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  1. On Saturday's pregame radio show they said Kase was a Healthy Scratch.
  2. It's hard to set the bar lower than that though. I still blame all of us who were critical of Carlyle around the middle of last season, when we were really stinking up the league. Had he not gotten fired when he did, and was allowed to finish out the season, we would have had a better lottery pick for sure.
  3. Despite the great start, we are currently in the 8th playoff spot. Nothing really has changed from the common assessment during the off season. With a healthy Gibson, the Ducks are at best a bubble team, who have the potential of being in a position to make the playoffs, but most likely will finish somewhere between 8th & 12th in the Conference.
  4. Well I wouldn't call 10 weeks for Manson minor. That's January. Let's hope it's closer to the low end of 5 weeks.
  5. No Hard Feelings, Eh? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2JgDyYgAE0
  6. Primarily because he has been an Alternate in the past. Also seniority. I think he's now the longest Duck on roster outside of Getzlaf.
  7. I'm guessing Fowler and either Rakell or Henrique.
  8. HockeyIzCool


    I'm sure it won't happen, but if I were in charge, I would suggest that on Opening Night, both Dawn and Tim are introduced, and Dawn sings the 1st Verse, giving the crowd an opportunity to shout her name one last time. Then she can turn the mic over to Tim, and let him take it from there. Kind of a passing of the torch.
  9. Fans either. Expect a lot of empty seats at Honda Center this season. I'm sure they'll raise concession prices to make up for it.
  10. Does anyone know if there were other seasons in the Ducks' history, where training camp practices were completely closed to the public?
  11. Training camp was always open to the public when it was at Anaheim Ice, wasn't it? Is this the norm going forward now? That really sucks, I live in South O.C., and had thought I'd actually have a chance to swing by there more easily.
  12. Ahhhhhh....Poor Bob. Let me get out my tiny violin. He's just a wittle bit miffed that he was played like one.
  13. Most of the time I disagree with Mooseduck's rose colored outlook on all things Ducks. He's like our own Chicago Cubs fan from 10 years ago, always proclaiming that this will be our year....and then when all hope is lost.....it becomes NEXT Year Is Our Year!! There's nothing wrong with optimism, and he has that right, and his pro Ducks stance is certainly welcome here. I sometimes listen to Roger Lodge on AM 830, and on Monday he spent most of his show asking whether it was time to say the Angels won't make the playoffs this season. Gee.....I don't know....they're only about 13 Games out of the 2nd Wild Card spot with a month to go. But he's a homer, hired by the flagship station to drive up enthusiasm even when there's zero chance of changing the inevitable. I expect to come here in November, when the Ducks have single digits in points, and see Mooseduck posting about how it's still possible to turn things around. Heck, he even eventually jumped onboard the Dump Carlyle bandwagon last season. We've been season seat holders since Day 1, so we're always pulling for the Ducks to excel. But honestly, after the 2017-18 Season, and especially after the 2018-19 Season, I have seen no effort from Ownership or Management to make me think anything other than the team is merely going through the motions. I have very low expectations for the upcoming season, and I just don't see how we intend to keep up with some of the other clubs that have improved their rosters over the past couple of years. I really foresee another sub-90 point result, but hope that I'm wrong.
  14. We haven't exactly done nothing. We hired a Head Coach who has no NHL Head Coaching experience. Re-Signed an aging backup Goalie. And cut ties with one of the leading scorers in club history. Certainly that will result in the 20+ point improvement we'll need to make the playoffs next year.
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