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  1. And that is his/hers. This is a forum where thoughts and ideas are shared, and responded to. If you dont understand the two way flow of opinions on a forum, there is always a plain piece of paper somewhere. Not much worse on a forum than the misunderstanding that only you get to share your opinion and the respondents don't get the same opportunity. /soapbox
  2. No, you're not the only one. Despite pulling my financial support and kind of tuning out for a while, I think our roster isn't as bad as the current performance and our future roster can grow to even better. We're not a Stanley Cup roster, but this team should make the playoffs and maybe even win the first round with a good system/coach. However, I have serious issues with the character displayed in handling multiple situations throughout this period, from lack of communication to lack of action to taking certain actions at poor times (like Cogs... even if you can justify the business end of the deal, it should have been done differently). I also still carry a grudge against Henry for not publicly standing up for Cogs last year, despite claims that he fought behind closed doors. That was worth taking fines for, and he didn't. Lack of character, IMO. Hopefully I'll get back to the point of watching on TV with great interest and excitement as a fan, even though at the present I'm shell-shocked and dismayed. But as far as paying for it? Not right now. Maybe I'll be back in a few years, but I actually feel morally obligated to quit. And yes, I know that sounds dramatic, but it's the way it is striking me. I gave it a full month and it didn't change, although my language softened. I guess I can join in the chorus of the cliched statement at trade time... "It's a business decision."
  3. Mine, too, and I cited that as one of my reasons. Kristen called me to review my email and confirm I want to leave. She had a few company lines regarding Shore being cheaper and younger, Carlyle having the office position in his contract, etc.
  4. I'm only $2000, but I opted out of next season officially yesterday. Wonder how many will.
  5. No, but they mope/wander around if they are missing leadership, which can be the result of a trade.
  6. Yeah, but no... I've tried, but I can't. Checking back in after this break to officially say bye for a while. Sent in my SSH cancellation this morning. Maybe after time I'll get back into GDT or something, but really my heart is nowhere near supporting the organization at this point. No one in management is saying a darn thing, they're INCREASING prices, and the biggest trade they made was the one guy that was at least fun to watch hustle every night. Having already been bitter about the way they screwed him last year, I just think there is a character issue in ownership and management that I can't ignore. "It's just business" is something I expect from the Kings, not the Ducks. There was at least the external appearance of family before that just isn't there anymore. I think I'll make it to a couple games in March, but that will be it. It's been a good run!
  7. Because this trade isn't about the players, it's about establishing what the management thinks are issues. The current issue is hustle and work. They traded the epitome of that. There were players who WEREN'T making the effort that could have been traded. It's also the timing, right after confirming that a coaching change wasn't happening. It's a signal that, from a business point of view, they are absolutely tone deaf. This doesn't mean they have to do what the fans want, but there is a time and place that you do things based on "reading the room," and it is evident that management has no ability to do so at the present.
  8. This was sent to my customer service contact: Kristen, Just making sure my account is such that I am not automatically renewed in February or whenever that is. I will make the decision on renewal closer to seat selection or whatever sort of later deadline there is. After Murray's statement followed by the trade, it is evident to me that management is not in tune with its customers. After the way the Samuelis didn't stand up for him publicly last year, I hope the Stars value what they have in him. My in-game experience continues to decline in the new year with people wandering all over the place during play and no apparent interest in stopping it via any announcement, video, etc. I guess the need to sell tickets results in a new type of crowd, so those of us "old-timers" (at 41) just become complainers and I guess are just holding on to hockey traditions that aren't important any longer. The decline in play and lack of addressing it also makes us visitors in our own arena, which really isn't fun, and sometimes doesn't feel safe with the apparent inability of vendors and security to recognize inebriation. I'd hate to throw away 12 years of support, but I don't even recognize the organization today, so it feels more like we just folded and the decision wasn't mine to make.
  9. Cogs is snakebit in scoring, but was the only one able to keep up with the faster teams, stealing pucks, forechecking, creating opportunities for others. Not everything goes on a scoresheet. I feel so weird. I have accelerated all the way past rage to quiet acceptance, with zero interest in watching anymore. Even if this trade becomes successful from a player/points point of view, the level of "tone deaf" required to pull it off after a statement saying you'll keep the coach is just mind-boggling. If you thought the fans are heard here, it is confirmed that they are not.
  10. What????
  11. The openings created by having someone shadowing him is a coaching decision. I was merely saying Kesler was healthy enough to do so. Whether it's a good idea or not is not his decision and is on RC.
  12. So, do we need to try and start some boycott to force change? While I can't get a refund for my tickets, not being there saves me parking and food money. If it's noticeable enough and trends, maybe it works?
  13. Cindy with no SOG tonight. Several games in a row where his assigned target has been quiet. He isn't breaking away for goals, but he isn't getting run off the ice, either. 55% team leading faceoff, also.
  14. While the exact number may be questionable, the relative stat should still stand, as other teams will have the same overcount potential. So, whatever the number, we're ahead of the next team by by a factor or 33% (or 50% depending on which direction you're measuring from).
  15. SHOTS FIRED! God bless that man!