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  1. It would be nice if you're right, but somehow I doubt he will take a pay cut in his next deal. Unlike Perry & Kesler, he's still actually earning his salary.
  2. So do you think Eakins is going to want to leave a good situation in San Diego, to come and try to fix the Ducks? I wonder how much money the Ducks are going to tempt him with. I really hope the Ducks are taking Eakins' minor league success into account when making this call, although my guess is if he's offered the gig, it's because the Ducks are taking the easy & convenient route, rather than looking outside the organization or even considering other options. He obviously has a good thing going with the Gulls, and I'd hate for his success to be damaged if he's not able to turn the Ducks around. Especially with a GM who appears to have a lifetime contract, and it remains to be seen what roster changes he makes over the next 4 months.
  3. Looking good for advancing to play Chicago in the next round. 5-2 with 1 period to go.
  4. I guess anyone who predicted Lightning Vs Penguins and Preds Vs Golden Knights in the Conference Finals, is scratching their heads right now.
  5. If someone traded a 7th Round Pick for him, they would be grossly overpaying.
  6. Once again, America owns your sport. June 1993......PRIOR TO THE MIGHTY DUCKS EXISTENCE, that was the last time a Canadian Team won a Stanley Cup.
  7. Cogliano was not a TDL deal. He was traded long before then.
  8. Very true. The fact we knew what we had back in January, and all but the biggest Homers understood that we were not going to make the playoffs, meant we didn't have to get our hopes up these past 3 months. If we had 10 points more in the standings, there would have been much more anxiety and tension down the stretch, most likely ending in either disappointment, or a 1st round exit. But I can't imagine if the Ducks had somehow put up 128 Points, won the President's Cup, had Home Ice, and then got swept. This board would have been in complete meltdown mode. Stunned Disbelief is the only term I can think of to describe what the Lightning fans are experiencing. There is no cure, and for all their achievements over the past 7 months, they're now in exactly the same place as the Ducks.....that being on the local golf course.
  9. All I can say is WOW! Apparently 128 Points doesn't even buy you 1 Playoff Win. They lost 20 games all season, and now they're at risk of dropping 4 in a row. It's sad, and I feel for the fans in Tampa Bay. You take the expectations that were obviously there, and then you mix in a complete collapse in the 1st round, and it's got to be heartbreaking. Wish that were happening to the Preds.
  10. I think I'm going to root for the Stars, because of Cogs. Nice start tonight taking down the Preds.
  11. The Ducks are going to get the cheapest coach they can. Fully expect that they will hire Eakins, someone with Zero NHL experience.
  12. Did someone say Chris Lee? He and the Ducks go way back. He keeps doing such a wonderful job that the league keeps hiring him back year after year after year after...., so perhaps he's sleeping with someone in the executive offices.
  13. Good job. Murray waited a month too long to fire Carlyle, once we had no chance whatsoever to make the playoffs. And he fired him a month too early to ensure that we finish with a pretty average pick, possibly closer to #15 than #1. I won't be surprised if somehow L.A. gets the #1 pick.
  14. Getzlaf, Kesler & Eaves, only 1 more player needed for a foursome.
  15. Any word on whether Getzlaf will play tonight, or is he staying at home and cleaning his golf clubs for his vacation?
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