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    Look, there are 2 things here. First, the Ducks had been one of the best teams in the league overall for about a decade. It was expected that we would need to step back and be bad for a while. That happens to most teams. So the fact that the team is not good right now, in and of itself, is not really cause for mass changes as it was expected. However, the way management has gone about rebuilding the team can certainly be questioned. There seems to be no real long term plan, other than hoping that a lot of kids that haven't shown much so far will continue to improve, and that Zegras can basically elevate them all to another level. I take what a GM says in public with a grain of salt, but Murray's comments in the last few years come across as delusional, that he thinks this team should be better than they have been performing. He thinks this roster should be contending in the Pacific division, which they clearly have no chance of. Personally if I were an owner I would be less concerned about the poor results of the last few seasons and more concerned about the plan to work our way back to the top, as I really don't trust Murray to do this as it seems like he just wants to move deck chairs on the titanic. Really he should have seen the writing on the wall and gone for the full rebuild after the sweep against the Sharks a few years ago. The club still would have been bad the last few seasons but right now the future would be looking a lot brighter. If I were an owner I would be worried about developing a losing culture here and would be clearing house in the offseason. Brand new GM, brand new coach, brand new ideas and brand new culture in the franchise from the top down. IMO it is time for a change.
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    McNab has worked in the Ducks front office since day 1 of the franchise; fans should show him some respect. He’s apparently been our draft guru for a long time, and while we have lacked a bit in finding high impact talent drafting outside the top 10, we have done pretty well overall. We’ve certainly done well finding gems later in the draft over the years, and we’ve been a goalie factory. Hats off to McNab.
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    As of today, Eakins has now coached 93 games for the Ducks, with a record of 35-44-14. In his first 93 games with Edmonton, his record was 33-50-10. So two more wins. I just don't know what people see in this guy as an NHL coach. Eakins seems like a really good guy, but we're not looking for a son-in-law. We're looking for a coach who can win. He needs to go.
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    If you were not watching the St Louis post game broadcast of tonight's game, you have to really appreciate how classy St Louis team, broadcasters and fans were in what appears to be David Backes final game. Like Millers final home game a couple days ago, St Louis players congratulated Backes one by one, the fans gave him a 15 minute standing ovation and the broadcasters couldnt have been more kind and respectful. All were very emotional. Lastly they surprised Backes with a video message from his wife and kids. His parents drove down from Minnesota for the game. He was also named the #1 Star tonight. He played for the Blues for 10 years and Captain for 5 years. Very classy goodbye for a great career. https://www.nhl.com/blues/news/backes-career-comes-full-circle-in-st-louis/c-324345432
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    There's been a lot of chatter lately about Rakell being a potential trade piece as part of the rebuild, but this season is showing me more and more than it would be the wrong move. Bob's been saying for 2+ years that the veterans need to accept their roles as mentors for the youngsters, but has anyone embraced that role anywhere close to what Raks shown on the ice this season? His effort with Comtois and Lundestrom (and last night Zegras) has been pretty outstanding. If he wants to stay and help the rebuild, I'm all in favor of re-signing him. Sure, he's not scoring goals in bunches like he used to, but he's still a highly skilled player who can play all three forward positions, and he brings a ton of effort and energy. I'm seeing him transition into a great mentor too. He's literally helping to make Max and Lundy better players before our eyes. Keep him.
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    Off the top of my head: - Hiring Randy Carlyle for a second stint because he won a championship with the team 10 years prior with an antiquated style of play. Don't tell me about the 2017 playoffs where two sorry Canadian teams got smacked, I'm sure head coach Bob Murray could have gotten the same result there. - Flat out refusing to fire Randy Carlyle after the most embarrassing stretch of hockey this franchise has ever seen and instead blaming it on the players he put there. Trading locker room glue guys like Cogliano before getting outscored 40-8 (or whatever god-awful number it was) on a road trip sure sent a message. - Giving that trainwreck Bieksa an insane NMC extension before he even played a game as a Duck because he's buddies with Kesler.. the same Kesler who straight up refused to go anywhere but Anaheim or Chicago before he was traded and wasn't at risk of leaving if Bieksa never becomes a Duck. 100% unnecessary and it only handcuffed this team once cap hell and Vegas became a reality. - A number of flip-flopping "re-tools" where the team's identity was supposed to change in an effort to match whoever beat us in the playoffs that year. One year it's "we need more size and sandpaper", the next it's "we need more skill and speed". All that ever changed was what corner of the dumpster he'd look in that July 10th after most free agents have signed.. or what role player he'd pointlessly throw away at the deadline for someone who didn't fit (cough DSP.. still upset about that) - Failure to maximize assets and hanging onto certain players for too long. I think this one speaks for itself when you look at his recent record. Shoutout to our waived top goal scorer from a season ago Adam Henrique for being an example of both. Kesler's extension looks bad now but it gets a pass. Eaves was sketchy from the start. As awesome as he was in that short stretch, the only consistent thing in his career has been injury. Silfverberg and Henrique would've made more sense if this team was trending anywhere but down when they were extended. Again, hanging onto players too long and failing to establish a clear path for this team going forward.
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    The Athletic came out with their ranking of all 32 starting G in the league, and Gibson was #5. Basically saying a star G on a crappy team. I'll never understand those that continually bash him. Thankfully others know his real value.
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    Hahaha we need more speed…
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    I, too, hope it is Saturday... I have tickets! I'm really a sad sap for these things. I'll stand and clap until my hands bleed for every "last"... last entrance to the ice, last introduction, last time his defense hangs him to dry, last lap around the ice post game... and I'll also choke up for all of it.
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    Vodka Bob has ownership buffaloed. I wont spend a $ until this once great team fires a horrible GM and a Coaching staff in way over their heads. Ducks have become the laughing stock of the NHL. Bob fiddled while Anaheim burned with bad contracts, bad trades and missed opportunities. Im guessing Mr Samueli didn't handle personnel issues in his successful businesses. Where the hell is CEO Michael Schulman? Time to clean house and and hold people accountable. This is just a sad situation with no confidence in ownership and management. I will say that the Samueli's have done a lot of good for the community for a very long time, which is appreciated but are the Ducks a business or a hobby? Clean house or spend your $ on something else. Im done until there is a legit commitment to change.
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    I'm more concerned that he got called up now given everything going on with the organization in the last 24 hours lol. Though, I think he's done enough earn his NHL debut. The call up aligns with the Gulls not playing until Wednesday when they will play Henderson and then again on Friday and Saturday. Giving Zegras one or two NHL games and then having him return to play most of the Henderson games makes sense, imo. Cynical take: This is absolutely, definitely and certainly not Murray doing a self-serving sleight of hand with "Don't focus on my incompetence and bad decisions, here's the shiny Zegras you all want! Are you not entertained? Let me sit on my barstool in peace!" God Speed, Trevor. May this be the beginning to a future jersey retirement.
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    I can just see those conversations during offseason planning. GMBM: "Okay, who are we talking about next? Assistant: "Mathieu Perreault" GMBM: "He had a decent season last year, but we just picked up Kesler, we've got Rakell coming up, just let him go." Assistant: "Maybe we should ask the analytics guy what he thinks?" Everyone laughs. GMBM: "Alright, fine, bring in the nerdboy!" The assistant opens a cage in the corner and drags out a haggard looking man in chains. GMBM: "Ok, nerdboy, what do YOU think of Mathieu Perreault?" Analyst: "Actually, sir, he was really good for us. His Corsi and Fenwick numbers were some of the highest on the team which tells you how good his puck possession was, his scoring per minute at even strength was fantastic, and I've compiled some offensive zone entry figures that would..." Someone shoots a spitwad at him. It misses. Everyone laughs anyway. GMBM: "Corsi and Fenwick? I think I tried to trade for those two guys several years ago. Good faceoff numbers. But I don't think they're relevant to this conversation. Perrault would be our third or fourth line center. He's 5'10. How would that work when he's trying to defend the slot?" Analyst: "Well, he's not the best at that, admittedly, but the data show that his neutral zone passing is good and he spends so much time with the puck in the offensive zone that..." Assistant, mockingly: "He's not the best at that, he says! What a joke! Who wants third or fourth line centers for their OFFENSE? Come on." GMBM: "I've heard enough. Take nerdboy back to his cage and put a TV over there somewhere so he can actually WATCH a game once in a while." Analyst: "Actually, I watch every game. That's how I compiled the zone entry statistics since you won't let me have a computer with the internet." GMBM: "Here's a calculator. Have fun. We're cutting Perreault. [to everyone else] Let's talk about some possible free agent pickups. I heard Minnesota isn't going to re-sign Stoner. Did you see the picture of him when he killed that bear? Now THERE'S a guy we want defending the slot. A four-year deal sounds about right." Analyst: [whimpers softly]
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    If you could hypothetically build two 80,000-seat hockey arenas, one in downtown LA and at the other at the corner of Douglass and Katella, you would see the difference. There are just more Kings' fans in So Cal than Ducks' fans. Just a numbers game. They for sure should be doing a better job of cultivating hockey fans in San Diego County, especially northern SDC. Build it around a Duck's Flyer train that is decked out in the colors, has a roving three piece hype band roaming the cars, themed food and beverages, pump in historic radio and TV game calls over the audio of the cars, get Ducks' alum to make the ride up with fans, do a pregame show live remote from the train - get creative, make it a whole experience, having two preseason games at Pechanga Arena. They should be giving away tickets on a nightly basis to Ducks' fans for Gulls' games and vice versa. They should play up the fact that LA claims the Kings, while the Ducks are really So Cal's Hockey Team. My son played plenty of away games for his HS team in Poway and Carlsbad over the last couple of years. There are hockey fans and players in SD. Many.
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    He is quite possibly the only legitimate star on this team though. He's going to single handedly drag a last place team to the playoffs? He's probably the main reason we haven't ended up 31st the last three to four years. Our goals for keeps dropping like a brick. The defense has sucked worse every year since Yawney left. And to top it all off our pp got sucked into a black hole. And you're suggesting we skip all that and pretend that Gibson is garbage? Easily 3/4 of the league would probably replace their starting goaltender with Gibson if they had the chance.
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    They had to agree to their qualifying offers because they had no means of negotiating better deals ever since Bob dropped his only phone in the toilet a month ago.
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    I think he already left for his vacay!
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    Elliott Teaford is reporting that El Capitan Ryan Getzlaf plans to re-sign once free agency opens up. Not surprised, but still very nice to hear.
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    If Murray gives up Perreault just to get rid of Henrique’s contract on a team that’s going nowhere soon anyway I will absolutely lose my ****.
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    A coach can only do so much damage, and it's usually short term damage. You can resolve any issues by letting them go, and bringing in a new coach with a different system. i don't have a problem with giving Eakins more opportunity to succeed. So far as I'm concerned, he wasn't given a lot to work with. But I've never really felt he was a great hiring, and that the only reason he was hired, is that he happened to be the coach of the Ducks minor league club, so management didn't have to do a search for a coach with extensive and successful NHL experience. Also he probably was available on the very cheap. Not like he could demand much since his only league level experience, was unsuccessful, and he was fired from that job. The GM on the other hand, can do long term damage. They're making decisions that will help or hurt a club for years to come. It could mean the difference between drafting a Bobby Ryan and a Chad Kilger early in the 1st Round. Sad that it looks like Bob is going to be calling the shots over the coming months, and especially with our Top 5 pick. Edit: I should point out that Kilger might actually be one of the greatest draftings in Ducks history, since he brought us Teemu.
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    Correct, But it would be ludicrous to compare a hockey contract to a burger flipper. Considering that a weaker Selanne made $4M almost 10 years ago on a hometown discount, I don't think Getzy would even be offered less than that 10 years later. Manson makes $4M, so would Getzlaf. He is not going to make the same as Grant of Frenchy D. Sorry, but this is almost as ridiculous as trading him for a 7th rounder.
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    I'm sorry but there's a lot of nonsense in this post. If you want to trade Getzlaf for a 7th I'm glad BM is our GM. That is absolute and utter bs. Sure Getzlaf isn't as good as McDavid in his prime but nobody is. His numbers are down but everybody's numbers are down. Getzlaf has had injuries but that's a Ducks problem. Who on this team hasn't had an injury? I don't know what we're doing wrong but it's insane. We have to start the rebuild I'll give you that but Getzlaf should be part of that as long as he wants. Somebody has to mentor these kids. No disrespect to Sam Steel (who is still young and has room and time to improve) but do you want Zegras to learn from him or from Ryan Getzlaf, Stanley Cup winner and Hart Trophy runner-up.
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    Whatever it is that gets blown up, I hope it's not Rakell. Dude is showing he can/should be part of the rebuild.
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    We'll probably never know what went down but there's two parties to sign a contract. If BM is upset that Henrique wouldn't waive his NMC he shouldn't have put one in the contract. if Henrique refused he's just exercising his rights. If that's BM's reaction he's an even bigger doofus than I thought. It's stuff like that poisons relationships with players. I was always against a full blown rebuild but I don't see any other way. But BM and Eakins still have to go.
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    Nothing. Out of almost 100 players waived, 6 were claimed, and none of those 6 appeared to be anything special. Just filling in injuries or AHL vacancies. It's the same thing we say every year (and forget)... waivers when establishing rosters isn't the same a waiver in the season. They are all just transactional and no teams really want to mess with another team.
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    "All evidence" being five straight division titles and two trips to the WCFs? Aside from Rico (who arrived while Carlyle was dragging this group to the bottom of the ocean) and Manson in 2013-14, every single member of the "elder" core (Getzlaf, Gibson, Fowler, Lindholm, Manson, Rakell) were a part of those teams. I'm ready to die on the hill that the problem isn't that this current core is terrible together, it's that GMBM replaced critical members of our dominant core with borderline NHL players, and then compounded the problem by hiring inept coaches. We've essentially replaced Kesler, Perry, and Cogliano with Steel, Terry, and Devin Shore (who then turned into the ever-MIA Sonny Milano). We started the 2019-20 season with Getzlaf centering Terry and Shore on the top line and Steel centering Rakell and Silf on the 2nd line (with Ritchie-Rico-Kase as the 3rd line). Getzlaf didn't have a primary assist at 5-on-5 until around 30 games into that season. That doesn't mean Geztlaf was terrible, it means that his wingers were terrible and had zero finish. This team's identity has been strong defense and center play ever since Burkie came aboard, and the only times this team has floundered in the past 15 years is when the depth at Center has been bad. Fix the Center depth, and the rest of this team will follow. Like in 2011-12, when we were icing Getzlaf, a 37-year-old Saku Koivu, and a rotation of Cogs, Max Macenauer, Rod Pelley, a rookie Nick Bonino as our center depth. We righted that ship the following season by adding Mathieu Perreault and making Bonino the full-time 4C. Then after the Kings kicked our heads in during the 2014 playoffs, we righted the ship even further by adding Kesler to make one of the most dominant 1-2 C combos in the league. Fix the Center depth, fix the team. We also don't have a logjam at LHD. Larsson sucks and shouldn't be a full-time NHL player. Guhle and Mahura are not NHL players. Neither is 31-year-old Kodie Curran. LaCombe and Thrun are both 20 and haven't even signed with the Ducks yet, and may not. Or they could be traded for forward help, which GMBM said publicly he could trade D prospects to improve the offence. And Zellweger is still only 17-years-old. So there is no logjam there, unless you think Simon Benoit creates a logjam. Frankly, I'm just hoping Benoit can be a serviceable 3rd pair guy, because we don't even really have one of those at LHD on this roster. $14M for your two best D-men is also not cap prohibitive. Lots of teams have more than this committed to their top-2 paid D-men. It's not like this is San Jose with Karlsson-Burns-Vlasic combining for $26.5M in cap. The top teams typically have 25-30% of their cap taken up by D-men, which works out to about $20.6M-$24.75M of next year's expected $82.5M cap. Shattenkirk's $3.9M goes away the same season that Drysdale is due a raise too. They'll be more than fine.
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    Kudos to that poor staff writer for the NHL website who had to spend their time writing a hype building review of our offseason where literally no moves were made to improve a horrendously bad team. I would've just attached that video of Wild Wing accidentally lighting himself on fire if I was in their shoes.
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    I love Adams’ delusion. He’s been huffing and puffing a lot lately, first at the draft and now this. I remember Friedman’s comments at draft were basically like, “uhhh what?” It’s hilarious Buffalo thinks they are in control of this thing. Let’s see how long that lasts when training camp hits, Eichel’s still disgruntled, and still without surgery. Good luck. Buffalo’s been backed into a corner and all Murray (or another GM) has to do is keep waiting it out.
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    On paper, the Ducks absolutely crushed day 2 of the draft: Zellweger: The analytics/model guys absolutely love this kid. I’ve seen him in the top 15 of the entire draft here. Traditional scouts love him too; he had 1st round grades at a number of places. One scout for FCHockey had him ranked 4th! There’s a lot to like about this kid. Pastujov: Everything I just said about Zellweger might as well be copy/pasted here. This could go down as one of the steals of the draft. I can’t believe the Ducks got him at #66. He had even more 1st round grades from traditional scouting outlets than Zellweger; Scott Wheeler of The Athletic had him at #14! The analytics/model guys love him too with many having him in the top 15. What a pick. Hinds: Nothing too sexy about him; could be a bit of a reach here. His offensive game came on when he got traded to Rimouski in the QMJHL. Perhaps the Ducks see some good potential in him. Lopina: Interesting pick. He’s already 20 years old and coming off his freshman season at UMass. He had a good season though with 23 points in 29 games. One to keep an eye on. Tschigerl: Welcome back to potential steal territory. This guy had a number of 2nd round grades, a couple 3rd round grades, and one 1st round grade going off Eliteprospects aggregated rankings. How did he make it to #130? He plays a complete game too. I really like the value here. Kukkonen: Here’s the swinging for the fences pick. Highly skilled, small-ish high school player out of Minnesota. Odds are low he makes it, but if he does it would be great. Overall, this was an amazing draft on paper. Let’s hope it pans out.
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    It’s a good theory and makes sense, but I could see an alternate scenario whereby Bob has a deal in place with Seattle and he then contacts all of the players who the Ducks are keeping, but who will also be on the exposure list, to let them know they will be exposed but are still wanted by the organization. I’m so doing, he could have gotten some early work done on RFA negotiations, which is why Volkov’s new deal is $925K, which is well above his $700K qualifying offer. Could just be a showing of good faith to Volkov. I’m also a bit stumped as to why Seattle would agree to take Volkov over Fleury, Shattenkirk, or even Mahura. I dunno, maybe the Ducks are willing to retain more of Rico’s contract if it’s Volkov?
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    Most importantly, we'd be the only team in the league where 75% of our centers have a Z in their name.
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    Perry has as many conference championships since leaving the Ducks than the Ducks whole organization has in its history. He’s batting a thousand actually. Really want to see the worm gets his second ring.
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    There’s risk, I can’t personally guarantee anything. 24 year old, franchise centers don’t just become available without some sort of risk, but look at Vegas. They made team altering trades for players who became available. Stone, Pacioretty. It’s not a 1:1 comparison, but if you can add talent like Eichel and do it without your 2 best prospects. I think you roll the dice.
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    Geoff Ward hired by the Ducks. Presumably to take Morrison's spot. Not a bad hire IMO. He has NHL head coaching experience. He previously ran the PPs in New Jersey and Calgary. His PP trademark seems to be varying zone entries as much as possible so as to avoid predictability. The articles I've skimmed indicate that he has used a variety of different set-ups, some with guys shooting from their off-sides for quick one-timers and some with them on their strong sides to increase vertical puck movement to get the goalie to constantly change his depth in the crease. I also like that we now have Ward and Dineen in the organization. Either guy can take over the HC duties if/when Eakins falters (again).
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    ...Followed by "the assistants have been let go and Trent Yawney and Paul MacLean have been hired as defensive and special teams coach respectively."
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    James Dolan running his teams into the ground, Rangers in total meltdown firing everyone, Capitals (predictably) continuing to enable their psychopath by painting him as a victim, Parros attending tonight's rematch at MSG.. the NHL has an absolute circus on their hands right now and it could have been so avoidable with just the slightest bit of common sense on their part.
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    It'd be nice if they gave him the net for the final home game on Saturday so that his family can come watch him play one last time. Same for Backes. And Getzlaf.
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    Intentionally? It doesn't happen often. San Jose and Ottawa both did it recently without meaning to though. As for the Kings, I know they have the pieces to get Eichel, but can they really build a complete team with $31 million tied up in just 3 players (Doughty, Kopi, Eichel)? Kopi has three more seasons remaining after this at $10M/season and Doughty has 6 more at $11M. You may like LA's long term plan better than ours, but their D and goaltending is a huge issue that isn't going to be solved internally any time soon, and it wouldn't make much sense for them to get Eichel at this moment in their rebuild. Not that they really care about making moves that make sense (coughKovicough). It's not tanking when so many of your best players are injured. The losing culture creeps in when your best players are healthy and the team still can't figure out how to play a decent game. I dislike tanking, but in this situation I'm fine with losing as many of the next nine games as they can. Luckily we have the right coach for the job.
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    I also think he's earned a better send-off. I can't imagine Getzlaf skating off after his very last home game to scattered cheers from barely 2000 fans at Honda Center. He deserves an emotional exit like Teemu's. If there are such things as hockey gods, I hope we get one more year from Baldy and that the schedule makers figure out a way to match the Ducks with whatever team Pears is playing for next season on that final Sunday. Speaking of Teemu, Getzlaf still 7 points behind him with only 9 games to go. He's "running out of race track" and isn't likely to catch him this season. Getzlaf probably needs to come back for one more year just for the bragging rights...
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    What do you mean? Jason Chimera really pushed us over the top.
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    16 points in 31 games and +8 so far. Only 2 Ducks, Comtois and Rakell, have more points per game this season (4 games minimum). Granted he probably wouldn't be as productive if he were still on the Ducks, but he's certainly not "washed up," as many Ducks fans seem to think.
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    But that makes no sense. If Seattle take Volkov then essentially all we have given up for the expansion draft is Morand and a very late draft pick. If that were the case the Ducks would probably have lost the least out of any team in the NHL from the expansion draft.
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    Nobody is "moaning and groaning here". When a team is on 9-games losing streak, and GM tell that coach is "doing a great job", we, dedicated die-heart Ducks fans express our concern. I understand that doing nothing is the easiest thing to do, but what kind of message it sends to the Ducks fans? As far as strategy, the first step to do is to find a competent GM. There are few names available right now, do I really have to be specific?
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    Hope Calgary also hired an interpreter.
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    I try to be a cup half full person, but last night was pathetic. After 30 minutes we had 4 shots on goal. FOUR. That's abysmal and there's no excuse. I was totally bored watching them. I've been a SSH since day one, and all I was thinking was I'm glad I don't have to drive to the arena to watch this team play. I shook my head watching their 5 on 3 PP. Keep Zegras and Drysdale down with the Gulls. They're playing exciting hockey. They don't need to be exposed to the 💩show this team is right now.
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    Hard no on DeAngelo given the bolded even if we had the space to make it work. Last thing we need is John Gibson hating the defense in front of him more than he already does.
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    lol. I wonder if Bakersfield has any disgruntled Les Cunningham Award winners whose wives hate living in Bakersfield that the Gulls can trade for.
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    Lots of people online making fun of Perry for getting waived and calling him washed as if he didn't just score 3 huge goals in the Stanley Cup Final a few months ago. Meanwhile, hockey fans are supposed to be excited about mesozoic era all-star Joe Thornton in a Leafs sweater. I don't get it.
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