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  1. It is nice having a no-trade contract. Four years of Game 7 playoff collapses, and Boudreau gets the blame, and is fired. Six years of the Getzlaf-Perry model, with the same results, and not a single Finals appearance. Getzlaf is a great player. He may be the best player on the Ducks team. The real question is whether he is capable of taking a team as it's Captain, to the Stanley Cup. So far, the answer is no. The Ducks have shown that the regular season is relatively meaningless. Unless you're going for a collection of Division Champion banners at Honda Center. Until players like Getzlaf & Perry play consistently well during the regular season AND the playoffs, they're just a bunch of overpaid athletes on a secondary market team which loses money each year.
  2. Who were the refs?
  3. I am convinced that Mike Scioscia has something on Arte Moreno, and Bob Murray knows something about the Samueli's. Tell me one thing that either has done in the past 8 years. Well, there are the consecutive Home Game 7 playoff losses.....good times!!
  4. Fun fact....of the 5 names mentioned, 4 are no longer with the Ducks.
  5. Good News! It's now July 1, so it looks like KB is here to stay.
  6. The only way to truly blow the team up, and rebuild, would be to get rid of some high salary players. Unfortunately that is made up of Getzlaf, Perry, Kesler & his partner in losing, Bieksa. All of whom have NTC's. If you could get deals for 2 of them, and they agree to be moved, it would lower the team salary considerably. Then sign Vatanen and Lindholm. Accept the fact that the team will miss the playoffs, and lower ticket prices so the fans forget about the 4 straight playoff collapses. While coming back post-Christmas, to make the playoffs felt good, it was the worst possible thing the Ducks could have done. Aside from the Samueli's, who probably did just fine with their 4 home games, a draft pick would serve the Ducks far more than whatever tingly feeling the fans got from having the privilege of paying to watch the team lose 3 of the 4 Anaheim games. It may be impossible to fill Scottie's shoes, but he is the only Ducks captain to lead the team to a Cup, so he is the measuring stick. The leaders of that team were Scottie, Teemu & Chris. The reality is that the current core, Getzlaf, Perry & Kesler are nowhere near the same level of leadership, which is why this team, with those leaders, will not win the Cup anytime soon.
  7. The dynamic duo have demonstrated for a FOURTH STRAIGHT SEASON, that they are not going to win the Cup together ever again. Regardless of what anyone says, Getzlaf is not someone capable of leading the Ducks to another Cup. Sure, he's a great center, arguably the best center the Ducks have. That does not mean he's going to Captain a team to a Stanley Cup. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me 4 YEARS IN A ROW, fool on my wallet. Glad the Samueli's could get that $20 parking fee and ticket/concession revenue from those 4 games, 3 of which we lost. Next year just miss the playoffs, and go for a draft pick. Save me the embarrassment of supporting a team that will inevitably choke in a Home Game 7 once again.
  8. Frankly I couldn't care less. I was halfway to my car at that point, so I could get the heck out of the lot along with all the other disgusted fans. The players probably needed to get home so they could start booking their summer vacations. All I want to know is who is the odds on favorite is to beat us at Honda Center in Game 7 next year? We got Detroit out of the way before they switched conferences, then L.A., Chicago & now Nashville. I think the pattern dictates San Jose most likely, or perhaps St Louis.
  9. But Getzlaf is such a great leader. Look at all the Division titles the Ducks have had since he became Captain. He never was, nor will he ever be a Niedermayer. At this point, he's not even a Rob Niedermayer, let alone capable of carrying Scottie's jock strap for that matter.
  10. Don't worry, both Kesler & Bieksa are VERY familiar with playing on a team that falls apart in the playoffs. In fact, the Ducks have become the Canucks. Heck, they can keep the same end to the team name, "ucks," it works perfect. Thanks again Ducks for another memorable Game 7 at home. Next year just miss the playoffs and get a draft pick. $20 Parking & $60 tickets to watch you guys lose is priceless. Hope our hard earned money gives you a few extra hours on the golf course Perry.
  11. Nice, now that they're down 2 games to none and going on the road.....let's call in Andersen to the rescue. Not a minute too soon of course.
  12. Chris Lee, that S O ..... He's going to get the same punishment that Forsberg got for the high elbow that perhaps knocked Manson out of the series. In fact, he'll probably get promoted for doing such a good job. He's back each and every year. I'm sure the league is just fine with the fact he is one of the league's officiating crew. That's why he gets picked every postseason. IF the league was after a Nashville sweep on the road, they sure accomplished it with tonight's officiating.
  13. Every year I say what a complete joke the league officiating can be at times, and how it can on occasion, decide a monumental playoff game, and a team's chances at winning the cup. I say I'm not going to watch a product that lets it's ultimate outcome be decided due to a mysterious bias that seems to exist, but can't quite be talked about in open society. Fines, suspensions and all from Big Brother Buttman. Hope the Ducks can come back strong in Game 2, otherwise they might be done. RARE is the team who comes back after losing the first 2 at home. It's extremely difficult, as the Ducks experienced the year after they won the Cup, losing at Honda Center to Dallas in 1 & 2 of the 1st round.
  14. Well, if it were Garbutt on Weber, he would be out a minimum of 4 games. Since it's one of their stars against one of our defensemen, I'm predicting a fine that amounts to at most an hour of his salary.
  15. You're right, I'm wrong. Gibson got injured right before the playoffs started.