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  1. Following pressure from the NHL, the IIHF has said that any player under contract with an NHL club, will not be allowed to participate in the 2018 Winter Olympics. Several players, including Alex Ovechkin, had expressed a desire to still play in the games if asked, even though the NHL had decided in April, not to take a 3 week break so that players could travel and play in the Olympics.
  2. You can thank the Animal Rights people for that. The reason Chicago always had to take an extended roadie around Thanksgiving, is that's when the Circus came to town each and every year. No more circus, no more long road trip out west for the Blackhawks.
  3. We were in the mix during the early years of the "Pond," but the season that got wiped out due to the labor dispute pushed everything back, and we lost our window. Then Staples opened, and that essentially ended any chance we had of getting the ASG. Certainly Vegas will be the next team out West that will get one.
  4. The one good thing that will come of this, is perhaps PK will be the only Mighty Ducks jersey in the Hall Of Fame. He wouldn't be inducted with the Ducks jersey, as he left before that logo was debuted. Unless, of course, as I said earlier, he chooses to be inducted with the Avs jersey, which I feel is more appropriate, since he believed that to be the best team he ever played with.
  5. Oh, sorry, did not realize he was UFA. So yeah, if they don't extend him by then, he could be an asset they would trade. But that merely pits Anaheim against other teams as to what they're willing to offer in return. I guess a lot would depend upon how well he was playing, and his trade value for a team needing that extra lift for a playoff run.
  6. I tend to doubt that the GK are going to suddenly be willing to trade Perron at the deadline, if they don't look like they'll make the playoffs. They're pretty unlikely to make the playoffs this season anyways, and although I'm sure they'll say they want to Win now, I doubt they have any expectations on being a playoff team by April 2018. If he does well, certainly they would want to keep him for the following seasons when their chances might improve. Edit: Bonino is coming off back to back cups, so if he wants to leave Pittsburgh, it may be to get a money contract. It's not like he needs to win the Cup again, although that would probably be a bonus for him. But I doubt the Ducks could afford him, given his play in this year's playoffs.
  7. Well, it was a Punk thing to do, the way he left. And it's not like he was the most warm and fuzzy guy towards the fans while he was here. It's now said that it was because he's a shy kind of guy, but I heard stories from back then which say he was sometimes downright rude to some fans who approached him. I guess for some, time heals all wounds, but it does not change the kind of guy he was off the ice.....with all due respect to Teemu and their friendship.
  8. Is PK going to be inducted in his Colorado jersey, since they had a better chance of winning the Cup than the Anaheim club he left after the Game 7 Finals loss?
  9. I am very happy to see Eaves come back. Let's hope he is not so injury prone over those 3 years. That's his biggest liability, most of his seasons he has missed a large chunk due to injury. Why do you assume Cogs is going to leave? I certainly hope not. God willing he stays healthy, and I think he's due to break the consecutive game streak in 2018-19. I can't see him wanting to wear the Ducks jersey all these years, only to break that record in another jersey. Nor do I think the Ducks would want to let that happen.
  10. They need someone like Andersen. Oh wait....they had someone like him, but decided to trade him, so Gibson could be "The Man."
  11. This was posted Tuesday night by Helene Elliott. McPhee extended his self-imposed roster selection by a few hours in order to talk to other general managers who experienced delays en route to Las Vegas. He said he expected that by Tuesday evening he and his staff would choose the 30 players — one from each existing team. He also said he had “at least” a half-dozen trades lined up, and those probably will include acquiring draft picks or players from teams in exchange for not choosing a specific player they left unprotected. The Ducks made defensemen Sami Vatanen and Josh Manson available, but it’s likely Ducks GM Bob Murray will give McPhee another player or a draft pick in exchange for Las Vegas not claiming either of them. The Kings left high-salaried Dustin Brown and Marian Gaborik available, but there’s little chance McPhee will take them off the Kings’ books. It’s possible the Kings will lose defenseman Brayden McNabb, who’s young (26), big (6 feet 5) and has one year left at a salary cap hit of $1.7 million.
  12. Sometimes, players sacrifice a little, for the benefit of the team, and the bigger picture. You know, that Cup thingee. The clause he negotiated was likely so that Anaheim could not just trade him away to another club. He could have waived it strictly for the Expansion Draft, under the assumption that there is no way Vegas would waste one of their limited # of picks on him. And not every player looks out for himself, when it could have a negative impact on the team he's playing for. Teemu, who of course is in a class by himself, took less salary for years, so that the Ducks could sign him and surround him with quality players. If he had asked for $7M/year, something another club such as L.A. would likely have offered, the Ducks would never have been able to keep him, certainly not in the years immediately following the Cup win. Certainly he knows that guys like Manson or Vatanen are move valuable to the Ducks long-term, than he is. Somehow I doubt Vegas is telling Murray...."no, it's ok, you keep Manson & Vatanen....Bieksa is the one we really want.
  13. Bieksa has proven that he cares more about himself, and getting a few extra $$$$$$, rather than the team and it's future aspirations. Too much to waive the stupid clause, knowing full well Vegas is not going to take on his salary. You know why they wouldn't take on his salary? Because he's not worth it, only received it so that Kesler would be happy. I guess we'll see how iron clad that supposed deal not to pick Manson/Vats is between Murray and the Vegas GM.
  14. The Power Play improved significantly with Eaves out there, because he stood in front of the net, a la Perry circa 2012. It completely reverted to disaster form when he got injured at start of the Edmonton series.
  15. Well, it's unclear what happens behind the scenes. Whether the Ducks have no desire to elevate Scottie to a more prominent coaching role, or if they do, but he's not interested, and has told them so, only they obviously know. Personally it would seem like he'd be a guy you want to keep in your organization, and use at the highest level possible. He only won 4 Stanley Cups, no big deal. You don't get much more qualified than that, especially where it comes to running the Special Teams. Seems to me, he should be the first guy the Ducks talk to regarding the opening on Carlyle's staff. Randy did coach him, so I'm assuming they get along fine, and I doubt Randy's going to think he's unqualified. IMHO, there's a difference between inexperienced & unqualified. Sure, Scott is inexperienced being behind the bench, but every coach gets started somewhere, and he's certainly qualified for the position. If his name does not come up, my guess is it's because he doesn't want to travel, and be away from home for long periods. Which clearly would occur being on Randy's staff.