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  1. Surely you jest. If Carlyle was going anywhere, he would be gone by now. The draft is a few days away. There's no way the Ducks would pay whatever Trotz is asking. I don't even know what he's asking, I just know there's no way the Ducks would be in the same state let alone the same ballpark.
  2. No, it's more pervasive than that. Perhaps here in laid back So Cal it's forum posters. But there are some pretty rabid fanbases, and in hockey you can look at some of the Canadian franchises' fans. Then you have Sports Radio and the TV networks with their commentators. It's just the culture for fans to criticize and have their own opinions of how the club should be run. When the results are there, the complaints generally are less.
  3. I would think that if there is a decision to be made about him taking next season off, it would be done before the Entry Draft & Free Agency opening, so the Ducks can get someone to fill the gaping void. That is what worries me about this rumor coming out right now. The one thing Kesler is not going to do, is leave the team high and dry by waiting until training camp to decide.
  4. Does Canada seriously still consider Hockey "Their Sport?" This is Year #25 in a row without a Cup. To put it another way, the MIGHTY DUCKS had not even played a preseason game yet, the last time there was a Canadian champion.
  5. Watching teams like Vegas & Nashville, does everyone really still believe the Ducks are in a Cup window?
  6. CHOKE! Capitals are jinxed. Lightning in 6.
  7. If the Capitals find a way to lose tonight's game, it won't be their team that I feel most sorry for. It will be the faithful Washington fans, who will be leaving the arena wondering if they'll EVER be able to make the Cup Finals.
  8. Wow! Washington gave them life. I suppose with the bad luck the Capitals have had the last decade, they could let the Lightning right back into the series by losing Game 4. If Tampa can win Games 4 & 5, they might just take the series. But Game 4 is pretty much still a must win for them.
  9. I'm assuming you mean teams that lost Games 1 & 2 at Home. I'm sure there have been more teams that came back after losing the first 2 on the road.
  10. Perry is as likely to be playing for I am.
  11. Being down 2-0 is a BIG Disadvantage. Being down 2-0 when you start at home is a complete DISASTER. It's a position the Ducks have been in before, and 9 times out of 10, if not more, it's a losing proposition. Capitals can win this series with a Game 3 victory at home.
  12. Ducks don't usually sign anybody significant during Free Agency. They wait while all the top FA's sign elsewhere, then complain about the high prices being asked, and then wait until the trade deadline when they can again say that nobody can be signed because of the players/picks being demanded. Repeat the cycle once the season ends. Remember the days when they signed Scottie as a FA? Or traded for Teemu or Pronger? Yeah, neither do I.
  13. Would like to see a team that has waited a Long time, to win their 1st Cup. Capitals have had their share of disappointment since Ovechkin's arrival, and he certainly deserves to have his name on the Cup. Winnipeg have never had playoff success, and it has been forever since a Canadian team won the Cup, so it would be a good thing if they got the chance to celebrate something. Not to mention their obvious connection with arguably the Greatest Duck Ever. No way do I want to see the Penguins yet again, nor the Johnny Come Lately's from the next state over. Keeping the Sharks out of the CA Cup Winning Fraternity won't bother me at all, but I'd still be good if they came back to take out Vegas, because their Cinderella status has to come to an end.
  14. People have been wanting to get rid of Carlyle since the second he was announced as coming back to be Head Coach after Boudreau got the axe.
  15. Don't worry, I hear they plan to work on perfecting the Flying V.