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    I bet someone will get him for something cheap and we are going to be like that’s it?
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    wasn't he also nominated for 2 selke trophies as a Duck? or was it just 1?
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    Wait, what? A washed up Kesler? If washed up is what it took to get us 3 year legit Cup window, I'll take another washed up player, please!
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    Winnipeg overpaid big time . Laine is worth 2 Dubois in my opinion. Jarmo would have been hung if he threw in a higher draft pick . Glad we didn’t lose Zegras , it was fun speculation though:
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    Dubois was a lottery pick. Columbus drew the #3 ping pong ball to get him. If the Ducks could acquire him, their core would consist of Dubois (#3), Drysdale (#6), Lindholm (#6), Zegras (#9), and Fowler (#12). How is this much different than what the Kings won multiple Cups with?
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    I agree that he deserved the benching. That's unacceptable. But if Tortorella can't get through to him, Jarmo needs to try, otherwise Dubois is just completely tanking his trade value every time he gets out there and looks like a puppy dog who lost his chew toy. Although, to be honest, this gives the Ducks a realistic shot at landing him. On the other hand, knowing Bob Murray, there was almost no chance he was going to pull this off before, and that's gone to zero now that he would be trading FOR a pouty youngster. It's not going to happen. I agree about 2022 when the draft is slated to be really, really good. But this coming draft has been rated as fairly pedestrian. Dubois is most likely better than any player that comes out of it. In that case, why not give it up?
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    They will be asking for Zegras and/or Drysdale which would be a hard pass from me and I hope Bob, too. BUT, on the contrary, if it's something like rakell + larsson + 2021 1st rounder...that's a hard yes!...or really any of the steels or jones or terrys
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    I'm sure if they have to let Eakins go, that Carlyle is available.
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    Unbelievable! Now I have to pay attention to my family. Come on.
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    First Red Wing ever to score 4 goals in his first 3 games. This is a team that has been around for almost 100 years. I hope he wins the Rocket.
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    I always Find capfr I end ly reliable in dealing what our Ducks and other 30 NHL teams do in their transaction. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    It's a bad sign when the head coach is calling out players FOUR GAMES into a season after your team has had 10 months off. Here's the quote from Eric Stephens' piece in the Athletic (subscription based, but worth it in my opinion): On the one hand, I'm all for accountability. Silf and Henrique in particular have been garbage, and they got benched for most of the second period. However, is this the right way to send the message? Maybe it is. Playing time is probably the best motivator a coach has that he has control over. But that leads to the more important question: why does your head coach feel the need to resort to strong-arm tactics to motivate guys this early in the season? When you see this sort of a thing, it's usually during a slump in the middle of a season when the team is tired and has lost some confidence and is going through the motions. You don't see it four games into a season. Especially coming off a long offseason after a bad year, it shouldn't have taken much to get these guys fired up to play. That doesn't mean they'll magically transform into great players, but at least the effort should be there. Eakins seems to have already lost the room, which is a similar pattern to his stint in Edmonton, when he was fired 30 games into his second season there after losing the room. I'm on record as being okay with the hire when it happened, but it's abundantly clear to me now that Eakins should not be an NHL head coach. I don't even think he should be an AHL coach given his track record of being unable to develop individual players. The Ducks are in a rebuild phase; as much as I want the team to win, they're not realistically going anywhere in the playoffs, so the losing record in and of itself isn't a huge issue. But the player development is. They've got several guys on the roster who should be part of the next good Ducks team, assuming they can reach their potential. But they're stagnating. How long can the Ducks afford to let that happen? If the team continues to show lackluster effort, will Eakins get the boot? Will Murray get the boot with him so a new GM can come in and make the head coaching hire? If they make a move midseason, they're probably hiring a GM from within like Madden or Nonis (shudder). That might not be the best, either. If the Ducks get blown out by the Avs twice and then show poor effort in Arizona, I could see this happening quickly. I don't think it's likely, but it's at least a possibilty. I just don't know if what comes afterward is going to be a good long-term solution for the organization.
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    1000000%%%%% 1111100000000%%%%!!!! 11111111100000000000555%%%%%!!!!! and also lol If Jarmo thought we wouldnt be a lottery team....then.....i've got some magic beans to sell him lol me too. I think if Zegras was involved, we get the trade over Winnipeg. I imagine it's probably like Rakell+Zegras if Z is involved. Unless theyd also want Steel...in which case...come on, that's ridiculous lol....also possibly just Zegras for Dubois.
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    Gallant would be a gallant attempt to regain my faith in GMHCBM . Dineen will be the next coach, madden will be the next GM . Sad days.
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    I feel like the whole "aggressively pursuing" angle might have been a bit exaggerated. We all know the only thing Bob Murray aggressively pursues mid-season is a Chris Wagner clone he can pick up for a 5th round pick.
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    What Both CBJ and Jets 2.0 were asking was overprice....Let's not kid ourselves....in era we live in...Overpaid in a deal sadly is the norm. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    Saying that we don’t have scoring wingers I think is misleading. I believe we are closer than we think, we just don’t have the adequate support or drive. The likes of silfverberg, henrique, rakell, those guys ARE 50 pts (potential) they just need to wake up or see that we are better and start trying. They may be sand bagging a little knowing we are in the trenches. But what I’m saying is adding a solid player like Dubois may wake some people up, either by exciting them, challenging them, or complementing them on the ice. Or we just aquire Laine too and we have a first line of Dubois and Laine paired with whoever is left. It’s not impossible. We lose this year and next years 1st’s two roster players and two-three prospects, but immediately turns the team around and thins out this pool of bubble NHL guys we have. At this point we have too many imo. I would rather ship 2-3 out and bring in PROVEN talent than cross my fingers that they develop into something.
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    that's how I feel, too. Plus we have Terry! So we still have another Center in him.............. 😏
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    Yeah I believe the word from the Jets is Laine and Roslovic are up....and Montreal has something like that....but the Ducks could offer that 2021 1st....that's what they've got that the others dont...chances are HIGH that'll be a high pick
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    Again, the likelihood of the Ducks doing this is slim to none, but since we're just having a theoretical discussion, I'll throw this out there: isn't getting a player of the caliber of Laine or Dubois LIKE winning the lottery? Dubois was the third pick and Laine the second, and we already know that they're good, productive players at the NHL level. There are two key differences between those guys and the three studs in the 2022 draft: 1) They cost more, which is an issue if you're at the cap, but shouldn't be much of an issue for the Ducks starting next season; and 2) They're way more of a sure bet in multiple ways. I think hitting the lottery in the draft is very helpful, but it's not the only way to build a winner. The Ducks won a Cup without doing it, and they're not the only ones. I know the high draft pick studs are super valuable, but I can't reduce myself to rooting for ping pong balls in order to think we'll ever win a Cup again. The Ducks have some nice building blocks now, and those guys can either be supplemented by good young talent that they trade for or additional talent that they draft. If they do a good job of it, they can get back to winning without getting one of those three. I think it will take a different front office and coaching staff to get there, but that's a different matter entirely.
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    ...if we could get a defensive system....😏 (look guys, I just discovered the smirk emoji so i'm using it as much as possible lol)
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    Normally I'd agree with you there, and I'm not interested in trading that pick for anyone other than a Dubois/Laine type. But in a reportedly weak draft when there's a young stud available who, theoretically, could be on your team for the next five years? If Zegras and Drysdale are fairly close to being ready, it gets the team into a contention just a bit earlier. In Dubois's case, I don't think it makes sense since the running theory is that he wants to be in a bigger market. Anaheim doesn't really help there. But I would be willing to move that pick for him or Laine if it was reasonable to think that either would be satisfied here. On a larger point, while I don't think this year matters much due to the pandemic, the Ducks are going to need to hit the ground running next year or that building is going to be empty. Realistically they need two more seasons until they start looking to get back into playoff contention. But if they can make moves to speed up that timeline so they're looking to get into playoff contention next season, it would be a big deal for this market.
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    I will die on the hill of not given up this years or next years 1st round picks lol. If you can get Dubois for Rakell + Steel + mahura/Larsson or Henrique then by pull the trigger but I’d bet Jarmo doesn’t think twice about passing on that.
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    Stolarz already cleared waivers back on January 9th. He had to clear to be sent to the taxi squad. No additional waivers are needed to go from the taxi squad to AHL.
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    He started for the Gulls last night.
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    This is just one of 792 reasons why Tortorella is Cup-winning (and possibly HoF) head coach and Eakins is...not. Although Columbus can't be happy about that situation. Dubois sitting on the bench for two periods because Tortorella doesn't want to play him isn't going to increase his trade value any. Kekalainen either needs to fix that relationship or just pull Dubois out of the lineup until he's traded.
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    I didn't pay a dime for last season. I don't know how you paid for your season seats. If you were on any payment plan, the Ducks sent out an email offering an option to opt out of auto payments. Instead they offered a "pay as they play" option which meant they would begin to charge your account 30 days prior to the season start. Since fans won't be allowed in the arena this season, there's no start date (as far as paying for attending a game). As a result, my credit for the St. Louis game and the cancelled games rolled over to the 21/22 season, but I'm not eligible for the 5% Ducks Dollars bonus.
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    not only all of this which I completely agree with...but also after 4 games and ZERO exhibition games. I get he wants to be like "look at me, I'm tough, gonna get on you guys even if it's unfair/unrealistic..." but these are professional mature men...if he hasn't lost the room, oh I wouldn't be surprised if he has now. He's really losing the fans.
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    As a follow up to my post above, Dubois was benched tonight for almost 45 minutes of game time and Tortorella’s statement to the media afterwards was “I’m not going to have a discussion with you guys about it.” I hope Eakins was paying attention.
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    Manson's trade value has plummeted anyway. I don't think there are many teams that would give us fair value for him this season, especially with the ED looming. However, this injury may work in the Ducks favor long term, because I think Hakanpaa is really starting to figure out the NHL. He's a pending UFA and if he keeps improving there will be team calling for him in April. Playing with Fowler will improve his trade value a lot more than if he was stuck with Larsson. It may also pave the way for an extension with the Ducks if he excels as Fowler's partner, which would allow us to part with Manson this coming summer after the ED when Manson's value may be higher.
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    Agree with everything here and would just add that I'm disappointed Eakins is talking about this in the media after just four games. This should have been a "no comment." I can't imagine any veteran player on this team thinks it's ok for a coach with a lifetime 66-98-24 record to be calling them out in the media four games into a new season.
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    I'm not saying that there isn't a need for veterans to be accountable but your systems and strategies look dysfunctional. Breakouts out of your zone need to be constantly reset because 2-3 players are within 4 feet of each other, Players forcing shots where there is no lane. Dump/chip and chase where no one can get the puck. We are 4 games into a season, yikes...Yes, alot has to do with the players but it's way too soon to be calling players out, that's usually not the way to get buy-in to one's game plans. I'm not excusing the horrendous starts but he may need to look at himself, his game plan, line combos and practice techniques.
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    I swear, this organization can’t have or deserve nice things!
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    Thanks! If I can, I'll tune in tonight. Drysdale, Zegras, Perrault - hopefully they'll lift my spirits about this team.
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    It’s free, just have to go to the gulls YouTube channel. The link is below. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCS3hmiYbz6TJGraBkzHXnzQ
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    But so it's an INCREDIBLY mixed message sent to them...unhappy with them so bench them most of the 2nd...don't see much improvement...so give them the most important minutes in the a one-goal game at the end of the 3rd?! And then go out and publicly call them out the next day??? Madden I think is for sure our next GM. But I completely agree with the other part of your post saying Eakins lost the room and needs to go and not be involved with our team at all. I agree, he should not be responsible for developing players. It is! Comtois is actually looking really really good...I like seeing how he's coming along!
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    The bolded is a part I fully agree with and that development is/should be the biggest concern of this team going forward. I see Murray shipping players out of town before thinking about firing Eakins because if he goes then Murray is following him out the door. This is actually the perfect season for the Ducks to train wreck since fan attendance is a non-issue right now. Then, I’d really hope that the Ducks do an external search for the next GM and HC. it’s at least a nice change of pace to see the kid line play better than Henrique and Silfverberg!
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    Nhl.tv still has blackouts. It used to work as gamecenter back in the day then it became nhl.tv half way through a season and blacked everyone out...I had to get half my money back...they said why? Because you let me pay for a service then changed the terms half way through the season....dumb hulu and fubo definitely do not have FSWest or Primeticket as well. FS Go is not supported by Hulu or fubo either. Has anyone else found a legit way to watch without paying $100 for cable? I use a series of sites that do not ‘exist’ either, but they suck half the time.
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    I remember That as we all Do....KesBoss was Warrior who embody our Ducks Fighting Spirit. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    So Jones isn’t hurt since he’s playing for the gulls and already trying to maim sj players Edit: Zegras already with an assist lol.
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    they actually believe the Ducks want to part with Zegras. I'm dumbfounded as to how anyone believes Barstool would ship him out...no Oh no! way he should.
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    Scratch that, 3 goals in 2 games.
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    Jeff Skinner on the 4th line for Buffalo? Never thought I’d see a $9 mil player demoted like that. Yikes
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    Oh Bobby, you've done it again! 3 goals in 4 games now for him.
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    He just scored lol. #54 doing him well
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    Bobby with the team’s first goal of 2021 for the Wings. Don’t like seeing him in red one bit, but I do think it’s kind of cool he’s wearing #54 again.
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