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    My daughter, UND graduate this past May, 2020, was in Grand Forks visiting (social distancing) when all this came down. She's saying that most there just want to move on from this. I'm thinking they (UND Hockey) did not do their true due diligence in this matter.
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    Well that's interesting. So the interim GM, who was passed over for the top job, is responsible for the pick? I also just read that the Coyotes fired their Director of Amateur Scouting Lindsay Hofford on September 22nd and that the new Director of Amateur Scouting Darryl Plandowski (hired 10/1 away from Tampa's front office) also wasn't allowed to participate in their draft either. So the GM and Director of Amateur Scouting had no say in their draft. Man, that whole situation sounds messy. That said, I still think the new leadership coming in gives them substantial cover on this. Will be interesting now to see if Sullivan or someone else in the scouting department ultimately takes the fall for this embarrassment though.
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