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    Off the top of my head: - Hiring Randy Carlyle for a second stint because he won a championship with the team 10 years prior with an antiquated style of play. Don't tell me about the 2017 playoffs where two sorry Canadian teams got smacked, I'm sure head coach Bob Murray could have gotten the same result there. - Flat out refusing to fire Randy Carlyle after the most embarrassing stretch of hockey this franchise has ever seen and instead blaming it on the players he put there. Trading locker room glue guys like Cogliano before getting outscored 40-8 (or whatever god-awful number it was) on a road trip sure sent a message. - Giving that trainwreck Bieksa an insane NMC extension before he even played a game as a Duck because he's buddies with Kesler.. the same Kesler who straight up refused to go anywhere but Anaheim or Chicago before he was traded and wasn't at risk of leaving if Bieksa never becomes a Duck. 100% unnecessary and it only handcuffed this team once cap hell and Vegas became a reality. - A number of flip-flopping "re-tools" where the team's identity was supposed to change in an effort to match whoever beat us in the playoffs that year. One year it's "we need more size and sandpaper", the next it's "we need more skill and speed". All that ever changed was what corner of the dumpster he'd look in that July 10th after most free agents have signed.. or what role player he'd pointlessly throw away at the deadline for someone who didn't fit (cough DSP.. still upset about that) - Failure to maximize assets and hanging onto certain players for too long. I think this one speaks for itself when you look at his recent record. Shoutout to our waived top goal scorer from a season ago Adam Henrique for being an example of both. Kesler's extension looks bad now but it gets a pass. Eaves was sketchy from the start. As awesome as he was in that short stretch, the only consistent thing in his career has been injury. Silfverberg and Henrique would've made more sense if this team was trending anywhere but down when they were extended. Again, hanging onto players too long and failing to establish a clear path for this team going forward.
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    I'm more concerned that he got called up now given everything going on with the organization in the last 24 hours lol. Though, I think he's done enough earn his NHL debut. The call up aligns with the Gulls not playing until Wednesday when they will play Henderson and then again on Friday and Saturday. Giving Zegras one or two NHL games and then having him return to play most of the Henderson games makes sense, imo. Cynical take: This is absolutely, definitely and certainly not Murray doing a self-serving sleight of hand with "Don't focus on my incompetence and bad decisions, here's the shiny Zegras you all want! Are you not entertained? Let me sit on my barstool in peace!" God Speed, Trevor. May this be the beginning to a future jersey retirement.
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    We'll probably never know what went down but there's two parties to sign a contract. If BM is upset that Henrique wouldn't waive his NMC he shouldn't have put one in the contract. if Henrique refused he's just exercising his rights. If that's BM's reaction he's an even bigger doofus than I thought. It's stuff like that poisons relationships with players. I was always against a full blown rebuild but I don't see any other way. But BM and Eakins still have to go.
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    I try to be a cup half full person, but last night was pathetic. After 30 minutes we had 4 shots on goal. FOUR. That's abysmal and there's no excuse. I was totally bored watching them. I've been a SSH since day one, and all I was thinking was I'm glad I don't have to drive to the arena to watch this team play. I shook my head watching their 5 on 3 PP. Keep Zegras and Drysdale down with the Gulls. They're playing exciting hockey. They don't need to be exposed to the 💩show this team is right now.
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    2-3 bad seasons and all want to fire BM... can't understand that. of course, he is not perfect, of course, you can find some mistakes if you want to find some. but he made a lot of good things and as I mentioned earlier, we had twice top 10, 5 in the top 15 since the cup (before 2019). thats normal that the talent is bleeding out. you can't not almost the whole 10-12 years be a contender and then you think you can stay there forever. and he tried a lot (interim Coach, 7-8 trades at deadline, sign Grant+Shatt, sign all veterans to keep the team together, drafted well). Grant was injuried and not play well, Shatt is a disappointment (because talent, baby or covid, we don't know). the two top 10 in the last 2 years looks like good, Zegras can be the best player of the 2019 draft, Drysdale looks good in the AHL statistically (I can't watch the AHL-games). we have to change the (assistent) coaches, not the GM. and yes I know, the GM hire and fire the coaches.
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    This is a bit over the top to call him unprofessional. I don't think he played up to the standards we expect from him, but Rico wasn't as bad as what people are saying about him. His struggles IMO were mostly in D-zone coverage, where he was beaten quite often. That could be an effort issue, but it also could be...oh, I don't know... because they hadn't played hockey since March 11th and got cheated out of a longer training camp!?!? Anyone over 30 knows that it takes a bit longer to get that body back ready to play at a high level, and it didn't help that their first 10 games were against teams that made the summer tournament. Their first opponent (Vegas) played 21 playoff games this summer. Colorado played 16 games. Arizona and St Louis each played 10 games. That was a huge advantage over the teams that didn't get any games in. We also started the season with 67-14-33 as basically our top line, meaning that they drew the Stone/Patches line and Pietrangelo right out of the gate. That's a tough way to start the season for a 31-year-old who hasn't played a game in 10 months. I'm actually surprised that no one brings this up before dogpiling on Rico and a few of the other older players with respect to their slow starts to this season. Also, does anyone know which of our guys have had C19? After reading about Ristolainen's experience, I'm going to take a wait-and-see approach to some of these guys who have a history of being good players but who are off to poor starts. Because I'm still just puzzled by how Rico goes from scoring 26G in 71 games last season to waivers this season. You just don't lose your game that quickly outside of a major injury or illness.
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    Or, Murray had a trade in place but was prevented from doing so because Rico wouldn't waive his 10-team NTC for whoever BM had a deal set up with? Something is going on here. The waivers move seems retaliatory to me. Very personal. Like perhaps Rico (or his agent) has done something specific to raise GMBM's ire. More than just playing poorly, though his underlying fancy stats are really not bad after only 17 games. There's a bench and a press box that can be used for poor play, and it's not like the bench and press box are single-use entities if you don't get the immediate result you want. Waivers is an entirely different animal though. For a player of Henrique's caliber, that's humiliating. It's demeaning. Bob didn't even bother to try and sneak Rowney (a 31-year-old 4th liner on an expiring contract) through waivers before the seasons started, but Rico gets waivers after 17 games? Two days later and I'm still having trouble wrapping my head around why the Ducks would go for such a messy, public divorce from Rico after he scored 26G last season. It's a really bad look all around. btw, there are only about 6-7 teams that have cap space to take on his current cap hit, and of those teams I wouldn't be surprised if at least half of them are on Rico's 10-team no trade list. If GMBM was already trying to trade him, chances are the league's GMs know which teams are on Rico's list, and it may have prevented him from being snagged by, for example, an Ottawa or a Detroit. That may make him harder to trade too. If team's that have the cap space know he didn't want to be traded there, they likely wouldn't be interested in acquiring him now. So this could take a long time to play out.
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    I REALLY don't think Getz is leaving. I don't think he wants to. I think it was a bit ago (and also maybe he was just saying it for the cameras) but I thought I saw him say he has no intention of leaving the Ducks organization. And I'd be shocked if he doesn't re-sign with us in the off season. It may sound crazy, but I don't think this team really understood how much passion, energy, and cohesiveness Perry brought. Getz (and thus, the team) hasn't REALLY been the same since Perry left. Sure, the writing was on the wall, but I think he was holding this team up a lot more than people thought despite not putting up the same numbers. Just like when our D coach changed Mansion/our D looked noticeably different...same with Getz when Perry left. I still think he re-signs though. And I doubt he gets traded.
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    I could have never imagined thinking or wanting this, but I'd be fine with trading Getzlaf. In fact, assuming he'd want to waive his NTC, I think we'd be doing him a favor. Getzlaf is probably my second favorite player of all time, well behind Selanne, but ahead of everyone else. He looks defeated out there. And I don't mean to say he isn't giving effort; in fact, I feel like he's tried to lead by example. But he's not the Getzlaf of five years ago. He can't dominate shifts all by himself where he bowls guys over and then doesn't let anyone touch the puck before making an absurd back door pass to a wide open teammate. But he's still trying because he knows that nothing short of that will get the team a goal. He just can't do it any more. He doesn't deserve having this performance and this dysfunction taint his Ducks legacy. He's been a warrior for this franchise. I don't want to see the flaming bag of garbage that is this season dropped on his lap.
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    how about we put BM on waivers and will pay 50% salary only to get him out
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    Definitely agree that Zegras just getting called up will give the Ducks more relevance than they've had been in a while but the current culture, coaching, development or cogent long-term plan makes me worry that he won't have the best chance to reach his potential. The other thing is that I hope for is that the fans have patience and don't expect the world of him, especially early on. He's a 19 year-old kid who shouldn't have the burden or pressure of a franchise on his shoulders, imo. Zegras has given us every reason to be excited but he's likely to struggle (as most players do) as he adjusts and figures out the NHL. I remember when fans were pumping Sam Steel's tires after he tore up the CHL and had a good WJC just only three years ago. Now his future with the Ducks is anything but certain and fans are souring on him because he hasn't lived up to their hype. I guess Eric Stephens put out an article earlier today saying that the Ducks should do a true rebuild, the front office needs a reckoning and that Murray should go. So, I hope that the Samuelis subscribe to the Athletic. I think I'd use the word "dysfunctional" instead of poisoned. Yeah, there is no reason to believe that Henrique was a bad teammate or causing problems amongst the players at all. Can't wait for the details to eventually come out about what went down. IMO, it's less worrisome if the Ducks are calling him up because they want to give him a sense of the NHL game and rightfully reward him for doing everything that's been asked of him so far....and then some. If they try to force him into a big role too soon that he's not ready for then I'll start making more frequent trips to BevMo.
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    There was zero risk of losing him.
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    As much as I might worry about this team's toxic culture or Eakins possibly ruining him, this is the first positive thing Murray has done this season. Feels good to have a reason to watch a Ducks game again.
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    Is there any way to voice our concern over the direction our team is going in? Can somebody put up a banner or something at Honda Center to call for BM´s and DE´s jobs? This team is going nowhere. Bob Murray is doing a horrible job. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. He calls out the players while his coach choices have been questionable to say the least. Eakins is in over his head. This team is playing bad hockey plain and simple. If not for our excellent goalies we´d give the wings a run for their money. The problem now is we can´t show our frustration during the games so it seems we don´t care. But I´ve had it with Murray and Eakins.
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    We're shouting into the void, my friend. Words are wind and all is vanity.
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    What exactly had the team (outside of Gibson) shown to warrant any real belief though? The core of this team hasn’t been good enough or coached well enough and expecting Steel, Terry, Jones to be studs let alone in their first pro NHL seasons never seemed realistic. They can all be decent NHLers but that’s not what the team needs. There’s a management, coaching and talent gap. Two of those three could be changed today.
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    Except Murray said things like “the retool is over” and expected to compete for a playoff spot this year when most people rightfully looked at him like he was insane. Why would you keep the core of this team together after the previous two seasons? If he had said that the team was still transitioning after several years of success then it’s a completely different scenario. Murray believed this team was good. He extended Henrique, Silfverberg, brought back Grant and wasted time, money and the chances to bring back assets that the team needs going forward in the process. He hired Eakins who cost the team the last two games more than anyone. Honestly, I don’t place most of the blame on Murray anymore. It’s now on the Samuelis, imo. They either ok’d what’s going on or don’t care enough to explain it let alone fix it.
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    We seem to have turned into the early Anschutz era Kings....get just enough "quality" players to field a team at a cheap price but not win anything big to keep people in the seats and make the owners more money. Then blame the players or coaching staff for the problems, and fire them, bring in a new coach, rinse, repeat. We need to get rid of Bargain Bob, and get a new GM that can make a hockey trade. Enough with bargain basement mediocre players. Tear it all down, and start over. (sorry for mini-rant) Gibson wont want to be here, if he doesn't have that mind set already, and Zegras won't re-sign after his contract is up in 3 years if this sh*t keeps going. Get someone in charge to do it right, cuz GMBM isn't that person IMHO
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    Well, the Kings still have Kopitar till he's 36, Brown till he's 37, Carter till he's 37, Doughty till he's 37, Quick till he's 37.... so it's not exactly like they "blew up their core." To me the Kings success sounds way more like a coaching issue than a GM issue. There's no reason they should have thought that Brown and Quick will be performing the way they are. Our veterans, who are younger and should currently be in better spots in their career SHOULD be out performing the Kings veterans. But they're not. On paper you would think Rico, Silf, Rakell, Getz, Lindholm, Manson, Fowler, Gibson etc...would be outperforming Kopitar, Brown, Carter, Doughty, Iafallo, Quick etc...
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    Sorry but I just don't buy this. He's supposed to be a professional athlete, and he wasn't ready to go even with a shortened training camp? That is ridiculous. He looks worse than Getzlaf and Backes and they are both at least 4 years older than Henrique. I don't get what's happened to Henrique (and Silfverberg to a lesser extent) but to explain it away because of a short training camp is weak sauce.
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    I've actually been thinking we need to trade him at the deadline. And Montreal to play with Perry for the cup would be my choice. It's the only reason I watch highlights of their games and look for 94 on the ice. Seriously, Getzy is missing that guy who could battle along the boards like he used to play with Perry. Their games just meshed. I really miss that dominance and I think he misses Perry on his wing. Sure he was no longer the Hart winner, but he did still bring a lot to the team. I think it's evident that Getzy hasn't meshed well with the other players like he had that chemistry with Pears. So Montreal would be my vote as I already follow them. With the way this year has gone I would mind them hoisting the cup over there.
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    It seems like he can't score, but he has had some really nice passes to set up goals. Maybe he should have been a playmaking center all along, lol.
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    I agree with this, buy poisoned to me is Tony D Angelo in the locker room.
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    I'm in the same boat. I absolutely hate the idea of trading him and seeing him in any other jersey, but with the way this team is playing this season, the reality is that Getzlaf has very little reason to remain a Duck after this season anyway. Why would he come back to this? And if Murray is gone and a new GM is brought in (not likely, but also not impossible), the new management may want to move on from him anyway to create the new Ducks identity. I hate it, but I think it's the right move for the future of this team. He'll bring back a late 1st round pick. Maybe a prospect too, and/or an underperforming player with middle-6 potential as well. It won't be a game changer, but it will be assets. This team will also be much worse without him, so maybe that's also incentive to move him sooner than later to lock in a top-5 draft pick. I'd also like to see him get one more chance to play with highly-skilled NHL wingers who can finish. I'm sad for him after seeing the level of talent that Eakins has saddled him with these past two season. He deserved better.
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    by everyone but him. He'll be fine.
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    Zegras coming up is not going to change the fortunes of this team. The Ducks are a bad team. Murray needs to be canned sooner than later.
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    Gotta have fun. If you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong.
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    This. I love his attitude. They just posted an interview from today. He brings a little Teemu spirit to the team
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    Yeah, I can't get very concerned - if at all - over putting a highly skilled, ultra-confident kid that you drafted two years ago and who will be 20 in a month into an offensively-starved lineup. Bob doesn't call him up, he's an idiot. Bob calls him up, he's an idiot. They drafted the kid to play NHL hockey for the Ducks. This is not a negative.
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    this. i don't know why you'd bring a rookie into a poisoned locker room. i guess they could believe that Hank has been the problem... but that's silly. lol if they moved Z up just so he wouldn't be playing with H. i think this is super short sighted and way, way too risky. it feels like BM burying his head in the sand.
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    Brian Murry has NO hockey sense. Look back what he did in Chicago and got fired. The team has no direction no accountability no emergency I wish the ownership would have ran the club like they ran their pc business they are verry successful there. Go get Jim Rutherford they will be an over night success.
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    I'm relieved that Henrique cleared waivers, but am still angry at BM for risking losing an asset for nothing when he could have traded him at the deadline last year for a good haul. Overall I'm angry at BM for not trading away ANY mid-career players for picks, prospects or other young talent since it became obvious that the Ducks were in rebuilding mode over 2 years ago. He traded Montour for a 1st rounder 2 years ago and Kase for a 1st rounder, Ritchie for Heinen, Sprong for Djoos last year. While the Kase move likely has paid off, since he is so injury prone, why are Henrique, Silfverberg, Fowler and Manson ALL still on the roster? I'm not advocating burning down the roster completely, but given the sad state of this team, at least ONE of those guys should have been traded for a significant return by now.
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    Murray exclusively deals people at their lowest value, so I’m not shocked
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    Makes the most sense now. Retaining salary is never desirable, but if they can do it and get something back, good. Last summer was the time to deal Rico.
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    That would make more sense to me, yeah. Also I am a big believer in that if you try to use a hammer to screw in a screw...you can try all you want, put in all the effort and not get it done. Or get it done in a weird way that doesn't really work. Sure you could hammer the screw really hard and maybe use a screw driver to hammer a nail. But that's not really gonna be sustainable. Maybe the hammer sympathizes with the person using him and is like "im sorry I'm not better!!" ...but...man the person using him is just not using his tools correctly. If he used his tools correctly...not only would the hammer and all the tools feel good about what they are doing...it would result in a much better outcome! Eakins and the coaching staff is not using the tools correctly. They don't know how to use tools. They have no idea what they're doing.
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    Henrique cleared waivers, now trade him with retains some salary..
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    I’ve been unhappy with Rico’s play as well, advanced numbers actually say he’s been more unlucky then bad, which I’m not sure about, but losing a 30 goal scorer for nothing a few months before you’re losing a player for nothing in the expansion draft is peak Murray asset management. Samueli’s need to step in.
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    The team’s leading scorer last season and someone who’s been the consummate professional his entire career. Something is really wrong internally with this franchise if Rico is on waivers. Fire Murray!
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    He had two or three nice plays in the game but not much outside of that but it was just an awful game from the Gulls. Zegras has been fine overall but him dominating the AHL has been halted a bit since the Reign game. Hopefully, it will calm down the masses who wanted him with the Ducks right after the WJC. He's still getting adjusted and figuring the pro game out. Tracey wasn't in the lineup which wasn't shocking because he's been pretty invisible in the game he's played for the most part. He seems to struggle at the pro pace. One a positive note, Jacob Perreault could be one of my favorite players down the road. A guy with wheels, a shot and a Corey Perry type ability of antagonizing the entire opposing team while being tough as nails.
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    Question: What do Craig Berube, Mike Sullivan, Darryl Sutter, Dan Bylsma and Larry Robinson have in common? Answer: They all won Stanley Cups after replacing a fired coach during the season. That's a full 1/4 of the past 20 champions who fired their coach during the season. I don't think for a moment that this team has SC potential, but its just wrong to say that firing a coach midseason feeds a lack of self-responsibility in the room. It does the exact opposite in nearly every situation, and sometimes it can even spark a team to go on an incredible run. I also still place blame on the coaches for putting the Ducks players in situations where they can't succeed. The schemes are bad. The lineup and line choices are bad. The matchups are horrid (Grantzlaf v. MacKinnon.. yeesh!). This is no different than a D-coordinator in football creating a bad coverage scheme that can't stop the opponent's passing game, or a baseball manager who does a terrible job managing his bullpen. You can have the talent and the will, but if the coach doesn't put the athletes in a position to succeed, they're not going to succeed. And eventually they're going to lose faith in the process. The body language and effort level of this team coming out of the 2nd intermission when they're behind says it all IMO. They just don't believe that they're going to win. And when a team doesn't believe it can win, it's time for a new voice.
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    i still think a coaching change is premature, and it doesn't really get to the issue that the players don't do enough with what they're given. whether it's a directive from BM or even just from Eakins, the players need to find it within themselves to buy into the game plan, even a Dehydrated Donkey Dungty one (in their opinion), every practice, every game. some of the players are there, but a lot of them aren't. sadly, the skaters that seem to be bucking the most are the ones that are paid the most. that's... just plain bullDehydrated Donkey Dung, and a coaching change will just feed that kind of lack of self responsibility, not counter it. could a coach like torts maybe do a better job at publicly shaming the vets into acting more like vets? sure - there's always some fantasy-land perfect matchup of player and coach personalities somewhere over the rainbow that could drag some self-respect out of recalcitrant players... but you can't bring in a new coach every time a particular group of players thinks it's not worth their time to show up at their job. it's a negative feedback loop of diminishing returns... i certainly wouldn't spend money on a fantasy coach trying to make this present group of vets happy - they need to show more consistency - even in the quarantimes, even during the rebuild, even in a shortened season, and especially with the coach hand picked by the GM. we could have a pretty interesting and detailed discussion about the PP failures - coaching or players. it's probably the most worrisome from a coaching standpoint, but i keep asking myself: what's the boundary between what the coach does and what the players do, and who isn't performing? if i look at the 5x5 play, it's clearly the players not showing up (when they look as bad as last night). it's very hard for me to believe that the players are magically performing with consistency in the PP and the coaching strategy is more to blame. separate from all that... i guess you can keep griping about it, but neither BM nor Eakins are getting the boot this season. it makes no business sense, unless they can pick someone up cheap, and i'm not sure we want 'cheap' as a replacement for either. more to the point... of the two separate groups, admin or players, i think the admin is more deserving of our support than the players right now, or at least the skating vets. maybe the fans can convince the players to show up more. i'd be interested in ways to be pushing for higher performance than for screaming for firings and blood all the time.
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    This is a good point. They're playing well, but I think their start is at least somewhat a mirage. Other than game 1, all of their wins have been by one goal, and they've all been comebacks. That's great to see from an excitement standpoint, but makes sustainability hard to predict. I haven't gotten to see anything other than highlights, so I don't know how the on-ice play looks. Just running through their games really quickly - the Gulls have been outshot in four out of six games, and one of the games they outshot their opponent was by one shot, while they're being outshot by 5 - 15 shots. They've also given up 30+ shots in every game and have given up 40+ shots in three games. The wins are nice and it sounds like they're entertaining, but I think they're due to come back to earth fairly soon.
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    Would you bet your life that current Ducks squad would can beat current Gulls squad? I wouldn't ....
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    To be fair, the Gulls haven't exactly played the cream of the AHL crop. Yes, the Gulls are 6-0, but their opponents are 1-11-2 with 3 of their wins coming against Bakersfield (0-5). They play at Bakersfield tonight, home against Colorado (0-2-1) on Saturday, THEN play 3 games at Henderson (Vegas AHL team). Henderson is 4-0, with 17GF and 5GA. Those 3 games against Henderson will give us a better idea of how good the Gulls actually are.
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    Personally I think the problem is more about BM then DE....imho....Willful Stubborness of Bob not to ensure a Blockbuster Trade....is his weakness as for Dallas. He is doing the best he can...HOWEVER I feel this team is still going through the R/R(Rebuild and Rejvunation)...Phase. who knows what will happen however Something's gotta give. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    I am 100% on board with firing Murray and Eakins, but I don't think it happens. The owners are already taking a loss and they'd have to eat the remainder of both contracts. They'd also need to then conduct a difficult search in the middle of a pandemic for their replacements. I'd love to see the Samuelis do it, because I think it's necessary, but I don't expect it.
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    I'd love to see Getzlaf stay a Duck for life but if he wants out I'm all for it. He's earned it. He has done so much for this franchise and he deserves much more than this. I'm pretty confident that if he's given wingers who can put the puck in the net he's still a difference maker. I'd also love to see Getzlaf beast mode in The Playoffs again. Unfortunately it won't be in Anaheim unless Zegras turns out to be the next coming of McJesus. Meanwhile I still want Murray and Eakins fired.
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    They are extremely inconsistent, and the bad games tend to be streaky and coupled with a body language of fear and/or nerves. That generally comes from bad energy in the locker snowballing.
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