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    This was sent to my customer service contact: Kristen, Just making sure my account is such that I am not automatically renewed in February or whenever that is. I will make the decision on renewal closer to seat selection or whatever sort of later deadline there is. After Murray's statement followed by the trade, it is evident to me that management is not in tune with its customers. After the way the Samuelis didn't stand up for him publicly last year, I hope the Stars value what they have in him. My in-game experience continues to decline in the new year with people wandering all over the place during play and no apparent interest in stopping it via any announcement, video, etc. I guess the need to sell tickets results in a new type of crowd, so those of us "old-timers" (at 41) just become complainers and I guess are just holding on to hockey traditions that aren't important any longer. The decline in play and lack of addressing it also makes us visitors in our own arena, which really isn't fun, and sometimes doesn't feel safe with the apparent inability of vendors and security to recognize inebriation. I'd hate to throw away 12 years of support, but I don't even recognize the organization today, so it feels more like we just folded and the decision wasn't mine to make.
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    I for one appreciate Moose's unwavering support for the Ducks. "Ducks Dedication" defines Moose. You can agree or disagree with a post, but there's no need to insult the individual themself. That's just common decency that should be "obvious."
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    “We need to play a faster game.” trades one of the teams faster players...
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    Shore has 17 points in 42 games, is 24, and costs less. Cogs wasn't very good at all this year. Going to miss him, but I like this trade for the Ducks.
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    If we're going to have an albatross contract, I'd rather it be a player who's done amazing things for us in his career and isn't a has-been goon. When Perry does something frustrating, I get irritated for a minute before I think of the amazing goals he scored for us. When Lucic does something frustrating, I will hate him and his ridiculous contract even more. No thanks.
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    If you deserve to win a cup...you should be able to win a game when one of (y)our top defensemen get suspended for one game...even if it happens twice!!
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    Of course there would be more interest in a new franchise vs one over 25 years old. That's a no brainer. And the last time I looked, arena wasn't "empty." They're averaging over 16K per game for a team that's REBUILDING/RETOOLING. Some people just see the glass as half empty. I get it. I am an original SSH, and am still one (full season too, no mini plans for me) to this day. Have loved the team since day one, and still do. I just realize there's going to be down yearS. I'm sure your interest will peak again when they start winning. And the 16K average will go up too with winning. There's a name for such fans, but it's Christmas, so I'll leave it at that. Kids are playing hard. We're only 3 games under .500 and that's with another year of injuries. Personally I like the smaller crowds. Easier to park and shorter concession lines. MERRY CHRISTMAS.
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    I don't know if this was an intentional or unintentional dig at the Oilers, but either way, well done.
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    The buyout works in Perry’s favor. If I were him, I would have outright refused a trade, and pushed them to either keeping me no or forcing the buyout option. It’s a business on the player side too. I think he makes more salary this way and controls where he wants to sign. I wish Perry nothing but the best.
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    I really don’t think we should move any of our top 4 Defensemen. Lindholm is a Norris caliber defensemen. I refuse to believe he just regressed Along with Fowler Manson and Montour. If we trade our top 4 because our coach sucks I’m done. I will not watch this team become the oilers
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    And I'm glad we picked up another guy who gets the snot kicked out of him in possession. Let's have the puck even less! I'm sure that's the answer.
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    It looks like he was going for a shoulder check and missed too far ahead of the play, but I could be wrong. Whether it was intentional or not, that looks worse than Cogs' hit to me. But the NHL is okay with continuing to slap Marchand on the wrist even though he might eventually stab someone with his skate on the ice, so I'm sure they'll let Doughty off with a no more than a game. Actually, hold on, this just in:
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    Not really. The flashes of speed and extended offensive zone shifts are nice and give some hope for the direction this team is headed. But even on those extended attacking shifts we had last night there was just no penetration on the center of the ice. Everything is on the perimeter. Teams aren't going to mind defending Anaheim for long stretches in their own zone if all the Ducks do is pass around the outside and take long shots with no traffic. We need guys willing to bring the puck into the middle of the ice and score from dirty areas in front of the net. We really need someone like Perry circa 2011. The defense is probably as good as we can expect it to be considering we are playing Holzer, Del Zotto, Gudbranson and Larsson so much every night. They are all average NHL players at best, though Gudbranson has been surprisingly serviceable considering he is playing way more minutes than he really should be. Lindholm also isn't fully practicing so he's still playing hurt.
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    I thought this was a voyeur thread
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    They got Brian Burke on Sportsnet talking about how you always draft the best player available and all I can think of is Logan MacMillan
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    Not so fast. Once upon a time, I was also in favor of giving Beleskey a 4 x $4M contract with a partial NTC.... Being a GM is way harder than it looks from the comfort of my couch.
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    The Ducks nominated Eaves as their candidate for the Masterton trophy today. I don't have a problem with that considering everything he's been through in his career but I think Kesler easily deserves the award outright. Regardless of how you feel about how he performed, grinding through 60 games and playing those insane Carlyle matchup minutes in his awful condition was an incredible feat for Kesler. If setting a goal of 1000 games and doing everything in his power to reach it in spite of his increasingly broken body doesn't embody "perseverance, sportsmanship & dedication to hockey", nothing else will.
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    I would stop watching the NHL if this happened. I don't want players making a business decision as to whether they will step in front of a shot to block it or chase a puck into a corner because it might cost them money if they get injured. If you're going to financially penalize players for trying hard, you might as well go back to the flat-bladed stick and make them play by collegiate rules to keep them all safer on the ice. That would result in a much worse on-ice product. IMO, players should be able to play their games to the best of their ability without worrying that their income will be affected by an on-ice injury. And speaking of on-ice injuries, your bus driver's "sick day" analogy doesn't work here. Hockey injuries are typically work-related injuries (unless you're Patrick Eaves or Dustin Penner) and would be eligible for worker's compensation claims in the real world (if sports were actually the same as the real world, which they're not). In most US states I think worker's comp pays something like 2/3 of the salary for workers injured on the job who are unable to keep working. And you know how injured workers get the rest of their lost salary? They sue. Do we really want players suing the NHL, teams, coaches, and each other every time they miss games due to injury? That would also be terrible for the game (and also for us fans, because litigation ultimately just makes everything more expensive for the end-users/consumers). Finally, there's also that specter of concussions. What you're suggesting here will cause players with significant head injuries to return to the ice before they are ready due to fear of losing thousands or even millions of dollars in lost wages because of missed games. These players are human beings, not gladiators, and we should be thankful the NHLPA exists to make sure they are treated as human beings and allowed to heal their significant injuries according to their own body's timeline. So IMO, guaranteed contracts exist for both the good of the game AND the good of the player. The onus should instead be on the GMs to make sure that a team is built properly within the salary cap rules. That is their job. And if they can't do their job well, ownership should find some else to do their job.
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    I'd rather have Kesler in a wheelchair on the ice scoring nothing but hotdogs at intermission than a piece of poop like Dustin "there goes your knees" Brown.
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    This "aging" thing is making me laugh. Cogliano is 31 and may be the best conditioned athlete in the entire league. I'll bet anyone here that Cogliano plays more NHL games than Shore does from here on out. Probably score more goals than him too.
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    Cogs is snakebit in scoring, but was the only one able to keep up with the faster teams, stealing pucks, forechecking, creating opportunities for others. Not everything goes on a scoresheet. I feel so weird. I have accelerated all the way past rage to quiet acceptance, with zero interest in watching anymore. Even if this trade becomes successful from a player/points point of view, the level of "tone deaf" required to pull it off after a statement saying you'll keep the coach is just mind-boggling. If you thought the fans are heard here, it is confirmed that they are not.
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    Sorry minor league zamboni drivers but this is the best thing to happen this season
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    That tweet from Wyshynski is a pretty negative way of looking at this. We got a pick that will likely be somewhere in the 20s, and a young defenseman who is still developing and could fill a need for us on the right side, for a player who is perennially injured and seems to have reached a plateau development-wise. I think it's a good return for a guy with such an injury history.
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    100% agree. Getzlaf is still one of the best passers in the game, yet he has only 4 assists so far through 17 games. The goal scorers for those assists were Silfverberg (2), Rowney and Gudbranson. In other words, not a single one of his regular line mates. I don’t understand why this is so hard for HCDE to figure out. Put Getzlaf with 33 & 67. Otherwise we’re just wasting one of Getzy’s few remaining seasons where he’ll be able to play at a very high level.
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    He's a centre with a G and a Z in his last name. He passes my official "I have no idea what's going on here so draft the player with the coolest sounding name" test.
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    People need to stop comparing Perry and Teemu with regard to their knee injuries. They are completely different players. Teemu always was a speed player and so he relied on his knee to accommodate that speed. Perry on the other hand has never been the best skater and not nearly as quick. Perry has always been the grinding type player who just cycled down low and “slowed” the game down with Getz. As such, his knee is not going to make him a better skater nor a faster one. So really I don’t think he will come back and have ANYWHERE close of a resurgence that Teemu did ... not even close. The very wide majority of players only decline as they get to Perry’s age not get better. Sorry but he will never again be a 30 goal scorer. So paying him the amount he was getting to be a 20 goal scorer was insane. I love Perry too but seriously everyone don’t look at this with so much emotion. The younger kids who will take his spot will be better than what he currently brings to the table as far as points goes. This is the young players team now even Getz will eventually wind down. It’s just nature, people age and it’s also business too where spending that much money is better spent somewhere else and not on a 4th liner.
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    ANYONE, and I mean A.N.Y.O.N.E. but the preds. Colorado, Boston, even L.A. But not the Preds. Preds are the worst of the worst of the worst OF the WORST.
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    Bob’s strategy before entering negotiations with Silf was to cut out Silfs linemate and use him as collateral damage in order to get Silf at a lower rated contract and effectively show him how ruthless he is and play on Silfs emotions. Bob to Silf:: I sent your buddy Cogs packing FOR YOU. I did this so YOU can stay here. But first I needed to save some cash. Do you understand? I did it for you. That’s straight up street savagery sh*t right there.
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    Because this trade isn't about the players, it's about establishing what the management thinks are issues. The current issue is hustle and work. They traded the epitome of that. There were players who WEREN'T making the effort that could have been traded. It's also the timing, right after confirming that a coaching change wasn't happening. It's a signal that, from a business point of view, they are absolutely tone deaf. This doesn't mean they have to do what the fans want, but there is a time and place that you do things based on "reading the room," and it is evident that management has no ability to do so at the present.
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    Me Irish mate who is a Toffee through and through just said it's Liverpool's to lose. I've never seen an Irishman so sad while holding a pint of Guinness.
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    Right, because no children have been killed or are experiencing potentially long-term health difficulties because they've contracted the disease. I'm glad you're not forcing my children to attend school before we've got this illness under control.
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    I've decided all trades are a crap shoot. Thinking about William Karlsson since Vegas just played the Ducks. With Columbus in 2015-16 he scores 9G (81 games), in 2016-17 he scores 6G (in 81 games). Goes to Vegas, has 43G in 2017-18 and 24G in 2018-19. This season, before the game on Sunday (where he had a hat trick) he had 10G in 55 games. His salary is 5.9M for the next 8 seasons (including this season). Fans were all apoplectic about trading him, and would now be talking about what a horrible contract it is.
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    and . Backes is like only $3mil. Kesler goes on LTIR. Fowler is a very good player. Perry buyout was good. He has 5 goals right now.
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    Kase is always hurt. Guy doesn't keep his head up. I think this is a great trade just for the pick. Business deal both ways. Kase was little cheaper than Backes with same contract term, plus Ducks get a pick and a prospect. Part of Backes' salary was retained by Boston.
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    The team needs a 4th liner with snarl. Better to lose Del to a 5 minute penalty than Getz, Manson, etc. He serves a purpose.
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    I disagree. I think there are trades out there that could make this team competitive almost immediately if GMBM had the stones to go for them. I'll even give you two names - Alex Wennberg and Kasperi Kapanen. Wennberg has struggled mightily under Torts the past two seasons, but he's a former 46 assists guy and, despite currently being in Torts' doghouse (not unlike another young Swede who shall not be named was recently), he still showed his flashes of great play at the World Championships last summer after a dreadful regular season. He clearly hates playing under the iron fist of Torts, and I get the impression that Columbus would like to get out from under his contract, so I think he could be had for a reasonable price. Something like Jones/Ritchie + a 2nd or 3rd rounder in 2020 could do it. For Kapanen (who I think has 30-goal potential if he ever gets top-6 minutes with a decent center), Toronto clearly needs to shed some salary from the forwards so that they can improve their defense next season, and there are a lot of rumors that Kapanen is likely the one to go. Kapanen is a pure sniper and would look great on Getzlaf's wing until Zegras is ready for the NHL. I bet he could also be had for one or two of our good prospects and a high pick. Something like Terry + 1st in 2021. If you add those two guys, the Ducks are suddenly icing a line-up next season of Henrique-Getzlaf-Kapanen, Rakell-Wennberg-Silfverberg, Comtois-Steel-Kase, [Jones/Ritchie]-Grantzlaf-Rowney and a D-unit of Fowler-Gudbranson, Lindholm-Manson, and [3rd pair]. Add Gibby in net, and that's a team that can compete next season IMO if they buy into the system. And looking ahead, we'd have Zegras and probably a top-5 pick from 2020 to integrate into the team longer term (in addition to guys like Lundestrom and Tracey), so the future would stay bright as Getzlaf, Rico and Silfvy continue to age and regress into more support roles. And that's just two names. I'm sure there are a lot more players out there who are available and who could make a significant impact on the team in the immediate future. For every Lias Andersen or Zach Bogosian who makes his trade request public, there are ten others whose trade requests are still being handled privately between the GMs and agents. There are players out there who are available. Good players. And if GMBM wants to keep his job, he should be doing everything he can to add them so that this remains a re-tool rather than sinking into a long, long, loooong-term rebuild.
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    Hahahahaha hahahahaha haha, we got Laviolette canned! This is our Stanley Cup this year. Wonder if the Preds stop diving? Have to imagine that it was being endorsed by the coach and if a different coach comes in and won’t have that
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    We have a ton of players with the talent level similar to Wild Bill. They are all in their first and second years. Wild Bill didn't do well at all until he was on his third team in his 5th NHL year. His 5th year. He had 20 and 25 points in 81 games for CLBS in each full year he was there. Quit acting like you knew he was a great prospect. He was the 53rd pick of his draft and played only 18 games for the Ducks. No one ever wrote a lick about him on these boards back then. No one cared when he was traded. It takes the vast majority of players several years to get really good. I love the mindset Eakins has with our young players. They are showing painfully slow signs of progress. And one day it will turn into something good. Steel is playing better and better everyday. Jones and Terry show glimpses at times. Look at how much better #33 is that he was 2-3 year ago. Hockey is weird. Sometimes like with Karlsson, lighting can strike. When we traded for Steve Thomas, he had FOUR goals (and 13A) is SIXTY-NINE games that year. We paired him with Sam Pahlsson and Stan fraking Chistov and he had TEN goals and 3 assists in TWELVE games. You just never know. And you SSH since Day 1, how can you disburse such a complete lack of understanding of the game and how players grow and post here like you know everything? You think you'd know more than just what offsides is. We are 2 games under .500 and have the #5 draft pick right now. I love that. Another good pick next year. And I do see this team play hard every night. Love watching them, even if its painful at times. Also saw a post on FB. Ducks had the 8th most NHL standings points this decade. That's Top 25% and they were #3 the first seven years of the decade. I hope you enjoyed my year end rant :-)
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    It's not about whether he CAN play 4th line minutes, its about whether he wants to play 4th line minutes and whether that's how the fans want to see him go out. Fisix nails it here: Perry still thinks he's the second best player on this team. He's not, and it never goes well when a player who thinks he's better than he is does not get to play as much as he thinks he deserves. Remember Selanne's very public tongue-lashing of Boudreau for taking him off the #1 PP unit during his final season? Everyone but Teemu knew he didn't belong there any more, and it was a rough exclamation point on an otherwise incredible career. As a fan, I don't want to see Perry go down that same path of resentment due to a diminished role.
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    Shut it down, Kes. I give him credit for gutting through the injury and getting to 1,000, but at some point he's a detriment to himself and the team. I don't think rest will really be much of a factor ... at some point you're just a 35-year old with bad hips that can't skate. Father Time is undefeated for a reason.
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    A class move. Notice he didn't throw the players under the bus in any of his statement. He took responsibility and emphasized the team's mission. Color me impressed. A stark contrast to what comes out of the ducks "management".
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    Honestly I'd take Bruce back in a heartbeat.
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    Anyone else find it interesting that Cogliano thanked the Samuelis (by name), his teammates, and us fans, but not the coaches or front office? In his interview this morning with Dallas media about how he found out about the trade, he also didn't refer to GMBM by name: https://sportsday.dallasnews.com/dallas-stars/stars/2019/01/15/forward-andrew-cogliano-joins-stars-after-trade-anaheim-think-could-used-change-honest I also think it's weird that the team sent Cogs out to do the post-game interview with Frenchy after the last game, knowing already that a trade was imminent (or may have already been done). Why would they do that? It also seems like a brutal time for a trade since Cogliano's wife is due to give birth in about a month. Given that this trade was a 1-for-1 lateral move that didn't bring back a player with a different skill set or fill an urgent need on the team, and that GMBM doesn't think this team is going to go anywhere in the playoffs anyway, the timing of the trade seems especially harsh. Almost vindictive even. Can't help but wonder if there's some bad blood there between Cogs and GMBM for some reason.
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    Aside from Gibson and maybe Kase, whose play hasn't been in decline this year? Its not right to blame Cogs' lack of points on age when the whole team has been struggling to score.
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    Cowards. They don't play Dallas again this season, so after the initial backlash, they avoid any discussion of this trade until the end of '19, when it will be old news. Don't care about whether this is a net positive. And for what? A little bit of improvement? That's what Loyalty is worth? As a 25 year season seat holder, this hurts, though it sounds like others are already getting over it. Just being honest in saying this move has made them lose me for the rest of season. Will be attending far less games the rest of season, and will try to sell our seats best we can, and maybe let the seats stay empty a couple of games. Not that management will notice or care.
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    If Bob doesn’t fire Carlyle this season I hope he’s sh*t canned too.
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    All in regulation as well. Hopefully the Ducks make it 6 tomorrow.
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    Kings lose 5-1 to the Devils.
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