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    https://www.tsn.ca/alexis-lafreniere-tops-tsn-hockey-insider-bob-mckenzie-s-final-draft-rankings-1.1488269?tsn-amp That’s Bob McKenzie’s ratings, which is what you should see the players ranked at during the draft telecast. Those rankings are made by pooling the opinion of 10 scouts. The top 10 is: 1. Alexis Lafreniere 2. Tim Stuetzle 3. Quinton Byfield 4. Jamie Drysdale 5. Cole Perfetti ————- 6. Lucas Raymond 7. Marco Rossi 8. Jake Sanderson 9. Alexander Holtz 10. Jack Quinn The most interesting part of the article is 2 scouts had defenseman Jake Sanderson at #3, the highest Dman in the draft. There’s a lot of interesting tidbits in that article. I see the players ranked 1-3 going in those spots. After that it sounds like Detroit goes for a forward, and Ottawa takes Drysdale/Sanderson at 5. Who knows what will happen with Anaheim? What if the Ducks are one of the teams that has Sanderson at #3, or if Ottawa does and the Ducks are higher on Drysdale than Perfetti/Raymond/Perfetti/Rossi/Holtz? Here’s some more comments on those forwards: Perfetti: “He makes plays out of nothing,” a scout said. “He’s not a fast skater but he’s quick when he needs to be, very agile, moves well laterally and creates space for himself to make plays or score.” “Some scouts ranked Perfetti as high as No. 4 but as low as No. 12” Raymond: “He was ranked as high as No. 5 and as low as No. 11 by TSN’s scouts.” “He’s viewed by the scouts as having high-end hockey sense and creativity, which makes him a more effective playmaker than a goal-scorer, but don’t sleep on his ability to put pucks into the net. If there’s a knock on him, some scouts say he plays a bit too much on the perimeter. Nevertheless, he’s viewed by many as an elite offensive skill forward.” Rossi: “Some scouts wonder how much more untapped potential there might be versus some of the younger, less physically developed prospects, that Rossi might be more of a what-you-see-is- what-you-get player. That said, nine of 10 scouts ranked Rossi as high as No. 5 and no lower than No. 10 with the exception of one outlier at No. 18.” Holtz: “Holtz, who plays both the left and right sides, has one of the best shots in the draft and is among the best natural goal-scorers. If Raymond sometimes gets questioned for being on the perimeter, Holtz gets high marks for getting to the inside and playing a harder game. He did, however, drop three slots from mid-season. Scouts seem to think the players ranked ahead of him in the Top 10 have more multi-dimensional games.” I don’t really see a slam dunk pick for the Ducks, so it would be hard to be upset. Even Quinn would be hard to get mad at.
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    PEERRRRRRY!!!!!!!! Also....his son....wow....not sure why but what a weird phrase to hear "Corey Perry's son" ...like an old friend you've known since junior high having a kid...lol anyway....his son...so cute!!
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    Yeeeeeeeeeep. Same. for a while now. Honestly I feel like any player's scouting report that has some sort of qualifier of "that can be coached" we should just assume WON'T be coached or fixed in our system. If we get Raymond. Assume he'll never go to the front of the net like we want him to, not consistently, or affectively. I haven't looked too much on down sides of players, but if Holtz downside is he's one-dimensional...I understand that concern if his shot doesn't pan out. But if he's a hard working player, I have higher faith in him in our system than a player that needs to learn work ethic (not saying there's a specific player here, just in general). I just don't trust our coaches. Any of them right now. (speaking of which, Toronto just hired Paul MacLean as an assistant...just...what?! He was available??? Ugh....we need new assistants.....)
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    I just have this bad feeling about Holtz, and it's the one-dimensional thing. If the shot doesn't pan out at the NHL level, he's got nothing. And I have not been enamored with the Ducks' ability to develop skill players. Still, the Ducks certainly need someone who can score. I'd probably go: Drysdale Rossi Perfetti Raymond Holtz Sanderson Quinn But two of those guys will be gone by the time it gets to us, unless Yzerman has another moment of insanity when it's Detroit's turn to pick. I think the Ducks should take Drysdale if he's still there. I'd take any of the next four guys if Drysdale is gone. I feel like Sanderson is the hot new name to move up the boards, but I think he's a slight reach at six, given the Ducks' needs at forward.
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    Sounds like the Red Wings are really eyeing Rossi, so my wishful theory of them taking Perfetti or Raymond appears to be just that.
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