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    The Athletic came out with their ranking of all 32 starting G in the league, and Gibson was #5. Basically saying a star G on a crappy team. I'll never understand those that continually bash him. Thankfully others know his real value.
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    Nothing. Out of almost 100 players waived, 6 were claimed, and none of those 6 appeared to be anything special. Just filling in injuries or AHL vacancies. It's the same thing we say every year (and forget)... waivers when establishing rosters isn't the same a waiver in the season. They are all just transactional and no teams really want to mess with another team.
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    Yeah, the 8th year is always a benefit to the current team, as it should be. I'm hoping that the Ducks don't do too many more 8-year contracts for 27 to 28-year-olds, but in Lindholm's case, with where the roster currently sits, I think it would be a good move, even if they end up overpaying for the last 2-3 years of that deal, like Perry/Getzlaf. ALSO, I'm hoping that the Ducks see the new trend, and, if warranted, DO NOT bridge Zegras/Drysdale/McTavish, but sign them to 8-year contracts when they are 21-22, not 27 or 28.
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    Do you really think that Pateryn is as good as Fleury? Pateryn is 30, has been awful his entire career, and is right-handed (when we have three right-handers who are already guaranteed spots in the lineup). Fleury played well with the team last year, still has some upside left, and is left-handed. Neither have been point producers, but Fleury's possession stats are light years ahead of Pateryn's. Fleury is a good 3rd pairing defenseman, with the ability to play second pairing minutes if needed. Pateryn is an AHL player or 7th d-man on a bad team, at best. The "God status" is an absurd strawman. No one thought he was God. It doesn't matter why we acquired Fleury or for whom. Once we had him, it was up to Murray to make the best use of him. But instead of seeing that he would be a valuable asset to the team this year, he stuck with his original plan and left him exposed over several worse players. That's like picking up a rock and using it to hold down a tarp, finding out the rock is a precious metal, and then tossing the rock away after you're done using it to hold down the tarp because that's all you wanted it for. It's bad asset management, which has been a hallmark of Murray the last five years.
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    Larsson on waivers. About time lol!
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    If he goes 5 x $8, then he would need a 3-year $14M contract ($4.67 AAV) contract at age 33 to equal the contract value of an 8 x $6.75M contract from Anaheim. Doable in theory, but he would be really betting on himself to stay healthy and productive while playing the hardest minutes. I think that's a risky bet for someone to expect that a team will give him $4.67M per season at age 33 as a free agent who doesn't score a ton of points (~.38 ppg). The Rakell thing is worrisome to me. If I were running the show, I'd be trading Manson and re-signing Rakell and Lindholm. I see a ton of utility in keeping Rakell and Lindholm, but virtually none in Manson at this point.
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    1. There is a shortage of good UFAs available every summer. That's why teams overpay for them. It's basic supply and demand. 2. Here's the list of LHD UFAs next summer. If it's so easy to replace Lindholm, do it. Who's your guy? https://www.capfriendly.com/browse/free-agents/2023/caphit/all/defense/ufa/desc/left 3. Even when there are good defensemen available in UFA, they NEVER come to Anaheim unless they are being given too much money or too much term. Unless you think Clayton Stoner, Bryan Allen, and Sheldon Souray were appropriately compensated. 4. The reason to re-sign Lindholm is because the Ducks will need a competent defense to shepherd their young players. If management strips down this defense to the studs and they go into an even worse downward spiral, we're officially the Sabres East. Then it's then just a matter of time before Zegras, McTavish, and Drysdale do their best Duck impressions of Eichel, Reinhart, and Ristolainen by getting the flock outta here.
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    And thank God we exposed Fleury, otherwise Seattle might have selected Volkov or Milano.
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    At his best, I think Gibson is better than both Giguere and Hebert. That said, Giguere would go on these hot streaks (particularly in the playoffs) when he would be unreal. I'll never forget his series against Detroit in 2003. Hebert was solid and had some great moments of his own, but I don't think he was as good as the other two, even at his best. If the Ducks can turn things around and get Gibson some help, I think he'll end up having a better Ducks career than Jiggy and Guy. But if the team continues to be putrid after this season, I think Gibson will be gone and that will leave him just short.
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    I'd still take Giguere over any other ducks goalie....guy was CLUTCH. Especially in the playoffs. His playoff OT record is insane... I can't find the stat to confirm, but its "a lot of wins" and 1 loss It's not Gibson's fault we didn't go all the way in 2017 (ugh...fraking bad-goal-Bernier)....but he was injured. He needs to find a way to stop getting injured...(as someone who constantly gets injured playing soccer...id also like to know how to do this lol)
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    I hate the Gibson haters.
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    You beat me to it. Also, this was not a group of writers ranking guys, although they had some input; this ranking was based on a poll of GMs, players, coaches, and other hockey insiders. John Gibson is considered a top 5 goalie in the game by people who matter in the game. He's really good. https://theathletic.com/2874600/2021/10/11/nhl-goalie-tiers-2021-22-anonymous-panel-of-gms-and-coaches-rates-all-32-starters/
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    They have people who you can hire as well. They’ll teach you how to be less condescending .
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    Pretty much. Solomon also might have put in his $.02.
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    Grant and Pateryn on waivers. They play him the most minutes of any F last night and then waive him. Classic.
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    Wow, Brady Tkachuk signs for seven years, $8.2 million per year. That's an awful lot for a guy who's scored at a .65 ppg pace over his three-year career, and hasn't gotten more productive since his rookie season. I know there's still potential there, and we have to take the COVID seasons with a grain of salt, but it seems like Ottawa really has to overpay to keep these guys around. I don't blame them - they had to do this as part of their rebuild (and they can afford to), but it's going to make negotiations with some of their other guys more difficult down the road, assuming they blossom into stars. For all the flak I give Murray, he's usually handled RFA negotiations really well. It will be interesting to see if it's any different now that Solomon is here.
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    I think the fact that none of the players BM acquired in the last year and a half were deemed worthy enough to protect in the expansion draft says more. Just going through the motions over here.
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    The difference between $6.75M at 8 years and $7.25M at 7 years is also $3.25M. If he's interested in the money, he'll take the longer contract with the Ducks, since he knows that the chances of him getting $3.25M on a 35+ contract to make up the difference are very small.
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    lol of course Heinen scores the opening goal of the season....lol
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    I agree with a lot of what you have said. I would be incredibly surprised if McTavish makes it past his 9 games before going back to Juniors. I don't think Terry and Getzlaf have shown much chemistry to speak of, but where else do we slot Terry in? Fingers crossed this is the year that Terry really breaks out. I was talking to a buddy of mine here in Edmonton who is a Sabres fan. He is hoping that if Eichel goes to Anaheim that Terry is in the package back the other way. There's a lot of love for this kid around the league because his underlying numbers are great. Now he just has to put it all together and start scoring on a regular basis. I hope Drysdale stays with Lindholm. The other pairs don't matter all that much IMO. Since we know Fowler and Manson don't really work, I would be fine with Fowler-Shatt and Mahura-Manson as the other pairs. Pateryn is basically Holzer. He's the 7th d-man that only plays a game every 2 weeks if everyone is healthy.
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    I think it is quite incredible that only THREE players on the opening night roster came to the team via trade (Henrique, Silf, Deslauries).
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    They'll miss him when hes gone. He's easily the best goalie in franchise history. Sadly he's paired with the worst gm in the league and the worst head coach in league history.
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    Ben Bishop turns 35 in November, missed all of last season due to knee surgery, and has been placed on LTIR to start this season. Dallas also has 35-year-old Anton Khudobin and a probably washed-up Brayden Holtby (also a pending UFA) as their depth. For a team in their Cup window, I can't imagine they're feeling great about their netminding situation for this season plus the next 2-3. And while MAF was ranked 3rd on that list, he does turn 37 in November. Is Chicago planning to ride him until he's 39/40? Kuemper (Colorado) is also a pending UFA and he could price himself right out of the Avs' plans (just like Grubauer did) if they have a great year defensively. Or if he struggles and goaltending looks like the weak link in the chain, Gibby would be a natural fit there. Assuming this season goes south again, and if Gibby has a solid Olympics, I think a trade to Dallas, Chicago, Colorado, or Edmonton next summer makes a ton of sense if the Ducks aren't going to proactively build a better team around him.
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    Bobby Ryan has been released from his PTO with the wings. Would you consider signing him for league minimum to a one year contract? I think he's still a decent enough forward that we could flip at the deadline for picks. And he could still put the puck in the net.
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    Instead of chasing broken-necked forward with crazy salary, I would rather wait this season and preserve some money for next summer, when several young RFA may be potentially available. Kaapo Kakko, for example. Rangers will be against salary cap, and for our team to make a qualifying offer for this talented forward would make a good sense.
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    Zegras and Eichel would be a dynamic duo that would finally make this team relevant again. I really hope we bring in this kid.
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    I don't really know if posting 'Fowler is soft, he should be traded' in every single topic is really 'constructive criticism'.
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    Eakins to Murray: it’s your fault for giving me Grant in the first place! Tell me you’re trying to get Shane Wright without telling me you’re trying to get Shane Wright! Or maybe Gibson and Stolarz threatened to strike.
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    Not true for Fagemo. They traded their own 3rd and 5th round picks in 2019 to move back into the 2nd round to draft Fagemo. No acquired assets were used to get him. Also not true for Brendan Lemieux. They traded their own 4th rounder for him, not a pick they acquired. If we were to get Eichel, I'm confident we could put our 25-and-under talent side-by-side with the Kings' 25-and-unders and be even with or ahead of where they are. Eichel-Zegras-McTavish down the middle v. Byfield-Turcotte-Vilardi leans heavily to the Ducks side IMO. I'll take Drysdale over Clarke too. I'll admit that's possibly a homer choice since I haven't seen much of Clarke, but they're only 10 months apart in age and Drysdale is already playing on a top-pair in the NHL while Clarke is playing in Barrie, so Drysdale definitely has a leg up in his development already. I don't see a comparable to Dostal in their system either. Kaliyev is really the only high end prospect that I would give the nod to over his comparable in Anaheim (Comtois?), but that's still a pretty close call after the goal totals Comtois produced last season. And based on recent comments from Corey Pronman, a year from now we could easily be saying about Pastujov and Zellweger what everyone is saying now about Kaliyev and how so many teams were dumb for passing on him. IMO, Bob has been unfairly criticized for not going scorched earth on this rebuild even though he has made a number of significant moves to acquire major assets. No, he didn't trade Silfverberg for what could possibly have been a late 1st in the 2019 draft (a draft we already had two 1st rounders in). Maybe he wants a do-over for that one. But he did trade Freddy for a 1st (Steel) and a 2nd (Comtois) though. He also took on Backes' contract for a 1st rounder (Perreault). We've had six 1st rounders in the past four drafts, with half of those being top-9 picks. And we currently have each of our top picks from the past six drafts on our active roster. That's a pretty decent haul for a rebuild. But we also already have more self-drafted players on our active roster than any other team in the NHL. The goal can't be to have every single player home-grown though. At some point, you have to stop collecting picks and start acquiring real NHL players.
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    Small price to pay for salvation
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    I agree. I do see something in him that hasn’t been tapped into yet. I feel like he will become a player similar to Marchant or Cogs. He just has t figured it out yet. He never will if he is in the press box. Play him in the 4th line or send him down.
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    Waivers exempt are Zegras, Drysdale, Comtois, and Groulx. The first three of those aren't going anywhere. And I don't see a purpose is keeping McTavish+Groulx together since one would be going to San Diego and the other to Peterborough. I could see Groulx being sent down in favor of Volkov or Milano if the team wants to put Steel or Grant back in the middle and have Groulx do some more learning under Bouchard. But I'd give even odds that one of Steel or Grant ends up on waivers too if there's a rash of injuries on the blue line and we need the roster space for a D. It's definitely possible one of Steel/Grant doesn't finish the season with us due to a waivers claim, and that may be why Groulx is getting a longer look early with the Big Club.
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    This Roster...of our Ducks...29TH edition of our team...Looking at these names Makes me Smile...WHY...1. ANAHEIM DUCKS WILL BE UNLEASHED 2. BO Groulx is 4Th Moosehead to suit up for Anaheim Ducks....I look for great things from him 3. FIRED UP for our Ducks TO CRUSH,DESTROY,RIP and TEAR till They Win. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    Well, apparently Benoit and Hutton are on the Gulls roster. Which leaves Fowler, Lindholm, Drysdale, Shattenkirk, Manson, Mahura, and Pateryn on the D roster. 7. Meaning 14 F's. Sounds like Groulx and McTavish made the cut. Congrats to those two!
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    Maybe they're slow-playing it, but the Kings have been reported as out for a while. They certainly have the youngsters to get it done, but those youngsters could also be really good. Byfield probably won't reach the same level as Eichel, but he could be a star, and the hope for the Kings is that he's ready to take over the #1 center spot when Kopitar is ready to move into a 2nd line role. Plus Byfield doesn't have the injury to worry about (although there is risk that he won't develop into a #1 center). The Kings path is the one Bombays is recommending (and it has merit) - just load up on high draft picks and trust that several of them are going to turn into studs. We'll see if it works out for the Kings. I'd rather have Eichel, even with the spine injury, than Kakko. We'll see what he does this year, but Kakko has been a pretty severe disappointment thus far. He's still young, so it's not too late for him to do something. But I think he needs to put up 40+ points this year to be someone I'd want to bank on going forward. Plus, Carolina and Montreal's peeing match notwithstanding, offersheets still aren't really a thing. I'd enjoy it if they were, but GMs are way too conservative about them.
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    It's also on Cox Cable.
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    I'd be surprised if McDavid and Drasaitl don't have a cup when it's all said and done. Those are two players that'll always keep you in the mix and make everyone around them better. Bringing in Eichel tells Zegras that the Ducks are a legit franchise and want to be something special. Ducks don't exactly have a good track record of devolving elite forwards or signing them. Unless you get Wright, Bedard or Miroshnichenko. The Ducks may never have an elite forward playing on the same team with Zegras. Getting a centre like Eichel in his prime is a once in a lifetime opportunity.
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    he's currently on the most offensively minded team there is. it's preseason. call me when it matters.
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    That's crazy. He's good no doubt about it but 9 mil after one good shortened season is insane IMO.
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    Coyotes are going back to their 90s look full time now. Great news, I never liked any of those decapitated tooth-baring animal head logos in this league. Minnesota is corny, Florida needs to re-brand again, and Nashville needs to just relocate and burn all ties to what's currently the worst brand in sports cause there's no saving what they've got.
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    Fair enough IMO, they want to be able to fill the stadiums all season long, and if there are tons of outbreaks linked back to games this could affect capacity restrictions, which affects their bottom line. Seems reasonable. I was planning a trip to Anaheim for October to see some games but with the travel restrictions currently in place between the USA and Canada I think I will have to cancel unfortunately. The pre-departure test is the sticking point. The likelihood is low, but I can't afford to be stuck in the US for 2 additional weeks at the end of my trip if I happen to test positive right before my flight back to Canada. It sucks but it is what it is. All you peeps in Anaheim should just be grateful to get to go to games, even if there are extra requirements to get in.
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    Hello! Kraken just announced that they will require proof of vax to attend games. Have the Ducks made any kind of announcement like this? I hope they don’t 👎🏽
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    Bergevin definitely made lemonade with that Dvorak trade. Instead of getting screwed over by Carolina, he upgraded at a time when the Canadiens are trying to compete, and the price was giving up a second round pick for a third round pick. Essentially, he traded Kotkaniemi and a second for Dvorak and a third. That makes a ton of sense for him.
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    Why the focus on D at that 2015 draft though? IMO, it’s an even bigger miss because they had already drafted Fowler (12th, 2010), Lindholm (6th, 2012), Theodore (26th, 2013), Pettersson (38th, 2014), and Montour (55th, 2014). I get the idea that you want to go BPA in the late 1st round, but given how deep the LHD pool was at the time and how shallow the Ducks’ pipeline was at some of the forward positions (esp. center), seems like a huge shame they didn’t look at taking a forward there. What still stings the most, though, is that Larsson is the pick Arizona wanted for Vermette. Oh how the lives of Ducks fans are different if Bob gives up that pick and we get Vermette instead of Chicago in 2015…. [sigh]. KK could have been a very interesting target for the Ducks this summer. Rumor was he was really ticked that he was scratched in the Cup Finals and wanted out of Montreal. Can’t help but wonder if Bob could have gotten him from his old friend Bergevin for a great price, if they’d just moved quicker on it.
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    Our gm would never have done anything like that… (I know I needed to stop at “anything”…)
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    SO MUCH IS HAPPENING! wow...I would not have thought a roster freeze at noon would have more activity than the past trade deadline
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    Good freaking riddance Rinne. One of the luckiest goalies ever and I swear he banked it all to use against one team. I don't think it's a coincidence how he's been absolutely lit up in every playoff series he's played immediately after sneaking past the Ducks.
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    of course. Ducks the only team to lose position in the lottery. seriously, frak the NHL.
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    I don't think that's how it works though. If Arizona gets first they will just redraw their pick.
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    and now it starts.... https://www.nhl.com/news/nhl-statement-on-dallas-stars/c-320137480 gonna be a very interesting season...good thing it got caught when it did!
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