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    That I agree with 100 percent. Maybe I was more irritated about Sherwood’s unwillingness to answer for it, although he kind of did. One game would have been understandable.
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    TSN Hockey @TSNHockey · 15m DEVELOPING: The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas filed a lawsuit Monday in Clark County District Court alleging #SJSharks forward Evander Kane failed to pay back $500K in gambling markers the casino extended to him in April (via Las Vegas @reviewjournal ). More: https://tsn.ca/1.1393258
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    I’m on Lucic’s side on this one, and boy I never thought I’d Say those words. If you go in after the whistle and swat the opposing teams goalie, you better expect to start shedding your gloves and take a punch in the face like a big boy. The way he landed made this looks worse than it was. This new “soft” version of hockey gets on my nerves sometimes.
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