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    Do mean "tried" in the legal sense? Like for crimes against hockey? Because that's the only way my brain can comprehend that sentence.
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    I bet someone will get him for something cheap and we are going to be like that’s it?
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    There's nothing "scary" about it. When you're already at rock bottom (in terms of the power play), walking the tightrope doesn't provoke much fear. But as dts said, it's just indicative of a flawed thought process. The power play desperately needs higher skill - passing and shooting - and Grant is not the answer. Putting Grant on the power play is something you do when you're halfway through the season and the power play is ice cold and Grant is playing well. You reward the player and try to shake things up. If they're shaking things up before the season has already started, it's really alarming. It tells me they have no better ideas on how to run an actual functioning power play unit. But since we already knew that, it's not necessarily scary. It's just a bit bonkers that the solution they came up with (IN THE PRESEASON WHEN THEY HAD ALL OFFSEASON TO THINK ABOUT IT) was to put a career fourth line plugger on the number one power play unit.
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    Lots of people online making fun of Perry for getting waived and calling him washed as if he didn't just score 3 huge goals in the Stanley Cup Final a few months ago. Meanwhile, hockey fans are supposed to be excited about mesozoic era all-star Joe Thornton in a Leafs sweater. I don't get it.
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    As an addendum to this post, Sonny Milano has good speed and some really silky mitts and I think he could be a diamond in the rough now that he's out from under Tortorella's thumb. And the fact that we got him for Devin Shore has me cautiously optimistic that Milano will end up being a rare huge win for GMBM with respect to acquiring a skilled forward. Just want to get that on the record before Milano blows up...
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    Josh Ho-Sang on waivers. Please claim him Stoolbob. I'd much rather see someone with his skill level attempt to figure things out at a professional level this season over a single second of David Backes doing Backass things.
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    Zegras with a snipe from a ridiculous angle lol. Must. Resist. Hype!
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    wasn't he also nominated for 2 selke trophies as a Duck? or was it just 1?
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    Wait, what? A washed up Kesler? If washed up is what it took to get us 3 year legit Cup window, I'll take another washed up player, please!
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    Winnipeg overpaid big time . Laine is worth 2 Dubois in my opinion. Jarmo would have been hung if he threw in a higher draft pick . Glad we didn’t lose Zegras , it was fun speculation though:
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    Dubois was a lottery pick. Columbus drew the #3 ping pong ball to get him. If the Ducks could acquire him, their core would consist of Dubois (#3), Drysdale (#6), Lindholm (#6), Zegras (#9), and Fowler (#12). How is this much different than what the Kings won multiple Cups with?
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    I agree that he deserved the benching. That's unacceptable. But if Tortorella can't get through to him, Jarmo needs to try, otherwise Dubois is just completely tanking his trade value every time he gets out there and looks like a puppy dog who lost his chew toy. Although, to be honest, this gives the Ducks a realistic shot at landing him. On the other hand, knowing Bob Murray, there was almost no chance he was going to pull this off before, and that's gone to zero now that he would be trading FOR a pouty youngster. It's not going to happen. I agree about 2022 when the draft is slated to be really, really good. But this coming draft has been rated as fairly pedestrian. Dubois is most likely better than any player that comes out of it. In that case, why not give it up?
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    They will be asking for Zegras and/or Drysdale which would be a hard pass from me and I hope Bob, too. BUT, on the contrary, if it's something like rakell + larsson + 2021 1st rounder...that's a hard yes!...or really any of the steels or jones or terrys
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    I'm sure if they have to let Eakins go, that Carlyle is available.
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    Unbelievable! Now I have to pay attention to my family. Come on.
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    First Red Wing ever to score 4 goals in his first 3 games. This is a team that has been around for almost 100 years. I hope he wins the Rocket.
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    Fullllllly support this! I really think Fowler/Shattenkirk would be pretty great. I like the Hutton/Welinski, too.
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    Gibson is our guy... anyone suggesting otherwise doesn't actually watch the talent which is John Gibson. I hope he plays his entire career here tbh.
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    Yeah, sorry. I should have said PP coach. So it looks like the Ducks chose door #3 and put Guhle's $800K on LTIR to cover the $629,999 they were over the cap. Good move. They won't be accumulating cap space while they're using that LTIR, but at least they retain the ability to LTIR Kesler's full $6.75M if they need to do something later. Also, one thing to add - I wonder if Lundestrom is on the active roster and Comtois on the taxi squad today because of the LTIR. Comtois' cap hit is $820K and Lundestrom's is $925K, so they squeezed an extra $105K out of Guhle's LTIR by having Lundestrom on the active roster. It wouldn't surprise me at all if those two swapped roster spots this coming week.
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    I’d start with Shattenkirk-Getlzlaf-Milano-Grant-Lindholm. Fowler doesn’t get it done for me even though he moves the puck well. Milano is very fast and gets to the dirty areas like Grant does. If we play behind the net with Getz on the half wall looking for passing lanes with our two defenders trailing high, it gives us more options. I hate seeing Getz in an umbrella formation passing to Fowler . Getz should be at the dots looking for options, and I think Grant and Milano could be those guys
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    Grab Svechnikov from them, that’ll make em sorry. https://www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/article/corey-perry-loui-eriksson-headline-busy-day-nhls-waiver-wire/
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    And if your point is that, when he was traded, Pettersson didn't look like a 2nd pairing d-man, you're not wrong. I was reluctantly okay with the gamble. But now seeing what Pettersson has become, that's still an indictment either on Murray's scouting team or his player development methods, and maybe both.
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    Don't make mistake about it, If the Samueli Family had a vested interest to win we would have a deferent lineup and management.
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    Yep. We are here quite a bit with Bob. Moves like this are how I know that he is still GM. Add Pettersson to a list that include Theodore, Palmieri and Karlsson. Join us in three years when he trades Zegras for a broken down zamboni and half a roll of stick tape.
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    This happens at the start of the season, every team will dump a bunch of guys through waivers that they would prefer not to lose. 99% of them will clear. There aren't usually a lot of waiver claims at this time of the season. I think before last season there were like 2 waiver claims and there were probably like 200 guys sent through waivers.
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    It seems like it’s salary cap maneuvering for when they put Kesler on LTIR. Odds are Djoos clears. He also makes more than any other player on waivers besides Backes.
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    I loved it. Having that confidence and putting that pressure on himself then back it up was great. Just hope he does it in the pros. Also, I get trying to hype up the game but it was funny to see people act as though Zegras comments were like Sean Avery talking about Dion Phaneuf and his wife from a few years back.
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    Murray should look to move on if they don't improve, but I'm hoping the Samuelis move on from Murray before that happens. Prospect development is a bit of a black box, especially in hockey when players often do a lot of their development outside the organization, but I don't think the Ducks are good at it under Murray. I look at the players who have moved on and blossomed, and then I look at the players who have stagnated here, and I wonder if this is an area of deficiency for the Ducks. Is that an organizational failure in development? Is it just luck? Is it the fault of draft strategy? I just can't ignore the fact that, outside maybe of Ondrej Kase, the Ducks haven't developed their own top 6 forward prospect since...Bobby Ryan? Maybe Kyle Palmieri, but even then, he didn't take off until he was traded. You figure that in 15 years of drafts, they would hit on a couple of guys, even drafting lower. And they very well might have...but they either gave up on young players too early or they never brought them to their full potential. All this to say, I could see Steel and Jones and Terry and Comtois all continuing that trend. I really hope that's not true, but I'm not thrilled with Murray's track record of developing young forwards.
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    Welcome to the boards. I have to agree with Dtslaw that Columbus would want something too expensive in order to acquire Dubois. Either Zegras or Drysdale. Murray would be a fool to trade one of those players.. but then... he did trade Theodore to keep Vatranen and Manson. All because he gave Bieksa a ntc.
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    Welcome! Good idea, but I’m not interested in giving up what I think CBJ would want in return - namely, Zegras+. Dubois is a former 3rd overall pick and has elite potential. They will be looking for an organization’s #1 prospect in return. I think that’s why a Laine-Dubois swap is so popular in the rumor mills right now. But I don’t want to go there with Zegras yet, who I also think has elite potential.
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    man.....that Kaliyev shot...... sure wish we drafted him.... (no offense Tracey)
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    A little bit of hindsight here (with the Shattenkirk signing), but given how well the Fowler-Gudbranson pairing played last season, I would have preferred to see Manson traded. Manson would have gotten us MUCH more than the 5th rounder we got for Guddy and the Ducks would have had more flexibility to go 7F-3D-1G since Guddy is going to be a UFA and wouldn’t require protection. I also haven’t been impressed with Fowler-Manson as a pairing in the past, and since it sounds like there is a push for Lindholm-Shattenkirk to be the top unit, I would have been more than fine with Gudbranson in Manson’s spot this season. Oh well.
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    Started the New Year jacking up my post. UGH
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    3 pt night for Zegras...... nbd lol
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    its okay so, Dostal one year in the AHL. he can learn the american ice field.
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    He'll get his chance with the Gulls. Even Gibson played 46 games with the AHL club before making his Ducks debut.
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    What Both CBJ and Jets 2.0 were asking was overprice....Let's not kid ourselves....in era we live in...Overpaid in a deal sadly is the norm. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    I swear, this organization can’t have or deserve nice things!
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    I remember That as we all Do....KesBoss was Warrior who embody our Ducks Fighting Spirit. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    Per Elliotte Friedman, Djoos has been claimed by DET. Marcus Pettersson -> Daniel Sprong -> Christian Djoos -> Nothing. Really really bad asset management by Bob Murray here.
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    Chicago playing like they are considerably worse than their power rankings.
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    not even a single game played in the season yet. sheesh.
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    Comtois on the taxi squad? I didn’t expect him to start there, let alone with Lundestrom making the main group. Not a good opening sign when we need Comtois to take the next step in his game and get consistent minutes. Jones hurt already also? Do we have the LA Chargers medical staff ir something??
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    So that opening day roster is identical to the roster remaining on the Ducks website, however it is missing Zegras who is still listed as part of the team. I expect Grant was a place holder on the PP until Zegras arrived and with him still listed I fully expect he is on the opening day roster as well. As for the division, it will be tough. Colorado, Vegas, St Louis should be 1-3 in some order. After that the 4th playoff spot is wide open and leaves Minnesota, LA, SJ, Ducks, and Arizona and one of those teams gets in. Out of them I don't like San Jose, still older like last year and did nothing to improve. Goaltending is still an issue there. Arizona is a joke. They should be last in the division. Minnesota is overrated. Their goaltending is bad. Cam Talbot had that one good year with the Oilers. Other then that he has been average. That leaves the Ducks and Kings. I'm not sold on the Kings goalies. Quick has been declining in play lately. However if some of their decent prospects make the team and contribute they could fit for 4th. As for the Ducks, goaltending is still a strength, though I don't know about Miller with his age. Gibson should bounce back and hopefully stay healthy. The defense I hope can bounce back to being solid. Ducks problems will be offense again, however they were starting to turn things around last year after the deadline with the acquisitions of Heinen and Milano. And if Zegras does step in and contributes then it might not be that big of an issue. Ducks can't rely on Henrique being their top scorer in goals and points though. Rakell needs to come back to his potential. Should be an interesting year and with games all in the division the key point would be to win the majority of those games with Arizona, Minn, LA, and SJ. The 5 straight vs LA will be interesting and fun to watch. PS - I saw an article on Sportsnet with predictions and a few of them had the Ducks as their surprise team of the year with Gibson in the Veizna talk.
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    I'd rather have Perry than Thornton on my team... especially when looking for clutch playoff performers...I personally was just shocked that montreal would go after a player that I would think would be looked at as a guy you get for the playoffs. But maybe there are other factors. And hey, maybe Montreal makes it and has a deep run! I feel with Weber and Price that isn't out of the realm of possibility.
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    Whoops, my bad. that should be 12/20, not 11. Going back a little farther, its also 16 of the last 25 Vezina winners were 29+. Plenty of 29+ goalies have also won Cups, including Giguere (30), Crawford (30) (vomit), Osgood (35), Tim Thomas (36), and Hasek (37). Roy also won two Cups after 30 and Brodeur also won a Cup and played for another after 30. And then there's also plenty of other 29+ guys who have made the finals but lost, including Fleury, Rask, Lundqvist, Rinne, and even Khudobin just a few months ago. Great goaltenders can have a bit of an ageless quality to them IMO. So I don't think its age you have to worry about with Gibby. For him, its more about the abuse and what the team is doing in front of him. He'll be fine as long as the team plays better.
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    You're right that the cap space after this season isn't that big of a deal, but Lindholm and Rakell will both require significant raises the year after if we want to keep them. Ultimately, I just don't agree that other NHL teams will see Henrique's contract as being positive value (Dom Luszczyszyn of the Athletic puts his contract at -6.3 million in value over its life with only a 27% chance of reaching even value). Things might normalize, or owners might be very reluctant to spend more money after taking a loss a couple years in a row. Things will open up a little bit in the offseason with the addition of the Kraken, but not a ton. All that to say, I think leaving Henrique exposed makes the most sense. While the Kraken might conceivably take Henrique, I don't think it hurts the Ducks all that much if they do and find it unlikely anyway. And leaving Henrique exposed means that the Ducks can protect one more of those guys and keep some upside for themselves, which is more valuable than a fringe 2nd line forward making close to $6 million as he gets into his mid-30's.
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    Ottawa is buying out Ryan. Hope he comes back strong, wins a cup and sticks it to melnyk
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