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    Fowler oozed confidence until Doan broke his jaw. I will not stand for this revisionist Fowler slander! Lol.
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    We make moves like this all the time. Except when we do, we call it dumpster diving. We NEVER give the possibility that the person had an off year. It's just that Bob got him off a junk heap after he washed up.
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    Easiest way for me, a Canadian that's indifferent towards the geographic rivalry, to start hating the Kings again: fill em with predaturds. I'd boo him if he was a Duck the same way I booed Aberg (up until the point where the rest of the team completely fell apart and he was the only guy capable of doing something positive with the puck of course)
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    i wish there was an "exasperated" emoji response. it's some mixture of the following. 😑🙄🤢🥺🤡
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    As I said before, I have doubts about Eichel and his long injury history. If he was within $5-7 mil range, I would take a risk, but $10 mil is a way too much. Unless Buffalo agrees to take on some Ducks bad contracts, like Fowler or Gibson.
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    I worry if Jamie Drysdale is overestimated and turns into another Cam Fowler. I keep hearing that "Drysdale is off the table" even though he hasn't proved anything in NHL. If we could get a proven sniper, someone of Patrick Laine statue in exchange for Drysdale, I would pull the trigger. As a long time Ducks fan I remember the stories about Oleg Tverdovsky, how great he is going to be and stuff like this. And guess what, Tverdovsky for Selanne turned out to be the best trade in the Ducks history.
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