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  1. gotchabari


    There definitely needs to be some kind of closure opportunity. A chance to cheer loudly one last time, knowing it is the last. So many things in life are a last time that we don't know about, including (so far) the last time she performed. Whenever there are opportunities to knowingly say farewell, we should make those happen.
  2. Definitely did. Helped us a lot before the youngins were more available to move up, and Pettersson just didn't fit here.
  3. Except for that whole Bones for Kesler thing that pushed us to two WCFs. No big deal though, right?
  4. Did you just come on here to moan about not overspending? I swear that's all your 24 posts have been. We have enough of those already, thanks.
  5. So Perry's return to Anaheim will be the same night as Cogliano's. I hope the former doesn't overshadow the latter.
  6. Pretty good, cheap pick-up to fill out Gulls and have a bruiser to call up when the situation warrants it. For all the kids coming up, we'll need to fill holes down below. It still amazes me that there are many on this board that don't realize that trades and signings are for more than stars or key players. The same process occurs for the 4th liners on the Gulls than for the 1st line of the Ducks. I'd say it's entertaining to watch our reactions to these signings, but honestly it's annoying and embarrassing. Makes us look like we don't know how hockey works.
  7. If they were expecting Zegras to be gone, which they probably were expecting, Krebs may have been the next choice for sure.
  8. Not sure I'm understanding. If you're saying we were short of getting Krebs because of trading away picks in the past, remember we got Zegras at 9.
  9. It depends in term. If he gets 2-3 years out of some team, it'll cost him and would be $4M. One year would be over $5M. Absolute guesses of course.
  10. With their picks this year, no. I was pretty confident they'd use this year to rebuild the pantry a little bit.
  11. I guess I just disagree with your valuation of Henrique and Vats, especially considering we got the extra AHL player with it.
  12. Maybe, but we wouldn't have a had a center.
  13. You are a 3rd year pro the moment your second season ends, no?
  14. Fixed it for you. Do we really want to tie up $9M per year for 3 more years for someone on the decline?
  15. So, you're saying fill-ins and backups don't require a contract? I'm missing what your criticism is. Fair warning if you're new at this... he's going to sign AHL players, too. Only one or two signings will be potentially big. Most are to fill a roster. Can we PLEASE go a season without confusing roster signings with top signings? Pretty please?
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