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    Sorry minor league zamboni drivers but this is the best thing to happen this season
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    That tweet from Wyshynski is a pretty negative way of looking at this. We got a pick that will likely be somewhere in the 20s, and a young defenseman who is still developing and could fill a need for us on the right side, for a player who is perennially injured and seems to have reached a plateau development-wise. I think it's a good return for a guy with such an injury history.
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    Do mean "tried" in the legal sense? Like for crimes against hockey? Because that's the only way my brain can comprehend that sentence.
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    I said it yesterday, but Perrault makes Drysdale at 6 so much better, being able to grab someone who has about as good of a shot as Holtz at 27 after taking your #1 D man is huge. Really great drafting. Colangelo seems very solid as well, solid build, goal scoring guy. I think he played with Zegras when they were younger as well.
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    Right, because no children have been killed or are experiencing potentially long-term health difficulties because they've contracted the disease. I'm glad you're not forcing my children to attend school before we've got this illness under control.
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    1. Karlsson missed a handful of games this season due to a broken finger. Try shooting a puck with a broken finger. It's going to affect your shot and your goal totals. Karlsson's 43 goals were an aberration, but he still scored 24 goals last season, and would probably be on pace for another 20+ goal season if not for the injury. 2. Karlsson is a center. So what if he doesn't score that many goals? It's his job to set up teammates. Getzlaf has had 8 seasons of 15 or fewer goals, and only has 12 goals this season. Karlsson doesn't pass like Getzy (who does?) bu he still has 27 assists this season and is on pace for 35 assists (despite missing 8 games) even though he has been mostly playing with Marchessault and Reilly Smith, neither of whom would be considered top-line scorers on most teams in the league (each guy only has one 30-goal season in their careers). 3. Karlsson also plays defense. He finished 6th in the Selke voting in 2018, and when a guy plays defense like he does, it impacts his offense. Look at Bergeron. He's hovered around 20G/35A for most of his career. Same for Kesler. 4. Raw numbers don't tell the whole story, and if you're going to bring up Karlsson's numbers in Columbus, why ignore his role there? He played a Sami Pahlsson role in Columbus on their checking 3rd line. Pahlsson's career high in goals was 11, and in assists it was 18 when he was playing with Moen and Rob Nieds. Would Pahlsson have had better offensive numbers if he was centering Teemu? Of course. But that wasn't his role. I would take Karlsson back on this team at $5.9M/season every day of the week and twice on Sundays. It was a horrible trade, especially considering who GMBM gave him up for . Worst trade of GMBM's entire tenure IMO.
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    I've decided all trades are a crap shoot. Thinking about William Karlsson since Vegas just played the Ducks. With Columbus in 2015-16 he scores 9G (81 games), in 2016-17 he scores 6G (in 81 games). Goes to Vegas, has 43G in 2017-18 and 24G in 2018-19. This season, before the game on Sunday (where he had a hat trick) he had 10G in 55 games. His salary is 5.9M for the next 8 seasons (including this season). Fans were all apoplectic about trading him, and would now be talking about what a horrible contract it is.
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    A faster rebuild for us. That's what's possible. Remember, we don't do the 9-year plan around here. We try to take quick rebuilds, and I'm okay with that. Henrique is a key current piece with a few years left in the tank. Rakell will be back. We don't have to blow the ENTIRE thing up.
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    So far Murray’s two moves are moving young forwards with good potential who haven’t fully hit it for various reasons. Bold move cotton.
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    Ritchie and Boston seems like a match made in heaven. Won't be long until he's carving Rs Zorro style into Mitch Marner's forehead in the middle of an important playoff game.
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    and . Backes is like only $3mil. Kesler goes on LTIR. Fowler is a very good player. Perry buyout was good. He has 5 goals right now.
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    The Ducks have done very well when they trade for extra picks late in 1st or early 2nd. 1.29 Tracey 1.30 Steel 1.39 Gibson 1.29 Etem (NM LOL) 1.26 Kyle Palmeiri 1.28 C.Perry https://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/draft/teams/dr00004643.html
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    Kase is always hurt. Guy doesn't keep his head up. I think this is a great trade just for the pick. Business deal both ways. Kase was little cheaper than Backes with same contract term, plus Ducks get a pick and a prospect. Part of Backes' salary was retained by Boston.
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    If we get a #1 for someone always hurt, this is a good trade. I love Kase, but he's just not the same player this year
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    The team needs a 4th liner with snarl. Better to lose Del to a 5 minute penalty than Getz, Manson, etc. He serves a purpose.
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    This is quite the take. Not only are you denigrating a perfectly fine nickname, but are you actually saying you PREFER Grant to Getzlaf? Like, Grant is too good for us to compare him to Getzlaf? Self-quarantining takes its toll on everyone.
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    If this is a prelude to signing Cody Ceci, please grab your torch and your pitchfork and follow me to Bob Murray's house. Gudbranson is like Ray Bourque compared to Cody Ceci.
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    Tampa Bay just beat Dallas in Edmonton to win a Stanley Cup in September but the Ducks selecting a Russian in the draft is hands down the strangest thing about hockey in 2020.
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    Samueli's are paying all full/part time staff their salaries through the end of the month. Class act.
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    yeah, this is what BM meant. he wasn't setting Eakins up for failure, he just wanted Eakins to make his own judgements with players and then get to the same conclusion (and, I think BM wanted a second opinion and a second chance for some players with a new coach). on the player i was talking about in practices - it was Sherwood who was lacking some stick skills, visibly, during the drills. there's always a function of who you're drilling with... but that didn't seem to be the issue. the main drill i'm thinking of is two players going head to head at high speed starting from the two defensive zones - first player with the puck passes hard to second player just coming out of the d-zone on the other side of neutral, and the receiving second player is supposed to stop the puck and leave it motionless (stop/drop) for the oncoming rush (original passing first player) so that the first player can enter the d-zone that the second player just exited, but with significant speed AND puck control. Sherwood cycled through that drill 3-4 times while i was watching, and he fraked up the puck stop/drop every time, which tripped up the oncoming rush. i don't understand how this could be true of an AHLr, but then again, I still have no idea how we don't have vets that can 1-time (to the extent that BM harped on it during the discussion session). unfortunately, this was a short practice between 2 games in 3 days, so there could be a chance they weren't practicing "for reals"... so take this all with a grain of salt: until the drills became more like full line v. line scrimmages (players seemed to dig in during the scrimmages, because they're more fun?), there was a LOT of players just 'completing' drills but not really pushing themselves during the drills... which I think is a waste. I don't have a leg to stand on, coaching wise, but I've always enjoyed the Wooden take on sports - start as fundamental as you can, do it exactly right (or keep practicing until you do), and then build on that. i did NOT see a lot of commitment in the non-scrimmage, more basic drills. i wouldn't think much of it, but it goes hand in hand with our very apparent weaknesses on the ice. The rooks tended to put more energy into the more basic drills, but still not enough in my view. i didn't see too many players taking their own development in hand. Gbud did a bit, but I think he's still working on getting healthy, so I'm not sure that counts. The ice isn't huge, so there's not a lot of room for individual skating, and I didn't stay too long after players started to dribble off the ice. I don't know: if Cogs had been there, at least I could have normalized based on his output. FrenchyD did a good job at going around trying to make people have fun during the practice, in a good way. Getz and Gbud seemed to hang off together on the side and stand with sort of a leadership stature, overlooking the lines taking runs. it looked very natural for them to hang together in that way. Eakins and the two assistants were on the ice all the time with the players, Eakins mainly doing the whistle blowing for the drills. There were what looked like PP D and O drills, basically runs at net 3 on 2, then whistle blows and they switch O and D, something like that. not super organized. it might have just been a regular drill. Eakins was in on every drill, so... well, there's that. Again, short session, so maybe not a lot of PP-specific stuff. who knows. That's all i can remember right now.
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    Comtois has earned the AHL Rookie of the Month award in February: https://theahl.com/ahl-award-winners-february-2020
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    https://www.ocregister.com/2017/06/20/do-ducks-have-deal-with-golden-knights-to-keep-from-losing-sami-vatanen-and-josh-manson-in-expansion-draft/amp/ You guys need to chill out. Murray didn’t just walk Theodore to Vegas saying, “See ya later, kiddo! We don’t want you, don’t think you’re ever gonna be good, and aren’t tough enough. Bye bye!” Theodore was the cost of keeping other guys. Murray didn’t “give up” on Theodore. Chill out with the hyperbole.
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    I don't think Eakins will be let go this summer, but I will be very surprised if there isn't a change to the assistants. Especially whoever runs the PP. They should bring Kevin Dineen up from San Diego to run that PP next season.
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    Yeah, it seems like it is the same thing every year. Murray calls out the leadership and says this and this and that needs to be better, but nothing really changes. Our PP has been dreadful since the days of the Lauerplay. I'm all for a change at this point. Murray is already on his third coaching hire, most GMs don't get that many chances.
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    Is anyone else tired of BM’s criticism of the “leadership by the veterans” etc... with the veiled threat that “hopefully they are listening” and how he has “added speed”... He said the same thing about Chimera didn’t he? No one likes a boss who throws the employees under the bus 🚌 and he does it a lot. And the bit about the players not being good enough and not scoring and the power play being bad?? Isn’t that what we all talk about on these boards all the time??? He could show some leadership today and fire the assistant coaches. It ain’t the player’s fault. They’re professional athletes and want to be successful. I’m with the guy who posted the plea to the Samuelis to please fire him... I know he never will leave...
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    No need for a return. Maybe if Columbus could cover the postage on the thank you note we're sending them.
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    On the plus side, Heinen put up 47 points two years ago. He's steadily declined since, which is worrisome, but maybe he can find it again? Oh, who am I kidding, he's not finding any scoring touch in Anaheim.
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    There are some comments that make me think a blood test is in order to determine that the poster is human. Really, you don’t think Eaves would rather be playing than dealing with his ailment(s)? Come on. It’s a game until Dehydrated Donkey Dung like this strikes, then you just should thank your lucky stars for what you have and pray for the best for Eaves and others. Enough is enough.
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    Like CAsFirstCup said, his contract expires before the ED. You also aren’t forced to protect an NTC. Only No Movement Clauses (NMCs) are required to be protected. So for example, if FanSince1993 is able to get his hands on some compromising photos of Bob Murray, Fowler will be exposed in the expansion draft even though he has a 4-team trade clause in his contract.
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    I love how so many analysts consider shedding about $4 million of cap hit for a single season is worth a late first round draft pick. If that’s the case, I hope there are other teams willing to give up a first round pick for that. ESPN has no credibility on the NHL since they jettisoned their TV contract with the league 15 years ago. Hockey is waaaaaay below football and basketball in their world.
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    By Pierre LeBrun 1h ago 13 A first-round pick and a prospect is beyond what I thought the Anaheim Ducks could get for Ondrej Kase. Back on Feb. 3, when I felt Kase to Boston made sense as a potential deal, I had a second-round pick and a prospect as the price to pay. Of course, taking on 75 percent of David Backes’ contract is why the pick becomes a first. The Ducks will only be on the hook for about $3 million next season on Backes so it’s well worth it in my mind. Pretty good job by Ducks GM Bob Murray to weaponize his salary cap space. There’s risk on both sides here, though. The speedy Kase could go on to score 20-25 goals a year for the next 6-7 seasons in Boston and if that’s the case, the Ducks may regret this move depending on what becomes of the first-round pick. But Kase comes with enough health concerns (concussions) that one NHL team told me this week while they liked the skill set they decided not to call Anaheim because of that alone. I think Bruins GM Don Sweeney gambled wisely here. It’s a low first-round pick and he got out of cap jail on the Backes deal. And I don’t think Sweeney is done, either. He’s probably out of the Chris Kreider situation after having traded his first-round pick but he can still get in on other rentals before Monday’s 3 p.m. ET deadline. Last year he rented Marcus Johansson and made a hockey deal for Charlie Coyle. His hockey deal is now done. Even if Sweeney doesn’t make another trade, the Bruins have got as good a shot as any other team to win the Cup this year. Of course, the Bruins weren’t alone in pursuit of Kase. Two other teams that showed real interest were Calgary and Carolina, according to sources. That the Hurricanes got in there shouldn’t be a surprise given that Kase is the player they wanted from Anaheim in the failed Justin Faulk trade back in September. The Canes have liked Kase for a long time. My understanding is that they offered a second-round pick and a prospect for Kase. The Canes have two second-round picks in June, the Rangers’ and their own, so it would have been interesting to know which one they offered. A low first-round pick from Boston or the Rangers’ second-round pick (and no Backes contract) plus a prospect? But clearly Anaheim went the Boston route for a reason. That the Flames inquired makes sense, too. Calgary has been after a top-six, right-shot option. Give Flames GM Brad Treliving credit. He’s trying. He also tried on right winger Tyler Toffoli and blueliner Brenden Dillon, among others so far over the past week. Calgary can use a boost both up front and on the blue line and Treliving is taking his swings.
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    Getting a RHD back is nice but GMBM is the reason we're so thin there to begin with. I'm not a fan of losing one of our most talented and fun players to address a hole he's responsible for creating with very little to show for it. At least give Sprong Kase's minutes now so the Pettersson deal doesn't look as bad.
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    We expected something like this to happen. We know considering our Ducks have flaws shown each game over the past few months. Thank You Ondrej Kase for your contributions to the Ducks and Best of Luck in Boston and your future Endeavors. Welcome to the Ducks David Backes and Axel Andersson. If you ask me this trade is Win-Win for both our Ducks and Boston....I am very Happy Ducks getting 2020 1st Rd Draft Pick. It's 5th Time Ducks will have 2 First Rounders. I am very interested to see if Ducks GM Bob is stilling wheeling and Dealing but who knows. Oh FYI to all Axel is playing on Moncton Wildcats the same Team as another Ducks Prospect BO Groulx. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    Dan Rosen @drosennhl Replying to @drosennhl Backes said he did have to waive his no-trade clause to go to Anaheim. "It was a place where they want me to be a player and want me to help in the locker room, bring whatever I can bring to help with the group. That’s certainly something that I take pride in.” David Backes just got off a conference call. He's ready for Anaheim: "I was praying, actually praying to get an opportunity that I could reassert myself and show that I still belong in the NHL."
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    I actually don’t hate taking backes contract since a) it only has a year left; b) Boston retained some salary; c) it allows Murray to flip Grant for assets and will likely be cheaper that what Grant’s extension ultimately would be.
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    Read: https://www.google.com/amp/s/pucksofafeather.com/2020/02/16/anaheim-ducks-nicolas-deslauriers-better-think/amp/ He’s also a 13th forward who knows his role and is an outstanding team-first guy. He’s also not blocking anyone, since his whole cap hit can be buried in the AHL if enough forwards make him expendable. He’s also now signed past the expansion draft and only needs 25 more games between now and June 2021 to meet the 70-game exposure requirement, which is significant since the Ducks currently have only three other forwards who are under contract for the 2021-22 season. The Ducks have to expose TWO forwards who are under contract and who meet the minimum game requirements. Good signing.
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    Erik Gudbranson was the #3 overall pick in 2010. So hey, we’ve already got one! Let’s go win a Cup!
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    Well, at least we can count on his top notch player development skills and cutting edge offensive/defensive/breakout systems. 🙄 Ugh, I hate ragging on Eakins because I knew this was the likely outcome of canning Carlyle. And I really do like Eakins the person and want him to succeed. But he's really bad, and I'm mad at myself for hoping that he wouldn't be.
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    Josh Ho-Sang on waivers. Please claim him Stoolbob. I'd much rather see someone with his skill level attempt to figure things out at a professional level this season over a single second of David Backes doing Backass things.
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    Several reasons come to mind that I think are potentially valid. Every kid is different, so I don't know about Drysdale specifically, but I imagine these have something to do with it: Defensemen usually take longer than forwards to develop. Drysdale hasn't been playing against men in one of the European leagues, so he still has a lot to learn. Of all of the praise that's been heaped on Drysdale, I haven't heard anyone say he has the polish of a Lucas Raymond who is ready to step in right away. It seems he still has some development ahead of him, which is totally expected. He needs to build some strength physically, which will come with time. He's only 5'11, so he doesn't have the ready-made NHL body. At least Fowler was 6'2 and had some decent size. The Ducks don't NEED him. They're going to be mediocre at best next year. There's no reason to rush him. In fact, you worry about stunting his development if he's thrown into a bad situation early in his career. I wonder if Fowler was hurt somewhat by that. As a corollary to the above, there's no reason to start his contract early. The only reason I could see for keeping him up is if the Ducks are worried about the uncertainty of the pandemic screwing up the junior season. But it looks like the Canadian junior teams will probably be better off than the NHL due to the lack of international travel. In which case, that's another reason to keep him down.
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    It’s a fine and defensible pick. Murray Just continues to be insanely predictable
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    Well, i know a few people moving out of this state. The politicians and bureaucrats still collect their checks, but they get to tell everyone else who gets to work, who gets to collect their checks. The back breaker is the closing of the schools, when everyone knows the children aren't in danger. It's just Sacramento bullying working people, and making it harder for them to live their lives.
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    LOL I thought the same thing. Same reason why Galchenyuk will never play for the Ducks. He's Canadian, but his name sounds slightly Russian, so he's out.
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    Not one person here even mentioned Karlsson when we made that trade. It then took 3 full years for him to breakout. The revisionist BS on this board really needs to stop.
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    Sonny Milano rhymes with Cogliano Ducks the clear winner here
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    I think Comtois is the one that will benefit most form this. He's been doing well ,lately
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    If you look at Marleau’s cost to dump it was a first. Cap dumping Backes for a late first rounder then getting Axel Andersson for Kase straight up essentially. Boston wins this all day. Kase finally found his groove this year as of late (same with everyone on the team essentially).
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    Not a bad signing. Shore made $2.3M this year and has basically the same numbers. He's a RFA so BM will have money to resign Grant ($1.15M) with the 1/2 of Shore's salary he shouldn't get moving forward.
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    I have enjoyed watching hockey more in the last couple weeks than the rest of the season combined. And that includes an entertaining beginning of the season. That's worth something to me. If management wants to sell off a couple of non-fundamental pieces for future assets, I understand the strategy. This season is lost. But I'm enjoying the better hockey, and I hope they continue to play this way. The draft pick will fall where it may.
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    The Ducks are currently slotted into the #6 pick, and even if they start playing playoff caliber hockey for the final 26 games I don't think they would be able to finish any lower in the draft than the #8 pick given the current points gap to the teams above them, most of whom are still pushing to make the playoffs. In fact, aside from Buffalo (for some reason the OP really wants the Ducks to create a losing culture to be just like them), I think most of the teams within striking distance of the Ducks in the standings are going to keep pushing hard for the next month until they're actually out of the playoff race. The Ducks could also easily slide up to the #4 pick since the Sharks are 1 point back with a game in hand (and could make a push just based on veteran pride) and New Jersey is 3 points back with two games in hand and is 3-0-3 since the all star break (and just had B2B 5-0 and 3-0 wins over Philly and LA). The best and fastest way to turn this thing around is to (1) create the right culture and confidence through an effective system, good coaching, and WINNING, (2) use that upcoming top-7 pick in the 2020 draft to bring in a high impact prospect, and (3) use the abundance of picks and redundant prospects we currently have in the system to trade for 1-2 more high impact players. The worst and slowest way will be to create a losing culture (ala Buffalo), trade highly productive core players for the chance that a late 1st or 2nd round draft pick works out 4-5 years from now, and then pee away the prime years of Gibson, Lindholm, Fowler, Rakell and Silfverberg and the last productive years of Getzlaf.
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