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    The top 9 skaters all went top 9. There’s no guarantee McTavish would have been there even if they only dropped a few spots. NHL Central Scouting had him #2 ranked NA skater, McKenzie had him #4 (one scout in his rankings had him #2), etc.
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    There may be a bit more risk with taking McTavish over Eklund or Beniers, but McTavish has the competitiveness, size, and skill to be a difference maker. The Swiss-born Canadian has been a quick riser in the rankings over the past year. Scouting reports praise his physicality, aggressiveness, and “wicked shot.” He managed to go 5-6-11 in 7 games for Canada in the U18s. Not only that, but he captained the team to their first gold medal since 2013. Watch the highlights and read the scouting reports - I don’t think this kid will be waiting too long for his name to be called. My prediction is this: A few seasons from now, teams are going to hate playing against McTavish.
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    McTavish has a wicked wrist shot
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    Moose called it all along. His guy. Remember when everyone lost their minds when Murray went off the board and got Lindholm at 6? We probably tried to move down then and now, but meh, we will see.
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    These updates are more entertaining than the draft itself
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    Raty, Stankoven or Toumala. I know that's three but the Ducks could have a very good player fall to them and have another above average draft
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    We really need a Finnish player. Team feels weird without one.
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    ohhh ouch now Chicago is making their pick..... awwkward....
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    I can see Bettman just being like "oh god damnit, Marc....you just made it to the finals!"
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    I visited Ducks Reddit to check their pulse on the pick and the first comment was “Please don’t be Nick Ritchie 2.0, please don’t be Nick Ritchie 2.0” lol
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    I swear they do it to us every year. It took a full year for anyone to talk about Zegras. They went to commercial right after Drysdale
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    Ottawa makes some decisions that are godly and makes some truly baffeling decisions.
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    I love McTavish. He’s the next great one.
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    To be clear, he played in the 2nd division of Swiss hockey. He has size and grit, and captained the U18 Canada team. So at least we have character and leadership. On a personal note, his dad played for Rapperswil in the Swiss league, which is my team back home....so that's a cool connection for me.
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    reading positive reports to calm my soul.
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    haha fair......detroit just took Edvinsson... MacT w/ Comtois might be a combo that could be great....maybe even get Jones up there...
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    This league needs another Pronger...I hope Power can become that lol
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    We get it man, chill out lol.
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    At least he hasn’t traded drysdale and zegras yet…
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    Mason McTavish! dtsdlaw was right lol
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    Literally 0 Ducks discussion lol straight to commercial
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    welp there goes my dream of a Drysdale/Power pairing! ...
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    can only imagine showing him this message board....
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    Murray needs to trade Manson, Rakell etc in this market
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    Some interesting news: Drysdale only played 14 games in the AHL but played 24 in the NHL. Hope they work out a way that gives him the chance to play in the AHL next year and not have to go back to Erie at all. Jacob Perreault played 27 games so he'd be able to go to San Diego instead of heading back to the OHL.
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    Yeah. I’d abide. Raty, Stankoven, Pustajov, Pinelli are still on the board and would be nice pick ups.
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    Nope. It's Vancouvers pick. Counts.
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    Coronato sounds pretty awesome
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    LA getting Eklund or Clarke is going to be BS lol
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    With the Ducks needing almost everything, yes lol. McTavish is one of the more high risk type players at 3OA but I do not hate the pick though. Edvinsson was the only pick I'd have been rattled by. I'm rooting for a MacT/Zegras 1-2 Stanley Cup winning combo.... Unless we get Shane Wright lol
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    Name a better duo than Murray passing on elite offensive talent for a 3rd line grinder
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    Well at least he has hockey lineage. Welcome to Anaheim Mason!
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    Screw Murray, absolute idiot man. Fire this clown
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    BM was stone faced when they projected we’d take Edvin. His co-exec was shaking his head. Something in that list didn’t sit well.
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    So is this our de facto draft thread then? Everybody in?
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    I’m staring at GMBM right now. If I was inclined to do so, I could probably check out some laptop screens from here.
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    I just go on you tube and watch videos. Most of the time, nothing but positive things are said about any of these prospects. So from the casual fan standpoint, no one really stands out. Any of these players could really stand out or just be a total bust. Looking at their career stats paints a little picture but not the whole picture. On a side note, I think it would be fantastic if BM drafted Shane Doans son. Imagine Shane Doan wearing his kids Ducks jersey at a Coyotes home game? That would be priceless.
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    Sadly, I don’t think he will and he’ll further solidify his incompetence as a GM.
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    What exactly do you think Manson's value is? Risto has been a consistent 40+ point D-man on a terrible team, and even then this looks like a substantial overpay. If Bob could get a 1st, a 2nd, and a former 2nd rounder for Manson, I'm sure he'd do it. But that's a pipe dream.
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    Entry Draft Day! The yearly extravaganza where, after each draft pick is selected, we all gather 'round and bemoan our GM because he didn't pick our personal favorite! Woo-hoo! Being as we're still FAR away from a deep playoff run I hope we simply select the best available player and go from there. None of this, "The Ducks trade their number three pick to Nashville in exchange for a third, fourth and fifth round pick in the 2048 draft."
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    Unless there's another year of season ending injuries to a # of key players, by default we should be better next year. We'll have a full year with Zegras and Drysdale. Unless trades occur, a healthy Lindholm, Manson, Silf. Assume continued growth with Lundestrom, Jones, Comtois, Terry, and hopefully Steel. We have new coaches to improve the PP and PK. The lottery gods never shine down on the Ducks, why should next year be any different? We couldn't jump to #1 this draft, not gonna happen next year. No way I see this team a bottom feeder next season. May not make the playoffs, but don't see them bottom 5.
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    I'm wondering if that was a "We'll let you have Kneeordano if..." kind of deal. So this was actually the backside of a deal rather than the upside.
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    I think Francis looked at it as teams trying to dump salary on Seattle and he's not interested without getting something to do so -- while also picking a player from the roster? So, I think Seattle sees it as they are going to use the crazy amount of cap they have left to maybe take on salaries while also getting picks...similar to what Arizona did. While picking players that have brighter futures than necessarily being big right now. I dunno, i don't understand it, just trying to make sense of what ive been reading/hearing lol EDIT: i guess the NHL said that any trades announced tomorrow could have been agreed upon at any point but weren't submitted this morning with the list. And Francis is saying there aren't many from him at this point. Apparently the price to not take Giordano was too much for the Flames to pay.
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    It’s pretty lame the side deals aren’t announced along with the picks. I suppose it’s possible teams have agreements with Seattle that require more time to play out, but I think the NHL should have placed a rule that everything has to be completed at the time their selections were due. Maybe that handcuffs Seattle more and takes some of the leverage off other teams and they didn’t want to do that to Seattle. I don’t know. I just know it’s lame that all the fans are sitting around waiting for who knows how long to see what really happened.
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    Nice that Fleury said Anaheim helped him a lot.
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