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    Did Getzlaf announce his decision on next season and I missed it?
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    Silf done for the season after having hip surgery. I really want to time warp to the next offseason already
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    Oh Haha Seattle. Does this g20 guy even do that hockey?🤣
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    1. Yeah, if the injury is bad enough for surgery, then its likely a major contributing factor to his performance this season. Anyone who questioned his heart and commitment to the game this season can have a seat. 2. From this STUDY it sounds like FAI is more prevalent than we realize. Odds are there are a LOT of players dealing with FAI injuries or varying levels of severity that we don't ever hear about. But as far as being a regular contributor again after surgery, this STUDY sure makes it sound like he can. Here's the conclusion:
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    Sportsclubstats.com gives us a 0.004% chance of making the playoffs. If Anaheim goes 9-0 to end the season, the odds go up to 23.7%. Lol.
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    It's about time to close this thread, IMHO.
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