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  1. I can't believe anyone thought they were possibly going to do something tonight. What surprised me is how awkward it seemed. It seemed to me like they were going to make an announcement to the effect that they were going to retire his jersey. But they stopped short of that, and kind of dangled it out there in front of PK. Personally I would have rather seen Giguere be the next to get his # retired, but that may not happen I suppose. Perhaps next season there will be a #9 night.
  2. Could have been worse. Could have given up a shorthanded goal. The kings were content with clearing it every time. I almost expected to hear Benny Hill music playing in the background each time the Ducks tried to enter their zone.
  3. It is JMG, and they sponsored it last season as well, and perhaps even the season before that? I'm sure they're not having 2nd thoughts. The Power Play is missing Getzlaf, Kesler & Fowler, all of whom will hopefully be back by mid-December. Until then the remaining players have to ride it out, and hope that we don't lose any of the little depth we have left. Longer term is the question about whether we'll need a replacement for Eaves. I fear the outcome will be to forget the plans for his output existed, and hope other players make up for it. I don't know what the rules are in regards to the cap, and what the Ducks would have to declare for Eaves in order to replace his salary, and perhaps go out and trade for a player. But perhaps they have space to do something anyways, although Eaves' salary might still count against the bottom line. I wonder if that's something which insurance would cover, should he end up having to retire. Hopefully it's premature to think that, but there has been no indication on any timetable whatsoever, which I take as worrisome. It would be great if this condition is curable, and doesn't prevent him from continuing his hockey career.
  4. Ritchie essentially cost us the game last night. He took 3 penalties, and the Preds scored on 2 of them. Other than that.....he still looked horrible.
  5. So when's the closeout sale on the massive supply of Eaves beards that the Team Store was counting on selling?
  6. The Ducks have not had a lights out Power Play since the Cup team. Prior to that, it was during the Selanne, Kariya & Rucchin years. They always seem to be missing that 3rd piece for the top line. If Eaves brings what he did to the line at the end of last season, and Perry gets hot, then the PP could be effective on a consistent basis. I just wish Eaves wasn't as injury prone as he appears to be.
  7. Tell that to the Washington Capitals.
  8. Following pressure from the NHL, the IIHF has said that any player under contract with an NHL club, will not be allowed to participate in the 2018 Winter Olympics. Several players, including Alex Ovechkin, had expressed a desire to still play in the games if asked, even though the NHL had decided in April, not to take a 3 week break so that players could travel and play in the Olympics.
  9. You can thank the Animal Rights people for that. The reason Chicago always had to take an extended roadie around Thanksgiving, is that's when the Circus came to town each and every year. No more circus, no more long road trip out west for the Blackhawks.
  10. We were in the mix during the early years of the "Pond," but the season that got wiped out due to the labor dispute pushed everything back, and we lost our window. Then Staples opened, and that essentially ended any chance we had of getting the ASG. Certainly Vegas will be the next team out West that will get one.
  11. The one good thing that will come of this, is perhaps PK will be the only Mighty Ducks jersey in the Hall Of Fame. He wouldn't be inducted with the Ducks jersey, as he left before that logo was debuted. Unless, of course, as I said earlier, he chooses to be inducted with the Avs jersey, which I feel is more appropriate, since he believed that to be the best team he ever played with.
  12. Oh, sorry, did not realize he was UFA. So yeah, if they don't extend him by then, he could be an asset they would trade. But that merely pits Anaheim against other teams as to what they're willing to offer in return. I guess a lot would depend upon how well he was playing, and his trade value for a team needing that extra lift for a playoff run.
  13. I tend to doubt that the GK are going to suddenly be willing to trade Perron at the deadline, if they don't look like they'll make the playoffs. They're pretty unlikely to make the playoffs this season anyways, and although I'm sure they'll say they want to Win now, I doubt they have any expectations on being a playoff team by April 2018. If he does well, certainly they would want to keep him for the following seasons when their chances might improve. Edit: Bonino is coming off back to back cups, so if he wants to leave Pittsburgh, it may be to get a money contract. It's not like he needs to win the Cup again, although that would probably be a bonus for him. But I doubt the Ducks could afford him, given his play in this year's playoffs.
  14. Well, it was a Punk thing to do, the way he left. And it's not like he was the most warm and fuzzy guy towards the fans while he was here. It's now said that it was because he's a shy kind of guy, but I heard stories from back then which say he was sometimes downright rude to some fans who approached him. I guess for some, time heals all wounds, but it does not change the kind of guy he was off the ice.....with all due respect to Teemu and their friendship.
  15. Is PK going to be inducted in his Colorado jersey, since they had a better chance of winning the Cup than the Anaheim club he left after the Game 7 Finals loss?