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  1. You can't expect the league to suspend one of their "golden" boys. And certainly not to appease a small market team like Ottawa.
  2. Ducks games only get reviewed if the Ducks player is subject to suspension. Do you really think that if they actually "reviewed" their referees, there would be so many completely useless ones officiating year after year? Even if they did, it's much like an internal police investigation, merely window dressing to make the public think there is some oversight. If the referees screw up a game, it's an "oh well" moment for the league. If they screw up in the playoffs, and it has an impact on the game/series, the league will just issue an "I'm sorry, our bad" comment, and move on. Besides, if a team/coach/player complains, the league just fines them, because that it is just not right to have their officials' mistakes exposed.
  3. I seem to recall there being a league maximum as to % of tickets that can be season seats. I remember that the Mighty Ducks were operating under this restriction in their early years, when sellouts were the norm at the Pond. Once the novelty wears off in Vegas, tickets won't be so impossible to come by, unless the team becomes competitive and a playoff contender. Some demand will always exist, since it's Vegas, but there are also hundreds of options for things to see and do there, that eventually people are not going to just be willing to drop a bunch of money just to see a hockey team, unless of course it's to see the opponent. The arrival of the Raiders will also impact demand, especially between October-December.
  4. For some reason I would think Teemu is better suited to a front office position. Perhaps GM, or even scouting. His personality seems like it would work well with relationships which are helpful in these positions. Scott appears more analytical, and might have the tools to make a successful head coach. Seems more the type who would be comfortable drawing plays in front of a dry erase board. But it's all a guess....who would have thought Roy would someday be a head coach?
  5. I still wonder what Scott's goals are. Is he happy where he's at, or does he have GM or Head Coaching aspirations?
  6. A topic to revisit if the Ducks are not still playing in May.
  7. It won't be until after they have officially qualified for the playoffs. My guess would be around March 31.
  8. <Max Weinberg Rimshot Goes Here>
  9. Yeah, I forgot Penner. He's also still an active player, but he didn't appear on a video either. That still leaves McDonald as the only retired player to not show. Sorry that was the case. He always struck me as a player of the same mold as Cogs. Always putting in the effort, night after night, highly dependable when on the ice. Centered Selanne a lot, so he was obviously one of the key pieces on that team. On a lighter note, the 3rd string goalie was there, and he got to watch Bryzgalov sign autographs while myself and many others wondered aloud exactly who he was.
  10. Of the 4 players who did not make it to the Anniversary, 3 are still active players, and they each were shown giving brief comments during tonight's game. The only one who was nowhere to be seen, is Andy McDonald. Anybody have any idea why? Was there an unpleasant parting of the ways when he was traded to St Louis the following season? I know it was purely a salary cap issue that caused him to be moved, and we certainly got the short end of that deal, getting Weight, who left as an UFA after the season. He was certainly a favorite of the fans, and I had been looking forward to seeing him, as I recall he did not play the last few times the Blues visited Anaheim, due to the concussion issues which ended up causing him to retire while still relatively young. Anyways, I'm sorry he was not there, he was a key piece on the Cup winning team.
  11. Silf should be fine, assuming we get to go with the 7 Forwards, 3 Defensemen option. 1. Getzlaf 2. Perry 3. Kesler 4. Cogliano 5. Silfverberg 6. Rakell 7. Ritchie(I think he does not qualify for an exemption"
  12. During the intermission of Tuesday night's game, someone went behind Kent & Guy with a large sign that said...."Bieksa Sucks!" I nearly fell off the couch laughing. When you're being trolled on the local telecast by your own fans, something's not right. Should be an interesting conversation for Murray, assuming he's the one giving it this summer. "Ya see Kevin, we need you to waive the clause, so we can keep a good player like Fowler or Vatanen. Besides, Las Vegas is not going to be desperate enough to take you and the contract salary we gave you in 2015. We're the only ones stupid enough to give you that much money, and we only did it so we could get your buddy Kes to sign a new deal." "Oh, but you're still the 2nd best D-Man in Ducks history, right behind Scottie, so know that we still love ya."
  13. Bruce B. is obviously the culprit. Coincidence that this is his 2nd team with an outbreak? I think not. Hey Bruce, stop giving your players illnesses starting with the letter M.
  14. THIS!!!
  15. He just said he plans to announce 2 more games. The final Home Game, and the last game of season @ Anaheim.