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    Guess So and Probaly another reason imho Ducks should just not bother with getting Jack...It's going to get worse Bombay. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    *Looks at Watch* I think we can all agree Ducks Getting Jack is now a mute point...No need to get involve into Drama. Let's focus on Ducks Youth Movement. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    Shouldn't they be getting their development at the AHL level? I mean, that's why we have an AHL affiliate, for player development. Murray's "rebuild" or "re-tool" was to bring in under developed assets because he couldn't make or didn't want to make any off season moves to buy time for the kids. He should have started this after Carlyle's 2nd season back when the Ducks got bounced in the 1st round. So from my point of view, it's been one blunder after another from Bob. He promotes under developed players to play for an AHL coach at the NHL level and wonders why the team is awful. I'll throw blame on Eakins for accepting the Ducks HC job when he clearly wasn't ready for it. But again, it's also on BM for not hiring an experienced NHL coach.
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    i guess that's one take... but... Kase - that's your opinion on Kase? i would not characterize his status as living up or surpassing his projections. and i'm not sure it's even fair to bring him up with Dallas... it looks like most of his time on the Gulls was concussion recovery time. Ritchie is also a weird mention. He hasn't done anything anywhere with anyone, even fricking Boston, that says he has anything more than what he showed here. i expect his time at Toronto to be... notable, but not for any positive metric reasons. Some players just don't get better, and if he was going to get there, it would have been with Boston and the TOI he was getting there. Pettersson - he was doing fine and on the right trajectory while he was here. if he'd have stayed, and stayed linked up with Lindholm and Rakel, he very well could have done great things here. that trade was not my favorite act by BM, but there's no mark against Eakins here. Steel, Terry, Jones - i mean, come on, they had their best seasons in the NHL under Eakins last season. i don't know what you're looking for. Mahura - we need him off the taxi squad and playing regularly. i still have high hopes. another thing not on Eakins. Larsson - i put him in the same boat as Ritchie - some players just don't get better. like i've said earlier in this thread - the ducks have an absolute village of coaching and development to throw at the youngers this season, and this kind of approach has been needed for a long time, under multiple coaches, just to be even keel with what other teams in a rebuild do, especially while not having the player roster to do the development on-ice. last season was about getting them playing time and getting the players to buy into the system, by hook or crook. this season looks like it's going to be focused individual and line development with no room for excuses for players or staff if the performance isn't there.
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