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  1. Though not necessarily completely his fault, most GM's would be fired given the amount of $$$$$$$$$$$ lost on Eaves, Kesler & Perry, but not our Bob.
  2. Niedermayer, Selanne, Pronger, Getzlaf, Perry, Kunitz.....all on the same roster, and all will eventually be in the Hall Of Fame. I'm not sure we'll see another Ducks lineup like that again in our lifetimes.
  3. Isn't that pretty much how it would have been during a regular season? I thought you're able to fall a total of 3 slots, or able to move up 3 slots. But the rules always confuse me. Ottawa may get a couple of top 6 picks, but they'll still suck. How many good years have they had in the last 30 other than the one where the Ducks walked all over them?
  4. Very detailed article about what happens next. https://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/29220890/the-nhl-coronavirus-pause-playoff-format-means-all-31-teams-updates-testing-more
  5. Announcement at 1:30 today about the resumption of NHL play.
  6. The Ducks haven't had a superstar player who spent his entire career with the club. Getzlaf is going to be that guy. His next contract may or may not be his last, that remains to be seen. The only other question is whether the Ducks intend to retire Giguere's jersey, otherwise Getzlaf is most likely to be the next one retired a few years from now.
  7. Kesler has 2 Years remaining at $6.875 Million cap hit each year. Ducks have to pay Perry for 3 seasons, $5 Million the upcoming season, but then it drops to $2M for 2021-22 & 2022-23. Getzlaf's contract expires at the end of next season, and he'll make $6 Million. Would he take a discount on a Retirement contract, so the team can land a big fish in 2021, and then another in 2022?
  8. It sounds like they are not going to assign playoff spots based upon division ranking, and since the Ducks have the 3rd worst record in the Conference, they would be part of the 3 team group that does not qualify for the playoffs. In fact, all 3 teams would be from Pacific Division, Ducks, Kings & Sharks. California will be left out of the playoffs, which was destined to happen anyways.
  9. Well, supposedly the NBA is telling their players, that if at any point they test positive for the virus, they're out of the playoffs. I don't necessarily think that would result in a team being eliminated, although if enough players on a team did test positive, I suppose that would be it for them. The whole circumstance is uncharted waters. Sure, they're doing it so people have some sports to finally watch on TV, but they're also doing it for money, which is really the main reason.
  10. A decision on moving forward will likely be made before the end of the month. The 24 team approach is still the most favored, with 2 different sites each hosting 12 teams to start with. They're looking at 8-9 potential sites, but Las Vegas & Columbus are emerging as favorites. The NHLPA will have to approve whatever plan is proposed by the owners. International travel restrictions are posing difficulties with the time schedule the league had hoped for. Especially the Canadian travel ban which was recently extended until late June. If it is extended into July, it will complicate things greatly. They're now looking at a best case scenario of a couple weeks of practices and conditioning for teams in the beginning of July, with play starting in mid-July. Bettman is not even considering cancelling the season, even if it extends until September before the Cup is awarded.
  11. Just waiting for the playoff series against Vegas to start.
  12. I was curious whether there were betting odds on the Ducks. What I found for the most part was No, the majority of odds sites did not list the lower record teams, because for all intents and purposes, those teams were not even going to make the playoffs under the old system. Almost all the lower teams still won't make the playoffs under the proposed system, but the Ducks appear like they would be an exception. I finally did find a site that had the Ducks with 250 to 1 odds at winning the Cup this season, while another had them at 750 to 1.
  13. And just when I thought 2020 could not get any weirder. Because of this worldwide pandemic, the Ducks would actually still have a chance, no matter how small, at winning the Stanley Cup. Step #1 would be a Best of Three matchup against Las Vegas. Not easy to get lucky and win 4 out of 7 against a better team, but winning 2 of 3? Entirely possible, especially if you get good goaltending. The icing on the cake would be the fact L.A. & San Jose both miss out.
  14. I doubt you would be saying that if the Ducks had been in 1st Place of the division.
  15. Wayne Gretzky is saying that he sees hockey returning sometime this summer, perhaps as early as June. The regular season would not be played, and it would move right to playoffs. Neutral sites in Canada are being explored, with teams, officials and any needed staff being sequestered, and obviously no public in attendance at the games. They could easily accomplish this, if they maintained tight control over all being sequestered. The Playoffs could perhaps start in 2 separate venues, 8 teams per venue, 2 Games each day, so players still get a day off between games. Then when it's down to 4 teams, just move everything to a single venue for the Conference Finals & Cup Finals. The key is making sure nobody gets infected with the virus, because if they do, there's a big problem. And if it's a player, that would be the end of this whole experiment. In terms of teams on the bubble of making the playoffs, they could have some sort of Wild Card game to give these teams a chance. But I'm not sure they'll even bother with that, and may just decide to take the standings as they were, and just tell the 9th place teams they're out of luck.
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