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  1. Bob has done very well with minor trades..pretty much wins everyone of those..but yeh, I get it..
  2. Anyone else hearing Miller going to the Sharks then re-signing with the Ducks?
  3. He’s thortoned every playoff game since the cup..couldn’t care less, keeps looking at the clock, won’t go near the net..skates off without a care.
  4. Hello! Perry! At least his effort level took a dump
  5. I believe the players wanted him out for the second time. We have some serious talent and you don’t tank THAT bad with this kind of talent. It’s also why I believe they play harder for rookie goalies, but that’s just my opinion and we’ll see pretty quick.
  6. It’s never been a popular subject, but I’ve always said Gibson Won’t be able to make it through the playoff season without one or more injuries. I’m wondering if he’s the most injured starter over the last several years. Having said that, I believed he & Andersen were going to get us there.
  7. I believe we’ll see a substantial effort change from here on in. We’re struggling in net but my feeling is we’ll end on a possitive note.
  8. semipro-1

    bob murray

    Murray has tapped out on this season and is fully looking at a do-over with a healthier team next season. I would t mind Kessler sitting out the rest of the year to repair and heal. I feel bad for season ticket holders, but it is what it is.
  9. I just can’t believe WE pay this much for a team that can’t score a goal..it sure seems like they’re tanking on purpose to blowout RC kind of like I thought they did the 1st time.
  10. I think you’re right..my guess is they’re offering less than he could command on the market so either he signs by the deadline or he’ll be in a nice trade.
  11. Straight up, he was a great coach for that grinding style years ago, our veterans CAN’T maintain that pace and our rookies are on fire..I’d love to see a change behind the bench. I love 80’s hair bands but kids don’t react to that anymore. Let’s hope the ducks find the next great, undiscovered, NHL coach out of the minors.
  12. Same here. He’s a dump & crash guy who’s behing told to coach a speed and possession team. It’s just not working
  13. semipro-1

    bob murray

    I feel Perry, Kessler and Eaves will never be Perry, Kessler and Eaves again. I’d like to see if there’s a trade Perry would accept for a big, young D-man and try to trade or buyout Kess/Eaves. I really like our rookies but strongly feel a younger coach from the minors would be better from here out.
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