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    This was sent to my customer service contact: Kristen, Just making sure my account is such that I am not automatically renewed in February or whenever that is. I will make the decision on renewal closer to seat selection or whatever sort of later deadline there is. After Murray's statement followed by the trade, it is evident to me that management is not in tune with its customers. After the way the Samuelis didn't stand up for him publicly last year, I hope the Stars value what they have in him. My in-game experience continues to decline in the new year with people wandering all over the place during play and no apparent interest in stopping it via any announcement, video, etc. I guess the need to sell tickets results in a new type of crowd, so those of us "old-timers" (at 41) just become complainers and I guess are just holding on to hockey traditions that aren't important any longer. The decline in play and lack of addressing it also makes us visitors in our own arena, which really isn't fun, and sometimes doesn't feel safe with the apparent inability of vendors and security to recognize inebriation. I'd hate to throw away 12 years of support, but I don't even recognize the organization today, so it feels more like we just folded and the decision wasn't mine to make.
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    Gotta love last nights game when Richie puts the boom on Backes. While they are reviewing it Hazy says "I gotta be honest I was concerned they were gonna suspend Cogliano on that play" HA! Classic. NHL d-bags...I wouldn't put it past them.
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    Avery calls Anaheim Ducks broadcaster Brian Hayward an "embarrassment" and "terrible announcer" after Hayward claims Avery backed down from a fight with Ducks enforcer Todd Fedoruk. Avery speaks out. Hayward's response: "How would you know? When I played, you were in your third year of eighth grade."
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    It's a revealing article for sure. He started to feel weak in game 4 of the season, and to people close to him this was so apparent, that his wife had received multiple texts after the game asking if Eaves was OK. He started avoiding contact and in the following days, had a sort of panic attack as he literally couldn't breathe. It turns out the original Guillome-Barre diagnoses was FALSE and it is unclear up to this day what his problem and symptoms actually were. He had a shoulder injury during rehab, got surgery, shoulder is OK now and he is symptom free of any kind and is on schedule to be in the lineup Game 1. The rest is about how an instantly great fit he was on and off the ice and he wanted to come back without question, and as it was mutual, he got extended. He also mentions how hard it was for him feeling himself in the best shape of his life going into the season in September to feeling out of sorts and helpless by November. At that point he was trying to be the best father and husband he could under the circumstances. From then it went downhill and my take on the article is that his condition got worse and worse because of his mental state, he completely broke down and his body followed to the point he was restricted to a wheelchair. They went to multiple specialists, had a 100 tests to narrow it down but eventually they still would only be able to tell what it wasn't but not what it was. Then he met a friend of his, a strength and conditioning coach who treats patients completely broken down neurologically and he built him up mentally and phisically, or as Eaves mentioned, the guy rebooted him completely, but still couldn't point to a certain medical fact that triggered the turnaround. He was able to function as the head of his family again which reinforced him in his belief he was on the right path and he also credits the organization and the fans standing behind him pointing out the 'Patrick Eaves Beard Night' at the end of January that gave him another boost to fight and come back onto the ice a 100%. Now all issues seem to be gone, looks great, feels great, 'He's going to be just fine.' The articel closes with the feel good story of how he met his wife basically right after his Sens lost the SC to the Ducks in '07. He cleared his locker, drove home to Minnesota, made a stop on the way home in Chicago, met a girl and texted his friends that night 'I just met the girl I’m going to marry’. So he did. I'm going to flat out quote the ending of the article, because it's well written. "Thank goodness that 2007 Ducks-Senators series ended in five games. Otherwise, the two might not have met. “I lost the Stanley Cup,” said Eaves, “and I won a wife.” "
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    Ahhhhhh You wanted the Duck fan version? Round 1 Ducks in 4 Round 2 Ducks in 4 Round 3 Ducks in 4 SCF Ducks in 4 Conn Smythe Nick Ritchie
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    LOL... You must never have been to a Ducks-Kings game at Staples then.
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    He’ll clear then get hurt on the drive down to San Diego
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    One player, watching the interview, said he believed Cogliano teared up thinking of all the injuries he did play through, only to see it end this way. The NHL can go F&*K itself.
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    The team is playing better because Carlyle sucked the life out of hockey, and once the guys on the roster had that weight off their shoulders, you or I could have gone back there to coach and they would have played better. That doesn't mean you or I should be the next full-time head coach of the Ducks. With as energized as the team has been under Murray, they're still 9-9. And even in games like last night where they won, they were outplayed for long stretches against a mediocre opponent. That's happened a lot less, but it's not like this team has gone on an epic run, dominating every team they've faced. The Ducks need a real hockey coach next season. Bob Murray is not it.
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    He’s basically in a skills competition every game
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    “We need to play a faster game.” trades one of the teams faster players...
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    Shore has 17 points in 42 games, is 24, and costs less. Cogs wasn't very good at all this year. Going to miss him, but I like this trade for the Ducks.
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    This makes a lot of sense in speaking to Fowler's issues. He's never been the most assertive player, but he looks incredibly tentative with the puck this season. He was always rated very highly in successful defensive zone exits. I haven't looked at the numbers, but he looks lost out there half the time. And his tentativeness kills any offensive momentum the Ducks might generate from a break out. It would make complete sense that it's a system thing, since I doubt Fowler forgot how to execute a breakout over the summer. Please fire Carlyle.
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    @icemancometh Word is John Gibson is getting married today. Yes, I've already said he's signing a fat contract and his life away on the same day. #wonkwonk
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    1. This statement is absurd. One of the best GMs in the league, in my opinion, is Steve Yzerman, former player. He has put together an amazing squad in Tampa Bay and has set themselves up to be a powerhouse for years to come. Another former player who has done a phenomenal job in management is Ron Hextall out in Philly. Thanks to him (and a little bit of luck), Philly not only boasts a formidable, playoff contention squad, but one of the best prospect pools in the league. The GM of the Pittsburgh Penguins when they repeated as cup champs was former NHL goaltender, Jim Rutherford. The GM of the Vegas Knights, (you know the team that just made the Finals), and chief architect of the Washington Capitals (you know the Stanley Cup Champs)? Former player, George McPhee. Personally, I couldn't care less if my GM has had playing experience or not, but to make the argument that college graduates with economic majors are more successful than former players is baseless. 2. Since taking over in 2008, the Ducks have missed the playoffs twice (2009-2010, 2011-2012) in a 9 year span. In that 9 year span, the Ducks have won their division 5 times. It is frustrating that we haven't won a cup in over 10 years, but making the playoffs 7 out of 9 years and winning 5 division titles certainly makes your argument that his GM ability is poor, weak. You want to argue that the Ducks need a new voice or direction, fine...that is certainly worthy of a discussion. You want to highlight recent mistakes made by BM, fine, they certainly deserve attention. Poor GMing as a whole? I think that is just a lazy argument when it comes to the whole body of work. 3. I can't wait to hear you defend this statement. Please explain how it is embarrassing to be a Ducks fan. I know Luke Schenn has an ugly mug, but c'mon. You think it is embarrassing to be a Ducks fan? How do you think Edmonton, Arizona, Buffalo, Carolina, Montreal, OTTAWA, Vancouver just to name a few feel after recent seasons? Those situations should bring true embarrassment to certain fan bases. 4. Going to call you out again here. Please cite a source where BM says that rookies need to be HAZED (pretty strong word here btw) in order to make it to the big show. 5. What the heck are you even talking about now? First off, BM doesn't decide lineup cards so strike one. Second, please name the rookies last year who were NHL ready and held back by BM's "old school of thought and hazing." Third, in case you haven't noticed, almost our entire top 4 defensive corp are home grown and came from our system. I saw plenty of times last season RC give Montour a humongous leash when it came to rushing the offensive zone and did not try to limit his speed. Before that, he did the same thing with Vatanen. For all of his faults, and Carlyle has A LOT of them, one thing that he deserves credit and not criticism is how he has developed our young defensemen in the system. Oh, you are probably just focusing on the forwards for your narrow argument. Yeah...Carlyle has REEEALLY held back on Rakell and Kase. Instead of playing on the top line, 1st PP, and 3 on 3, maybe Rakell should be playing 30 minutes a night and also put on some pads and give Gibson a break here and there. For Pete's sake, Kase got PROMOTED several times during the season when Perry went ice cold for stretches and had way more OT time than several veterans on the team. If you are talking about Nick Ritchie, I hate to say it but speed and enthusiasm are two words that probably won't be associated with him much during his career. Kevin Roy? Didn't really prove much except against the St. Louis Blues, but they extended his contract last week so it appears they want to give him another chance? Andy Welinski? Same situation. Seriously, I want to know which rookies or young players have been held back because of our "plow horse" tendencies.
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    If we're going to have an albatross contract, I'd rather it be a player who's done amazing things for us in his career and isn't a has-been goon. When Perry does something frustrating, I get irritated for a minute before I think of the amazing goals he scored for us. When Lucic does something frustrating, I will hate him and his ridiculous contract even more. No thanks.
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    If you deserve to win a cup...you should be able to win a game when one of (y)our top defensemen get suspended for one game...even if it happens twice!!
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    Certain things in life are just and some are unjust. We live our lives bemoaning what "could have been" and rarely do what is needed at the moment that really matters - and that is to go outside the box and take action. I feel that such is the case for Andrew Cogliano. The fact that it is Andrew Cogliano is significant because he has been given an extension by you and your hockey club because of who he is and that his presence truly matters to the fabric of the team that under your direction has been able to thrive in spite of overwhelming odds against - small market and league bias, to name a few. He is a respected player, athlete and based on the level of outrage that is being communicated thus far means that I am not alone in this. This suspension by the league needs to be appealed and I am asking you to get involved as the leader of your organization that we call the Ducks - I would ask that you challenge this ruling and go to bat for Mr. Cogliano - he needs to be rewarded for his tenacity and dedication to health and success as a hockey player and as an ambassador for your team. Whatever the consequences based on what "might happen" if you intervene would be of no consequence - what would matter is that you cared enough to fight for your player and I daresay, it would provide unimaginable "jump in the step" of every Ducks player in your organization and would be a big draw for respect and dedication to doing what is right. I would appreciate anything that could be done to sustain AC's Iron Man streak and let the punishment "fit the crime". Thank you.
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    Screw Parros, seriously. I've been a fan of the VG brand and have a number of their t-shirts, but I can no longer in good conscience continue to support that brand knowing that Parros profits from it. I hope if he ever attends another Ducks game that he gets roundly booed. If he seriously believes what he said here then he should not be making these decisions as what he saw does not seem to be consistent with reality.
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    "...and Kempe tried to avoid the interference, which bridged the gap, so there was no lunging." I'm still taking the position that this should have been the key to determining whether the should have been a suspension. I've looked at a whole bunch of other suspension videos and the closest I can find is Ristolainen's 3-game suspension last season for interference against Jake Guentzel: https://www.nhl.com/video/ristolainen-suspended-three-games/t-277350912/c-50688303 But even in that video, Risto is clearly at fault for the violent contact. Risto's body-position stays constant throughout. He doesn't lunge. His arms stay in. In fact, Guentzel basically runs into his back. But the difference is that Guentzel never altered his course either, so Risto was 100% the initiator of contact. Cogs' hit seems different to me, precisely because Kempe altered his course and closed the gap between the two, and was at least partly at fault for them coming together in the manner they did. If Kempe doesn't change directions at the last moment, they are shoulder to shoulder, not shoulder to noggin. Guentzel never had a chance, but Kempe's movements are at least partly to blame for the nature of the contact. I also look at the changes to the head shot rule that the NHL made in 2013. Rule 48.1 (Illegal Check to the Head) was changed to state that an illegal check to the head is "a hit resulting in contact with an opponent's head where the head was the main point of contact and such contact to the head was avoidable." The term "avoidable" is then qualified the following way: Whether the player attempted to hit squarely through the opponent's body and the head was not "picked" as a result of poor timing, poor angle of approach or unnecessary extension of the body upward or outward. Whether the opponent put himself in a vulnerable position by assuming a posture that made head contact on an otherwise full body check unavoidable. Whether the opponent materially changed the position of his body or head immediately prior to or simultaneously with the hit in a way that significantly contributed to the head contact. The contact between Cogs and Kempe seems to me to meet all three criteria, such that the contact could be termed "unavoidable" and therefore not punishable under the head shot rule. I realize that he is being punished under the interference rule rather than Rule 48.1, but it also seems to me that if the NHL is going to invoke significant head contact as a basis for suspension, they should also have to consider the same criteria as what's listed in the head shot rule, specifically because Rule 48.1 was written to protect players from unnecessary head shots in the first place. It baffles me why interference apparently has a lower standard for suspension. I've been seeing quite a few commentators poo-poo the outrage by saying that the NHL shouldn't consider Cogliano's streak as part of the evaluation process (looking at you AnaheimCalling), but regardless of the other hits in that game or the different ways in which we constantly see the Ducks get screwed by officials or Cogliano's personal circumstances, I think this was a straight-up misapplication of the NHL rules with regard to this hit and this hit alone. And the injustice is exponentially compounded by the man it happened to.
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    Well then I guess I understand your position a little better. If that's what you see, that's what you see. Personally, I see the possibility for more nuance, as well as a lot of different possible meanings to be associated with the raised fist, especially nearly 50 years later in 2018. Which is why I give JT the benefit of the doubt and look only at his actions to better his community and improve relations with police and not just at his fist. But we can agree to disagree. Regardless, I thought JT played a solid game the other night. Hopefully he focuses on bringing that type of game whenever he's in our lineup. I already like him better than Shaw.
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    Long time Ducks fan here - follow boards without comment - until now. This ruling is so distressing. I can only think that Cogs feels betrayed by the NHL - the organization to which he has not only given his blood, sweat, and now tears, but his heart and soul. Wishing him strength to turn the page and move on, which is a very tall order, given the situation.
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    As someone pointed out on Twitter, Parros owns the “Violent Gentlemen” hockey clothing brand. The Ducks should immediately stop selling it in the Team Store.
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    Makes sense to let Eakins finish the year in the AHL with the hopes of winning the AHL cup. Gives him more time to develop the kids and make a smooth transition to the big club next season. Now we need BM to end the season poorly so he gets canned in the off-season and all the stars will align.
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    I'm 100% behind getting an interim coach at this point. Of course you'd prefer to replace your coach with someone you feel comfortable going forward with but I'm not sure they can afford to wait out the year anymore. It's beyond just losing now. There's a certain toxicity around this team that we've never seen before. The losing culture from the top down translates into bad habits for the youngsters, combined with complete lethargy for the rest of the players who have tuned their coaches out. It's setting the team up for future failure. Keeping Carlyle because of some misguided promise to give him a dignified exit after he delivered the two least dignified seasons this franchise has ever experienced sends an awful message to the fans. The Pond looked like a funeral parlour against the Blues and judging by how vocal the fan base has been online about their displeasure, there's no reason to expect that to get any better without ripping off the bandaid. Realistically speaking, the season will be doomed regardless of whoever is behind the bench. Where we pick in the draft will most likely rely on how Gibson closes out the season. This team has too much pride to fully embrace Crappo for Kaapo anyway, I don't think it's worth keeping Carlyle in the hopes of tanking. I admit an interim coach wouldn't be the most ideal solution, especially if there's a long term option to be had. It's still a better option than maintaining the status quo though. It would signal that the organization recognizes what we've witnessed over the last 12 months has been completely unacceptable and something is being done. At the very least it would win back some fans and hopefully work towards eliminating the team-wide allergies to work ethic, puck possession and actually playing defence.
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    Just hope that I don't somehow get traded to a different message board, but with all the trades I wouldn't be surprised...
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    I really don’t think we should move any of our top 4 Defensemen. Lindholm is a Norris caliber defensemen. I refuse to believe he just regressed Along with Fowler Manson and Montour. If we trade our top 4 because our coach sucks I’m done. I will not watch this team become the oilers
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    And I'm glad we picked up another guy who gets the snot kicked out of him in possession. Let's have the puck even less! I'm sure that's the answer.
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    I beg to differ. Ritchie is a 52 burger eater champion, a Kobayashi award finalist, a 2-time flap jack winner and a 2-time competitive food bingeing ALL-STAR. So yes, he also has high qualifications.
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    They looked better in stretches, but boy were they inconsistent. That stretch included back-to-back losses to Montreal and Ottawa AND Arizona and Edmonton - while everyone was healthy and they were fighting for their playoff lives. I watched just about every game they played and even while they were putting up wins, they looked like they were barely getting by a lot of the time. That they ran out of gas is a symptom of the problem - they needed to ride Getzlaf like a rented mule to get there because of the lack of depth and because the system the coach runs is suboptimal.
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    I get so irritated at the Kariya haters. How many of you had season seats between '93 and 2003? I did. I saw some pretty awful hockey. We were a running joke of the league for years. The ONLY thing that made it fun during all that losing in the early years was PK9. He gave you hope that maybe just maybe you would see something special that night and maybe because of it we might actually win. He had to endure the ridicule for years playing for the Mighty Ducks. Probably a bit tough for anyone who took their career very seriously. But he endured. So Colorado comes calling, with some good help I'm sure from his buddy Teemu, to come play for Colorado. Paul and Teemu had the same agent. Do you really think that Teemu didn't have a hand in pulling Paul away from Anaheim? Yea if you don't you're living in fantasyland. Get over it! Here is an article at the time for those who want to know all the mechanics of what went down. http://articles.latimes.com/2003/jul/01/sports/sp-kariya1 I for one will ALWAYS have fond memories of my time watching PK9 on the ice and still claim his goal against NJ after being knocked into never never land by Stevens was the single loudest moment EVER at Ponda. I'll be there proudly October 21st.
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    Lindholm - Manson Fowler - Montour Petersson/Larsson - Schenn Is what I think it looks like going into the season. Seeing how Luke Schenn is not Kevin Bieksa, and therefore an upgrade over Bieksa by not being Bieksa, I think this is a pretty good Dmen core.
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    Well the 2017-2018 season is officially over. Congratz to the Washington Capitals and Alex Ovetchkin. I have to say that this was the first post season since 2007 that I have really enjoyed. Even though the Ducks crashed and burned in the first round, when the final four teams were determined I actually liked all four teams for once. (Well not the Jets so much). But it was nice to have a final four that didn't include the Pens, Hawks, Queens, Bruins, Predivers etc. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who participates on these boards for another fun season. I always look forward to seeing what you all think about things happening with the Ducks and the NHL in general. I am always learning new things as well. So thank you all. I'll be visiting these boards as usual but wanted to wish everyone who is taking time off to have a great Summer and will see everyone back in the Fall.
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    The highlight of the night was while the Preds fans were chant you suck, Winnepeg scored. Instant silence. Priceless.
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    Don’t fret Jade. Ducks just weren’t good enough to compete with the championship caliber teams this go around. A full summer off to heal, and some needed changes should bring a more competitive team for 2018-2019. Hopefully, Carlyle moves to the front office, and a coach with a fresh message is assigned. Someone who is good with young players is a must.
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    In the wins or the losses, forever Ducks fan. Following since 1993, moved to SoCal in 2012 to be close to the team, 18/19 season ticket holder as permanent resident in the US. Thanks François for everything <3 \_ \_ \_
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    Lots of good points in this thread, but I disagree with the title. Here's why: 1. Kesler will return healthy next season. The early playoff exit (likely) will actually be a blessing for him, and he'll get several extra weeks to rehab and regain the strength needed. IMO he's been a shell of himself this season due to the surgery, but I also think that's because his season has been mismanaged. If my math is right, he's played 44/45 games since returning from injury. How does that happen to a guy coming off of major hip surgery? I know Kes is a warrior, but he should have been given a few more games off. That said, Kesler will be an elite shut-down centerman again next season after a full 5 months of proper rehab and conditioning. 2. Eaves will return next season. With the beard back in the lineup, we have a solid top-9. The Kesler line will do its thing (see #1), and the other two scoring lines will be centered by Getzlaf and Henrique with some combination of Rakell, Eaves, Kase, and Perry on the wings, all o fwhom have the ability to score 20+. Outside of 10 & 15, all of those guys on the top-3 lines also have the ability to play hockey at a higher tempo, which is certainly needed for today's game. Henrique certainly did in Jersey. Eaves did in Dallas. So the only excuse for not playing up-tempo hockey will be having a system in place that doesn't let them play that way. Which brings me to my next point... 3. Carlyle will relinquish the coaching duties. This may sound like a conspiracy theory, but I think BM's play this season was a set up to move on from RC if we didn't make a deep Cup run. RC has always made it clear that he doesn't trust young players in important situations, so what does Bob do? He's fills out the roster with veteran players that RC can "trust" and then lets RC sink or swim. But all the while, BM already knows he has his youth movement in place, and will need a coach that can nurture and develop young players. The 1st round collapse will confirm to ownership that RC is not able to coach this current group of veterans (in addition to not being able to coach young players). Meanwhile, BM has stocked the cupboards full of good young players the likes of Rakell, Kase, Montour, Larsson, Pettersson, Terry, Ritchie, Welinski, Jones, Steel, etc. and can use the excuse of an upcoming "youth movement" to let RC down easy. RC will be offered a front office position and will not be behind the bench next season, I'm 99% certain of it after this playoff collapse. 4. With RC out, the defense will regain its form from BB's last season when they won the Jennings trophy for fewest goals allowed. I think the next coach brings back a more attacking style, which will take some pressure off the defenders to play so much positional, physical hockey in their own zone. With a more attacking style, they'll be chasing dump-ins and moving the puck up ice quickly more than backing down into a shell, which plays to their strengths of skating and puck retrieval more than RC's current system does. We'll likely see more of the kids (Pettersson, Welinski, Larsson) but this group won't be so afraid to make mistakes without RC there, and will play much more effective team defense next season, which will lead to better break-outs, more possession, and ultimately a higher-tempo of play that can hang with the elite teams in the league. There are also a handful of solid veteran D-men on contracts that expire in 2019-2020, so BM will have the opportunity to add a rental for a playoff run next season (someone along the lines of a Methot, Coburn, Hjalmarsson, etc). 5. Gibson/Miller is as good as almost any tandem in the league. We rode Gibby hard this season, and I think that will just help him develop even more into an elite goaltender. You always have a chance when you can get elite goaltending. In sum: if you have quality/depth down the middle (Getzlaf, Kesler, Henrique), top-6 wingers who can score 20+ (Rakell, Eaves, Kase, Perry), a legit shut-down line (Cogs/Kes/Silf), an elite-level shut-down D-pair (Lindholm-Manson), a solid 2nd D-pair (Fowler-Montour), and quality goaltending (Gibby/Miller), your Cup window is open.... as long as you have the system and coaching in place to get 19 guys to buy in and play as a team.
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    IMO we don’t need tinkering with rookies. We just need our best players to play like our best players. Our top five highest paid forwards (Perry, Getzlaf, Kesler, Henrique, and Rakell) have combined for 0G/2A and 12 PIMs through the first two games at home. That’s why we’re down 0-2. It’s not the refs. It’s not the lineup choices for the 4th line or the 3rd pairing. It’s not even the absence of Fowler. Our best players are simply not getting it done.
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    It looks like he was going for a shoulder check and missed too far ahead of the play, but I could be wrong. Whether it was intentional or not, that looks worse than Cogs' hit to me. But the NHL is okay with continuing to slap Marchand on the wrist even though he might eventually stab someone with his skate on the ice, so I'm sure they'll let Doughty off with a no more than a game. Actually, hold on, this just in:
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    Eklund reporting suspicious digging equipment next to Gordie Howe's grave. Will update as more comes along.
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    I've watched a few games announced by other teams, including the announcers they bring in for other teams playing in the post season. I don't like their patter, I don't like their jokes, I don't like their play by play focus (they never say anything about players that aren't top liners, unless they score a goal), I almost always disagree with their characterization of hits, penalties, fights, and other referee calls, and outside the west coast teams commentators, they never, never, never know anything about any west coast team, even Vancouver. They get players names wrong all the time, but unlike our team, they never admit it (unless there's a big play, with replays etc.). Maybe I've just gotten used to our team's rhythms, but there you go. I'll also add that I have no idea where you're coming from calling Hazy a homer. He's as hard as anyone on our players and coaching and management when they f-up, and if you compare him to any other color commentator, even the national guys, he's more fair and objective about both team's and all player's play throughout a game than what I've seen from anything in the east. Does he talk more about our team than the other team? Of course, they're who he knows best and he's commentating for the Ducks... but that's not homerism. A homer is a commentator that bends every decision or event on the ice into a triumph for the home team or a failure of the away team or the refs... nothing in-between. That's not our commentating team, not even a little bit.
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    Parros has taken too many hits to the HEAD - his decision was biased and inconsiderate ( and just plain STUPID ). George you are SUSPENDED from the Honda Center - FOREVER !!!!
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    Oh come on, Parros, this is garbage based on the video evidence and you know it. EVERY route taken is unnecessary, so that word is meaningless in that sentence. He took the route he was taking to get body position on Kempe. Yes, he should have altered his route so as not to make so much contact, which is why the interference call was correct. But the point of the route and his body position was not "to deliver a high hit" and the contact with Kempe's head came because he changed position, not Cogliano. What a joke. At least Mark Giordano got justice. We wouldn't want him unfairly punished for delivering high hits and ruining knees.
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    I will give him a chance but....there are many other ways to protest. But IMO, flag and anthem are sacred and are off limits. Too many people have died for that flag to make this the greatest country in the world. Flag/Anthem are the line no one should cross who is a legal citizen here.
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    I personally have no opinion on people protesting or making a non-violent, non-verbal statement about something before a sporting event. As long as it doesn't get in the way of the locker room/the game they can do whatever non-violent, legal thing they want! I completely understand why people find it offensive -- but the issue is America truly has a very complicated history and there are still so many double standards and mistreatments that happen in this country daily -- just solely based on stereotypes, fear, and misguided expectations. I mean, I feel like all us Ducks fans can sort of relate...refs thinking we're still the "07 thugs" ...lack of favoring due to NOT being the poster players for the league...we're still getting hurt by a reputation from 10 years ago! Who DOESN'T want to protest the league because of the Cogliano suspension!? I'm already protesting the All-Star break due to the lack of Olympic involvement (I probably wouldn't have watched the all-star game anyway, to be honest). Do you think I'm trying to say that all great things people have done for this sport are worthless? Do you feel that I am disrespecting Rakell by not watching? I mean, they definitely aren't the same level, but I think you get my point. But that's hockey related and I'm protesting in a hockey way, and when all is said and done, it's just a game and isn't life or death. Unlike this country where so many people have literally sacrificed their lives for it. I never found the protest disrespectful 'cause I never saw it as a disrespect to those people -- but rather as a sign of respect and show of being united with people that have been brutally affected by racial inequality in this country. Obviously if you see it as being disrespectful to something you love you're going to be offended -- I mean, that's expected because you're a sane human being and that's how our brains work. I'd be offended too if I took it that way. And maybe sports is just not the place for it, but when you're a highly paid athlete to PLAY A GAME for millions upon millions of dollars...I imagine when something very painful, and hurtful happens that hurts you at your core...you have it eating at you if you don't do anything. And it sounds like JT Brown is past making a statement at a game and instead is working towards community ways to make a difference -- which is great! I can't imagine why someone would have an issue with him being a big part of the community and helping the community/charities.
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    I have an open mind, so we’ll see how he acts, but I’m old enough to understand what the fist in air can symbolize. Lots of available reading on the topic. Some fact, some fiction. I don’t need a political circus when I’m there to enjoy sports.
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    When I look at this trade I just keep thinking one thing. The Kings suck.
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