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    He’s got a goal and 2 assists tonight against the Flyers. Good for him.
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    That would be my preference too but how many GMs are gonna give up solid NHL talent for underperforming AHL'ers? None. If you want something valuable you gotta give something in return.
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    Lindholm and Manson have been very inconsistent...some have said it's more due to the lack of experience of the forwards that's causing them to look so bad. I can see that. I like how Manson seems to be bringing his physical game back. I'm hoping they work this out... But Im just beaming with joy from what ive been seeing...even in the losses. even in the bad periods. this team looks strong and is showing a bright future. We still dont have that "finisher" but thats ok right now. Maybe Zegras can be that. Or someone turns into that. Im super curious to see if this is a level they can stay at and not burn out -- how long can all these young guys keep it up??? and can they get better and more competitive through out the season???? And also! it's actually sort of nice we arent with one of those superstars (or more) like a Laine or Marner or Matthews or Nylander...right now we dont exactly have any young guys shinning so bright they will be commanding a crazy pay increase anytime soon. I like what they are showing us! dont get me wrong, im not trying to say they dont deserve to be paid well...but right now to keep this forward group together we wont be looking at players demanding anything above silf or rico really. i wouldn't think at least. and thats great! it will be easier to keep them together for longer!
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    Eh, sports and sports fandom is childish - in a good way. There's no need to be serious about this. We yell nonsense words at dudes in pajamas chasing a piece of rubber around on the ice. If some of those dudes' pajamas have a cartoon duck mask on them instead of a grim looking Native American or a leaf, I don't see why that's out of place.
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    really happy to see that
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    Not sure if you caught the start of this sequence of posts, but it was based on a discussion of acquiring Gudbranson to play with Guhle on a 3rd pairing. It’s all wishing and speculation, but Lindholm-Manson, MDZ-Fowler, Guhle-Gudbranson was what I had in mind, with Holzer and Mahura as the 7/8 D-men. I’m also fine with MDZ in every night for the time being. He and Guhle can also swap spots depending on score/situation. And next season, I want to see a legit right-shot top-4 D-man added to fill that gaping hole.
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    Well to be fair BM did go after shattenkirk and faulk but both guys didn't want to be here. That's not on BM. And a trade for a top 4 D man will cost us. Maybe BM wants to have a better understanding of what he has and what he can lose. All our young guys show promise but no more than that. Do you want to trade them already or see how they develop? I'm in the "if it's for the right player trade Kase because I don't think he can stay healthy" camp but apart from him we have little of value to trade I think. I don't want to risk trading Jones for example because who knows what he might blossom into. Maybe BM feels the same way. As long as we're doing fine I think he can wait some more.
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    1G/2A in 6 games so far for Pittsburgh, averaging 18:32/game
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    Unless you can trade him to help upgrade the roster then I don’t think that he should be moved. Jones and Comtois haven’t played well enough to force him out of the lineup or guarantee their own spots yet. Ritchie not living up to his draft slot doesn’t mean that the Ducks should just jettison him.
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    Sprong needs to stay down until we bring him up for a long period of time, unless we're willing to risk waivers up and down. dtsdlaw - i think he's maxing their time up top to experiment rather than ensure points. he's trying to get a good sample space, and Shore is a known stat (pretty much). i'm not sure why he'd have to play getz so much if hank, silf, and RR are available. shrug. plus, he could have spelled Getz a bit more with Grant. anyway, something was being done, just not sure exactly what, or why. Grant's time was so low that I wonder if he's hiding a gimp as well, or if they're pushing really hard to find consistent linemates for Getz.
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    Seems that Boston was dictating more of the line shifts last night: A. Henrique 17:30 R. Getzlaf 21:01 C. Rowney 9:29 O.Kase 19:32 J. Silfverberg 18:25 S. Steel 14:04 N. Ritchie 13:52 D. Grant 10:20 M. Jones 12:31 M. Comtois 15:18 T. Terry 16:39 R. Rakell 18:53 C. Fowler 22:21 K. Holzer 17:02 J. Larsson 17:04 J. Manson 17:57 M. Del Zotto 19:38 H. Lindholm 17:28 Kase's time up big. Rowney is probably down because of the weird injury/run into the boards. Not sure what the deal is with Grant. Ritchie, Steel, and Jones TOIs are probably collateral damage with Grant and Rowney. Max and TT have some good numbers. Getz really shouldn't have the highest TOI of all the forwards. Fowler and DZ time up big. I like the evenness of the rest, but it's a little weird that Lind and Manson are as relatively low as they are. I didn't see Holzer be directly the cause of a goal, and I saw him make some good D plays... so D is what it is, probably dictated by power plays and opponent shift choices. We'd like to shift Goolie in soon.
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    I lean towards Gorbs scrooge comment. Yeah, sure the old timers hated it at the time for being cartoony. The times have changed. As millennials are in the 30's now and nostalgia is all the rage. I grew up on the MD movies, so yeah. While I think nostalgia is stupid. The MD logo had character. The webbed D is so bland, nuetral and all around "meh".
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    The problem isn't with 42/47, it's with our forward group (a) not sustaining enough pressure in the O-zone, (b) not back-checking well enough, and (c) not giving the defenders enough time and space to move the puck up ice. Sure, there have been mistakes on the back end. But the forward group simply isn't doing enough to keep the pressure off the defense. And last season was 10X worse, with all the forwards (except Silf) playing at 50% effort for the first 65 games. Get the forward group to do it's job and 42/47 will be just fine IMO.
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    Bah humbug, scrooge. That logo was awesome and it got me a hockey team to root for. The webbed D is fine, but boring. I will always have affinity for the old logo and colors (although some of those alternate jerseys back in those days took it too far even for me - like the Wild Wing crashing through the front of the jersey).
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    Well they didn't go for the 3 point game last night. Losing 8-2 against vancouver is pretty spectacular. The season is still young but it'll be hard to keep the kings out of the last spot.
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    Kinda amusing that Capfriendly has Patrick Marleau with three teams this season and zero games played. Yes, yes, I know traded, bought out and just signed. Still amusing. For $700K/1 Year for an old timer who still can put up 16-21-37, good deal for the Sharks. Not to mention all the good will of bringing Captain-Catipillar-Brows back into the fold to retire as a Shark. Maybe Jumbo and Eyebrows can have a good by retirement skate. As fitting as it would be it wouldn't even hold a candle to the tear jerker that was Selanne grabbing the visiting teams goalie for (just typing this mid sentence and my eyes are doing weird things, damn fall pollen 😉) one last lap at the Ponda.
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    I hope the unreserved wanton loathing, the absolute belligerence and undisguised contempt I have came through as intended despite the simpelton behind an anonymous user name. 😋😋 Jokes aside. I hope it hits stores soon. Ugh, the Emojis are broken and coming out in weird places. Even the editor is being wonky. Probably my dumb phone, smart phone me arse!
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    Stella is now some kind of arena sponsor, and they've broadened out the selection in various places. it has been a step up for me.
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    LOL KINGS! McLennen can't believe he can't beat the Oilers!
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    Here is another free site: http://freestreams-live1.com There is another one called sportsurge.com There are some options on there that are pretty good.
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    Went to Anderson Valley a couple of weeks ago, plenty of good stuff on tap. Had the latest incarnation of their Gose series, a Cherry Gose. Delicious. No Winter Solstice as of yet, but the Chai Summer Solstice was good. Hit up Heretic a few hours later, and man, are they killing the IPAs. Primo Diablo is still my favorite pepper beer, their Evil Cousin IPA with Habanero. And they've got the Hazy New England type IPAs on lock, even running a Double IPA called Juicier than Thou. Looking forward to getting over to Noble and possibly Bottle Logic later in the season when I'm down haunting the Ponda. And for anyone down by Great Park, Left Coast has a tasting room just down the road from the new practice facility. Lot of variety, and food.
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    He sang fantastically, but I completely agree with this take. He put his own flourish on it and it took the crowd out of it because they couldn't join in.
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    Although I want to enjoy new Tim as our singer, there are parts of his performance that set me off. He (like many others that sing the tune) seem to think it is a personal performance when in reality he needs to be leading the arena in song. The National Anthem is best enjoyed as a sing along, at a fairly constant tempo, with few flourishes. One item I loved about Dawn (besides her male-voice friendly range) was that her performance was repeatable each time so once I learned her adaptations and key changes, I could sing along each time. The Canadian crowd is even more of a sing along crowd, with much of the arena expressing their national pride with their voices. It will be interesting to see how that version works out. My feedback to Tim is: Welcome to the team! As much as we enjoy your other renditions, for THIS crowd/sport, just set the metronome at about 90 bpm and sing it straight. You will find an arena of patriotic voices backing you up, either vocally or silently in their hearts,
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    Byfuglien is great when he's on the ice. I'm not sure we're a fit with what Winnipeg is going to want in return, since they'll want another RD and we're short on those. Maybe it could work because we're one of the few teams that can afford his cap hit. For the right price, I'd take Byfuglien.
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    I'm sure it won't happen, but if I were in charge, I would suggest that on Opening Night, both Dawn and Tim are introduced, and Dawn sings the 1st Verse, giving the crowd an opportunity to shout her name one last time. Then she can turn the mic over to Tim, and let him take it from there. Kind of a passing of the torch.
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    So there are rumors circulating that Dustin Byfuglien has taken his personal leave of absence from the Jets due to a falling out he had with his teammates, Blake Wheeler (captain) in particular. Makes you wonder if there is a trade demand there and Byfuglien is just waiting it out until he is traded. If so, why not Anaheim?? He's 34 and is due $14M over this season and next, so that's a bit expensive for an older guy. But if there was ever an old and expensive guy I'd want to take a chance on, it's Byfuglien. He would immediately improve our PP by 150% and he would be pretty much the ideal RHD to slide into the #4 spot next to Fowler. If there's really a trade demand there, and with him not reporting to camp at all, you'd have to think the price tag would not be that expensive either. He's also got three kids under 10 and SoCal could conceivably be high on his list of places he'd like to raise his kids. Lastly, his contract expires before the expansion draft, so he would not need ED protection. Any other takers besides me?
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    There seem to be a lot of ref haters online trying to justify this, saying he was just trying to get back to the bench or back into the play or whatever. To me Kane was CLEARLY trying to get back to the guy that he was just tangled up with. The linesman is trying to prevent that, and considering the entire game was a gong show I don't blame him. Kane is classless.
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    Nailed it! That's what I see too. Reputation or not, I would hope/expect that Kane will get the 10 games he deserves for this. Even if that was Connor McJesus doing it, that's a category II suspension for sure.
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    Ugh....bringing up Vermette for SLASHING a ref...you mean his light tap that didn't mean anything???? But anyway, back to topic at hand. Yes he absolutely should be. At first when I watched it it looked he may have thought that was Knights player...but then reading his comments made me just hate him more and he was trying to justify pushing the ref 'cause hte ref "attacked him"....made me realize he did it intentionally and 100% should be suspended. From what I can tell the ref got accidentally slashed, sure (and also much more dangerous of a slash than Vermette's love tap), but the ref didn't take a bunch of strides to tackle Kane. He was keeping him from the other player and then Kane lost his balance and took the ref with him. That's a category II, no question. What upsets me the most is that he will get the category 2 suspension and will think he doesn't deserve it. Classless player.
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    I would disagree...Ducks Old Logo is not only Nostalgic but unique it was ranked one of the Best logos of NHL alltime. We all grew up with it and it's parts of us forever. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    Don't mind the orange jersey, but if this is to become the permanent home jersey, please don't revert to the old logo. Yes there is lots of nostalgic with it, but that was the Mighty Ducks and Disney era logo. The Ducks need to just use it as a third and either stick with what they have now or design a completely different logo. It's a different era, lets not go back to the disney time where the team was one of the bigger jokes being owned by Disney with the cartoonish logo. And yes, it brings back lots of memories for me, but I like the current look as well, if not prefered.
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    Except we're going to need someone on the right side. Petrovic would replace Del Zotto or Holzer in the lineup, not Larsson or Guhle.
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    Just saw this..Boston signed Petrovic to a one-year, two-way contract and then placed him on waivers Thursday Crazy
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    No doubt Laine is a gifted scorer but I'd rather hang onto Rakell.
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    This is a massive overpay. That's a multiple 30+ goal scorer (Rakell), a recent late 1st rounder (Lundestrom, 2018), a recent 2nd rounder (Guhle, 2015) AND another 1st rounder?!?! Nuh-uh. A direct comparable is when Tyler Seguin was traded to Dallas in 2013. Seguin was also the #2 overall pick just three years prior to the trade. Seguin was shipped with Rich Peverley (+ an inconsequential prospect) for Loui Eriksson (comparable to Rakell), Reilly Smith (former 3rd rounder and, at the time, a borderline NHLer), Matt Fraser (undrafted, career minor leaguer) and Joe Morrow (recent late 1st rounder). Based on the Seguin trade, fair market value in a Laine trade would be Rakell + Devin Shore + Deven Sideroff + Jacob Larsson <----> Laine and Adam Lowry.
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    He's also only what 21? Ovi isn't really considered a complete package either. You don't hear the caps complaining too much. If he was to grow into the Finnish Flash 2.0 that would be great. But he's an elite goal scorer, something that we lack. I'd say that OP has a proposal that the jets would consider.
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    BM never learns from previous mistakes. Anybody over the age of 27 should not get a contract more than 5 years, otherwise it's Perry#2, Kesler#2, or Fowler#2 three years from now.
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    Yep. It also looks like sending Kase would have been a serious over-pay too. Just eyeballing the details, I think the equivalent value from the Ducks would have been something like Lundestrom + MDZ + 5th for Faulk.
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    Faulk traded to St. Louis for Boekk, Edmundson and a 7th round pick. Signs a 7 year/6.5 mil per year extension. I guess he really didn’t want to come to a rebuilding Anaheim team.
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    The orange 3rd jerseys from a couple of years ago are coming back as this years third. With Reebok out and Adidas in, I'm sure there will be subtle differences (article mentions collar) between the two. Look for the orange third to replace our current home jersey as soon as next year. It's been rumored the Samueli's (Susan) really like the orange color and the tie in to "Orange County." The seat renovation (to black seats) at the Honda Center is also playing a part, as the black/orange contrast is more noticeable. Susan Samueli has said one day she would like the arena to be blanketed in orange, in the same way Dallas is green, Nashville (puke), etc. Should also point out the Great Ice arena in Irvine has orange signage, and the rink 4 premium seats are all orange.
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    depends on where they are. you'd be unlikely to sell for face value if they're anywhere in the 300 or 400 level, except for special games like vs. Kings or a team with a strong following in the OC. sometimes they offer playoff spots for people who pick up 10 game mini packs. if you aren't able to get to many games, i'd try that... or just save your money for when it's more likely we'll make the playoffs. also... plenty of season ticket holders have not re-signed, so there will be plenty of playoff tickets available after the season holders take their fill (in the off chance that the team makes it this season). is the Pond wasn't on my commute home, and i didn't have a buddy or two who liked hockey enough to watch midweek games with me, it's very unlikley i'd be a season ticket holder. too easy to just purchase a game here or there where i can rope the whole fam into going.
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    Agreed. I don't know where Jones and Sprong played today, but add in a 4th line of maybe Jones-Rowney-Sprong to those three lines and that's a four-line starting unit that makes me excited for the season to start.
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    Apparently camp opens with Rakell-Steel-Silfverberg and Ritchie-Getzlaf-Terry doing drills together.
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    I wouldn't call it "giving up", I would call it moving on due to proper asset management. Unless Larsson learns to play the right side, I think he loses out eventually in a numbers game due to the Ducks depth at his position. We're stacked with left-shot D-men who can play the left side with Lindholm, Fowler, Guhle, MDZ, and Larsson. MDZ likely isn't back next year, but with Guhle looking clearly better than Larsson so far, and with Mahura and Benoit (both left-shot LDs) looking solid in their development, where does Larsson fit into the lineup 2-3 season from now? Especially if Fowler moves back to the left side if/when GMBM finds another right-shot top-4 D-man? Outside of keeping Larsson as expansion draft fodder, I don't really see place for him in Anaheim long term. But unfortunately, like the Athletic article seems to confirm, GMBM appears committed to seeing him develop in Anaheim. So I'm guessing GMBM will be stubborn and won't be willing to move on from Larsson until his trade value bottoms out and he becomes the next Jordan Schmaltz. Just like what's happened with Ritchie.
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    You can shoot a joint or a ligament as many times as you would like HOWEVER you quickly reach a point of diminishing returns. The old time football players proved that - it helps with the first few and then it all goes to H** in a Handbasket, leading to joint replacements, ruptured tendons and fractured bones. So Sad ! IMHO
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    Schedule makers did him no favors either. So far they’ve had 6/7 games on the road with the only home game against Pittsburgh. 20 of their first 30 games are on the road too. I’ve never seen a schedule like that before.
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    BB can't have too much time left behind the Wild bench...
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    Not everybody. Gimme the webbed-D over Disney's marketing gimmick every day of the week and twice on Sundays. To me, that old logo is still the emblem of a non-serious sports franchise that is just trying to sell merch rather than play competitive hockey.
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    All Dreams... Ever since Brian Burke resigned, this franchise is settled down for mediocracy. Can anybody imagine current GMBM being in charge in 2006 and going after Scott Neidermayer or Chris Pronger or Teemy Selanne? Hahaha...
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