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    I can always count on the food joke to serious content ratio in a Ritchie thread to be well over 50 BMI. I mean percent.
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    He’s holding out for a higher meal allowance.
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    That would be a metaphoric table, right?
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    They're making this a most comfortable Eakins chair.
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    Heh, I LOL'd at this. I may be imagining this, but wasn't there a player a number of years ago that went unsigned through most of summer because the GM was waiting to see how committed that player was to his offseason training program? I would be all in favor of BM waiting until Ritchie does his weigh-in the day before training camp before putting his final offer on the table.
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    Only shipping Nick is doing is the fee he pays on deliveries of crates full of Cheetos through Amazon
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    I love how nobody ever talks about how Kesler one-punch KO'd Jeff Carter in his very next fight. Maybe it's cause he had the presence of mind to stop throwing punches at a dazed opponent and to hold him up for the linesmen to intervene. Y'know, the kind of stuff you'd expect from the dirtiest player to ever play the game.
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    That's Cool...Looking forward and counting down to see the New Look of these seats. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    Certainly criticize the coaches for not getting more from the players. But criticize the highly paid players whose passing does not compare with the better teams....I have said it for years: the Ducks do not seem to focus on basics such as passing, receiving the puck smoothly, and I will add that they need to emmulate VGK’s focus on the puck in defending instead of going for hits.
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