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    Uh, oh. BM resigned some Gulls. Prepare for the incoming thread about these signings not being blockbuster. =(
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    Good freaking riddance Rinne. One of the luckiest goalies ever and I swear he banked it all to use against one team. I don't think it's a coincidence how he's been absolutely lit up in every playoff series he's played immediately after sneaking past the Ducks.
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    8 plus the articles, tweets, and highlights of him being a guy who couldn't finish what he starts. Thank you for your non-binding statement of opinion on our assessment. I'm going to go ahead and bypass that input for now.
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    I disagree he’s too much of a risk, we’re actually in a fine position to wait and let Eichel get healthy, we’re not going anywhere and we can suck this season get another good pick. I think you over estimate how many Eichel level players are even in the league and would be available at the age he is, but who knows maybe you’re right.
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