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    Well I’m sure there is a 4th line winger or 3rd pairing right handed shot defenseman at 6 that we can snap up. But hey, at least we’re getting apartments in the parking lot.
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    This has ALWAYS been absurd. Proof it’s rigged. Just a way to boost whatever team they want which will project more money for them
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    I 100% think something is up.... either the Hawks or Oil get the 1st?!?!
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    I believe that’s the ruling on that, yes
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    He's Swedish, so I think we get him just by Constitutional law, right?
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    I love Holtz. Could really mesh with Zegras
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    Oh my god, it isn't rigged. The results of this lottery suck, suck a a whoooollee fuuucking lot...but it's not rigged. Don't like the Kings get #2...jesus but some potentially playoff bound team like PITTSBURGH could get the #1 now?? ugggghhh...it makes me sick. I didn't watch it live, but it sounds like they didn't even televise the balls being picked? I've never liked that. Full transparency would be helpful
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    I have list of few Players who Ducks can get and select...it will be up next week. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    Toronto, Chicago, Montreal and New York are all in the mix for 1st overall now. I don't gamble much but I'd feel pretty comfortable placing a bet that one of those teams ends up winning it.
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    this is a HOAX. how a team in the playoffs take 1 st over all? #fireBettman
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    This league is a joke. Teams with no chance of winning the cup will just throw the first round for a chance at number 1. 12.5% chance at number 1 or a negligible chance at winning the cup. Who thought this up?
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    Man, hoping we’d get lucky, but we’re the Ducks.
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    I am sure they forgot giving Wild Wing Mjolnir....😉. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    Yep. I agree with this. We will get a player with a very good ceiling in the 3-8 range but getting a player with a great ceiling of one of the top-2 picks would make quite a difference.
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    If that’s true, that is quite the coincidence, or is it. Perhaps Disney has this in mind when creating the team/mascot.
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    What's next Ducks going pillaging in Boats If they decide to change the logo to Ducks on Viking Boat j/k. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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