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  1. How many do we have to give up to have room for them? Who of our future do get rid of for the sake of getting one of those players for a couple years?
  2. That's where it came from. Dude when beast mode on the top line. I'll keep using it until he does something else cool that supercedes it.
  3. Seems like others that occurred afterward were all updated within minutes, including the Gulls UFAs we lost like Sherwood, Boyle, etc.
  4. NHL Free Agent tracker still hasn't acknowledged either signing.
  5. Looks like Grantzlaf is returning, which was predicted by many here. Basically loaned him to the Flyers for a few weeks in exchange Criscuolo and a 4th. That's pretty good on GMBM's part.
  6. We need to remember that Drysdale and Moore are both 18. I see lots of chatter about trading and slotting in, but we need to align that with the contract expirations of Lindy and Manson happening in 2022. Drysdale may be able to come in faster than Moore, but we don't want to Fowler them, either.
  7. I hope the timing works out where, at least for one season, Getzy is still slick with his passing vision while he has a matured Perrault to pass to. Maybe it happens where Perrault's first season and Getzy's last has them as a 2nd or 3rd line pairing.
  8. I think Manson would be the trade and one of the other two might be unprotected. I don't see 2 going via trade.
  9. Woops. Totally thought we had traded out of the 7th and didn't see our logo there. Guess it's time for glasses. Chances for another Swede!
  10. I think you can trade the rights to negotiate a contract with them immediately. I'm pretty sure there have been trades within the draft of people drafted within that draft.
  11. There's still one more chance for a Swede...
  12. With his size, I'm hoping he's a penalty pest who misses open nets so we can call him "Coglianski".
  13. RUSKIE!!! KHL Rookie of the Year after being bypassed in previous drafts. Already 21 YO, so could be a shot in the dark for the big club, or low risk for the smaller clubs. Hockey Writers called him late 4th round with outside shot at 3rd, so taking the 5th seems okay.
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