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  1. I'm not sure why it's so complicated. Everyone who shows proof of vaccination, gets a wristband. If you're not wearing a wristband, you're wearing a mask. Get seen without a wristband or a mask, and not actively eating/drinking, you get a warning. 2nd time, you're shown the door. This way, those who are vaxxed and don't want to wear a mask, don't have to.
  2. I did not see whether they're going to be requiring masks. I know L.A. County is doing that for indoor events, and to me, that is at least, if not more, effective in preventing the spread, as showing proof of vaccination. Especially since it's possible to contract and spread the virus even if you've been vaccinated. They did that for the 5 games at the end of last season, albeit with a tiny crowd, and I hope they do the same this season. At least while we're still experiencing surges and outbreaks.
  3. I figured I had to be wrong about that. But 150-1 doesn't sound as worth it. I imagine once the season starts, that will drop.
  4. Tanking is not something a good team does in order to score a high draft pick. Tanking is something a lousy team does, when they're already going to finish 15 points out of a playoff spot, and could make the difference between a Top 5 pick and a pick in the teens. The whole topic is stupid and irrelevant though, since NO PLAYERS OR CLUB are going to go out there and try to lose games. There is ZERO incentive for any player to do so, since they are playing for themselves, and always looking ahead to their next contract. Their performance is going to impact how much they stand to get paid, and same goes with the coaching staff, etc. Not to mention that just because a fan roots for a team to lose, is not going to have an impact on how poorly they do. The Ducks played as lousy last season in the games they played at Honda Center with fans in attendance, as they did in the games without them. Fact remains, at this moment, the Ducks are essentially the exact same team as last year. Unless one expects guys like Zegras & Drysdale to suddenly become superstars, the results should be more or less the same. That is why Vegas odds right now are 15,000 to 1 for the Ducks winning the Cup. So if you're even the slightest bit optimistic, I suggest putting money down on them immediately. The possibility of winning $15,000 for a $1 bet is pretty unbelievable. I tend to more believe the article I read, which is that the Ducks will use this season to unload players, one by one. Guys like Rakell, Manson, Lindholm, Gibson, have more trade value now than they will once it's apparent the Ducks are desperate to get rid of them, so I wouldn't be surprised to see some moves early in the season. And given the fact Getzlaf only signed a 1 year deal, I can see him being traded as well, if the Ducks can get something decent in return. His comments at his last signing gave me no assurance that he intends to keep sitting around, while the Ducks flounder. I doubt he wants his legacy to be that he was on a last place club for the final years of his career.
  5. https://nhl.nbcsports.com/2021/08/17/anaheim-ducks-look-like-a-team-still-stuck-in-neutral/
  6. Sure. With all the countless moves made during the off season, you would think that OUR TEAM won the Stanley Cup last year, rather than finishing with the 2nd worst record in the league. OUR TEAM will be lucky to break 75 points this season. No worries. I'm NEVER going to convince you of this. At least not until perhaps March, when OUR TEAM is 15 points out of the final playoff spot. I know that you're Canadian, and Canadians have a reputation for being HARD on their hockey teams when they're not performing. Like ripping them to shreds hard. It's one thing to be optimistic about the Ducks, when they either have a roster that's shown it can compete, or if they upgrade that roster during the off season, bringing in quality players who might bring skills, enthusiasm or energy to the clubhouse. Please do share what BM did these past few months to make you think this season is going to be significantly different from the last? A better question would be, how deep is next year's draft? And what are the Ducks' chances of sucking more than the worst teams in the league over the next 8 months, even though they'll probably end up being the only team to fall a spot in the lottery?
  7. I believe they don't have to pass through waivers.
  8. Getzlaf was our big off season UFA signing. Bob's going on vacation now until training camp opens.
  9. Yeah, but after Free Agency opens.
  10. Bob is going to have to make a deal now with Seattle. We'll offer up a player they're interested in for the Expansion Draft, and they'll promise not to pick whoever we want in the Entry Draft.
  11. People will go to Toronto games even if the team is 0-82-0. There's hardly any extreme demand for Ducks tickets, even when they're winning playoff series. More of the same. Honda Center is going to be a ghost town next season. Going from $75 tickets to $25 tickets probably was not wise. I think that after 25 years, next season will be my last as a SSH.
  12. True, but it's far more lopsided when there are practically no Ducks fans buying tickets, aside from the SS Holders. So Cal fans are all into the bandwagon, and they don't pay money to show up when the team is sucking. I don't know how long I can feel taken advantage of, paying for season seats, when I could pick and choose games on Stub Hub for prices of half the price I'm paying.
  13. The Ducks had better do something Big during the off-season beyond signing Getzlaf to a new contract. If not, they shouldn't expect to get any new Season Seat Holders for 2021-22. And the various promotional deals they offer aren't going to be enough to get people in the stands. Except of course for those games where the opposing teams' fans pack the arena. No people in the stands means no cars bringing parking revenue. No attendees buying food, alcohol, let alone merchandise. Anyone who has seen the prices at Honda Center, knows the gigantic profit margins being achieved. It hurts because it gives ownership even less incentive to go get a high quality Free Agent who doesn't come cheap. Unfortunately it's going to take more than 1 UFA to turn this team around. Which is why I'm not happy that it appears BM is going to set the course for the 2021-22 roster. I can't help but see more of the same that we've had the past several years.
  14. A coach can only do so much damage, and it's usually short term damage. You can resolve any issues by letting them go, and bringing in a new coach with a different system. i don't have a problem with giving Eakins more opportunity to succeed. So far as I'm concerned, he wasn't given a lot to work with. But I've never really felt he was a great hiring, and that the only reason he was hired, is that he happened to be the coach of the Ducks minor league club, so management didn't have to do a search for a coach with extensive and successful NHL experience. Also he probably was available on the very cheap. Not like he could demand much since his only league level experience, was unsuccessful, and he was fired from that job. The GM on the other hand, can do long term damage. They're making decisions that will help or hurt a club for years to come. It could mean the difference between drafting a Bobby Ryan and a Chad Kilger early in the 1st Round. Sad that it looks like Bob is going to be calling the shots over the coming months, and especially with our Top 5 pick. Edit: I should point out that Kilger might actually be one of the greatest draftings in Ducks history, since he brought us Teemu.
  15. I meant the Entry Draft, which is confusing since it has same initials as Expansion Draft.
  16. So his reward for sucking so bad, is that he gets to make our pick in the ED? Since when do teams fire their GM's AFTER the Draft? I don't buy it. If ownership wanted to send a message and get rid of him, they would have done it on Monday. I'll predict it now. He's not going anywhere, and neither is Eakins. Though I am not against Eakins staying as much as I am against Murray being able to make decisions through the 21-22 season. I'm so glad I moved my seats so I'm now paying 1/3rd of what I had been. I don't expect next season to be much different, and months from now, we'll still be here bashing BM, and his poor decisions. Ownership really doesn't care. But they do care about people coming to the arena and spending money on parking, food, drinks & merchandise. I can tell you right now, that when crowds return later this year to 100% capacity arenas, Honda Center is going to struggle reaching 10K attendance most nights. If I wasn't an original season seat holder, I'd not go anywhere near season tickets, because it's going to be easy getting good tickets for 1/2 face value almost every night.
  17. Sounds like it's essentially a money thing. As usual. There must be a loss of revenue from either TV contracts or ticket sales. Most likely the former. If that's the case, it's a 100% certainty they'll play every single missed game. Not because they matter, but because the money matters. That's the main reason they pieced together this joke of a season, where instead of teams playing a wide variety of opponents, they essentially were confined to a set list of teams, primarily within their own division. Not exactly the true test of a champion. The last season which finished in the Orlando bubble was more legit IMO than this one.
  18. They are locked into the #2 spot. They can only catch Detroit, if they win 2 games, and Detroit loses 2 in Regulation. But the 1st tiebreaker is Regulation Wins, and Detroit has 4 more than us, so it's impossible for us to finish ahead of them. The points situation with Vancouver is not relevant. They are not going to bother with Vancouver's missed games, because they're not relevant. No chance for them to make the playoffs. They'll get seeded in the draft according to their Points %.
  19. Vancouver missed a bunch of games. They'll be seeded based upon %, which right now would be 24th.
  20. Seeing all these tributes in the final games of Miller & Backes, makes me believe that Getzlaf would not just announce his retirement during the off season. There would be signs that he was about to hang up the skates, and the Ducks announcers would be mentioning it as a possibility. I don't think they really have gone in that direction, that I've heard. I can't say what he's thinking about where to play, but if he wants to stay a Duck for his whole career, he'll sign a 1 or 2 year deal, and all but indicate that it's his last contract.
  21. Buffalo 2 points behind, with 2 games remaining. Ducks have 3 games. Same # of Regulation Wins. I think next tiebreaker is Goals Differential? If so, Sabres have -56 and we have -52.
  22. They could start at the top by tossing BM overboard, losing most, if not all, of the coaching staff, and doing a complete overhaul of the lineup.
  23. Did Getzlaf announce his decision on next season and I missed it?
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