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    2-3 bad seasons and all want to fire BM... can't understand that. of course, he is not perfect, of course, you can find some mistakes if you want to find some. but he made a lot of good things and as I mentioned earlier, we had twice top 10, 5 in the top 15 since the cup (before 2019). thats normal that the talent is bleeding out. you can't not almost the whole 10-12 years be a contender and then you think you can stay there forever. and he tried a lot (interim Coach, 7-8 trades at deadline, sign Grant+Shatt, sign all veterans to keep the team together, drafted well). Grant was injuried and not play well, Shatt is a disappointment (because talent, baby or covid, we don't know). the two top 10 in the last 2 years looks like good, Zegras can be the best player of the 2019 draft, Drysdale looks good in the AHL statistically (I can't watch the AHL-games). we have to change the (assistent) coaches, not the GM. and yes I know, the GM hire and fire the coaches.
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    Off the top of my head: - Hiring Randy Carlyle for a second stint because he won a championship with the team 10 years prior with an antiquated style of play. Don't tell me about the 2017 playoffs where two sorry Canadian teams got smacked, I'm sure head coach Bob Murray could have gotten the same result there. - Flat out refusing to fire Randy Carlyle after the most embarrassing stretch of hockey this franchise has ever seen and instead blaming it on the players he put there. Trading locker room glue guys like Cogliano before getting outscored 40-8 (or whatever god-awful number it was) on a road trip sure sent a message. - Giving that trainwreck Bieksa an insane NMC extension before he even played a game as a Duck because he's buddies with Kesler.. the same Kesler who straight up refused to go anywhere but Anaheim or Chicago before he was traded and wasn't at risk of leaving if Bieksa never becomes a Duck. 100% unnecessary and it only handcuffed this team once cap hell and Vegas became a reality. - A number of flip-flopping "re-tools" where the team's identity was supposed to change in an effort to match whoever beat us in the playoffs that year. One year it's "we need more size and sandpaper", the next it's "we need more skill and speed". All that ever changed was what corner of the dumpster he'd look in that July 10th after most free agents have signed.. or what role player he'd pointlessly throw away at the deadline for someone who didn't fit (cough DSP.. still upset about that) - Failure to maximize assets and hanging onto certain players for too long. I think this one speaks for itself when you look at his recent record. Shoutout to our waived top goal scorer from a season ago Adam Henrique for being an example of both. Kesler's extension looks bad now but it gets a pass. Eaves was sketchy from the start. As awesome as he was in that short stretch, the only consistent thing in his career has been injury. Silfverberg and Henrique would've made more sense if this team was trending anywhere but down when they were extended. Again, hanging onto players too long and failing to establish a clear path for this team going forward.
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    We're shouting into the void, my friend. Words are wind and all is vanity.
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    What exactly had the team (outside of Gibson) shown to warrant any real belief though? The core of this team hasn’t been good enough or coached well enough and expecting Steel, Terry, Jones to be studs let alone in their first pro NHL seasons never seemed realistic. They can all be decent NHLers but that’s not what the team needs. There’s a management, coaching and talent gap. Two of those three could be changed today.
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    Except Murray said things like “the retool is over” and expected to compete for a playoff spot this year when most people rightfully looked at him like he was insane. Why would you keep the core of this team together after the previous two seasons? If he had said that the team was still transitioning after several years of success then it’s a completely different scenario. Murray believed this team was good. He extended Henrique, Silfverberg, brought back Grant and wasted time, money and the chances to bring back assets that the team needs going forward in the process. He hired Eakins who cost the team the last two games more than anyone. Honestly, I don’t place most of the blame on Murray anymore. It’s now on the Samuelis, imo. They either ok’d what’s going on or don’t care enough to explain it let alone fix it.
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    Anaheim has the 7th highest salary in the league (literally only $35 behind Chicago for the 5th highest) but is 28th in the standings. BM has constantly handcuffed himself with stupid moves and we have nothing to show for it.
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    I agree as well....he needs to go.... OR AT LEAST .... Hold a press conference and tell everyone what in the holy hell is going on! Is there even a strategy for this year? Are we treading water until the Seattle draft? Do we have a PLAN for the draft? Are we secretly working on a blockbuster trade? Are we working on another trade for an over the hill winger? Are we secretly hoping to tank and get a top 10 draft pick this year? Just what in the hell are you thinking Bob???? Tell us!!
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    Ill bet the delay for booting BM and DE is they have no suitable plan B. Ill bet they are scrambling. They need to boot the President Michael Schulman of the club also. All this happened on his watch. How is he earning his whopping 6 figure salary Asleep at the wheel. Pathetic situation
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    Ducks need to have strategy in regards to trades...How many prospects or young Ducks are in the rank and file of our team...? Too many to assemble B Team. What is important to is to account Bob's FAILURE as GM in Trades...HE SHOULD NEVER STOP with Kesler TRADE. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    Ducks need a shakeup both on the Ice and Off the ice with Trades and removal of GM. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    The players didn't "ask" for RC. Bob said he checked with some of the players to see if it was ok to bring him back. There were only a handful of players that had played for him the first time that were still with the Ducks. Getz, Pears, Fowler, and Cogs and I think that's it. And Kesler and Bieksa had played for him way back when he was with the Manitoba Moose. I don't know if BM checked with all of those guys, but my guess is that he checked with Getz, Pears, Kesler and Fowler to get a sense of how the team's leadership would feel about it, and that's about it. And regardless of all that speculation about who asked who what, that was a dumb re-hire and the GM should have known better and should have been held accountable for it. How many GM's get to fire a 3rd coach before getting their own walking papers? Not many.
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    Clearly as I stated...Time for Ducks to have NEW GM is needed..Bob Murray's time is up and Ducks need Good Quality Players to ensure our team does not fall into this Funk AGAIN like Common Cold. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    We seem to have turned into the early Anschutz era Kings....get just enough "quality" players to field a team at a cheap price but not win anything big to keep people in the seats and make the owners more money. Then blame the players or coaching staff for the problems, and fire them, bring in a new coach, rinse, repeat. We need to get rid of Bargain Bob, and get a new GM that can make a hockey trade. Enough with bargain basement mediocre players. Tear it all down, and start over. (sorry for mini-rant) Gibson wont want to be here, if he doesn't have that mind set already, and Zegras won't re-sign after his contract is up in 3 years if this sh*t keeps going. Get someone in charge to do it right, cuz GMBM isn't that person IMHO
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    Sad , Kings have gotten it together , we are imploding.
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