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    Furthermore...isn't it good if our team becomes a bubble playoff team next year?? That would mean Z and Drys and others are developing well, our coaching has improved...these all sound like good things to me lol things we want I feel like if this was 2005...some would be like "well, we got Getzlaf, Perry, Bobby Ryan...we should be bad for a couple more seasons so we can get the support we need for these players! Why are we signing some washed up Selanne who has an injury history?! Scott Niedermayer? We're years away before he could help us. We should trade Giguere now so we can get something really good for the rebuild! Especially if Bryz could be ready for the starting role"
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    Replacing Dineen makes no sense does it? Especially when the coach of the ducks was the mastermind of the worst ducks in history and he keeps his job? He must have blackmail material to keep from getting fired? He just doesn't show himself to be any sort of effective, winning professional coach. I just don't see it.
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    You can rebuild and still trade for guys like Eichel, Dubois, Laine, Drouin. They’re very young and like I said, my opinion on the trade relies on keeping Z and Drysdale. Rebuilds aren’t just drafting well, they’ll accelerate if you can make good trades and I think there’s opportunities for that this season. Maybe not, but Murray could do a lot of good for this franchise by being smart and nail a trade or two. Especially considering how long it’s been since he’s won one.
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    I really don’t understand what you even want this team to do. no to 24 year old franchise center for potentially an all time low 23 year old 2 time 30 goal scorer 1 time 40 Goal scorer 23 year old top line winger/center with 2 20 goal seasons already. 25 year old second line center who’s scored 20 goals 5 Times. I understand not wanting to trade for Kuznetsov he’s older and expensive, but landing Eichel, Laine, Dubois, Reinhart would be massive for the team if they could do it without selling their top 2 prospects. These young stars/very good players don’t come available without caveats. If you can land someone like Eichel or Laine without giving up Z and Drysdale, you should do it, no questions asked. Reinhart might be a little overpriced I’ll admit so I wouldn’t mind passing, but him and Dubois are very good and young. Exactly what this franchise needs.
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    Tarasenko had shoulder surgery in October 2019 that didn't work so he had the procedure re-done last August and then missed the first half of this past regular season. We learned from Vats and Lindholm that the labrum surgeries take some time to recover from because of range of motion issues, so it's not surprising that he didn't score a lot this past season. But I think it'd be worth a gamble on him recovering well this offseason and returning to 25-30+ goal form. I would bank on him being excited to play with Kuznetsov again too, if we could get both of them. https://www.iihf.com/en/events/2021/wm20/news/23397/where-are-they-today Kuznetsov's drug suspension was in 2019. I don't know if he's having further troubles with the nose candy or not. For Drouin, we were told that he just couldn't handle playing in the pressure cooker of Montreal. If true, he could be reborn in a place like Anaheim. Worth a gamble IMO.
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    I would take a flier on Drouin, but if I'm serious about building a good team, that's not the only move I'm making. How's this: Rico + Tracey + 2nd (2022) for Tarasenko, Rakell + Steel + 34OA (2021) for Kuznetsov, Manson + Milano for Drouin, and re-sign Hakanpaa. That keeps the #3OA in this draft and our 2022 1st rounder and gives us this lineup for next season: Drouin(5.5M)-Kuznetsov(7.8M)-Tarasenko(7.5M) Comtois(3.3M)-Zegras(925K)-Terry(1.45M) Jones(1.4M)-Getzlaf(4M)-Silfverberg(5.25M) Deslauriers(1M)-Lundestrom(1.2M)-Volkov(875K) Lindholm(5.2M)-Shattenkirk(3.9M) Fowler(6.5M)-Hakanpaa(2.5M) Fleury(1.3M)-Drysdale(925K) Gibson(6.4M), Stolarz(950K) If my math is correct, that starting lineup adds up to only $67.875M against an $81.5M cap. We could add decent a 13th forward and 7th D-man and still have plenty of space left so we don't even have to LTIR Kesler. Heck, that's even enough space to take on Tyler Johnson from Tampa (if Seattle doesn't take him). Those are the kinds of bold moves that Dean Lombardi made to build the Kings into a Cup winner. I want to see Bob do something like that!
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    In addition. I’m not advocating for exclusively trading for talent, but making opportune trades for valuable players is essentially drafting. Except you’re getting someone with a little more proven of a history. Even someone like Drouin has proved he can score 20-30 goals in the NHL, consistently. So I’m not opposed yo moving guys we would probably move for picks to contenders and taking flyers on these sorts of players
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    My post was about the strategy you've been advocating for, not about the Ducks past performance or what they should have done previously. You have consistently posted about your opposition to acquiring high level talent and your desire to move out veterans like Manson, Rakell, Lindholm, Silf, and Rico for picks and prospects, with the hope of landing Shane Wright in 2022. That's tanking. Seriously, just type in "Wright" in the search bar on the main page and scroll. It's all there. I also don't have any issue with building a contender primarily through trades and free agency. I grew up a Rangers fan and Messier was traded to the Rangers on my birthday when I was a teenager, so maybe I'm a little biased towards the idea of acquiring a superstar via trade rather than hoping to find that diamond via the draft. But outside of 10 & 15, its basically how the Ducks built their Cup winner too. Our 2007 Cup team had only four guys on it that the Ducks drafted - Getzlaf, Perry, Drew Miller, and Bryz. And Bryz only played 5 games in the playoffs while Miller played in only 3 games. Oh, and Getz/Pears were 21-years-old that season. Guess which future Duck's superstar turns 21 this coming season.... Honestly, with this GM (who I don't think is going anywhere any time soon), I think the Ducks would just be spinning their wheels by trading all of their veterans and relying on drafting and developing players internally. This regime is just not that good at it. If the Ducks want to be good again, we should be trying to acquire great players from wherever we can get them, just like LA did prior to their 2012 Cup and like GMBM did when he got Kesler, who is really the only legitimate elite NHL player that Bob has added to this roster in the 13 years he's been our GM. The Ducks aren't getting any better by drafting a bunch of Ritchies, Steels, Joneses, and Lundestroms in the late first round. Go get some REAL talent. It'll make Zegras better to play with better players too, just like it did for 10 & 15 to play with the likes of Selanne and Niedermayer.
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    I read someone said nhl teams were talking to him about an assistant position.
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    I don't think Dineen knew, either.
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    My thing is exactly that you can’t control when these guys become available. It’s not every day that Eichel level players become available. That’s my major point. I’m fine with taking the long road, trading for Eichel isn’t my idea of cutting it down. I just think this team needs talent, my point is making smart moves when the come up is the way we should do it.
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    Totally agree. I think there's a mindset by some of, "why not tank again next year," and since it's a strong draft, maybe grab a top pick/franchise player. I know injuries are part of the game, but with a full year of Zegras/Drysdale, and a healthy Lindholm/Manson (assuming still with the team) it's doubtful we end up bottom 3 again. Even this year, the one big aberration was our home record. I think we were one game under .500 on the road.
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    Galchenyuk, no. It would only cost minimal cap space but it seems like another shuffling deck chair, reclamation project. I wouldn’t be against it especially if we move on from other forwards. Kotkaniemi is interesting but I don’t know if Montreal is going to give him up on him this early unless it helps them get a major center upgrade. We can’t help them with that. They might lose Danault in free agency which would dent their center depth. Not sure what he does for the Ducks or the cost, and I doubt he take pressure off Zegras. I usually reference major trades like Eichel, DuBois, Laine, Reinhart, Kuznetsov as ones that I don’t want this offseason.
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