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    You mean the salary cap or your next comedy album?
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    Kinda sad story of the recent arrest of actor and former MD goalie, Goldberg. http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2018/08/06/mighty-ducks-star-shaun-weiss-arrested-for-public-intoxication.html Okay you three, I know he is not a real "former Duck," I just didn't know where else to stick the post.
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    It’s just been a weird saga so far with Kesler’s injury. I don’t think that the issue to focus on is if Kesler plays, but how he effective he’ll be when he does. If there isn’t a significant improvement from last year then this little twitter beef won’t look like the smartest move. I’d like nothing more than for him to regain his old form and then send Friedman a Costco-sized tub of noodles and Ragu.
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    Well, I'm sure Sekac spent his day with the Gagarin Cup doing stuff like this too, no? matthias osborne‏ @MatthiasOsborne Big shout out to devante smith pelly @smithpelly23 and the Washington capitals @Capitals for coming to SickKids hospital. Lots of happy patients and families here today
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    I would assume that having a contract in place means that the Ducks can now make decisions for him on where he should play in order to maximize his development. No contract means he gets to do whatever he wants. With a contract, he needs team clearance to play in tournaments or for other organizations (like in Europe). It's simply a way to protect their investment (of a draft pick). There's also the rule about unsigned draft picks going back into the draft. That's how we got Freddy Andersen, right? He was drafted by Carolina in 2010 but wasn't signed within two years so he went back into the draft in 2012 where we got him. So even if the player isn't NHL ready, if you think he's going to be an NHL player its best to lock him up with an ELC as soon as possible.
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    When the new CBA came into effect in 2012-13 the cap dropped from $70.2M in 2012-13 to to $64.3M in 2013-14, which was the reason for the compliance buy-outs. Depending on where the cap is after the 2021-22 season, I think we could see another re-set. Part of the reason for the cap acceleration is the buy-in fees for the new franchises ($500M for Vegas!), but after Seattle arrives the NHL is probably done expanding for a while. So the cap could be higher than what the NHL would want by 2021-2022 since they won't be seeing buy-in fees for a while. But even if we do see a re-set, I would expect this team to remain fiscally responsible between now and then so that we wouldn't be in too much trouble if it does go down.
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    haha well, there is that IF but I mean looking at our deffense...including the ones that are still up and coming...and combine that with Gibson...when Gibson hits his prime and our core defense will basically be at their prime as a group...that's just gonna be...epic! If we have a strong enough offense with that group...we'll be in very, very good shape.
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    What. An optimistic post/comment about our team. I didn't think that was allowed.
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    Oh that's right, I remember when he left...that wasn't a great day... I was just thinking too, I really think if Hiller didn't get vertigo we would have been able to win a cup with him...if Freddie didn't lose his focus in 2015 we would have easily won a cup that year, too...and I think if we can strengthen our offense a bit we'll be winning a cup with Gibson.
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    Either the NHL or the NHLPA have the option of opting out of the current CBA Sept. 1st 2019. If both sides keep it then the current CBA expires Sept. 15th 2022. So I guess we will find out next year if both sides are fine with the current growth of the game.
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    From the article above: The deal also has a European clause, meaning he can return to Europe if he’s not playing in the NHL. Because the 18-year-old is not a polished player, it might take a few years for him before he’s ready for an NHL role, hence the European clause.
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    Kinda what I was thinking. Surely he wouldn't be trash talking if he's likely to miss the season.
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    After the contract he will be 33....I can say this...but I beleive he deserves to have 8 year contract. He has time to use to prove. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    Sooo...I think this is a good sign in regards to Kesler, lol.
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    Gibsons will only be 26 once the contract starts. He'll be 33 (same age as Jonathan Quick this year) his contract year. 8 years is not that big a deal imo.
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    I haven't been on the Anaheim HF Boards yet. It's hard to imagine them being worse than Anaheim Calling. That place makes Doomsday Preppers look calm and composed.
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    I think I may have spent to much time lurking on HF this off-season. This place is tame and level headed in comparison. HF is a clown car attempting an Evil Knievel canyon jump. An entertainment of it's own.
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