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    Hagelin is in the last year of his contract. I think that was just a salary dump by the Kings.
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    Mediocrity? They're the worst team in the league right now... they're LOL
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    Lol good job fighting the good fight, Zman. DB is a jackass. I recall hearing him a few weeks ago saying he thought the Pacific would be The Sharks, Flames and Kings. Now, I don't mind that he left out the Ducks cuz I do not have a strong feeling on them this year, but The Kings? Isn't this the same team that got swept last year? Is Kovalchuk really going to be the piece that gets them over the top? C'mon!
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    What do you expect from the team that rewarded Peter Budaj and Darcy Kuemper with a one way ticket out of town after filling in admirably for the oft injured Jonathon Quick. If I were Jack Campbell, I wouldn't be home shopping quite yet.
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    Quick out indefinitely after knee surgery. I wish him a full recovery so long as it takes all season. Obligatory LOL Kings
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