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  1. LOL! Suspended?? No, No, No....that only happens when a Ducks player is the offender.
  2. Rentals tend to get less in return, because the team that's trading the player is perhaps not planning on re-signing them, so it's a cost savings by relieving them of salary for the remainder of season. The fact that Murray won't look at a rental player, diminishes the chance of getting a high end player without giving something valuable up in return. Hence, the Ducks usually go for someone a little lower on the depth chart. Sometimes it works, others it doesn't. I suppose it's that way with the marquee player as well. Never can be certain how well the player will fit or the team will perform when adding someone new to the mix.
  3. And so begins a few days of discussion about ALL the possible trades the Ducks could do. Waiting for that single trade for a secondary player about 10 minutes before the deadline. Figure out who the marquee names are that will be available. Then, cross them all off your wish list.
  4. Not true at all. We just need to win games. In the end, beating Vegas is no different than beating Dallas. If the Ducks take care of their own business, they don't have to scoreboard watch, or hope certain teams win or lose. Some of these teams in the mix are going to start playing each other. Some games will end up costing 3 points, but many will end with one team gaining nothing. All the Ducks need to be concerned with is reaching at least 97 points. Preferably 100+, which might be enough for 1st Round Home Ice. The bottom line is, beating teams that they are competing against, while important, is not entirely necessary, assuming they win games against the non-playoff teams. A point is a point, whether it's against Vegas or Phoenix or even an Eastern team out of the playoffs like Detroit, who we play again at home. 11-6-4 record the rest of way, with 13 games at home, will get them to 97 points. At this stage, it would take 8 Regulation Losses in the remaining 21 games to put them on the verge of not qualifying.
  5. The magic # to make the Playoffs is 14 Wins. Overtime Losses count for 1/2. That would get them to 97 Points, and almost assuredly a spot. It might take a couple more to avoid Wild Card status and have a shot at home ice in 1st round. They have 13 Home Games remaining, so every one of those they can win, is one less they have to on the road. The good news is that they still have 2 games left against the horrible Coyotes, and 2 vs. Vancouver. They only play top teams Vegas & Nashville one time each, both on the road. No games against Vegas after tomorrow. 28 points in 22 games is within grasp. A 12-6-4 record would do it.
  6. Well, we're definitely not going to win the division, but it's premature to say the Ducks won't qualify for the playoffs. Every point is pretty critical, but there are essentially 8 teams competing for 5 spots. From St Louis with 72 to the Queens with 65. The Ducks are right in that mix. They need 30 Points in 23 Games. There is no margin for error, but if you want to look at it like the Stanley Cup Playoffs, they need 16 Wins to get in, and yesterday was #1. Also, starting with next Wednesday's game, 13 of the final 21 games will be at Home, which is certainly good news.
  7. Requires an account to view whole article.
  8. They need about 36 Points in 28 games to be relatively safe in making the playoffs. That works out to approx. a 16-8-4 record. Max Points (28-0-0) they can achieve as of now is 116. They really can only afford to lose 9 games in regulation the rest of season.
  9. They need about 36 Points in 29 games to be relatively safe in making the playoffs. That works out to approx. a 16-9-4 record. Max Points (29-0-0) they can achieve as of now is 118.
  10. I could not have said it better myself. For those who say, "get over it," while I wish I could agree, I cannot. The last time I felt this way was after the PK debacle, and guess what? Lame or not, I STILL think the guy was a jerk for what he did, and since he has never actually addressed the issue, that I can recall, he would likely do it again if given the opportunity to do it all over. As perhaps would Parros. It's just what egotistical A&*Holes do. I've been a season seat holder since well before the first MD preseason game, and I'm not sure I reached the point where I want to give that up. But this whole debacle has definitely tested my loyalty and interest in the Ducks as a team and organization. Not to mention the league, but that's a whole other story, which could take up it's own topic post. I did not attend the 5 previous games following the Cogs suspension, nor am I sure when the next game I'll attend will be. I am a CPA, so attending games is very difficult this time of year, but in the past, I've always made a point of at least showing up when I can. That's not the case this year. I realize that the NHL has it's job to do, and so do I. The NHL obviously doesn't need my support, nor do the Ducks, they're going to act the way they want, even if there is obviously a contingent of fans out there who think they blew it on this one. Just as cohiba76 said. One can look no further than the federal government, to see that even when a majority thinks something is wrong, the side with the ability to make the decisions will do whatever the h&*l they want. I bought my first jersey since I picked up Selanne several years ago. I will likely wear it whenever I am back at Honda Center. It is of course, #7, and it will be my small statement, with the hope that this whole joke will not go away, and remains on people's minds going forward. I think Andrew has earned that through 10+ years of a dedication which should have been rewarded, but instead has been trampled on and dismissed. Perhaps because the league wants to screw over the Ducks, or they're just lame and vindictive A&*holes, that have their own agenda to keep, regardless of legitimacy or integrity. Don't be surprised when the league schedules the Ducks to coincidentally be on a road trip, for the game when Cogliano breaks the record in a couple of seasons from now. That's what class acts do.
  11. The league doesn't give 2 Sh&*s about the Ducks.
  12. For Perry, you would have to find a team, if there even is one, he is willing to waive his NTC for. Then you have to get that team to be willing to take on his high Salary as his production has dropped off, and will probably continue to over the remainder of contract. Ditto with Kesler, who also has a NTC, but perhaps has a contract which is more trade friendly than Perry's. Nobody would take Kesler now though, probably wanting to wait and be certain his recent surgery did not have any complications.
  13. Has it ever taken 97 points to qualify for a playoff spot? I think that once teams start playing all Divisional/Conference games, that # will soften a bit to the usual 90-95 points to get in.
  14. Just a few weeks ago, the Queens were challenging Vegas for 1st place. Now according to this formula, they're on the outside of even a playoff spot. Still a long way to go, but Vegas sure has screwed things up in the Conference.
  15. They have a point, things are getting better. Instead of being the most penalized team in the league, we're probably around the 3rd most these days. Just kidding. I'm sure we're still the leader. I hope he thanked the league for not treating the Ducks as unfairly these days as in the past. NOT that the league is biased, or that there is some sort of fix going on, because that could never be the case. "Buy Tickets." It is essential that fans feel that the team they support is not being made an example of for no good reason, or that the league is free to decide which teams and players get the perks, and which get slapped down time after time after time. "Buy Tickets." But the bottom line is, "Buy Tickets," things are looking up for the Ducks. Now that the Cogs thing is out of the way, the league, "Buy Tickets," will hopefully be kinder towards the Ducks going forward. "Buy Tickets." And if not, there's always Next Year. "Buy Tickets!"