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    I would rather keep Rakell and Lindholm and trade Fowler.
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    I am always firm beleiver in "Strength in Numbers" but it's clear to me somethings need to change in getting some players to Wake up. Like you said it will be a Fun Training Camp aka Gathering. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    i'm interested in watching how the Ducks play, not so much on how successful they are against other teams. i may be a weirdo on this: i don't have time to invest in other teams, and rarely time to follow individual players who aren't currently a Duck (i try to follow some careers as players matriculate out). i'm mainly excited to see the players i <almost> know personally play, at this point. i pay to see them, my buds, in my home rink, and while i'd love success, i'm generally ok with solid play and progress at different points in the game. what i can't stand, or at least what frustrates me most as a fan, isn't mistakes on the ice, but lack of mental or physical effort, along with some long term tendencies that bear out when a player or team isn't making headway towards putting in repeated solid mental and physical effort. i may not be asking for what people typically want when they purchase a ticket to a game... but maybe not. i go to live games to see the interstitial stuff that you don't see on TV. hazy does a decent job at getting all that to you eventually, but there's some stuff that just doesn't feel the same or make sense unless you're getting it real time next to the ice. point is, i invest the $$ not just to see winning. i like complex story lines, and i treat live games (and seasons of live games) like an entertainment experience. aside - that's why i like Steve Dangle's videos so much - i can keep tabs on another team, in fairly decent depth, only spending about 15min/game (or less). i guess i'm saying i enjoy riding the wave, but it has to be waves, shifts up (and inevitably down), not just a tepid drying-out pond. rookies are almost never willing to wilt in a tepid pond, and they try to do stuff on the ice that older players have had beaten out of them over time. that's going to be fun to watch live, as long as Eakins lets them do it (RC seemed to stifle that). long term, i could sour on live ducks games for a few reasons (mainly, if the admin keep jacking the prices on everything, making the seating less comfortable, and let the food quality slide), but i've bought into the idea that we're treading water a bit before the next ED, so i'm giving them a lot of leeway on winning games for now. i want to see other types of success, mainly surrounding team chemistry and steady player growth, and as long as i see that, i'm good for this season. is that too much leeway for $100+/seat tickets? maybe. i do what i can to keep the overall price down (park for free, limit incidental purchases) and try not to focus on the $$ cost (and try to view it as dedicated time away from other concerns, so almost never a waste of time). anyway, you're reading a post from a guy who frequented chess tournaments back in the 90s and still tries to watch a few big tournament games online now and again. YMMV.
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    Zucker? no thx, too old and 6 mio for 5 years... we have 6 mio next season from Perry.... Risto would be a good addition. we have some players i would trade.... Shore, Henrique, Rakell, Lindholm, RItchie...
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    I think a the key point you hit is on is that the Ducks aren’t slated to give out big contracts as they transition. That should help soften the blow of any revenue loss. Right now is actually a good time for them to not be spending a lot and then utilize the money later. I hope they spend a little bit to upgrade their defense, so that Gibson doesn’t get murdered, but that will be offset to a certain extent by money back the other way in a theoretical trade. The Clippers are going to be a marquee ticket for at least two years, which is hopefully when the Ducks start making noise with the next generation of players. That should hurt the Kings more though. The Ducks aren’t going to contend during that time anyway. It’ll definitely suck if they get bumped from television. They need to have a flashing chyron and bull horn saying “Randy Carlyle no longer coaches this team!” and they should be fine! I’d blame Bob for wasting Getzlaf and Perry’s prime years more than the ones near the end of their careers. The opportunity was already gone. The last two seasons have been wasted. At least next year, the team is going to have a new direction is which should be exciting to watch play out. You generally get bonafide stars through rebuilds anyways. It’s better than pretending that the Ducks were an exciting or contending team and didn’t have to go through a rebuild.
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    Rebuilds are fine, but only having one bonafide star (Getzlaf) on the team is something else. After buying out Perry GMBM should have landed another "Named" player. Perry and Kesler are gone, Eaves is probably gone, It's bad optics. If I want to watch the Gulls play I'll go down to San Diego and catch a game.I don't need to see them up in Anaheim pretending to be NHL players. One or two rookies on the squad.. sure But six or more? It's a wasted season for someone like Getzlaf who only has a few seasons left. Between the two I think Perry got the better deal. He gets a chance to compete again while Getzlaf will be stuck babysitting for the next two seasons. Thanks Bob.
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    I for one am not excited to see a Duck's team where 50% of the players are Gulls bouncing back and forth between the NHL and AHL. If I'm going to spend hard earned money to go to a game I want to watch an NHL team that is capable of making the playoffs and not full of prospects. One or two rookies on the squad? Fine. Six to ten? NO THANKS.
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    Interesting very Interestin thank you for the Info....very interesting. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    I don't think Kase will be on LTIR. He had his shoulder surgery January 30th and the recovery period was stated as 5-6 months. Even if there's a setback in his recovery, you would still expect him to be ready by the start of the season. And speaking of Kase, there was a decent article on him by The Hockey Writers last week here: https://thehockeywriters.com/kase-ducks-2019-20-x-factor/. A sampling... That aside, you're right, that's a lot of cap space. Wonder if ownership is making GMBM stay low this season to make up for the Perry buyout.
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    But had GMBM pulled that trade off at the deadline rather than at the draft after playoffs, as the rumor was, we may have won the cup that year. Or at the very least got to the finals.
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    fixed that for you. when was the last time we entered training camp with $8.5M in cap space (not counting an additional LTIR option of about $13M attributable to Eaves, Kesler, and Kase)?
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    I was actually watching about how the ducks won just today 😁
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    Exactly! Terry, Jones and Comtois look like they are the future of this team, but it would not surprise me if they all started the season in San Diego. Bob has not changed his spots. As much as this team is going through a "youth movement", he is not going to be handing out roster spots to rookies just because. He likes his veterans. He likes his grinders. There's a really good chance that a lot of us are going to hate the opening night roster that likely includes Shore, Deslauriers, Grantzlaf, and Rowney over some of our more exciting young talent.
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    Dineen in as Gulls coach! Cool! He was on my list as a Ducks HC candidate, but I’ll definitely welcome him here in San Diego! I also wouldn’t mind seeing him elevated to a Ducks asst coach position if the offense and PP continues to struggle under Morrison.
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    Except for that whole Bones for Kesler thing that pushed us to two WCFs. No big deal though, right?
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    Not sure that we should be putting him this high yet. Sure he produced but I'm not even sure he's going to get a spot unless he really impresses. He likely spends time in the ahl first.
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    CapFriendly‏ @CapFriendly FollowingFollowing @CapFriendly MoChase De Leo and the Anaheim #Ducks avoid Arbitration and agree on a 1 year/2-way contract. NHL: $750,000 Minor: $100,000 ($130,000 gtee) De Leo will be an RFA with Arb rights again next summer when his new deal expires.
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    Thanks for the info. I somehow missed the shoulder surgery and thought he was out with a concussion.
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    Comtois does not need to be protected. Eric Stephens wrote an article in the Athletic in December with his "protect" list at the time (obviously it's changed since Montour, Perry, etc are gone) and he noted Comtois would not need to be protected since he only played 10 games, and noted he would not be back with the Ducks that year for that reason (keeping games played at 10).
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    Most rebuilds and transitions take longer than two years though. Plus, Murray hasn’t made moves as of yet to help accelerate the process. I absolutely understand fans being extremely ticked for how last season went solely because of Carlyle and Murray. Though, I think that fans should be more excited to see what this team can do going forward given the changes that are starting to take place. I don’t think you’ll see Honda Center half empty because of it or think missing 2-3 years of playoff revenue are going hamper the franchise. Fans understand, or at least should, that teams can’t make the playoffs or be good every year lol.
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    I think Bob Murray has no clue.
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    We are still a long way out from the season. If this is a depth move and he's only playing between San Diego and Anaheim I think its fine, he basically replaces a guy like Welinski to add some depth. If Murray signed him to play with Fowler in a top 4 role we should fire Murray into the sun.
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    We were in the playoffs six straight times and had some decent runs so we were better than the wild. Also Edmonton is still garbage, how much time do they still need to fix everything? Sure, poor management but if they're getting such great players they could have been winning at least on talent alone. What about buffalo? It's not guaranteed. I'm not saying don't rebuild, I'm just not for that idea that you keep mentioning that we shouldn't get good players because the ed is in a couple years. So what, just protect the best players in the team. You're not going to protect everyone, that's the point of the ed. They paid good money to get this status. I'm fact I would say that our team is able to spend more because of it. If anything, the ed was a boost for us too. The problem is, what did BM spend the money on?
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    Henrique is overpaid, almost 6 mio is around 2-3 mio too much... at Worlds I was disappointed of him. and Silfverberg is a lot better then he is, shooting, defensive work.... I like the move, we need depth and MDZ isn't one for many years, so the young defender have a little more time to be a NHLer
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    He just did. With MDZ patrolling the blue line, Gibson is sure to spend at least half the season on IR with rubber poisoning.
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    How is Sutter going to be an advisor to the coaching staff if they can't understand a single mutter that comes out of his mouth?
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