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    Elliott Teaford is reporting that El Capitan Ryan Getzlaf plans to re-sign once free agency opens up. Not surprised, but still very nice to hear.
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    I wish this same type of courtesy could've been extended to Cogliano before BM decided to trade him for the hell of it.
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    Expansion draft is on Wednesday at 8pm EST (5pm west coast) on ESPN2. FYI
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    We finally got rid of those awful assistant coaches. That has the potential to make a world of a difference. Obviously we wont know now. But if the issue with our D and PP was less about the players and more about the system the assistants brought...this IS something different. As those assistants were essentially the only consistent thing from when suddenly our wonderful D went from looking pretty solid to (new assistants come in) looking terrible. Now it's REALLY on Eakins to show he's not the issue. The pressure is on him. First "full season" with the Ducks. New assistants. etc...
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    I don't understand what the appeal is of keeping together the roster of lowest-scoring team in the league and desperately trying to get rid of our second best scorer? This team is already unwatchable on offence, and our dumb manager wants to make it even worse? I know, Henrique is not cheap, but at least he is producing some offence, in fact last season he scored more goals in limited action than Terry, Jones and Steel combined. If BM really wants to dump some salary, we have that invisible defenseman at 6.5 mil per season; We also have a "world-class' goaltender his has been on sabbatical for the last two and half years. We even have forward #34 who have shown absolutely nothing at NHL level, and still on protection list. I am confused, to be honest.
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    well he couldn't have exactly protected Fleury over Deslauriers....that would have also removed probably Steel AND Jones. I do remember when we made that trade how some were pretty excited at the idea of Seattle taking Fleury 'cause it would mean we basically lost Hawk and a 6th in the ED. I guess we all just got more excited for Fleury as he played with us lol the leafs did it right. Get McCann now. So fan couldn't have any attachement to him lol
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    Since our GM would be the one most likely to give up a first rounder for a player like Delauriers, I will chalk this up to Murray slipping Marek a couple hundos to make him look shrewd for once.
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    There’s no way. If Anaheim were to get a 2nd that would be a steal. Hopefully some GM is stupid enough to offer a 1st for him, and Murray is smart enough to accept. I just can’t believe he’s bringing a 1st back.
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    here’s some optimism for y’all, lord knows I need some
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    Thanks for the clarification. I believe Seattle has to submit its choices to the league by 10am EST, but it looks like they'll keep them under wraps (as much as possible) until the announcement show on Wednesday night.
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    Yeah. Coaching can be an issue but so can the roster. Getting new assistants was warranted but also the easiest and bare minimum thing for the Ducks to change. This roster is harder, ours is not good and the person charged with assessing it is failing miserably. I think there’s enough sample size on the veteran group to show that they aren’t the answer and we should be and should have already started moving on from some of them. The Ducks no longer having the luxury riding Getzlaf, Perry, Kesler has simply caught up with them, imo. The Ducks need to be focusing on development (which they have made steps towards changing this offseason with Bouchard and Solomon) and hopefully they will pay off in a couple of seasons.
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    Yup, 10am EST on Wednesday. This could honestly be the craziest week of offseason hockey we've ever seen. The ED selection process sounds like its going to be bonkers, with teams negotiating with Seattle for exposed players even before Seattle has made its selections. For example, I've seen a few places that several teams want Voracek from Philly and have already made pitches to Seattle to select him so that he can be immediately flipped. Then the entry draft starts 2 days later. I don't expect to get much work done on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.
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    Like Bieksa 6 years ago? And... the guy that averaged 0.5 pts per game in both the regular season and the playoffs on his way to a Cup?
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    huh interesting...so really this all with thinking BM wants to get rid of Rico. But, if Seattle wants Rico...why would BM do ANYTHING to sweeten the deal? There's no need to. That's what I mean by if BM has to sweeten the deal, then Seattle doesn't want either. Yeah, having 2 players instead of one that are both decent is great! But it makes no sense on BM's side if Seattle actually wants either of them. Just let Francis pick the one they want. So, I guess this is all just thinking Bob wants Seattle to pick Rico. No choice in the matter. Take Rico. Here's Volkov to make sure that happens. Sounds...I dunno...not the way to do this? lol I mean, I'm with you, I'm fine with keeping Rico and/or Volkov. Just let Seattle pick the player they want and just move on! Let's stop with trying to make some deal with whatever so it's exactly what you want lol those seemed to all backfired with Vegas...
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    Some interesting comments on Friedman's 31 Thoughts podcast this morning about the Ducks protecting Deslauriers. Marek and Friedge both seem to think that there is interest around the league in Deslauriers, and the Rangers were specifically named as one option because of their "Tom Wilson problem" (click the link if you need a reminder). I wonder if there's some teeth to this and that Deslauriers was protected because the Ducks are working on a deal involving. Looking at the Rangers specifically, they have a bunch of RHD prospects that are very interesting. Maybe GMBM trades Deslauriers (+ pick?) for a higher end prospect like Nils Lundkvist or Braden Schneider, both of whom were late 1st rounders (2018 and 2020 respectively).
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