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    I'm generally not the person who should be asking if a poster is drunk as I'm usually the drunk, but holy hell, are you drunk? Wishing well on the Preds is a huge No, No.
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    This is the kind of stuf that should get people banned. Not ever under any circumstances should one want the preds to win The Cup Seriously though, no preds, no flames and just because it's funny no leafs. I have a soft spot for the Avs and y'all gonna hate this the Bruins But with The Ducks' best interests in mind I'd rather have them go out early this year.
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    Only 6 years and 60 mil left on Bobrovsky’s contract. Ouch Florida.
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    I was texting a buddy of mine earlier, he's a fan of those chumps in black n' silver. He was saying something like "the rat scored". In my mind I was like "Baaaasssstan didn't play today". He was calling Perry the rat. How you can call someone in the League a rat when a Marchand exists is beyond me. But Kings fans, what are you gonna do.
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