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    The buyout works in Perry’s favor. If I were him, I would have outright refused a trade, and pushed them to either keeping me no or forcing the buyout option. It’s a business on the player side too. I think he makes more salary this way and controls where he wants to sign. I wish Perry nothing but the best.
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    They got Brian Burke on Sportsnet talking about how you always draft the best player available and all I can think of is Logan MacMillan
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    He has two cups in the past 8-9 years. Everyone was so gung-ho about Quenneville who had 3 cups during the same time frame, what’s so bad about Sutter advising. He’s not an assistant or associate, he’s an advisor.
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    I hope he KILLS it in Dallas. I think he will do well. I hope he does.
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    He's a centre with a G and a Z in his last name. He passes my official "I have no idea what's going on here so draft the player with the coolest sounding name" test.
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    People need to stop comparing Perry and Teemu with regard to their knee injuries. They are completely different players. Teemu always was a speed player and so he relied on his knee to accommodate that speed. Perry on the other hand has never been the best skater and not nearly as quick. Perry has always been the grinding type player who just cycled down low and “slowed” the game down with Getz. As such, his knee is not going to make him a better skater nor a faster one. So really I don’t think he will come back and have ANYWHERE close of a resurgence that Teemu did ... not even close. The very wide majority of players only decline as they get to Perry’s age not get better. Sorry but he will never again be a 30 goal scorer. So paying him the amount he was getting to be a 20 goal scorer was insane. I love Perry too but seriously everyone don’t look at this with so much emotion. The younger kids who will take his spot will be better than what he currently brings to the table as far as points goes. This is the young players team now even Getz will eventually wind down. It’s just nature, people age and it’s also business too where spending that much money is better spent somewhere else and not on a 4th liner.
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    Not only is Eakins fine with it, he said that he specifically requested Sutter. He wants an experienced staff. I don't think this is a bad thing.
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    That's hideous. I will remember Perry fondly, but I hope the Stars win exactly three games next season (the ones they play against the Kings). Scratch that, they are also allowed to win the games against the Predators.
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    Troy Terry is 21. Corey Perry is 33 coming off of major surgery. Terry is more of a playmaker - he had 9 assists. Perry had 4. Terry played one minute fewer per game than Perry did. Terry makes about $1 million per season. Perry makes $8 million. Troy Terry might not score more goals than Perry this season. But he's very likely to be a better player at a much lower salary. To question you: why do you think Terry wouldn't thrive more in Eakins' up-tempo system? Perry can still be effective, but he's certainly not an "up-tempo" player. Few hockey players maintain their high level of play into their mid-30's. Aging is a real thing, and it hits athletes hard. We've already seen it hit Perry. You can throw outliers like Selanne out there all you want, but those are exceptions. Corey Perry is most likely going to continue to get worse, while Troy Terry is most likely going to continue to improve, at least for the next couple of years.
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    Here you go: https://thehockeywriters.com/anaheim-ducks-demote-max-comtois/ Money quote:
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    Oh please God no. If we're talking about whether the price is right for Phaneuf, I bid zero dollars, Bob.
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    On the contrary, the signings of Deslauriers and Grantzlaf, and the fact that we haven't traded Devin Shore or any of our RWs to clear the way for Jones, Comtois, Terry and Sherwood, leads me to believe that Bob Murray may be stocking up for a serious run at the Calder Cup.
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    Dallas is making moves and getting ready to compete for the 2014 NHL playoffs! Good for them
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    Stupid, pointless. Waste of a 4th round pick.
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    Dallas just bought out Valeri Nichushkin (10th overall, 2013). So, please remember to appreciate Nick Ritchie just a little more today.
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    Its even more hilarious because he actually has a back condition that is the reason for his retirement, and he STILL chose to retire instead of using the back condition to go on LTIR. Man, Vancouver must be feeling gut-punched right now. First the cap is announced as being $1.5 less than what was expected and now they get a $3 cap recapture penalty from Luongo for the next three years. Oh, and they can't get any relief from a Louie Erickson buyout because his buy out cap hit would be only $450K less than his actual $6M cap hit for the next two seasons.
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    Hahahahaha that Subban trade is amazing Only Norris calibre defenceman on that entire overrated Trashville blueline and you trade him away for peanuts after misusing him during his entire stint with your worthless team. New Jersey is legitimately going to be so fun next season with a healthy Hall to go with Hughes and Subban. New frigging Jersey is never supposed to be fun I'm in shock!
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    I'll have an egg-on-my-face sammich to go please.
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    Boom! Zegras! Love it!
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    He probably saw the writing on the wall during the regular season and knew he could be out of Anaheim one way or another. Maybe he had the slight hope that he would still be in Anaheim if there was no trade or maybe he didn't really think that he would be bought out. With his previous ailments, maybe he had to wait until August in previous years but after his surgery maybe he was thinking he could get an earlier start this time for his training. It's sad though. Perry might be in the best shape he's been in for a very long time and could make a Teemu style comeback and the Ducks say adios.
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    Very happy with this. Miller for obvious reasons. Grantzlaf because he just fits this team so well as depth C. And Holzer because I think he is going to help the whole team adjust to Eakins. Eakins was Holzer's coach with the Gulls and with the Toronto Marlies, so he knows Eakins very well. Holzer is a perfect 7/8 D-man for this team too. Knows his role, accepts his role, and plays his role with max effort every time out. Great teammate also. He'll be the first to stand up for Steel and Terry if any opponents try to bully them. Happy to have him back.
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    I'm sure Bob thought all of this through...you don't make a decision like this on a whim. I would be surprised if he didn't consult with other staff and probably Getzlaf, too. I'm sure medical staff was involved, too. And my guess is Perry, too, was talked with. As someone else pointed out, this probably mostly just came down to for what he was being paid, he wasn't producing at the level he should be...and we need that money to bring in more scoring to a different type of team we're going to be. You don't BUYOUT the co-face of the team the past 14 years without thinking a bit about it...
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    It's not about whether he CAN play 4th line minutes, its about whether he wants to play 4th line minutes and whether that's how the fans want to see him go out. Fisix nails it here: Perry still thinks he's the second best player on this team. He's not, and it never goes well when a player who thinks he's better than he is does not get to play as much as he thinks he deserves. Remember Selanne's very public tongue-lashing of Boudreau for taking him off the #1 PP unit during his final season? Everyone but Teemu knew he didn't belong there any more, and it was a rough exclamation point on an otherwise incredible career. As a fan, I don't want to see Perry go down that same path of resentment due to a diminished role.
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    Nailed it. Sad to see a franchise icon move on, but I don't think watching Perry get 4th line minutes for the next two seasons would have been much fun for the fans or for Perry either. Hopefully he finds a good situation with a team who needs his skill set in a top-6 role. Buffalo still makes the most sense to me. It would be cool to see him get a shot on a Skinner-Eichel-Perry line. Regardless, this move is the best for Pears. We'll see him again for the jersey retirement ceremony.
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    I still have a beef with BM trading the leading goal scorer from the previous playoff run in DSP for a guy who mailed in every one of his playoff games and then had the nerve to trash talk the organization on his way out. Adding Vermette a few years before he became a 4th line neutral zone faceoff circle enforcer would've been nice too. The biggest mistake of the 14/15 season IMO was still letting Perreault walk without even qualifying him. Okay, second biggest mistake cause I'm still trying to forget Anaheim Duck Wisniewski ever existed. The 2016 team was the real missed opportunity. Top defensive team in the league, magical midseason turnaround, smart deadline additions, and great goaltending only to get wrecked by injuries before running into a lanky stack of horseshoes in net who only seems to show up for playoff matchups against Anaheim. I think they could've easily gotten past the Sharks and Blues that year if their domination in that game 7 translated to the scoreboard.
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    That’s an interesting question. From an organization perspective, how do you keep around a guy who ran your team into the ground? And from RC’s perspective, would you even want to remain with a team whose players quit on you? Maybe it’d be best for all involved to just move on.
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    I feel like I'm taking crazy pills! Never had many down years? They've ALL been down years since 2009! That was 10 years ago! He makes Kevin Bieksa's last season look like prime Nick Lidstrom. No Phaneuf!
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    So, predicting colorado getting the 4th pick means nothing. While they have the best odds of getting the #1, there is still a good chance they get bumped down as there are 14 other teams that could have been picked 1 - 3. You are incorrect about NJ having a big market. In fact, they have one of the smaller markets in the NHL yet they got 2 #1 picks in the past 3 years. We can thank Taylor Hall for that! Bettman and Co are just not smart enough to rig something where NOTHING NOTHING THONTGNTONTGNTONTNOTHING NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING ANYWHERE NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING NOBODY NOTHING NOTHNNING NOTHING NOTHING for it to be leaked or suspicious or whatever by now by ANYONE. That sentence didn't even make sense, but neither do your points lol If there was some GIANT conspiracy (which is what you are insinuating) the amount of effort, money, and intelligence to keep it THIS quiet for THIS long is impossible. Especially in today's day and age. Bettman and Co have been nothing but transparent and consistent from day 1 with what they actually want. They want the sport to grow into the smaller markets and around the world. This is why they very CLEARLY rigged the Vegas ED in Vegas' favor. They even SAID this. This is why they have so many bigger outdoor games and are going around the world. This is why they are trying to create more teams around the country. This is why they bought Arizona. If this thing was rigged...to stay consistent with their goals...Edmonton wouldn't have gotten as many 1st rounders as they got. Arizona would have gotten Matthews. But it's not rigged. Because as much as everyone hates Bettman for all the stupid decisions he makes, he makes them fairly. They are dumb most of the time. And I disagree with a lot. But they aren't being done illegally. Bettman and Co don't actually care who wins. I mean, they care that teams compete and create a competitive league. But ultimately who wins they don't care. They care about boosting sales for teams that are having a difficult time. When it comes to business that makes the most sense. The Hawks and Rangers are 2 of the most successful monetary teams in the league. Looking at it strictly business-wise, you get waaaay more bang for your buck having one of the other smaller markets get those players. They don't get those players, their sales might not even change. These players will move the needle, yeah, but they move the needle A LOT more going to a different team. Sorry, I'm just really anti conspiracy theories. Especially when the basis is from some random person (as in, not someone directly involved with the process) who makes a bunch of predications and some of them come true. Technically only 50% of what you said actually came true. Montreal and Detroit didn't make it into the top 3. Predict at a higher rate for 5 years in a row and then I'll start to think maybe there's something going on.
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    Could be worse. I heard the 3 teams that were interested the most were the Sharks, Preds, and Stars...and the Stars seem like the lesser of three evils compared to the other two contenders
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    He looks like a leprechaun in green. At least it's not toilet water yellow? 🤔
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    Who knew wishing for Dallas to eliminate Trashville in the playoffs this spring would result in monkey paw level consequences? I feel sick looking at that
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    And yet, they DIDN'T this past season when the Kings tried to end Terry's career before it started, and when Gibby was getting his head run through the crossbar by forwards crashing the net. Frankly, Manson plays on the top shutdown pair and I'm not keen on him being taken off the ice for 5 minutes at the time whenever an opponent decides to run our goaltender or one of our rookies. That's also too much of a burden on Manson to play the hardest minutes AND police the game for us against the opponents' goons. And aside from Manson we have.... um... Nick Ritchie. A poster child for bad penalties who couldn't stay on the ice this past season and who hasn't stood up for a teammate since he sucker-punched Rozsival into retirement two years ago. I don't think anyone expects Deslauriers to play 82 games in Anaheim this season, but he's a good energy guy and apparently a really solid teammate if you believe what Habs fans are writing about him on social media. btw, "The Blues played a tough, forechecking style, but they did that without a goon." Just because Pat Maroon scored 10G for the Blues last season doesn't mean they didn't have a slow-skating enforcer who kept the opponents honest. They also had at least three D-men who would throw the mitts if anyone crashed their crease. That was a tough, mean team. Unlike our Ducks.
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    That Zaitsev/Ceci trade is like when a sneaky school kid drops their sandwich on the floor and offers to swap lunches with their unsuspecting friend except this time, the friend also dropped their lunch on the floor and happily agrees to the deal as both fail to realize that they're still eating floor food
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    Just checked and it's actually 8.454, which is huge because if it was 8.5 then it would be two first round picks, a second and a third. Contract is heavily front-loaded ($21 mil in the first 12 months!) but Carolina is going to have to match it. Letting Aho go would set the franchise back something awful.
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    Simmonds to New Jersey. They're having quite a summer!
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    Hahaha Luongo is a goon. He could've gone the Marian Hossa route and invented an injury to ride out the rest of his contract on LTIR but instead chooses to retire outright to stick the cap recapture penalty to Vancouver. That's what you get for benching him in your first outdoor game.
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    I really wanted Murray to go after ROR. The guy is an absolute stallion that can do literally everything. As far as the Ducks moving the needle towards a Cup, I think them actually starting the youth movement is the first step to hopefully get them back there. If things go well with Eakins and the prospects along with a savvy trade or two, then this team could be a lot of fun in two years. Ryan O’ Reilly! Mr. Conn Smythe and Señor Selke.
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    Interesting tidbit in Eric Stephens’ latest piece for the Athletic that the Ducks had a deal in place with Dallas to move up to get the #18 pick (presumably giving the #29 & #39) to get Krebs, but Vegas killed the deal by taking Krebs at #17.
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    By mismanaged I mean how Dubas basically threw away the cost controlled period of their core. This should've been their year to make noise. They had glaring holes on their roster they could have fixed instead of playing poker with Nylander for half a season. Marner is the faaaar superior player and it was pretty clear even during Nylander's holdout that it would be a major struggle to keep all 3 of their key RFAs. They shot themselves in the foot by locking up the run away worst of the 3 before the others. Add that to players like Marleau, Kadri (who might be one of the best 3rd line centres in the league but is also allergic to suiting for a playoff game without getting himself kicked out of the series) and Zaitsev (how did he even earn that contract to begin with?) and you've got one ridiculously top heavy team with all the spare dollars wrapped up in players who really shouldn't be part of the long-term plan but apparently are. Imagine if they had built a decent defence around Reilly beyond Muzzin with the dollars they committed long-term to those players. There's a good chance they're the ones playing St. Louis in the finals with the way the east unfolded. They'd still be in some sort of cap hell right now but at least they'd likely have something more to show for it besides another first round exit. Now they have Kapanen (who outplayed Nylander all year) and Johnsson to worry about too.
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    then he is the Seattle draft price?
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    Just watched a You Tube video where Jackson Lacombe was asked who he models his game after. He said Shea Theodore, from the Golden Knights. LOL!
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    That was his decision when he thought he might end up in Edmonton. Lol. SoCal might change his mind pretty quickly. Especially if he gets to be mentored by a Getzlaf and Kesler.
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    C’mon Zegras!
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    Fine, lets move him to LW. I think Rakell is better than Perry. I think Max Jones should play top 6 over Perry. Perry can play 3LW at 8.5M and Ritchie can play 4th line. That leaves Comtois in San Diego. As much as I love Perry, I fully support the buyout. We're not winning the Cup, and I for one would rather see the kids skate.
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    From a cap hit perspective, this makes no sense at all. Perry’s contract is over in 2 years. It’s highly unlikely the Ducks are going to be Cup contenders in the next 2 years, and now with the buyout the cap hit will extend 2 more years, albeit at a lower amount. I wish Perry the best. I thought the chance of him returning to his former form was low, but still hoped he would and score 25+ goals again. Now the hope is gone. This is a sad day.
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    Perry's never really been much of a "giving a statement" guy I guess. Kesler couldn't even get him Between Two Zambonies when he was on crutches.
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    I think this is the first time in a long while that the Ducks have several AHL/NHL players. Etem and Smith-Pelley were busts but it seems Terry, Steel, and Jones are very close to NHL players. Comtois, Sherwood, and Roy could fight for 4th line spots. In addition, Kase should be back. This isn't just about CAP space, I believe it's as much about roster space.
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    Ok. So which young stud player would you be willing to burying at the 3-4 lines and possibly lose with the Seattle draft at the expense of keeping Perry?
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    This, on an emotional level, feels the same as the day when Giguere got traded. This makes me sad. And also makes me sad that he'll be on another team potentially...I know a lot of people on here will be thrilled (and of course still thanking perry for what he has done!), but I'm just not...I guess as the days and months and years go on I'll be more ok with it. But...not right now. this is truly the end of an era. An era that started in 2005...14 years ago...we will now be...without Corey Perry on our team.
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