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  1. Shero doesn't have any deals that aren't money driven, to my knowledge. I don't think he could fit our budget and doesn't seem to be good at finding the middle to low line players.
  2. Because it is one thing to miss the playoffs and get a good draft pick in an honest effort. It's another thing to establish a habit of losing and the feeling that the world is against you in general. Then it doesn't matter about your draft position. Look at Edmonton for so many years with first picks that failed because of the attitude established that they tried to finish their development within.
  3. The edge towards the goal. The blue line is always a part of the zone you're leaving. Sonic you're leaving neutral into attacking, the blue line is part of neutral and it is the goal edge that delineates the new zone. Likewise, if you're IN the attacking zone and drag the puck into the blue, you're okay because you haven't exited until you cross the blue line on the middle ice side.
  4. gotchabari

    Low point

    From the expansion draft. They took mostly second liners from all the teams. Some 3rd liners. The 4th line scores more than most in the league. So three 2nd lines and one 3rd line. Close enough. Wild Bill couldn't make his teammates on any other team score, only the good team. Rico could on poor lines on poor teams. Points are a reflection of your teammates as much as it is yourself. Getzlaf had 61 points vs. Bill's 78 and 48 vs. his 56. If you're going to tell me Bill is better than Getzlaf, then I guess this conversation is over.
  5. gotchabari

    Low point

    You're firing stats that confirm my observation that he plays on a balanced team. They score a lot because it's hard to defend all 4 lines. Assists will come from that. The others you list have similar numbers on lesser teams, because they are making them happen. Watching play last night, he would be battling Henrique to see who was 2C and 3C, with Rico having a clear edge.
  6. gotchabari

    Low point

    He's on a team with 4 lines, so that's not shocking. Also, while still doing decent on a balanced roster, he hasnt replicated the one great season and plays like a 2nd to 3rd liner.
  7. Anaheim beats LA if Robidas isn't leg-whacked in Dallas. And then it's a fairly easy path to the Cup past there. Anaheim beats LA if we hold off the tying goal with seconds left in Game 1. As I said, we were singular goals away from likely Cups. Kes in the lineup in March means other pieces are missing other than just Bones. It could have meant the window was narrower due to price. And I don't think Kes gels in that quick of a time as he did the next season. Amen. Spot on. I just don't know what people have been watching the last 10 years. We have had some legit shots. Possibly the most in the league?
  8. We increased by one round every year based on BM's moves, both minor and major (i.e. Kesler), and were literally singular goals away from highly possible Cups. Some were crater jobs by the players, some were bad luck (two of the Chicago games), some were injuries (Bernier vs. Nashville). That he didnt make the changes in March just means he didnt sell the farm. That's why he took Kes in the off season, for instance. Price was too high in March. Since then, the window somewhat closed with Kessler's decline, some contracts coming up, and so you turn conservative for a few years. Most teams (Detroit, Chicago, others) totally cave when that happens. GMBM is directed to (important clarification) try to keep entertaining, maybe make the playoffs, while still fishing around for the long term. To say we didn't make moves in that run to get better is demonstrably incorrect. I already kind of ignored your posts since you apparently joined to only spout the same negative opinion over and over in multiple threads, but now I'll ignore them because you're just factually incorrect.
  9. I guess I just see two different things... 1. I don't see Vats as good as some do on here. And we got more than just Henrique, we got other pieces that have and can be used as needed for future maneuvering. We had him for his peak seasons of 2013, 2014, and 2015-16. He had a nice assist run right after he left, then went back down to exactly where he was before in the "meh" range and was -17 last year... his worst by a mile. He was a plus every season we had him until the year we traded him, where he was a -6 for us and then put in -1 for the Devils. He's hanging on to 0 this year, which would be his first on-negative season since his last full season with us. 2. We were 11-10-4 before we got Henrique, and and 35-13-9 after, and were 2nd in the division behind only the team with the fixed draft. That seems pretty darn salvaged to me. We exited the playoffs quickly with some missing players and others battling serious injury, but it wasn't a total loss.
  10. Yes, that's how it works. So it wasn't bad GM'ing, it was bad luck.
  11. Speaking of context, Larkin wasn't ranked by anyone as a top 10, while Ritchie was the #7 ranked North American skater. And McCann was ranked lower, was selected with the pick the Canucks got from the Ducks FOR KESLER, and has performed poorly-to-average since. Naatinen wasn't a terrible loss at 60th overall. And, again, our scouting team is well respected and award-winning, so people who know disagree overall with your evaluation of their performance Also, we had to give up Bonino to get Kesler, which was a player that had been selected to be depth and future leader. That was simply a risk/reward calculation, but indicates he HAD selected players at depth. Karlsson was traded because he wasn't doing squat at the time. Good for him for improving on a team with 4 second lines. To say that he CREATED the problem, as if both centers goin down at the same time was somehow expected is just nuts. And as has been pointed out, we might have lost Vats to Vegas anyhow, so it was a trade utilizing depth that had been built buy GMBM.
  12. But what we need to remember is the context of that move. We had Getzlaf AND Kesler injured at the same time, one long term and one medium term. Grantzlaf was the #1. Most GM analysis done on this board is done in retrospect and forgets the pressures, needs, and ownership limitations of the moment. It also ignores whether a player wanted to stay here (Perron, for instance) or whether keeping one player means saying goodbye to another (Bonino and Kesler, for instance). There's a reason GMBM has won awards, and why he is in discussion at other times. There's also a reason why we were spoiled with quite a consistent run of playoffs, and aren't that far off from another (and waiting until the right time to pull the trigger on something else). It is more difficult to keep a team competitive with pieces than it is by throwing money at a star. I think that makes him better than most, and the folks who know the job and vote for awards have agreed.
  13. It was definitely knee. Video showed that much. It's just a question of sprain vs. surgery.
  14. I had totally forgotten about Kumquat. Was he injured or just sent down for not doing anything? I can't even remember! Hopefully Mahura isn't just up because we have days off. But is he in any danger of activating some contractual thingie if he plays too many games and we risk losing him to Seattle? I've lost track of that garbage, too. It's nice to have Manson skating, but I'm assuming that's just step one to still a little bit more recovery. So maybe ahead of schedule, but I doubt this means Friday. At least I hope they don't rush him into that. Heck, probably needs a rehab stint in SD first.
  15. gotchabari


    There definitely needs to be some kind of closure opportunity. A chance to cheer loudly one last time, knowing it is the last. So many things in life are a last time that we don't know about, including (so far) the last time she performed. Whenever there are opportunities to knowingly say farewell, we should make those happen.
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