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    Either that, or he's the added piece of dump of Rico or Shatts contract to Seattle.
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    And I rather see Fowler having a fresh start somewhere else. https://thehockeywriters.com/ducks-worst-contracts-2020-21-backes-fowler-henrique/
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    Yeah, I see. I was honestly asking. Just thinking about Bob and how he recently extended Silfv and also really do think he views Jakob as a future leader (maybe even captain?) of the team...part of the leadership for sure. So, that's just why I don't find it surprising. Plus, going with 3D he has plenty of space to protect all the young players he wants. You can protect Silfv, Rakell, Terry, Lunderstrom, Jones, Steel, Volkov/Heinen/Milano....although I'd be surprised if he protects Milano or Heinen. And the recent signing of Volkov makes me think he wants to keep Volkov around.
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    I wouldn't call it crazy. I do think part of it is his contract and Seattle might try to mirror Vegas and put a roster together with quicker forwards. So maybe protecting the younger players makes a little more sense to some fans. This whole Mahura situation is getting miserably funny. Bob going through all this to protect his unicorn that's played a whole 41 NHL games in 3 seasons.
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    A warm body and a meah prospect in exchange for dumping salary of non-productive player, I would take this trade.
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    He has cement boots......If the right system includes Dallas Stars U15 AA team
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    SO MUCH IS HAPPENING! wow...I would not have thought a roster freeze at noon would have more activity than the past trade deadline
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    Yea not seeing Danton Heinen being a protectable player in any way shape or form. Seattle wants him, they can have him. I'll even go out on a limb and guarantee Danton Heinen will not be protected (Sonny Milano as well).
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    If Murray gives up Perreault just to get rid of Henrique’s contract on a team that’s going nowhere soon anyway I will absolutely lose my ****.
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    If botching the Vegas Ex Draft was not a reason to fire him - and I think it was - doing this would be have to be an automatic.
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