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    Wait, what? A washed up Kesler? If washed up is what it took to get us 3 year legit Cup window, I'll take another washed up player, please!
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    I bet someone will get him for something cheap and we are going to be like that’s it?
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    wasn't he also nominated for 2 selke trophies as a Duck? or was it just 1?
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    +1. Kes was also 30, not 32.
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    Gallant would be a gallant attempt to regain my faith in GMHCBM . Dineen will be the next coach, madden will be the next GM . Sad days.
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    I feel like the whole "aggressively pursuing" angle might have been a bit exaggerated. We all know the only thing Bob Murray aggressively pursues mid-season is a Chris Wagner clone he can pick up for a 5th round pick.
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    Winnipeg overpaid big time . Laine is worth 2 Dubois in my opinion. Jarmo would have been hung if he threw in a higher draft pick . Glad we didn’t lose Zegras , it was fun speculation though:
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    What Both CBJ and Jets 2.0 were asking was overprice....Let's not kid ourselves....in era we live in...Overpaid in a deal sadly is the norm. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    Saying that we don’t have scoring wingers I think is misleading. I believe we are closer than we think, we just don’t have the adequate support or drive. The likes of silfverberg, henrique, rakell, those guys ARE 50 pts (potential) they just need to wake up or see that we are better and start trying. They may be sand bagging a little knowing we are in the trenches. But what I’m saying is adding a solid player like Dubois may wake some people up, either by exciting them, challenging them, or complementing them on the ice. Or we just aquire Laine too and we have a first line of Dubois and Laine paired with whoever is left. It’s not impossible. We lose this year and next years 1st’s two roster players and two-three prospects, but immediately turns the team around and thins out this pool of bubble NHL guys we have. At this point we have too many imo. I would rather ship 2-3 out and bring in PROVEN talent than cross my fingers that they develop into something.
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    Dubois was a lottery pick. Columbus drew the #3 ping pong ball to get him. If the Ducks could acquire him, their core would consist of Dubois (#3), Drysdale (#6), Lindholm (#6), Zegras (#9), and Fowler (#12). How is this much different than what the Kings won multiple Cups with?
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    Oh, well...Bye-bye Dubois.... It's just a bad aura with this GM. Long 13 years I am waiting for a trade or free agent signing that would change the face of this franchise. J. Ferreira got us Teemy Selanne. P. Gauthier years were disaster. Bryan Murray got Fedorov after losing Kariya thru free agency and drafted Getzlaf/Perry. Brian Burke got Neidermayer and Pronger. And what this guy did after long 13 years, except trading for washed up 32 y/o Kesler a few weeks after the Ducks got eliminated from playoffs in game 7? Even when it comes to the late first or second round drafting, he prefers to draft grinders over proven scorers (recent example: passing on Arthur Kaliyev in favor of some no-name grinder). As a Ducks fan who is watching this team all my adult life, I am really getting prostrated with the management.
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