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    The team is playing better because Carlyle sucked the life out of hockey, and once the guys on the roster had that weight off their shoulders, you or I could have gone back there to coach and they would have played better. That doesn't mean you or I should be the next full-time head coach of the Ducks. With as energized as the team has been under Murray, they're still 9-9. And even in games like last night where they won, they were outplayed for long stretches against a mediocre opponent. That's happened a lot less, but it's not like this team has gone on an epic run, dominating every team they've faced. The Ducks need a real hockey coach next season. Bob Murray is not it.
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    Even the message boards wanted to tank
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    I would stop watching the NHL if this happened. I don't want players making a business decision as to whether they will step in front of a shot to block it or chase a puck into a corner because it might cost them money if they get injured. If you're going to financially penalize players for trying hard, you might as well go back to the flat-bladed stick and make them play by collegiate rules to keep them all safer on the ice. That would result in a much worse on-ice product. IMO, players should be able to play their games to the best of their ability without worrying that their income will be affected by an on-ice injury. And speaking of on-ice injuries, your bus driver's "sick day" analogy doesn't work here. Hockey injuries are typically work-related injuries (unless you're Patrick Eaves or Dustin Penner) and would be eligible for worker's compensation claims in the real world (if sports were actually the same as the real world, which they're not). In most US states I think worker's comp pays something like 2/3 of the salary for workers injured on the job who are unable to keep working. And you know how injured workers get the rest of their lost salary? They sue. Do we really want players suing the NHL, teams, coaches, and each other every time they miss games due to injury? That would also be terrible for the game (and also for us fans, because litigation ultimately just makes everything more expensive for the end-users/consumers). Finally, there's also that specter of concussions. What you're suggesting here will cause players with significant head injuries to return to the ice before they are ready due to fear of losing thousands or even millions of dollars in lost wages because of missed games. These players are human beings, not gladiators, and we should be thankful the NHLPA exists to make sure they are treated as human beings and allowed to heal their significant injuries according to their own body's timeline. So IMO, guaranteed contracts exist for both the good of the game AND the good of the player. The onus should instead be on the GMs to make sure that a team is built properly within the salary cap rules. That is their job. And if they can't do their job well, ownership should find some else to do their job.
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    I'd rather have Kesler in a wheelchair on the ice scoring nothing but hotdogs at intermission than a piece of poop like Dustin "there goes your knees" Brown.
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    The recent results of the sabres and rangers are really horrible. I can see us caching them. The Oilers, blackhawks and avs are out of reach I think. The nucks have a few games in hand. I gotta say I enjoy to see the team winning. At the end of the day you can play to finish last and end up picking 5th or something. Just play the game and get some confidence back. We'll see what happens april 9. I have confidence in BM's drafting.
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    And the Ducks balls are labeled "404 Error - Page not found".
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    I agreed whole-heartedly with what you wrote above, which is why I can't understand why you bother bringing up the bolded part below. The Ducks were also without Getzlaf for 5/10 of Comtois' NHL games, and the whole team had lousy possession stats for pretty much the entirety of Carlyle's tenure in 2018-19. So I don't see how his possession stats from October mean much of anything, or his confusion about playing in a newly-implemented, extremely convoluted Carlyle system that was clearly broken from the get-go. You can't say the Carlyle effect exists and then turn around and ding a 19-year-old rookie because he suffered from it.
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    There is no reason to trade Ritchie. He's turned into a good third line winger, and has the potential for more. If Murray trades Ritchie, it will be like Palmieri redux. Trading a guy who's cheap just as he's about to become really useful.
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    There isn't a lot that annoys me more in current discourse than to label anyone who cares about what someone said as a "snowflake." If we want to have a meaningful discussion about whether certain language is harmful and why it's harmful, we can do that, but by going immediately to "snowflake," all discussion is shut off.
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    Two Getzlaf led teams have quit on Carlyle. That’s not a great display of leadership IMO.
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    Wow!! The Ducks are so incredibly fortunate tonight. You’ve got to lose this game being on the 2nd night of a B2B against a playoff team down 3-1 if you’re going to have a successful tank. The Canucks also beat the Leafs after being down 2-0, so this was a very good tank night. It’s really good all-around. The kids look really good and are getting confidence from their play. Don’t need the two points to get a positive effect for next season there. Terry especially looks like he could be a 50-60 point player next year.
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    Pettersson now with the same number of points as Fowler (in 3 fewer games) and now regularly seeing 18-20 mins of TOI/game. Sprong benched for the final 30 mins in a meaningless game after multiple healthy scratches. This organization needs someone to intervene when Bob moves on a panic trade. Pettersson should still be here.
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    45-50 points is not very good production from the 2C spot, unless that 2C is also a perennial Selke finalist. This team would be stronger if Rico was a 3C or a LW and we had a better 2C in his current spot.
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    I'm happy Silf is signed. The limited no trade list still gives the Ducks lots of flexibility. The Ducks can still trade him for assets if they want to. But I hope he is here for the long haul. His contract lines up in length with Henrique, which makes sense if you are planning on using those two as transitional players as the Ducks move on from Getzlaf, Perry and Kesler. They provide consistent play and stability while the Ducks bring all of their prospects into the fold.
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    What's the current record for the number of shooters in a shoot-out? Picture it - they play to a 0-0 tie and then go 18 rounds of shoot-out with every shooter intentionally missing the net, until finally Holzer loses the handle on the puck at the top of the circles and Quick dives out of the way and lets it dribble past him for the loss. The league then gives LA the top overall pick and the Ducks fall to 4th as two other teams draw in ahead of them. smh. This season....
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    I will say that Montour was one of the worst I've ever seen at defending the 2-on-1. I swear there were a few times when I thought Gibson was going to break his goalie stick in half over Montour's head after he let another pass go through to a wide open player.
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    I say we get Dan Sexton to be our new coach.
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    True. We won in 07’ because we lucked out better than any team in 03’ draft, which is the best draft class in NHL history. Also because we had one of the best defenseman of all-time’s brother and another HOF defenseman who’s alleged dalliances forced him out out of Edmonton. The Ducks had to have all of that fall in place to win then and I’m not counting on them to be that level of fortunate again. I want the highest pick possible as a hedge against not the lottery. I agree that Murray fired Carlyle way too late. He should have been fired at least two months earlier or kept him through the season. It’s funny because he made it to where fans were angry/demoralized because of how awful the team was and weren’t winning, to a healthy shift of fans being upset that they are winning now and hurting ours draft odds. Good thing that we are saddled with him for 3 more years. I’m putting more of my hopes on getting the St. Louis pick since they are more likely to finish closer to 20th and will also have a very hard first round match up against Winnipeg or Nashville. Plus, even if they win that series, the draft slots don’t change until after the second round. On top of crushing us last year, the Sharks also had the better pick.
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    Show me any player who will say otherwise when the coach is ALSO the guy who pays you.
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    Kesler earned that money and the contract was agreed to with the knowledge that this might happen. Yes, him retiring would be better for the team, but I am 100% against the GM asking him to do that. If Kesler feels like it's best, so be it, but the right thing for the organization to do is to put him on LTIR (assuming he's really hurt too badly to play) and pay him. Kesler put his body on the line every night, and would probably still do it if the doctors would let him. If he wants to retire and give that money back, that's very generous of him. But I won't think any less of him if he doesn't. That's his money.
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    Shut it down, Kes. I give him credit for gutting through the injury and getting to 1,000, but at some point he's a detriment to himself and the team. I don't think rest will really be much of a factor ... at some point you're just a 35-year old with bad hips that can't skate. Father Time is undefeated for a reason.
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    You seem to be using the term “valuable” as a synonym for “cost-effective”. I can’t argue with that. Ritchie is more cost-effective. He’s not more valuable in the traditional sense though. A better player is more valuable than a lesser player, especially when that better player has a skill set that isn’t redundant. If GMBM put both on the trade block tomorrow, every single GM in the league would offer more value in return for Silf than for Ritchie. So I’m struggling with your use of the term “valuable” here. Your use of the term is also making an air tight case for trading Perry. Fowler too. Both guys significantly more expensive than Silf, and both don’t score points at a rate anywhere near what their paychecks would suggest.
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    Jersey won the draft in 2017 from the same position we are in now. I'm afraid what Bob would do with that first overall selection.
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    I agree. I'm a firm believer in the "Carlyle effect", but I also think most of these guys (Cogs, Kes and Silf being the notable exceptions) turned into quitters at various points of the season, and I think that was really disappointing to see (and is part of the reason I hate this tank talk). I'll point to the defensive effort they gave in front of Gibby as Exhibit A. It doesn't take a system to tie up a stick or clear a puck or a body from in front of the net. That's just a basic skill, and hardly any of our guys gave much of an effort to do any of those things since December. Their effort to defend even basic plays was atrocious, and in doing so they totally hung their goaltender - their own TEAMMATE - out to dry. They absolutely deserve blame for that. A LOT of blame. But I'll also agree with the sentiment that I doubt most quit to get RC fired. Most were likely quitting just out of frustration (the lawn analogy works here). However, I don't think it was "subconscious" quitting either. They knew they were giving poor efforts, but they just stopped caring after a while. So they consciously quit. Regardless, part of what GMIHCBM is doing behind the bench right now is evaluating the on-ice leadership, which was clearly lacking all season. Does that include an evaluation of Getzlaf? It damn well better. Does it mean that he should be replaced as captain? None of us can possibly know that because we're not in the room. But I don't think even Getzlaf's "C" should be considered untouchable if it means moving the team in a better direction for the long-term health of the franchise.
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    How long have you been following BM at free agency? Do you ever remember when he went for the best available player? He usually stays calm for the first 3-4 days of free agency, then signs some no-name 4th line NHL/AHL-borderline player.
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    Honestly I feel like this is closer to the 2011-2012 Ducks. Carlyle got fired that season too. The team was terrible that season, finished last in the divison. Murray makes some minor adjustments in the offseason, brings in some big defensemen including a PP guy in Souray, and the team finishes first in the division with a decent coach. I feel like we have enough pieces to at least be competing for a playoff spot next season, even if we aren't a true contender.
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    You don't see better scoring rates (by 50%), better posession stats (even relative, so it's not just being on a better team), or being trusted with more responsibility (his defensive zone starts are up by a lot) and thriving? You don't see any of that? Pettersson looks so much better on Pittsburgh, and it's not like he drank some magic potion on the flight from Anaheim to Pittsburgh. He was completely mismanaged by Carlyle and is now on a team that knows how to use him.
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    The risk of injury to the player is built into the contract. We don't outlay $8/year assuming that the player will play every single second of the contract... we pay that rate to get the potential of them playing some percentage of that time, and both sides understand that injuries happen. The only expectation is that the player provides a good faith effort not to injure themselves or otherwise make themselves unavailable for play. Players with a clean bill of heath get paid more. Players with a good track record, heath and play performance, get paid more. Both sides take risks - the team on player longevity, the player on overall team success, the opportunity to develop, and the opportunity to be a happy employee. In any event, looking at a player contract as some kind of pre-payment for a hourly wage isn't the correct way to view the agreement, where the team loses any time the player is off the ice due to workplace injury. You really have to look at the performance and reasonable expectations on both sides, over the full life of the contract. With that metric, you can certainly view some contracts as more beneficial to the team and others less so.... but it's really a disservice to just look at a player who is injured or fading at the end of their contract and then say the whole contract was bad. We've likely got our value out of Kes and Corey. We definitely got our value out of Getz. Despres... we didn't, and we probably didn't handicap the contract properly (I think we were lied to about his concussion issues). Eaves - we definitely gambled with him, but we got a good player relatively cheaply, and both sides had bad luck. He will never be offered a large contract again, and we got no where near a fair return for what we paid. But, it's a kind of inefficiency the entire league has agreed to carry, for the benefit of the players as a whole. Anyway, I hate it when players get shat on just because they seem expensive now and people conveniently forget how much they've given the team or the league over the years. It's ok to just be frustrated that the team is in a multi-faceted slump. It happens with all teams eventually, or at least it happens with teams that see some success and take a chance on a cup run. All decisions are easier in hindsight.
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    He looked good while here. Calm composed young player. Tall and lanky but still young where he can grow into his frame. I liked him while here. Pitts gets back at us for taking a good Simon D back in the day. Someone does need to review Bobs decisions when trading for forwards.
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    Well, the radio announcers said that the team WON'T give up until they are officially eliminated, and that it is so completely wrong to suggest they should lose games, just to get a better chance at the pick. Bless their hearts. If the Ducks win their last 16 games, they'll be at 91 points, so they still control their own destiny. It wasn't over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor, and it ain't over now.
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    They might get past round 1, but their goaltending is so shaky. All it's going to take is one bad game and things will spiral out of control. Rittich was awful tonight, and he's the GOOD goalie.
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    ...to tell the Kings they can go to hell. The only reason - THE ONLY REASON - to trade for Dustin Brown is so Perry can shove a stick into his back and we can use him on the ice as the human broom he was meant to be.
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    I think it's best for all of us if this Thread is Closed...all Ducks Fans know from Orange County and elsewhere Ducks are not going to make the Playoffs due in the state they are in. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    First draw #1 Ducks, #2 Sabers (5% top 3), #3 New Jersey
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    I feel like the kids playing well and getting confidence should pay off for next season. The question will be will that payoff + the player the Ducks pick outweigh keeping Carlyle and picking no worse than #3? I suspect it will (as long as we don’t really drop down to #10 or something), but it’s going to take awhile to truly judge it.
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    Well he’s already given us that article and communicated to the fans that way so that does pave the way to LTIR. Again I really do think that one of the main intentions of releasing that article was to give the fans a heads up that he was headed toward that direction. Kess is the type of guy that’s works hard and now that he’s been hurting probably wouldn’t feel right to him if he just went in LTIR without first communicating in some way that his body can’t take it anymore to his fans beforehand. Kess has always been that type of first class kinda guy. If he does go on LTIR (or retire) he will be missed. One of my fav Ducks to play on this team ever. Such a stud of player. Do what you gottta do Kess-Boss, you will always be awesome!!
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    I think the lottery will put the ducks in a top five pick range. April 9th is almost here. April 9th, we turn the page.
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    Hmm, best player? that’s debatable. And even if he was clearly the best player on the team (points wise I think you meant) that alone does not always translate to being a great captain. In fact captaincy is a hindrance to most high scorers. Take Selänne for instance, he was not a great captain and in fact he admitted that it weighed him down and he was not as effective. In my personal opinion, a great captain would be someone who has the capacity to be a good leader on and off the ice. Someone who can mentor the young players but also push and inspire the whole team to new heights and through tough times while be down on the score. Someone who can calmly speak and effectively communicate with the refs. Kessler would have been a great captain but he’s ... well we all know his issues. Next up (and I know this will burn you to the core) but Fowler would seem to make a good captain especially in the modern NHL. He strikes me as having diplomacy and I do believe he would be the type of player who could do all the above and more importantly be that type of player who elevates his game with the added responsibility that comes along with being a captain.
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    I'm not usually one to fawn over prospects, but I've seen enough of Comtois (2G/5A in 10 NHL games) to see that he is going to be a legit NHL talent. He's got good hands and a true scorer's touch, he forechecks, he backchecks, he hits, he looked good on the PP, and he's not afraid to drop the gloves and stick up for his teammates. He would be in Anaheim already (or at a minimum San Diego if he was 4 months older) if not for the stupid rule about returning players to Juniors if they weren't 20 by September (he's a January birthday). With Ritchie, you've also got a guy who sat out part of a season following his ELC. At least with Rakell and Lindholm, GMBM got them signed well into their UFA eligibility. But Ritchie is due for another contract in two years and his QO will need to be at least $2M. He'll also be arbitration eligible by then, and does anyone here actually think that a guy who is willing to sit out part of an NHL season after his ELC won't go straight to arbitration as soon as he's eligible? He is a GM's headache waiting to happen.
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    You are correct...but these problems were also problems back when we won the division a bunch of times in a row. They just didn't appear to matter 'cause the system was fine. A bad system is not only bad, but it completely exposes already existing problems and magnifies them to no end.
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    I really hope they can pull it of but it wouldn't surprise me if they didn't. The Playoffs can be weird sometimes. I'd love to see a maple leafs-islanders series with the Islanders winning. Nothing against Toronto or Tavares but it would be funny.
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    I definitely read something that he approached Bob about it the last time this happened with Carlyle prior to Carlyle being fired, so we know Getzlaf has tried that approach in the past. I also don't believe they were trying to lose. I think less effort was being given as a subconscious reaction to management asking them mow a 2-acre lawn and then giving them a pair of children's scissors. I don't think Getzlaf is ever going to be mistaken for Steve Yzerman or Mark Messier. A better captain might have been able to keep the guys focused and motivated. But I also don't think this team's failure to play well under Carlyle is any serious knock on his character or leadership. Carlyle had become a terrible coach who was difficult to play for by the end of his first stint with the Ducks, he continued to be a terrible coach in Toronto, and then he was rehired by the Ducks to reprise his role as a terrible coach who is difficult to play for. There's not much Getzlaf can do and I think it's unfair to have expected him to do much more. That thing about it happening twice on his watch applies much more to Murray saddling the Ducks with a bad head coach than it does to Getzlaf. Edit: Also, to everyone saying they were deliberately tanking: I want to reiterate what someone said above. They were playing in a "system" that made them look awful. It made them look like they were always reacting to the play. So while I won't deny there was a lack of normal effort (although I will deny that there was malicious intent unless we hear otherwise), I think a lot of what we as fans saw as lack of effort was players running around trying to play a system that made no sense.
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    Seth Jones isn't a free agent. Say what you will about Bob on the 1st of July but he's never been shy to pull the trigger on a draft day blockbuster.
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    RC has a special way of ruining/ breaking/ grinding down/ overusing his stars. The only reason he wins the SC with the Ducks was cause he had plenty of stars he can just ride hard. It’s sad and gross negligence to have ridden Kessler so hard. If there is any such thing as coaching malpractice he should be charged for it
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    Sean Shapiro‏Verified account @seanshapiro Andrew Cogliano had watch a game from home with his injury for the first time in his career. Said it was “Brutal. It sucks. I’ve been out once in my career, two games, to a stupid suspension in my opinion. But it’s not fun, especially this time of year.”
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    Absolutely. its one of my biggest gripes with Murray. They don’t seem to have a cohesive plan that they are committed to, or if they do then they are doing a horrible job explaining it to fans. Neither inspires confidence lol.
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    Cogs ends in an asterisk'd 2nd place iron man (4th if you're a Perros-loving sycophant).
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    In the West, Colorado definitely. After that, I don't really care. I don't want to see Chicago or Dallas in there. Minnesota, Arizona, or Vancouver would all be inoffensive choices. For some odd reason my gut has me leaning toward Vancouver, maybe because of Pettersson, but Boudreau doing a miracle with the least talented roster he's ever had would be fun. In the East it's really a four team race for three spots - the two Wild Cards plus third place in the Metro. I'd like to see Columbus and Carolina in there for sure, one as the third place Metro team and one as a Wild Card. Then I'm torn. I don't care about Montreal in the slightest, so seeing them left out would be fine. I really don't WANT the Penguins to make it, but I also think a match up between them and the Lightning in the first round would be interesting. We'd either get a great series where the Penguins put it all together and give the Lightning a run for their money, or we'd see them get crushed under the juggernaut that is Tampa Bay. I'd be entertained regardless. What's less entertaining is seeing the Lightning obliterate Montreal, or a team I want to see make a run, like Columbus or Carolina. Assuming Toronto vs Boston is a lock, here are the matchups I'd root for: Tampa Bay vs Pittsburgh NYI vs Columbus (one of two tortured franchises gets a playoff win) Washington vs Carolina
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    Holy crap, it will be a disaster but I'm down with this for the entertainment factor alone.
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