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    Definitely trades coming. Some of those picks make zero sense unless they're part of a trade. Like, no offense to Carson Twarynski, but Philly left Voracek, JVR, and Ghost Bear exposed. How is it possible Seattle just took Twarynski straight up??
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    So pending UFA Hakanpaa and a 6th rounder. I'll take it.
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    I looked up their starting lineup for Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final against Washington (here: https://sinbin.vegas/line-charts/#2017-18 Regular Season). Players they selected in the expansion draft are in bold: Marchessault - Karlsson - Smith Neal - Haula - Tuch Carpenter - Eakin - Perron Nosek - Bellemare - Reaves McNabb - Schmidt Theodore - Engelland Sbisa - Miller Fleury Carpenter was claimed off waivers midseason from San Jose and was in for Tomas Tatar, who Vegas acquired at the deadline from Montreal. Reaves was also a TDL acquisition from Pittsburgh in a 3-way deal with Ottawa. So really only Reilly Smith, Alex Tuch, and Theo were significant players that were acquired in the expansion draft related trades.
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    Are we sure the original acquisition of Fleury wasn't negotiated with Francis before the ED? If this ends up as part of a Henrique trade, it very well could have been scripted months and months ago.
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    They took Driedger, Daccord and Vitacek as the goalies according to the leaks right now. Seattle is likely to flip players also but their list so far is very interesting. Just waiting on the Ducks choice
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    I still think there's a deal in place and the Kracken select Henrique or maybe Shattenkirk. But then again a leprechaun made me coffee this morning and a unicorn is out on my front lawn.
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    I think the role has shifted but it’s still very useful. A guy like Wilson is most dangerous when emotions get heated and the games get chippy. When that happens, it helps to send out a Deslauriers to engage Wilson in a pre-planned fight, which then gets Wilson off the ice for 5 minutes. That’s frequently enough to calm the chippiness down so that the skill players can just play hockey. Pre-planned fights can be like releasing a pressure valve in a game that is teetering on the edge of being too dangerous. I’ll also point out that Deslauriers had 12 goals the last two (partial) seasons, which is the same numbers of goals as Sam Steel. Except Deslauriers did it in almost 580 fewer minutes of TOI and with no PP time. He’s more useful for scoring goals than Steel is IMO.
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    Elliott Teaford is reporting that El Capitan Ryan Getzlaf plans to re-sign once free agency opens up. Not surprised, but still very nice to hear.
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    I disagree with that. I think their last two teams would trounce their first year team. Making it to the Finals relies on a lot of things, including the quality of your opponents. The Sharks and Ducks were both starting a downward spiral, and weren't strong in the playoffs. Nashville matched up better with Vegas, but the bracket allowed Winnipeg to take them out first due to their match-up advantages. Overall, the West was weak. The current Knights team is worlds better, but also so is the rest of the Conference.
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    Go look at just the Vegas expansion picks only with none of the trades. And then report back. thanks. Vast majority of what made them good was from the trades, not the expansion picks.
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    Agreed. I think it explains why Seattle was so anxious to sign Oleksiak and Larsson as UFAs. If those guys had waited until the roster was announced, maybe they'd don't sign! Seriously, though, there has to be more coming. If nothing else, a few of those players need to be flipped. Several of those selection look like they have other players/picks/prospects attached to them too.
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    Yeah, that roster looks pretty funky to me. But, for the sake of full disclosure, I felt similarly about VGK's inaugural roster... And I was FAAAAR from alone in that feeling.
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    Also, we’re still stuck with Henrique’s contract.
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    I filled in the DET and NYR picks. As best as I could do, I believe this is what the "insiders" Seattle Kraken draft will look like. We'll see if it matches up tonight. https://www.capfriendly.com/forums/thread/488461
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    If the "insider" reports are true, and some trades are not made for some talent, I think SEA might really suck.
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    Watch them take one of Buffalo's boondoggles like Okposo as part of an Eichel trade....
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    I think the limit is calculated after your roster is compiled and your contracts are signed. So it can look low now, but they could have $20 mil in UFA/RFA deals just waiting to be inked.
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    incoming Seth Jones signing for $10mil and/or Eichel? lol
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    I'm not gonna worry about those two until they go back for their fourth year of college hockey. Right now, for both of them, I think one more (full) season of college hockey will be good for their development, and then hopefully they will both be signing pro contracts around late March/early April.
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    How would he have leveraged it?
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    I’m more annoyed at bad asset management than losing a huge player. Fleury played well here and is young and could’ve stabilized thay bottom pairing, but instead we have 5 more years of Larsson playing on this team it feels like. Murray has failed time and time again to manage his assets in a condusive way to this rebuild. If Deslaurier isn’t part of a trade, I’m going to be mad. He could’ve leveraged that last protection slot for a trade. Some teams made good deals using that, Murray couldn’t. He has got to go.
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    I'm sure this will all make more sense once the trades are announced, but someone will have to explain to me Seattle taking Morgan Geekie as their selection from Carolina when Jake Bean, Nino Niederreiter, and Jake Gardiner were all left exposed. At this rate, I seriously think we have a chance at Seattle selecting Jacob Larsson.
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    With Adam Larsson signing with Seattle, Edmonton’s defense is shaping to be quite an adventure next year. Also, selection details are starting to leak. Seattle will take Dunn over Tarasenko from St. Louis. McCann from Toronto and Carey Price remains a Hab.
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    Today's ED Day(Expansion Draft Day) Whoever the Ducks Lose I am sure it will be debatable however I hope this week starts of REAL Reforms for our team. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    well he couldn't have exactly protected Fleury over Deslauriers....that would have also removed probably Steel AND Jones. I do remember when we made that trade how some were pretty excited at the idea of Seattle taking Fleury 'cause it would mean we basically lost Hawk and a 6th in the ED. I guess we all just got more excited for Fleury as he played with us lol the leafs did it right. Get McCann now. So fan couldn't have any attachement to him lol
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    Thanks for the clarification. I believe Seattle has to submit its choices to the league by 10am EST, but it looks like they'll keep them under wraps (as much as possible) until the announcement show on Wednesday night.
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    Like Bieksa 6 years ago? And... the guy that averaged 0.5 pts per game in both the regular season and the playoffs on his way to a Cup?
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    Wouldn't it be something if the deal is Rico (salary retained) + a pick in exchange for the agreement that Seattle takes Shattenkirk? Talk about hitting the reset button! That'd give the Ducks another $6.8M in cap space and move out the two oldest players (besides Getzlaf). I'm not opposed to that at all.
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    No doubt his ED protection has a message. I too doubt he would have been selected, but he's a useful energy player, and offers a degree of protection for younger skill players. He can actually play a shift too without being too much of a liability.
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    yeah honestly, I have nothing against ND, fine to have him and let him play less minutes........maybe don't put him out there when we need to score a goal to tie it in the final minutes......... It's just more there truly was no risk of him getting plucked. So I' think im on the same side as a couple others here that it was more of a show to FrenchyD that his work ethic etc.... is appreciated. Probably 'cause it doesn't matter who is protected since there will be a deal.
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    I’m ok with ND getting protected. At least he’s useful.
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    Because they kind of want him, and we want them to want him. So, there is interest, but we have to throw in a little to sweeten it to have them get over over hesitation. They could be keeping the whole contract, in which case we'd definitely give them something more. It could be that Volkov was signed and unprotected knowing someone else is tied up, as dtsd suggests, or it could be him. Either way, I think frenchy D being protected makes it obvious that something non-traditional will happen.
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    I don't think that presumption is right. I think they are okay with Rico, but don't like the price, so we throw in a decent player for cheap along with it. The deals are generally packaged in a very lopsided manner. The Kraken have leverage in that they get someone for nothing. So if you want to make a deal,.you have to give 2 for near nothing. So maybe it's Rico and Volkov for a 3rd. Or, if we want the kraken to take all of Ricos contract, it could even include Fleury for another 3rd or 4th.
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    All I can say is that this GM couldn't organize a game of cards. The "Ducks" that we knew are not going to be any sort of team with this guy making the moves. It's really disheartening. Delauriers? Seriously?
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    It’s a good theory and makes sense, but I could see an alternate scenario whereby Bob has a deal in place with Seattle and he then contacts all of the players who the Ducks are keeping, but who will also be on the exposure list, to let them know they will be exposed but are still wanted by the organization. I’m so doing, he could have gotten some early work done on RFA negotiations, which is why Volkov’s new deal is $925K, which is well above his $700K qualifying offer. Could just be a showing of good faith to Volkov. I’m also a bit stumped as to why Seattle would agree to take Volkov over Fleury, Shattenkirk, or even Mahura. I dunno, maybe the Ducks are willing to retain more of Rico’s contract if it’s Volkov?
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    But if he's already signed, they don't need to do that. This makes it smell a lot like a deal is done.
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    Either that, or he's the added piece of dump of Rico or Shatts contract to Seattle.
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    If the Shatt stays, I predict he will be significantly better in year 2 than he was this past year just based on the return of Lindholm, over all improvements to the roster, and the additions behind the bench. He still won't be worth the $$ the Ducks are paying him, but he should be better and may even have some good trade value at the deadline if the Ducks retain some salary and are out of the playoff race.
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    I can't imagine Shatt gets protected nor that he gets picked up with someone like Steel or Jones being available. Or even Silfv. Although I think Rico wants to stay in Anaheim. I mean, he didn't waive his NTC...even after last season I think he wants to be here.
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    The way I see it, we have one forward spot available if someone offers a better forward than what we currently have on our roster. The player would have to be better than Max Jones and Sam Steel to make it worthwhile. Protection list - Fowards: Rakell, Terry, Lundestrom, Player X ; D-men: Lindholm, Fowler, Manson, Fleury A few months ago I would have put Silfverberg on the protected list, but I think his hip injury + contract means that he can be exposed with almost no risk of being chosen by Seattle. Rico should definitely be exposed, since he likely doesn't ever want to wear a Ducks jersey again. The question mark is Shattenkirk, who was GMBM's prized FA signing last summer. Does Bob bail on him after one season? Or could we possibly even see Bob protect him as a 5th D-man and then only protect 3 forwards? Or, does it even matter because Bob likely already has a deal in place with Seattle and this is all just noise?
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    I don't think Dineen knew, either.
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    I THINK this is where this post should go... Pretty fair article about questionable trades and the upcoming draft for both the Ducks and Kings. https://www.sgvtribune.com/2021/07/06/whicker-luke-hughes-could-help-ducks-negotiate-long-road-back/
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    I’m just defensive of him haha. Gets way to much hate around here. I think Drysdale is going to be a pretty similar player. I think we desperately need to give him better partners than Lilja, Bryan Allen, Gudbranson, etc. I would really like to see Fowler - Drysdale. I think Colorado is showing you don’t need conventional D pairings. That’s a lot of mobility, smarts, and puck loving moving ability. They can both play responsibly in their own zone as well.
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    agreed on this for sure. But if I remember correctly...the Selanne trade was instrumented by PK. They played in an all-star game together and PK was like "I need a linemate....and the chemistry between Teemu and I is amazing" ...so there was also a little bit less of a risk involved. Your #1 star player requested to play with this other #1 star player...you make that happen. Like if Z speaks up and says "hey, get me Laine, we played so well together!" (or Kalyiev or Turccotte...or whoever). You make that happen. And maybe it involves Drysdale. But if that's not happening...... Also, on the "players influencing GMs" -- on that missing curfew podcast someone sent with Teemu on it...Teemu talked about how much he told Brian Burke to not break up the crew in 2007....that it was great. And that resulted in the Brad May trade...a minor trade. Unfortunately it involved Shane OB who was also on that podcast haha Part of that sounded like Teemu trying to make SOB feel better
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    Drysdale looks better than Fowler did. There's a confidence in Drysdale where I felt there was a timidness in Fowler. Drysdale feels like he belonged there...where I felt with Fowler it was like "oh wow! look at the potential!" Just remembering back to their first handfull of games. A buddy of mine who worked with the ducks in 2014 back then after the playoffs told me there was a rumor going around that there might be a Fowler -> Weber trade. I mean, I'm a big Weber fan so I was stoked on the idea...although didn't think it were true. Seeing them trade Weber for PK later made me think it was true lol who knows what difference that would have brought. Fowler had a great 2015/2017 playoffs where Weber didn't have much of a good playoffs till now...so I dunno.
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    I worry if Jamie Drysdale is overestimated and turns into another Cam Fowler. I keep hearing that "Drysdale is off the table" even though he hasn't proved anything in NHL. If we could get a proven sniper, someone of Patrick Laine statue in exchange for Drysdale, I would pull the trigger. As a long time Ducks fan I remember the stories about Oleg Tverdovsky, how great he is going to be and stuff like this. And guess what, Tverdovsky for Selanne turned out to be the best trade in the Ducks history.
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    i can't both "like" and "sad" emoji the post using the reaction button, so i'll do that here. 😁 i definitely get the FOMO feels when an NHL team hires away our AHL coaches. i'd have to go back and look at past performance and history, but did BM just hire the Bieksas of NHL assistant coaches and let the Theodores of AHL assistant (and possibly head) coaches slip away? i'm totally on record wanting to give Eakins a fairer chance this next season, but that was in a vacuum or assuming the counter-hires would be some bottom feeding NHL geriatric HCs, not some young blood that's shown performance enough that other organizations want to steal them away.... but then again, look at Toronto. on Toronto - The Dangle Podcast guys recently mentioned that there were some behind the bench shenanigans this last season that they weren't going to talk about - couldn't get a read just based on that comment whether it was team shenanigans or off ice stuff, but do we have any indication at all what that's about?
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    Silvain Lefebvre has been hired away from the Gulls to be an assistant to Brad Larsen in Columbus. So both Gulls assistants (Urquhart and Lefebvre) are now moving on. Wonder if those open spots are for Wilford and Morrison. I've also seen rumors that Dineen might have offers on the table for an assistant coaching role at the NHL level, which I assume he would jump at now that Geoff Ward is on the Ducks' staff and presumably moves ahead of him in the succession line as heir to the HC job when Eakins bombs out again. So maybe a complete shake-up in San Diego this summer? Would have been nice if Bob had just demoted the whole Ducks staff back to San Diego and brought in an entirely new staff for the Big Club. In fact, I'd love to see that as a new organizational policy... a Euro soccer-style relegation system - but for coaches - where if your coaching staff guides the team to a bottom-3 finish, the whole staff gets relegated to the AHL team.
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    McNab has worked in the Ducks front office since day 1 of the franchise; fans should show him some respect. He’s apparently been our draft guru for a long time, and while we have lacked a bit in finding high impact talent drafting outside the top 10, we have done pretty well overall. We’ve certainly done well finding gems later in the draft over the years, and we’ve been a goalie factory. Hats off to McNab.
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