fast. Once upon a time, I was also in favor of giving Beleskey a 4 x $4M contract with a partial NTC.... Being a GM is way harder than it looks from the comfort of my couch.
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    Eww I can think of 31 teams that deserve a title more than those fools and yes, the 31st team is the one in Seattle that doesn't even exist yet. I'd rather see the Cup get thrown into a black hole before any of those mustard clowns get to touch it.
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    The Ducks nominated Eaves as their candidate for the Masterton trophy today. I don't have a problem with that considering everything he's been through in his career but I think Kesler easily deserves the award outright. Regardless of how you feel about how he performed, grinding through 60 games and playing those insane Carlyle matchup minutes in his awful condition was an incredible feat for Kesler. If setting a goal of 1000 games and doing everything in his power to reach it in spite of his increasingly broken body doesn't embody "perseverance, sportsmanship & dedication to hockey", nothing else will.
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    Even the message boards wanted to tank
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    I would stop watching the NHL if this happened. I don't want players making a business decision as to whether they will step in front of a shot to block it or chase a puck into a corner because it might cost them money if they get injured. If you're going to financially penalize players for trying hard, you might as well go back to the flat-bladed stick and make them play by collegiate rules to keep them all safer on the ice. That would result in a much worse on-ice product. IMO, players should be able to play their games to the best of their ability without worrying that their income will be affected by an on-ice injury. And speaking of on-ice injuries, your bus driver's "sick day" analogy doesn't work here. Hockey injuries are typically work-related injuries (unless you're Patrick Eaves or Dustin Penner) and would be eligible for worker's compensation claims in the real world (if sports were actually the same as the real world, which they're not). In most US states I think worker's comp pays something like 2/3 of the salary for workers injured on the job who are unable to keep working. And you know how injured workers get the rest of their lost salary? They sue. Do we really want players suing the NHL, teams, coaches, and each other every time they miss games due to injury? That would also be terrible for the game (and also for us fans, because litigation ultimately just makes everything more expensive for the end-users/consumers). Finally, there's also that specter of concussions. What you're suggesting here will cause players with significant head injuries to return to the ice before they are ready due to fear of losing thousands or even millions of dollars in lost wages because of missed games. These players are human beings, not gladiators, and we should be thankful the NHLPA exists to make sure they are treated as human beings and allowed to heal their significant injuries according to their own body's timeline. So IMO, guaranteed contracts exist for both the good of the game AND the good of the player. The onus should instead be on the GMs to make sure that a team is built properly within the salary cap rules. That is their job. And if they can't do their job well, ownership should find some else to do their job.
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    I'd rather have Kesler in a wheelchair on the ice scoring nothing but hotdogs at intermission than a piece of poop like Dustin "there goes your knees" Brown.
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    Disagree. I believe, as last night shows, when the forwards are playing a faster game and getting more than one shot on net each possession, the D does just fine. The dump and chase was killing the D. The forwards were standing around and not giving many options for outlet passes so the puck came right back. The D showed last night that they can play. I also feel the changes to the pairings has helped a great deal. Fowler seems comfortable with DelZotto and Manson and Lindholm should have never been separated. Monty and Megna are the weakest pairing but fared just fine. If you look at last night's ice time, it was pretty well spread out across the lineup which says a lot about this team. It is starting to look more and more that it wasn't the players RC had to work with, it was the way he used them and the system he used. For the first time in a long time, I'm looking forward to the next game.
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    Playoffs? Jim Mora comes to mind.
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    BM taking over as Coach might be a VERY VERY good thing. If the team continues to fail, and the rubber hits the road, BM might be looking for another job. Kill 2 birds with one stone. If on the other hand the team starts playing a better brand of hockey, the question will have been answered - it was RC's fault. IMHO This will also be a test of Team Leadership - can Getz and the A's be able to spark the rest of the team ? We'll see !!
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    I watched the game on the Ducks feed so I can't confirm but apparently the Sportsnet guy between the benches said that Getzlaf and some of the other guys were yelling at Carlyle to pull Gibson after the 4th or 5th goal. Did anyone catch this? I've only seen a few comments about it on twitter but the team is so dysfunctional it sounds legit enough to believe. Purposely leaving your star goalie who has worked his ass off all year to carry your incompetent team and staff in to suffer through a period like that should be the final straw. Of course you could probably build a house out of all the "final" straws that should've gotten Carlyle fired by now.
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    This "aging" thing is making me laugh. Cogliano is 31 and may be the best conditioned athlete in the entire league. I'll bet anyone here that Cogliano plays more NHL games than Shore does from here on out. Probably score more goals than him too.
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    Cogs is snakebit in scoring, but was the only one able to keep up with the faster teams, stealing pucks, forechecking, creating opportunities for others. Not everything goes on a scoresheet. I feel so weird. I have accelerated all the way past rage to quiet acceptance, with zero interest in watching anymore. Even if this trade becomes successful from a player/points point of view, the level of "tone deaf" required to pull it off after a statement saying you'll keep the coach is just mind-boggling. If you thought the fans are heard here, it is confirmed that they are not.
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    Those playoffs have nothing to do with his recent play. But you tried to shoot down Gotchabari's point by writing that he only played well until the all-star break in 2017 and hasn't played well since then. That's simply not true. He was tremendous shadowing McDavid in the series against the Oilers and he also held Monahan/Gaudreau to zero E/S points in the 4-game sweep. Yes, Elliot was atrocious in that Calgary series, but the first 3 games were decided by one goal and if not for Kesler doing his thing against the Flames top line that series could have been much different too. So I don't think you can just dismiss Gotcha's point about making a WCF in his first year of the extension. Kesler was a HUGE reason we got there. No Kesler, no WCF in 2017. That seems pretty obvious to me. As far as his recent history goes (i.e. those +/- stats people are pointing at), I blame RC for that. As I mentioned in the earlier post, Kesler is currently experiencing the highest percentage of D-zone starts of his entire career, even more than his Selke finalist seasons. IMO, that's crazy for a guy who is still rebuilding strength in a reconstructed hip. And it's not like Kesler is tapping himself on the helmet every time there's a defensive zone draw against the opponents' top lines. RC is doing that. RC is grinding Kesler right now. He did last season after Kesler returned from surgery too. How many nights off did Kesler get last season, even after we clinched a playoff spot? I could be off by one, but believe the answer is "none." It's hard to think that the current workload RC is piling on him will be sustainable over 82 games plus playoffs (if we get in), but the Keslord will keep grinding and taking pressure off Getz and Rico for as long as his body will let him. That's just who he is. That may not be good for Kesler's numbers (which will also make his contract look bad), but its good for the team. And I think that's really all he cares about.
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    As someone who is from the east region. I can promise you this and this promise is to all Ducks Fans. I will keep eye on him and how well he does as I am doing with Morand and Groulx along with Drew. It's important to know and I will do it for you guys.. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    Honestly I don't ever remember being this indifferent about whether I should watch a game or not. I've watched 99% of our games over the past decade, but I really have no enthusiasm about watching this team this season. You know what you are going to get - uninspired, predictable, boring hockey from a team that cannot string more than 2 passes together in a row without turning over the puck.
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    Here's what you do. Subscribe to cable TV and make sure your provider carries Prime Ticket and FSW. You will see Gibson steal about 15 games a season. You kidding me? How many games did he stand on his head last year and make over 40 saves a game while the team in front of him looked like their heads and bodies were in Lala Land? I actually felt sorry for the guy last year. Refresh my memory......how many times was Gibby the #1 star last season?
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    This was always going to be a tough sell for Bob... BM: Sure he led us in TOI during the playoffs, but Monty only has 1 1/2 seasons of NHL experience for us. We can't really gauge his full value! Arbitrator: He's 24. Why didn't you call him up sooner to get a good look at him? BM: Because we had Kevin Biek..... oh. Well, he went 50 straight games last season without scoring a goal! Arbitrator: Who is your coach? BM: Arbitrator: I should give him an extra million just for that.
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    I hope he KILLS it in Dallas. I think he will do well. I hope he does.
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    People need to stop comparing Perry and Teemu with regard to their knee injuries. They are completely different players. Teemu always was a speed player and so he relied on his knee to accommodate that speed. Perry on the other hand has never been the best skater and not nearly as quick. Perry has always been the grinding type player who just cycled down low and “slowed” the game down with Getz. As such, his knee is not going to make him a better skater nor a faster one. So really I don’t think he will come back and have ANYWHERE close of a resurgence that Teemu did ... not even close. The very wide majority of players only decline as they get to Perry’s age not get better. Sorry but he will never again be a 30 goal scorer. So paying him the amount he was getting to be a 20 goal scorer was insane. I love Perry too but seriously everyone don’t look at this with so much emotion. The younger kids who will take his spot will be better than what he currently brings to the table as far as points goes. This is the young players team now even Getz will eventually wind down. It’s just nature, people age and it’s also business too where spending that much money is better spent somewhere else and not on a 4th liner.
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    Yeah, cause taking the C off Getzlaf's sweater and putting it on Kesler or Beauchemin or whoever would've magically resulted in a championship. Not like that man did everything in his power to carry his teams through the playoffs during his tenure. Remember that year he broke his face stepping in front of a Seguin shot in the final minute and came back the very next game looking like a bloody monster finishing with a goal and an assist? Or how he singlehandedly schooled an Edmonton Oilers team featuring the saviour of Canadian hockey? Getzlaf has been one of the best playoff performers in hockey over the last decade. Imagine if he had a Duncan Keith or Drew Doughty to work with over this stretch. The only reason to strip him of his captaincy at this point would be to signify a changing of the guard. As of right now I don't think we have anyone worthy of taking it from him.
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    According finnish newspaper Hämeen Sanomat, finnish defensman Jani Hakanpaa has signed with Anaheim Ducks 1 year, one way deal. https://www.eliteprospects.com/player/45342/jani-hakanpaa Hakanpaa was selected by the St.Louis Blues in the 4th round (104th overall) of the 2010 Entry Draft. He played in his native Finland for the Espoo Blues of the Finnish Elite League (Liiga) 2011-2012. During his 2012- stint with the Peoria Rivermen of the AHL he registered one goal and three assists in fourteen games. At the completion of his entry-level deal with the Blues, Hakanpaa opted to return to Finland signing a two-year contract with Liiga club, Oulun Kärpät on 2 July 2015. He won two titles in Kärpät. .. That's for general information. Here is what I think: Kärpät is my hometown's team. Jani is very physical player and never step out for battles in corners. Very nasty to play against. He is very good in offensive side of the game too. He shoots hard and products continually something good in offensive zone. If you think reference, he might be good replacement for Sami Vatanen. Kärpät have played last 2 years very offensive, NHL-style hockey if you will, and Hakanpaa has done it very well. Of course we still waiting for final announcement for this, but it is 99% likely that Hakanpaa will join Ducks next season. Could be potentially in top-6 defensemen.
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    There isn't a lot that annoys me more in current discourse than to label anyone who cares about what someone said as a "snowflake." If we want to have a meaningful discussion about whether certain language is harmful and why it's harmful, we can do that, but by going immediately to "snowflake," all discussion is shut off.
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    And the Ducks balls are labeled "404 Error - Page not found".
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    We're never going to agree on this because we simply have different opinions of this current roster. You seem to think this team is currently in free fall and needs to be gutted and rebuilt from scratch, while I think this team is still very talented and just needs some slight tweaking because that the 0-4 sweep in the playoffs and the terrible play this season were caused solely by Randy Carlyle, not a lack of talent. I absolutely think we could be right back in the playoffs next season with a new coach, and if Gibby's on his game we could do some serious damage.
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    It's a money thing. They were probably getting over run with calls of season ticket cancellations and a general sense of unrest. It's always because of money. They are selling a product that has been sub standard for a while with no attempt at fixing it. It's the bottom line. It's a business. Simple.
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    I kind of want to go watch the Ducks practice and see what kind of drills BM runs. Probably behind the bench with a glass of whisky in hand teaching the boys how to goon it up.
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    I ask that anyone who has twitter retweet Dan Wood’s response to NHL Public Relations. @Pr_NHL Erik Karlsson became the 13th different defenseman in NHL history - and sixth since 1990-91 - to record at least one point in 14 or more consecutive appearances within a season. #NHLStats Response from @duckscolorman So how come @PR_NHL is making such a big deal of Erik Karlsson's points in 14 or more consecutive appearances, despite a two-game suspension in the midst of the "streak," but doesn't recognize Andrew Cogliano's 909 "consecutive" games because of a (dubious) two-game suspension
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    The problem with Gibson is that's he's too good. He's keeping this team from getting a top-3 draft pick this year.
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    Comtois has been good, although he's also receiving a lot of criticism for diving. He was actually penalized for embellishment last game. I know why players do it, and Comtois claims he's receiving more punishment than is being called, but I HATE diving. I hate it. It's the antithesis of sports. I hope he cuts it out when he gets back to Anaheim.
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    I wake up every morning hoping that Carlyle has been fired only to be disappointed every damn day.
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    The way Murray goes about teaching players lessons, I could see Ritchie signing his contract and then being immediately dealt to Ottawa.
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    I like reminiscing about my trips so I'm going to write you a bit of a novel. I did my first trip to Anaheim as an adult last November for the Selanne/Kariya HOF night (last time I was there was during the 2005-2006 season as a teenager with my parents). We decided to stay at the Ayres Hotel across the road from the Honda Center. I considered staying elsewhere but being close to the arena is great, it's also not far at all from places like Disneyland and the hotel has a shuttle you can take to the more touristy areas. It's nice to be able to just wander to and from the games, take in a little atmosphere of being around other Ducks fans. Also if you want to try and get pics or stuff signed by the team you can do that in the mornings on practice days, and visit the Team Store outside of game hours so it's not busy. There are a number of bars and restaurants within walking distance of the hotel. ALSO there aren't as many kids around as there seem to be at the hotels closer to Disney which for me is a plus. We did have a rental car so that we could drive to the beaches and check out Santa Monica (the Santa Monica Pier was a bucket list destination I had to tick off, good fun), Huntington Beach and Newport Beach. I've been to a lot of places that claim to have nice beaches including Mexico, Australia, Fiji etc. but I think the California beaches are the nicest in the world. Just beautiful and so relaxing just being able to listen to the water completely drowning out everything else. We also got up early and went into downtown LA one day as my girlfriend wanted to check out the art galleries there. It's a big place so a car is essential IMO. My GF had never been to Disneyland so we went to the main park - I actually had a great time and would recommend, especially if you haven't been. Pay the extra $10 and get the Fastpass option for your phone so you can book in for rides while you are in line for other rides. You could spend a week at Disney but we spent one day and did all the rides we wanted to do (the rides more geared to adults). Next time we will probably check out the California Adventure park. At one of the games we met up with Ken who is an Admin here on the boards, it was great to chat with somebody who I've had conversations with online for a decade but never actually met in person! For the first game we sat in the upper level and the second game we sat in the lower bowl, just to get a few different experiences at the Pond. Then after the game you can get free access to the Jack Daniels lounge and the radio guys do a player interview - when we went it was Mike Liambas which wasn't the most exciting but he was a nice guy, took lots of photos with kids and fans. I'm sure there is other fun stuff we did that I can't think of right now, if I remember I'll add some more. It's not the cheapest destination for a vacation but I'm sure you'll have a great time!
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