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  1. They are extremely inconsistent, and the bad games tend to be streaky and coupled with a body language of fear and/or nerves. That generally comes from bad energy in the locker snowballing.
  2. Yes, and that has choked us a bit. I don't think he wasn't to willingly add to that, and neither do we. We can't say we're disappointed he didn't add a phantom cap hit and then turn around and complain that he didn't make some splashy deal that requires cap space.
  3. Retaining salary stays on our cap. I'm guessing he doesn't want that. And no statement maybe because the transaction isn't complete?
  4. I imagine he tried, but we don't want to lose a prospect or high pick just to move Henrique.
  5. On paper. In order to see that money, they'd have to sell stocks, which would immediately lower the value of them. Cash wise, I wouldn't be surprised if the business side of the Ducks was presently upside down. I think it is still a money thing. They never want to be strapped unless it is an absolute slam dunk, which is rare.
  6. Wait, what? A washed up Kesler? If washed up is what it took to get us 3 year legit Cup window, I'll take another washed up player, please!
  7. If we want to see how ridiculous the "he became him" review goes, then the same set of trades that got us thw Petersson pick reveal that he turned nothing (free agent Brad Staubitz) into Ondre Kase, or into Jacob Perreault and Axl Anderson. It's just ridiculous and arbitrary to pick random points to count as the "beginning" in the case of prospects and low level players.
  8. Fixed it for ya. Djoos replacing Petersson is the linear fallacy.
  9. Not Murray's scouting team. We had Dmen ranked highly in the pipeline by multiple sources. It just means that not all of them pan out.
  10. Missing from that analysis is anything in real time. We had an inconsistent Dman, depth on the position (with a couple well-graded 3rd line prospects due to come up) , and a desperate need for scoring. He didn't pan out. We didn't have 1.5 years left with him. His contract expired at the end of the 2019 season. Pittsburgh resigned him to a one year contract in September of 2019, barely in time for the season to start. So he got no offers and Pitt wasn't exactly scrambling to save him. That doesn't happen with a 2nd liner. Sorry to burst that analysis. The well-graded prospects weren't panning out, along with injuries among the D, requiring a need for temporary depth. Spring was used to bring it in. Now that the depth is no longer needed, and new.prospects are now due, the need is now gone. To present this as if it all occured in a vacuum and instead is a linear string of asset trading is why we aren't GMs. All of your analysis was presented in retrospect. That's not reailty. Low end pieces are shuffled around like this often to address immediate needs and situations.
  11. The reason he is a GM is because once a move is made, it's done. If he managed assets like we do with this "6 degrees of Kevin Bacon" game where we don't consider time, money, context, or other moves, he definitely would not last as a GM.
  12. Wow. I thought his performance over the summer would at least keep him in 7 figures. Maybe $1.25 or $1.5.
  13. How many do we have to give up to have room for them? Who of our future do get rid of for the sake of getting one of those players for a couple years?
  14. That's where it came from. Dude when beast mode on the top line. I'll keep using it until he does something else cool that supercedes it.
  15. Seems like others that occurred afterward were all updated within minutes, including the Gulls UFAs we lost like Sherwood, Boyle, etc.
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