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  1. Also, the last few years of a star contract is paying them for what they did BEFORE the signing. It is expected that stars underperform their contract for the last 2-3 years. Beyond that, it wasn't a star contract. He earned $10M and accepted much less. You're welcome for the several years of Cup relevance he contributed to heavily.
  2. I'm not sure GMs are as worried about helping a garbage team through the ED as much as they are worried about winning NOW. That's why we have the upper hand and need to use it.
  3. There is the counter argument that you can also get rid of players you'd otherwise protect in exchange for picks or prospects that don't need protection. You could then use those picks over the summer to pick up pieces post ED. If we trade both Manson and Rakell, for instance, and receive back nothing that needs protection (picks and youngsters), that leaves the ED protection list as a pretty easy task. Then you sign UFAs and/or trade with the assets you got for Manson and Rakell from teams under duress. We have the upper hand now, and can fill the pantry.
  4. Rehashing a bit of the past, here, but this article from OCR indicates that Zegras was the ask for Dubois. Ummm... thank you GMBM for not caving to that craziness! https://www.dailynews.com/2021/04/10/nhl-trade-deadline-ducks-seek-to-continue-rebuild/
  5. Signing the ones that are either highlights (Lindholm) or possibly coming back out of a funk (Rakell) is exactly how you rebuild a team. I have never heard of a rebuild that didn't keep some core pieces from the past, especially if they are affordable.
  6. Just got two seats each for first and last. Should be interesting with two teams with fans that travel. I hope the limited sales to SSH first makes the 10% Ducks fans.
  7. They're short Dmen, that's why they'd be even thinking Manson. They wouldn't send a Dman in return and still be short.
  8. This could be terrible timing for Philly to do this while Florida is sitting there in need and with cap space!
  9. Agreed. Plus they had some unfortunate and questionable calls go against them at pivotal moments. I really don't think last night was horrible. That's 5 respectable game sin a row, in fact, against the 2, 3, and 4 teams in the West. Missing Lindholm for all of them and missing Rakell for this last one. Last game I threw things at the TV was the Arizona loss 6 games ago.
  10. Doesn't appear that way. He's a rental, anyhow.
  11. Back to Getzy... If GMBM pulls off a handshake deal with Getzy like he did with Grantzlaf last season, that would be amazing. Rent him out to a contender, get some decent payback, Getz goes through ED as FA, signs on the flipside with Anaheim. Maybe a slightly sweeter deal than he originally would have gotten (4 years instead of 3, maybe) in exchange for his troubles, but still comes back plus we have whatever we got for him in the first place.
  12. So he can't make any trades, even if they better the organization, unless it is the one superstar deal?
  13. He brings an improvement to the organization over Antoine Morand. It seems consistently reported as a trade that favored the Ducks. This also could open the door for some centers to go back to San Diego, like Steel Lundestrom, and possibly getting Zegras time back at the pivot since he's doing wing up here. We have several natural Centers up that could rotate back and forth to maintain development at C. Could also set up some future movement, but even if it doesn't, it seems fine. Remember that trades aren't only made for top-6 players. We have several layers of the organization and also even several layers within each layer. All of them require occasional trades to keep things flowing, and most of them aren't barnburners.
  14. gotchabari


    Those are the trades that create long stretches of success. Those are the hard trades. Throwing money at a big name is fairly easy.
  15. gotchabari


    He's been part of a good Gulls team for two years and has scored 5 goals at 22 years old. And he's still small. At some point, a good GM cuts bait. This is one of those small moves we should be applauding and encouraging more of.
  16. It did pretty well against a very good team last night.
  17. It's probably because he doesn't fit the role they do. He's really competing against Rakell, Lundestrom, Steel, and the other speedy non-physical players.
  18. We have been there because the internal cap was released around that time to "win now," which also brings with a few years of working off the risky contracts absorbed under that mindset. Same thing happened pre-2007 and post Burke.
  19. Also, why would we want him? He seems like another 3rd liner.
  20. That link that dtsdlaw shared is handy with the stats right in line. In looking at that, it looks like Debrincat is the biggest hit, with a few others that were traded away. Also looks like 2011 had a ton of picks, which helped them build both talent and tradeable assets, which I think they were till picking up through 2008. They also may have come through trades that helped them get to the last Cup, but have been paying the price since.
  21. What about Gallant or Walrus as interim until Torts becomes available at the end of the year (Assuming he's not extended)? I'm thinking that, especially for McClain, he may not be looking for a long-term job. But he might be okay knowing it was temporary and maybe he could be an assistant when Torts comes in.
  22. Both of their waves of good players were primarily a result of being in the cellar for several years in a row.
  23. That would make it interesting. There's a thread about Rutherford, for instance, with some good input. At least it gives the discussion some direction.
  24. Ummm... he didn't start the thread. You did. By definition, you get first shot. Or just delete the thread. Don't get defensive and deflect because you got called out. Stand behind your thread.
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