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  1. https://www.nashvillepost.com/sports/nashville-predators/blog/21077286/greg-johnson-one-of-the-original-nashville-predators-has-died
  2. You're correct. Reality is Reality, and we obviously have not played a single game in the 2019-20 season yet. But the team has already basically been assembled. Most online betting sites have the Ducks finishing in the bottom 5 of the league. They're essentially at 80-1 odds, tied with other powerhouse contenders like the Red Wings & Kings. In a few months we will reach Reality, and can see if the Ducks look like they have what it takes to contend for the Cup. I guess you could look at a team like the Blues, that can go from worst in league to a Cup, and say it's never over until it's over. My opinion is that the Ducks are a team with a Great Center in Getzlaf, a Quality Goalie in Gibson, a decent Backup in Miller, surrounded by a remaining roster made up of question marks for now. Veterans like Fowler & Rakell, who have shown periods of strong performance, but also periods of mediocre performance. If I really felt the Ducks had a legitimate chance of winning the Cup right now, I'd be rushing to place a $100 Bet right away, with the hopes of turning it into $8,100 by next June.
  3. The # of Season Ticket Holders is down, to it's lowest point in probably 17 years, and aside from the few marquee games, Honda Center will be half full most of the time, meaning there will be fewer people parking or buying overpriced concessions and souvenirs. The Ducks ownership really doesn't want to spend much right now, be it on Players or Head Coaches. Those days appear to be in the past. So they'll field a team with someone taking on his 1st NHL Head Coaching position. He'll have, for the periods when they're healthy, a Great Center in Ryan Getzlaf, and an All Star Goalie in John Gibson. They'll be complimented by Rakell, who was inconsistent this past season, some other decent but not spectacular Veterans like Henrique, Lindholm & Fowler. The other half of the team will be made up of NHL Journeymen and 2018 or '19 Gulls players. Perhaps 1 or 2 will have a breakout season, and prove his ability to play at the NHL level. Miller will continue to be a consistent backup, and the only real question will be whether he & Gibson can perform well enough to win us enough 1 or 2 goal margin games so that our record is not completely embarrassing.
  4. That should put people in the seats.
  5. Ownership would not pay whatever amount Burke asked for, nor would he go anywhere near the train wreck which the Ducks have become.
  6. Bargain Bob will pick up the leftover scraps in a couple of days from now. Funny how the most excitement this board has seen on UFA Day in more than a decade was due to a false rumor.
  7. Who needs goals? We're just going to count on Gibson & Miller having Below 2 GAA for the season.
  8. What about Eaves? What about Kesler? Could they be planning a trade of their 1st Round Pick for a high priced player, and needed cap space?
  9. More likely the Ducks would sign Patrik Carnback before Patrick Lain.
  10. Predictable. Good thing BM is not a Professional Poker Player. Shocking that he chose the cheapest and easiest option out there. With a mid 1st Round Pick, and Bob's penchant for getting high priced impact players through Free Agency, I'm sure the Ducks will be a Playoff team again in no time.
  11. The Stanley Cup Finals are still going, so the Ducks are unlikely to make a major announcement like this while the rest of league is focused on the Finals. It could happen in the next 10 days though, prior to the Draft.
  12. Nothing like having the refs helping to decide another game by being INCOMPETENT. Why even bother supporting this garbage?
  13. Eakins is both the Easy and Cheap way out. I will only be surprised if they don't choose him.
  14. It would be nice if you're right, but somehow I doubt he will take a pay cut in his next deal. Unlike Perry & Kesler, he's still actually earning his salary.
  15. So do you think Eakins is going to want to leave a good situation in San Diego, to come and try to fix the Ducks? I wonder how much money the Ducks are going to tempt him with. I really hope the Ducks are taking Eakins' minor league success into account when making this call, although my guess is if he's offered the gig, it's because the Ducks are taking the easy & convenient route, rather than looking outside the organization or even considering other options. He obviously has a good thing going with the Gulls, and I'd hate for his success to be damaged if he's not able to turn the Ducks around. Especially with a GM who appears to have a lifetime contract, and it remains to be seen what roster changes he makes over the next 4 months.
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