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    They're not rebuilding. They're kicking the can. Rebuilding implies that trades are being made, veterans are being let go in order to get prospects or picks in return. None of that is happening. The roster is almost identical to the one which had the 2nd worst record in the league less than 5 months ago. I don't see the Ducks reaching even 75 points this season, and I won't be surprised to see Getzlaf moved by the trade deadline.
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    I can just see those conversations during offseason planning. GMBM: "Okay, who are we talking about next? Assistant: "Mathieu Perreault" GMBM: "He had a decent season last year, but we just picked up Kesler, we've got Rakell coming up, just let him go." Assistant: "Maybe we should ask the analytics guy what he thinks?" Everyone laughs. GMBM: "Alright, fine, bring in the nerdboy!" The assistant opens a cage in the corner and drags out a haggard looking man in chains. GMBM: "Ok, nerdboy, what do YOU think of Mathieu Perreault?" Analyst: "Actually, sir, he was really good for us. His Corsi and Fenwick numbers were some of the highest on the team which tells you how good his puck possession was, his scoring per minute at even strength was fantastic, and I've compiled some offensive zone entry figures that would..." Someone shoots a spitwad at him. It misses. Everyone laughs anyway. GMBM: "Corsi and Fenwick? I think I tried to trade for those two guys several years ago. Good faceoff numbers. But I don't think they're relevant to this conversation. Perrault would be our third or fourth line center. He's 5'10. How would that work when he's trying to defend the slot?" Analyst: "Well, he's not the best at that, admittedly, but the data show that his neutral zone passing is good and he spends so much time with the puck in the offensive zone that..." Assistant, mockingly: "He's not the best at that, he says! What a joke! Who wants third or fourth line centers for their OFFENSE? Come on." GMBM: "I've heard enough. Take nerdboy back to his cage and put a TV over there somewhere so he can actually WATCH a game once in a while." Analyst: "Actually, I watch every game. That's how I compiled the zone entry statistics since you won't let me have a computer with the internet." GMBM: "Here's a calculator. Have fun. We're cutting Perreault. [to everyone else] Let's talk about some possible free agent pickups. I heard Minnesota isn't going to re-sign Stoner. Did you see the picture of him when he killed that bear? Now THERE'S a guy we want defending the slot. A four-year deal sounds about right." Analyst: [whimpers softly]
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    That interview was infuriating to read. Better late than never, I guess, but it seems like Murray's had his head stuck firmly in the sand (or somewhere else, if you prefer) for the last four seasons as it pertains to the rebuild. And this quote about analytics really got my blood boiling: "We had some people and we had some numbers"?!?!?!? My goodness, Murray. I suppose these new-fangled, computer-thingamajigs are confusing, too. I don't even blame Murray for being bad at analytics - I'm a numbers guy, but I recognize that not everyone is, and that's ok. There are plenty of things that Murray is (was?) good at in the GM role. But part of the job is knowing where your deficiencies are and hiring someone to cover those deficiencies. This confirms what we've speculated about for years - that the Ducks have been laughably behind the rest of the league in using analytics to evaluate players and inform transactions. Murray's been bringing his abacus to work at NASA every day and wondering why other guys are getting promoted before he is. I'm glad that deficiency has finally been identified and, hopefully, resolved, but imagine what could have been.
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