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  1. You mean Brian Burke, the guy who traded for a some multi-year rentals, but drafted our current franchise players in late first round?
  2. When they were playing there, they had a similar record and were still stuck in 3rd. I've been watching all year trying to figure out what the big hubbub was about, even considering that it might have been poaching, and don't see a pattern.
  3. Could be, but their three others are Detroit, Ottawa, and Devils. If they pick off 2 out of the 6 playoff teams in addition, then that covers the games in hand and keeps them ahead. Rangers would be the most likely to have us shift, but I don't see any worse occuring.
  4. So, all this talk of Dallas Eakins doing so many wonderful things down in SD and being the heir-apparent, etc. I'm not seeing it. The Gulls are doing all right, but are 32-20, and have been stuck in 3rd place despite reports of going on long tears. Is he really a magical coach, or is he just a good AHL coach that should stay there to help keep developing our youth?
  5. Why is it luck when it happens to us and not when it happens either way to the teams around us? It is odds, plain and simple, and will remain so. We will win some and lose some moving forward, as will our nearest teams. There will be games including two teams near us. Yes, we won some, but also lost to the Kings and Yotes. Bottom line is that we have maintained that 5th spot for weeks, despite claims otherwise and despite promises that we have screwed ourselves, and having played more games than most ahead of us, odds (not luck) are in our favor of it staying that way.
  6. We have been 2 points behind the teams above us this whole time, and we have only recently built the games in hand in our favor. So, technically, we have become more solidly implanted in our spot.
  7. We are 9-9 under Murray. 0.500 Hockey. While it is an improvement over the losing streak, it is not "winning a ton of games." I disagree with your premise, so am going to register a "no" for my answer.
  8. In all the complaining and promises that we are losing our pick, we have not changed ranking once in two weeks, including tonight. And no, we are not tied with the Rangers right now as they have 2 GIH.
  9. The Perry interview was the postgame one on 830 in the Jack Daniels Club. I don't know where to find it, but maybe that'll help someone find it.
  10. You're probably right, and I have nothing other than just a sensation watching him earlier this year to back up my opinion, but Lundestrom seems to have something. Just an ease to his approach that I think is a sign of innate greatness. Still needs some cooking, but I don't know... I just feel that he might surprise us all.
  11. That doesn't explain last night, then. I think we've given our players way too much leeway in absolving them of their share of the blame in this sh*tshow.
  12. Murray only hired Carlyle once. A system doesn't make you fumble a puck, fail to aim a pass, lose pucks at the point (all under zero pressure), shoot 3-feet wide of a yawning net, etc. Yes, some of their failures were allowing breakaways and lapsed coverage, which can be blamed on a system, but they seriously looked like Keystone Cops out there. It was basically like last night, only for 2 months.
  13. Well, I can't say they didn't organize a confrontation with management (except for the fact that an entire team coming to management would be hard to ignore, so we just have to use our gut fell on that one), but I can say for the latter that they were demonstrably tanking, so he either didn't try to remind them of the professional responsibility or failed in doing so. Either one not a very great sign of leadership. It happening twice on his watch also doesn't bode well.
  14. Can't disagree with this more. You organize the team to confront management with examples of why the coach needs to go, and in the meantime you remind them they are paid for the job on the ice, and intentionally not doing it is an affront to the fans and is not living up to the word of their contract. That's what the adult in the room, the leader, can do. I agree that his apparent participation in the two tanks is a blemish on his leadership record and professional maturity.
  15. A lot of people perform better on a better team. And while he's eating up a lot of minutes, I don't see much else.
  16. I guess I'm the only one who thought Petterson wasn't very good.
  17. Kind of answered the question. He was added because he made a similar mistake to what was pointed out. It didn't look like Sprong had a particularly problematic game, but GMHCBM has certainly made points to many.
  18. Updated it for you so we didn't go down the path of selective memory. Same with Lindholm's centering pass to COusins that Miller somehow saved.
  19. And the Ducks balls are labeled "404 Error - Page not found".
  20. So Colorado will have Colorado balls and Ottawa balls in the hopper. Two questions... 1) when an Avs ball drops, do they remove the balance of those balls and leave behind only their other pick's balls? 2) how do they know the difference? Making up numbers as examples, what if the Ottawa pick is 20 balls and the actual Cooorado pick is 14 balls? If a Colorado ball comes out, do they remove 19 or 13? How do they know?
  21. Correction, 927 not counting the 2 games on suspension, which is how i've been counting to date.
  22. Cogs out for real tonight. It ends at 929, I believe.
  23. 24th time's a charm! Flyers made it twice before we made it once. And LA made it about 6 times during.
  24. Because the contract was signed a year later and was signed as a 26 year old instead of Burns signing at 31 for 8 years! Not very boggling at all.
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