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  1. I realize personal issues aren't a factor in trades, perhaps an argument for another day. But it's mighty Cold to trade a player to another state, just before his wife is about to give birth. They may have had a plan to induce labor during the long break the Ducks have at the end of this month. Just seems like a D&*K move by management. So he signs an extension last year, then finds out he may miss his child's birth.....and to add final insult to injury, learns that he'll have to change his # for the first time in his career since Dallas retired #7. I wouldn't blame him if he had a low opinion of this organization after his years of commitment.
  2. The Stars don't exactly look like they're much closer to winning the Cup than the Ducks are right now.
  3. #7 - Neal Broten - Retired By Dallas Stars - 2/7/98
  4. Eaves will be in the Press Box, same place he's been 123 of the last 128 games.
  5. I'd be piddleed off with this trade regardless of where the Ducks are in the standings. But piddlees me off even more, since not only do they obviously stink this season, but now they got rid of one of my favorite players on the team. A player, who even those who think this was a good trade, can see was NOT the problem.
  6. So we're getting better value from Kesler, who has been a shell of himself the last 1 1/2 seasons....or Perry, also vastly overpaid, and will miss 3/4 of this season? Or perhaps Patrick Eaves, who has made $5 Million for playing 5 games in 1 1/2 seasons? Cogs brought consistency, night after night, you knew he would be out there busting his A**! Stick him on the 4th checking line, then complain he's not scoring goals. I'd take Cogs at $3M+/year over a Patrick Eaves contract every day.
  7. I feel you. On the other hand, I'm thinking I might pick up a Cogliano Stars jersey. I liked him as a player and a person that much. He exemplified the Ducks' so-called motto of "Dedication."
  8. If that were the case, he would have traded anyone but Cogliano.
  9. I've been attending Ducks games since day 1, so I've spent enough money on this club over 25 years to voice whatever opinion I feel like. Cogs was one of my favorite players on the team, but aside from that, he was one of the most consistent, and hardest working player around. After the way management dealt with his suspension, by basically rolling over, this move doesn't surprise me. I wouldn't be surprised if Cogliano doesn't mind leaving either given the lack of support from the club. This was not an OH WOW trade, where anybody can say that we got the better end of it, and improved our roster in a dramatic way. All it looks like is we traded someone who is perhaps having a challenging year, for another mid level player who before today most Ducks fans have probably never heard of before. So we got a little bit younger, and saved a little bit of salary, but IMO this was merely a trade for the sake of making a trade. And it comes at the cost of an 8 year roster member, who signed an extension to stay here less than a year ago. Besides, there needs to be some balance to the "Ducks Can Do No Wrong" optimism which some come here day in and day out to express, as if it has any more bearing on this team's success, than the calls for Carlyle's or Murray's ouster. If this were a Canadian team, or a NY team, the comments on this board would be a lot more antagonistic than they are. Hockey is barely even followed here in So Cal, and the fact my negativity is noticed, shows how passive people are to the moves by the Ducks. They supposedly want fans like myself to attend games, yet they go ahead and trade one of the team's favorite players. But I guess the club needed to save a few bucks, so they can afford to pay Eaves to run sprints on the ice during practice for the next 1 1/2 years.
  10. Hey Bob....Shove It! Thanks for proving it's not a sport, it's a business. So much for loyalty. Perhaps if you hadn't paid $9M+ for a paperweight sitting at home getting his college degree, you would have had some scraps left over for guys who actually showed up every day. I will in turn show similar loyalty by selling our tickets to most of the remaining games, and watching on TV from home. No wonder you felt the need to honor a guy who also demonstrated "loyalty." I guess he was right's just a business, and the fans really have no bearing on the choices teams/players make.
  11. Cowards. They don't play Dallas again this season, so after the initial backlash, they avoid any discussion of this trade until the end of '19, when it will be old news. Don't care about whether this is a net positive. And for what? A little bit of improvement? That's what Loyalty is worth? As a 25 year season seat holder, this hurts, though it sounds like others are already getting over it. Just being honest in saying this move has made them lose me for the rest of season. Will be attending far less games the rest of season, and will try to sell our seats best we can, and maybe let the seats stay empty a couple of games. Not that management will notice or care.
  12. Well....we need to trade a guy whose only games missed for us during his entire stay were due to an unwarranted suspension, so they can pay $9+ Million to a guy who played 5 games for us over the last 2 seasons. That Bob Murray is sure worth his money. And thankfully they didn't fire Carlyle, because clearly the FANS would have opposed that so much more. <sarcasm>
  13. I hope the Ducks don't make the playoffs for the next 3 least.
  14. We're closer in points to the last place Kings(8) than we are to the 1st place Flames(17.) Only 2 teams in the Conference have a worse Goal Differential than ours(-28).
  15. Nope, status quo.