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  1. Was expecting to see a little love on here for his win last night. It's good to see him conquering his demons. Wish it could have been recognized sooner and helped while here, but at least he got help. Good for him. I think that makes at least 4 Mastertons who have at one point worn a Ducks sweater: Blake, Selanne (won in an actual Ducks sweater), Koivu, and Ryan. I'm sure others with better knowledge can correct that as needed.
  2. Correct. According to the present stats and studies. But, as pointed out, it is the adults in schools and at home that are an issue.
  3. Anecdotal fallacy with a little of McNamara's Fallacy applied on top of it.
  4. Population. Per capita, we still trail Sweden, Spain, Italy, and the UK among others who allegedly have awesome public health care. On the whole, when compared to the EU (which is a more direct comparison in terms of population, geographical size, and metropolitan areas), we are also doing somewhat better in deaths per capita. Similarly in the EU, there are definite hot spots and cold spots. Same here. If you take away NYC, our case and death count is darn near world class. A lot of regions (either state or country) both benefitted from or succumbed to both circumstances and luck. It doesn't seem related to healthcare.
  5. Well, we kind of have 320,000,000 people. We're still 2nd in the world (behind China if you believe them) in tests completed per capita, so perhaps there is just something to be said about the time it takes to get it done. But for those who say we aren't testing as much as others, it is simply not factual. It's hard to cut through the noise.
  6. Probably because we're trying to handle it like a country, which would be the equivalent of the EU running it for all of their countries. this should be state in most cases, regional in cases of small states that can pool together. That would be more manageable and similar in size and population to most countries that are handling it somewhat better. That being said, our testing rate exceeds the EU and the daily death rate is about half presently. I'm not certain why we're taking the beating in the media comparatively.
  7. We can also get a test for free, unless we request a different type of test like this one. So no need to bash the country. The fact that we're testing so much more than others already has us being bashed (a double edged sword).
  8. I dont know why this has become the pervasive thinking. The total deaths in the EU and US are tracking side by side. New deaths per day rate are almost double in the EU right now with only a mildly higher population.
  9. gotchabari


    He's Swedish, so I think we get him just by Constitutional law, right?
  10. NHL Network is showing 2009 game 6 with Sharks right now. 9-11.
  11. I don't think Tampa was going to trade a first for a 2 month rental. Coleman had 22 goals and a history of similar and was a position they really needed.
  12. Athletic had a nice article on prospects, and included Andersson, who was part of the return on this trade. They are fairly high on him as an RHD prospect, claiming he was only buried due to Boston's depth in that position. Hopefully that's a sneaky Easter egg we can enjoy in a few years.
  13. They're testing anyone with risk of exposure. For proper statistics and tracking, you do not create a bias in sampling, or you create a bias in the results. And we have the tests we need.
  14. And then taking the guy they wanted, even if he wasn't as high on our list...
  15. Tough to say that's true. The current team is 4-2, and that's with none of the defense. It appears there's a little improvement in the forward core, but also a new focus for those that have been here. Hard to say what the main D does with forwards actually getting into positions to receive a pass.
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