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    Gibson for Rantanen would be a steal. I would forgive BM all sins he made against this team.
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    Oh hey, Tom Wilson got suspended for trying to smash someone's brain in again. Only 7 games this time but Ovechkin has the nerve to come out and say it's a joke even though his serial offender of a teammate has gotten off easy numerous times and arguably has yet again. Can't wait until the first round of the playoffs when this cycle inevitably repeats itself again.
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    IF Ducks do Fire Murray and Eakins...the ones to succeed both of them will be Madden and Dineen. Right now I hope as we do Ducks finish this season strong and make the most of it. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    Hope Calgary also hired an interpreter.
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    I'm not sure I believe this. You're saying that before the season started BM wanted to tank and set up the team with the worst pp possible? It's pretty clear to me it's a systems issue. Sure our personnel on the ice aren't great, we don't have very good finishes, but even an average squad would score more than we have. So yeah, he's not a good coach. He still makes the decisions on which lines to put out, or does he get a call from Bob?
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