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    Gimme a prime Kariya in today's NHL over anyone honestly. Dude was putting up 50 goals and 100 points against the toughest competition every night in an era that punished skill and speed. Imagine how good he would be without having to worry about two-line offsides, obstruction and every team carrying a slew of headhunting goons. If we can steal a former Duck who had their prime years somewhere else, I'd consider taking Sergei Fedorov before Adam Oates or Jari Kurri. He was one of the greatest two-way weapons of all time. That said, I also feel a strong urge to just disregard everything I said in this entire post and go with Pronger instead. He hasn't played here in a decade and we're still living under the shadow of his reputation. That's how crazy good of a Duck he was.
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    According finnish newspaper Hämeen Sanomat, finnish defensman Jani Hakanpaa has signed with Anaheim Ducks 1 year, one way deal. https://www.eliteprospects.com/player/45342/jani-hakanpaa Hakanpaa was selected by the St.Louis Blues in the 4th round (104th overall) of the 2010 Entry Draft. He played in his native Finland for the Espoo Blues of the Finnish Elite League (Liiga) 2011-2012. During his 2012- stint with the Peoria Rivermen of the AHL he registered one goal and three assists in fourteen games. At the completion of his entry-level deal with the Blues, Hakanpaa opted to return to Finland signing a two-year contract with Liiga club, Oulun Kärpät on 2 July 2015. He won two titles in Kärpät. .. That's for general information. Here is what I think: Kärpät is my hometown's team. Jani is very physical player and never step out for battles in corners. Very nasty to play against. He is very good in offensive side of the game too. He shoots hard and products continually something good in offensive zone. If you think reference, he might be good replacement for Sami Vatanen. Kärpät have played last 2 years very offensive, NHL-style hockey if you will, and Hakanpaa has done it very well. Of course we still waiting for final announcement for this, but it is 99% likely that Hakanpaa will join Ducks next season. Could be potentially in top-6 defensemen.
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    Screw the Sharks.
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    Door #1 here. I think that the NHL playoffs expose organizational weaknesses, from front office to coach to assistant coaches in change of special teams to players.. all the way down to the friggen training staff. The organization that can get it all right (or as many things right as possible) is the one left holding the trophy in the end. And I am more than good with that. Look at the Lightning-Jackets series. Tampa Bay made ZERO moves to improve their roster at the deadline. They basically said, "we're good enough right now, in February, that we don't need to address any holes in our team to win the Cup." And they played like it after the 1st period of game 1, basically acting like the could just thrown their jerseys on the ice and still win each night. That's arrogance IMO, and it cost them against a team that made the biggest, boldest TDL moves in the league and then played their hearts out. So, organizational weakness in Tampa (arrogance and complacency) bounced them in the first round, not luck. Even if it's just adding a Brad May, you can't think you're good enough in February to do nothing to try to improve your team for the playoffs. Same goes for Calgary. Organizational weakness = softness of their "elite players" when the real hockey starts in April. Nashville? Their "elite" players are divers and whiners and can't get it done when the chips are down because they're too worried about the calls. And on and on. Once in a blue moon, a goaltender will steal a series against a superior team, but rarely (ever?) will a goaltender steal a Cup. Those situations aside, you can always look back in hindsight and point to the reason(s) a team gets bounced in the playoffs, and it's never just luck or bad calls (or whatever fans complain about is beyond the team's control). We may not always be able to see it before a series starts, but it's always crystal clear after. The best-of-7 format make sure of that.
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    Gulls win Game 3 in San Jose 4-2. Gulls lead the series two games to one in a best of five series. Game 4 Wednesday.
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    St. Louis moving on to the second round from last place just highlights how important changing the scenery of coaching can be. Their new coach is no Messiah, but the change of voice allowed what is a decently talented roster to play to their potential. The Blues are the alternate universe Ducks if GMIHCBM had pulled the trigger when he should have.
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    Sharks got run over by a semi truck in game 5. Hopefully they get what they deserve and St. Louis finishes them off at home in game 6.
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    As of right now I'd say the refs are the Conn Smyth favorite...
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    Well it took a long time for this post to come to conclusion but looks like the answer is finally pretty definitive. I see some sniping and griping by some of the folks here and of course you are all entitled to your opinion. But I would hope there isnt anyone who follows hockey who would see Kes as anything other than one of the greatest warriors the game has seen in recent times. I do wish we could have seen him stay healthy and lift a cup with our Ducks, but much more so I wish him and his family the best for the rest of his life. GO Ducks!
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    He's not "milking" anything.
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    Ben Street makes it 6-2 Gulls! And the Gulls advance!
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    Impossible. Vegas fans don't do jawline exercises while mashing their arms up and down like a bunch of dorks whenever their team gets a powerplay. At least the dudes impersonating Elvis have a bit of self awareness of how ridiculous they look.
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    No one thinks Vegas lost SOLELY based on the 5-minute major penalty. However, without the 5-minute major penalty, Vegas wins that series. Both things can be true. Vegas got jobbed. They should have done better at not letting it affect them, but they still got jobbed.
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    Well, Mike Yeo is off the board, so that's one bullet dodged. I'm afraid Murray will look around and see that Randy Carlyle is available.
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    Looks like we'll see him in the Gulls second round series against Bakersfield. From Anaheim Calling: Max Comtois The timing of the Jones injury could not have been worse, but it’s not all bad news. Comtois could be joining the Gulls before the second round starts and his scoring touch would fit in nicely with the Gulls. He might not fill the void that Jones left, but he would go a long way toward helping. He has 15 points in 15 games including 2 game winners.
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    What an incredible game!
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    I can't believe I just screamed YES at the top of my lungs for a freaking Dallas Stars goal. This would be the dirtiest I've ever felt in my life if it wasn't for the fact that they eliminated the biggest disgrace in hockey after only 6 games I don't even think I care about what happens from here on out. This was the best possible ending for such a lame year of hockey. Trash is gone and it's beautiful. So much for that insurmountable home ice advantage. Best defence in the league? Vezina calibre goalie? Maybe if you want to hang up another joke western conference regular season champions banner at the end of the season. I hope they end up getting poked by all the catfish after they end up making a total mockery of the golf links the same way they do with a hockey rink and have to reach into the water to retrieve their balls.
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    Same same same same All this talk of "oh man what if Kane didn't hit the post and it went in????" ...well...I'd say to that then it would have been 5 to 1 instead of 5 to 0 😛
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    Jones is just plain inconsistent. I hope the Blues finish them at home in Game 6. The Blues fans are good ones, and I’d like to see Maroon and the Blues lift the cup. One of GMBMs dumb moves was trading Maroon. I’m a Blues fan if they make the SCF; otherwise I’m with Marchand and the Bruins.
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    For sure. If we're talking any player in his prime who ever wore a Ducks sweater, I'll take Federov circa 1993-94. That season he had 56G/64A/120pts, won the Hart and Selke, and also won the NHL's fastest skater competition at the all-star game. Federov was incredible in his prime. His game would also translate really well to today's game (unlike Pronger, who would probably be suspended indefinitely). Plus, we could also really use an elite center right about now.
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    Jim Fox is, and always will be, the worst. But I can't stand trolls of any sort, so being self-aware doesn't make it any better. It makes it worse. If Edwards came by it honestly (just a super homer), he'd still be awful, but at least it would be awful with integrity. Putting on an act to tick people off gains him zero respect from me.
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    Hip replacement would have been the end of Kesler. He elected to go with hip resurfacing so he can try to play again. Same doctor who did Ed Jovanovski's hip resurfacing procedure did Kesler's too. Jovanovski has his procedure done in April 2013 and his first game back after the surgery and recovery was nine months later in January 2014. Chances are the surgery and recovery plan have advanced by leaps and bounds since then too. I don't think Kes is going to try to beat the timeline, but he certainly knows what the expectations are since others have gone through it. You're welcome to bet against Kesler in this. I'm not. He's Ryan Friggen Kesler. He'll be back. And he'll win the Masterton in 2021. Count on it.
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    Sharks can suck an egg. There’s nothing better than the fans/players of your rivals not getting the satisfaction of winning when your team also can’t win. Z’s B’s all the way.
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    Teemu Selanne of course..Ducks Legend contributed so much to our team and growing the Sport of Hockey. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    Not provable. If that's called as a 2-minute minor (as it should have been) and the Sharks score to make it 4-2, there's still 10+ minutes left to play. Considering how the Sharks rallied together after seeing their captain bloodied on the ice, I don't think anyone can be certain that the Sharks didn't have two more goals in them over the final 10 minutes, even without the 5-minute major. It was a terribly officiated series from start to finish too. I could make the argument that the Sharks got jobbed in game 2 even worse than Vegas got jobbed in game 7 when the refs took a good goal off the board (the go-ahead goal) and gave Vegas a PP for a phantom goaltender interference call on Couture, which Vegas then scored the GWG on. IMO, wrongly taking a goal off the board and awarding a PP to the opponent in a tie game is a bigger screw-up than wrongly awarding a major instead of a minor when the opponent has a 3-goal lead with 10 minutes to play in the game. Any time you wrongly take points off the board (or wrongly add a point to the board, as when Eakins high-stick goal was counted in game 7), that is worse that screwing up a penalty call. And if the Sharks go to Vegas up 2-0 in the series instead of tied 1-1, its conceivable that the series doesn't even get past 5 or 6 games. To borrow dukitup's cruise analogy, that hatchet job in game 2 is like getting your wallet and luggage stolen from your cabin on day 2 of a 7-day cruise. That kind of injustice affects the entire rest of the trip. Again, bad officiating throughout the series and both teams got jobbed at various times in the series. Sharks overcame getting jobbed. Vegas didn't. That's hockey. That's playoffs. I'm fine with the result.
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    LOL You guys are all just too bitter and bias against the Sharks. That’s why the POs are a 7 game series, you can’t just pin one (just 1) event within a single game let alone a single period on losing the entire tournament. The Sharks are stacked with talent. They blew the lid off the Ducks last season (swept them under the rug) and are now slowing making their way through this years tourney. They have a great team over there. I can’t believe you guys would prefer Vegas to have won. Let’s take off the rosy-colored glasses for a moment. Look, If the Ducks don’t win it all I don’t care who else does anyway....unless it’s LA cause then I’ll hear it and see it from every one of their dreadful fans who are everywhere around here (in the street, at the office, in the supermarket) due to living in the same-ish vicinity as them. But if the winner turns out to be St Louis that’s ok too cause like the Sharks they have never won it before and have been in the game for a few decades as well and so their true fans prob deserve it as well for sticking with them for all this time (band wagon Vegas fans, not so much). Further, Most of the Good Ol Boy clubs (Rangers, Hawks, Red Wings etc) are out of it so that’s cool too.
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    and he gets 1 fricking game. Just another glaring example of how inappropriate Cogliano's 2 game suspension was. McAvoy's hit was vicious.
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    Let's Hope Avs do their Job and Smash San Jose. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    Have you all forgotten how horrible Holzer was for the majority of the season? It would be unwise to keep him on the roster, unless you have become accustomed to mediocre D-men with no upside. Try not to become emotional train wrecks whenever a player is moved...its a business with a revolving door.
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    And why would the Ducks, with a loaded pipeline of good, NHL quality players with years of active service in the NHL ahead of them, not be a source for the key player(s) needed? Why no mention of this potential?
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    Marchand is one of the strangest players out there. It only took a couple of years for this guy to go from a 40/50 point glorified Garbutt, to arguably the best LW in hockey and he did it without changing a single thing about his game along the way. Like at least Perry made a point to tone down his antics once his offence blew up. I don't want to say Marchand is getting worse since he's always been pretty bad. It just seems a lot worse now that he's a 100 point player who's STILL doing this stuff.
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    A $500 million entry fee.
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    LOL. Ryan Lasch says hello. How do you say "Bargain Bob" in Finnish?
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    I feel like we’ve always won with Hozler in the line up for some reason. Someone needs to get the w/l record with him in
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    So many typos had to edit.... I think the 5 min major just put a spotlight on to just how much Vegas is just geared as an offensive team and not so much as a defensive one. This along with being so inexperienced in the POs was the probable cause of their meltdown emotionally and mentally. Vegas lost this game on their own without a doubt. The refs just sprinkled on some adversity and the Knights failed. Many teams have gone through the added hurdles the refs hand out sometimes in situations where the team is only up by 1-2 goals and they pass. What kind of team would a Stanley cup contender be if they can’t muster through adversity (injuries and reffing etc). So much for the conspiracy theorists thinking that Vegas is the leagues love child eh?
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    I wanted all 3 Canadian teams to win the first 2 rounds and the Leafs to win the Cup. Calgary and Winnipeg would have helped the Ducks get pick #20 in the first round from Buffalo, and a Leafs Cup win would have made the Kings first rounder for Muzzin pick #31. As for #45, he isn’t my favorite, but a massive improvement over #44.
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    My biggest issue isn't even the call. Vegas has no one to blame but themselves for golfing this early. They completely collapsed. Up 3-0 and they let in four? Blame the pk and not the refs. I find it hard to believe the refs handed them four goals to help them win. Vegas shouldn't get any apology imo. It's a bad call but shouldn't be the end of the world. Also, if the refs are getting blamed for this and aren't being let into the next round, shouldn't they also be blaming Vegas for that? Someone mentioned that it happened twice before. Vegas got destroyed and couldn't keep composure. This should be the end of the discussion. Refs suck yeah yeah, but Vegas was worse.
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    There was no initial call coming on the play that I could see. My suspicion is that one of the linesmen advised the referees that they saw a major penalty and the call was based on that. HOWEVER Furlatt and O'Halloran have both been dropped ahead of the 2nd round - which pretty clearly indicates to me that the officiating supervisors believe they got that call badly wrong. I don't think I've ever seen referees get picked for a Game 7 and then get dropped for the next round. O'Halloran hasn't been dropped before the Finals in over a decade. Apparently it had only ever happened twice before.
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    And this comment came BEFORE the Major and Game Misconduct in the third period. LOL!
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    Ducks have iced their own share of goons. Pronger "stomping" on Kesler. Perry could be considered a goon depending on who you talk too. I think the Ducks have always employed "pests". Like the one year with Perry, Laperriere, and Ruutu. It always rubbed me the wrong way the NHL banished Scott. Never liked him up until the ASG incident. But damn did the League do him dirty when you have total asshats like Wilson running around.
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    Thornton can suck an egg, but I do have a lot of respect for Pavelski. He’s a much better story to root for, especially after what he’s been through in the first round.
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    In case anyone missed it: I'm sorry but I'm not seeing a 5 minute major plus a game misconduct here. Eakin cross-checked him out of the way after losing a faceoff. This happens in practically every playoff game. Pavelski lost his balance from the shove and ended up in the space Stastny wanted to enter. Unless you want to blame Stastny for skating around a Couture screen and getting his arms up when someone suddenly creates traffic in front of him, this is just incredibly bad luck all around. This is the type of play that looks way worse in slow motion and even then there isn't a clear series changing infraction to be seen here. I don't see how a ref could judge a play like that at full speed without it being 100% focused on the awful outcome. Without Pavelski bumping into Stastny, nothing even happens. Of course when the home team's captain is laying in a pool of blood and fans are littering the ice you want to make a call. I can't agree with this one though. Vegas got screwed. At the same time, dear lord Vegas. Major penalty aside, how do you unravel like that in such a short period of time? Yikes. I wanted the Sharks to lose entirely so I could make snarky remarks about all the Norris candidates getting sent home so early. This is the type of victory you ride to the top though. Think LA coming back from an 0-3 series hole and winning in San Jose type of victory. This is still the Sharks though so it's probably equally as likely for them to get their doors blown off by the Avalanche. Who even knows with these playoffs anymore.
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    LOL Vegas. So glad that happened to them. I’m still salty the NHL changed the expansion draft rules for them. Their fans need some misery before they can win. Miracle on Katella is still better. No team has ever scored 3 goals in the amount of time the Ducks did to tie, and the Ducks didn’t need help from the refs either (sorry Edmonton fans, you’re wrong).
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    Agreed, they’re absolutely not the same. Regular season hockey is played at 75-80% effort, with teams having built-in advantages due to travel, scheduling, etc. Playoff hockey is played at 100% effort on what is essentially an even playing field. Playoff hockey proves which teams are the real deal and which teams are just regular season hype. It’s why no serious person thinks that the Capitals have been a better team than the Penguins over the past decade.
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    Reminds me of 2006 where seeds 1-4 in the West all lost first round. If memory serves, Anaheim was the #6 seed and beat Calgary, then suddenly found themselves with home ice advantage in the second round despite being the #6 seed. I have no problem with it, especially when my team is out of it. I enjoy rooting for the underdog. It is pretty crazy that we could potentially see the lower seed win 7 out of 8 series. To me this is part of what makes the NHL a superior product to leagues like the NBA where the lower seeds rarely if ever win. I want all 16 teams in the playoffs to have a genuine shot at the Cup, otherwise what is the point in being there? In the NBA they might as well just skip the first 2 rounds of the playoffs because there are usually only about 4 teams who have a legitimate chance to win.
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    Johnny Gaudreau has no idea how to play in the playoffs. He gets hit, pushed around, muscled off the puck by the more physical style of play, and then looks around like a sad, lost puppy. Outside of one game against Vancouver in 2015, he's put up 9 points in 19 games, with no more than one point in any of those games.
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    No matter how bad this team is, if we make it to The Playoffs we always stand a chance against winnipeg and calgary. We may get blown out by every other team in the West but those two teams fear us
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    I think that the time from getting swept by SJ to the firing of Carlyle in February, was one of worst stretches of hockey that I have ever seen the organization play. They were embarrassingly bad, regardless of who was in the lineup. My frustration has been with management more than anything. They started looking like a functional team after firing Carlyle, but it's going to take a lot more than a uni change and probably a couple of more seasons before this team is sniffing a WCF appearance...assuming the prospects are better than expected and Murray makes a couple of savvy trades.
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