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    Sharks got run over by a semi truck in game 5. Hopefully they get what they deserve and St. Louis finishes them off at home in game 6.
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    As of right now I'd say the refs are the Conn Smyth favorite...
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    I hope EK doesn't resign...that he sees the writing on the wall...he sees Jones as a weak goalie...he sees the weak leadership...and goes somewhere else. I mean...he had a groin injury and STILL lead the NHL in assists in the playoffs...geez he is amazing... But also...Sharks haven't had a good goalie in a while...honestly since Nabakov is you ask me. Never really liked Niemi...never really liked Jones.
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    Suck it Sharks, this was a long time coming. Forever losers.
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    Same same same same All this talk of "oh man what if Kane didn't hit the post and it went in????" ...well...I'd say to that then it would have been 5 to 1 instead of 5 to 0 😛
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    Jones is just plain inconsistent. I hope the Blues finish them at home in Game 6. The Blues fans are good ones, and I’d like to see Maroon and the Blues lift the cup. One of GMBMs dumb moves was trading Maroon. I’m a Blues fan if they make the SCF; otherwise I’m with Marchand and the Bruins.
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    For sure. If we're talking any player in his prime who ever wore a Ducks sweater, I'll take Federov circa 1993-94. That season he had 56G/64A/120pts, won the Hart and Selke, and also won the NHL's fastest skater competition at the all-star game. Federov was incredible in his prime. His game would also translate really well to today's game (unlike Pronger, who would probably be suspended indefinitely). Plus, we could also really use an elite center right about now.
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    Gimme a prime Kariya in today's NHL over anyone honestly. Dude was putting up 50 goals and 100 points against the toughest competition every night in an era that punished skill and speed. Imagine how good he would be without having to worry about two-line offsides, obstruction and every team carrying a slew of headhunting goons. If we can steal a former Duck who had their prime years somewhere else, I'd consider taking Sergei Fedorov before Adam Oates or Jari Kurri. He was one of the greatest two-way weapons of all time. That said, I also feel a strong urge to just disregard everything I said in this entire post and go with Pronger instead. He hasn't played here in a decade and we're still living under the shadow of his reputation. That's how crazy good of a Duck he was.
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    In January the blues were the last team in the NHL. Now they are in the stanley cup finals and really look great. It's a credit to them. Ducks? The dumb GM they have refused to make a coaching change, ran the vezina goalkeeper into terrible attitude and play and just watches idly by while they get worse. It really bugs me. Still. Still bitter... Go blues. Please beat boston.
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    Congrats Blues!!!! Sharks...you never deserved 2 wins in this series...let alone to even get past round 1....
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    $7-7.5 mil per year is too much. Also, think outside of box, it's not only about goals and points. During his captaincy some Ducks players "accepted losing", as GMBM said. It becoming clear that Ducks need to start transitioning to a new generation of players, if we ever want to pass second round of playoffs in the next 5 years. for $7.5 mil we could land a very good first or second line center under the age of 30.
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    I don't think Getz earned his salary last season. He has 2 more years on his contract. Barring a sudden scoring surge, I would assume his next deal will be commensurate with on ice production those years. His contracts going foreword will likely mirror Joe Thorntons. No way his next deal will exceed 8M per imo.
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    I think this year's draft is entirely players at least a year away if not two. Only exceptions are maybe the two picks. And that's fine. The Ducks should be picking players with high ceilings, that'll be ready by the time Getzlaf and Perry's current contracts are done.
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    Woot! There will be a Game 5! Good to see Boyle get the shutout. He played very well.
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    Gulls take game 2 with a 3-0 win. Not too difficult of a game for the Gulls.
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    My guide is now showing the Gulls game tomorrow at 5pm on NHL network. Good stuff.
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    Refs can’t gift another win to the undeserving Sharks, Blues tie the series 2-2.
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    Also Football is sooo insanely start and stop...I can't stand it...although it makes it easy to be social while watching the game....same with baseball. Hockey you want to be focused a little bit more lol True, I see your point...but...also...I like that you're saying I'm probably right haha so I'd rather just focus on that part And not sure if they got suspended or not...I mean....it's bull...but also, if NO ref saw it they can't do much than what they did....but...like...come on....refs...LOOK at the puck lol
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    Hmm...I've never heard of him before this link, but Trotz thought of him high enough to take Lambert with him to New York from Washington. At the very least, it's nice to know the organization isn't fixated on just Eakins, even if he is the final end product of the coaching search.
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    To be fair I think the argument is that the refs missed a pretty clear delay of game against the Blues player (Perron I believe) about a minute before he scored a goal. So that missed call actually did sort of create a goal as the guy that scored shouldn't have even been on the ice, he should have been in the box.
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    I also think it sucks that Boston swept, but apparently not for the same reasons you do.
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    Damn I hate boston... haha
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    I think that there are better odds of the Ducks moving his contract to Seattle if they can’t buy him out. Is Jovanovski the only hockey player that’s done this procedure and come back? Yeah. When Perry comes off the books the Ducks will just under $40 mil in cap space and could get over $45 mil if Kesler’s contract is moved. Manson, Lindholm, Rakell would need new contracts at that time if they are going to remain in Anaheim, Getzlaf can be extended next summer so there will be ample money. It’s not ideal but it’s not like Kesler’s contract is going to prevent the Ducks from contending during that time. The Ducks are handcuffed by lack talent/ going through a youth transition. The next couple of seasons are about seeing how that youth pans out. IMO.
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    A - no duh. B - I wasn’t treating the authors speculation as testimony. The exposition assumes facts that can’t reasonably be assumed, based on what we know about the history of K’s hip.
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    Since most of us are putting up personal Ducks Alltime Lineups I might as well join in. here is my list. Forwards: 1.Kariya-Rucchin-Selanne 2.Thomas-Andy MacDonald-Oates-Kurri 3.Leclerc-Niedermayer-Pahlsson 4.Grimson-Koviu-Sykora/Sacco Defence 1.Niedermayer-Pronger 2.Dollas-Salei 3.Carney-Beauchemin/Dipenta Goalie: 1.Giguere 2.Hebert/Hiller DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    Jovanovski actually was the first person truly recorded to play in any one of the four major sports after this kind of surgery. I'm pretty sure he knows what he's talking about here. Plus they were teammates for a time in Vancouver, so he knows Kesler. Anything else is just speculation. If he thinks Kesler can do it if he wants to come back then I trust him more so than any other so called "expert". He basically said in the article that it just depends on Kesler if he really wants to. He said they talked hockey after the surgery so I'm thinking Kesler is going to give it a go. If the lockout doesn't happen he might have a chance. We'll see. Team Kesler anyone?
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    I’m so glad I boycotted watching the playoffs after the 5 minute major travesty. It has saved me a lot of time and aggrevation. I will continue the boycott until the Sharks are eliminated, and the way it’s going, that likely means the rest of the SC playoffs.
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    I can't get behind that. I CAN get behind that in regards to plays involving goals in the final 2 minutes of a close game/ALL goals in OT...but still, that Game 7 thing is STILL on Vegas...I don't think that should be a reviewable play. It's still wrong and gave the sharks a win they should not have had. But this. This is just....ugh. At this point...it's honestly BAD for the league if the Sharks win the cup. Their run is a disgrace. This is Dallas in '99 all over again. Except potentially worse as it's reoccurring and multiple instances.
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    frak THIS frakING Dehydrated Donkey Dung. THE SHARKS HAVE EARNED NOTHING! I look forward to ANOTHER apology from the NHL for giving the Sharks ANOTHER game...there better be a fraking asterisk next to them if they win the cup saying "actually didn't deserve it"
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    ^^ Also, in the comments section for this article, Eric Stephens says that Kesler's contract is insured. So factor that into whatever whining some people here want to do about Kesler's contract eating up the team's internal budget.
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    Another great article in the Athletic by Eric Stephens regarding Kesler today (I highly recommend a subscription). Lots of great quotes from Jovanovski, Bob Murray, and Kesler's agent in this one, but the money quote IMO is from Jovanovski: See you next Spring, Kes!
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    We all do I wish to see him Contribute and lift the Stanley Cup with our Ducks...he deserves it more for he shows the Fighting Spirit each game he played. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    He's not "milking" anything.
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    Jim Fox is, and always will be, the worst. But I can't stand trolls of any sort, so being self-aware doesn't make it any better. It makes it worse. If Edwards came by it honestly (just a super homer), he'd still be awful, but at least it would be awful with integrity. Putting on an act to tick people off gains him zero respect from me.
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    Hmmmmm hm hm hm...to bring into TODAY'S lineup? Probably Scotty...he would stable our D and bring out the best of our D (which can be VERY good if they felt confident...) and his leadership in the locker room/on the ice would be sooooo good to have. EDIT: Hell...I'd probably bring in even today's Scotty haha give him a summer to get his legs back...I'm sure he'd be still be a great addition
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    According finnish newspaper Hämeen Sanomat, finnish defensman Jani Hakanpaa has signed with Anaheim Ducks 1 year, one way deal. https://www.eliteprospects.com/player/45342/jani-hakanpaa Hakanpaa was selected by the St.Louis Blues in the 4th round (104th overall) of the 2010 Entry Draft. He played in his native Finland for the Espoo Blues of the Finnish Elite League (Liiga) 2011-2012. During his 2012- stint with the Peoria Rivermen of the AHL he registered one goal and three assists in fourteen games. At the completion of his entry-level deal with the Blues, Hakanpaa opted to return to Finland signing a two-year contract with Liiga club, Oulun Kärpät on 2 July 2015. He won two titles in Kärpät. .. That's for general information. Here is what I think: Kärpät is my hometown's team. Jani is very physical player and never step out for battles in corners. Very nasty to play against. He is very good in offensive side of the game too. He shoots hard and products continually something good in offensive zone. If you think reference, he might be good replacement for Sami Vatanen. Kärpät have played last 2 years very offensive, NHL-style hockey if you will, and Hakanpaa has done it very well. Of course we still waiting for final announcement for this, but it is 99% likely that Hakanpaa will join Ducks next season. Could be potentially in top-6 defensemen.
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