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    I can't remember where this was, it may have been on a podcast or something, but they were talking about how maybe instead of having biased media vote for NHL awards, that the players should vote for all of the awards. But the counterpoint was that the players had just done some informal voting and had decided Price was still the best goalie in the league, and this was evidence that even NHL players have no idea what they are talking about. Price still looks pretty damn good to me, lol.
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    Montreal. Perry deserves another Cup.
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    they lost miller. I mean, yeah it happened a bit ago, but when you get a goalie like him and have him for so long...it's hard to just come back from that without anyone really lined up. Look at the Devils, Wings, Avs...I think Buffalo sees a different fate if they were able to get stable good goaltending after Miller left. Curious how the Kings are gonna do once Quick is gone.... Somehow we've been super lucky after Giguere with just stellar goalie after stellar goalie
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    It's a great hockey town. Old time players like Gilbert Perreault, Richard Martin, Rene Robert - the French connection line - great fans. Genessee cream draft beer, butt cold weather - I don't know what happened to the team. Poor ownership/management obviously. I hope they get things back.
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    Yes, but I would throw him into a less active volcano.
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    Curious, why? He had 10 PP goals last season (only one fewer than our whole team) and was 11th in the league in goals despite playing on the worst team in the NHL. He also moved to center after Eichel went out and played pretty well there by most accounts.
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    the whole debacle as in his concussion issues? yeah, I agree...if he were healthy this D looks a lot different... ugh, man, we had Fowler, Lindholm, Manson, Montour, Vatanen, Despres, Theo at one point as what our future D was gonna look like...
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