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    Eww I can think of 31 teams that deserve a title more than those fools and yes, the 31st team is the one in Seattle that doesn't even exist yet. I'd rather see the Cup get thrown into a black hole before any of those mustard clowns get to touch it.
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    The Ducks nominated Eaves as their candidate for the Masterton trophy today. I don't have a problem with that considering everything he's been through in his career but I think Kesler easily deserves the award outright. Regardless of how you feel about how he performed, grinding through 60 games and playing those insane Carlyle matchup minutes in his awful condition was an incredible feat for Kesler. If setting a goal of 1000 games and doing everything in his power to reach it in spite of his increasingly broken body doesn't embody "perseverance, sportsmanship & dedication to hockey", nothing else will.
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    According finnish newspaper Hämeen Sanomat, finnish defensman Jani Hakanpaa has signed with Anaheim Ducks 1 year, one way deal. https://www.eliteprospects.com/player/45342/jani-hakanpaa Hakanpaa was selected by the St.Louis Blues in the 4th round (104th overall) of the 2010 Entry Draft. He played in his native Finland for the Espoo Blues of the Finnish Elite League (Liiga) 2011-2012. During his 2012- stint with the Peoria Rivermen of the AHL he registered one goal and three assists in fourteen games. At the completion of his entry-level deal with the Blues, Hakanpaa opted to return to Finland signing a two-year contract with Liiga club, Oulun Kärpät on 2 July 2015. He won two titles in Kärpät. .. That's for general information. Here is what I think: Kärpät is my hometown's team. Jani is very physical player and never step out for battles in corners. Very nasty to play against. He is very good in offensive side of the game too. He shoots hard and products continually something good in offensive zone. If you think reference, he might be good replacement for Sami Vatanen. Kärpät have played last 2 years very offensive, NHL-style hockey if you will, and Hakanpaa has done it very well. Of course we still waiting for final announcement for this, but it is 99% likely that Hakanpaa will join Ducks next season. Could be potentially in top-6 defensemen.
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    Calgary 😂😂😂😂
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    called it! March 15th!
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    ANYONE, and I mean A.N.Y.O.N.E. but the preds. Colorado, Boston, even L.A. But not the Preds. Preds are the worst of the worst of the worst OF the WORST.
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    Not having the Rangers and Blackhawks in the playoffs is indeed a big loss for the league in terms of TV ratings. Hate to disagree with you but generational players in this year's draft will go a long way towards ensuring at least one of the two gets back in the dance sooner rather than later.
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    Gimme a prime Kariya in today's NHL over anyone honestly. Dude was putting up 50 goals and 100 points against the toughest competition every night in an era that punished skill and speed. Imagine how good he would be without having to worry about two-line offsides, obstruction and every team carrying a slew of headhunting goons. If we can steal a former Duck who had their prime years somewhere else, I'd consider taking Sergei Fedorov before Adam Oates or Jari Kurri. He was one of the greatest two-way weapons of all time. That said, I also feel a strong urge to just disregard everything I said in this entire post and go with Pronger instead. He hasn't played here in a decade and we're still living under the shadow of his reputation. That's how crazy good of a Duck he was.
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    Freddie is still the ballsiest goalie in the league. One minute left in a one goal playoff game and this guy is making diving poke checks and trying to shoot on empty nets. I love him haha
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    Kesler isn't going to make this decision based on what is best for the organization. They gave him the contract, that's not his problem. It would be the easiest thing for him to just 'retire' (i.e. go on LTIR) and not play another game, but Kesler is one of the most competitive people you'll ever meet, he will try every available option before he's forced into retirement. It's easy for us as fans to say 'just retire' but effectively he's giving up his life long dream and what he's been doing for his entire adult life. That's not an easy call to make.
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    This exactly. Firing Carlyle was mandatory for the long-term health of this franchise, and the downside of keeping him far outweighed the possibility to getting an 18.5% chance at getting the top pick. The Rangers have been executing a Chicago/Pittsburgh strategy for the past three seasons by holding yard sales at the TDLs to get rid of good players in exchange for draft picks. As a result, they've had two 1st rounders in 2017, three 1st rounders in 2018, and will have two more 1st rounders and three 2nd rounders in 2019. However, this is something that NOBODY here, even the most ardent tankers, seems willing to do. That said, I disagree in the case of the Sabres. The Sabres have been in go-for-it mode since last summer when they traded for Skinner, and they were still in go-for-it mode when they traded a 2019 1st rounder and a good D prospect to the Ducks in exchange for Monty at this year's deadline. Buffalo's issues are that they have created a losing culture throughout their entire organization through past tanking efforts and their refusal to fire a coach that the team has completely tuned out. Buffalo played fine hockey for 4-5 months when the good teams had the volume dialed in at a 7 or 8. But once the playoffs came into view and the good teams turned the volume up to 11, they just couldn't hang and their losing attitudes took over. The players are still trying to win (newsflash: the players don't care where the team picks), but they just have no idea what it takes to win anymore. The Sabres predicament is exactly what GMBM needed to avoid here. RC HAD to be fired when he was (sooner?) and the team (especially the young players) HAD to see that it could play good hockey against other playoff-bound teams who had the volume turned up to 11. They accomplished both. The Ducks have beaten Washington, Minnesota, Colorado (twice), Arizona, Montreal, Nashville, and San Jose (and should have beaten St Louis) during the home stretch, and the kids have played a major role in many of those wins. I'm thrilled with those results, even if we lost a few percentage points in the lottery odds doing so. I'm as hard on GMBM as anyone here, but IMO what he has done in February and March is great for the long-term health of this franchise.
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    Congrats, Blues!! ROR was GREAT in the playoffs no question....but....dude....they do NOT win that Cup if Binnington didn't play out of his mind, especially in Game 7, there's no cup in St. Louis....
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    Getzlaf was a good contract, at the time of the contracts, many figured both would get banged up a little, but that Getzlaf's skillset wouldn't suffer as much from it. Getzlaf is the player that the Ducks will have the hardest time replacing when he retires.
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    They could have used Perry's money to sign a top RW in free agency that year. Top RW's that year in UFA were Nathan Horton, David Clarkson, and Jarome Iginla. In hindsight, Anaheim probably dodged a bullet.
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    Yeah, cause taking the C off Getzlaf's sweater and putting it on Kesler or Beauchemin or whoever would've magically resulted in a championship. Not like that man did everything in his power to carry his teams through the playoffs during his tenure. Remember that year he broke his face stepping in front of a Seguin shot in the final minute and came back the very next game looking like a bloody monster finishing with a goal and an assist? Or how he singlehandedly schooled an Edmonton Oilers team featuring the saviour of Canadian hockey? Getzlaf has been one of the best playoff performers in hockey over the last decade. Imagine if he had a Duncan Keith or Drew Doughty to work with over this stretch. The only reason to strip him of his captaincy at this point would be to signify a changing of the guard. As of right now I don't think we have anyone worthy of taking it from him.
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    IMHO, if Ducks can't find a trade partner, they should ride him for at least one more season and they buy him out.
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    That’s his cap number (due to contract structure) not how much he’ll actually be paid in 2020-21. The actual cost will be $2M per capfriendly. I’m also still of the opinion that CP10 may want this too. He still believes he’s the second best player on the team, and I doubt he is happy with the thought of playing 3rd or 4th line minutes. If he really wanted to stay, he wouldn’t have waived the NMC and would have forced the buy out.
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    Looks like we'll see him in the Gulls second round series against Bakersfield. From Anaheim Calling: Max Comtois The timing of the Jones injury could not have been worse, but it’s not all bad news. Comtois could be joining the Gulls before the second round starts and his scoring touch would fit in nicely with the Gulls. He might not fill the void that Jones left, but he would go a long way toward helping. He has 15 points in 15 games including 2 game winners.
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    Screw the Sharks.
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    Door #1 here. I think that the NHL playoffs expose organizational weaknesses, from front office to coach to assistant coaches in change of special teams to players.. all the way down to the friggen training staff. The organization that can get it all right (or as many things right as possible) is the one left holding the trophy in the end. And I am more than good with that. Look at the Lightning-Jackets series. Tampa Bay made ZERO moves to improve their roster at the deadline. They basically said, "we're good enough right now, in February, that we don't need to address any holes in our team to win the Cup." And they played like it after the 1st period of game 1, basically acting like the could just thrown their jerseys on the ice and still win each night. That's arrogance IMO, and it cost them against a team that made the biggest, boldest TDL moves in the league and then played their hearts out. So, organizational weakness in Tampa (arrogance and complacency) bounced them in the first round, not luck. Even if it's just adding a Brad May, you can't think you're good enough in February to do nothing to try to improve your team for the playoffs. Same goes for Calgary. Organizational weakness = softness of their "elite players" when the real hockey starts in April. Nashville? Their "elite" players are divers and whiners and can't get it done when the chips are down because they're too worried about the calls. And on and on. Once in a blue moon, a goaltender will steal a series against a superior team, but rarely (ever?) will a goaltender steal a Cup. Those situations aside, you can always look back in hindsight and point to the reason(s) a team gets bounced in the playoffs, and it's never just luck or bad calls (or whatever fans complain about is beyond the team's control). We may not always be able to see it before a series starts, but it's always crystal clear after. The best-of-7 format make sure of that.
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    Gulls win Game 3 in San Jose 4-2. Gulls lead the series two games to one in a best of five series. Game 4 Wednesday.
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    St. Louis moving on to the second round from last place just highlights how important changing the scenery of coaching can be. Their new coach is no Messiah, but the change of voice allowed what is a decently talented roster to play to their potential. The Blues are the alternate universe Ducks if GMIHCBM had pulled the trigger when he should have.
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    I like what I've read about Zegras. But who are we kidding, he's neither Swedish nor a defenseman. So I'm just going to assume that GMBM is all-in on Victor Soderstrom until he shows me otherwise. Especially after I just read this assessment of Soderstrom: So he's the essentially the Swedish Cam Fowler.... GMBM is probably already in love.
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    Congrats on the Gulls for taking game 1. Must have been a wild one.
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    I promised myself I wouldn't watch a second of that trash series in Dallas before it started but I saw the score towards the end and figured it was a good time to tune in and see some mustard tears. I watched maybe 2 minutes and the first thing I see is Captain Joke-e slash a Star and place a weak fly-by crosscheck into his lower back before skating away from the scrum he started and towards the refs like he did nothing. Meanwhile his stupid little garden gnome of a defence partner came in to grab the Dallas player's stick so he could toss it to the ice like he's some tough guy. I didn't see who the Dallas player was but he was just shaking his head and laughing in their faces. I have no idea how nobody has even tried putting those two morons in check yet. They're such an embarrassment they can make Doughty look like a saint on ice by comparison. I regret everything.
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    Yeah, the Duchene empty netter was a bit...unnecessary...but wow, what a feat! And I'm gonna be an ass 'cause I hardly ever make any predictions right...but totally called it!
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    Nick Ritchie doesn't move the needle enough to get the Ducks higher in the draft. It would have to be a more significant player, a prospect with a higher ceiling, BOTH of our 1st rounders, or maybe even a 1st in the 2020 draft.
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    I don't understand. That's Torres getting a 41-game suspension for taking a run at Silfverberg's head during a preseason game between the Ducks and Sharks. What exactly qualifies as "crazy bad" if not this? The Sharks have also employed other goons over the years. Remember when John Scott got a 4-game suspension for sucker punching the Ducks Tim Jackman several years ago? They've also employed the likes of Michael Haley for a number of seasons. Torres + Haley + Scott is about as goony as you can get, no?
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    When you say "might be cool", I assume you mean "will be awful."
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    I can't argue with that. But that doesn't prove anything. I still don't think it's rigged. People are dumb. If it was actually rigged it would be leaked by now and there would be some major mistakes made by the people rigging it. The NHL doesn't exactly have super-spy-movie security... Why do you think the NHL cares so much about NJ to give them 2 number 1s in 3 years? 'Cause they care so much about Taylor Hall getting more No. 1 picks??? It's so incredibly obviously not rigged it's ridiculous. There isn't one person in the NHL who wanted the Oilers to have so many #1 picks besides the Oilers. It's actually BAD for hockey. Since Bettman has taken over he's cared about 1 thing above anything else and that is EXPANDING the NHL. And his ACTUAL ACTIONS show him doing this. He has been so incredibly consistent with that. As opposed to hidden actions that people like to make up he is doing. Which are so incredibly inconsistent that his "agenda" changes month by month and also changes depending on which fan base you talk to... But you're right, they clearly had it out for Buffalo...except the whole getting a No. 1 pick right after getting a No. 2 pick...
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    Losing wouldn't guarantee a better pick. See L.A. Kings.
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    This thing was obviously rigged and that’s pretty lame. Seeing the Kings fans in meltdown mode on Twitter is pretty great though.
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    What is good luck and where can we buy some?? Can't believe I might actually end up cheering for Dallas in the first round if they go up against Calgary. I didn't watch all of Friday's game and it was a blocked shot so I doubt it was anything aside from a freak incident but Giordano already has enough blood on his hands. Shame the Ducks Are Not Playoff Bound™ cause the Flames are waste incapable of winning in Anaheim and I'll never get tired of seeing them get eliminated.
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    My only defense of Nick Ritchie is at the time the biggest question mark was who could play LW with Getz/Perry and Bob went out and got the player who at the time was the best option. He was big, he was a LW, and he had a good scouting report. He has not worked out obviously. Not for a #10 pick. And if you don't think Lindholm is a good pick for a first round then I agree that you don't see how any of Bob's drafting is good. But I would disagree. I think Lindholm is definitely a good pick for a first round, a very underrated defenseman, and I think Bob picks very good players. It's easy to look at players now and be all "oh he could have picked this player instead!!"
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    I'm still not understanding the idea that we need to finish strong. The next game the Ducks will play that counts won't be for 6 Full Months. There's zero chance of any carryover effect, not to mention there will be a brand new coach, and several new players, so how well they're playing this coming week is completely meaningless in the big picture. The only thing that makes sense is that each player wants to play well, and not sacrifice their future prospects by showing signs of quitting or playing poorly. That is a constant. But in 180 days, there is nobody, not even those on this board, who are going to remember how the Ducks finished the final week of this disaster of a season. Finishing in the bottom 5 is no guarantee of any success in choosing their pick wisely, but it certainly is a big advantage having more players to choose from.
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    Woof. Talk about rooting for a meteor. Actually, I take that back. I would never wish such a fate on a meteor.
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    True. We won in 07’ because we lucked out better than any team in 03’ draft, which is the best draft class in NHL history. Also because we had one of the best defenseman of all-time’s brother and another HOF defenseman who’s alleged dalliances forced him out out of Edmonton. The Ducks had to have all of that fall in place to win then and I’m not counting on them to be that level of fortunate again. I want the highest pick possible as a hedge against not the lottery. I agree that Murray fired Carlyle way too late. He should have been fired at least two months earlier or kept him through the season. It’s funny because he made it to where fans were angry/demoralized because of how awful the team was and weren’t winning, to a healthy shift of fans being upset that they are winning now and hurting ours draft odds. Good thing that we are saddled with him for 3 more years. I’m putting more of my hopes on getting the St. Louis pick since they are more likely to finish closer to 20th and will also have a very hard first round match up against Winnipeg or Nashville. Plus, even if they win that series, the draft slots don’t change until after the second round. On top of crushing us last year, the Sharks also had the better pick.
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    Don’t think Bob understands how the hiring process for a coach works any longer and plans on drafting a coach come June 21-22.
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    For sure. If we're talking any player in his prime who ever wore a Ducks sweater, I'll take Federov circa 1993-94. That season he had 56G/64A/120pts, won the Hart and Selke, and also won the NHL's fastest skater competition at the all-star game. Federov was incredible in his prime. His game would also translate really well to today's game (unlike Pronger, who would probably be suspended indefinitely). Plus, we could also really use an elite center right about now.
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    Well it took a long time for this post to come to conclusion but looks like the answer is finally pretty definitive. I see some sniping and griping by some of the folks here and of course you are all entitled to your opinion. But I would hope there isnt anyone who follows hockey who would see Kes as anything other than one of the greatest warriors the game has seen in recent times. I do wish we could have seen him stay healthy and lift a cup with our Ducks, but much more so I wish him and his family the best for the rest of his life. GO Ducks!
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    I'd only disagree in one regard... if Thornton, Getzlaf and Kopitar weren't their size, or strength, their playmaking would be substantially diminished. Their physical size and play is what seperated them from the rest of the league.
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    I think highly of him. Debrusk kneed him earlier, elbowed him in the head earlier, and immediately prior to the crosscheck, Debruck boarded Kadri's teammate with a headshot into the buckle. I have no idea how Debrusk escaped penalty and DPS review. His actions were way more dangerous (and repetitive) than Kadri.
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    Nailed it. You get one “Attaboy!” for that call. 😁 Why? It was clearly the players’ fault. -Randy Carlyle, April 2018
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    I get it. The game from up high is a much different game than on the ice. If you can have the up-high perspective in your mind it can greatly help your vision on the ice as well as understanding how plays are developing without you really seeing it on the ice. It's super easy to see how players should be reacting from up high. Down low it isn't so obvious.
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    I think it's a 2C + good coach away from being a contending roster, and a 2C + 4D + a good coach away from being among the favorites. I will be surprised and highly disappointed in GMBM if he doesn't address all three of those holes this summer.
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    Well, my faith in Murray is all but gone so he can draft a zamboni driver for all I care
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    I expected CHI/NYR in top 3 and COL out.... this is not a lottery, its a wish list from Bettman and company...
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    That sucked but... LOL KONGS!
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    Head to head record. They were 1-1 against each other this season so that doesn't help. Last tiebreaker is goal differential. Detroit have the Ducks beat by +14. So yeah if Anaheim lose the last game in regulation and Detroit win their last 2 in regulation or shootout then they would pass Anaheim.
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    Its even more frustrating because the kids already have proven they can hang with the big club moving forward and should have been sent back down to help the Gulls make the push for the postseason and give the kids experience in meaningful games...just my two cents.
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